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.,_.«-- — - - Copyright. tfl0 6. by the Frank Qnttn Pucltrtlng Company (United) 
f 1 ** ' i 

Founded by 
, FR ANK QUEEN, 1853 


VOLUME Llll.-No. 60. 
Prioa 10 Ctntt. 

1 •^*n«n^ar>l»«A lW " , ' <, '***■ 



Februabi 3 

Mi55 (Tipper's 


STAGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Harry A. Btevens, of the Btevens Comedy 
Co., tells an Incident Illustrating the fact 
that though managers of place* of amuse- 
ment In small towns ma; fill the offices of 
Janitor, ticket seller, bill poster and all the 
other duties that one person can manage In 
a town theatre, they are not all "op" In the 
vernacular of the stage. 

A. C. Van Blyke, Mr. Stevens' stage man- 
ager, looked up the stage manager of the 
theatre In a Michigan town a* soon as the 
company arrived one night Not surprised 
to find he was the "whole thing" there, he 
made known his wants concerning the flrst 
set of the play. 

"By the way." said Van Blyke, "have you 
a cut woodT' 

"No, I h'aln't," replied the man, "but I 
kin durn soon cut you aome." 

The ever busy applicant for stage honors, 
and salary. Is alwaya In evidence to the over 
busy manager, who receives bushels of letters 
during the year, and the writers seldom fail 
to have the utmost confidence in their su- 
preme ability. And, indeed, a great many 
of them are clever, If the opportunity were 
only given them. The possession of histri- 
onic talent, however, is not always disclosed 
In their chlrography, grammar or spelling, 
though this fact may be the misfortune of 
the writers rather than their fault 

The following leadpenclled letter was re- 
cently received by Manager Harry A. Stevens, 
who regretted that he had no suitable place 
in his company for the audience-attracting 
talent of the writer: 

"Dear Friend," It read, "I saw In the new 
york Clipper that yoo want a Heavy and 
juvenile man. I am five feet an 8 walght 
1B0 ponds I can dance one way that Is like 
a train living a stashln. I sm a Comedaln 
duch Irish Blackface I got a apecilty for 
jour 4 act I am a atage manager an pro- 
perty man. I am 18 yers old an been on the 
road for 4 yers. A yer an haf with one A 
hat yer with a Nother A yer with one an 
One yer with A nother L I plaid a week 
with a company once an the flrBt nlte we had 
200 an 60 peple. The manager said that 
will never do we will have to walk home If 
this keeps up I said keep still I can bring 
a honse full peple next nlte. He said if you 
can do that I give you 2 dollara for It. 8o 
1 took a Boy with me 1 took him In the show 
for helping me I put on him a Comedaln 
suit on him I Calrle him on my hesd I went 
Thugh aome of my act out in the street the 
manager mid Stop that for yon wont have 
no act left for tonight I said Is that bo. 
When time for the curtain to go up he looked 
thugh an ssld It Is a fullhouse now. I said 
1 no It ser. Bo the show went on an the 
last time 1 hearred from them they want me 
to manage the stage for 815.00 a week. I 
gees this Is all this time so good by write 
soon. Tours truly." (Signed). 

Jos. S. Fox, of Houston, Tex., tells the 
following Juvenile Interruption to a scene 
that broke up both company and audience : 

During the recent holidays a company, pre- 
senting "The Eternal City," was touring the 
South, and at a performance In Dallas a 
small boy In one of the boxes might be seen 
paying very strict attention to the actor Im- 
personating the part of the white bearded 
priest of the Vatican. The fluffy white hir- 
sute adornment of the holy man'a chin being 
very much in evidence, was unmistakable 
proof to the youngster of the monk's identity, 
for as the actor was leaving the stage the 
boy shrilly called out : 

"Bee 1 Mamma, Santa Claus Is going away. 

A feminine acquaintance of Lew Woods, 
the young treasurer of the Broadway The- 
atre, Brooklyn, approached the window the 
other afternoon, after most of the seata had 
been sold. 

"I want two of the very best seata in the 
house, Mr. Woods," she said. 

"Sorry," said the treasurer sympathetically, 
"but the beet are all gone. If you want to 
go In, I'll have to put you In the 'lemon* 


"The lemon row," ahe repeated, knowing 
that the treasurer had some Joke up hie 
sleeve, and, "biting" at his reply, asked: 
"to that the row In which, like the lemon, 
yon'ro apt to get squeexed?" 

An American actor, attending a perform- 
ance at a London theatre, not long ago, re- 
peats a bit of cockney dialect that he heard 

Two coster friends who had become sepa- 
rated In the crush and rush at the entrance 
of the "pit," finally, after getting seata, 
sighted each other on opposite sides of the 
place, and straightway began, in loud voices, 
a personal conversation serosa the space that 
separated them. 

After a lengthy talk that amused the lis- 
teners, one of them settled back In his seat, 
and, In his vernacular, slgnlflylng that the 
curtain might go up so far as he was con- 
cerned, exclaimed: 

"Well now, pally, oime all ready to tike 
In the ply," and, turning toward the stage, 
be shouted "Hyst the rag 1" 

A Jocular manager recently sent a young 
man In aearch of a position with a letter of 
recommendation to one of hla managerial 
friends. The letter ended with the tribute 
that the young man was "uncommonly sulci 
at ftauret." 

After resdlng the letter, the manager 
turned to the applicant and said: "But I 
don't want a matBemaiiOias, I've got a good 

book keeper already. I need tome ons to 
select show girls for my productions." 

"Well," smiled the applicant, "that's me— 
your friend means that I'm quick at picking 
winners In snipes." 

- * • 

Lew Dockstader, who last week closed an 
engagement at the -New York Theatre, tells 
how be recently escaped from an annoying 
predicament He had to add eight new 
verses to a topical song, and not being very 
familiar with tbem, he adopted the expedient 
of penciling the flrst lines of each on bis 
property celluloid cuffs— four on each. 

Hearing his call to go on he hurriedly 
snatched his wrist decorators from the dress- 
ing table, adjusting them as he made for 
the atage. Unfortunately, In hla haste, he 
had reversed the penciled ends to the top, 
and . when ready for the , additional verses 
he casually glanced at his right cuff, pulling 
it a trifle from his sleeve In a way men have. 
The caff was blank,- and the minstrel's flrst 
thought was that he would have to "cut" .the 
verses. . . 

"It can't be that my little old celluloids 
have gone back on me," he thought then pro- 
ceeded to fill In time with Jokes and his usual 
monologue, at the same time desperately 
tugging and twisting at bla caffs to get a 
view of the lines written thereon. 

Hla readywit trained by years of stage emer- 
gencies, then came to his aid. Still keeping up 
hla Ore of runny talk, he removed the turned 
celluloids In a leisurely way, as If It were a 
bit of stage business, and readjusted them, 
thereby recovering his lost lines, which he 
proceeded to deliver aa though no Interrup- 
tion bad taken place. lic ..- 
«i » — » 


Clipper Bareaua, 

48 Crnnboarne Street, 

Leicester sqaare, 

London, W. C, 

Jan. 20. 
"The Little Cherub," a new musical play, 
by Owen Hall and Ivan Caryl), bad Its flrst 
public performance last Saturday night, et 
the Prince of Wales'. The flrst title se- 
lected for tbe piece was "The Pet of the 
Public/" but It was shelved for the present 
one. The plot tells of the doings of a certain 
Lord Sanctonbury, a member of tbe purity 
party, who baa acquired fame by means of 
an article contributed to a monthly maga- 
zine on tbe subject of "The Debasement of 
Public Amusements." The peer Is tbe proud 
father of four lively girls, who love all things 
connected with the theatre as much as their 
father detests them. Tbe girls, unknown to 
their stern parent have plunged Into private 
theatricals, and, by an accident, bave ob- 
tained the assistance of a sprightly London 
actress. Chance brings the latter and Lord 
Sanctonbury together, with the Inevitable re- 
sult tbat that gentleman falls an easy victim 
to the lady's charms, The finish is brought 
about In the usual way. Tbe flrst nlgbters 
voted tbe piece a success, although much 
fault has been found with tbe book, because 
of the oldness of tbe subject of peers and 
flirting actresses. Tbe music is very bright 
and tuneful. The run Is sure to be a long 

and profitable one. 

Adverse criticism on the opening of "The 
Jury of Fate," at the Shaftesbury, have In- 
terferred with tbe business to such an extent 
that the management announces Its with- 
drawal on Jan. 27. The play bas some ex- 
cellent points, and could possibly be worked 
Into a success if given time, but the light 
houses have had their effect The Shaftes- 
bury, however, Is not to be closed for any 
length of time, Inasmuch as Thomas Byley, 
tbe lessee, bas arranged with Nat C. Good- 
win, who has been In London for a fortnight, 
to appear there wttbtn a week or two. Mr. 
Goodwin will start bis season with the com- 
edy, "A Glided Fool," which bas been played 
bv the comedian for so many years In the 
States. Before Its presentation the play 
will be thoroughly overhauled to meet the 
requirements of an English audience, and 
should Mr. Goodwin be successful In secur- 
ing the favor of the audiences he will put 
on other playa In hla repertory, ranging from 
farce to sentimental comedy. He will be sup- 
ported by a company of English players. 

Cyril Maude, In hla opening at the Wal- 
dorf, on Wednesday, offered two new plays 
for the public's approval. The curtain raiser, 
"The Partlk'Ier Pet," from Max Mnreys 
"L'Aslle de Nult," by Edward Knoblauch, has 
for its story simply tbls: There Is a casual 
ward, of which the superintendent Is a bum- 
bug, named Nlcholls. He bas as his pet one 
of the Inmates, called "Skilly," and he gets 
blm to do most of the dirty work. A tramp 
called Tutt cornea for a night's lodging, 
and la bullied and Ill-treated by Nlcholls, 
according to the custom of the place. Some- 
how or other, however, Nlcholls afterwards 
gets the Idea that Tutt Is a reporter In dis- 
guise, and alters his manner towards blm. 
Tutt has not the least idea what the man 
means, but makes tbe best of the position and 
usurps "Skllly'a" place aa "The Partlk'Ier 
Pet.' r Mr. Maude. In his portrayal of the 
tramp, Tutt scored, and the little piece was 
put down aa a success, the play occupying the 
moBt of tho evening's entertainment, ;The 
Superior Miss Pellender," a comedy, In three 
acta, Is by Sidney Bowkett Tbe story : Mrs. 
Pellender is a widow younger than forty nnd 
still good looking, who lives with her four 
children at Ablndon. Bhs Is a charming 
woman, and Mr. Tester, a bashful, timid, and 
eccentric bachelor, living In the neighbor- 
hood, wishes to marry her. When he flrst 
meets her tbe children are away on a vaca- 
tion and before they come back matters are 
all fixed np subject only to the breaking of 
the news to the family. This family is 
beaded by Grace Pellender, a young woman of 
seventeen, prim, precise, conceited; masterful 
and domineering. Sbe is her father's daugh- 
ter and it Is to be Inferred that with that 
father the mother had had rather a down- 
trodden sort of life. Then there Is Edith, 
a spoilt and petted child, who always pre- 
tends to bo 111. The two other children are 
of a different manner. Both of them, boy 
and girl, are most loving, natural rompB on 
whom their eldest sister's oppression weighs 
heavily. Mrs, l'cllender's chief anxiety Is 
how Grace will take the matter of her re- 
marriage, and a greater part of the play is 
consumed In breaking the news. Grace tnlnka 
at one time that Tester has come alter her 
with her mother's consent, and ahe Is furi- 
ously Indignant But she Is piqued when she 
finds her mistake. At last as the only chance 
of peace, Tester and M-s. Pellender have to 
elope together, leaving a letter to explain 
things. The prominent characters are In the 
hands of Mr. Maude and Winifred Emery. 
At the final curtain on the opening night 
there waa much applause, and the audience 
left the theatre thoroughly pleased with their 
evening's entertainment ....... «_ „ 

The German military drama, "Lights Out." 
whleb ran with much success at the Wal- 
dorf a few weeks ago. was produced at ths 
Savoy last Monday night under the direc- 
tion of H. B. Irving. The letter's role, that 
of the young officer, Lieutenant Von Lauffen, 
is being played by Leslie Feber, and Eva 
Moore Is the Klara, as In the Waldorf pro- 
duction. _ 

In Vienna, a new play, by Frana von 
Scbontnan, entitled "Three Adventures of An 

English Detective," hss Just been presented, 
and with such success that an English ver- 
sion is now being prepared by tbe Interna- 
tional Copyright Bureau for London usage. 

It Is very interesting to note tbe recep- 
tion accorded the English players who gave 
a performance of "The Walls of Jericho, In 
Holland, last week. It was the first time a 

flay bad been done In English In that coun- 
ry. A member of the company Is responsible 
for the following : "When the curtain fell on 
ths third act at tbe Hague we could not make 
out what had happened. The cries of bravo 
sounded exactly like wolf noises. They were 
simply a series of vo-vo-vo's, which, of course, 
was very encouraging, but quite disconcert- 
ing until we discovered what the cries meant. 
We bad some amusing times with the lan- 
guage altogether. At one station it seemed 
as If tbe platforms must be crowded with 
sheep, so persistent were the baa-a-a's. It 
appeared that tbe name of tbe place was 
Basra, and that the porters announced that 
fact In that strange way. The queen dowager 
came to see us at the Hague. We felt so 
sorry for tbe ' people la attendance ; they 
stood right through the performance, so 
there was only one place In the box that gave 
a good view of tbe stage, and, of coarse, the 
queen was In tbat. They all seemed rather 
surprised at tbe number of cushions used by 
the ladles la the play. Their own furniture 
la all stiff and formal, and they like to alt 
upright In It. One of the papers went so far 
aa to comment on the free and easy manner 
of sitting upon tbe back of a sofa to talk to 

H. H. Felber, B. F. Keith's European repre- 
sentative, landed In London after a rather 
rough passage. He will remain In town for 
a day or two longer before commencing a 
continental trip of a few weeks' duration. 
He returns to America some time in March. 

Mr. Hart of Collins and Hart was driv- 
ing in a cab one night early in tbe week to 
pick np his partner on tbe way to the Oxford, 
where the comedians performed first when 
tbe vehicle struck another cab and Mr. Hart 
was quite severely Injured about the knees 
with pieces of broken glass. He waa taken 
to tbe Charing Crosa Hospital and an opera- 
tion was found necessary to remove the small 
piece* of glass from his legs and knees. The 
operation was performed successfully, but 
Mr. Hart will be unable to leave tbe hospital 
until the middle of next week. 

Eugene Stratton Is at tbe Coliseum again 
for a month, and Is singing a new song by 
Leslie Stuart, entitled "There's Nothing Like 
Tour First Lore After AIL" He is also 
singing "The Coon Who Never Told a Lie," 
a strong provincial hit. 

Giuseppe Sacco, a Hungarian, who achieved 
fame ou the continent as a fasting man, 
commenced, Thursday afternoon, at the 
Royal Italian Circus, a forty-five days fast 
During the fast Mr. Sacco remains In a 
specially constructed glass room, from which 
he la not allowed to move. An unlimited 
quantity of cigarettes and mineral waters 
are his only diet. 

Twice 'round the world is the record of 
Lydla Yeamans and Fred J. Titus, and next 
week they start again on another prolonged 
colonial tour, which will include Australia, 
New Zealand, and probably India. Tbe tour 
Is of special Interest, Inasmuch as It la 

? radically a farewell tour of the music halls. 
n the future they will travel with a com- 
pany of their own. Extensive though her 
repertory la, Miss Yeamnxs makes no secret 
of the fact that her favorite song, and that 
of tbe public, Is "Sally." She regards it as 
her mascot, and wherever she goes her audi- 
ences demand it 

Victoria Monks, who will open at tbe 
Coliseum on Jan. 20, will Introduce two new 
songs, entitled "Can't You Hear Me Calling. 
Jasper Brown?" snd "On Our Honeymoon, 
both written and composed by J. F. Lambe 
snd Tom Mellor. 

Nste Leipzig, prestldlgitateur, Is a recent 
newcomer from the States. He will open at 
the Palace on Monday, and, as be Is said to 
be very clever, his engagement ought to be 
a pleasant one at that house. 

The Four Lukena sail for America to-day, 
from Antwerp, and will begin their American 
time at Hammersteln's, Feb. S. Tbey are 
booked solid till next Fall, when they return 
to the continent to fulfill another long string 
of bookings. In every European city their 
success has been phenomenal, and return 
dates were Immediately made. Mrs. Gus Lu- 
ken will remain In London with her people 
while her husband 1b in the States. The lat- 
ter, who waa in town for a few days, called 
at the office yesterday. 

The Musical Johnstons arrived at Liver- 
pool late Saturday, after a very rough voyage. 
They Immediately went to Greenock, where 
they opened on Monday. They topped the 
bill and made a bit of no small size on -their 
reappearance In this country. They partici- 
pated in the ship concert, and Mrs. Dorothy 
Drew Johnston and Mrs. James Johnston 
sang, to the great enjoyment of tbe fellow 

Diamond and Beatrice, wbo made a great 
success on the tour controlled , by Harry 
Blckarda In Australia, are back from that 
country. They open a Moss & Stoll engage- 
ment at Leicester. 

Stlne and Evans opened at tbe Tlvoll, Man- 
chester, on Jan. 1. In a sketch, entitled 
"Wanted, a Divorce," and made such a good 
Impression that they were offered immediate 
time on one of the big tours. 

The Palace' Theatre of Varieties, Belfast, 
reverts to Variety business on Monday next 
after pantomime, a syndicate of which Wai- 
ter De Free'ce Is head, having leased tbe the- 
atre for a .number of years. Edwin Leslie, 
of the' Hippodrome, Southampton, has been 
appointed acting manager, 

Billy McClaln, who staged tbe pantomime 
of "Jack and Jill," at The Royal Theatre, 
Leeds, has received some very 'pattering no- 
tices for his novel chorus effects. '■-,'. 

Frank Rogers, for many years connected 
with the London Hlopodrome as manager of 
the advertising department, has resigned from 
that position. 

Mildred Howard de Gray, the barefoot 
dancer, who haa Just returned from Russia 
and Berlin, will make her appearance at the 
Tlvoll on Monday next 

A new comedy trio opened at the Middle- 
sex last Monday night, and there Is every In- 
dication that the newcomer la here to stay. 
After tbe first night the rough edges were 
smoothed out to the satisfaction of not only 
the members of the organization, but to 
several agents, wbo offered time at once. The 
trio is called the Columbia Comedy Trio, 
and the members are: A. W. Ferguson, late 
of the Harmony Four ; Harry Sheldon, form- 
erly tenor soloist of the Al. Field Minstrels, 
snd J. Bernard Dudley, a bass singer, who 
has been connected with the George Ed- 
wardes shows for some years. Comedy and 
excellent singing are blended to a nicety, tbe 
singing being much above tbe ordinary. 

D. A. Sweeney, who has been Identified 
with tbe advertising department of several 
New York theatres, has been appointed ad- 
vertising manager of the big Winter Palace, 
at Olympla. He was lately with the Mc- 
Caddon Show, In France. 

Norman J. Norman, the well known the- 
atrical manager, who first came to London 
with "Tbe Belle of New York" Co., has 
leased a whole building, at 23 Haymarket, 
and same will be devoted to tho steamship 
agency business, which he carried on at 33 
Haymarket until the Increase of business 
compelled him to move into larger quarters. 
Mr. Norman caters especially to American 
artists coming to this country. 

Belle Veola, wbo Is known In America, is 
In London. 

The Martlnes arrived from London early 
In the week, and atopped over a few days 
before leaving for Glasgow 'where tbey open 
on Monday, at the Palace. Tbey expressed 
themselves as being thoroughly pleased with 
their trip to South America, but are clad to 
get back to a country where English Is 

spoken all the time They have no open time 
until early in 1908, but bave left a few weeks 
open this Summer In order that they may re- 
turn to America for a vacation. 

Fred Ireland writes tbat bis present en- 
gagement at the Apollo Theatre, Vienna, lias 
been one of the most enjoyable he has ever 
played In hla long career In the show busi- 
ness. He has found the manager, Mr. Tel- 
ber, to be very fair In hla dealings with per- 
formed playing that theatre. 

The personal estate of the late George Le 
Brnnn, a well known writer and composer of 
music ball songs, is declared of the value of 

The Olympla, In Calcutta, bas been closed, 
and the performers wbo went to India from 
tbls country many months ago, are said to 
be stranded. The money deposited with Thos. 
Cook A Son, as security for their return fares 
to England, was withdrawn about a month 
previous to the closing of Olympla. rhe 
show was opened on Nov. 4, and collapsed on 
Dec. 10. The performers were engaged In 
England, and the agent wbo acted In good 
faith, was under tbe Impression that their 
fares were secure as well as their salaries. 
Miss Dagmar came to England as an agent 
of tbe company, snd last Summer engaged 
a number of people In accordance with her 
Instructions from the company. Hanegan 
and his bicycle polo team are with the com- 
pany. Arrangements have been made to have 
some benefit performances at tbe Royal, Cal- 

Tbe body of Mrs. Courtney arrived from 
South Africa yesterday and was removed to 
St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, where 
It will remain In the catacomb. George 
Courtney met the ship conveying tbe re- 
mains. Maud Courtnev sails for South Af- 
rica on Jan. 81, and will reach London about 
the middle of February. 8he opens on the 
Moss A Stoll tour shortly after her arrival. 
April 2 Miss Courtney commences a four 
weeks' engagament at the Palace. 

Ira Miller, who has very successfully 
looked after the London Interests of the 
Harry Von Tllzer Music Publishing Co., will 
shortly sever his connection w' *» the Lon- 
don office of the firm, and will ..'1 for New 
York on Jan. 81. 

•BlorUof Players. 


under the management of Fred Chauncey, 
and featuring Grace Kelffer. — We are In our 
twentieth week of successful business, and 
tbe roster of the company Is the same as 
when we opened, no changes having been 
made, except to add four extra specialty acts. 
On our return engagement at Rochester we 
broke the honse record on Christmas Day, 
laying two performances at advanced prices. 
Ve also broke the record at Meadvllle New 
Year's Day and night. We have a repertory 
of ten plnys, and carry special printing fo.' 
seven of them. We have eight specialties, 
four of tbem feature acts. Grace Kelffer, 
singing soubrette ; Montambo and Mclntyre, 
comedy acrobats: Harry Gordon, clever 
boy dancer; Ed. Dorwood, hand equilibrist; 
John Taylor, novelty bag puncher; Geo. T. 
Powers, comedy slack wire act; Harry 11. 
Glass, Illustrated songs and moving pictures, 
and tbe well known comedian, Ben Green- 
field. The company numbers nineteen people, 
as follows: Grace Kelffer, Anamae Blossom, 
Llda Hall, Josephine Franklin, Marlon Gllli3, 
Rogers Barker, Francis Bush, Ben Greenf elu, 
John Taylor, Harry Gordon, Wayne Darby, 
Harry Glass, Ed. J. Mclntyre, Nap. Montam- 
bo, Ed. Dorwood, Geo. T. Powers, Artbur 
Snyder and Fred C. Chauncey. 

John B. Oldfield, recently manager of 
the Comings Theatre, Fltchburg, Miss., has 
taken tbe Whitney Opera House, and la mak- 
ing several changes, to conform with tbe new 
State laws. He reopened aame Saturday, Dec. 
80. For the present be will play only at- 
tractions that can appear without movable 
acenery, but later will be able to use all kinds 
of attractions. Mr. Oldfield was formerly 
manager of the Whitney for six or seven 

Jack Da Castillo writes tbat he Is In 
his twentieth week with Stuttz's No. 1 
"Was Sbe to Blame" Co.. playing the artist, 
Laurence Severn. This la Mr. De Castillo's 
second season with this company. 

Henri H. Batex, manager of the Hunts- 
vllle Opera House, Huntsvllle, Ala., writes : 
"I receive Tub Clippeb every week, and I 
could not get along without it. My business 
the past year has been a record breaker. 
The house closes March 3, but I will build 
a new bouse In the Summer, and try oad 
have It ready for business In September." 

Lous Peble, musical director of the 
"Beggar Prince Opera Co., recently broke 
bis leg;, and will have to retire from active 
work for several weeks. 

Detroit, Mich., Nora. — After a heavy 
week, with "Monte Cristo," at the Lafayette 
Theatre, the Livingstone Stock Co. opened 
the week of Jaa 21 with Milton Nobles' 
"From Sire to Son." The company is now 
permanently established at this bouse for the 
remainder of the season and Summer. Louise 
Carter has been engaged for leads. She will 
open In "Da Barry," the week of Jan. 28. 
Three other new members of the company 
are: Andrew Waldron, who recently closed a 
starring tour iu "Alvln Joslln;" Jennie Ca- 
lef and P. J. Duggan. This gives Manager 
F. H. Livingstone a Btock organization of 
nineteen members. 

Ned Nelson was a recent Clippeb caller. 



No. 36. 
Features on our cartoon page this 
are snapshots of several of theleadln • 
acters and incidents in George M i 
success, "Forty-five Minutes from Bron-' 
now enjoying a successful run at th.' 
Amsterdam Theatre, and several of th> 
Important scenes from "Madeline" 
"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," which • 
ly held sway at tbe Garrlck Theatre. \ 
vllle sketches Include : the Jackson i 
of 'Cyclists, Paul Clnquevalll. R. a. I». 
Creasy and Dayne, Serra, hand bal 
the Musical Cuttys, Hoey and Lee, thi- 
sons, and Howard nnd North, at Hn 
steln'B Victoria Theatre. 





•if a- 

Norrs from Horne's "Bii Van Wi- ir« 
Co. — We opened our Winter season a; rV. 
neva, Or, Dec. 22, to 8. B. O. Christina •>',; 
at Conneaut 0., we gave two perfor--\«K 
to packed houses, ana did the same a- aim 
ance, New Year's Dsy. We bave an ■■i»l 
lent caat, a fine band of fourteen, ar„i or 
cbestra of nine. All special scenery an<< (■•--' 
trlcal effects are carried by the coii'.anv 
Roster is as follows : Harry Borne ' sif. 
owner: Ed. Hale, manager; J. E. Cole 'ii»»t 
Arthur Fordham, cornet soloist and hand 
master; R. C. McGrandy, orchestra I, ,'der- 
Fred S. Dlckerson, master of transportation 1 
Harry Horner, 0. E. Owen. L. A. snW 
bach, H. C Whitney, A. B. Van Hus-n Jr 
thus Jones, James Chest, Pete Chrht<nson 
B. C McFarland, Lillian Montrose j«nnl» 
Treabnm, Baby Edna and Baby \]) : , ">'„., 


He bas Just closed seventy weeks, playing 
his original part of Doogan. the landlord, 
also directing the stage with the "A Bell 
Boy" Co. He will go Into vaudeville for a 
short season, and has signed with a Broad- 
way attraction for next season. 

Lei Obland reports meeting with success 
as the "chink" In Steward & Davis' produc- 
tion of "Nugget Nell." He is also Intro- 
ducing his Juggling speclaltteB, which, he 
writes, are the hit of the bill. 

Bona Wallace Hopfeb has secured leave 
In the British Columbia courts, for an appeal 
to the Privy Council, of England, against 
cx-premler James Keough A Co. 

Tub. Crinnian Bbos. write: '"The 
Troubles of Eight Twins,' presented with an 
ell star cast of players, will open the season 
at 8uffolk, Vs., Feb. 2, and the tour Is rap- 
idly being booked. All special scenery Is 
being painted, and a full line of special paper 
will be used, making It one of the finest 
equipped sbows on the road. Following Is 
the complete roster of "the company : Crln- 
nlan Brothers, sole proprietors; C. A. Crln- 
nlan, general manager: J. M. Crlnnlan, 
treasurer; Will 8. Beecher, business mana- 
ger ; Brltton Stephens, musical director ; Leo fi'.T.Inihv in ""T^M""Vnd"£adv "Algy." •! 
Florence, stage director; Benjamin Wells, VJnSSlot PlevdSl " "Brotbc? ^fliers.'' 
ftm»T™rkK««WT. S«»J?r of proper &""$#, Count Orloff. la th" revival ol 

"Diplomacy," and played two seasons wit" 
John Drew In "The Mummy and the Hum; 
mlng Bird" and "The Second In Command. 

Specialties are given between each ret bv 
Baby Gladays, Baby Edna, Miss M ■■•r-ni 
and Mr. Fordham, also Illustrated sonn tr * 
moving pictures. Our band la featured In 
noonday concerts, snd Is receiving approval 
of the critical. Mr. Fordham takes great 
Interest In his band, and keeps supplied 
with the very best material, etc 

Ax. BEA8UT writes : "The annual Christ- 
mas tree affair was held In the dlnlnr room 
at Mrs. Lyncb's hotel. In Brockton, Mass 
and the members of the Myrkle-Harder Co! 
also the visitors, will have just cause to re- 
member this, the eighth Christmas tree ex- 
ercises, as the greatest event In tbe history 
of the company. Over three hundred presents 
were exchanged by the various members of 
tbe company, and some of great value. I was 
presented by Messrs. Myrkle A Harder with 
a diamond horseshoe tie pin and several 
articles of smaller value, and received from 
each member some token of friendship. The 
visitors were Alberta Boy, leading woman 
for the Bavoy Theatre Co., and Mabel Van 
Tassel, heavy woman of the same company. 
Henry Crosby, our heavy man, was Santa 
Claus. Tbe fun lasted from 8 p. ji , Sunday, 
until early Monday a. m. The Brockton 
dallies devoted two column articles In writing 
up the grand good time enjoyed by our com- 
pany. A novelty I am now using ahead of 
the show la a neat uniform for bill boys, 
which create quite a deal of notice. Our 
business Is splendid all along tbe line. No 
changes have occurred in the company since 
the opening, and the Myrkle-Hsrder com- 
panies are making themselves firm favorites." 

Manages Tuos. Jeavons writes : "On New 
Year's night the house at Hunton, \V. Va., 
waa packed to witness the opening perform- 
ance of Jeavons' Stock Co. Just before the 
curtain arose on the first set a parlor lamp 
exploded In a dressing room. The oil Im- 
mediately took fire anil started a good sited 
blaxe, which would bave resulted In serious 
toss of life had I not used every effort to 
extinguish the flames by a bucket brigade. 
Bevtral hundred people left the theatre, the 
latte, being full of smoke. Finally the Are 
was extinguished, and after the smoke had 
cleared from the theatre, the performance 
went on. I received a fracture of my right 
leg, caused by falling over a property trnnk 
during the fire. Luckily the fire started In 
a dressing room and was shut out from the 
view of the audience." 

Claiience Acbkinos writes: "I closed 
with the Tom Marks Co.. as agent, Dec. 26, 
at Virden, Mon„ and joined Andrew Hc- 
Pbee's Big Co., as agent Mr. Mcl'hee car- 
ries a company of twenty-eight people 
and a band and orchestra, playing one night 
and two night stands, to S. li. 0., and get- 
ting return dates. Tbls makes bis sixth 
season out here. We are on our way to tbe 
Pacific coast" . . 

Following Is the roster of the Gllck Stock 
Co. : James McN'avin, general agent ; James 
C. Godley, stage director ; FTank Lynn, stage 
manager ; Lew Kraner, master of properties : 
Fred Steltxer, electrician and moving pic- 
tures : Harry Gllck, sole owner and mana- 
ger; Hunt and Troy, singing and dancing; 
Miss Putlllo's troupe of trained dogs; Mme. 
Jessica, contortion; Geraldlne Godley, J. J. 
Boyle, Bonlta Lesley, Leila Gllck, Jessie 
Troy, Harry Lee, and Rodger Koblnson, mu- 
sical director. Everybody Is happy, and Ths 
Old Beliablb reaches us every week. 

Thi manias of "A Trip to Egypt Co. 
were tendered a bannuet by Sidney P. Spenct, 
proprietor of the National Hotel, at Fau 
City, Neb., at the e'ose of tbe rehearsal ana 
reorganization of the above company. A very 
pleasant evening wss spent by nil present. 
The fan commenced by Mills snd Lewis, who 
put everybody In good humor. Then came 
Goff Phillips, with his past and present «- 

fterlence. Guy Matteson sang one of nis 
atest publications. Qilmour and Letour gave 
one of their entertaining specialties. Grant 
Hoag did his old time statue clog. After a 

Bleasant evening all retired, with the hone 
1st tbey meet more such landlords In we 
future. . , ... 

Halph H. Fabb.ui, pianist, who Is In his 
seventeenth week with Belcher's Comedians. 
reportB a very lucceesful season. 


Was educated for the British Navy, but 
gave It up, and went in for a stage career 
In 1889, with. Charles Wyndham, at tbe Cri- 
terion Theatre, London, and later at toe 
Jlrury Lane Theatre, under the mana S ccient 
of the late Augustus Harris. He the 
played a short season with Willie Edouln. 
at the Strand Theatre, which led to an Aus- 
tralian tour with Mrs. Bernard Bee-rc. Be 
came to America In 1893, under the manage 
ment of Marcus Mayer, and, Joining Charles 
Frohman's forces in tbe Bamo year, be ess 
remained with him ever since. Mr. Stniiainsj 
played Dick Curistor, In "Sowing the Vi m<i. 
and Jim Wynd, la '"Sue." with Annie Ilus- 
sell. He was In the original product.':] oi 
"The Little Minister" with Maude .yfcina, 
and then became a member of the i-i"Pl™ 
Stock Co., where he created Hugo He Grande- 
pre, In '?fue_ Conquerors ;'\ Marquis i* 

ties ; Master Haney, Chas. H. Warde. Ed. A. 
Parker, Jos. Taylor, Leo Florence, May 
Lemuels, Edna May, Jessie Shirley, Carrie 
May, MIbs Haney, WcIIb and Shirley, Haney 
and Haney, and Parker end Florence." 

"The Heabt of Ibblano" Norts.— This 
comedy drama was first produced on any 
stage at Frederick, Md., Monday, Nov. 20 
and created quite a sensation, owing to the 
neatness of the production. Mr. Wright the 
star, made a hit with his new songs. "The 
Heart of Ireland" la an up-to-date musical 
eonaedy drama, full of laughter and pathos 
and bright catchy songs and dances. The 
supporting company has been engaged for 
Its fitness and ability for the roles, In pref- 
erence for beauty, and a good two snd a 
half hours performance Is the result 

Sherman F»lk, property master with 
the "Peggy from Paris" Co., entertained the 
entire company and the attaches of the Ma- 
sonic Theatre. Louisville, Ky„ at a banquet 
on the stage of that theatre, Tuesday, Jan. 
1, after the performance. The occasion was 
the celebration of the birth of a nephew to 
Mr, Field. 

He was leading man with Fay Davis iu in< 
Whitewashing of Julia" and "Lady l.»f' 
Daughter." Last season he was with .Mrs 
Patrick Campbell, la "The Sorceress. » 
the close of which he headed a buc'«!"j 
Summer season In stock ot Washington, fine 
appeared this season with Nat C . Go*'*"! 
ln^'Wolfvllle." Mr. Standing will "■•"*" 
rate his starring season at Washlnc "■ ', 
C, May 4, in Edgar Selwyn's new coi--<W 
'A Man of Business." 

' n > 

Carroll Johnson In Vn«devW< 
Carroll Johnson, who played Keith'.- 'J « 
atre. New York, week of Jan. 15, with ■ ■»» 
houses on the Keith circuit to fojlo"-'™ 
Improved his act to Buch an extent tha' i •«" 
Is little of the original Idea left, good ;•■• • 
was. "The Chesterfield of Minstrels) '* 
Heves In the best In all lines, and, •■•»£ 
quently, finds himself nmong the fentur- .' 
on every bill. 

Mww5inlo\?ewiHi . 
mfyJane Jenkins . 

^. 'torfye. tmacftef 

fay TempLetop in 
" v Five Minutes fcojn Be 
at ifie New Amsterdam 

Two pepopTepe on&' be&Y 

"fovtvFcpe Minutes Scorn Broadway 

Ipeone responsible J ~ a. **»„ k/^nt /lrrt^r-^rri^m . 

The Wif eHunter. 

^55 C^s/7»an, ** P($<le lirte 

*nd. Mtty,M*cy> <2" t€ Co»*™y- 

Sew* ■ 
lb« Hand Balancer 

Paul Cinqwevani 

^v£ttZ?ssassvBsa?i&zz ~""** 







541 Feet. $64.92. 

The scene opens, showing the inside of a small country theatre. 
The stage is occupied by a number of actors, singing and dancing, 
among them a most attractive young soubrette. 

A group of soldiers are making their way towards the door be- 
cause it is time for them to return to their barracks. 

A young officer, who has fallen in love with the pretty dancer, 
decides to go "back to the. place of merriment and having spent all 
his money, he steals some of the regiment's funds and with great 
difficulty manages to elude the guards. 

He arrives at his sweetheart's home and showers upon her 
pretty gifts. While she is thanking him, the door opens and officers 
arrest the deserter. He is led back to his garrison, deprived of the 
insignia of his rank and sentenced to prison in sight of his fellow 

The heartbroken proud old father comes to see him and gives 
him a revolver to end his disgraceful career. 



557 Feel. $66.92 

This scene is taken in Russia, and shows us Socialists at their 
; meeting place. They are surprised by Imperial Guards, and a young 
girl, accused with murder, is taken prisoner and condemned to exile 
in Siberia. On the way to this horrible country she dies of fatigue 
and exhaustion, and her brother, when notified, resolves to avenge 
her death. He succeeds in throwing a bomb into the royal palace. 
A terrible explosion occurs, and many of his antagonists are killed. 





The Entire Set of 20 Pictures, 
2122 FEET PRICK $284.64 

The Life of Hoses - - 524 Feet Price $62.88 
Joseph Sold To His Brethren - 623 Feet, Price $74.76 
Prodigal Son • - ■ 475 Feet. Price $57.00 

If the above mentioned films are sold at 10 cents per foot by 
other houses, von may know that they are NO ORIGINAL 
himself knows that they are NOT WORTH AN ORIGINAL, 

If a dupe is sold at 10 cents per foot, it proves that the Duper 
which sells at 12 CENTS PER FOOT. 

All our films bear our name, "PATHE FRERES," on both 

Pathe Cinematograph Co., 


We recommend our new a< QJ|S MAKING OUTFIT," 

and will cheerfully send you instructions for same. 

PRICE, $23.29. 

Best 4 1 2 In. Imported CONDENSER Lens - 85c 
Two Condensers in Mount $2.50 

10 in. REEL, Verv Strong - ... 85c 
LIMES, Per Tin of 12 - - - - - 90c 

Our New Model Rheostat, giving 50 ampheres at no volts, or 
25 ampheres at 220, docs the work. Complies with all fire regula- 
tions, and is the best model on the market. Price, $9.00. 



MS ag tfSEBM pg h SK 

Xvered when cash accompanies the order, ^seno 
T»c. for a trial order and be convinced. Wedotae 
belt work promptly and at the lowest price. 
6J5 Hay 8t, K jorrUle, Ttna. 




Apply It to your hands after washing, while 
still wet, rub thoroughly, and then wipe dry 
with towel. Yon can keep them sort as vel- 
vet In tbla way In Winter or Summer. 


Olorld of Players. 




USE5 IT.. 



All who use It like It because It does all 
that Is claimed for It, and Is so pleasant In 
Its effect. Marlon Harland, America's leading 
authority on household affairs, pronounces It 
a most charming toilet article. 

Piriectly hirmlMi to the molt delicate ikln. 
Sold all ovir th» World. 

If your dealer has not got It send 25 cents 
for a bottle by mall postpaid. 




Beneficial to elderly people 
who suffer from dryness of 
mouth and throat, in t»x« only. 

|T4l,l.wtll'» DRESSER TRUNK. 

E»s j to get at everything with- 
out disturbing anything. No 

costs no more than a good 
box trunk. Hand riveted; 
strongest trunk male. In 
small room serves as chiffonier. 
O. O. D. with privilege of ex- 
amination. 2c. stamp for cata- 
log. ?. A. STALLMAN, 
U w. spring St., Columbia, O. 

William Harris, the well known mana- 
ger, has decided to withdraw from active 
managerial work In the dramatic field. Being 
heevlfy Interested In various theatres, he 
will retain his financial Interest In them 
but will abandon the busy, workaday life 
he hns been indulging in. His decision will 
not affect the firm of Rich & Harris, In which 
he is a partner. The Arm, formed twenty- 
six years ago, will continue, and Mr Harris 
will remain as a partner, but be will make 
no more productions, and he and his princi- 
pal star, Andrew Mack, will pert at tie end 
of this season. 

Oliveb Dodd Btrox celebrated the fiftieth 
anniversary of his stags debut at a quiet 
dinner nt Tils home In New York, Jan 2 1. 
His first appearance waa made at the Holi- 
day Street Theatre, Baltimore, Jan. 21, 
1858, with Joseph Jefferson, in "Nicholas 

NI RosTiDn amd Noras of thb "Lookwq Fob 
a Wifb" Co.— Maxwell ft Books, msnsgers; 
John a Daugherty, agent : Frank Vardll lea. 
Mlna -Vardllles, Llda Over. Pansy Edgln Miss 
Ollhol. Miss Leigh. Miss De Camp, MlasBmu- 
rey. Miss Bell, Miss Cooper, Miss McGce, 
Harward Douglass, musical director : Flo^'e 
Murphy, wardrobe mistress; Harry "right, 
master of properties ; Henry Dawson, electri- 
cian ; Clarence Maxwell, stage director. The 
company has been playing West Virginia, 
Ohio and Virginia, and Is now going into 
Pennsylvania. We have been doing a very 
satisfactory business, not turning anybody 
away, but have played to capacity at several 
places. _ .._ ... - 

Manaoeb Walter Clinton writes : J. Q. 
Stutts' 'Was She To Blame' Co., with Juno 
Barrett, as Diane ; Agfle Marlon, as Hester 
Severn; Mellle Barrett, as Martha Ann; 
Caroline Floronoy, as Percllla; Chss. E. 
Hand, as Bruno Severn; Robert SklnBkl, ob 
Lord Kurston ; Jack De Castillo, as the young 
artist, supported by our excellent company. 
Just closed three nights in Batesyllle, and 
three nights In Brlnkley, Ark., to the largest 
houses of the season, and at Increased house 

Noras tbom thb Dot Kabboll Co. — Fred 
Harvey, Harry Vlckery and Robetta bare 
been re-engaged for 19O6-'07. Miss Karrnll 
and her company have been making good In 
every city, from a public and box offlce stand- 
point ; In fact, this season Is the most success- 
ful one of her career. Her season will close 
In Yonkers, N. Y., the latter part of April. 
The vaudeville features at present are: The 
'Cycling Zanoras, Robetta, wire act; Smith 
and Delle, singing and dancing duo: Jack 
Warburton, topical songs; Harry Vlckery, 
Illustrated songs and moving plctores. 

Ed. C. Nutt, manager of Angell s Comedi- 
ans (Southern), writes that nls company 
has been out since Aug. 18, and that the busi- 
ness has been the largest In the history of the 
company. The company opened at Sheffield, 
III., and has played In Illinois, Wisconsin, 
lows, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and In- 
dian Territory, and Is booked up until May. 
Violet Marsden, the leading lady, has made 
many friends this season by her clever work. 
The roster of the company Is as follows : 
Ed. C. Nutt. manager; Lee Church, Casey 
Ransom, J. H. EmmerBon, Raymond Ketchum, 
Nat Johnson. Charles Austin, Violet Marsden, 
Violet Le Cleare and Florence Humes. All 
the "boys" are Eagles, and some good times 
are the outcome. - , 

Thb coitPAJii presenting "McFadden s 
Flats" tbla season comprises the following: 
Mary Baker, Gnasle Nelson, Mamie Tucker, 
Edna Dans, Claire Wallace, Allle Barhler, 
Beryl Clifton, Florence Goodktn, Emma Gwy- 
nette, Marie Hebler, Helena Hall, Josle 
Adams, Josle Crawford, Ethel Sinclair, Delia 
Ranney, Billy Barry, Chas. Oramlleh, J. D. 
Van Epps, Harry Rose, Chas. Srutzman, 
Harry Bill, Herbert Hunt, Fred Coulter. Geo. 
Addlngton, Geo. Henkel and the Speck Bros. 
Geo. Chenet la in advance, and Thomas R. 
Henry la the manager of the company, which 
has made a successful tour of the South and 
West, and Is now en route East. 

Notes fhoii thi Y. C. Allkt Musical 
Comedy Co. — This company, which has 
been laying oil In Nashville one week, con- 
tinues Its tour booked In the South, with a 
much larger company throughout. In ad- 
dition to enlarging the chorus the principals 
have been Improved upon to a great extent, 
and new and additional special paper will 
be need. Harry T. Smith, assisted by two 
other men, will handle the business ahead of 
the company. Manager Alley has in prepara- 
tion the new mnelcal comedy, 'The Botrns 
King." All Southern territory will be mad" 
the rest of the season, playing the city time. 
The company will aggregate thirty people. 

Beth Stone, of 'The School Girl" Co., re- 
cently lost her pet dog, Judy, which had 
been her constant companion for several 
years, and was known to many professionals. 

'#nu eo'ry efrandVa ffHrr 
* entanolina^ll our, hf orl; ' 

Which^ kind of 
hair do you have? T: 
rich, heavy, young kind? Then' 
you are happy. Or the thin, 
scraggly, old kind? Then use 
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair 
[Renewer, and you will be 
[happy. The hair grows more 
I rapidly, stops coming out, and 
all the natural, deep, rich 
color returns to gray hair. 

, Tor the whiskers anil montuche we m.ika ) 
« Dje known M BUCKINGHAM'S DYi It L 
colors iniUntly k rich brown or * soft Ulack. I 
R. P. HALL A CO., Nathsa, N. I! : 


It spins sugar Into cotton 
sandy, any color or flavor. 
Agents In all European 

m coiion girdt eo„ 

M West 8th St., New York. 

Song books 

*f: BIG SELLERS \ ^ 

75 c per 100- $6°-° per 1000 

SVEHMAN BROS. 126 Pin* Row New Ye** 

atlkollxt* Tlsbte, 8».00 Wonted, 
TtaLto, 89.00; Cotton TLgfcu. 
erOOi Silk Tlgbi*. Ikons 8S.95 »pi 
to Baslctt all same 


GiveslnstantRellelandAbsolctely Cures 

ClUrrh. Cold In the Heat. La Grippe. 

Dtalaess and ringing In Ike cart. 

IConUiHt noCocaine or 9thtr ptitenotts drugi, 

| Sold brail druggists or by matlprtpaid. 

F. C KEITH. Prop. CleveUnd, Ohio. 

Ig gi 70J/c*u> a Wcuu/Md &, 


■W WWW ctki Se tMga ti f 





Dalan He's Opinion of "The Continuous" 


Latest New York Novelty in Moving 






Mstt r»s« ir»d. Batl tr aeaon nsna. 
iaadorBMneyrafnadea. Bnouno., 


M Woodbine Bt ., knaUya, E. T. 
1 kct new address. 



Kamona Tbeatrlcal 




new tork orrr. 

Best ot Food, Fertect- 
1 j Cooked, Delloloaaly 
Serred. Prlote rea- 
sonable. Speolal Din- 
ing Room for Ladles 





sexo to> ctr«L0suE 

Morrison Show Print .,.„■, 





Dream oi tte Rica Track Fiend - 627ft 

Country Courtship 505ft 

A Kentucky Fend 675ft 

River Plratei 837ft 

K LEIN E OPTICAL CO., Cblcago, Special 
MILES BROS., San Franolsco, Belling Agts. 





-H = -■ 
ML 3 ? 


% *% 

" 3 
g I 

QQ S - 


The Henpecked Husband • - • • Si9 *|J' 

The Barn Stormere 530 |; 

Everyboay Works But Father ■ ■ 173«- 




Why handle rocky goods when yon can handle gooda that will aell themj-c-rta 
hlectrlc Ilella from »1 per dos. up. Large variety to select from. Electrl. Jara 
76c. doa. (Electric InsoleB, 87 %c dot. pairs. Soap. $2.10 gross; 5"f"5 
f? ? att « le »- Send 75c. for Sample No. 14 E. It.,exp. prepaid. Latest out. un. 
third cash required. Trial order will convince. Largest Manufacturers of i. «r 
trie BelU and Appliances In U. S. A. EstablUhed 1878. Lecture and prl^ '» 
? II HLEOTBIC iPFLIAJOE 00,, Borlington, Kax 




gawflertlle and mittitrcl 

Kdna Arm reporta guece«a at the Str.r 
Theatre, Atlanta, Go., and has two weeks nt 
ilii- Star, Augusta, Oa., to follow. 


report success with Al. H. Woods' "T r tfaJ 
\rniind the World 1 ' l'o„ now on the 
They stale that they have scored heavily In 
iheJr ajsnlally. . 

Muub»y ani> AlMBI report that they met 
with the best success of their professional 
career'at the Colonial, Lawrence, Mass., week 
of Jan. 8-13. 

O.f Sunday evening, Jan. 7, Bert Draddjr 
became n member of the B. P. 0. Elks, Lodge 
Mb, ]. New York, lie Is a brother ot the 
late Harry M. Drnddy, who was treasurer 
and mortuary legatee of the same lodge. 

Tor Yoc.NO, banjolst, writes : "Weelc of 
Jan. 8 was my twentieth consecutive week 
ou the l'aclflc Coast Amusement Co. circuit. 
I will Jump from Ogden, Utah, direct to 
Chlengo, and lay off two weeks." 

Mns. Dick Tbaci banqueted the following 
people on Dec. 28 : Strand and Strand, the 
Valpos and Dick Tracy, all on the bill at the 
Crystal Theatre, Anderson, lad., the occasion 
iielng the thirtieth birthday anniversary of 
lier husband. All the good things of the sea- 
son were spread in the dining room ot the 
Columbia Hotel, by Proprietor O'Rourke, and 
a most enjoyable time was bad by all. All 
wished Mr. Tracy many happy returns. 

The BbccB8 write: "We are now playing 
the Bijou circuit, and more than making 
good. The managers say we are one of the 
best colored acts that ever played their 

Notes tbom the H. J. Mgyebs Vaude- 
ville Co.— WUllard H. Weber, double volca 
vocalist, .has returned from a trip to Balti- 
more, Buffalo anil Rochester. We are meet- 
ing with big success. Mr. Weber's new songs 
nre making a big bit. Mr. Bowman, the jug- 
gler, has Joined us, making our company much 
better. Tub Clipper la a weekly visitor. 
All are enjoying the best of health. 

The Renos, Dottle and Denny, are with 
the Huntley Stock Co., touring the New Eng- 
land States ns n special vaudeville feature, 
und report success In their magic and Illu- 
sions. They are doing a new Illusion, called 
"Burlesque and Spiritualism." The act Is 
entirely new, and Is Mr. Reno's Idea. 

William Gbors writes that he Is In his 
eighth week at Howard's Theatre, Chicago, 
and Is. meeting with success. 

Casap and De Verne Inform us that they 
are using the new novelty musical Instru- 
ment received two weeka ago, and it Is the 
bit of their act They are booked up solid 
until June, and are having a new act built 
which they expect to use in a short time. 
They open' at Tony Pastor's Theatre, New 
York, week of Aug. 13. 

Willis Mitchell closed a forty-two 
weeks' successful engagement with the Sen- 
inaa-Milllcan Mardl-Uras Co., recently, and 
U spending the Winter at bis borne In Annls- 
inn, Ala. 

Brass, the Illusionist, writes that he has 
about completed bis new attraction for tbl: 
season, and also his European booklugs. 

Makvkilk and Glbason returned East 
after n successful Western tour of thirteen 

I.. 1. Hall, of nail and Rice, who has 
been afflicted with rheumatism, at the Tray- 
more Hotel, Philadelphia, for the last two 
weeks, Is convalescing. He had to cancel sev- 
eral weeks of work 

May Waoner and Pauline La Coxda 
write that their refined singing, acrobatic 
und dancing art is a big success, and thev 
are well booked tin. 

Tun Lorktta Twins Trio, after spending 
the holidays visiting friends and relatives In 
Colorado, will, wo nre informed, headline a 
very strong bill over the Southern Inter- 
state circuit, for nine weeks, opening at Hot 
Springs, Ark., Jan. IS. with Dallas. Houston, 
San Antonio, Fort Worth and Waco, Tex., 
to follow. 

La Claib and West produced their new 
act,' "A Drno Into Society," at the Casto 
Theatre, Fall River, Mass., week of Jan, 8, 
an<l>inform us that it was an Instantaneous 
success. They are booked solid until May 
-'8, with return dates at Pastor's, New York, 
and the Howard. Iloston. 

Pearl K. La Rub, male Impersonator, will 
cancel all engagements for' the present, on 
account of a throat affection. 

En. F.. Daley, business representative of 
Marry Hastings' attractions, writes as fol- 
lows: "Kuslness with the Black Crook Jr. 
Co. has been big the past four weeks. The 
company has been enlarged for the big city 
time. , I am busily engaged In arranging 
th<- tour of the three companies for next sea- 
™n: Black Crook Jr., the American Mnlds 
and Viola Sheldon, in a big musical show. 
Following Is the roster of the Black crook 
Jr. Co. : Harry Hastings, sole owner nnd 
manager; Ed. E. Daley, business representa- 
tive; wm. Lnusburg, musical director: Cliff 
Wodetskt. treasurer ; Elmer Rose, properties ; 
Arthur damage, the Sylvesters. Hugh O'Ncll. 
Wm. Alexis, Viola Sheldon, Stella Mack, Allco 
Nolan, Lena Woods; Violet Pfelffer, Edna 
Linden, tbe Emerson Sisters. Clara Mium, 
Amy Butler, Julia Stuarte, Lillian Drake and 
Delia Schall." 

Summers and Winthbs are working on the 
middle West circuits of vaudeville houses, 
with good Eastern time to follow. They have 
signed with one of the Winter shows for u«t 

,W. 0. Fry and wipe (Lenore Frazee), late 
of Kllroy & Brittoh's "Aristocratic Tramp" 
Co., with which they played the title role 
and lead, opened In vaudeville, under the 
title of Fry nnd Frazee. at the Crystal "Tie- 
atre, Logansport, Ind., New Years' Day, In a 
new comedy sketch, entitled "The Wrong Mr. 
Mush." They carry special scenery for this 
act. Mr. Fry writes that he recently pur- 
chased, of Mrs. W. C. De Bough, all rights, 
title, scenery, etc., of "A Chicago Tramp,' a 
comedy drama, by Leni B. Parker, and will 
star his wife next season. In the part of Neva 
Conrad, the violinist, with himself In tbe 
title. role. 

Paul La Drew, formerly of La Drew nnd 
Lb Zone, opened nt Barton's Theatre, Nor- 
folk, Va., on Jan. IB, and will remnln there 
tor two weeks. 

Beach and Bowers Notes. — We are car- 
rying thlrty-flve people, a band of twenty- 
five pieces, and the strongest and most ex- 
pensive show we ever carried, traveling In 
our own Pullman palace car. 

Chirk Running Elk has closed with Senor 
Arnoldo's troupe of trained animals, and Is 
back In vaudeville, playing to bis own acts. 
He Is playing at San Francisco. 

Leslie T. Downey writes : "After a three 
months' visit In the Cast, I returned to Cali- 
fornia, for my Winter's work, opening at the 
Novelty Theatre, Stockton, Cal., for an in- 
definite engagement, this being my second 
mason In this house. Nov. 24 being the sec- 
ond tblrthday' of the Novelty Theatre, Man- 
ager Kaiser tendered a banquet' to the house 
attaches, performers and press representa- 
tives. Among the performers present were • 
M6ntell nnd Clifford, Prof. Clark, Carlisle 
nnd Baker, Pretonelln D'Arvtlle and myself. 
The guests of honor were: Ham Loverlch 
nnd wife, president of the Novelty circuit, 
nnd one ot tbe oldest and best known mana- 
gers on the coast An elegant repast was 
served, nnd merriment reigned until the small 
hours. Songs were sung and toasts wera 
given, concluding; with voting Mr. Kaiser n 
royal host and prince of managers," 
_ Smith and Abado report success with the 
Dainty Duchess Co., this being their twenty, 
third week, doing principal comedy and sou- 

William Sen -are, musical director of the 
High, Flyers Burlesque Co., closed with that 
company, nnd has assumed tbe position of 
director at the Crystal Theatre (vaudeville) 
at Elkhart, Ind. 

h jH» 'Crawo Millabd Bios., who are 
Ht£?J ?.„ tbe 2°feS!HJ« wltQ the fenberg 
SSrJa i2 d ^ Cbagnon, leading man, 
IEI7 AfnK*^," SSPU* °> e French Mu- 
sical Club, at Lewlaton. Me., on Sunday, Jan. 

l«* J„. T . wer !. Urlv " 1 t0 thelr country club. 
MM entertained royally. The Millard Bros. 
S"" tn0 , lr season with the Kenherg Show In 
Slay, and will re-enter vaudeville. 

Thil'HL "R *?■ J r,Jn n,n y' d tn « I'ork 
Jheotre, Worcester. Mass.. following with an 
engagement at Keith's Theatre, Providence, 
with New York to follow. Their net, wc are 
informed, has been a big success on that 

Notes tom Billy Kkusands' Famous 

&ff'";S e J l, , te nla » ln R trough the 
South and still doing phenomenal business. 
This will undoubtedly he the most prosper- 
ous season this popular attraction has ever 
had Prof. James S. fjtcy's Sliver Cornet 
Hand continues to be the talk of every city 
we visit, and Is the best band we ever hail. 
The company remain the same, with the ex- 
ception of Billy Nichols, the Alabama come- 
dian and mimic, who recently joined. Geo. 
h Barton, -who has been In advance, has 
assumed the management of this attraction. 
Geo. a. Treyscy (formerly manager i Is In 
advance. The Old Heliahlh reaches us 
regularly, It being the event of the week. 

fttuts and Tarlton opened on the 
Novelty clrcnlt at Denver, Jan. 15. and 
report meeting with success in their com- 
edy musical act 

The Bbadyr. James and Kitty, are work- 
ing for tbe Western Vaudeville Managers' 
Association. On Feb. IS they go to New 
York to Join one of A. H. Woods' productions 

Jones and Sutton are still with the James 
Kennedy Co., doing their specially between 
the acts, and report meeting with great suc- 

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Murphy celebrated 
the seventeenth anniversary of their marriage 
at their home In Boston, . tass., Jan. 10. Mr. 
Murphy Is of the team ot Kllleen and Mur- 
phy, comedians. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy re- 
ceived the good wishes of their friends. 

Joe Allmon, "Original Parodist," resumed 
work Jan. 22. 

Armstrong and Vern nre not with "The 
Land of Nod," but arc back In vaudeville. 

TnE Wheelers, comedy jugglers, report 
meeting vsitb success on the Liibelskl circuit. 

Chas. Le Vine and Bert Paoe are In their 
sixth week with the Mascot ts Burlesque 
Co. Their comedy acrobatic and equllibrlstlc 
act Is, they write, meeting with excellent 

Walter Phoenix has been engaged v.ltb 
Gus Fredrlcks' Royal Vaudeville-Comedy Co., 
for ti.e rest of the season, to do bis eccentric 
tramp song and dance specialty. 

Irvin R. Walton joined W. S. Raskins' 
Co., on Dec. 25, at Halifax, N. S., to Intro- 
duce his various specialties between acts, now- 
touring New Foundland. 

The Three Jacksons (Andrew, Ollie and 
Glenn), physical culture exponents, have 
Just completed very successful engagements 
(return dates) on the Orpbeum, Kohl-Castle. 
Hopkins and Anderson circuits. They opened 
Oct. 2, at the Olympic, Chicago, and closed 
In Salt Lake City, Dec. 30. They were on 
the opening bill at the latter city, and were 
u feature, their bag punching, especially, 
which Is different from all others, Is going 

(.'has. D. Hammond, of the team, Mr. and 
Sirs. Chas. D. Hammond, was made nn Elk 
while ploying Hamilton, O., week of Jan. 
lft. Mr. Hammond reports that they are 
meeting with great success in the presenta- 
tion of their little playlet, "Family Jars." 

Rort. E. Lively, coatortlonlst nnd band 
balancer, Is in his thirty-second week with the 
Great Barlow Minstrels. He opened at New- 
ark, 0., June IT, 190ft, and is still one of the 
strong features of the olio, doing the entire 
act on his new pedestal. 

Al. Kerner and Sim Weston have sepa- 
rated. Hereafter Al. Kerner will work with 
Minnie Hanson. 

Wm. A. Mack Is In his eleventh week and 
reports meeting with great success in his 
specialties with the Metropolitan Entertain- 
ers. The company has left Connecticut and 
is playing through Northern Pennsylvania, 
meeting with great success. 

Phil and Carrie Russell closed a suc- 
cessful forty-six weeks during the year of 
190ft, touring Oregon, Montana, Washington, 
Wisconsin, Minnesota and Manitoba, and are 
booked up to the last of May. Their act, 
"The Singing School," Is meeting with favor. 

Geo. W. McAuley, the "Milanese Min- 
strel," on tbe night ot Dec. 5, in Forest City 
Comandery, No. 40. in tbe Masonic Temple, 
at Cleveland, 0., was made a Knight Tem- 

Jimmie) Kennedy, "The Minstrel Boy,' Is 
In his twenty-third week with Barlow & 
Wilson's Minstrels, doing principal end and 
his wooden shoe buck dance. In the olio, lie 
reports making a big success all through the 
Southern States. 

Daly and O'Brien write : "With the ex- 
ception of a few weeks, we are booked solid 
until Spring, at which time we contemplate 
a trip to England, and also to Miss O'Brlen'e 
home in Dublin, Ireland, thus combining busi- 
ness with pleasure." 

Luciano Tatali. the director of the Gran 
Clrco Pnyret, Havana, Cuba, Informs uh that 
his business In that city has been splendid, 
and thnt all the performers. Including the 
Imperial Viennese Troupe, Ella and Fred 
Bradna, Fred Derrick, the Castrlllons, Cal- 
cedo and Dlavolo, are well pleased with their 
engagement, quite a few of them having al- 
ready signed a re-engagement for next Win- 
ter with Dr. Sanrcrls. 

Al. UEsnEnT, formerly comedy man with 
the Western Stock Co., nnd Helen Ander- 
son have Joined bands, and will hereafter 
be known as Herbert and Anderson. They 
are appearing In a new sketch. 

Stanley and Scanlon, novel musical .en- 
tertainers, recently closed a two weeks' suc- 
cessful engagement at the Novelty Theatre, 
Denver, Col., It being their fourth time over 
the Novelty circuit In one season. They 
Joined T. W. Dlnklns' Utopians Co., at Kan- 
sas Cllv. for the remainder of the season. 
Mnvme 'Scanlon reports doing nicely In the 
part of Nancy Begosb, In the burlesque. 

Col. Bordevbrry sailed for Europe Jan. 
1 1 , for a few weeks' stay at bis home In Tou- 
louse, France. Ho will return to open in 
Kebruray with the Hippodrome Co., at Bos- 
ton or Chicago. 

Abto and Delmay played the BIJou, Mon- 
treal, Can., recently, and met with success. 
It was Miss Delmay's first visit to Cannda. 

Marr and Evans report that thev were 
engaged for two weeka with tbe Roc Comedy 
Co?, and, after the Urst show, were re-en- 
gaged for the Beason. They Joined the show 
Christmas Day, nt Bangor, Me., and tbelr net, 
they write, has been a decided success. 

Willie L. Salle, who was Incapacitated 
for six months through an accident at Bes- 
semer, will shortly return to the stage. 

Alfred Kline left Jan. 33 for Germany, 
to visit his mother. 

Murray and Clayton write: "We are 
mcc'lng with success with our act, a travesty 
on 'Tho Ladv of Lyons,' entitled 'A Drei.s 
Rehearsal,' o'nd nre booked until Spring In 
and around New York Clly. We carry spe- 
cial sccnerv for the act Wo worked nt 
Pougbkeepsle recently, and the act wits a 
decided success." 

Heloise Horton (Mrs. Snlts Moore) ^give 
a Dutch lunch after the performance to 
members of the European Sensation Co., In 
Cincinnati, Jan. 9. Among those present 
were - Mary Sinn. Monica Verona. MauJ 
Wilson, Bertie Kurswell, IBlda Harring- 
ton, Eva Smith, Mazle Moore, Gladys and 
Louise Gllmore, Neva Orr and Margaret 

Phil K. Collins Is mnslcsi director for 
Eddie Clark's "Six Winning Widows." who 
are playing tbe Pennsylvania bouses at pres- 


will be issued on Feb. 24, 1906, and will be 
handsomely embellished with numerous 
half-tone engravings, etched on copper, 
together with an illuminated cover of 
unique design. Our aim will be to main- 
tain, if not surpass, the high standard oi 
excellence which has characterized our 
special numbers in the past 

Per lucti r Single Column • • 2.80 
Quarter Page - - - 45.20 
Half Page .... 90.40 
Whole Page - - - 169.50 



ALBERT J. JIOKI R, New York City, 

Editorial and Business Mgr., v, v. 


All persona are cautioned against In- 
closing money witb letters lo us, 


We are In receipt of complaints from 
many who have lost money by sending it 
through tbe mail, which demonstrates that 
that method ot making remittances 


If Postal If oney Order, Oheok or Droit is 
sent and is stolen from the mail, a duplicate 
can be obtained and there will be no loss of 
money, but there will be a loss of time, 
whiob. may be of tbe utmost importance. 
We will guarantee all persons against loss in 
sending us remittances IF THE LETTERS 




comedy acrobats, report success on tbo 
Churchill & Davis circuit, with the West- 
ern Vaudeville Managers' circuit to follow, 
tor twelve weeks, also Kohl & ensile circuit. 
They nre booked up to July S. Their net. 
they Inform us. la n feature everywhere they 
play. They will soon be seen In the Mast. 

Tom Hefron writes: "I have been work- 
ing every week since I cauio West, which 
was April 1!0, 1001. My act Is In big de- 
mand out here, us I tnke up tbe time of a 
team, and deliver tho gauds 

The iiuoLi Tkkai'i:k, nt Dubuque, In., we 
nre Informed, lii.s been doing Its usual largo 
business so fur this season, playing high 
class vaudeville, under tbe management of 
Jake Rosenthal. The booking for ihe bouses 
of Manner iiosenthal Is done by the West- 
ern Vaudeville Association. 

Ai.iiKii'r I.r.r.OY, business manager, sends 
tbe following: "I beg to Inform yo-i that 
Madame Henrietta do Mnrria (Mrs. Jean 
Marcel 1 presented ber act, fur tbe first 
time In (matter New York, at Hyde & Ueh- 
tnan's Theatre, the week of Jan. 22. The 
net comprises reproductions of famous bronze 
and marble statuary, bronze has reliefs, 
marble bn» reliefs and paintings, with a 
troupe of seventeen people aud n carload of 
cpcrfal nnd Imported paraphernalia. Tbo 
lief made n big hit on the Ornhcuui circuit. 
Madame de Kerrls has been naif owner of 
Mnrcel'9 I.ivlug Art Htudtes for the last 
twelve years, nnd today owns the entire 
paraphernalia used bv Mr. Mitrcel." 

J. W. Wiijion, of Wilson and Waring, 
arrived from Knrope Jan. l'J. lie will re- 
turn In uliottt eight weeks to England, to 
play another year's bookings. Edmund Day 
Ik writing n new net for Mr. Wilson, which 
he will produce upon his return to England. 

Ani Ilii.i, ( Hrx. Harry Hill) bus boen very 
successful In her Kuropean engagements. Tbe 
Hills spent the holidays at Mrs. Hill's birth- 
place. Urlstol, Kng. She opened for a 
month at the Albnmurn, London, then nails 
for Australia, under engagement to Harry 

Frank It vnhei.i,, manager ot the Four Em- 
perors of Music, writes that the quartette has 
just completed a sixteen weeks' tour ou tbe 
Orpheuni, Kohl & Castle and Hopkins cir- 
cuits. Spader Johnson, late musical clown of 
the Barnum & bailey Show, Is the comedian. 

"IlAi'i-v" Job Ha'hikiity, monologue and 
singing comedian, reports meeting with big 
biiccl'hu through the Northwest. Ho bns 
opened on Weston's Umpire circuit, in Cali- 
fornia, with the Crystal circuit, through 
Colorado, to follow. 

Tub I'abk Cihcuit and Healtt Co. hni 
been organized, with oltlccs In .St. I,oul». 
This company was formed for tho purpose of 
tbe coiiKolldatlon of Forest Park tllgnlnndH, 
Kt. TiOttls : Forest Park, Knnnas City : Fon- 
taine Ferry Park. Louisville, Ky., und Kast 
Knd Park, Memphis, Tcnn. 

Avkpv and Peari, write thnt while play- 
ing the Olympic. Theatre, Chicago, week of 
Dec. 25, they received contract* from the 
Western Vaudeville Association for sixteen 
weeka' work. They are now tilling ibis time, 
and report meeting with nuccess. 

Capt. Bidnm IIinman closed a very suc- 
cessful tour over tbe Ammon circuit, und Is 
booked well up with his life Having dogs. 

Kirri". comedy juggler. Is now doing a 
comedy Juggling act with bis wife. The team 
Is known as Kip and Klppy. 

Geo. W. Lesmh played the Castle Theatre, 
lllnomington, III., week of Jan. 8, with tbe 
Oalety, Hprlnglleld, and the .1. II, Amnions 
and tiiia Sun circuits to follow. 

BE8SIK Ci.attov will make her European 
vaudeville debut la Berlin, la March. 






Tlienlre. ... lloilnu, Mass. 

IIIJaii Thennv Ibision, Muss. 

Theatre Providence, It. I. 

Theatre Paw I ticket. K. I. 

Theatre New York Clly. 

New Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. 

Prospect Theatre Cleveland, O, 

Itoyal Princess Theatre.. London, Kng. 
Davis' Qrnnd Onera Uouae, 

Pittsburg. Pa. 

Opera House l/owell, Ma 


Colonial Thenlre Lawrence. Mms. 

Clittae'.i Theatre Washington, |i. »', 

Kernim's Maryland Theatre. . .iliilllmore. Mil. 

Shea's Harden Theatre 1 
Shea's Theatre... 
Moore's Theatre. . 
Temple Thentrc. . , 
Moore's Then I re.. 
Park Theatre.... 
(I rand Opern I louse 

Savoy Theatre. 

I mm- 

. . llnfTiilo. N. V. 

Toronto, Can, 

. .ltochester, N. V. 

Detroit, Mich. 

Portland. Me. 

. . Worcester, Mas* 

..Syracuse, N. Y. 
..Fall itlver, Muss. 

B. F 

. KEITH'S BOOKING OFFICES, St. James Building, 

m. K. MODODONt Booking l\nmnmttmr, 

Room* 893 to 828 St. Jamei nulldlnar, NEW YORK Cilv. 

Big Money in 


(The kind yon 
see everywhere) 

"A Song for a Cent" 
draws the crowd, and yon get pennies by the 
quart. Coin-Slot Phonographs arc automatically 
operated by electric current. Small cost to run. 
Big payers in penny vaudeville houses, fairs and 
resorts — wherever the crowd goes. Write for 
catalogue. , , 


64 Lakeside Avenue 

Orange, N, J. 

Jami;s Diamond, of Diamond and May. 
wrllea: "Christinas week, nt Pickwick The- 
litre, Snn Diego, Cnl., nnd the following 
week were the two moat enjoyable we have 
experienced since wo have been In vaude- 
ville, Tho tnunagentent. Palmer & Puukel- 
ateln, gave nway a magnificent present at 
every performance ChrlatmaH week, to the 
person holding tbe lucky ticket In a drawing 
conleat. Christmas eve, after we bad finished 
our act, we presented the member* ot the 
orchestra with toy Instruments, giving each 
tho name ot the heat known mimical Instru- 
ments made, which were received by orches- 
tra und audience In gnod fellowship, itoild 
much laughter. Thinking we had tlnlshed, 
my wife, rioiinle Way, was about to leave 
the Ntnge, when 1 called her buck, nnd pro- 
scnted Iter with a ulrlliRtone ring, and a 
beautiful solitaire diamond ring. She wna 
beautiful Bolltnlru diamond ring. 

Juhrv IIi.iizKi.i, wrllea that he will remnln 
In vuudevlllo this season, for which ho hni 
very good time booked. After ibree weeka 
In Chicago, he played the Crawford, nt To- 
ncka, Kan., then tbe People's, ut Parious, 
Kiiu, and Yale's, ICnnsaa City, Mo. 

Stiiik ami Lot] Dann report meeting with 
much success with their orlgiunl acrobatic, 
bicycle und bund net, touring Mexico and 

Kiieiins and Com: write that nt Ihe Or- 
pliemn Theatre, New Orleans, week uf .Ian. 
K-lii, their act wns Ihe laughing hit of the 

Tub TtoMY Tiiiivby Trio (O'Connell, Oold- 
amlth nnd Korresl) la In its thirtieth con- 
secutive week In ihe West, nnd has been 
very successful. It Is nn the (Sco. Ira Adams 
circuit through Colorado, and will upcit at 
the Empire Thenlre, San Krniicleco, Cal., 
Feb. -Jtl. 

"Tlir. Divink" DansoN and Nellie Cam- 
nietdi were married In Los Angeles, Cnl., 
Dec 2'J, al the residence of Itev. II. f. 
('miller. They are living at their homo In 
Kl Monte, Cnl., where Mr. Dixlson Is In 

Ediiik LiooNAnD will appear In London, 
Eng.. in tbe music hulls, for six months fol- 
lowing Jill'" II ne^t. 

* .' Si.iii„o\f has succeeded Truly 
Slmttiick In the net entitled "Tim Clly 
Girls.," Ihe latter resigning to accept n po- 
sition in "(leurge Washington Jr." 

.Iamkh Vamiarr. manager of Vhhhirc 
Troupe of I rick bicyclists, was married to 
Gertrude Vnrnii, of (irand Itaplds, Mich,, an 
Dec. IK, at New llrunswlck. N. J. Mr. and 
Mrs. VukhU'e spent [heir honeymoon visiting 
their parents' homes nt Grund Itaptda, Mich., 
und Omaha, Neb. They reopened their tour 
of tho vaudeville buusea on Jan. -1, ut St. 

KoilLRn and Marion report success, week 
of Jnu. IS-SO, al the Iloston Thenlre, Lowell. 
Mass., with their new Dutch comedy musical 

Fox, of Pox nnd Foxlc, has nrrlved from 
a three months' trip through Knrope. While 
abroad he si ureil several novelties for his 
act. Front llngoiibcfk, of Hamburg, he pur- 
chased a midget puny, which he claims Is the 
simillcst eiiulm; In tbe world, 

Maxii: (111A.Y opened at the Amphlnu, Troy, 
N. V., and reports aucccsa In her acrobatic 

Jah. WinriANS Informs uh that "Ilnppy 
Dill" Campbell Is in the Hamilton, 0„ Hospi- 
tal, suffering with bin In fever, und Is In a 
critical condition. 

Tub Lawmmjnh write : "After working three 
weeks nt I lie Coin Family Theatre, Council 
Ilhiffs, In., we Intend remaining bore three 
ot* four weeks, visiting our mother, Mrs. W. 
W. Laugdon, whom wo have not had tho 
pleasure of visiting for quite u long time. 
We go from hero to play a week's engage- 
ment at the Electric Theatre, Waterloo, In., 
Feb. f>, then open on the Crystal circuit, 
Feb. 11. We have been making tnoro than 
good with our chair balancing and 'The Lit- 
tle Ited Automobile.' " 

Mil. and MliH. Davb Mi.-iii'iiv (nf Kllleen 
and Murphy) celebrated the seventeen Hi an- 
niversary of their marriage Jan II), at their 
home nt Iloston, Mass. 

Anno: Lkkmk Wll.MAMK Informs us thnt 
•he has fully recovered from n severe attack 
of the grip, and has resumed the work Mho 
bad to cancel when taken sick. She Is now 
on the Nash circuit, with plenty of good 
work to follow. 

J. W. McCouiliCK will open a 10 nnd 110 
vaudeville house, ut Lornln, ()., Jan. 2'J. 

This Kmiikii Hihteiih are In their eleventh 
week with the Western Vaudeville Associa- 
tion, nnd pre meeting with hlg success. 

Tiir (.'i.AiiniNKH report success with their 

now variety act, at Gloversvllle, N. Y„ Family 
Theatre, ' The audiences have been well 
pleased with nil our undertakings. 

Tim Hon Miintuokk Trio of comedy ncro- 
bots, who were recently nt the Star, Hamil- 
ton, Onl., have Ixmdou, Saginaw and Grand 
Itaplds to follow. 

Madamb K.msiv, with her canine pets, re- 
ports hlg success on the Interstate circuit. 
Hhe finished the circuit Jan, 'JO, In Fort 
Worth. After a rest of two weeks In Chicago, 
she starts the Orpheuni circuit. 

Bkiit R, KiN'j and J_cko, comedy ncn- 
bats and high lenpers. are meeting with suc- 
cess with the Jchvoiih Stock Co., touring 
Virginia and West Virginia. 

Smith and La IIokk arc spending n few 
weeks nt the home of Mr. Smith's mother, In 
Norfolk, Va. 

I'iski: and Mcr>oNiM:<;ii closed 11 n engage- 
ment 011 the Ed, Mo/art Fnmlly Thenlre cir- 
cuit, Jan. 1.'), nnd opened their Kiistcrn dales 
Jan. ID. 

Tub limit PVtrhh Co., under management 
of J.arry Koster, report sixteen weeks of sue- 
cess. Adams mid Edwards, und Wm. KwnrlK, 
musical director, closed In Msnslleld, ()., Jan. 
13. Schuster and Vass, Misses Kline and 
Hurke, Hilly Newton, nnd Itryne. Iloiily and 
Keuyon, are doing nicely. The chorus of ten 
pretty girls Is an attraction. 

Tub I'aiiauon Tiiki lias signed with tho 
Fraxer Comedy Co. for the season, to do 
their singing and dancing and comedy talk- 
ing act. 


MAXINB ELLIOTT writes: "I am 
delighted with my Piiotl. Komi, for 
which please llnd cheek enclosed. It 
stands hours to ho fitted forms with- 
out one groan ot fatigue." 

It'* yon (when your lining In on), 

lli* Pnnumutic Dress Korm 

take* your pines and saves 

you "Trying On" nngusn- 

monts, tiresome .tamllng, cfl«- 

»I>l>olnt merit, anil Dross 

maker's Hills. (Make jour own 

dresses), When not In use, collapse 

and with upright ot standard puck In 

linio (see cut). Write for circular. 


4M Prcshv lerlnii llldg. . N. Y . City 

<Mh AV. A Mill ML) 


BEAuriroL. mum eyes, 



ICau iiosoaurod by using ALLAH NIIlM, 
a IIAUMLKS.s Limit) PltKPAUA- 
'f ION. To professionals, only, wh will mall, 
postpaid, a AD cunt boltlo for 'Al cunt", stmniu 
or coin. ii-miim CO., 

_ nnUroadway.Now York. Roof* DM. 

aa-s n*»a 

Cleanliness of person 
infers clean teeth of 
course. That's why well- 
groomed people use 


; Liquid, Powder or Past? 

I Preserve your Complexion 

9 Madamx Royals'* Coi.ii 

*) CnitAM,pfrpa:f J rtpcL'iilly for 
lb* theatrical pro few Ion, la a 
moil valuable acquisition for 

. all who require Italia nuke-op. 

•) A am til quantity rubbed into 



ths .kin before applying greue 

fnini. or coimctic, will sb.o- 
■jicly prsvtni tny poMlblo 

Injury m tbe ikln from ihrlr 

uie. Will not csii.e growth of 

bilr, Giisisnteed to kscp 

Indedulttlr. LsJIt.wllb S 

dcllcsie, wnslllvc ikln,wbo hive iiilTcieil frmn the 

hrllstlon ctuieil br ions palms soil powder., will 

readily (lie merits of Ibis oreptrsiian. 
(• For the removal of iniks-up ll li unei|ueliej. 
V Pull hall-pound package, prepaid, SOc, A 
1* trial size |ar to any address on receipt ollSc. 

J "> Pardrldso & Black well, • 

£ sure. DETROIT, MICH. 

Dai.i; IIiiiih. closed their scuson Willi 1I10 
"Her First Kalso Htpp" (.'o„ and opened with 
John W. Vngcl's Minstrels. 

Wkntiim and aha mm, "Dcslroyei's of Ihe 
Miigllsh l.niiKimgc," liuvu Jolui'il Huh Hill's 
"Ilnppy Hooligan" Co., und report Niirress In- 
troducing their well known specially In Ihn 

Bl'COUll I1CI. 

OlIIWKI.I, AMI KlIANZ, SI'IIHIltllltlUl I'iiiihmIv 
'cyclists, lire still Ihe fciilon- with Die Clrco 
TichImo, lourliig Mexico. 

KlTTIH llDtlMTUN, Wife (if i'lltlN. \V, 118- 

mito. of tlm Osiuito Troupe, which Is now In 
llei-llti, (icrmniiv, h«s lieun filaylng Hi" Hoiilli- 
ern circuit of vaudeville houses for 11 vi'iir 
without losing 11 week, und Is now fiilllllltig 
11 nix mouths' emiiriict In Arlzoiin. 

Tiih Tiiiiki: CiiAMtiKiii.iSM mid I heir 
trained pony, "I'liitn," luppoil Hie hllliil Norlli 
Admns, Muss,, week Jnu. '.'-, producing their 
expert Iiishu huuilling, ni,d Myiile's work, In 
particular, will not fall to piouse the cllon- 
tell; of tlm Itlcliuioiiil. 

KxKtdTiVH mrv of thn lllnck Crook ,lr. 
Iiurli'siiuci's : Hurry Hustings, sole owner; 
Cliff H'oiIi'bIiI, milliliter; 1'icil Mut-'kliilosh, 
ndrunce representative: William LuHShurg, 
muslciil director; Klmer Hose, slagu i-urpi.-ii- 
ter; Jnku llloomlmrg, elecli-ldnii. tlnst — 
Hurry HustlngH, Arllitir t'lumngi', LniM-eiicu 
Kvlvesicr, Hugo tl'.N'elt, Hlcllu Murk. Allco 
Nolan, Amy Duller, Helen Collelt, Kiiuthuii 
Klsters Mnhel Ln ll'tr, I'dua Miiifcn, Violet, 
i'felrrer, Mlslo I Hi Hols, Lillian linike, (Jruco 
Iliiiniiiiind, Julia Hieiinric mid Luctllle Mel- 
rose. Cliff Wodetskl, who wns Inst Hummer 
general agent of the I'nlled Hlntcs Cnrnlvnl 
(.'■i,, opeiicil ns tiinnnger for Mr. Hustings del, 
li, and states Hint ho has been wltli Mr. 
linslliigs since then, 

I-'Ml.MKII AMI! MOTIIMIt ,1'l.NKH II lilt (help 

muslin I pigs opened at the Industrial The- 
litre, Mnlltic, III., Jan. Hi, In parked houses. 
they Inform us, notwithstanding hail 

.1. K. MACRRT has token thn pliicu of Her- 
nil ret Toy, In the comedy role, with tiuljtg, 
Kdwnrds mid NlekcrHon, Tun net, I hey 
fitntc, Is nnw Hlrmigi'r than ever, mid Is In 
tlm twcnty-scciiiul week with llm World 
Hcutcrs Co. 

Airrilt'fi IIowk, nf the tenin or Howe and 
Decker, Is spending the Winter nt his home, 
St. Joseph, Mo. Mr. Decker has nearly re- 
covered from Ida nltitek of typhoid fever. 

TilK RUMMl (.'llit'dH was rnnipellnl In ranecl 
three weeks' work. Mr. Lowiinde, when work- 
ing at [.minister. I'a.. was kicked In tin- faeii 
by tils trick pony, Joe. Tho mi. with new 
scenery, opened Jnu. 2'J, nl IIuiichiIuIo, I'n. 

(iltBAT lltioTH writes : "I inn In my eigh- 
teenth week wltli tlm Carroll Ciiiiioily Co., 
and my 1.1't continues to mnke n lilt. I hike 
out I'ollay'a Trap Loop, May I, which la 
booked solid for tho Mummer season." 




I miscellaneous, 

Nona raoii Tire Homii* & 
P gW i n Cunni Cc-^-Xhls company la 
atnagibg to lease the IiOwnDde ring barn 
imd stables, at Frank/ord, Pa- to get In 
Kiinpe everything pertaining to their travel- 
Ing Whit* Cltr. The fronts will lie made 
up or craamentnl stainarr and architectural 
inyetalT paper mnchr, enrtnn plerre, Mtncco, 
■mortal marble, stone and grotto style; 
RoroeihlDg entirely new for traveling carol- 
j»L The aeaaon will open In Prankford. 
IJL, May 7, for two weeks. Norrlalown. 
PbqaihtTlllr, Rending. I'oltsTllle. Long 
Brnacn. N. J. : Morristown. Orange, l'oler- 
«on, rrnighkepsle. Albany, Saratoga. N. Y. : 
KurUngton nod Itntlnnd, Tt. ; maktog week 
nnd ten day stands with, the following peo- 

?le and concessions engaged for the season : 
-owe n nil Stevens, clrcociirrlcnlnm. educated 
KJJIcs. dogs, trapeze, acrobats and clowns; 
p lrravle and Uoffmsn, electric theatre, Illu- 
sions, moving picture and Illustrated songs: 
'Jeorge Beck's world's greatest Punch and 
•ludy show; James Fllnn, animated working 
world; Cordess k flhaw's Polite Vaudeville 
Show, Including: Mile. Shaw, lady n>«- 
irietan ; Kdna ilorrls, crayon act : John O. 
l-jreare, raonologlgt: K. llclniorc, rotnlc Jug- 
jrler, and Vivian Shennnrd, Character come- 
dian ; a complete Indian enrop of Iroquois 
imd Wlnnabego Indians, and Wild West ex- 
hibition, presenting life on the plains. In- 
j-Jndlng: Reckless Madge. Ilorse Hair Char- 
ley. Cherokee Hill. Chief Short. Feather 
Tiled, Xo Man"s Horse. Hnlf.Moon, Lone Buf- 
falo and Prairie Flower Nell; Prof. Wy- 
mann, with his finest display of knives, 
rnue hoards and fish ponds: Oeo. Hnrner, 
nvliiga. archery and doll racks : It. Scott's 
museum of living freaks, small pony, up-sldc- 
'down u'.rU tbln nnd fat woman, Ohio fat boy, 
management Chris. Vorlander; Jos. Carter, 
nlta and dart range: Jess Cotter, Amerlran 
Jogs nnd African dodger : Ferris wheel, 
mcrry-go-rotind. nlr ship and rajzlo dazzle ; 
will nlso ndd dnrning, trip to the moon and 
•animal shows. We will carry White City, 
lunch wieon and electric searchlight, and a 
full supply of all sites of tents for the busi- 
ness men of the different cities where wo 
giro our exhibitions and carnival to exhibit 
and sell their goodr. A special feature will be 
our mammoth tebt for all advertising dls- 
'trlbmlng snmpler, nnd display of the world's 
prcntest advertisers, and will carry lady 
ilemonstrntors. who will also assist to so- 
licit voles for the voting contests to deride 
popularity of newspaper reporters, policemen, 
tlremcn. letter carriers, mntormen, conduct- 
ors, bsl! players and trained nurses for valu- 
able prizes, lo be given by the management. 
Arrangements nrc being made lo have an 
entire new series of plctorlnl printing In the 
enrnlval line. 

Cineson Note. — A force of one hundred 
nnd nfly men Is now employed at the sllc of 
1)I>> new Summer resort, now being liullt by 
the Beach Amusement to., on the West Side. 
"The cxrarnilun for the enormous artificial 
lake, which will hold two and one-half mil- 
lion gallons of water, Is almost completed, 
and carpenters nre constructing the board 
walk, whlrli will romplelely surround the cen- 
tral portion. A conlrnct lias been let by Man- 
nger Hlce for $50,000 worth ot lumber, nnd 
ilils. with other material, Is now being un- 
loaded at the site. Klrbr. l'rllt ft Creen, the 
New York architects, who are preparing tho 
building plans, nnnnuuee that speclflratlons 
■nnd plans for the main entrance, ballroom, 
roller Ranting rink niid restsnrnnt will be 
ready within n few days. President Oliver 
I.. Iirowu amies that within n month (hero 
will be over two thousand men employed on 
the work of building. Xo rauie has yet been 
wdcrtcd for the new park, nit hough over 
twrnly thousand «iipgestlons have been sent 
to TMrcctor of l*nlillclty Woodward, as the. 
result of a prize competition. The winner 
will receive a prize of live hundred dollars 
In cash, and Ibere will be one hundred and 
fifty other prizes. 

Notts kkuji Prick's Floating l'.u.Acn. — 
We closed the season at llalon Rouge. I,a.. 
<Tirlntmas Day, and the event was celebrated 
liy a line dinner. This show, under the man- 
agement of It. K. (Inches, traveled 4,«70 
mile*, envc 2.1U performances, and only lost 
llirce shows during the season. Those closing 
with flic sliow were: Phillips nnd Hamilton. 
-McVity and Seabrlght. Svkes Itrolhcrs, Win 
Monroe, Dan Kuro. It. W. Kinerson. Mnltlo 
Webb, Three Woodnll*. Ileatrlce Newman, 
• leo. lluckley, (lea Thayer. W. Knlkeustein, 
Tom Morris. Tom Huller. t". M. Trrudway, 
J>. II. Johnson. S. K. Price. V. Tomplet. l>oc 
nirtls, C.r Rattler, F. W. Hull, I.lnn Parker 
and W. It. Cole. 

ItosTKit ok I'kku Srour's Motijhi I'icti:jie 
AXIi V.UUIKVII.I.K Snow. — This company Is 
playing over last year's route, in capacity 
business, which proves It has always made 
good. Tho company numbers ten people. In- 
cluding Mr. and Mrs, Fred S. Storv. Jlr. and 
Mrs. Fred Hays. .1. II. Harry, John Latham, 
licurgn Harrington, (leorge Howard. Will Ciil- 
letl and May Deforest. Our Christmas din- 
ner was enlcu at lllclitord, when the members 
of the company presented Mr. Slory with a 
handsome gold beaded i-mie. and Mrs. Slory 
with u gold locket. Kindness kept up Christ- 
mas week, and the nhow has not lost u day 
for over two years. 

StKXT Movisci Puti:bh Co. — Tills rumpaiiv 
litis heen out since Sent, p, playing through 
Virginia, North Carolina, unit we are now 
In Tennessee. We have done no turn nwuy 
but a good business, and have hail only 
one losing stand. We played the Stair Hos- 
pital at Merlon. Vn.. to n packed house, on 
Dec. IS. Hosier: D. D. Harrison, sole owner: 
U, W. Christie, business manager: C. 0. 
t'ondrcy, treasurer and operator: Florence 
< 'bristle, pianist : Master Lenord Christie, 
Illustrated songs: Cbrlslle and Cole, skeieh. 
We go Into Kentucky and West Virginia, and 
close uboiil March i»i. 

Notes raiut Kick's I.atkst Skxkatiox. — 
Christmas: was handsomely Ci'lehrilled on 
Itlco's Floating Theatre. Sniiiu dims paying 
hla annuul visit lo the boats, after the per- 
formance. Christmas eve. mid all were re- 
membered, ('apt. and Mrs. Hlce wfrr pre- 
sented by the company with a handsome 
dinner sol : Chns. Weiss received a gold 
handled umbrella, iippro|irlulrlv engraved, 
from Cnpt. Hlce. Mrs. Hlce. after Hie pre- 
sentations, Invited all present to the dining 
room, where corks were popping until the 
early Christmas hours, and all retired happy 
and praising tho genial captain and Mrs. 

Notes nm Fiiank II. llrmx'M Snow. — 
Al Winter quarters. Atlantic Clly. X. J., work 
Is: progressing In good shape, 'nils small nut 
neat outfit will o|ien lis season early In April, 
using three, cars and n big locomobile hand 
chariot. The show will go over Its UHl.'t 
route, through New Jersey, Delaware and 
Maryland. We will use a IWtfl, round top, with 
two ,10ft. middle nieces: carry twelve bead 
of stork, also ponies, dogs and gents. Side 
show will be .10, with a :I0 round too and a 
black moving picture top. iOxuO. This will 
be one of Hie neatest oulllts on the road. 

Prov. IIaminiiton'k Mkriiy Makkrh are 
playing the mining tos-ns In Nova Scotia, lo 
good business. 

Ti»: Swallow A Makki.e I'loatiso 
Palscb closed a vcrv suecessfiil season In the 
Son III, nnd N on Its' way lo Spoitsvllle. Kv., 
where Hie other boat (Hie new Sunny South i 
lielongliiR to Ibe same company Is Wintering. 
Belli theatres will stop lu Spoitsvllle about 
thirty days, after which Ihey will leave for 
Parkcrshnrg. W. Vs. 

Notks from Tin: Fixni.r.v Hraukn Km- 
tkiitainbrs. — We laid off Chlrstmas week. 
iTsumlng our tour si Camden, N. J. There 
Is no complaint In lie made as In business, 
ns our houses bare been, Invariably, t» ca- 




tI-» doable. " 

St., sod OTFOKH HOTKI,, Canal slid Adams. Kate* 
(0 profciiion. FRANK. HUNT, Prop., CHICAGO. 

Wabash A Madison. CHICAGO. 
0. Vangbn, Prop. StrtcU; 
American Plan, $8-15 single; 
Veadcvllle patronage Invited. 

FAI.ACJC IIOTKL, 101 N. Clark 8t.. Chicago. 
Bnropean, $1 per week: with private bam, »!. 
forklih Bath, too. H. B. HUMPHREY, Prop. 


Prop., 31 East Newton St .Franklin Sip, cor. James 
St. American plan. Conveniently located. Unex- 
celled table. ETery modern convenience. 6 o'clock 
dinners. 7 to (9 per wk. Tol. 21114 Tremont, Quick 
lunch connected. 


I.afay ♦ t te Chsrabera, 37 Ha >• ward PI. 
One minute from all theatres. Theatrical rates, 
13 per week a nd ur, single; $4 and up, double. 

PRUDfcNTIAT, IIOTEI/, 48 and 48 Bank 8t, 
Howark, V. 1. H. A. GRKENULND, Prop. 
European an! American Plan. Flue Rooms. 

TRAFALGAR 116-111 B.14, N.T., ET. Keith's, 
lead, of Mnilc, Dewey. Rooms 60c„ 76c, |1, 
tlMday, H.BO to $$ week. W.D.UANNlQAM.Prop. 


U BMI,EY k JFJtNIS'OS, Props. 

It. Clark St., ear. Ontario, Chicago. 
Rates, so, 76 and $1 per day. g to $6 per week. 

Hotel Regent, 

Cor. Pinnjyitrinla Ava. and 15th St., 

Wimhlngton, D. O. 

AMERICAN and EUROPEAN". Under new manage- 
ment. Has been entirely remodeled ard refur- 
W. J. WATSON, Propr. 

HOTKI, ST. DKN18, 186-138 West Market 8L, 

tndlanspoM», Ind. Convenient to all theatres. 
Best Little Hotel In IndWnapollB. Actors' Rates. 

SHOW PRINTM a I All kinds of Dodgers, Her- 
alds. Tickets and full liuoof small work, qnlcksnd 
Oheap PR ESS3tl(lWP RIN'TEItY,Jolinsonl ):irg,Pa, 

VKNTlllLOqUISIH Taught Poreor.allyand by 
Oorrespoudence. Prof. Llngermnn Bchool of Ven- 
a-lloqilum. IM Norrh 6th S t.. Phllndelphla. Pa. 


£ 1 oprrlght\, gdllfereat books, IOC. All kinds acts. 
OKPDKT'o SCHOOL. 8S7N. 13th St. rillla., Pa, 

Films, Machines, stcreoptlccns. Cameras, Lenses, 
soDjr Slides, new and second hand, liought, sold 
tjxehttnged. Bargalna. Stndlo for film and slide 
tnlklug, coloring. Special Fl<i? and Fire FUms, 
axport repairing, free auvlce, long years' expe- 
rience, prompt dealings. Ktirrlmrd Schneider, 
Qert aan-Am. Cino. a Film Co.. loy E. lath St..X.Y.C. 

Frost and Back Bending, each trick Illustrated. 
S5c, Mo ri'h et's Schoo l, B37 N. 12th St., Phlla.. Pa. 


for auy Instrument or number of Instruments. 
8ongs,words aud inusic, sketches, etc. Send stamp. 

CRAS. L LKiVIS, ir» Richmond St., Cincinnati, 0. 

loc. per plate. '• Direct Importation on way." 600 
show folks always ul Joel's alter snow. Ladlcu'en- 
tranco up Ih e stoop. Joel'B Beers the talk or K.Y. 

WANTED-dood Versatile Performers and 
Sketch Team? tor long season, with frequent 
ciiaugcs (lood salaries to eood people. Also 
Piano Players, with specialties. More Franklin, 
Mgr Haas' Shukcr-HerlAI Association, 1914<; 4th 
Ave., Birmingham, Ala, 


Second Hand Films. Song Slides and Machines 
Bought, Sold and Exchanged. 664 Washington 
St, Room 4'J, Boston, Mass., opp. Adams House. 



tree. Only N. E. Agent for Mahatina. 10c 

W. D. LEROY, 103 Court St, Boston, Mass. 

RrQ7 Catalogue ot TlarB and 
«*»v Make Dp, for Profes- 
sionals and amateurs, ken; on 
DICK A Fitzgerald, so Ann St. New York. 


Good,- Original Songs, Sketches, Gags, Etc, 


BARBY GRAY, 705 Viae St.. Phila., Pa. 

ItiisTKit Asn Xotks from the Wallace's 
Glass l'abict' nnd Crystal Workers. — This Is 
our eighteenth week on the road, nnd wo nre 
doing a tremendous business, playing to S. 
It. O. only. Our compnuv : Prof. Lew Wal- 
lace. Venetian worker: Mrs. Low Wallace. 
Roheminn blower : Frank Harm, comedian : 
Hie Monlour Sisters, bund to hnnd balauc- 
Ing ail. anil Hit Cook. Ilic boy tcuur. 

N'iitkh fiiom l'ltnr. Jack 'I'imiv's M«ii>- 
khx t'oMKiiv Co.- --Wo opened at Hc'llng 
Ion. W. Vn., Jau. 1. nnd are playing 
HiriuiKb Wosl Virginia to a nice IuisIiipsn. 
The iiit'tubcrs nf the compiinr are: Prof. 
Jnck Troy, llcssle Troy, the Hudson*. James 
Wne>d. Harry l.lmbcrt nnd Chas. Smith. 

XoTMst m>M tub ItiAUnMi Jack (.'ii. — We 
are now ttsirlne IBs* p<msi towns of Xrc Jer- 
wy. r.nil dohn a itood business. Our coin- 
piuiy consists of tweniy-Hrc jH-ople. nnd wo 
curry a bund nnd orchestra. Have just closed 
n successful ciigngemcni of Ihrei- weeks at 
ICed It-ink. X. .1.. plnyliiK lo packed houses 
lllghlly, mid had the pleasure of meeting 
Maggie ('line. We arr now playing Freehold, 
N.- J., and open next week nl Asburv Pnrk, 
with Lunu Iliiinch lo follow. We nre nlrrndy 
in.iklng prepiimtions to open our Hlxlh run- 
secuilvo NeiiKoe In Philadelphia, which will 
be early In April. While m roufr from lied 
lliiuk lo I'reeholil die fox lerrler belonging 
lo Elsie May Angrrtuh was ruu over hv n 
wason nnd killed. Mrs. Augeroih look ibe 
remains of her pet to her rnrm, the "Elsie 
May," at Woodbury. X. J„ for burial. 

Haiixcy II. Dr.MMir.sT writes: "I have 
Just closed c.iniriicis Willi Ihe Hillside Pleas- 
nn- l'nrk Co.. Nnwerk, X. J., for ihe Olive 
Swan's Vew York Kipiesirlenne Cnmblnatlon 
too|H-n on May 1MI. for Iwelvc weeks, with Hie 
great high seliool horse. Cnpld, Ihrci- high 
.iunipers. Iwelve I boronghbrrd running horses, 
six iMiiiles. cleltt Western bronchos, and four 
lady riders, nnd Minnie Fisher. In her slide 
for life.' " 

K. K. Hisr.NiiAirrii writes: "The I'.lsen- 
hiirlli -lletiilerson Flouting Thestrc Is laid up 
In Winter quarters at Marietta. O.. where 
the Heel a- 111 be thoroughly repainted liefore 
Ihr Spring opening, which will amir about 
April 1. Work Is now progressing on the 
thcatie-l.11,1 1, on ihe alterallons. both inside 
nnd nut. which, when roninleied. will trnns- 
forni Ihe lionl Into a different nnd still more 
iirotty looking crnfl. This minting theatre 
has been |hr only lsut lo adhere stricllv to 
drnmns. ami nn elahorate prodnclloa" of 
•Fnusl' will be placed for season of lllllii." 

Tun linos., with Hwlr dlornmn. 
were rcengngeil by Manager Itolisan for a 
Kerond week, nt his Illjou Theatre. Lansing. 
Mich., the first week breaking all records of 
the bouse. 



F. F. PROCTOR, Sola Prasrlttar led Miatgar. 


Devoted to neflned Entertainment. 
Proctor's 5Ui Ave. Theatre, Proctor's 
it:id St. Theatre, Proctor'*. B8th St. 
Theatre, Proclor's 12.' th St. Theatre, 
Proctor** Newark Theatre, Proctor's 
Albnny Theatre, Proctor's Troy The- 


But Plajs ai But VaadiTilli, 

plot of acta; complete "prop" Hat; correct 
light plot: If you open or close In one; 
EXACT time of acta, find of "close In ;" bill- 
ing for newspapers and programmes ; and 

Playwrights, Authors, Play Agents, 

P. F. PROCTOIl, Proprietor and Manager. 

& WEIL. 

77-81 WOQSTER ST. 

(Bel. Spring and Broo me), Ntw York. 

Theatrical Supplies, 

Tights, Wigs, & Grease Paints, 

I n CATAL OG UE No . 4. 

Gold & Sikh Trimmings, Spangles, 


Stage Jewell) of Every Description, 



We tend goods C. 0. D.. subject to Inspection 
but require a deposit on all orders. 


And Trick Appnrataa. 

YOST A OOHPAKY, 4JN. Ninth St., 

(Established 18700 Philadelphia. 

lO" Largo Catalogue for Stamp. 







And make yon a fortune. If yon hare a 
SON i, or BOOK tliat la worth anything-, 
yon eboold copyrlnht It. Don't take 
chances when you can secure our sin- 
Icesnt small co-it. Scndfor onr SPtCIAL 
OfllR 10 INVIMORS before applying for 
a tuient, if will fay you. lUKDBOOK on 
patents ur.t IRfF. Weadrlself patenta- 
ble or not, FREE. We Incorporate 
Consult us. 


CelanUa Copyright S Pateat Co. Inc., 


A dellclona popcorn confection, put 
up In moisture proof packages that keep 
It trceb a long time. A qnick teller 
for theatres, circuses, traveling theatri- 
cal and medicine companies and all 
places .of public amusement. We also 
make a large line of PACKAGE CAN- 
BRICK. Infornt oa where yon hold a 
confectionery concession and we will 
send samples and prices. 




Reached best by the 

i New Jersey 


MUM irartT noin ixd or Tin hoir 

F«sl Time Rock Ballast 

Snpcrb Dining Service 


Foot Weil ij<l Si. Foot I.ll«nr SI..N.R. 

Two I.ihmI. 
price and'ly. Uak 
ptiri li'u In i*K. 
('. ltriincr. 

Itiixln^ H.ij>». State 


Illm.ii: Inclon . | ml. 

Half Sheet Portraits 

From photo, ti.oo for first loo. Ai*o Roproduced 
Craron Pnnralta tor tae lohhy. Samples to any 
addre 1 " for loc. Addro«a 


Theatrical Trunks. 


2! M 83 84 M 88 

11.00 11.80 111.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 

Guaranteed 5 Years. 

38 80 82 M 84 38 

7. US 7.75 8. SI5 8.70 9. US S.75 

80 33 84 88 81 
6.00 S.50 7.00 7.30 8.00 





8. SO 

Steel Clad £ 

'Write for Catalojtne. ESTABLIBHKD 47 YB« 

M. S. CASEr.441 6tfi Ave., near 27th St,;NX 


C. A. TAYLOR TRl'.IK WORKS, 38 E. Randolph St., 0HI0A00; 131 W.88th SU, NEW YORK 

Write for Now Catalogue. 



X 20 
x 21 

86 X 22 


X 23 
X 23 











27x20x17 $5.75 

80 x 21 x 18 6.00 

83x22x19 6.25 

86x23x20 6.D0 

40 X 24 X 21 7.50 

For Particulars and Hlnatratloa, Bequest Catalogue. 


26ln., $7.50: 28ln., S3.C0; 301a, 89.50: SOIn., f 10.50 ; 40ItL, 812,50. ClrlasTranks. 24x18x11 
17.50. BUI Treats, 80r23xl5, Inside, $12,00. LItbo Trunks, 42^x28^x12. 'aside, $15 DO 
Sblpped on receipt of $3.00, bal. C. 0. D., except oyer 300 tnllea, then remit whole amoont. 
6ill6.\"3 & CC . CENTRAL TRDNK FACTORX", Est 1884, 8. W. cor. 7th and Arch Sta.,Palla. 

I Ml If GETS lit W. 





Richardson Ball Bearing Skates are used In allot the 
largest and most prominent rlnkn In America, In- 
cluding Onlcago Coliseum. Mechanics' Pavillon.San 
Francisco; Convention Hall, Kansas City; McbIc 
Hall, Cincinnati; Washington Rink, Detroit; Del- 
mar Skating Academy and Crescent Roller Kink, St. 

Write for catalogue; tells how to open and oper- 
ate a roller rink. 





For Parts, Summer Resorts, etc 

Hanlinje; Capacity, 25 tons. 

Earning 11,600 In six days. 

With proper care will last 25 tts. 



United States Teat and Awning Co., 

Randolph and Deaplalnes Su., CHICAOO, III. 


BLACK TENTS Our Specialty. 


For Clrcnses, Wild West Shows, Black Tenia. 
Candy Tops Flags, Kldd & Baker Lights, etc. 
Bend for 16 page price Hat of second band 
7th and Wyandotte, Kansas City, Ma 




The i.atf.t Novelty la Slot Machines. 
Name l'lnt<-s In ltcd. Blue or Green. Splen- 
did earnings everywhere. A few bargains 
lef. Write to MARVIN & CASLKR t'0 
Times Uldf., New York, for free Illustrated 

SeTeral fine Hotel Cars for rent; in nno condition 
Address MISS McMAHON, 

Wellington Hotel. Chicago. 


Wild West canopy, circus seats, poles, stakes etc 
Lint free. HBARL VAN. Nnrthvllle. X. Y . 



»e hava nada the cure of Blood Polton a 
sp*cl«lty. Blood Poison Permanently Cured. 

rou can be trtated at homeucd»r same narantv 
Capital asw.ioo. We snlldt th« most obstinate 
cases. If ym have exhausted ihe old methods 
V. ,r «atment and still have aches and pains. 
Mucus Paiches In Alrwlh, Sore Throat. Pin- 
fits. Copper-Colnre d Spols. Ulcers on «ny part 
of ihe tody. Hair or Eyebrows falling out, write 
tor proofs of cures. MB- rage Book Free. 


Poles and Stakes, SEATS, Flans, Etc. 


59 .1 61 W. Washington Bt., CHICAGO, ILL. 

Circus Tents 


20 Years' Experience. 

50 a nd 58 Woodward Aye., Detroit, M lcb. 



II? WSIimi! TEHriF. Olcare,!ll.,a.S.A 




of He 


Cures all 

| Discharges in? 

48 Hours: 


E N 

Larje Stock 80ft. and Under *^ 

New and fiec#cta\daktd. Write 



Scccessors to the T. W. Noble Co., Tent Dept-. 

Detroit Bag aaa Mfg. Co., Detroit, Mich. 


Advance, Privilege, Baggage, Slock and Merry 

Oo-'fiound Cars. 
50ft. long. Desirable for Shoiv and Carnival Com- 
panies. Reasonable terms. Writo lor pRrtleulurs. 
No. 1220 Monadnock Building, Chicago, IU- 


H. ML Hooper. 

Ejiicrlenccd. sober and reliable. Address 

TIPPECANOE CITY, Miami Co., Ohl'i. 












f » 

Now York Addn 

Cor© ol.if=>f»e:r. 

Grease-Paint-and Burnt Cork Removed Wlthout-tiie Aid of Cold Cream 

It easily, quickly and thoroughly removes all 
trace of grease-paint, burnt cork or any other 
make-up, without the aid of cold cream or 
without the slightest injury to the most delicate 
complexion, leaving the skin feeling cool, clean 
mid comfortable. 





Used and endorsed by the leading nieuihrri 
nf every branch of the profession. 

We want every member of the profession in 
the rutted States, to test the merits of Lava Soap. 

Send its your name and address, and we will 


in- tte*»t tcr rutdio 

Es * rat#rulj.n'.»au. lUuitrtt* 

Ldj hiitori>: fcnfl canrnteTent*, 

popular tongs, etc. Nothing afford* 

better opportunities for nei wlu tmail 


J»* tit ftM, UlutfftUd c*t*J<*M, telta whit in *ttflt 

>V> C , 



izplilbi ih« tixmb tod lEaHntete jo% 

bow u ceadacl p«.»lof aatirUltiELtau. 



■ UUJSTSB, Iff. OpU.I 

•f I. «.w r«k. 



I Day or night. Solid gold 
■mounting. You can own a 

■ diamond equal In brilliancy 10 
Isnv gennlne stone at one- 
Irlifttletn trie cost. BAROKA 
I DIAMONDS stand acid test 

_ Jpanrt expert examination. We 

guarantee tliem. See them first and then par- 
Write for catalogue. Agents wanted. 
IH^I.«,C3-71Wabnh Ave.. Chicago. Ill 

vV^SLZitecaU for 


Good Bong and Dance Sotibrette, Character 
Woman, doing some Leads; uood comedian, with 
specialties, lo double Boss or Baritone In Band. 
We pay all. State loweat. D. C. PLLMLEIGH, 

Avon Theatre Co.. Hecla, South Dak. 


. ■ ■ -■', . Owing in closing of company, 


.iriTenlies, ingenues. Soubrottes. Experienced, 
nollltf, wardrobe. GEN. DEL., Watertowo, N. Y., 
Feb. 2-8. After, care CLIPPER. 



Ptlujas and Legree colored people. State salary. 
Will send ticket. 
'Wit, KIBBLE, 7.'. Plymouth Place, Chicago, III. 


Alj«wd.B«B wul*4 lo nm ocbbclIit, u Ml ■■'Ur Itiu =* 

a"; prtTtat «iputtoc* ui Bumin, 6*i* *f fr«* *••» 
tvdjfivt, qfMm-»P«»ot|rtaiwMni11n»n nMi abifc 

Theatrical Information 


other valuablo Information pertaining: to name. 

No/lli W. Jefferson St.. Loulavllle. Ky. 

MOSALS. SOO WALNUT ST., Philadelphia, Pa. 

IVlKITITIi Cowl Singing and J. Jll IF — DanclngB.F.Comertlsn 
thtt can put on acti and make tliem go; do BOOZE Address, by letter only, 

CEO. LA VETTE, Ottawa. K»bm. 


^.Wlli sell a half interest In the Novelty Theatre, 
fmiatia, Neb. 
. . .i / P. H. MA1LAXD, Mgr., Omaha, Neb. 

At Liberty, Tuba/BTandO. 

Can do Light Corned t. Address 
.-■■■:. F. G. UPCHURCH, Mlllshoal, 111. 

»>.,> .... 

then, jour money Mick If I 
can't HtaOW You iu my 
new 100-pngn MADISON'S 
UlDGKT No. 10 the Uncut 
hook of stage comedy ever 
Issued. It contains 81 great 
pa-oillea. 9 excellent mono- 
logues, 8 sketches for two 
males,* sketches fur maleand 
remale, new Sidewalk Con- 
ute barlesiiues, new sketch 
for two femaleB, hundreds of 
new Hebrew, Irish, lunch and 
blackrace gags, etc Price 
numbers out ot print except BUDGETS 3, 7 
and 8: will send any 2 for 11.60. 3 for $2, or 
BUDGETS 8. 7. 8 and 10 for 12.60. 
L. J. K. HKIf., 1«04 Third Aye., New York. 
{Agent for James MadUcm.) 



A Good Agent 

Capahte of booking and not afraid of work, for 



MtiBlbe experienced in repertoire work. 


Work In one Dancer preferred, l.onir engage- 
ment to right parties. Incompetents discharged 


without notice. 



A Runaway Tramp. 

Like to hear from other useful people. Address 
WILLIAM lltlPLKTT, Mgr., Savfiriniih, 
III., Feb. 2; Outt enburg, la., 4 ; Manchester, la., S. 




For Orst class attraction, 1, 2 or 3 nights and week 
stands, for Feb., March, April and May. To draw 
from, :i,500; seating cap . «XL „_.. „ 

BOCK A ROBEY, Managers. 




968 OODEN AVE., Chicago, III. 

learned ny anyone M liutue. sb»u oosu Send! 
eent stamp tor particulars and proof. 0. A. 
SMITH , Box C, ao*o Knoxvllle Ave., Peoria, IIL 



For Medlo'ne Company that csn change for nine 
ntgbtg. Don't aak for tickets. Just have been 
there for Bfcgg^gB Shenandoah, Is. 

At Liberty. Contortionist, Back Bender, Slack 

Wire. Bltencc and Fnn, Paper Tearing Novelty 
Hailnde, Slllt Klil. Work In acta. Add. 
FRANK VARO, Gen. Del ■ Plymouth. Indiana. 


1*3 4TH AVE., Near 14th St., City. 


Yonkcrs, N. V., Jan. 29 to Feb 8; Blnghamton, 
N. Y„ Feb. f» to in. 

Famous (ieorgia Minstrels, 

Wand to hear Tram Colored Ifu.lelans 
anil Perfnrmers at all times. 

Work year round, show never closes. 


Mim& and PEKF0R5IERS 

It yon wish Performers, a Position or 
Pliolograplia, aee 

J. J. KEL8BX, 

»:i:i K. Qenwee Streitt, Syrwenae, N. Y., 
next to Ba.tablr. 

TO M AN AOmtS.— Our Line of Healthy 
Up State Show and Ch.rn. Ladles will 

suit Yon.— nuns. 

rrt£Arn/CAi m&/iwg#*>£hoaa/wo 

Oteiaa. oumS. Gammers nam ere *a& 

Pig. olauL MONEY. ISO. BOOK. OF CUTS, Me. 
TRICK CARDS, Sc. Write Today. 




DltUIATK , VALIH'.VII.I.K, 111 MM Al.. 

ntrrrrien cnti.s in n. y. tan*. 


lli.Sl BKOAllWAV. 

(N. y. raoticcTfONB). 


Dora Woodruff Show, 

Wotnsn for Juveniles and Heavies. Also Woman 
f jr Oen. Bus., Musical Team that can double B. snd 
o., Bong and Dance Specialty Team. Show never 
cluses. Mako nalary low. J. u. kiloore, Mgr., 
Marshall, III., week si; Mattoon, III., week Feb. 6. 

Repertoire People, to Double Band and String. 
Never clo.e. state all. Low. BUT SURE. 
FRED ACKART, Mgr., Box SO, Oentrevllle, Miss. 

WANT -at D, 


Other s write . L. C. KL OCK, Waukes ha, Wis. 


At WONDERLAKD. 112 Summit St. Address 

c. Ii.BAKKK,lljfluinmu8t.,Tole.lo, Ohio. 


Feature Attractions 

FOR - 


M, W. TAYLOR, Camden, New Jersey. 



-All whitoi for tenting scn.on opening about May71n Oliloimd Winter si'inon following, hKIIIST CLASS 
TOHL0RTKNMaiIT HILL ni.iTlNd AOKNT that kuowH how lo handle acxrsliow. Two Hill Pokiwh, 
Acting People In all Hues to double hand, OrchoHtra LeuitertodouhlohiiuO, Uu.lclans for II. and 0„ Prop- 
erty Man toiloiilne hand and inn ami good doc. One show a dar. No naradOx (innnl enncert), Sttie 
rooms for married people and ladles. All must positively bo sober and thoroughly reliable. Toll all 
you can do and aalurv In nrst leticr. lilve permanent address, as mail .has lo bo forwarded. Want to 
liny Dogt and other lorn Property. Permanent addrem J. S, KRITt'HFIKLD, MaiadUm, 111. 


Repertoire People in All lines. 

Mimi have good wanlrobe; sober and reliable. Those doing spoclallles prefer"- 

u^ - t ..,.., r'nr,' 

State ail ilrii letter and be ready u> Join on wire. All people vino wrote ta-ffirfflTt, Vs., plekUwrt 

Can n.e Mimlefans who ilonhlontak' 

again, as the letters wcrd not received. 




Sober and rellahlo Musicians and Actors for all lines; Agent that has had experience with tent shims. 
Show opens at Birmingham, Ala., April I, Address LEWIS riIlI8W0LI),aed«va. Ohio. 



DeRue Bros.' Ideal Minstrelis 

WANTED-Slngers, Dancers, Vaiidevllllan*, Unslcluns, B. and u„ for prestnl engagement and 
next season. reward If thin show ever missed a salary day. Reference, Western havlngj Fund 
society. Philadelphia, Pa.: Second National Bank. Coopnrstown, N. Y.j Fltst National llauk, tianltier, 
Mass. Addreu l>K Itt'F. BROS,, llelvldero, N. J., Feb. 1 ; Juiicllon ';, lllghlnldge i; after that Locs liox 
No. 1, Frankfort, N. Y, P. S.— Harry Daniels, write. 

' ——— — i nggj i t — »— 



Full particulars llret letter. Send lato photo, lowest salary. Pay own. Must Join at Uhaiupalrn, III., 
for rehearsal Jan. ». IF fDO DRINK, HOST write. Address OKO. U. lintv AIlu, 

Jan. 2) and week, Marlon, III.; Feb. 6 and wock, Wnbash. Iml. 










aodontaldef That the BAL Profeislonal Trunk Is the 
llgbtest and strongest trunk on canti? NendforCsu- 
K sue "0." UO W. 4CU> St., >', J. 











Advertisements— $2.80 per Incb, slpgle col- 

limit V '••■"'■''''- 

Advertisements set with border, 10 per 

cci»*f. extra. 
" ?* .ill.BBCRIPTIOR. 

One year Id advance, 94;. six months,, $2 ; 
three 'months, ;'l L foreign postage extra. 
single copies will be sept, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cents. "' 

Our Term* ore Cnuli 



Western lliirenn 
or Hie Jte%v York Clipper, 
Itopm tiVi Astlilnml Iliiick, t'htcaso. 
tfie Colonial Theatre Is dark till* Week, 
l<> iiilrnlt of the iin.'il rehearsal* of Klaw A 
lirlungcr's production of "The Prince of 
India," which receive* It* premier Monday, 
Fob. Ii. 8ui)«T 'opcojnijs Include: Henry 

.'"at tec 
I* Back.' 

Howauu Tlirunn (AI. 0. Fbjnrnoy, man- 
nger).— As la the rase: every .week. a high 
r&M vaudeville hill w II be £«•*■"£/?& 
RdtUnew Is good nl ,hl " Playnousc, and tne 
programme* exceptionally strong. 

"15*55 m» Uv^-i*»..***s3i 

manager).— In the- carlo on I the usual 
change will occur, and the weekly vaudeville 
bill will likewise bo changed. __„ — 

CLAIIK STnEET Ml.'HEt'M (Louis M. Hodge*, 
uuinnEcr) — At this museum, the homy- 
wSEEu qonlhmc as the chief attraction. 
It la clnimed that ««rtrndcjnrtc and Clin n- 
cey MoretMiu; the two on view, together 
weigh 1.3.">0 pounds „ 

Aftkbmath.— During the run of riic 
-Prince of indlft" there w II be no Sunday 
performnnco.* Jit the 'Colonial Theatre. ..... 

*lr W wild that Morn Zabelle will play one 
if "he title rules In "The three Druces.* 
Whleh will bb flic next liomo-nroducllou aj 
the -Chicago Or>orn House. The other two 
will he Blanche Itlng ami Mabel Barrlson. 
W1 ." .The Chicago Chapter of the Actors- 
Church Alliance held a well attended, meet- 
ing "Tuesday. Jan. 23. Among other nun - 
hit*' on the programme were a talk by P. J. 
ffigrniwl. M.S.. D.D.8.. ou "The Dranin: Its 

■ "iience." Bates anil Ernest 

>, Bureau cullers Friday, and 

_ . . fourth and last week, ami Is still inlaying to ' . Hlooinlngton, 111., nest week, for 

TUB CLIPPER la IsBued every Wednesday good business. "The Lion and the Mouse" j™' $'£J C1 .„ vaudeville Manatees' Awochv 


J'.. Plxev, In "foe 'Man c»n tboHox 
finrrlck : May lrwln;'lrr".iirs;' Black is use 
at McVlcker's, nnd the Four Morions, In 
"Breaking Into Society." nt |he Great North- 
cfb. Monnny night, ao,br|»gs "Babes <" 
roP v 'at tbo"ornml Opera 

-Grjin-I Opera House, and 
JXUShoMlim" nt: die Stud/foikcr. 
.•JtUirdls TnEATliE (Win ,T.:Davls, mana- 
ger ).U.E4na "May, hi "The Catch of the Sea- 
son." 'pljireu. lo capacity business all last 
week. -ami for tills, her closing week, Indi- 
cations point io a continuance of big pat- 
ronage. Lulu Glaser, In "Miss Dolly Dol- 
lar*","; follows. 
' l\ 

. oWERk' TlIBATJM ( llnrry J. Powers, man- 
ager).— .fonepii Whcelock Jr.. In George Adea "JB™ "• " '• ) ' 11 , flll( . r , 
.-omedy lilt, ".lust tlut «f Cdb-gc," la n hla „'".' al c/^.,.,,, I," 
f»..-.v.' ii.- -i, ....i i„ ami .,i„r n» t<> nerc li.iiimi •'" 

morning. The last four '(advertising) poges 
(JO TO rRESB on Saturday at 11 a. »i., and 
the other pages on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 
Tb« iforihs Closing; Promptly, Ttt«s- 
•la > , n t 10 o'clock A. M. 
I'lesiie remit by express, money order, check, 
P. O, order or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed with letter Is at the risk of sender. 
Address All Communication* to 

4T West 28tb Street, New York. 
JfCHlsfcred Cnple Adtlrcst, "Authomti." 


of TfJB (.'LiHi'fin ft located ut Hooto 504, 
Aefala'dd Block, Chicago, William V. Bryan, 
manuger and correspondent, where ndvertlte- 
inenti and ' subscriptions nrc recclrcd at our 

regular rates. 


Located nt 4^ Cranbourne at., London, W. C, 
John U. Carney, manager and 'correspondent, 
where advertisements and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rales. 

Tun Cui-run can ub obtained, whole- 
KAI.K anji iieiaii., nt our agents, Brcntano's 
news depot, a7 Avenue dt: I'Opora, rnrls, 
Trance i M. Mlicnlhal, Frederick Straise 
101 (Terminus Hotel), Berlin. N. W., Oei- 
many ; Diamond News Co., 07 Prado, Ha- 
vana; Manila Book nnd Stationery Co., 12S 
Kscoltn, Manila, P. Li Albert & Bon, 137- 
lSU'KIng St., Sydney, Australia. 

TllB NEW "YOIUC CLIPPER publishes 
mily one rdltlon, nnd (lint Is dated 
froin \ c ot "York. ^^^^^ 


No Replies 1» Slntl or Tcleirrniih. 
AnniiESBES on witenBAiioiiTS not oivbn, 


CMITEIt Post Okkicb. Am, i.tTTEna wili. 



\V. X «'., Allegheny. — M'o have no knowl- 
edge of the presenl wlierenliouis of the jinny. 
Aililn'SK a loiter In our cure, and wo will ad- 
verting It In Tun Ci.iri-KK letter list. 

Mihk L. M. V„ Pittsburg, 

c. P IV. Co., Scratuou, 

11. »., Detroit. 

Misa J. T, Plilladelphhi, 

Man. W. I.. II.. Sluscutluc, 

J. V. (»., Ilostuu, 

Mkh. B. 0.. Newark. 

II. W. A., Uostuu, and 

M. f. S., St. I.ouls. — See answer to W N. 
t'., Allegheny 

A. 1,:, Clillnmlitin.— l)e Wolf llopiwr van 
.beat answer your i|iiealluti. 

I-:. S., Oxford.— Addreas Rlrbanl Goldei, 
In cure «f Henry W. Savage, 144 WoBt Kotly- 
tblrd Street; Now York Clly. 

•K. MeD.. ProvldclMJC.— -The Slesars. Shu- 
bert alono cnu answer your question. 

J, E., Spriuciitld.— M'nteh otir route list 
i-ueh'vooTf; ' : . . '. 

■V In. 'S3.. Toroulo. — Address the Norrla Sc 
Itowe Circus, at Its Winter ijuavters, San 
.Iohc. Cal. ... 

W. J. S.. Phlliuleliihlo.-— Address the En- 
lerprlie Music Supply t'oiupany, 10 West 
Tweutr-elglilh Stve"f, r New Ydtk City. 

O. T., Kew Yorlt.— A. llavstn. 1H8 Bast 
l-'uurt eolith Street, New York City. 

\V. (1. 11., Saratoga Springs.— 1. Any irood 
curpentcv. U. Wo bavo no means of knuwlnp. 
;i. it is patented anil can 1 not 'be used •with- 
out neruilusloli of the owner. 

\V. J. St., New York. — We have 
of knowing. 
!.:i>.. •Jlai 

V.: J».. 't 


no menus 

ilYiuliattmi.++-*Vutuh our route list. 
BMC lloslun. — I. PerKoBiil -applica- 
tion Ih bem. '2. \Ye do not know. 
■ J. D., 8t. Louis. — Watch Duf route list. 

N. \'., VI rUcu.— Address Charles Krohmnu, 
ICmnlre Tlicatre, New York City. 

li N. I'V- Montreal. — Vlnln Allen wns a 
uiuuiber of Charles Krohtaan's Kiuplro The- 
aire Stock- the lime you mention. C. Webb City.— There Ib no prefer- 
ence ; either title will do. . __. . _, 

It. B. H., Chicago.— Address Dlek ft TO* 
cernld. li Ann Street. New York City. 

K tl, C.T Kansas Clly.— Without reeoin. 
nieiiilliig linv school In particular, we refer 
miii to H. Sin-geiil. care of the Km- 
iilre Tlicaira Iliilldlng, New York City. 

A. ». 0.. Brooklyn.— •Address T. II. YMu- 
neil, lit'-' Broadway. New York City. 

I,. A. W.. Perrysburg.— The letter lias not 
bpen elnlmert. 

KJtftH N. Em Evausvlllc— Walcli our roulo 
list, SC address linrtv In cure of Titu CUP- 
l'Eii, and we will udvortlso It In our letter 

AV. C. It., Chicago.— t. it Is all according 
li I ho airaagetueuta mado with the printer. 
2. Yck. 

A. It., Ilaltlmoi-c. — Address Churles K. 
Illaiicc. nroudwuy Theatru Building, ^civ 
York City. 

(1. V., Xow York.— He does not havo to 
tti lie another trlclt befotH; claiming oul. H. 

"Smith." Hoston. — A Wins with high. 
If. X T.. Milwaukee. — The deal must staud 
artecllio trump la tamed up by tho dealer. 
(i. if. C, CoxHiickle.— H'h baud must bo 

I curds. 
w tip : 
ur when Ids partner ordera up or makes n 
l rump;" A. hnd the right to "go It nlonc." 


It, nnd O'N.. Cnvo. — Aildrecs Jiisepli Thnm. 
care TIimiu'b White Elephant Howling Alleys. 
Hronilwnv nml Thirty- II rat Streel. New York 

♦ »» — 

l.aiiis II. t.'AUY, inaniigor of the Sotiivn (S. 
C v i Opera House, lms nlrci 
book tor next season. 

Hf announced to follow. 

McVlcKEn'H Tiieatiie (ticorgo C Warrci, 
uianagen.— Wllfijn Lackuye closed Saturday 
night, Jan. 27. n'very successful three weeks' 
engaEcmrnt. May 1 rwln 'began Sunday even- 
ing, 2S, ri two we.'ks' cugagetnent, presenting 
".Mis. Hlack Is Unck " . , 

DaUMtlli TltEATnB (Cleorgc W. I^derer, 
initnager) .— Mclntyre nnd ' Heath, In "Tho 
Ham Tree," eloscd 27, a prosperous tour 
weeks' run. Tbo house Is dark this week to 
allow of final preparations for the production 
of "The Prince ot India," Monday; l'eb. ft. 

Chicago OKU House (Lymnn B.01over, 
manager for Kohl A Castlo).-^-"lIl« Honor, 
the Mnvor," bus only two more weeks of bis 
term of entertainment. At the conclusion of 
the ran "Cdmlng Thro' the Kye" Wlll'bc pre- 
sented for A short season. 
' Gauwck Theatre (Sam P. Gerspn, mana- 
ger).— Percy Hnswell und ltobcrt Haines, sup- 
Forled by a fpeclnl company, which Includes 
icsMe Preston, scored heavily for one week. 
In Belnsco's production of •■The Darling of 
(he Ooils." Henry K. Dlxey commenced a 
fonr weeks' run In "The Man On ; the Box," 
Sunday, ^8. , „ 

'BftJliEn.iKEH TiiCATitB (It. E. Harmeycr. 
ninhngcr).'— Jeas Untidy. In "The Prince of 
Pltn'cn," ended a successful three weeks' en- 
gagement ut tills theatre Saturday, 27. "Tho 
Sho-tiuu" returns Monday, Jan. ii n - 

On.iND Ol'EK.v House (Harry Aakln, tnan- 
nger). — Tlnl Mnrpby had a very successful 
week la n revival of tils old biiccckb, -"A 
Texas Steer." "Babes In Toylond" returned 
Sundnv, "8. 

LA Sai.i.e Thkathh (M. H. Singer, mana- 
ger). — "The Umpire" Is proving one of the 
most successful productions ever niacin at 
this house. Cecil Lean and Florence Hol- 
brook are gaining In popularity nil the time. 
Olympic Tnr.ATiiE (Abo Jacobs, manager 
for Kohl & Castle). — BUI for week commenc- 
ing Monday mat luce, 20 : John T. Kelly, tho 
Four Bolses. World nnd Kingston, Marco 
Twins, 1)1 xon and Anger. Arthur Heroine, 
I,cs AllbertK. O'Kourke and Burnetto Irlo, 
l.'ei-Kiiaon and Pnssmore, John Zlmmer. Ken- 
voii and Dt: llnnr.o, Al. -Wlilte. BchbIc Craw- 
ford, Cope the Olen't, and the "klnodrome. 
Last week's bill attracted big business. 

Majestic Tiieatuh (C. K. Draper, mnna- 
i.-r for Kohl & 'CnstlcL— Bill for week com- 
' aieni'lnjf Momlny liiiitlnee. 20: Kndctte Or- 
cbest'ra,. Hlght Snlvuggls, Trio Sclplo Argan- 
Innte, Kraiii! Bbcrt and company, T. .Nelson 
Downs, Mncart'S dogs and mnpks, Jack (Jard- 
ner, Vernon. I'etc Baker.. Hammond and For- 
rester, Mletl'a" dogs, Bomtlc Mule, Funny 
Klppy, Billy Dick, ond Siwhr's klnodrome. 
. llAVMAnitET TiiEATUB (,VV. W. Freemnu, 
innnngcr for Kolil & CnsHe).— Ulll for' week 
coiiimeiirliig Monday matinee, '.all: iNaVaJo 
(llrls. La- Belle Carmen TrOBBe, Illckcy anil 
Nelson, Ziskn and King, Stella Uk>. Musical 
Klelst. Klein nml t:ilfloii. Clara Hess, Mr. 
hiiil'Ml'S. lluilui'S. lllch and Harvey. Uordon 
l-'.ldrld, Hie Boots, b'lylng Bouuods, 'loby 
Mack, ami the klnodrome. 
•fJtr-AT 1 NoittilEii'N :T|I»atbb (bred C. 
Kberts, inaringei-). — Commencing Sunday, 28, 
the Four .Mortons, In "Breaking Into So- 
ciety." will be the uttrnctlon for two weeks. 
Besides the slurs the cast Includes: Joan 
Koiilnn, K P. (layer. Ford Sterling, Hurry 
llc'nru, John II. Smiley, Artliur I^e, Paul 
Train und Alice Maud Poole. Al. U-ach aud 
l)it> Thrcfc Itoaebuds, In "tllrls Will lie Girls, 
last week's' otTerlng. enjoyed good business. 

Uukii Thmi'u: 'I'iieatiie (Kllraliotli C. 
Schrolier, iiianagarl. — Beginning Monday, 
:*». "The Bunker's Daughter" will be the of- 
fering- Adelaide Kt'tm and George Allison 
wIM be In the cast. "Fancboa, the Cricket, 
did well laat week. Feb. B. "Fedora." 

Columbus Theatkb (Weber Bros., iuan- 
agers).— "A Son of Best,": Nat M. WIIIh' old 
vehicle, was produced here with a very ca- 
pable com pa ay. and played to good business. 
The BrotllcrK Byrne, In "Might Bells." will 
bo the attraction for one week, starting Sun- 
duv, 28. "The Woman In the Case" follows. 
Ai.u.uiliUA Tiieatuh (James II. Brown, 
manager).— Black. Patl I auditor Troubadours 
'began 'an engngOiiciit of a week atrthM 
liouso Sunduv. -'8. "Fust Life In New \ork 
closed i7. Barney (lllmorc, in "A Boeky 
Bond lo'Dulillu." follows. 
•■ Acawvmv Tiieatrk (Wm. Koach. muiiager). 
—The Byrne. Brothers, lu "Might Bells," last 
week. "Ilearls or Gold" this week. "March- 
ing Through (jcorgln" follows. 

llLJOl; TRtnU (Wm. Bonch. manager).— 
"The Burglar's Daughter" was here last 
week, to good houses. "Why Girls Leave 
Homo" this week, opening Sunday, "iracked 
Around the World" follows. 

New Masi.owe Thbathu (Marvin Bussell, 
manager) .-- "Bast Lynne" wiih Iho •bill l for 
tho weiik Of SL For Uie week of 28, "OTien 
We Were Twenty-one.' "SI Stebblus fob 

(.'HITKKlOX Tiieatbe (John B. Hogiin. man- 
ager).— "FlglitliiK' Knle."- the bill week of 
Jan. 21. proved * strong drawing cord. 
Barney Gliaure olTei's "A Boi:ky Moail in 
Hubllii" for wMk Ktartlng Sunday, 28. "Why 
Olrls Leave Home" follows.; ' . 
People's TBnMTBB (Joseph Pilgrim, raini- 
er), — -The Wife - ' was well played by, lb; 

ll„n Ucnernl Manager Martin Beck, of 

the i}n>benm circuit, sails for Lurope let>. 
10. to obtain nets for the \\ estern yaudevlile 

houses Walt M. Hyde, of Hyde and 

Heath, was a Cunt* Bureau caller Tnurs- 
dav. After pln\'ng Hie Iiouhcs of the Intcr- 
nii'tloiinl circuit the team will stnrt has- 
Lewis Uerrdc was a Ci.ri'i'ER Bureau ciillei 
Saturday. 27. . . .Dr. II. B. Ilucker was In Cul- 
l-ago Inar week Wenonn nnd Frnnk were 

Cl.ilTKlt Bureau cnllera Saturday. 27.. ■•• • 
Maude Rockwell, the California nightingale, 
who some'weeks ago opened nn engagement in 
vmideville In the central Northwest, Is meet- 
ing with great success everywhere. Miss 
Bockwell opens the Empire Theatre I- eh. .;. 
and will then begin an extended trip Las . 

II. B, Rice, manager of the Befcb 

AmnspAient t,o.. was a Ci.iPi'Eti llurcau caller 
Friday. He stales that the above named 
concern Is hard (it work making [preparations 
for the park season, which .will liegln early 

In tho Spring Harry Corson L lu irke 

closed on the Interstate circuit at Houston, 
and returned to Chicago Friday, Intending to 
remain n few days. He was Immediately 
cornlled. however, by Harry Armstrong, and 
pent as heatlllner to Winnipeg for two weeks, 
Btartlng Jan: 21» The Western Vaude- 
ville Managers' Association nrc now comfort- 
ably settled In the new otllces. which tnke up 
two complete floora of the Majestic Theatre 



lack Sutfr? Jo.' Mack. Harry Thorp. Emma 

ennedv FnTr the l'lott Is, Four Shannons. 

,S immell. Three Demacos. DTDe«"g 
frvncrT Gie-LiitHins. JraBeclB and Lewis, 
in,? i'nrker Wilkes nnd company. Boir</ol« 
«« mrr_Jnn.cs Thornton. llertog-Camaras 
sftters, ' Flske JlcDonough. llnynuja and 
FraExBo Simpsons. Carl In nnd 
Wo Dancing MlU'hclls. the "es«j,*»e|f» 
I'nniier Sirimdc and Welcome. Qrvllle Plf- 
SSr" Bend rlnof and LteBta Ott. oic ami 
jSfel (c-Charlea It, Sweet. Press WdrWge. 
MSltiwM nod Harr s, Smart and WILlamj 
S Ira Ion Opera Trio, Delmore ?nd 
Ice Hal Irio, Parker nnd Conrov Marlowe 
Plhhke ft rnd Tutlcn, Dora Pdlletier, nnd 
S umons nnd Gmn. :,-: ■»"<:• 8«m owata 
v.-lll jrlvc .. piano recital at Stelher Halh 
Monday afternoon, Jan. 2'J ••.... Bert >on 
Cllne iins r<"ilacecl Oejjr ^?£SLf m£& 

ii»H<niri." Lyman H. Howes moving 

nlctures will be exfilblted nt Tremont Tern- 

S lo week of Fob. 5 Manager V\ nlker, 

S VValker's Museum. Is In New York : C I ty 
bookln? • feature acts and Purchasing cos- 
tumes for bis burlesque companies. ..... • 

J L Seeley will retire from the Lmplrc 
Mock C« on Feb. 3. us. he has occepted a 

,art in Paul Armstr-ing's "Blnegrsss. 


fhc lip* o' Desire," a romantic grand 

People's Slock Co. work of 22. "A Midnight 
Bell" will be the bill week starting' Monday, 
58. Lem B. lMrker's Intent effort, "Thorns 
and. Orange Blossoms," will bo produced for 
the lirst lliuo on any stngo ut this house. 
Feb. 0. 

'Folly Tiikatiik (John A. Fennessy. man- 
nghft. — Itelllv ft Wocsl'a Big Show, with J/co 
Pindello as ii special attrlicllon. week of 21. 
enjoved big business. Beginning with the 
Snnditv maUncc, Jan. 28, Miss New York Jr. 

(!. It. I., coxsucKie. — iih niuiii uiusi 
tilled before any other iilajer lecelyes cu 

.1. a:. Phiolbmitl.— The rule Is : "In en 
ii plnver may. piny alono when he ortlerir 

Co. will ho the bill. 

TlloeADfcjto Tlfluna (Harry II. Hedges, 
manager). — The High Boilers was the bill 
week of St. and packed this house for o Very 
show. Fred Irwin's Big Show will he the 
ntlracllon week commencing matinee of as. 

Elsus'h Tin: at hi: (Sid J. Kusou, maun- 

fser). — • The week's entertainment at this 
louse, starling Sunday at'tei-uoou. 28. will be 
n mixture of butlosutie and .y'»udevlj|e. La 
ltello Atlanta, who was the feature number 
i,r the laat week's card, will hold over, and 
will liend the variety olio. Others lu the 
bill will be: llaader-Lavellc Trio, 'cyfllata: 
Wallace and Benclv grotesque coined Inns, and 
iefetB.1 ofber specialties. Two musical farces 
v.-lll ne staged — "A Center Bush" and "An 
Indian row-Wow." 

Inter nat to sal Tiuutri: (Al. O. Klournoy. 
iiiniinger).— Itegiiin)ilg Mondny, 2l», tlilHbmise 

ready coinincneeil lo 

will have an its principal nl traction John I, 
KitlllcMti. Many specialties of n; 
Mm bill. Including Fvtihs and ,C> 

BohIoii At Hie Park (Chits. Frohiuan, 

Blth & Harris, managers) Dlgby Bell. In 
■ Tlie ■i-iducatloii of Mr. Plpp." Jan. a'.i-beb. 
IK. Wm. (illlctte. In "Clnrice. closed a 
prosperous week's engagement. 

Boston (Lnwrenee McCnrty. manager).— 
"Ilnhcs In the Wood," opening Jnn. 20, for 
a limited cngngcmenl. During the past fort- 
night Sarah Bernhardt played to crowded 
houses. ..... , 

Colonial ((.'has. Fiohmnn, Bleb ft Harris, 
managers). — Viola Allen, in "The Toast of 
the Town," is now In the second and llnal 
week or her engagement. Business has been 
excellent. K. £ Wlllard follows Feb. S. 

Tiiejuint (Jno. B. ScboelTol, innnngcr). — 
This Is the third and last week of the pros- 
perous engagement, of Marie Cnhill, In 
"Mollv Moonshine." Next week, the First 
Corps of Cadets will present tbclr new comic 
opern. "Miss Pocahontas." 

Majestic (Stnlr & Wilbur, managers). — 
"Wonderland"' remains another week. The 
Boston Chapter. Knights of Columbus, next 
week, presenting "The Isle of Dreams," a 
musical extrnvngnnxu. 

Hollis Stiieet (Isaac B. Rich, manager). 
— vVeronhiue' - was a iiotent drawing card 
here Inst week, and will be continued I be 
hvsi Ave nfternoous of this week. William 
Clllette, In "Clarke." will hold Ihe stage 
evenings und Kntnrddv afternoon. Maxlnc 
Kllloll. In "Her Great Match," o-10. (Stair & Wilbur, raiinugers). — John 
Ford p.utl Mnvme (lebrue, In •'Uivera and 
Liinnllcu." Jan. 2il-F«;b. :i. following :t week 
of prosiK-rltv for George liviins. In "i'he itun- 
nwav*" Next week, h'lske O'llnra. 

GRAMi Opeiia House (Geo. W. Magee. man- 
ager). — 'Happy Hooligan's Trip Around the 
World" tills week. Last week "Child Slaves 
of Now York" attracted big houses. Next 
W'H?k, "The Volunteer Organist." 

F.iirim: (I.lnflsuv Morlson, miinuger). — 
'•Tin' Utile M'nlrter" Is the lOmnlrc Stock 
Co. bill for week. Howell Hansel and 
Mary Hall will play the lends. "Sliennn- 
doali" wns ins. week's play, and the house 
wus sold uul. "Fedora next week. 

CAStle Squaiib (Boston Stngo Society, 
muungers). — The stock company this week, 
In "Alabama." "Mine. Suns-Gene." with Lil- 
lian 'Keiuble, held lirolltitble iitienllon lust 
Vfcek. "Tho Prouil Prince" next week. 

Bowiwin Squaiib (G. H. l.othrop. mana- 
p>r): — X. S. Wood heads the l.othrop stock 
forces this week, lu "Orphans of New Y'ork." 
Riiri-eodltig a week of financial prosperity for 
"Lost In a Big City." In prepurallou, "Slaves 
of the Mllic." 

Keith's (B. F. Keith, mnnngcr). — Theresc 
Hens and her horses, and Auguste Van Bletie. 
in 'cello selections, arc heavy typed acts In 
tail week's bill. Others: Kaufman Troupe, 
Howard and North, Gallagher nnd Barrett. 
Wlltoa Bros.. Norton and Nicholson. Carroll 
.Johnson. Violet Dale, La Vine and Leonard, 
Eddie Mark, Murphy nod Andrews, McGrnlh 
Brothers, and new motion pictures. 

Howauu (Carl D. l.othrop. business man- 
ager). — "Battling" Nelson tops a line pro- 
gramme this week. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mur- 
phy. Brown, Harris and Brown, George II. 
Wood, Milt ' Wood. Kennedy and Wlbbc, 
ii..i)i..\- ftU'ers. the I'lcrmonts, George K. 
AVhnlcn, Mlko Scott, the Howardncone, and 
i ne Howard burlesqucrs, In "A Ten Strike," 
round oul Iho bill. 

Palace (C. II. Wuldrou. manager). — ltlco 
A llprtou's Big Gaiety Co., headed by Charles 
Burton, tills week. 1-aist week the Bentz- 
Sonllcy Co. was much In evidence, 

Coi.i-miiia (llnrry X. Farreu, iiiniinger). — 
Tlie Colonial Betles this week. Business con- 
tinued al ton notch last week, wllb the New 
Century Girls. (G. II. Bnlcheller, roannger). — 
The Blue Ribbon Girls and Hyde's Come- 
dians this week. The Gay Masnuorudcrs 
prospered luBt week. 

Austin £ Stone's Museum (A. B. While, 
manager). — Curb hall features second nnd 
l.M:i I week: Bajronry Traupc of TurklKh 
nthlclcs. La Belle M-.lfle and Ln Belle Freda, 
nnd the Oriental dancers; Herr ISIIt, the Il- 
lusionist': Jennie Lo Boy, t eiunle gynuiiist . 
Tlll's marionettes. Trixle and her pythons, 
and Ben llur. the monster snake, lu the 
theatre: Powell's Minstrel Maids, specialties 
bv Pearl Irving, rsrnce Fit zgernld. Grade Ma- 
relle. Campbell Sisters, Eva Walker. Irene 
Young, Merlam Martell, Marguerite Wugner. 
Harry Powell, Charley Clark. Hurry", Green, 
and McDnde and Welcome, llnrry Stone, the 
Bnrkes tho Three Pe Gre.ius, and Iji Clair 
and West. Business is great. 

Walker's Museum (L. B. Walker, mana- 
ger >.— rThc Mutzonls. experts with liaudcuffs, 
are lending curio hall features week of Jan. 
2SI. Other cards are : Perrlno's trick dog. 
Mile. Nnvn, lire epieen. nnd Kollo. Iho ex- 
pansionist. Ou ihe stage: Nellie. Hartford's 
French (ilrls Iturlesnaers. Olio — Man la nnd 
.Dovle, the Deitlfios. Lewis nnd Howard, 
Dollle Clifford. Bluiiehe Lorlug. Kllicl llenlh 

n. in one net. by Frederick S. Converse 
tekt bv ■ George K. Barton; will be produced 
lit Jordan Hall on Wednesday evening, Jnn. 

Fall Rlver^-At the Academy of Music 
(Cnhn ft Grant, managers) the BWWWIg 
Monlton Co.. Jan. 22-27 «"Pt„T r / ha Wo g „ ° n 
huslness. Blanche Walsh, In ' The. "?.?*" 
in 'the Case." 17. pleased. Tie Jail H'^er 
Choml Society 30; "Human Heart." Feb. 
2, S. "As Ye Sow" 5-10. 
'Sheedv's (C. E. Cook, manager) -Week 
of 22, business was excellent. Week of .1 . 
Bice and Prcvost. Mr. and Mrs. Jlmmle 
Barry, Three Sisters Heraog-Camnras. <leo. 
WJIsoD. Carlisle's pnlcs, the Myrsphone 
Jack Mason and Five Society Belles, and 

° P SATOx e '(AI. Haynes. manager) .-The nsual 
strong bill drew capacity last week. W eek 
of a9: Kltabanzni Jnps, Gardner and Vin- 
cent George W. Monroe. Klein. Ott Bros, 
and Nicholson, Zena Kclfe. Hy. (Jreenway, 
Phil nnd Nettle Peters, and klnctograph. 

Boston (Chas. Schlesslngcr, manager).— 
Week of 29 : Larkln nnd Daly, Liigenc Em- 
tnett, Qulnlnii nnd Howard, Martin ana 
Doyle. Bustouscope, and burlesque. Business 

eS Nic"tCKLom:oN (M. T. O'Brien, mnnager);— 
Business last week was good. \Y eek or -.1 . 
The Carters. Cole and Clemons, KatneriBC 
Potter. Al. Burke. Franklc Heath, Aer \alln 
nnd Robertson, and optlsrope. „,,„i„„ 

Notes.— Raymond Z. Bond, of (he Plielnn 
Stock Co., was" married to Mary Louise Harr 
(nou-professlonal). of Ibis city, Jan ... at 
the Church »t tlie Ascension, by the Rev. 

Herbert F.. Covell Shean nnd Warren. 

Inst week at ihe Savoy, were obliged to close 
23. on account, of Mr. Shenn's HI health, and 
left for New York 24. 

s of merit cniiUilctc 
s aud ,1'i'ons. Boy 
Bnviuund, Klein aud Klelu, and others. 

Lena Andrews. Ethel Rogers," Pearl Be Vnv. 
'Ilnael Wesl anil Mollle O'Kourke. Buslncs 
l-ontlniles rxcellent. 
,N'n;KtLiiiiLo.s (C. L. Cherry, luanugeri.- 

Woreeater.— At the Worcester f Jas. 1-. 
Itork,' resident manager), week of Jan. an. 
"(jnincv Adams Sawyer."' E. S. V Ilbird. .-- 
2-t, drew excellent patronage. "Al i Ye Sow, 
25-27. came to <'ood business. Viola Allen 
Feb. 8, Dan Sully 1». _ _ . ~ . 

Fiunklin Squahk (J. F. Burke, resident 
niannger). — Week of 211, except evening of 31. 
Malcolm Williams and his stock;' In "Cor- 
mcu." IjisI week the company produced 
'Sowing the Wind" In a very pleasing nnd 
artistic manner. Week of Feb. 5. the com- 
iia'nv. In "The Girl I Left Behind Me." Even- 
ing 'of ill. Snrah ilernhnrdt, In "Camlllc." 

Pauk t'Alf. T. Wilton, manager).— Week 
of 2P: liltlnge. of Boston Cadet fame; W. 
II. Murphy und Blnnclie Nichols. Brockinnn, 
Muck and Belmont. Rcata Wlnlleld, Brooks 
Bros., l.ugl PIcaroTrlo, Zlugarl Trio, and the 

Poi.i'h (Clins. W. Fonda, resident mnna- 
cer).— Weew of 29: McWaltcrs-Tyson Co., 
Marv Biqioiit nnd company. Camllle Comedy 
Three, Noff and Miller. Italian Three, Do 
Koch Trio, tlorman and West and the dec- 

Palace.— Week of 29 : Mnrtln and Ridge- 
wiiv, Ward and tloodmnn, Perry und Rnn- 
(lul'l. Orla Vnlvnre,' BUI Hardlgg, wrestling 
on Wednesday und Thursday nights, und the 
burlesque, "Connubial Felicity. 

Note. — The recent rumor that the Park 
Theatre management would chnuge the policy 
of the house from vaudeville to bnriesqUe 
is absolutely denied by the Keith Interests. 

■ — ^ 

Lowell.— -At the Lowell Opera House (Fay 
Bros. ji-Hosford. managers) Inst week the 
Severln Dc Deyn Co. continued with "The 
Open Gate." BUI this wwk : Severln De 
Deyn Co., lu "A Terrible Tragedy:'' Char- 
iot t.i. silnlon nnd Morton, Reno and ItlCli- 
ards. the Mngnunl Family. Three Madcaps, 
Leo Cnrlllo. nnd the klactogniph. 

Academy or Music (Richard F. Murphy, 
mnnager). — The Academy of Music Stock Co., 
In "Darkest Russia,"' did good business. 
Evelyn Vaughn. Hie leading lady, continues 
to win friends by her clever work. The new 
players Include: David Newton, George Whll- 
comb, f'ris Baylev nnd Uelllnh Bryant. Cur- 
rent. "Northern Lights," with Alexander Von 
Mltzel, the new lending man, and Evelyn 
Vaughn, In the prominent roles. 

II.\tii.\way"s IK. G. Mack, resident mnna- 
ger). — Current : Blnns and Blunn. Billy Vim. 
Violet Black nnd Company, Delmore nnd 
Leo, Dresden Stntueltes. Hayinan and Frank- 
lyn. "Chalk" Saunders and the vllagruph. 

Boston (J. II. Tcbbetts. manager). — 
The sloek compnuy, "The Country Store" and 
Boston bioscope are permanent drawing cards. 
For 2!) and week : Arto and Deluiay. the 
Thompsons. Iva Domicile and pli-knnluny, 
Tina IJnvlu. McKccvcr nnd Sundry nnd the 
Boston bioscope. 

Peoci.i'.'k (II. A. Woodward, manager). — 
We»k of 29: Delhi Noel. Kittle Dc Ormnnd, 
■leiinlr llownrd. Maud ''aimer. Bessie Doyle, 
Felix Martin and Harry Woodwnrd. the blo- 
graph, nml the biirltsque wlll'bc "Here She 
Goes and There She Goes." 

Temple— The third recital of the Lowell 
Orchestral Society was given 28. to a largo 
nnd well pleased audience.' Kuill .1. BorjC:. 
director, Is deserving or much praise. Curl 
Barleben, violinist, and Edith Castle, con- 
tralto, assisted Euccessfullv. 

Anc.M'E (Geo. W. Carey, manager).— This 
popular place Is doing a nice business. 

Note.— Bob Conk, of Cook and Cook, has 
.lolnod Billy Xasmylh. They will do s block 
face net over the New England circuit 
Sew Bedford.— At tlie Sew Bedford The- 
atre (Wm. B. Cross, maungerl Frescelle eu rae 
to big 'business Jan. 2a-2u. Blanche Walsh. 
27. fared well. Cosgrove Slock Co. week of 

il.vrilAW.iVs (T. B. Bnvllcs. mnnager).— 
Record breaking huslucss, week of 22. Bill 
for at) nnd week : Dnjan and Lenharr, Omar 
Singh. Itnssow Midgets. Ilnrper. Desmond and 
1 alley. Harry relrer. the Trlllers. Kckol! nnd 
Gordon, und the vltacruph. 

Savov (D. R. Biiltlngton. mnnager).— Buf- 
KMWP . t<K ' k , c "' nreHcnleil "Sreret Service 
Ulek. lo good business, lust week. "Wealth 
and Poverty" ail nnd week. 

,„!!iVJ ,: i.~ J , ' r( 'J ccI " > - v]w '" « b 'ir lofnl 'n- 
TOi'ltc, had n banner week 1i"ie. and surprised 
Ills laiiiii irlends and lo'iil udinlrei-s with nil 
ofbis new noil clever work. ' F. W. Magbun, 

mnnager for Prescelle, Is a local boy, aui 
while here wns royally received. 

Sprtng-fieTd^-At tlnf 'Court Square (D. 
O. ' Gllmbre, mnnngcr) "George Washlngum 
Jr.," Jan. 24,- Was given Its lirst produetlou 
oh any stage. ' Geo. M. Cohan and Harry 
Montgomery made the lilts of the perform- 
ance, and Ethel I^vey. Eugene O'ltourke nnd 
Jerry Cohan also scored heavily. T-ho general 
opinion here Is that Mr. Cohan has innln- 
talned ln this work his winning gait In phiv- 
wrltlng, and the big audience present on the 
opening night laughed heartily nt the wlttv 
lines nnd clever features he has provided, l't 
Is full of action a d color, and the music, 
particularly one number, called "The Grand 
Old Rag," wis capital. Others In the sup- 
port not already mentioned were: Cleveland 
S'lcliolsou, John .Knuffman, Walter Olcott. 
Hefen K. t-oban. Truly Shnttuck. Ethel I«vev 
nnd a chorus of IWenty-uve. E. «. Wlllard 
25-a", "Mrs. LefBhgwelrs Boots" 2f>. 

New Gilmoi'.e |P. F: Shea &. Co., mana- 
gers).— "When the World Sleeps," 22 21. 
Stored a success. "Big Hearted Jim" 9-33, 
••At Plney Ridge" Feb. 1-3. 

PolPB (J. C. Crlddle, resident malinger.. 
—Bill week of Jan. 29: The Girl with tin- 
Bed Domino, Mnjor Doyle, Howard Truc-dell 
nnd company, Bailey slid Austin. Eight Sln-i- 
lands, Mitchell and Jlarron, Katbcrlne Duhl 
and electrogrnph. 

Nelson tl". V. Shea & Co., mauugors\— 
Fred Irwin's Majesties Increased their popu- 
larity a2-24. Business wus good. A \uudi-- 
vllle bill, consisting of Ellta Proctor Oils, 
Veraouo Jnrbeau. Ethel Fuller aud cacipanr. 
All aud 1-elser. Bertlnu and Broekway, John 
F Charke and Alexander filled In a.V.:;. 
New York Stars 29-31. Vaudeville, headi-l 
by Sadie Martlnot, Feb. 1-3 ; Golden Crook 

Notes. — Manager S. Z. Poll gave a benefit 
nt his theatre Sunday. Jan. 20. for the fani 
llles of the two llremen whose lives were 
lost In the Highland Baptist Church. Those 
who took port were : Musical Simpson, 
Busier Keaton, Major Doyle, the Village 
Choir, from ■• Way Down East:'' T. W. 
Eckert and Emma Berg, J. K. Murray and 
Clara I<nno. Mary Dupont and company. 
01 ton De Scheda, and Second Regiment Band. 

About $1,000 was cleared Tlie Kaglc-s 

held n ladles' night nt their rooms on Worth- 

Ington Street, Thursday, Jan. 25 Mr. 

and Mrs. Don Ulatt were at Poll's lust week, 
Instead of Gorman and West. 

Lynn. — At the Lynn (F. II. Ilnrri-o'., 
manager) the Adam GoOd Co. played in line 
business week of Jnn. a2. Blanche Walsh 
29. Flynn Stock Co. 30-Fcb. a, Myrkle-IIur- 
der Co. 5-10. 

Aciiitomum (Harry Katzes. manager 1.-- 
Blll this week : Matthews nnd Harris, the 
Golden Gate Quintette, Cogun and BuncroC, 
Carllu and Otto, the Four Avollos, Dora I'el- 
letler. Booker and Corbley, and the vllagraph 
pictures. Manager Katzes has just completed 
11 tine green room. 

Gem (Chas. W. Shcafe, manager).— Great 
houses. Bill this week : The Clifford*, lid- 
ward and Cbnrlotte Reeves. Orvllln Pitcher. 
May Itowe, Jumes Francis and Cora Roger... 
ami Shcafe's moving picture*. 

Salem TnEATiiE (G. II. Cheethnra. mana- 
ger). — The Huntley Stork Co. played to good 
business Inst week. This week, the Mvrkle- 
Ilnrder Co., except 30, when Blanche Walsh 
will lie here. 

Note. — Joseph Larcnux, a former aura 
manager of the Gem, Is lo be the sui»t!o- 
tecdeut of the Aero Club of America plant, 
at Pittsticld, Mass. 

Ilolyoke. — At the Opera House Ihe open- 
ing of vaudeville drew good sized audience-, 
nnd promises well. The bill for Jan. 22-21 
included : Elltn Proctor Otis, Wlllard New- 
ell and company, Metcalf, Paddock and Al 
Edwards, Alexander, Bertina and Bmckway. 
All and Pclser, John F. Clark, Sinnrt ami 
Williams, and Brothers Gillette. The bill .'or 
SMI : Veronn Jarbeau, Ethel Fuller aaJ 
,-™n».'y, Johnso" and Wells. D"r<eli and 
Bussell, Charles Duncan, Sisters Flood, l.n- 
luKa traiueu flogs and Koppe. 

Fi'pmH IT. F. Murray, manager 1. — '•The 
Danltes," 22-24, diew well. The Majestes. 
3B>Sia ciime to lull capacity. "In a Wouiaii :, 
Power" a9-.'!1, the New Y'ork Stars Feb. I-.:. 
"The Curse of Diiuk" 0-7, the White CruoU 

a ■ 

Lnivrciivc At Ihe Opera House (Grant 

& Cnhn. inunugers) the Roe Stork Co., Jan. 
22-27. had good business. Skepurd's mov- 
ing picture* pleased good houses 2S. J- !••■•- 
once Hamilton, lu "The Senators )Mfe, Jo. 
31: "Dumon nnd Pythias" (local) Feb. 1. 

Colonial (Al. Haynes, niauager).— Week 
of Jan. 29 : Hungarian Band, l.lbbcy nnd 
Truver. Rice and Elmer. Jus. J. Morion. Na- 
omi" Ethardo, Leila Taylor, Louise Monlrosc, 
and the kloutograpb. 

■ ■>♦» 


Philadelphia Lotal nudlciiccs will 

have their ;tlrst view, Jan. 29, of Jefferson 
IK' Angells, iu "Funtnnu ;" Geo. M. Cohan. 
In "George WnsblnitOn Jr.," und ltobcrt 
Edeson. In "Strongheart." . 

Lvitic (Messrs. Sliubcrt, manngcrs). — Jel- 
fersbn De Angells. In "Futrtuna," oisjns 2.'. 
for 11 run. l)urlng Ihe |»tst two week* 
Bertha Galland, in "Sweet Kitty Bellulrs. 
rcored 11 big lilt, and was sccu by big tuzcu 
audiences. . 

Gaiikick (Frank Howe Jr.. manager).— 
Robert Edeson. In "Strongheurl."' 29. for 
two weeks. Richard Mansfield ended 11 two 
week's stnv 27. the attendance being large. 1 Nixon & Zimmerman, niunagcrsi. 
— K. It. Sothera aud Julia Marlowe began 
their llilrd and last week 29, In "Tlie Mer; 
eluint of Venice" and "Romeo nnd Juliet. 
Tho two stars, in "Twelfth Night." lust week, 
were greeted by large nudieuces. Wm. 11. 
Crane Feb. 5-17. 

Ctmmnn Stiieet (Nixon k Zlmmerinnii. 
mnnngers). — George M. Coluin brings "George 
Washington Jr." 20-Feb. 10. Dlgby Bell, hi 
"The Education of Mr. Plpp," played 10 
prosperous business, „. 

Ciiest.nct BTtiEtrr Oi'EHA (Nixon * ««'• 
merman, managers). — Olgn Nclliersolo t» ■ 
gun her second and last week 29. opening 
with "Sapiia" "The Labyrinth" was seel 
by cowl sized houses 22-27. Lillian Bluu- 
veir Feb. 5-17. , 

Walnut (Frank Howe Jr., manager). - 
Rlchurd Cnrle, In "The Mayor of Tokfo. be- 
gins his second nnd last week 29. the show 
being received with much npprovul by S'™ 
sized houses the previous week. "His -Ma- 
jesty" follows. _. 

Paiik (F. 0. Nlxon-Nlrdllngcr. manager}. 
— " 'Wny Down East" 29-Feb. 10. Al. I- 
Wilson, In "The German Gypsy," delights 
big houses last week. „ , , fc 

' GiiANti Opeiia Holse (G. A. Wcgefarin. 
mnnngcr). — "Buster Brown" iO-Frb. J- •'"' 
tendance wn* big last week to wltui-ss J» n i',' 
O'Neill, in "Monte Crlsto." "His Last D' • 
lar" C-10. 

Cnnan Avenlt. (Miller & Kaufman, roaa- 
ngersi. — "King of the Onluni Blng" 29-1"- 
3. "Bon of Broken DowAvas well llkctl imd 
did nice business. "Uader Southern Skie* 

■National (J. M. Kelly, manager). — "Ty*";*. 
9* and week. "At the World's Mercy jag 
good patronage. "The House of Mystery •>• 

i'Eon.E'a tV. G. Nlxon-Nlrdllngcr. roann- 
ger).— Charles T. Aldrlch. In "Secret Serih' 
Sam," till* week. "A Rnce for Life dro* 
well. "No Mother to Guide Her" 5-10. 

Blanpt's Alien Street (M. b. **LZ 
singer, mnnager).— "More to Be Pilled I 
S<i.riied" 2li and week. 'The Flnuilng .)r- 
rnw" did prdH'iieroiHly. "The Slg" "' "" 
frmf ."-lo. ,, , 

. Hakt'k New T|ii:\thi: (John «"• ,.",' ir -' 
miiuagcr).— "When London Sleeps"' W*» "> 




. i„„ a week of good receipts lor Mamie 
SSaffiS •Xmen* 'Child Slave-, of New 

fork ll ' 1 ' ... iiinixa I, l.'iMfmitn tnnni- 



Kaufman, mnn.i- 

K' 1 ?.'. aiB« Warner will be seen. 08 Meg, 
f*L (jcSte Barbler will" enact Uncle Har- 
*; tU •■n*\vn ot> tho Suwanee River" was 
'"• JrEk week. "Dp Barry" 6-10. 
C'y'^n/nc (Darcy A SlW*. mariKKersl.— 
,. 9T ^T m , « Cabin, "t| tie stock, 2f)F*b. 
» lB «HeId I by the i Enemy* Was well acted and 
L g"od fines*. "Tracked Aroond tl?e 

^Bji t. Jordan, manager).— Bill 
K if nf V- H«W Bee. I.asky'8 Military 
Sine owttnn and White, Macarte Sister, 
£ r and V IMel Allen. Smith and Campbell. 
?,?,„ S lr%, Hedford and RteM«r, AWfcw- 
Jt nnd Ooli.!.. Cordon and UnsHngs, Itel- 
mt IWML, Minnie Harrison, Koln's dog, and 

,D ^l'KN?5 rS ^. EE T j OP«Ki llot,» B (Frank 
i,-™nnt manager).— The burlewiues, "Sorah 
i«;t Btt?n" and "Market Street Subway," 
I'rtwntfiSU for week or 29, In addition to 
E ,eg U iar first part. Patronage continue* 


Koenlg ft Ledorer, mana- 

* aers 21t- 

III Folly 

casino'- (Kilns. K-oenlg. ft LMcrer 
_,„, —The Transatlantic Bill-Iraqi 
Kfc7a with Chnrmlon. Tho Bose. II 
io nlnyed to capacity house.i, 

BUM (0. W. Rife, manager).— Fay Foster- 
rn week of 20. May Howard's Co. played to 
nmitnhle business, Cunning. Jail breaker, 
PffiyJiS drawing card. The Grass 

Wi i d ?r T rV?t"(X 0. Jennon, manager).— The 
r.i Vino Girls 29 and week. Rob Manchester's 
&ker Jacks were well received and did 
IS business. The Masqtieraders 5-10. 
Brocade™ (Fred Wilson. manajrer).-The 
qrar Show ««rl» SMeK St Big crowds wit- 
nessed the Dainty Parce Bwrleaqiieru. 

tiov Ton ( Lillian Tyson, manager).— 
Fanny Mclntyre has lieen added to the stock 
tone* appearing week of 2!). In "Comedy 
iiui Traced v." The vaudeville acts nre: Bar 
n?r Trio Mar Russell, Cnldero. Wilson nod 
ltlrh "*t ' F.lnio. Rending Sisters, the \ nlen- 
• Inr*. and Lawrence and West. 

\ixtif ani> Asctt Mi'skum (C. A. Brsden- 
i.nrifli malinger,.— The female hod' carriers 
. ,l,o ruMo hall week of 20. In addition to 
•.ik'* marionettes, Abbott Parker, Ned Bon- 
iett boim soloist ; Germnn Bose, musician; 
Caspar soap modeler, and John Thompson. 
hllnd checker cliamplou. In the theatre 
ire- f.eo. Steven*, Anger and llanley. Lillian 
Keeiev. Sharpley 1 .and Flynn, Milt, Sherman, 
Church and West, and Lnhln's cineograph. 

Xorrs.— Manager G. A. Wegefnrth. of the 
Ornnd Opera House, was badly shaken up. 
as a result of being; fJirown froin his carriage 

!,n .Tan 25. No bones were broken -. 

ilcnrgc W. Barblcr, lessee of the Eleventh 
Street Opera House. Is convalescing, after 
■ severe Illness. .. .The Metropolitan Opera 
Co. will sing "Don Giovanni," at the Acad- 
emy,oI Music, Jan. S O. 

Plltshnrir.— At the Nixon (Tim*. V. 
Kirk Jr.. manager) Lew Fields Jan. 20 and 
week. I.nhi Gluser played to capacity busi- 
ness last week. Illchnrd iMarisileld next week. 

Bekasco (Gea W. Snmtnls. manager.) — 
De Wolf Hopper, in 'Tla-ppylnnd," 20 and 
week. Last- week "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" 
did well. Thalia Theatre Co. Feb. 5-7, Sarah 
Bernhardt 10. 

AI.VIN (R. M. Giillck & Co., managers). — 
"The Sultnn of Sulu" 20 nnd week. Last 
week "The Isle of Spice" played to large 
business. 'The County Chairman" next 

Grand (Harry Davis, manager) .— Bill 
week- of 20 : Valerie Bergcre and company, 
Harrv Tate. Spook Minstrels, Crane Broth- 
ers. Plechlnnl Troupe. Katlicrlnc Bloodgood. 
Byers and Herman. Mabel Adams, Vnldeno 
Brothers, Httrrv Edson, Walter; Daniels, 
Mdritanl Sisters and fflc cinematograph. 

Buon (B. -M. Gullck ft. Co., managers).— 
"For His Brother's Crime" 20 and week. 
Last week "More to Be Pitied Than Scorned" 
Played to the usual large business. "In Old 
Kentucky" next. 

Gayetv. (Job. E. Orr. manager). — Robles 
Knickerbockers 20 and week, with Juck 
O'Brien. Last week Wine, Women and Soog 
Co. did well, and Frank D. Bryan and bis 
Liberty Girls were a big hit. The Cracker 
Jacks- next. 

ACADBMt of Music (H. H. Williams Jr., 
raanager')'.-^-The Tiger Lilies 20 and week. 
Last week the Washington' Society Girls 
plnred to capacity. The Utopians next. 

Kmtibe'. (ft. J, McCullough, manager). — 
"York State Folks" 2(1 and week. Last week 
Eugenie Blair did well. "Neighborly Neigh- 
bors" next. 

Twscott at plcased K rca "y- Virginia Drew 

Hutmsn ttuaenm ttxu. m. n. Jacobs 

rnannger) — "The Hm> tilrl." 22-2I. BkHH 
larg,> auJIences. mm "In a Woiuun'x Power" 
drew well SB, Jii. Peier V. Dnlley. ^T, 
So p J, ..T, ,h<! .? 0lla<; -. " A Crown of Tliorns-' 
20-31. "Big Hearted Jim," Feb. 1-3. Sarah 
Bernhardt G. 

Proctor's (Hownrd Graham, resident man- 
B 8* r J-— BUI Jan. 2!) and week : Asra, Dla* 
mpnd and Smith, Eleanor Falk, Coutoureand 
Gillette, Mr. and Mrs. Allison. Youngs and 
Brooks, A. O Duncan, and the Mllltnan Trio. 

Oaibtt (H. B. Nichols, manager).— The 
Oolden Crook Co. fnred well last week. 
Dainty Duchess Co. 20 dud week. 

Notts.— Oscar IVrtta, r.irmerlv assistant 
treasurer of th« Lmpire TliMiire. Is now 
treasurer ot "Llitle .i.,h, m v ,|..nes." on H* 

ioi)r ijimngh the \V>m 'I he Alhnmliru 

t»rrhe?ira gave Its luuiiuii Winter concert til 
Odd Fellows Hal], Thnrsdiiy,'18, nnd scored 
a great success. 


RocueMer.— At the Lyceum (M. E. 
WolfT. manager) "Little Johnnv Jones" had 
capacity Jan. 22. "The Tearl nnd Pnnin- 
Kln," 23-27. played to iRrgc and tboroughtv 
pleased audiences. "Mlzpnh" 2ft-.'ll, Herbert 
Kelcey nnd Kflle Shannon Feb. 2. ". 

National (Max Uurtig. manager).— "The 
Smart Set" drew big business 22-24. Johnny 
Ford and Maymc Gehrue enmc to good busi- 
ness 2.1-27. "The Volunteer Organist" . 20- 
31. "The Devil's Auction" Feb. 1-3. 

Cook Opem Housn (J. H. Moore, mana- 
ger;.— Bill week of 21) : The Great Lafayette, 
Frank Hindi, Piccolo Midgets, Splssel Bros, 
nnd Mack, Lc Hoy and Woodford, and kloeto- 

ItAKRn (J. II. Moore, manager). — The 
Moore Stock Co., in "Out ot the Fold." 
played to large and well plensed audiences 
week of 22. Bertram Lytell and Ida Adnlr 
did good work. For 2!) and week,, for the 
first time on any stage, n romantic comedy 
dra"ma, by Carl Herbert Fast (a local news- 
paper man), entitled "Her American Prince." 

Oon!NTHt.iN (ll. C. Jacobs, manager). — 
The Dnlnty Duchess Co. had tine returns 
week of 22. Clark's Runaway Girls Co. 20 
and week. 

Dm — Tho Sunday night "pops" have lost 
none ot their drawing power :it three of our 

was featured as the extra card with the 
I'toplans la«t week. New London Galeiv 
Girls Feb. 4. 

KTAxrumi (Charles 11. Arnold, manager). — 
Wine. Women nnd Song Co. Jim. 2X. .lack 
O'Brien was n great card last week, nnd the 
World Heaters gave a regular champion 
show. Koine's Knickerbocker Burlesuuers 
Feb. 4. 

Mi'Mc Ham*— Sarnh Bernhardt Feb. 13- 
17. Itaonl Pugno returned for a recital Jan. 
30. At the concerts of the Cincinnati Sym- 
phony Orchestra. Jan. 2(1, 27, Mine. Klrkby- 
Litnn was the soloist. 

Gossip or Tltfi LonnfcT. — Oscar ,1. Fhr- 
golfs production of "The Morkiiu; Bird" 
will he given nl the Aiidllorlum F"b. S. . . . 
Alio* May Mugley's iiiiplln will he m-imi hi a 
James Wlilloitiili lliley evi-i,llli{ ill Calile 
Hall The Odemi Stock »'». g"i li> Col- 
lege Hill Jan, :t0. (■> nut mi "The sierra 

ijold Mine" and "Tlie Reptor." I'mlii- 

the dlr-'iilon of Corn W. Illgiiiui the luusleiil 
drama, "ltel«ha7.inr'' was given by local 

talent, at Westwood Joe Stepban. of 

the Zoo. tvho Is touring F.nrope wltn Lnrenz 
Hagenbeck, son of the famed animal king, 
expects to visit Egypt and Morocco before 

he stnrt for home Laurel te Vim 

Vnrseveld and Dr. F. llneffer 
have Just completed a comedy. "Kid- 
napped by Belly." which will be given 

an early local production Alice de Fon- 

Icleve will make her Amerlenn dobnt In "The 
Clemenccuu Case," to be given by the Ger- 
man Theatre Co., at the Grand. Jan. 28 

Nellie Brennnn, a Cincinnati soprano. Is to 
make her local debut In Alma Hlbolla's com- 
ing recital Mary Elizabeth (Mazlo) 

lloman Is lo give a farewell concert nt the 

Grand, In Mrirvh, nnd then go to Berlin 

.Tan Knhelik's recital, at Music Hall, drew 

splendidly Felix Wo in ear titer and the 

New York Symphony Orchest 

Vtlon — At the Mnjestlc (Shnbert Bros., 
managers) Mrs. Flske packed the house Jan. 
22. Howe's pictures drew well 24. Arthur 
Itnbenstcln pleased n fair house 2.". "The 
Press Agent'" did big 2«i. "The Mummy and 
the Humming Bird" bad good business 27. 
"The Slreet Singer" an. 31. Lnwrenee D'Or- 
wy Feb. I, "Two Little Waifs" 2, "Uncle 
Tom's Cnbln" :i. 

Onriist'M (Wllmer & Vincent, mnuogers). 
— Business is good week of Jan. 20. Wln- 
ehermnn'c liears and monkeys, Patrice. J. It. 
Donovan And Itenq Arnold, Le t.'lalr and 
Hardt, Polk, Collins and the Carmen Sisters; 
Larkla arid Patterson, Luti Bros., nnd the 

Dbwks Music Ham. (David Barry, mana- 
ger). — This week- lloblnson Sisters, John 
Fay, Leonard and Dougherty. Boefert and 
May; Flo Wlllinms, Edward Russell, Marie 
Leonard, and Jessie Geager. 

■ ' 

Tjroy. — At Proctor's (\V. II. Gritbiim. 
resident mnnngeri. bill for week of .inn.. 20: 
Kitty Traney and Iter clmis novelties.. Hack- 
er-Lester Trio, Rdnn I.itby. .Mr. and Mrs. Dan 
Hlatt, Bice Brothers, Dick Lynch, and Tom 
Natvn Co. 

RaSVs OrEnA Bnm til. T. Thompson, 
resident manager). — "The Two Sisters" hud 
a good house 22. Virginia Drew Trescott 30. 

Itnv.u. (II. H. Keller, manager,. — The New 
York Stain drew laree bouses last week. 
Golden Crook Co. 20 and week. 

Iliirrlnlmrn. — At the Lyceum Theatre 
(M. Bels, manager) Lillian Biauvclt, In "The 
Rose of the Albambra." .Tan. 31 : Richard 
Mansfield. In "Beau Brnmmell." Feb. 1 : the 
Jeffersons, In "The Rivals," 2 i James O'Nell, 
In "Monte Crlsto," 3. 

Opera Iloisr; (M. Itels, mnnnger). — "No 
Mother to Guide Her" did well Jan. 22-2-1. 
'Too Proud to Beg" had good houses 2.V27. 
Ilintmclelu's Ideals 20 and week. 

Kara. — "Girl of the Streets" did well at 

Mlddletown. Pa.. 25 W. Morrow Talt 

has been engaged to put on a benefit for a 

local athletic association The Dramatic 

Society of the High School decided that In 
the future the association shall be known as 
the Lyric Dramatic Society. 

■ a ■■■ 

Lnnonnter. — At the Fultori Opera Honse 
(Chas. A. YccKcr, mnnaRer) ton Internation- 
al Stock Co. did well Jan. 22-27. Shepnrd's 
moving pictures 20. 30, James O'Nell, In 
"Monte Crlato," Feb. 1; "Tho Heart of Chi- 
cago" 2, 

Familt (Kd, Moanrt, mnnager). — Current 
attractions include: Matsumoto's Japs, 
Freeze Brothers, Powers and Theobald, Fltz- 
gernid and Trainer, Don Harold Rosenthal, 
Deuionio and Bel! and moving pictures. 

Note. — Manager Mozart has added houses 

at Klmlrn, N. Y. ; Cnrboitdalc nnd Erie. Pa., 

and Youpgstowii, O., to hla circuit These 

were formerly on the M. llela circuit. 

♦ « » 


UnrTiilo. — At the Lyceum (J. Lauglilln, 
manager) Bertha- Galland, In' "Sweet Kitty 
BdlUrsr week ot Jan. 20. Vaughan Glaser 
next week. Paula Edwnrdes, In "Princess 
Beggar," had a fairly successful run. 

Star IP, C. Cornell, manager). — "Tho 
Pearl and the Pumpkin" this week. "The 
Isle of Bong Bong" nc»t week. Wm. Collier 
met with fair returns, and "The County 
Chairman" repeated Its original success here, 
last week. ' 

SnEA's.— Bill -week of 29 : Edna Aug, Bar- 
aey Fagan, Arthur Dunn, Willie Zimmerman, 
Claud Vance. Elmer Tenley, Four Nelsons, 
La Vnllc Trio, and Relcben's dogs. 

Acadkmy (C. G. Stevens, manager). — "Cus- 
ter's Last Fight" this week. r- Across tbe 
Pacific" next week. "The Way of the Trans- 
gressor" departed 27, having achieved good 

Lafayette (C. M. Bngg, manager). — The 
Merry Maidens 29 nnd week. New Century 
Girls follow. Cherry Blossoms nnd Carmon- 
clla did splendidly. 

Garden (E. J. Carr. manager). — Manches- 
ter's Vaalty Fair this week. City Sports 
next week. Runaway Girts Co. did nicely. • 
. Teck (P. C. Cornell, manager).— -"Peggy 
from Paris" 20 and week. '"The Snrtan of 
Sulu" follows. "Tho Devlin Auction" con- 
cluded 27. 

Linn's Museum. — CamHo and Fona, Eddie 
and Minnie Moore, Lew P. Diamond, Chas. 
Wiisoa, Elsie Stlrk and moving pictures 
pleased last week. 

* i - 

Albany At the Empire (Frank Wil- 
liams, resident manager) Ben Greet Players, 

gllppcr Po$t Office. 

Hi order (» avoid mUtakea unit In 
Instant the nrnmiit ilFllvory of Un- 
let tern advert Uvd In IM» list, an 
envelop* plainly addrvasrd most be 
•em for rncli letter, nnd n written 
order for the letter, signed with th« 
full name and nddren nnd th» Una 
ot business folloited by tha sender, 
mull nlao lie enclosed. 

Please mention the dale (or anrn- 
her) ot I he OI.Il'PKH In whleh the 
teller* sent for were advertised. 

lai>ii:k* list. 

.toy. I'rncst O. .Matron. W. 

Music Hall. . 

..D. H. 

ra drew well at 
Hunt, once manager 

AbnWM, Murj- 
Mini. Mark- 
AiU-li-. Myrlle 

Itosil 11. (t IV. ' 

Ai*<li-n. >liiy 
Alli-ii. Lucille. 
Hurt. MinUtt- 
llurk. LuMUi 
Drown. Minnie 
IlaVtelle Urmlt 
Hartk'ti, Uark) 
llarry Dorothea 
Bayer, Ada t'- 
llrniiil, AiihIc 
1U-|»cii« «>»"' 11 
llrlnoo, Mary i. 
lUiyilelt NrllleU. 
llui-ik'll. I.ttlic 
llerlo. Vluleitn 
llouvler, Ailiuo 
lliu-ton. Hoy 
Itralinm. Itiise 2 
llnni", \Intili- 
lliitlif llrnce P. 
Ilrown Mra.WO 
I'liatmnn. Mile- 
Clark. Haiti 


of the Pike, was In Cincinnati during the Courtney 

past week. 

Campbell, inn 

Colby, FInnMi-M? 
Oirlton, Wltiuu 
t'hnrniton. Mile. 
Clifton, .lessk) 
(Vibeu, Lllllo 
Curtis, llluiiche 
i.'arnell, l*lt«se 
Crews l.aiim 11 
O'luiHiiH Rosalia 
Crowpil Jimeiilin 
Claflllu, Jo<l« 
Desmond, Nellie 
De Went, 

De Mule, Mae 
IVLoug. LUllsa 
Ilii<T>. Mr». !■*. 
Dempster, Mls4 
Dale, Uertle 
tlllnple. DotllC 
Iictitntt Sister* 
Ilalc. Kvelyn B. 

F.lintrn. — At the Lyceum (M. Itels, mana- 
ger) the Chicago Stock Co. packed the house 
Jan. 22-27.. "On the Brldgo at Midnight" 211. 
"The Smart Set" .10. "fiirl of the Streets" 31. 
Florence Rlndley. In "The Street Singer." 
Feb. 1 : "When Knighthood Was In Flower" 
3, the Jeffersons 0. (F, W. MeConnell. manager). — 
People for week of Jan. 20 : Kelly and 
Kelsey, the Sloans, Alice Dorothy, Berna 
lusti-ilo. 1'earl Davis, .lames D. Proudlove, 
the Kinltoscope and Illustrated songs. 

Syracuse. — At the Welting Opera Honae 
"The Pearl and the Pumpkin," Jnu. 22-24, 

«^&S$S& Smart Set" 25-27. "The 
Devil's Auction" 20-31. 

Cband Opfiia Hoise.— Bill for week r.f 
20 : John C. Hlce and Sally Cohen, Mysterious 
Zanclcs, Dillon Brothers. Caprice, Lynn nnd 
Fay, Urnee Leonard and others. 

lliiiKhniiitoii. — At the Stone Opeiti 
Honse (J. P. E. Clark, manager) ltobert 
IMeson. in "Strongheart," had a lnrgp nttdl- 
enre Jan. 22. and pleased immensely. Mrs. 
Flske In "Leah Kleschnn." drew a largo 
audience 23. Peter F. Unilcy, In "The Press 
Agent." had big business SB, "tinder South- 
ern. SKIes" 27; Howe's pictures 20. "Tb« 
Holv Cltv" 30. Pouln Edwards. In "The Beg- 
gar'l'rincesa." 31 : "Girl of (be Streets' Feb. 
!. "When Knighthood Was In Flower" 2, 
Florence Bindley, In "The Street Singer, 3. 
• » » 


Cincinnati Good business ruled last 

""(Jiusd Opera Housb (Harry Balnfortb 
it John II. Havlin, manogers).— -Grace George. 
Jan. 20, a B Lady Kitty. In "The Marriage of 
William Afhc." "The lingers Brothers in Ire 
laud" did a phenomenal business Inst week, 
and established a new record In the musical 
comedy ilne. The supporting company wits 
strong. Eleanor Robson, In "Merely Mary 

"walnut Stieet Tii>:atpb (M. C. An.ler. 
son, maanger).— Marlon Shirley, In "In Old 
Kentucky," I his week. Base week tleorge 
l'rimrosc's Dig Minstrels gave an eminently 
satisfactory burnt cork festival tp splendid 
business. Etnlln Suber made n hit In n [mono- 
logue, nud Primrose's dancing was built In o 
neat act that took well. "David Harum" 
Feh. 4 

Cttinu (M. C. Anderson, manager).— 
Delight Barsch nnd her ••Broomstick Witches 
nre headllncrs for Jan. 2«. Mrs. Stuart llob- 
son will I>e seen la '"fhe Saving of Mrs. 
Shnw:" Trelle and his talking dogs. "A Mght 
In Venice," Wurtenhcrg Brothers, Carter and 
Waters, In "The Nice Mr. Coun," and Wordcu 
nnd Obiddish complete the ipster. 

Hei-ck's OrEaA Horsio (Henck, Fennessy 
& Stair, managers).— Selma Herman this 
week, In "Queen or tho Convicts.' Bust 
week Jessie Mae HO II. In "The Street Sing- 
er" made a decidedly fnvorablo Impression. 
Kite wits given able asslfltance by a com- 
pany Including: F.thcl Hunt. Aubrey Noyes. 
Walter Horton nnd (toy L>ewl«. lluslness big. 
Itose Melville, In "Sis Hopkins." Feb 1. 

Itnmxsox'H Opeha IIoimk (O. I-. & I.tiella 
F. Flail, managers).— The Forepatigh Stock 
Co. will put on "The Climbers ' Jan. 28. with 
Adora Andrews as lending lady. "Ills Bx- 
cellency the Governor" was capably staged 
last week. Ethel Carlton being In the good 
hands of Bnura Plcrpont. F. J. Druinlcr. tho 
new member of the mnipnuy, appearing as 
the Governor. "Othello" Feb. 4. 

Mem (Heuck, Stair & Fennessy, man- 
ngeis).— "Tlie Burglar's Daughter' Jan. 28. 
Willis Granger was heartily received in 
"I.ured from Borne" last week.. That melo- 
drama enjoyed a full measure of prosperity. 
•'The Way of the Transgressor" Feb. 4. 

Peom.e s s (Hubert Ileuck. manager!.— 

Cleveland. — At the Opera House (II. I). 
Kline, manager) Eleanor Itobaon, Jan. 20, .'{0. 
using night of 31 for n dross rehenrsnl of 
"The Cirl Who Has Everything.'' which she 
gives for I he first time on any stage, Fco. 
1-3. "The llnbes In Toyland" had cood busi- 
ness last week. l,c\v Fields C-10. 

Colonial (Drew & Campbell, managers!. 
— 'VntiRban Glnser Stock Co.. In "Bosemary," 
week of 20. Do Wolf Hopper, in "Ilnppy- 
land," had crowded Uouses last week. Vaugbao 
Glnser Stock Co. next week. 

IiTCCVM (Geo. U. Todd, manager) . — "tic- 
bind the Mask" week of 20. "The Sultnn of 
Sulu" had good receipts last week. Russell 
Bros, next week. 

Clkvelanp (O. M. Todd, manager). — 
"Queen of tho Highbinders" week of 21). 
"Queen of the Convicts" attracted well last 
week. "McFodden's Flats" next week. 

Keith's (II. A. Daniels, manager). — BUI 
week of 29: Arthur Stone, Ryan nnd Rich- |).voli ilecn 

field, Durand Trio, Howard's comedy ponies j>j, V |„ Florence 
nnd dogs. Clifford and llttrke, Chas. Kennn, noueonrt, ix-nh 
Three Mem, Cnrdowlne Sisters. 

I.yiiic (E. R. Bang, manager). — Among tho 
nets wee); of 2!) .ire : Orent Knpoll. McCrea 
nnd Poole. Wills nnd Barron, llarry B. Valols. 
Garrotte and Adams, and Fred C. Styles and 

Stir (Drew & Campbell, malingers).— Tha 
PiannM week of 20. The Tiger Lille* hud 
good houses lasl week. Loudon Ualely (ilrls 
next week. 

KMI'IM (Chan. W. Ilenzliicei', liniiingerl. — 
Clly Sports week of 20. Bob Manchester's 
Vniiily Fair Co. hail big liouyos, Inst week. 
High Hollers next week. 

Son:.- -A. F. Ilni'f/, the lessee nf lite Oporn 
House, moved to New York lust Week, Mr. 
Haiti's Opera Hbttse Interests have been left 
In the bands of Harry D. Kline, bis very 
nolo protege, whom he has boon training fur 
this work for several years. Mr. Kline lias 
already made several Important paying Iniio- 

:i oilier, 



Ot-li. Mil,, 
liurley. Itulli 
illovrr. Kdna 
lrlnlH-ll. A.I.IU' 
Uray, J:ic 

Mrs. Inn u 
Howe, Jessie 
Henri, I'enll 
Heft, Marina 
1 1 u Biles. 

Mr». NIctmliiH 
Hilton. I'n-ssle 
Hull. Jimet 
Henry. l.ouNo 
Hurt. hi, Jeiileva 
llnrte. I'oru 
Hull. I.llllini 
Hiircoiirt, Helen 


Mrs. Itobt. II 

Mrs. Clias 
femnery, 'l'rlxlc 
leroine. Violet 

Man K. 
feannette. HoaB 
leiinliiKs. .leiinle 
vlivp. Htbi'I 
KiH'ley, llnwl 
Aiisiire. I''itiinlo 
..owls, ttiittlo 
f.a lllnuclie 

MM. .1 I' '», Ual-.v 

Neiil- IVrrjr, Mmie 

C.luolte I'erl. Iltnu'l t. 

ivrl. MtarM 
I'nw. I'lin'tii 1\*. 
uiilnn, Miiijoi'le 

(JlltlllOll. .11 Ks 

Ityiui: Nnii 

Reyiiolils, Until 
Itit.llslll. Fiij- \' 

llns-ell. Mrs. C 


A I mil 
Humify. I.ulu 
Itayre, ml".- 
Itoselle. Myrn 
ItoilKers, Vlrtaii 
lloynl. Alice 
Su millers. 

Mrs. It. S. 
Stnrelej, Ditll 
Stockes. May 
Schneider, 111 In 

Vlriilutn D. 
SylveKter Nellie 

Meynsar, Nellie 
Sit. John, 

Wliioim 11. 
Stewart. Untile 
Swat,. Mitv 
Sawtell. Alarle 
St. John, l-'uj 
KM, ullve 

l-'liiHsle TIiiii-Ikt, I.eotiA 
lASjlraee, Tn.vlur. Irene 

Maud 11. Tiiiv.iKfiiil. Mrs. 
Ij-ivIs, Trojn, Miss 

Caprice it. Teacher. Mrs. 
League, Mrs. J. Toaipson. Aunts 
teller, Miirle ,Tr»oy, Nellie O. 
oililiart Sisters Tin lor. I/ivell 

Mills', Mne 

l.-ltoy. I.lllliii 

Ionise, Mne 

Ijivuw. Mat, 

Vim Ilnskl ik. 

Vernon. Ijitlb.< 
Vbpiilt'l. Xevii 

l.i-ille. Ilcntrlce Vcrno, tlrnce 

I)on Lcno Nellie 
Kroerson, Hazel 
Mnnnett, Pearl 

F.iuei'y. Miiu.le 
Ivr tinge, Rose 
Kilwnnl*. Maude 
Krans, Julia 
1'lr.lier. Mlunle 
1 l.veii. Mrs. L. 

Mrs. A 
Cllilrill, J line 
ll-lii-i. Minnie 
I'iiiisI Mrs. A.J 
tiyi<sy Malign 

lloMn-lii, Susl 

Lewis. Dorothy 
MHk'iloii. Miss 
Morion. Milclre.l 

Miller, Iietii 
Mitchell, Easter 
Monltoti. Benito 

Meit'dllll Mnl.el 
llnv. Viola 
Mni I In, Aila 

Milt l.oln 

Mlliou. i'liiisy 
Mills. Il:ii < 1>- 
Mei'l.l|.l -le- le 
ll In. in Mri.AMr 
Mvois Ml-s.ll.S. 
Uemlllh Uaajcb 


I. nil, iii 
Mnek. Sli'llu 
Miiililen, Miry 
S.htIs, r.ii'lnue 
llrvllk, Nina 

Vernon. Lucia 
Vlitocil, Kdua 
"'vim, l/iille 
Vrilinorc, Klltto 
Van Stmlill- 

tunt. Una 
Wanlibiirn AiI'IIk 
White, l.oiiove 
Wllliuil, Violet 

WimiiImuII Minlu'i 

Winters. I'uniile 

IVIlber. I inlli 
IVesi, Ben i. en 
Wlls.k.ek Mrs. J 
Wllber, lisle 
Miil.'iiei'. urnv 

Wail, e,'l 
U'lLVIie. I'".iliill 
Wllllllllls. Holly 
Zl.-lto, 7..SI 
X.flllllier. Alleo 
Krtla, Mil.-. 


fonior St llnrloL l'rle.1, Htuii T. 

< ol ii in Iiiih. — -At ibe Ureal Southern Tlie- 
ntre ll). M. Ilcii'iioi'. iniiiiiuei-i "The Serlii- 
t.'omic Ulrl" drew fairly «.ll •_•::. Tim 
mlliMi rein, by lb* loml Btks, drew a ernwd 
2."i. "'I'lii' t'biiisninn" plii.\,'ii in Huge houses 
2'i. 27. Howe's liioviilg pliiure.s J!l. "Tin- 
ulugerbread .Man" 30, "A Message from 
Mais" 31. "The Rollicking CliT' Feb. 1, Prim- 
rose's Minstrels ;t, "The iVurl and ilie Pump- 
kin" 5-10. 

B.iirinE (Priestly ^Morrison, manager). — 
The Umpire Stock Co. gave "Dr. Illif'' Jan. 
22-27. Week of 20, "Tliclnia :" "Chlminle 
1 ndden" Feb. ~>. 

ilitixii Ui'KtiA llni'si: (W. W. PriiKser, niitn- 
ngorj. — "Me, Him nnd I" drew Iniinetnio busl- 
Jau. 22-24. lOugenii! Itlnlr 2tl-:il, "l)n rid 
llnrnm" t'eb, l-a. Charley tirnpewln fi-7, Klsle 
I'ny, In "Tbe Belle of Avenue A," 8-11). 

llititi SriiKirr (Chas, W. Ilnrper, inuiiiiger). 
— "An Ai'lslocrntlc Trump'' had big IiuhIiipmh 
Jail, 22-21. "A Hot Hid Time" hnil gnod 
liniMi-s '^'i--~. "The Irish Pnivilhrokers" SU- 
.'it. "MrFnddeu'H Finis" Feb. 1 ::. "The Mil- 
lionaire Iietectlve" .17. "Queen of the High- 
bllidor.s" Si- In. 

Dnytiin. — At Ibe Xnllonnl (till Burrows, 
manager. Hie Four lliiiillngs Hid good Imsl- 
nesi Jan. 22-24. "Me. Hint mid 1" tiltrinled 
big houses 25-27. "McFuddeii's Finis" ^11- 
:il. 'i'ltdc- Southern Skies" Feb. III. 

Vu'toiiia (C. ll. Miller, malinger). — "The 
Serlo-Couiic Girl" drew well 24. A satis- 
factory audience witnessed "Tlie College 
Widow" 2ii. "A Message from Mars," 2(1, 
was well patronized. Howe's moving pic- 
tures 27. "Tho Clansman" 20, Primrose's 
Minstrels .10. 

SntniKiis' Home Theatre. — "Princess 
Chic'' drew fairly well 211. "The Ileurl ot 
Ireland" r.O. 

Opko.n (Lewis, Wheeler & Curran, mana- 
gers). — Week of 21): Morgan and Crauv, 
Tenny anil Moore, Carrie M. Scott, and York 
and Davenport. 

i B 

SprlnKllcld. — At tbe firnnd Opera House 
(Ii. J. Dnllc, manager) "A Hot Old Time' 
(Hied the house Jan. 22. "Uncle Josh Spruce- 
by" pleased 2H, 24. "The Two Johns" 25, llntlcr. (ienrge 
"Along tho Kennebec" 27, All Star Vnudevlllu Bowery, Ailna 

Arnolds. Obis. 

Arm, Hearja 

AyeiB, \yiii, 11. 

Alrsa, Vlrxlilij 

Ailiiuis, John Q. 

Aim tin. 

Prof. CtllH.W 
Argull, Win. 
Arvito, Joseph 
Arinstroiig Mr. 
Atslate, .Incli 
Amli-rsoii Alfred 
Auger, ileorgu 
Allen. Lew 
Ailums, Mnrlt 
a 1,-ente J at ea l 

Music Co. 

llnsli, I'lank 
linker. It. II. 
Ilin, ulster. 

Hurry I. 
Iloyer. ClUTonl 
Hniilv. J. II. 
Hiirlei, Joe 0. 
Han. Clark 
iioiiiinon, Hurt 

Itlll.lMlll, 11. 

nuiiiii, n. 


nrlesi, lira, 1.. 

I'.llsli. I', 

I'siiiies, Snin 

I Klis-t. 
liomii aVrWkl 
Itoiiliulr, llwrge 
lln rues, Roy 

lleaiiniont. II. 
IliTiiunl, II. A. 
Iliiiniell, (leor^e 
llauksnu, Bay 
Hen Zliler. 

Hlaek. John J. 
flumes, F. 
Ilureh, J. 

Ilolllll. IlOtl 

Itrawn, CJim.F 

Isroivn. nnaia 

Ileilee, Ueorgv 

Dulloek. Hun 

ltyrne .folinll.W 

lliirfonl. Watty 

Ilrown J.OaO'ney 

Itranrlt &Liirnno Isitev, B. I 

llonbalr, flramn Dial. K. 

t'ouor, John L. 

I'n.f. T.P. 
Carlton, Hint 
t'oimir, I'ruiikll. 
I'osiello, Tout 
lller, Cupl. 
i lirii.n. II II. 
Cbrliilliiii. Hex 
Collijr .Mus, I'nru 
Clniiiieni.vH, Tin? 
I'.islcllo. .Illllllll. 

'Union. Clirls 

tiiiauiiis, 3 


nicy. (Jus 

Carroll, Frank 
t'1-.'liiell, Jollli 

W. C 
l liiipllll. .Will. 

('lllT.'ltl. .lulllt 

liis'ker. UiiHin," 
lie Uimtolll .lililll 
tiiiusoii. Hurry 
Horo. Ueorgu 

John J. Jr 
rtellollaiul Mlko 
Holiiionl. At 
Hiike, Aunts VI. 
Himiis, Walter 
luilloii, Willi. nn 

IMlllUO, J. W. 

Iictiu, Jmils I*. 

I lulls, (Ira, C. 

DoiiKlnss I'lnisW Oosseim Willi ,f 

Doliiu *. Lenlinr (til. on. A. W. 

ItHL-el'.ll.l II. V 

I'liivelle, Kddle 


Parley J. ■ 

IVIilainn, Hurry 
K««, l-'reil i>. 

I'lllk A- l.lel. 


Clviololl. Willi 
Iliilli/.-ll, Win. 
i.lllu-ri. II. 
(Irnlnlin. Ii. K. 
ilnsiuii, Aln-'ft 
Orublis, Dr. I'.. II 
Oolilen. diii.l'. 
rjnesway, lly 
Oroli. Ii, 

HolO Unit 

lllH l>». 

I'(iiriiinii &. 


finrillner, W. .1. 
eener A Werner 
itelleu', Mr. 

nlner. Haw 
Ulyiiilim WuM. A 
livene Illirt-lsoil 

I'ror. Oienr It 
fiallluinre Arlli. 

|,'rniiclsoo 1„ 

ilm>. K (Hie.) 
flrreassy, lly, 


Vols, III 

fioroiiiiiH. Bd. 
duel. John 
Dunn. 'I'lios. t*. 

Dlll'lillll i 

Dniinlilsoii. H.l-i 
Diiteli, Ii. 
fluiiliiir, Archie 
Davis & 

Dale, ft A. 

De .voirr. ,i. ii. 

Ui'lnioie, Tom 
Dollllldson C.A. 
He Ferris, Jno 
Delmore, Tom 
Dunning KrcdW 

lliiKCli. Hilly 
Ilnriictt Ilros. 
Hnrr & I'.vnui 

21), ao. 

Ont'liiUM (GttsSiin, mnnnger). — Programme 
for eek of 20 : I,on and Fay Durbyelle, Wllllg 
and Lnrklns, Slatiley and Le Boy, Annie 
(jolden, Al, 1>. Weston and new pictures. 

New Btckum Thbatiuj (Gus Sun, mana- 
ger). — This honse opened Jan. 20. "The Mis- , 
sourl Girl" filled the house to capacity both c'nrltnn. Al 
utntlnee and night performances thai date. Cumphcll, 

Akron At the Colonial (i:iy S. Hill, 

manager) Lillian Hlauvelt pleased a big 

Dixon, Pow- 
ers It Dixon 
IV Motte. 

Dale ISros. 

linker, RsM, II. Ism Courl. 
Ilnrcas. Vol ,_ J««e|ih II. 

Hulln, 1-re.l 
(Jlieiupeiiiils Wf. 
fjoln & Johnson 

honse"Ja'n. 22. "What Happened to Jones" 
luid fair business 2.1. "King of Trumps" 
bad n good house 20. Stelson s "Uncle Totn'a 
Cabin" did well 27. "Tbe Funny Mr. 
Donlcv" HO, "The County chairman" St. 
"Tlie Street Singer" Feb. I, "Tlie Two Johns" 
2, "A Message from Mars" >i. "The Tempta- 
tion of Begone" 7, "The Marriage of Kitty" 

Bmqph (Achllle Phlllon, mnnnger), — 
"Railroad Jack" and Bnnk'a "Rip Van 
Winkle" divided week of 22, to good business. 
Svengnil, hypnotist, week of 20. 

Tetrv Miliovern is given u lop line with tin- 
Parisian Holies, Jau. 2S. The Great Llnd 

Vnniigslonii, — At the Purk (Lee Nor- 
ton, manager) "An American Tramp." Jan. 
24. nnd "The Black Crook." 25. played to 
fair business. Lillian Hlauvelt 27. "What 
Happened to Jones' 20. "Tho Funny Mr. 
Doolev" til, Charles K. tirnpewln" r*rh, 1, 2, 
•The County Chairman" S, 

Giian'p Hnosr. IT, K. Albniigh. mmi- 
ngfi'i. — llelirv I'. Dixie. .Inn. 88. Illled the 
bouse. Sevliinall 2.1, 21. "Ilnra Thornc" 2:>- 
27, Mrs. Flsk« 2D, l'liinific<y KeMwT Sloek 
Co. an mid week. 

D.'iwsoli Ac lilNllil 
Deuel, John 
Doiicnlle Tlien.,1 
'll mis Troupe 
Helirui, tlhiirles 
liny. A. W. 
■Maria; David 
".ye Witness Co. 
English, Hilly 
■Ivans, fast 
f '.ggleslnti. Kil.C 
Kiniiietl, Cli-iH, 
Kills, Joe 
Koston, F. A. 
Kveits. Alfred 
Kllon. A I. 
Kuton, CHTiiril.f 
fowler, W. 11. 
Froslo ft 

Fredericks. The 
I'-onl ft WIliKiti 
I'lemlna. W. i). 
Flslier. Harry 
|-r..slnl siii.F.II 
Fulton, Jess 
Fon, Max 

Clavlon FrnnkA 
Onrey, Dave U. 
"Crown of 

'I'liorns" Co. 
Clare. Curt 
Cone. J. W. 
f'lnrii, John I-:. 
Coiinelly, Jiiek 
Ciiriniidy ,l«n F. 
Cruven. Fmitk 
Cllgonl ftllitrke 
t'oiupton, lii'.K 
Cusliinnn, Wm.C 

t'.nni.U-ll. HsIM 
Ij.lllin. Ullllo 

Colby ft Wuy 
Cnriier. fins 

c«l an, Tony 

Ciilvln. C. O. 

Cnrlello, Curley 

I'mke, Wulliii.-e Fergnscn ftfleerMiinlon, John 
Connor* J.C..Ir.|l'"oy, Kdille ilncksmi, (.'. f„ 
Citrrofl. Tlio^.d. '.'nlconi. Mr. Johnson, 
1'iildwetl, Dove Iv'ellv, Heorgi 1 I Csrroll P.. 

Cobiniblu : Field J. IIukiti .loliimon, Murk 

Op. Co. Ferns, Maw Joswllii Trio 
Colli)'. fkSlll I l-'leiiilng, .teller. IMw-.iM 

I'oiilielll', Pete ICiJIVliril .IrdliMlor,,. Hfc'|>!l 

ciHieley Chn».F Fltilny A Itiirke leffors"" '"i" '•' 
Carroll" ft Clark Fljnii, Rsrh James Fred U, 

Mm ntii'ii, Fmnk si" 

.l.ilinsoii, trills Morgan, .luck 
Jnnls, Iter, ilrrrlll, I'. 
Karl, I. is. Muunire, Jiih.L, 

!\i-lll, I'lllM. J. 
Ivlslll, VostllM 
kni'inoiit. Clou. 
Kendall. F. IV. 
Kelly & Halm's 
Unfed, Hurt (I. 
lisbn. Hugh 

liinsrily ft ' 

KhIH., Mile- J. 
Kuehle. 13m i. 
Kulll. M. J. 
Kuehle ft 

Kohler. I'rof.o. 

Keaatsly & 

.1 unie 
Kosior, I'linl 


Koiii. j. w. 

Kelly .V Vloteltc 
lu'l'll. Jllllmll 
Itliigilun, Iti'X t. 
l.c Ferre, 

Dnmnilf Usea: I.NIxuii, iliirtoii 
Leeluii, Tli. Nulnii, Frtsl 

l.csi-'iike llcmiiiii Otto. ICriM'StA. 
l.iv, Louis I'. Illrvllle II.AItuil 
1,-^lle. tlisimi' num. Arlli. 
I... Hoy ft I iiu en. tl, ).;, 

Woodford iln-llo, ntlo 
l.ii Itriu.. llarry Orttin. Nnrtn.iu 
l..-Miii,le. I'M. nine. Art. 
... Hem. Mr. Ill'llrleo. Cnlrlek 

fomers MnrltnA 
Saunders, Cliulk 
.silver. Iluxiec 
.slielv. J. ft 

ll«1>. \\\ 

Mnrilu, Andrew 
MoN'tilr. Jus. It. 
Mortimer, Clio*. 
Mni-klu ftWilsou 
Morrlisey, T. V 
Mi-U'nlirj. Vrtli 
Miles, 1). A. 



Miller, Chas. D 
Villus. Jns. 
N'alor A.sioii.'liet 
N'ennino. II 

Kewatsa, A. 

Voruoil. L.I. 
Meltiils, Cleis. 
Srivnoni, Wnti. 


.N'ecirru, I-', c. 
XeUni, ||. 

N'eelll. J. 

Wwniuii. Jul 
N'enlou. Wm. 

1. nl... ill ft 

Plaiiiouden, Li'w 

I 1 1, 

Lynch, l'airlik 
l. ii Flenr (.lis. i 
l.ubadle, Iliibi'i't 

i ..... Hep' 11 
Lewis. Cliff 

i. ii Rose a- 

Co., llarry 

Ixirrslne, 1'. 
I.amn. Join) 
Land, J. M.iji r 
l.nlig, Al 
l.iv. O. V. 
Lane, Ralph 
Liieeutrti, Jen 
i.n Miiek, llarry 
1 .i'ii, i. Hon 
f.ii Vol. A. 
LiiPndle. Iluls'rl 
Laiupe, Frnl 

i.nsii. otto 

U*. 0. V. 

Ir t'lntr. J. 
Lewis, Nelson 
I .isiter. (I. K. 
Leon, Pert 
MiinuelL C. W. 
Mnek. J. C 
Morris I' 
Merrill Fimi.UT 
McDuiiKall W.H 
Murry, Jules 
Miirlln. IM. 
Meyer, Murk 
Merklu. Dr. ILK 
Millar, 0. C. C. 
MeKevvcr .V 

Ilyersnu I'nlo. ilnbrl-l 

statrord. It. II. 
Sinners Mm I In V 

Silver, .Seymour 

siiepitrd ftWard 
Sliunk. Hurry 
Mliori. I'rotb'red 


Willis H. 

rtlociim, L. II. 

Simon. Hsrrv II 
Mlvcnunn. I. 
Siuiili, Walt. 
Sciilller. I.m, 
Stevenson DonO 
Slevlll, I,. ,1. 


s'nlllv: I. .full. 

Minll.iril. .1. II. 
X. Jteluio, .Hlii 
Molly, .lolui P. 
Sulllviiii..lolin M 

I'howakl. 'P 
Santsrlil. Will 
gtriMs, Herman 
Rlewarl CnlvitiK 
"lliurslon W. II. 

I'lillllp It. 
Thoniaa, Caalaln 
'Ailsml, Klliert 
TltlH. ft ,i. 
Ti'uney, K 
'fugue, Jack 

ll psuii, Wm. 

I'uirers ft Fr ee d lyer, W. E. 

f'rrros. M. .luck 'feel, Oeo. M, 
•erl. D. Tltiir. Musical 

•oor ilr.ltletiCu 'i'onaek Qra.U. 
IVnlsoi.. diihert Vlciorla 
Paul, Oscnr Valid. Co. 

Post. Itnlnli Vcnle Clifford 1. 
Paul. K. L. Vail. Ilnlpli 

Prnrr, I'trd Viilkrnl-rrg, 

Prlcv. Hob Uufs 

Poller. II. II. \«rne». 
Powell. Thus. i'. lion. KasM 

I'alker. I'lilli|,|.; tiillame. Ifitj 
I'liirkney. Louis Vulpine, Call 
I'liwell. Kiiai'iie Viis'liiiid, 0. W 
I'rlce, Hurry M. Vice ft Vloln 
I'eriy A. 11l WkE tti>* J,'"i Mlekle, K.L 
I'i'iiNnii. t;. van der Koor, 

I'liiard. All llcrniuii 

Ibsluiiie. ii,-,. tan Ankcti, 
Kiiy. I'rivid ,, I lorry 

Unmsey, (J, n Veruoii, Walt, 
lllenliy, Matifunl Weaver, Fnsl 
HiiHkelli. IteiHis While. Kdw. II, 
Hose. Hurry West, Do Fori'st 
liny. S. \V. Woisl ft liny 
Ituiisoin, .l.ini, ,h Welllticlon llnni 
Hwm ft Murr.iy Walmn, Cllifonl 
Heg'iu. Jnek ' West A Vokcs 
llosi'll. \v. i), Woodnard (ieoA 
lllisller, Anion Wyninii. Flurry 
Mussel I ft Walt, Jus. A. 

Dniibiir Wilson, Hen, s, 
Ryan, Daniel Won,. J, Buy tff 
Itiissell. Fred- Walker, naipir 
crick ft Wilson, Knocks, 
Helilv, Kid Wllfiird. R. II 

Millard A.W.Jr. Hucketl. A. If. Wrlglil, fleo. A. 
JlelMae, K, 'll'-ynnlds. ,M».\ iWllflams ,» 

Mngee, Jnek IC. Hlngsiknf Clms. ThBSlirvm 

-Marliiii. I'.Wiird Hleo A llarvev Wenrlck, II. ii, 
Meredith. I-M.K. HUf. I'rnl 'Wlle.,\. 

if.-Miili..ii'» Hellii- a Mirsioi 1 W. Warren'U H ,ii.n. lei, Jnu,, i Wnleibiirv, 
Uawy. it. t*. lultsi.,,!) 1 _ H. X. Jr. 

Maxwell, c. M. Iti.uoniiil. II. le 
Mel.iiuole. .1 runes 1'is'd A CImiii 
-llllllluini. l-j|,v,l . C.,uie,lv f'.t. 

Mlll'lill.v. .1. |'. Russell ,\| I,,,,- 

M lines. J. Itelle 'l.ou |. 

Millie, . Murl Ulisller. Alltel, 

Morions. I Joir. It"" mi, J. .1. 
Mllebell A Ii.'.!- Itnllil. Ildlv.iid 
Morris, Jno HiiIuiiiuiI Jus It 

lllll.r I'mnl:!-. IteMimw, 

Miiiifiin. Mai I \. Khs 

Mill nl, Me. ' Il,,e., 

.MeiriSM-VS I'eill' NltlllV. J. .|. 

.Mi-Kis', Vim, ;i Nueiiimnii. 

Marks. M. | Willis P. 

Merlon F. Wai-'l Hllcklcv tliisluv 
M.Kee, .(.Miirlln Sears. I„ A. 
Mou.lsello, M. IHeoll, l-'red 
Mni '..ii ft It, line .Slull. Kdn.ird 
MIII.'i'. F. K. NiiiiinAi',1. Mm 
Miller, elm.,. Suiiii.l.-is. 

Wnlorhitry, K.\( 
Wlls.rn. Hnri'i 

Wiley. Clnriilieil 

Wlls ll. c. 

Wee, l>. B. 
Wiilsli, Toill 11. 
Wills, Aril,, w. 
Wilson. ,|, W. 
M'lilte.unli liauit 
Wrhilii, Jnek 
Wek-h, Ken 
Manllic. Lou 
Welliel, .inme-i 
Wllle, Win. H. 
Wlilllnrk Wm.n 

Wilde. \V. ll. 
iVesi, Jon. H. 
While. Wat, 
Vinoiue, (luy M. 

Myers, .Sam J. I. ft lliiu.i Vouiui. .lain 

Mel'hiirsuu Wall Friiiii: York, Chas, 
MeCorutlek, .Sliiuri, ll. K. Yeaner, lllek 

Oeo, II. sioii... Vie Ziilnl.,. Jo», 

Manning, Lou SiuHb. I'lnnlill. /i-lln, ileum,, 
Melville. I). M. .Sheridan, J. O. I 


■»■ > 

DDs I'll It I Ol' COLL Mill A. 

Oonloii. II.HT 

flano. Clias. IC. 

Hriasij. 0. S. 

Illy mi. Nick 

Frank A. 
Ilutllies, K. 
llnrdlng, Kilivln 

Unfile. John 
llniiinionil. J. II 
Harris. C. 
Ilnima, J. 
Ilnrt ft Dillon 
litifronl. Me* 
Henry. Jack 
I tidier, H. t.'. 
Ilelslon ft II, led 

Ilunllev r.erilell 
Ifclsliiti Clunl's 
Ilnnford Clias.ll 
Until, fins 
llenly, Jack 
llnll. J. T. 
Hull, Louts L. 

Ileabeii S. 

Sjihioy It. 

Heorioi lie.) 
Ilorth, Link 
Hayes, Frol 
I toward, llarry 
llollowivay Art. 
Iloleiilidn' Herld 
llnevel, R. T 
Hiiluea AI'1-.iii.t 
lleiilii, Friuikl), 
llnll. Aim. A. 
Hensley Oeo, II 
Hoe.v. Oeorue 
lliiHini' ,v Dnllas 
Illi'ks ft Hon 
Hauler. M. K. 

Prof. Fred, Issm 
Hiikhrs, I'Mdle 
Harris. R. If. 
I Ian wren CM J. 
I fell man, .Mr, 
lenalaon. lit. II. 

WiimIiIiiu,<o>ii. — Al the New Niltllmnl (W. 
II. Ilnpley. malinger), this week, "Mlnpnb," 
l.iiMi week, Liiwienco D'flrsny; In "ThB Km- 
bnssy llnll." hud Inrgo liouses. 

I'iii.l.MtilA (l.ticltelf ft Hwyi-r, uianiigers). 
-—Tula week. Frsnlt Hiiulcls. Last week, 
t.'hniiui't'y i Heoi I ployed In excellent IiiihIiii.'ss. 

IIki.vsi'o 1 1., siottdiii'tl Tiiylur, nmnnger;. 
- Thl« week. Mnrgiiiei Anglln, in "Zlra," 
I,n<l week. ' Moxii.'tum" etiiiie in big nouses. 

Ai'ai.ksiv i.i' Mean: (J. W. Lynns, inanii- 
«eri.- -TIiIm week "Across I lie Pnclllc." Lust 
week 'Viiuiig ItufTiilo" liuil ei'iiwdivl audiences. 

M.uhht/i' (K. I'. Hargenni, iniinngerj,— , 
Tills week, Koll, unit 1)111, In «'|. (I. |r. lf (.nat 
week, tlii.< Riijh, In "Down Ihi! Pike," packwl 
I In' house, 

Lvi-iit'Jt (Kugciio Kertinii, manager).— This 
week Itiigeuo Kcrnuii's WiiMhliiginn Hoc.lnty 
<Jlr a. Lnit week the Jolly Uruna Widows hail 
their iiMinl excellent hiisluesH. 

C'llANK'H (MIsh H. Winifred Bu Witt, mnn- 
nger).- -This weak: Si unit Hnrnea, Paul 
ConehiiH, (itlo lirothiirs. Mile. Porkers grey- 
hounds, Chprldnh Simpson and "The 1'rlniM 
of Pllseit" (llrlK, Harry and Kvn Puck, Sey- 
mour nnd Hill, anil the vltagraph. Capnclty 
houses nil lust week. 

\«tb. —Manager Ira J. La Motto, of tha 
Holuai'it. baa resigned that position, and has 
been Hitcceeiled by I.. Htoddard Taylor, of the 
Sbuliert folvcM. 

I ll '. ■ 

New Oelenna.— At tho Tulane (W. 11. 
RowIoh, iiiiiniigor) Wllllnu', II. Crano. pre- 
senting "Tho American Lord," week of Jan. 
21, proved a good drftwliur curd. Klnw & 
Krlnuger* "iliiuipty Diunpty," 28, for two 

Ciikhcbkt (W. II. Rowles, manager).— 
Vorke nud Adiima proved clever enicrlnln- 
ers last week, and did splendid biiHlnwiN, 
"Checkern* week of 2H, 

Ouanii (Ji'kua Hhiihk (II, (.'. Ii'oiu-toti, mati< 
ngit).— "Tho Pride of Jenuleo" was hand- 
somely presented by the tlrnnd's slock com- 
pany last week. l!7, nnd drew ImmcnsB 
crowds. 'Sowing Hie Wind" week nf 28. 

ilHUK.vwAi.i) (Iletiry (ireiinwald. mnnuger). 
—The Kuropenn Hchsntlon Co. enjoyed good 
biisliieis. and nlensed, last week. Al. Reeves' 
Big Show week of 2S, 

Lvnit.' (Henry llreenwnld, mnnnger). — 
Tbe . ItiildwliiMelvtllc Block Co., In "Tbe 
Shadow llvhlnd the Throne," dirt big business- 
las' wi'ek. "tjneen of the Highway" 28 and 

Fiiunth Ohhm Hoi'hii (F. Charley, mann-, 
gen.— French Opern Co., week of 21, plnvcil 
in large nnilleneeH. A ebangn of bill fof 
week of 28. . 

Ki.vmhm (A. Miller, manager).— Ooofl/ 
biislinxa week of 21, when the Tioiiko sloe'* 

io. j sented "A Man of Honor," "Vila 

Denver FxproHs" week of 28. f 

Kt. (M. Bei-k, genr/nl 
iitantiger).— lllg business Inst week. Htil 
!ot week of 2d: Salerno, Mlgnonelto h>/kln, 
ilutleii's monkeys, the Tourist Trio, Peuu, 
I'lhnll nnd Arthur Forbes, Lnvlnla 0>wltt, 
mid Dixon nnil Fields. 


Jr.nMNnTTf D'Avii.LH, of "Tha Hrtttin of 
Sulu" Co., and Sydney 10. Smith, 'leaanrer 
of that company, went married la Chicago. 
111., on Ju ii. (I. 



Febbtjaby 3. 





20c. a Minute. 



$75.00 IN ONE DAY. 




He Starts Spending a Nickel in 
the Gallery Base Ball, and Never 
Stops Until He's Spent a Quarter. 


Is Ample Ground or Floor Space, 

First Come, First Served. Production Limited. We Play Ho Favorites, Get Your Order in Early. •..; 




There hiia been but one renl coon shout written lu youra, uud you must agree wheu you try this sous. Coo* acts nave wrltten-tliat It was a rEATCRE OP THEIR ACT, and some nave gone so far as to say tlat It was tlio 

"Oli. Lord: didn't you dt-llver Donlel from the lion's den? 

Alsu dt'lber Jonah from the belly of tbe whale, and then 

Three Hebrew, children from Hie fiery furnace? no the good book do declare. 

Now, Lotd ! U' you can't help me for goodness sake don t you help that bear." 
It Is a story song and tells one of the funulest etoiles ever toil lu Bong. Professional copy upou receipt of program. Slides, S5 per seL Orchestrations In the desired key. 

JOS. MORRIS CO., 136 N. 9th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Addreea ARXMUK LOWQBRAKE, Bfgr. Prof—atonal Pept. " *' f ■ : 



Good Vaudeville Act. of All De.crlpllon. for mek of .""larch 5 and later. Home 
1. SMai.i. but HlbH CLASS. Don't atk for limy aalartea. Stat, fall particular. 
lu lint letter and .are time. TWO rl HOW'S DAILY. Address 

W. D. TAQOIRT, Manager, Temple Theatre, Buffalo, N. Y. 


For AL. F. WHEELER'S m n oI?l SHOWS 

Wagon Show, Best of Accommodations, Low Sure Salaries. 

Mohawk Ave., Pcneneetady, N. V. 






Clever Little Girl, 

Ten or Fifteen Years Old, 

For Parti and Specialties. 

ATI tint letter. . 


, . • . Balervllle. Ark. 




Those doing specialties given preference. Join 
on wire. Address GEORGE B. GARDENER, 
'Obion, Tsnn., Feb. 1, '2, 3: Charleston, Mu., 
Feb. b,t.-; Oran, Mo , Feb. 8, », 10. 

JJarry Austin, Harry Halieu, W. W. Bassford, 
write. - 

Everything new. Under the mansgomeut of the AMERICAN AMUSEMENT COMPANY. Space for 

anything good. 'What havo you! Two liuDdrcd thousand io draw from. A good thing. Get busy 

Address GEO. A. Mc LAUGHUN, Washington Bank bidg., Pittsburg. P.. 

\", ' " " 

Summer Stock and Repertoire 

%-_» Jk MTIT n —— Versatile Leading Man and Woman, Specially Soubrette 
tw Heavy Man, Character Man, Cliararler Women, Vereatlle 

Stock and Repertoire People 

go^cment. Send photo*. Neaaon opens'March 90. Address 

GEO. SAMUELS, Curtis* Theatre, Denver, Col. 

Also Stage Director for Spring and Summer «.• 

i m 




IN " 


Circuit Vaudeville Theatres, 

Moving Picture Machine Operators, also Man with 
Muctitne and Films or without films. Feature 
Ulitsiratel Sous Singers, with ard without siloes, 
A No. 1 Vaudeville Pianist. Slate lowest salary 
to locale permanent If you make good. 






No, 8 

Justoir the press. The brightest and 

best vaudeville material ever put up at 

ANY PRICE. Monologues, sketches, 

Perfidies, End Gags, Cross- Fire Gagging, etc. 

s*RICB, oo< . Ideas Nos. 6, o, I. B. $1 25. Any 3 

books tor $1 ; any 2 tor soc. GCS BANKS, 

'20» Pine St, Providence, K. I. 


Sisttr Ads, Single Ladies, Sketch Teams, 
Comedians, Singers and Dancers. 

Will sell with every property necessary. Including «O,O0O canvM, the beautiful scenic tn4 
• sensational ride, - ■ ■ * . 


A big winner In 1905, which can he duplicated in auy Amusement Park. Pries $5,0oo. or will sell 12 
automobile cars, canvas, drums, worm gears, mitors, shifting, hangers, track* and pelting', tepe- 
lately. See it and make bid whole or part, investigate quick If you wants aoielty and money 
maker. Particulars on application, will also entertain prouoalUun to build 




And biggest of big winners at Conoy Island last jear. Speak quickly for vour section. 

W. A. ELLIS, DREftMLAND, Coney Island, H. 7. 


Long <iii;»iiuiin;ui mid sure money. Address K. (1. nROJJLAN, CAMEJION, TEXAS. Fob, 410. 


J. W. CONKL1N, Mgr.. 
Hob Theatre. Wooraooket, R, I. 

Wanted at One© 

"riireo hundred and tiltr Second Hand Opera 
Chairs. Must bechcap. J. E. SMITH, Chldwrll.Ohln 


"Where the Mississippi Beets the Sea" 


Music by CARL F. MILLER. 


B aath St., New York. 






JU*« Clipper's Anecdote*. Ktc 

i mr l/>ndon Letter , 

World of Plsyors,.... lSflfl, 

,;ar Standing— Sketch. . 

(srcoll Johnson in \ nndevllle 

leaiiiro* of the Weekly Show— Illustrations. 

Vaudeville and Minstrel 1209, 


ijw-rles Xmwtn* 

our Chicago letter 

Clin er •*"»' Olrlre 

On ihe Boad 

ut<*t it Tilimw i 

Vaudeville llouto List 127.1. 127C, 

Sew York City 

Death* In Ihe Profession 

TIIEATIIICAT, iiinim iiHimwi 



Sew York State 

ublo • • - ■• :•- ....*••• 

District o( ColitDiW*. * 

Isiulshin.". • 

New Hampshire 



Missouri. .. . . .. .• • 




ItbouV Islaud 

West Virginia 



I'-aO-ldtl • 





Indiana. .• •■ .. 



Connect lent • 




J Mi! 
1 Still 





12 SI 



Monday Mgbt's Openings In all toe 
BlR Show Towns. 


High Class Oiterlnsja Receive Good 
Patronatre on the Coast. 

Special IMipaldies to Tun New York Clippbr. 

San Kkancisco, Jan. .10. — At the Colum- 
hla, "Woodland" opened yesterday. On Sun- 
day evcnlDg, 28, German performance, "Tbe 
Great Unknown," by Arthur Becker's Lust- 
plel Ensemble. 

5UJF8TIC. — This Is the second week of 
Nellie Stewart, supported by Geo. Musgiovc's 
Australian Co., In "Sweet Nell, of Old Drnry." 
It .Is understood that Miss Stewart will be 
seen In the same piny for the four weeks of 
her engagement. 

Guano Opeka nonse,. — " 'Way Down 
Kast" opened yesterday for two weeks. 

New Central. — Edwnrd Bailey has been 
engaged for heavies, nnd Grace Lockwoiid 
(Sirs. Bailey) for second business. "Tlie 
naming Arrow" Is the current: attraction. 

Alc.vzAH. — Richard Walton Tnlly's college 
farce, "A Btieaaoa* Life," Is this weed's 

Axhamrra. — "Michael Strogolt" Is the 
present offering. 

Ttvoi.1 OrEKA Hot'SE. — "The Brignnds" N 
ilila week's production. 

MMUUIl. — Bill for the week opening Sun- 
day, 28: The Three Mitchells, Snyder and 
Buckley, Mlrgl Von Wer/I, Baron's dogs, the 
Allison*, the Vernon Troupe, Kstelle Wor- 
de(te nnd company, Lea Bruuin nnd the hlo- 

. CltttTKH. — BUI for week opening 2ft : Ful- 
ler, Rose- and company, llerr Schmidt, Both- 
well • Browne's Gaiety Girls, Nellie Mont- 
gomery, Hague and Herbert, nnliautlacope, 
and the diving elks. 

. FJscheii's — Bill for week opening 29 : Nel- 
lie V. Nichols nnd company, tbe Three Hnvl- 
Irins, lavender Richards and company, ('has. 
Ward, the Kohls, Wm. 10. Duesing, and Law- 
rence St. Ires. 

California. — Watson's Orientals this week. 

♦ ■» 



Huifnesa Deported Good Prom All 


Pitiladklpiiia, Jan. 30. — Business con- 

tlnueg big "Fantana." at the Lyric; 

"Strongheart." at the (inrriek, and "(leorge 
Washington Jr.," nt the Chestnut, bad their 

local premiers, to capacity Olga Neth- 

eiHole, In "Sapho," hud n crowded house at 

the Chestnut Street opera Sotbern and 

.Marlowe, In "The Merchant of Venice," at- 
tracted a large audience at the Broad 

KIcliard Carle, in '-The Mayor of Toklo." 
held o?er, to big business at the Walnut. 
......"Buster Brown" opened to a big nn- 

ulence at the Grand Opera House The 

stock productions at Forenaugh's and the 
standard; the other combination houses; 
rtcith's and the burlesque houses, all had big 

Boston, Jan. SO. — "Babes In tbe Wood." 
nt the Boston, and "The Education of Mr. 
l'lpp,'' nt Hie Tark, opened to tilled houses. 

l"Lovers and Lunatic*" drew well nt 

the Olobe, and "Happy Hoollgau's Trip 
Around the World" linefeed the Grand Opera 

House Wm. Gillette opened nt the IIol- 

lis, br "Clarice," to a large audience, In the 
evening; while In the afternoon "Veronlquc" 
continued a scries of special matinees pros- 
perously. ...Other continued attractions (iu 
i heir final week; were: "Mollle Moonshine," 
at the Tremont : Viola Allen, in "The Toast 
of the- To wn," nt the Colonial, and "Wonder- 
land," at the Majestic The vaudeville, 

stock nnd burlesque houses had good business. 

ClltpAoo, Jan. 30. — The Colonial Is dork 
this week owing to preparations for "Tho 

Prince of India, which opens Feb. I 

'1'bc Hundnv openings were : Henry E. Dlxey, 
iu "The Jinn on life Box," at the (inrrlck ; 
May Irwla, lu "Mrs. Black Is Back," nt Mc- 
Vlcker's: "Babes In Toyland," at the Grand 
i Ipefa House, and the Four Mortons, lu 
"Breaking Into Society," at the Great North- 
ern "The Ulto-Gun" opened Monday, 

at the Stvdehaker Tbe holdover attrac- 
tions arc: "His Honor, the Mayor," at the 
t.'litcago Opera House ; "The Uinplre," at the 
La Sqlle, and Kdna May, in '•The Catch of 

tbn Season," at the Illinois The usual 

changes occurred at vaudeville, combination 
and burlesque houses. 

Washington, Jan. SO. — "Mlzpnh," nt the 

New National, opened to a full house 

Margaret Anglln, lu "Zlra." hod capacity 

at 'tGe'Belnsco Frank Daniels, In "Ser- 

giant Briii'," filled tbe Columbia 

' AeroM the Pacific" had a capacity audlenco 

flt.lhc Academy Kolb nnd Bill, In "I. 

O. V.," turned people away nt the Majestic. 
..., ..The Washington Girls bad n cordial 

reception nt the Lyceum The usual 

line bill at Chase's packed the bouse. 

Cincinnati, Jan. 30. — Grace George, in 
"The Marriage of William Ashe," opened suc- 
cessfully at the Grand Selmn Herman 

received an enthusiastic greeting, in "Queeu 

Of the Convicts," at Ilcuck's Adora 

Andrews mnde her debut us leading worunu 
of Forepnugh'a Stock Co., at Robinson's, In 

"The Climbers." "In Old Kentucky" 

packed the Walnut Street "Tbe Bnr- 

glur's Daughter" opened to a big audience nt 

the Lyceum Vaudeville Jammed 'be 

Columbia At tbe People's the Parisian 

HtMes pleated capacity Wine, Women 

find Song. crowded the Stnndard. 
' .Kansas' Crrv, Jan. 30. — "The Herlo-Comlc 
0l»l". opened at tho Willis Wood Theatre, 2fl, 

and scored n bit Billy B. Van. la "The 

I'rrand Boy," bad two big Sunday houses at 

the Grand The new bill at the Orpbeum 

was greeted by two big bouses "On tho 

? uSih} M, 2 nl l$t," at tho Auditorium, and 
L .Ththoiise by the Sea." at tbe Gillie, 'drew 
&"■'?« Bowery Burlesquers and tbe 
cln^ T A?^l y G,rl ?- at the MaJesti? and 
In 5 ?.';"*' S?«I2S Pn,lv Tim Murphv. 

**•**•. T buttas.. . . r .ttM Land of Nod" 

an^.'^dTeV'weB M! n ' gb ' tfttnrm ' 

-JtPW*t Jo,"- 30.— Rose Melville opem-d 
at Ihe Masonic. In "Sis Hopkins," to a rood 
hw». ......;'Lurcd from liome"' had %SSSa 

Imitses Sunday, at the Avenue The 

SbS "!? fftra ?i rU , °< ) «' nr(l "° capacity Sun- 
S>',,J, 1 . th ^ "ocklngluim. .. .Hopkins' opened 
h'nt blii ct0 *«ie«l b»nse, with an enel- 

♦ »♦ 


|J!S""E* A t 'he Newark (Lee Otto- 

engul, mnnager) Henrietta Crosmnn appears 

i^,t^ s 1 ? u uT ,lke "•■' week of J <» n - -n- Arnold 
i>"i> nud his company received fair atten- 
tion week of 22. Robert Mantell next week. 
— S*B" ! M - M ; By*"*, manager!.— Ed- 
ward Hnrrlgnn, In "old Lavender." this 
ES 1 TW— ■»_ « p ek of 22. drew full 
MMM nightly. Sarah Bernhardt Feb. a, 
Mnrxaret Anglln week of r.. 
_ PtWCT Wj (F. F. Proctor, manager).— 
Current: Paul Cinquevnlli, Francis Gerard, 
•ilznr Allen and company, and Genaro and 
Bailey and company. In "A Clagrette Case:" 
New York Newsboys' Quartette. Harry Thom- 
son, Probst and Mny l,eo!i. 

t.on,jii!iA (M. .1. Jacobs, manager).— The 
I ays this week. "When London Sleeps" drew 
good bouses week of 22. "Hearts Adrift" 

Buxnr's (J. H. Bucken. manager).— "A 
House of Mystery" Oils week. "A Desperate 
t nance received fair attention week of 22. 
"The Eye Witness" next. 

Waldmann's (W. a Clark, manager).— 
The Bon Ions this week, nose Sydell's Lon- 
don Belles drew nbout the average business 
week of 22. Harry Bryant's Burlesquers 

Uaudepilk Route Cisr. 

Trenton.— At the Taylor Opera House 
(Montgomery Moses, mnnager) the Jeffer- 
sons, Jan. 24, had a good sized house. 
"Strongbeort" 27, "The Heir to the Hoorab" 
■10. vaudeville Feb. 3, Henrietta Crosman E, 
William Collier fi, "The School Girl" 0, Frank 
Daniels 10. 

State Street (Frank Shnlters, manager). 
—"Too Proud to Beg," 22-24, played to satis- 
factory business. "Queen of the Whlto 
Slaves," 2.1-27 pleased good sized houses. 
"The Rn Wllness" 29-31, Manchester's 
Crackerjacks Feb. 1-3. 

Trent (Edwnrd Renton. manager). — Bill 
for i!» and week : Red Raven Cadets, Five 
Columbians. Hoey nnd Lee, J. C. Nugent and 
company, Wills and Hassan. Bessie Gilbert, 
W. II. Mncart and company, and the hlo- 


Patemon. — At the Opera House (J. J. 
fioctsoTilus, mnnager i Ilyan Stock Co. hnd 
cood hoiwcn Inst week. John Drew 21», 
Thalia Theatre Co. 30. "Mrs. Lefflngwell's 
Boots" Feb. 1, "Eben I (olden" 2. ,'i. 

Empire (A. M. Bruggemun. manager). — 
Bill for week of Lit : Milton and Dolly Nobles, 
I,cw Hawkins. Kiske nnd MiDonough, Tal- 
ls>t and Rogers. Wood and Ray. the Great 
Lynch, the l'ryors. Cotton's comedy donkeys, 
nnd the klnetograph. 

Bijou (J. II. Rowley, manager). — The 
Brigadiers played to capacity business. Tho 
Kentucky Belles week of 20. The Merry 
Makers to follow. 

Lyceum (Geo. W. McMnnus, manager). — 
"How Baxter Butted In" was well received 
22-24. "No Mother to Guide Her" had good 
houses 25-27. "The Flaming Arrow" 20-31, 
'Too Proud to Beg" Fein 1-3. 

Family :G. S. Dunbar, manager). — Bill 
for week of 20: Genevieve. MeCloud and 
company! the Three Olivers, Carrie Spenser, 
the Great Heroine, R. Arcurdo, and tho cine- 


Jersey- City. — "Running for Office" hnd 
n big week at the Academy, Jan. 22-27. "His 
Last Dollar," at the BIJou, also had largo 
patronage, and the lay Foster Co. shared In 
the general prosperity at the Bon Ton. 

Academy (F. E. Henderson, manager). — 
Week of 20, Dolly Kemper, In "The Gypsy 
Girl." Next week, "A Race for Life." 

Huot' (J. W. Holmes, proprietor). — This 
week, Lillian Mortimer. In "No Mother to 
Guide Her." "Texas" next week. 

Bon Ton (T. W. DInklns. manager). — The 
Brigadiers week of 20. The Kentucky Belles 


llohoken At the Lyric lH. P. Soulier. 

manager) "At Plney Itldgc" Jon. 2S-31, "The 
Old Clothes Man" Fell. 1-3, "A Crown of 
Thorns" 4-7, "When the World Sleeps" 8-10. 

BstMla (A. M. llruggemann, proprietor). 
— Week of Jan. 2U Is ouvenlr week, with 
Delia Fox, Mansfield and Wilbur, Ferry Cor- 
W, Lawrence nnd. Harrington, Le Itoy and 
Lc'Vanion. tbe Aerlnl Smiths, Chad wick Trio, 
and the Gillette Sisters. 

i ■ 

Camden. — At the Camden Theatre (M. 
W. Tsvlor, manager) "Eben lloldeu" anil 
■The Facte it tllrl" each drew S. R. O. Book- 
ings : "The Choir Singer" 20-31. "How Henrls 
Are Broken" Feb. 1-3, "The Heart of Chi- 
cago" 5-7, "Alone In tho World" 8-10. 

Dcs Moines. — At Foster's Opera House 
fWni. Foster, manager) "Paul Jones" was 
enjoved hv a fnlr house Jnn. 24. "The Isle 
of Bong Bong" 20. Tim Murphy .".0. 

Ai.'niTontfJi (Wm. Fosier, manager). — 
"Ben Hnr" drew Immense houses 2K-27. 

Grand OrEiiA Holse (Wm. Foster, rann- 
nger). — "On Hie Bridge at Midnight" drew 
large houses 21-24. "'Fast Life In New York" 
2*-3l, "Tracked Aiottnd the World" Feb. 1-3. 

Miiikok (W. R. Gourley, mnnager). — "A 
Prince of Liars," by the Hugh Morrison 
Stock C'j., did big business Inst week. "Pcad- 
wood Dick Jr." 2S and week. 

Buor (Fred Buchanan, manager). — Week 
of 2tt: Nellie Forde, Ramsey Sisters, Willis 
Bras., and others. 


Fort Do dire — At the Midland (A. B. 
Benll, mnnager) "A Bunch of Keys" did fair 
business Jan. 22. V. M. C. A. lecture course 
had n largo house 21. Harry Bcrcsford 2(1, 
"The Wizard of Oz" 30. 

Ai'piTonii.-M. — The Fifty-sixth Regiment 
Band did well 21. 

Notes. — It Is u pretty sure thing thnt a 
vaudeville house will tie opened In this city, 

If a suitable location can be secured 

W. P. Dermor has added nearly n hundred 
feet of new bonrds to his bill board plant, In 
an excellent location. 

Cedar Raplda. — At Greene's Opera House 
CW1I1 8. Collier, business manager! Harry 
licrcsfnrd, Jan. 23. delighted an enthusiastic 
uudlence. "The Wlionf of Oz," 24. pleased, 
to S. B. O. "The Telephone Girl" 2«. "A 
Bunch of Keys" 27. "A Runaway Tramp" 
21), -Parsifal'' 30. "The Isle of Bong Bong" 
SI, "Shadows of a Great City" Feb. 3. John- 
son-Hnrringtoo Stock Co. &-10, except", when 
Paul Jones Opera Co. appears. 

People's (Vie Hugo, mnnager). — Week of 
Jan. 20 : Havcrly and McCrae, Ellett Bros., 
Cnleroan and Mexls, Edith Richards, Lottie 
Munro, and the blograph. ... 

Xote. — The People's Is now equipped wllu 
a handsome asbestos drop curtain. 
»■ » 

Ht-ir-s and Let; is, male nnd female com- 
edy acrobats, are on tbe Hopkins circuit, 
nnd will shortlT appear on ine Penn cir- 
cuit. Their new act, they wrlie. Is n win- 

This list la made op as nearly so- 
earate sa It U possible to make a Hat 
of vaudeville bookln^a. To Insure In- 
ner Gun In this department tbe name 
»J the theatre or park, as well as the 
city or town, Ml'ST accompany each 
honking; sent as. 

Acker k Collins, Star, llogerstown, Mil., 2tt-Keb. 

Adair. Art. Grand, Marlon, Ind., 20-Feb. 3: Den- 
nett, ltl.-hin.-md. G-10. 
Adams. MusI.mI, Novelty. Omaha, 20-Feb. ::. 
A.lsins, i;. Klrke, a Co., Acme. Norfolk, Va., 2D- 

Feb. 10. 
Adams. Mabel, 0. O. II.. Pittsburg. 29-IVI., 3. 
Au.limn A l.lrloe*ton. Crystal. Anderson, ln,l., 

an-Feli. 0: Crystal, Kobonto, fun. 
aanssj Family, Proctor's 23d Strecl, N. Y. C, 

20-Feb. ". 
Aherns, The, Orphlnm. I'orlmnmifh. O., 20-Feb. 

8 1 Wlic cling, W. Vs., .1-10. 
Alllsoii. Mr. & .Mrs.. Proctor's, Alhnny, N. Jf_ 

SUreb. 3. 
Allisoim iKp, Orubciim, San Fran.. C»L. 2»-Feh. 3 
A likmn. The. Uijoit. l.siisiiin, Mich., itO-Kcb. a. 
Alpine Family. Family. N. Y. C. 'ja-lVh. :' ; 

llowuril. Hn^tnn, i-lil. 
All.iirtiiH & Mlilnr, Albnmhra, N. X, C., 20Fcb. 

": (lothsm, Ilklyn., olO. 
Allmon, Joe s„ Howard. Chlengo, 20-Feb. 3; 

Crnnd. Milwaukee. s-l(l. 
AlleliH'I's Jtonkey, Keith's. Providence, 29-Feh. 3. 
All™, llilgsr. & Co.. i'rortor's. Newark, N. J., 20- 

leh. :|. 
Alva. Alice, Grand. Joller, ill., 20-Kcb. 3: Mndi- 

SfO, Wis., S-IO. 
Allen. Scar! * Violet, Keith's. 1'blla., 20-Feb. 3. 
A en. Muck. Family, Caicr.nui. N. J.. 2!>Feh. 3. 
Allen fc Dnlton. Keith's. N. Y. O.. 29-Feli 3. 
Amerlous Comedy Four. Garrlck, Wilmington, Del., 

20-reh. ;;. 
Anisnn k Hartley. Sbepnrd's Hush. Kng., '.'O-l.'cb. 

."; Cardiff, Wsle«, s-tu; Swansea, 12-17; New- 
port, 10-24. 
Anderwn ft Unlnes, KpIiIi'k. Pblla.. 20-Feh. :i. 
Amlermn, fnlque, Winnipeg, Can., 20-Feh, 3; 

Pulque. Brniidnn. ',10. 
Anger & Ilanley, Hrndenhnrgh's, l'hlla., 20-Feb, 3. 
Anderson. Cats, v.. Acme, Norfolk, Va., 20-Feb. 

Antoinette, Jwle, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 20- 
Feb. a, 

Arllnaton & Helaton, BIJou, Danville, 111., 20- 

Feb. 3. 
Vrmond, Will. BIJou. Ij» Crosse. Wis., 20-Feh. 3. 

Armstrong & Vera, Fond du Lac, Wis.. SB-Feh. 3; 
henostin, X-ln. 

Arcndo. It.. Family, t'aterson. N. J.. 20-Feh. 3. 

Arciier & Crocner, Umpire, No. Adstus, Mass., 20- 
Feb. Sj Nelson. SprlnefJeld. Ti-10. 

AMhton & .Martlne, BIJou, Norfolk, Va., SO- Feb. 

Asra, Proctor's, Albany, X. Y., 20-Feb. 3. 

.Wtalros. The. Family. Cnrbondale, Pa.. 20-Feb. 3. 

Atkinson, tiro., Idee, r>bkn*h, Wis., 20-Feh. .'! 

Austin, Geo. K., O. 0. JX, Grand Bapids, Mich., 
20-Feb. .1. 

Austins, Tossing. Dallas, Tc«„ 20-Feb. 3; Waco. 

Aiur. Kdnn. Shea's. llnfTnlo. 20-Feh. 3. 

Anberts, I^s. tllymplc. Chicago. 20-1'eb. 3. 

AviiIor, The. Ilathawny's, Lowell, Mass., Sfl-Frh, 
.", : AiuUtnrliuii, Lynn, s-m. 

Avery k pearl. HIJoti. Hceutnr, ill., 20-Feb. 3; 
Main St., I'eorbi. .'.Hi. 

Banls. Four, l*rnctor's 23d St., N. Y. 0., 2ft- 
Fi'ti. :'. 

Baker A Lynn. Empire Tour, Kng., SO-Feb. 2». 

Itnrnulil'H Animals, Orpheiim. ninnbn. 20-Feb. 3. 

Bailey & Anslin, P.dl's, Sprlngrlelil, Mass., 20- 
l-'en. X 

Ilnnks. Clin'., BIJou. Decatur. III.. 20-Feti. r,. 

Barry ft lYumiin. HIJou. Nnrtolk, Va., 20 Fell. 3. 

Bartlctts. Muslcsl, BIJou, Bay City, Mich., 2!)- 
Feb. :t. 

Baker k rtoblnsnn, Poll's, Bridgeport. Conn., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Baenu k Vane, Cnlqne, Los Anceles. Cnl., 20-IYb. 
I A 

Barry, Mr. ft Mrs. .iimmle. Shredy's, Fall Itlvvr, 
Mass., 20-l'eb. :: ; Audllorltim, Lynn, MO. 

Ba* ; .ie Qonrlettc, Shea's, Tnronln, Cnn., 20- 
Fell. 3. 

Baron's Dogs. Orpbeum, San Frnn., CaL, 211- 
Feli. .1. 

Bnriiells. 'Die, llnymarket. Cblcsgo, 20-Feb. 3; 
Olympic. Siirlngileld. III., 

Ilnrni-s k I.evlna, Stnr. ToiH-ka. Kim.. 20-Fet,. ?.. 

Bates, Irfwlo W„ Cniipie, llrnndon, Cnn., Vj- 
Feb. ». 

Hnislcr-La Velle Troupe. Alison's. Chicago, 29- 
Feli. 3; Calumet. So. ChlcoK", 5-10. 

Banln Pros. A Von Dell, Unique, .Mlnnenpnlls, 
Sfl-Frb. 3. 

Bsiish. Delight, C^iiumtila, Clnclnniitl, 20-Feb. 3. 

Barney Trio. Hon Tun. Pblla., 20-Feh. ;!. 

Homes, Smart, Chase's, Washington, D. 0„ 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Bailey ft Fltchett. BIJou, Clinton, Mass., 20-Feh 
8; Boston, Fall Hirer, 6-10, 

Baker, Pele. Majestic, Chicago, 20-Feh. 3. 

Ili'llclalrc Bros., Orpbeum, Minneapolis, 20 Feb. 3. 

Ile-Anos. The, Lyile, Terre ilnilte, lml. , 20-Feb. 
3; Grand, Mnrion, 1,-10. 

Hell ft KlcUsnls, I'attor's. N. V. C, 20-Feb. 3. 

Herr, Lillian. Ampblon. Hklu.. 20- Feb. 3. 

HclliiMii k Miure, Columbia, St. Isiuhi, Mo., 20- 
Feh. rt. 

Benton, Klwioil ft Maggie, Wagner's, Mnllne, 111., 
20-1-Vli. a. 

Hei-gerc, Valerie, ft Co., (!. O. II. , Pittsburg. 
20-Feb. 3, 

Bell, Tbonias, Hlppoilrome, V. Y. CL, 20-Feli. 3. 

Birch. Jolin, Keith's, l'hlla. , SO-Feb. 3; Mary- 
land, Hall.)., Mil., r>-10. 

Blimey ft Cliapnum, Idea, Fond dn, Win., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Bill, Bicycle. Fjiennaha, Mich.. 20-Feb. 3 ; Cain- 
met. .1-1(1. 

Blnodsond, Knthcrlne, G. O. B., Plltsburg, 211- 
Feb. I * 

Blmiciinril, Eleanor, Family, Scraiiton, Pa., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

B.nck. Violet, Ilathawny's, Lowell, Mass,, 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Bkom, Capt., Colonial, N. V. C„ 20-Feh, n. 

Blnck &; James, Family, Glorersvllle, N. Jf 20- 
Fcb. 8. n 

Blsmphln ft Uehr, Empire, San Fran., Csl., 20- 
Feb. 10. 

Botie. Cellna, Temple, Detnilt, Mich., 20-Feh, 3. 

Hotter, Harry. A: Co., Star, llnmllton, Cnn., 20- 
Feb. R; F.rle, Pa.. il-IO. 

Bobine, W. A., Callle, Family. I''.. St. Louis, III., 
20-Feb. 3. 

Honker ft L'orblcy, Audllnrluin, Lynn, Mass., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Box, Toil F... Snofcsne, Wash., 20-Feb. B; Star, 
Seattle, A- 10. 

Bouuo'ls, Flying, llnymarket. Clilengo, 20-Feh. a. 

noises, Four, Olympic, Cblcugu, 20- Feb. 3; G. n. 
11.. Indianapolis, tl-Hi. 

llnihst Trio. Howard, Chicago, 20-Fcli. 3. 

Hrady A Hamilton, Star, (3ilsbolm, Minn., 20- 
Fob. a. 

Hrennans, Musical, Star, Atlanta. Gn., 211-Feb. 10. 

Brewer. Oscar, Acme, Norfolk. Va.. 211-Feb. 3. 

Hi-inio ft Itiissell, Columbia, Si. I/iuls, 20. Feb. 3| 
Olympic, Cblcugu, .1-10. 

Bryant ft Savllte, Hopkins', Memphis, Tenn., 20- 
Feb. 3; G. O. II., Indianapolis, .110, 

llrnndon ft Wiley. Keeney's. Bklu., 20-Feb. 3. 

Bright Bros., Oiforil, l/uuluii, Kng., Feb. G-Msrch 

Brown ft Wllmot, ICllson, Helena, Mont., 20-1'eli. 
:>; Family, Butte. 0-10. 

Bradford", The, Lynn, Mass., 20-Fcb. 3. 

Brunlu, Los, Orplu-imi, Han Fran., Col., 20-Feb. 3. 

Hrehroer. C'srt, Pastor's. N. V. C, 20-Feb. 3. 

llrlMia, Ales., Music Ball, Gloucester, Muss., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Brown. Harris It Brown, Howard, Boston, 20-Feb. 
3; Orpbeum. Ftlca, N. Y.. 

Brlttons. Tbe. Weln, Aus„ Feh. 1-28. 

Bratll * Brasll. Pastor's, N. Y. C.. 20-Feb. 3. 

llrailforils. The, I). II., I.awrcaiee, Mass., l'el>. 3- 

Bryuu, Frank D., II. ft 11., Bkln., 20-Feb. 3. 

ltrowue, Tom. G. It. II., Indianapolis. 30-Feb. 3. 

Hn.wn Bros, ft Hopkins, Majestic, Chicago, 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Brown, Harry A.. Poll's, Wntcrbnry, Oinn., 29- 
Feh. 3; I'titftor's, Tmy, N. Y„ Mo, 

Brown, Jack. A Lillian Wrlgbt, BIJou, Alpena, 
Mich., 20-Feb. 3. 

Brunswick ft Mny. Empire. St. Paul. 20-Feb. 3. 

Brooks, Jeanne, Chutes, Hon Fran., Cal.. n-lh, 

Bryant & Larano, Novelty. Omaha, 20-Feb, .'!. 

Burkes, Juggling, BIJou, Battle Creek, Mich., 29- 
Feli. .1. 

Burton ft Brooks, Maryland, Baltn.. Mil., 20- Feb. 
3; Chaie's, Washington, 1). ()., a-10. - 

Burton ft Itsnklti, Grand, Milwaukee, Wis., 20- 
Feh. I, 

Burkes, The, A. 4 fl., Boston. 20-Feh. 3. 

Burke ft l.i Hue, Imperial. Hkln., 20-Feh. .1. 

Burke ft Iiempsey, Orpheum, Reading, I'a., 20- 
Feh. 3. 

Knrkhart, O., Bradeuburgh, Phlla., 20-Feb. 3. 

Darke ft t'rlluc. 0. H.. Altfloiia, I'a.. 20-Feb. X 

Burgess, F. Dsly, Orpheum, Portsmouth, 0., Feb. 

Byers ft sHermnnn, 0. O. H.. Pittsburg, SO-Feb. 3; 
Chnae'a, Washington. D. C. MO. 

Byron ft ltlnncli. BIJou. Appleton. Wis.. 20-rcb. 
:i; nijon. Oreen Bay. MO. 

lljrne. We>t ft Kenyan, 0. 11.. Fnlontown, I'a., 
20 -Feb. ,'i. 

Cartsirry ft Stanton. San Fran., Cal.. 20 Felt. 3. 

Carter A Waters Co., Columbia, Cincinnati, SO- 
Feb. 3. 

Cnrlln ft Otto. Auilltorluni. Lynn, Mini., 20- 
Feb. I : II. ft B.. Bkln.. MO. 

Cnsey A Ornney, Family, Mnbnnny City, Pa., 31; 
fl. O. II. , Pottstovrn. Feb. I-.1. 

Carrnll ft Clarke, Grand, Salt Ste Marie. Mich., 
20-Feb. 3. 

Carlton, .11., Orpheum. Omaha. Neb.. 20-Feh. 3; 
Orpheum. Minneapolis. Minn.. 3-10. 

Carters. The. Umpire. MUfnrd. Mass., 20-Feb. 3. 

Cnssd ft IV Verne. Crawford. Topeka, Kan., 20- 
Fi+. 3; ilryslal, 81. Joseph. Mn.. MO, 

Puffery A flrnti'. BIJou, Cnntun. ().. 20 Feb. 3. 

Cullobaii & Mack, Moore's, Portland, Mr,, 20- 
Feb. It. 

Corlelon. Al.. Orpheum, Oninhn, SO- Feb, .1. 

Cnnrlee, Lynn ft Fay, Syracuse, N. Y'., 20-Feb. 3; 
Lssnn. Mass.. r,-to. 

Caharel'-) Hegs, Plwior's 2.1d St., N. Y. C 20- 
Feh. :t. 

Cnrlns, Chas., Orrln Bros., Mexico. Mex., 20- 
M, 10. 

Cnldrro, ltnn TVin, Pblla.. SO-Feb. 3. 

Cnvuna. tlotlinm, Bkln., 20Frh. :i. 

C«rew ft llnyes, (Jolhnin. Bkln.. SO-Feb. 3. 

Cnslle ft Ciilllns. Lyric. Terre Haute, lml., 20- 
Feh. :!; Masonic. Fl., Wayne. MO, 

Calane»w. Tlie, (lothnni. llklu., 20-Feh. 3; Pas- 
tor's, ,V. V. C, A-10. 

Canlnwi>U> Sisters, Keith's. Cleveland. 0., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Cartneu Troupe, llnymarket, Chicago. 20Fel>. 3. 

Carroll ft Dunn. Family, CnrlHuulalr, l'a„ 20- 
Feh. 3. 

Cnrrollun ft Hodge*, People's. Leavenworth, Kan., 
SO-Feb. 3; Crawford. Tistekn. .1-10. 

Cbailwlck Trio. Umpire. Holajkeii. N. J., 20-Feb. 
:!| Umpire. Pnlersnn, .110. 

Clinreh ft West, llrsilentiurgh's. Pblla., 20 Feb. 3. 

I'lirlsiul, AL HI Inn, I.n Crosse, Wis., 20-Feh. a. 

i 'hnmeto.VK. The, O. II.. Oswego, N. Y.. 20-l'eb. a. 

Chlnko. II. A ft, N. Y. C.. 20-Foh. 3. 

Challiam Sisters, Crystal. Tacnnia, Wash., 20- 
IVh. a. 

Chick, Aniphlon. Bkln., 20-Feb. a. 

Clinpievnlll, Proctor's. Newark, N. ,L, 20-Feh. 3, 

Claudius A Scarlet, Orpheum, Salt Luke, U., SO- 
Feb. 3; Orpheum, Denver, Col., S-10. 

Clermonts. The. Howard, Boston, 20-Feh. ,'t. 

CIsriHiee Sisters. No. Adams. Mass.. SO-Feb. 3. 

cllrTonl i lliirke. Kelih's, Clevelsiu), SO-Feb. 3; 
Majestic, Chlcueii. ft. 10. 

Clarke ft Temple. Orpheum, Cairo, 111.. Sfl-Frb. 1 

Cliffords. Tlie. i loin. Lynn. Mass.. 20-Fcti. 3. 

Clarke, Lucy, Slolt Timr. Kug., SO-Feb. SS. 

Clarke, l-Mward. Kellli's, Providence, SOKeh. 3, 

Clarke, Harry i -orsoii. Winnipeg, Cnn.. SD-I-'i'li. 10. 

Clarke. Harry Corson, Majestic, Ft. Worth. Tex., 
SO-Feb. ,'t; Majestic, Lltile Itock, Ark., ft-10. 

Clarke. Wilfrid. A Co., (1. O. 11., lndtanapolla, 
Feb. fi-IO. 

Clftre. Mnrgle, Orpheum, St. Paul. Minn., 20-l'eb. 

Cov, Family Quartette, Grand, Victoria. Cnn., 2ft- 
Feb. 3. 

tinulon ft llnsllngs, Ketlh's. Pblla., 20-Feh, 3. 

I'osiello, Ilernh, lllaliu, Kliulni, N. Y., 20- Feb. .1. 

Conchas, Paul, Chase's, Washington, I). (!„ 20- 
Fcb. .1. 

Cnrwey, Terry, Empire, Ilnlnken, N. ,L. 20-Feh. It. 

Ciiiiiielly. I'ete. HlJou. Miirlnelle, Wis., 20-Feb. 
:t; BIJou. Cnltimcl, Mich., ,1-lti. 

Comar. l-'rnnk, ilpsik. Giulirle. Okln.. 201'eti. 3. 

(Willi* & La Hcllc, Penplc's. I.i-iiviiiwnrlh. Km,,, 
SO-Feb. ,1; People's. Parsons. .110. 

Colby Family, Columbia. IHmninalL \'e1i. MO, 

Ciinsnt-'s Hogs, Hijou, llnlnlh, Minn,, SO-Feb, 3. 

Collins A Hart, Tlvoll. London. Kng., 20-Feb. II. 

Cooper ft Itiihlnsnn, O, II., Lowell, Mass.. 20- 
l'eb. a. 

Cogswell ft Franr, Trevlnn Circus. Touring Mexli-n, 
20-Fcb. Hi. 

Cisike ft Miss llothert, Empire Tour, Kng., 20- 
Feb. 2». 

Cowley. Jus. II.. BIJou. Jackson, Mich., SO-Feb. 
:i ; liljiui. ll.itile Creek, .110. 

Cognn ft llaiicmrt, Aiidltiirlum, Lynn, Mass., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Columbians (S). Treul, Trenton, N. J., SO-Feb. 
B| Empire, Pnteraon, S-10. 

Cvi'o A Cote. Or|il.«uni. «. Pool. Minn., 20-Feh. .'I. 

• iiur.- *. lijllc: c. i-rjcurs, Allnuy, N. Y., 211- 
Feb. a. 

Co..--. Bert, * Co., G. O. II., Indianapolis, 20- 
Foil. 3. 

Cohiin, Josephine, ft Co., Mien's, Toronln, 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Oilu's lings. Poll's, Wnterbtiry. Conn., Feb. n-10. 

Corrlaaii, Kmuiett ft tit., Iinpvrinl, Hkln., 20- 
J-'eti. 3. 

Co|s-. Grent. Olympic, Chicago, 20-Feh. 3. 

Connelly, Emma, BIJou, Wheeling, W. Vn„ 20- 
Feh, 3. 

Cotton's Coineilr Donkeys, Empire, 1'nterson, N. 
J.. 2nl'eb. 3. 

Crime Itms.. fl. O. II., Pittsburg. 20 Feb. 3. 

Creasy ft Dayne. II. ft II.. Bkln.. 20i'eb. in. 

Crawford, Clifton, Moore's, Portland. Me.. 20- 
Feh. 3. 

Crawford, Bessie, Olympic, Clilengo. Sfl-Fali. 3j 
llnymarket, Clilengo, ft. in. 

Crouch A Itlrhards, Idea, Oshkosh, Wis., 20- 
Feh. 3. 

Crm-ker's Homes, Ownsso. Mich., Feb. 2, 3; 
Cadillac, n-7; Traverse City 1-10. 

Crane, Mr. ft Mr*. Gardner. Poll's, Wnlerhnry, 
Conn,, 20-Feh. 3: Poll's, Brldgi-iiort, ft-IO. 

Crnlne. lying A Cralne, O. fl.. Charleston, H. fl.. 
SO-Feb. 3; 0. II.. Sparlnuburi'. ,1-lli. 

Cninronl. Bessie, Olyiniilc. Clilengo, SO-Feb, 3. 

Cunnlngbnm ft Smith. Family, Lumhcrlrllle. N. 
J., 20-Feb. 3; Family, Passaic, fi-lfl. 

Ciillcn, Jos. II., Orpbeum, San Fran., Cnl., Feb. 

Cullen ft Johnson, G. o. It., flrnnd Kuiilda, Mlrh,, 
20-Feb. 3. 

Davis, Tiny, Boston, Lowell, Mass.. 20>FH>. 3. 

Dnnora*, M~i. Slur, Mutu-lc, lml.. SU-Feb. 3; 
Crystal, Marlon, ft-10. 

Davis, Pearl. Itlailo, lCIuilru. N. Y., 20-Fcb. 3. 

Dnvla ft MacCnuley, Proctnr's ftgtli HI., S. Y. <)., 
SO-Feb. 3; Poll's. New Haven, Conn., ft-10. 

Daniels, Walter, II. O. II., Plltsburg. SO-Feb. 3. 

Day. Geo. W., Proctor's S.'ld Ha., N. Y, C, 20- 
Feb. 8. 

Darmw, Mr. A Mrs. Stuart, Dis-kstader's, Wll- 
tuliiKi'-ii. Del., 20-Feb. a. 

Dnvls ft Wnlkec, l,ock Iluvi-n, I'll., SO-Feb. 3; 
Lebanon, .111). 

Dahl, Knlbrrine, Poll's, Hprlngncld, Mass., 20- 
Feb. ;;. 

Daly A Murphy. Fubpie, Wlnnliieg, Can., SO-Feb, 
3; BIJou. superior, Wis., ft- 10. 

Hale, Violet, Keith's, Boston, SO-Feb. II. 

Davi-y A Phllllpe, Keith's, S. Y. C, 20-Feb. 3; 
Howard. BimIoii. ft-10. 

Imv. ill's Dog, Luwrence, Mnss., SO-Feb. it. 

Dnrriia Bros., Poll's, New Haven, Conn,, 20-Feb. 

Duty ft O'Brien. BIJou. Marinette, Wis,, SOFeli. 
IS; Calumet, Mich., .1-10. 

Daly * Devere, Proctor's fifth St.. N. Y. C, 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Deltnar A Dexter, Orpheiim, Dnvi-ti|i«rt, In,, SO- 
Feb. 10. 

Ilervln, .Ins. T.. Olympic, Su. Bend, Ind., S0- 

ivii a. 

Dell 'Orn. Lulal. Keith's, l'hlla., SO-Feb. a; 
Maryland. Haillmore, Md., ft-10. 

Den'niln A Green, Kmp., Lclci-sti-r, Bog., SO-Feb, 

IV Serrls, Henrietta, Garrlck, Wilmington, Del., 
Fell, ft-10. 

Ik- Mollis, The, Dominion, Winnipeg, Con., SO- 
Feb. 3. 

lb- Mot, 'le A Pin-more, G. O. II., (irnml llaplds, 
Midi.. SO-Feb. ,'l. 

De Haven, Curler, Colonial. N. Y. G„ SO-Feb. ,'L 

He .Monde ft lilnsruore, Grnnd, Grand Knpids, 
Mli-li., SO-Feb, 3. 

Peinlng, Arthur, Olympic. Clilengo, 20-Feb. ",. 

De buys, The, Lu Salle, Kisikuk, In., SO-l'eb. 
3; Weast's, Peorlu, III., ft- Id. 

De Varo ft Curtis. Grand, Juliet, III., 20-Feb. 3. 

Hemic, Sidney ft Co., II. ft It., Bkln.. 20-l-vo. i. 

De Cornoi's Dogs A Monkeys, Oavlen. IJ„ Feb. ft-10 

De Witt. Lavlnla, Orpheum. New Orleans, |ji., 20- 
Fcb. 3. 

Delmar nms., Keith's, Pblla., 20-Feb. 3. 

Helton Bros., Keeney's, Bklu., 20-Feb. »-, Hathi- 
way's. New Bedford, Mass., ft-10. 

Desmond Trio. Acme. Norfolk, Vs., 20-Feb. 3. 

Devi-tie Hlslers. Academy of Music, I'ollsvllle, 
Ps,, 20-Feb. 3. 

Delmore Hlslers, Keith's, Providence, 20Feb. II; 
Olympic Chicago, ft-10. 

Delmore * Oneida, Procior's ftSth St., N. Y. 0., 
2li-Fib. .1. 

Dilmote ft l*e, Bathansy's, l/iweil. Mass., SO- 
Feb. 3; Ilatbaway's, New Bedford, ft-10. 

Do Grenui (.':>, A. A S., Boston, 20-Feh. 3. 

He Witt. Burns A Torrance, Arcade, Toledo, SB* 
Feb. 3; Proctor's ftSIb SI.. St, >. C. o-iii. 

De Blakcr's Dogs. Yonkrrs, N. Y„ SO-Feb. a; 
BIliKbniutun, ft-|0. 

Dllks A Dllks, Family. Cnrbondale, Pa., SO- 
l-'eli. 3. 

Dlxnn A Fields, Orpheum, New Orleans, I,n„ 20- 
Fell. S. 

DlKim ft Amrer. Olvmnlc. Chicago. SO-Feb. 3; 
0. O. II.. InillamiuiilU, ft-10. 

Dixon, Bowers ft Dixon, Mohawk, Schenectady. 
N. Y„ 20 Feb. a : Proctor's, Albanv. N. Y., 

Diamond ft May, Empire, Sun Fran., CaL, SO- 
Feb. 3; Broa-lwiiy, Son Fran., 1.1 SO. 

Diamond A Sniltli. Proctor's, Albany, N'. Y., SU- 

Feb. 3. 

Piston, Madeline, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, st>. 

Feb. 3. 
Dick. Billy. Mnji-alle. Phlcngn. SO Feb. .'!, 
Dockrny, Will, Bennett's, Lumlnn, Can., 20-I'eh. 

Itorseh ft Russell, fl. II. , Ilolyoke, Mass., lit ; 

Nelson, SprliiKtleUI. Feb. l-ll. 
Downey. I.i-slli- T., Novelty, Stockton. Cal.. SO- 

Feb- 10. 
Donovan A Arnold, Orpheum, lltlcn, N. Y., 20- 
Feb. 3. 
Downs, T. Nelson, Majestic, Chlcngu, SO-Feb. ::. 
Dulnn. Hnger A Belle, llljnn, Marinette, Mich.. 

SOl-'eb. !l; Boris. Iiscnnahn, ft- 10. 
Dorothy. Alice. Itbilto, Kimirs. N. Y., SO-Feb, a. 
Ihimihen Slsiers, Jeffers. Saginaw, Mich., Stt- 

I'eb. It; Crystal. Detroit, ft- HI. 
Doherty, Lillian, A Co., Shreily's, Fall River, 

Mass.. 20-Feh. 3; Vlrtiirbi. N. Y. C. .Vlo. 
Ikollar Tnui|s', Temple, Detroit. SO-Feb. 3. 
ikirl.1 Tier. fl. (I. 11.,*. Feb. ft-IO. 
Ihivle. .Major. Poll's, SprlugncM. Mas*., SO-Feb. 

"Ihimlnn, Itotige. Le," Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 
211-Feb. :i. 

Dre-iser, Louise, Proctor's BSlli St., N. Y. C. 
SOFeb. ,'L 

Dnryea A Mortimer, Moore's, I'orilanil, Me., SO- 
Feb. 3. 

Dnrhyelle, I.oa A Fay, Oniheiim, Sprlngllebl, o„ 
SO Feb. a. 

Durnnts. The, Pi-m-tur's SHil St., N. y. ('.. 20- 
Feh. a. 

Duncan. A. O., PriH'tnr's. Alhnny, N. Y., 2ti- 
Fell. 3. 

Dunn, Arthur, Mhos'*, Huffnlo. 20-Feli. a. 

Dimhnrs. Casting (4), llipiiislroine. N. V. C. 211- 
Feb. 10. 

Durand Trln. Kellli's, ClnveUnd. 20-Feti. 3. 

liiUllii-ltedc.ty Trouiie, II. ft S.. N. Y. C, 20 Teh, 

Dnpn-e, Gen. ft Lihby, HIJou, Clinton, I)., so. 

Fell. 3. 
Knrle. Jclin J., ft Mnrle Biirllelt, Oswego, N. Y„ 

20-Feh. .'I: csnaudalgoa. fttn. 
F.nrl. Virginia. Orpln-utn. Hkln.. SO-Feb. 3. 
Kurlc, iMmriiy. o. II.. t'nril.iuil, N. Y., 20-Feh. .7. 
Els-rt. I'riins, A Co., Mnjeslic, CJilcngn, SOFrb. a. 
Eckluiff A Uuiduii, Hnthiiwny's, New Unlfunl, 

Mass., so-Frh, 3; llntliowsy's, I.j.wi-11. r. hi. 
Eiisnii, Harry, <!. '>. 11., Pittsburg. SOFeb 3. 
Kilsnll. Dean, A Co., Orplicmu, New Orlennn, 20- 
Feb. a. 
Kllnnre Sisters. Imperlnl. Bkln,, 20 Feb, 3i II. A 

11.. Hkln., ft 10. 
Eltlnge. .Iiilbin. Wopsmter, Mass., 20-Feb. .'1: 

Kellli's, l'hlla., ft-10. 
Elton. Sum. Moss ft Stall Tour, Kng., 'JOFeli. 2S. 
Elgouns, Los, Melllnl, Hanover, Her., Feb. 1-1.1; 

,\ polio. Dnsselilojf, 111-28. 
Kllswortlis, Four, New HIJou. Wluulpig. Cnn.. 2(1. 

Feb. 3. 
KMrltl, ilonliin, llnymarket, Clilcngu, 211-IYIi. :i. 
Kllls-Nowlan Trio, Or|iheiiin, Isih Angeles, Cnl,, 

SO-Fi-b. 3. 
Elmore A Collroll. BIJou. Ki-wiiiiih>, III., 20-l'eb. 

a: Itijoti. (laleslsirv, III., ft-la, 
Kmermn, Cislulre ft Co.. MoiUin'H.t. VI., 211-Feb, 

EuoiH'lt. Kiigeiu', HosKiti. Full lllver, Mass., SO- 
l'eb. 3; Huston, I ...ivt-H, MO. 

Eintnetl. Urscle, ft Co., Springfield. Mass., SU- 
Feb. .'I; llrldk-i'isicl. .1 III. 

Kraperors of Music il). II. A IL, Bkln., SO I'ch. ;i. 

Lmiilii- i 'Hi Quartern-, Hopkins', .Memphis, Tcun., 

211- Feb. 3. 
I'liii-lre Comedy Four, Empire Tour, |.;ng., 20 Fell, 

Kiiugiiiiircllc, VlMinti, Alls., 20 31; Berlin, flcr., 

Feh. 1-2S. 
Eugli-lou. .Nan, A Co,, Krle, I'a., SO-Feb. 2. 
Ernie ft. I Integer. Crawford, Toocks, Kim.. 20s 

Fell. 3. 
KsiisiihIc. Mr. A Mrs. t',.1., Temple, Del roll, 29« 

Feb. .1; Clink's, Hisdiesier, N. V., 3-10, 
Ksnicrnhln Sisters, flrpbeiini, Mlniieiipnlls, Minn., 

Slil-'eh. 3; Colunihln, ML [.mils, ft. 10. 
Ksirrbnsiks. The. Young's Pier, Atlantic Ollv, N. 

J., SO-Feb. 3. 
Kvniis. Mrs. ft, Leslie, ft Co., Family, N. Y. 0., 

Slll-'eb. ,1. 
Fohici' A Foster, n. O. II., Ind!nnii|s>ll», SOFili. 

Fin, cite Orchestra, Msjesllc, Chicago, su.j-en. n5. 
i'lllllus (SI. Cnslle. BlaslinlllgtOII. III., 211-Feb. 

■■'.; Phillips, Hichniouu, lml.. ft-HL 
Falk, Kleiinnr, I'raciar't, Allsuiy, N. Y., SOl-'eb, 

Fnttiri A Mi-rlnin, (Jryslnl. Logansport, I ml., SO- 
Feli, 3; Crystal, Frankfort, ft-10. 
I'nlri'lillds, The, (Irnml. Humphrey's. Nell,, S0> 
■ FeL. 3: Orpbeum, trmahs, ft-io. 
l-'iuiiiii, Harney, Sliea's, llurrslii, SU-I'eli. 'I. 
Pfimiir Sisters, lllnlln, F.bnlrii. N. Y., Sll-Feb, 3, 
Fi-rrems A Ikig, Victoria, N. Y. fl., 20 leb. 3. 
Fi'liliimn, Harry. Hnlrin, Msas., 211 Feb. a. 
Felix A Hurry Co., I'mrlnr's Stbl St., N. Y. ().. 

20-Feh. 3. 
Ferguson * Mack, Oneen's, Olasgow, ScnL, Feb, 

is si. 

Ferguson A I'aramon*. Olympic, Chicago, 2b- Feb, 

Ferry, Majestic, San Aniotilo, Tev., SO-Feb. 3j 

Hajwlle, Waco, ft Hi. 
I'lcbii ft It'iusoii, Fmnlly, Rpokmie, Wnkti,, 20> 

l-'eli. It Orpheum, Seattle, 0-10. 
Fisher, Mr. A Mrs. Perklps, Mohawk, Helicnec- 

laily, N. Y., Stt-I'eb. 3. 
Flskn ft MiiDonnUgb. Ktnplre, Pslersui, N. J„ 

20-F a ; Majestic, Chicago, ft- Hi. 

ITclils A Hughes. Slur, Hamilton. Cub.. SOFeb. 3. 
1-Tslo-r ft Johnson, Acmlemy, Putlsvllle, I'n., 20* 

Feb. 3. 
Fli'bls A Ward, I'ns-lor's, Newark, N. J., 20- 

Feb 3. 
IToreuz Troupe, Orphntim, llklu., so I'eti. a. 
Fox A Ward, 1Kb. fit. 0. 11. Pblla., SO-Feb. 3. 
Forde. Nellie. Hijuu, Pes Milium, lu.. 2u Feb. 3. 
Fox, Delia, Empire. Ilulsikcii, N. J., 20 leb. a. 
Fur ft Clark, OipUeuni. llklu.. 20- I'el,. X 
I'nrls-s A I'nrbes, Detroit, Midi., 211-Feb. 3 : Ar- 

ciiili-, Toledo, (>„ fl-10. 
"I'mir Seasons," Pull's, Hrlilgi'|K0-t, Cniiti., 20- 

Feb. «. 
I'm ft llugbes, Oniheuni, No. Yaklnin, Wush., 20* 

Feb. Hi. 
I'reilii A Dare, Hcnnoll's, London, Can., 20-Fcb. 

,'l ; Olympic, Cblcugu, Mo. 

Frnnkllu, In , Pastor's, N. Y. 0.. Sll-Keb. 3. 

Frislerlcks, The, BIJou, liny City, Mich., 2IM'i'b. 

l-'raiikfoil A Lnnrl, Acme, Norfolk, Vs., 20-Feh. 3, 

l-'idliie & Ituugv, Kmplrii Tmir, Kug., SO-Feb. S8. 

IViuicIs ft lingers, 'flriii, Lynn, Muss., SOFrb. a. 

Frederick, Paul, Family, Mlllrllle, N. .1., Slll-'eb. 
a; liiially, Lunils'l'tvlltc. ft-Hl. 

t'riink, Murvtdoiis nud bob, II, A IL, llklu., SO- 
Feb. 3; Orpin-urn, IJIIes, N. Y., ft. 10. 

I' A Fruzce. Alcxiilulrln, Did., SM-Fell. ,'L 

Francis, Kmuiii, Affliiblou, Bklu., SOFeb. ".. 

(Inrilner, .lack. MolOstlc, Clilengo, SOFrb. \i. 

Giiylunl, Iluutile, G, I). IL, Inilianii(ioll«, SO-Fi-h, 


lliues A Nelson, Atlantic Harden, N. Y. C, 20- 
Feb. 3, 

Oonliier Btoa.. I'oltslown. Pn., 80-Fcb. 3. 

(laylord, Bonnie, Grand, Inilhuiuisills, Sll-Feb, 3; 
Columbia. Cincinnati. 3-10. 

Gallagher A Barrett, Keith's, Boston, 30-Feb. 3; 
Keith's. N. Y. C„ fl-10. 

fluraoli, Marlon, Columbia, Cincinnati, Feb. 4-10, 

Gardner A Vincent. Casio. Fall lllver, Unas., 30< 
Feb. !l ; Casio, Luwrence, ft- In. 

Gondii's Monkeys, Orpbeum, New Orleans, SU- 
Feb. 3. 

Oiii-reite A Ailiuns, Lyric Cleveland, SO-Feb. 3. 

Gardiner Children CI), Hay City. Midi., 20-Feb. 

Geuoro A Tlieol, Hlissiilrome, Loivlou., 20- 
Feb. 20. 

Gerard , Francis. Proctor's, Newark. N. J., SO, 
Feb. :i ; Proctor's 12.1th St., N. Y, CL, ft-10. 

Gcromc Grent. Family, Pstersnii, N. J., 30« 
Feb. 3. 

Gennro ft Baltev. Prnclor's, Newark, N, J„ SO- 
Feb. 3. ■ 

Gilbert, Bessie, Trent,. Trenton, N. ,L, SOFeb. 3. 

illiwni A Nash. Kntplrc, HI. Paul. SOl-'eb. ,'L 

"tllrl lu the Clauds," Scticueciody, N. Y.. SO- 
Feb. .1; Procior's 23d HI., N. Y. ir,. ft. 10, 

Gtranl. Mnrle, Fnmlly, Hlogx f:ily. Is.. 30-Feb. 3, 

(llit'u'irr A C'nrnill, BIJou, lies Molins. In., SO- 
Feb. 3. , 

Olhson, Alf., Keith's. Providence, SOFeb. 3. 

IIHrny. Hayes A Montgomery. Colonial, N. Y. C, 
SO-Fib. .1; Orphisim, Bkln., MO. 

fllllen, Tom, Durlc, Yolikers, N. Y„ 20-Feh. ». , 



February 3. 

Olbsi.n. .Vir.. Keith's. Providence, 20-Fcb. 3. 
Ullli'ite Hlslcrs, Kinplre, llohukcu, N. J., 29- 

iSfa. a. 

CMeur, 111,, Atlantic Gurdcii, X. Y. C. 20- 

Kih. 3. 
<illll|MTi'ltlx. The. Vlehirln. N. V. ('.. 29-Feb. 3. 
Ulnse. Atigipls. Victoria. N. V. C. 29-Feh. 3. ■ 
liiroroy ft Russell, Family, Bntte, limit., 20-Fcb. 

liohlcn Gate Quintette, Auiltlorluni. Lynn, Mum.. 

2»-r«i»; :i. 

CurJcn * Hayes. HIJoii, Danville, 111., 20 Feb. 3 ; 

Grand. Jollet, n-iu. 
Cnlden ft Hughe*. Cuiunililn. St. Louis, 20-Feb. 

.1; Olympic, Chicajm, 5-10. 
floltbju. Mr. ft Mrs.. B. SI., Karelin, Cal., 29- 

.Feb. 3. 
(lolden, Annie, Orpheuiu, Springfield, O., 20-Frti. 

Coforlli ft Doyle, Are.idc, Toledo, 20-Fcb. 3. 
ISoleiunn'.s Cats ft Dogs, nt. I/>ul», 20-Fcb. 3; 

llByiunrket, Chleugu 010. 
Hinder,. Dun ft Mho, Alain Stieet. I'eorln, 111., 28- 

Feb. 8; BIJou. Den Moines, In.. 0-10. 
Greene & t miMt, Gotham. Ilkln., 20-Feb. 3. 
Uroiory I'r.utbmlnje Co., lion 'ton, Ilkln., 29-Fcb. 

Gratlan ft Willie. Keith's, I'lillu.. 29-Fcb. 3. 
Unyrt, Mnr«-aret, BIJou, Oklahoma, Okla., 20- 

Fob. 3. 
Greeu, Harry, A. ft H., Huston. 20-Fcb. !l. 
Grttse, Uussell J.. Orplieuui. Mansfield, I)., 29- 

fcb. 3; nijnu. Wheeling. W. Vo., 0-1O. 
Crstuini. Hilly & Kdltb, Hub, Woonsockot, n. I., 

20-Feb. >. 
Urconwav, Ily., Canto. Kail Hirer, Mima., 20-Fcb. 

P.: Colonial, Lawrence. 0-10. 
Gross. Win.', Howard, Cblcugo. itfi-Fch. 10. 
lUHJirj. John, Audllorlum, Norfolk, Vo., 29-Fcb. 

Grant. Sydney, Gotham, Ilkln., 29-Fcb. 3; Buvoy, 

Kail Hlver. Mam.. I-IO. 
Gullmi-itc, Sic., Atlantic Garden. N. V. C, 29- 
Feb 8. 
Ilainiminil. Mr. ft Mr*. Chas. IJ.. Academy, Potts- 

vllle, I'tt.. 20-Feh. :i; (iranil, lluzletoii. O-IO. 
"llazordous Globe," KelHi'a. Syracuse, V. Y., 29- 

.Feb. 3; Shea's, IlulTtilu. nil). 
Ilanimntid ft Forester. Majestic, Chicago, 29-Fcb. 

3: Columbia. Hi. Louis, .-,10. 
HaH'fs Marvelous Dni;». u. O. 11.. Oivcnshoro, 

Ky.. 2li- Feb. :i. 
Hathaway ft Walton, Poll's, Wnlcrbury, Cobn., • 

20-Fcb. t. 
Ilntllimn), Hollo, Puslnr's. ft. Y. C. 20-Fcb. 3. 
Harlowc. Beatrice, Family. Ilar.cltoii, I'M., 20- 

Feb. 3. 
lliffl-klns, Ia'W, Kinplre, Fatersoii, N. J., 29-Fcb. 
• 3. 
Hawthorne S. l.nrr. Albiiniljru. X. Y. C, 29- 

Feb. 3. 
Hart ft Union, llomc. Mxlliie. 111., 2H fob. 3; 

Lyric, Lincoln. Nvb.. 6-10. 
lliiMfll Itrun.. 1km Ton. i'lillu., 2ti-r'ub. 3. 
llilbni'k it 1'ariiiietle, Mtnr, llanilltvn, Can., 29- 

Fvb. 3. 
Hillrc-y ft Dohiii', Novelty, Council llluffn, In., 

S9Feb .1 ; Novelty. Unialiu. Neb.; 0-10. 
HarrlRon'K t'onlra, Jcffern, Sagbmw, Mich., 29- 

Feb. 3. 
lliiymiin & Franklin. IliitliuvruyV, Lowell, Uma., 

20-Veb. 3 ; 1'nstor'n, N. Y. C, 0-1O . 
lliirrlaon. Mrnnlc, Kellti'H, I'lillu.. 29-Kcb. 3, 
llari-ourl. Dulny. 11. ft S., N. 1. C, 29-Fcb. 3; 

Howard, Muslim. o-IO. 
ll»»tlii|;s k Huron, Flum's, Mndlaon, Win., 29- 

Feb. 3. 
llnllbuck ft I'nriiuelli'. Star, Iluuillton, Cull., 

29-Fcb. ": London, 5-IO. 
Iliirjwr, Di".iuo'id f: Iliilley, lliiilinivny's, Now 

HclforU. jiass., 20-Fcb. 3. 
Hafllriay i l^npapl, ICleiieyx Ilkln., 2tlFcb. 3. 
Hamlllun & Wiley. BIJou, TA'lcblla, Kan., 29- 

Feb. :t: liljuu, tiilubonia Clly. O. T., 0-10. 
Hall ft Colburn. t.rnin!. lliiinlltoii, U., 29-Feb. 

:<: Urt'beinn. .S|irlhi(flelil. 0-1O. 
Hiiin-.v ft Haiiey, Miinhutlaii. Norfolk, Vn., 29- 
Fcb. 3. 
Hill. Artie, ti. O. II.. Indlannpollii, Feb. Old. 
Il.ivdcn Vlrslnl.i. Urpbeiliu, St. Paul. Mluu., 29- 
Fcb. .1. 
HitrrliiKton, Dan. J.. Pull's, Hartford, Cuuu., 29- 
Feb. 3. 
Ilallmnn .1 liiinelia. Pnuluckcl, It. I.. 29-Feb. :i. 
Hcmiiunii. (ii-eui, llopkliih', 1-ouUrllle, Ky., 29- 

b'eb. .'I: Orphetim. Denver. Old., 0-1O. 
lli-rnuniy'M Dogn. Imperial. Ilkln.. 29-Fcb. 3. 
HertoB-f'tiiniira* Hlnlern (1), Fall Itlver, Mass., 

211 leb. 3 : Mhcu'e. Uutlnlo. 0-10. 
llereell. Jerrr 1L. Star. Atcblaoii, Knn„ 29-Fcb. 

3;' llljon. Wleliltn, 0-10.' 
llerbeil, Uljnu. La Crosw, Wis., 29-Feb. 3; 

T'lilijiie. Kuu Clulre. 010. 
llri'livrl'a Dobs, Oriilieiuii, l.os Aiigelu*, Cal., 211- 

Fid). 3. ' . 

HcHftce llitw.. l'uslijr's.. N. Y. C. 29-Feb. 3. 
HiMTrnli. Tom. CrynlHl. Frnnkforl, 1ml., 29-Feb. 3; 

llljon, KubtiuauM, Midi.. 0-10. 
Hew. flliirn. Hayinurkel.Clib-aifo. 29-Feb. 3. 
llelston ft Floml. Atlunilc Garden. N. Y. C„ 29- 
Feb. 3. 
Hllliuaii, Oeo., Temple, Ft. Wnync, lud., 29-Feb. 

lllimuii. Cuiii. tilduoy, Electric, Waterloo, la., 

29-Feb. 3. 
Hlllyei-H till, Sbeiiandoali, Pa., 29-1'eb. 3. 
lt|i*o.v ft Nelson, lliiymtirket, ChleaRo. 29-Feb. 3. 
Illll ft Muck, llljon, Norfolk, Vn.. 29-Feb. 3. 
HtlUe. Mile.. (.1. II.. CliniupulKli. III.. 2» l\'li. 3. 
HolikjiiilK 1 . Curtl" ft Webb, rroctur's OSlb HI., N. 

Y. t;.. 2fl-Fvli. 3. 
IIoihIIiiI, Kellh'H. -X. Y. C. 29-Feb. 3. 
llolluiiil, /ay. lioihaiii. Ilkln., 20-Fcb. 3; Savoy , 

Full Itlver. Mhhh.. O-IO. 
1 loch -Kilo a Co.. JicUh'K. N. Y. C, 29-Feb. 3; 

MiUeslle. Clilenbo. O-lll. 
Ilownnl llroH.. II. ft H.. N. Y. C, Feb. O-IO. 
Ifouunl, Harry, lialely, Spilin-aeld, 111., 29-Feb. 


Howard ft Uullierfonl, Cryslnl, Milwaukee, 29- 

Feli. 3: Cnlu I, .So. Ctilrtigo. HI., 010. 

llolmen llros.. Tealro I'tiyivt, lluvuim, Qubu. 29- 
Feb. 3. 

llnmkry-llerjeru Co., Ot'idiciiiu, Kanaaa City, Mo„ 
Feb. O-IO. 

Holinaii, Harry. U. II. II., Cavlwudalc, l'a.. 010. 

llni«li. ll™. II.. O. II., Oswego, K. Y., 20-Fcb. 
.'1; Fill I on, 010. 

Howard ft Norlb, Kellli's, lkwlou, 29-Feb. 3. 

lloKunl'H Dutw ft Ponies, liellh'B, Cleveland, 29- 
Feb. 3 : Temple, Detroit, 010. 

I joey ft Lee. Trent, Trenton, N. J.. 29-Feb. .1. 

lliiwiirtls. Marvelous, ti. 0. II.. Indianapolis. 29- 
Feb. 3. 

lloliiu-s, Taylor, Kellirs. N. Y. C, 20-Fcb. 3. 

ll.i.lm> Mr. ft Mrs., Hityiiinrkcl, CIiIvuro, 29- 
Feb. 3. 

nucha. Musical. Keith's. N. Y. C, 29-Feb. 3. 

Ibu-lns, .Mr. ft Mrs. Nick, Crystal, Anderson, 
iml.. 2ti-Feli. 3. 

Hyde, Hob ft llerthii, Kinplre, No. Adams, Mass., 
20- Fob. 3. 

llyluiuls 131. llljon. liiilnili. Minn., 20-Feb. 3; 
llljon, Wlniilpitf, Can.. 010. 

Hyde ft IIimIIi. IUJoii, WIuh-IIiii:, W. Vk., 20-Feb. 
3; nitstiirg. 0-10. 

luncss ft It.vmi, Mnjcsllc. Waco, Toy., 29-Feb. .'I. 

Jaiues. '1\-S8le, llljt.u, Full Itlver, Mass.. Feb. 

Jaok. Mr. X Mrs.. Itljmi. Dubuinie, la.. 29-Feb. 3 

Jni'ksoii*. 1'nnious, Pmclor'a 23il Street, N. Y. 
C. Feb. 010. 

,lnt'idw' l>o>rs, tirphciini. Uklii., 20Feb. 3. 

Jdnsi'ii. I-lerr, "Yiilitwlovvn, Ok, 20-Fcb. :i. 

JenuliiK" ft llenfrew, Family, Shainokln, l'a., 
Feb. O-Ui. 

.tn: Hm. II., "rpliemn. Ilkln.. 20-l-'eli. 3. 

JeXo.ll's Mivulkllis. 1'iwlor's OKIh SI.. N. Y. C. 
29-Feb. 3. 

.leiinluf' ft Jewell. Yale's. Kansas Clly. Mo., 29- 
Feb. 3 : People's. Parsons. Kan., .VIO. 

Johnson, Carroll. Keith's, llosluu. 29-Feb. il; Tom- 
pie. Delioll. O-lo. 

JuIiiisoiis. Mu»leul. lliirriisfnril Tour, Kug.. 29- 
Feh. 2S. 

Jonlaii ft Harvey, Pnvllloii. Isindon. Hug.. 29- 
Feb. 2S. 

.loiiesft .Sutton. O. .11.. Norwich. Conn.. 29-Feb. 3; 
'i. II. . New Loudon 0-10. 

Julians. The. I'libnie. Wiiinlia'K, Can.. 211-Feb. 1. 

l\.-tes Iiros.. Slur. Ilainllloii. Can., 29-Feb. 3; 
Howard, llo«ton, 0-10. 

Uaufmiin. lleba. Aihninbiu, London, Kug.. 20- 
Feb. 2S. 

Iwiufiosii Troti|M'. Keith's, lloslon. 20-Feb. 3. 

Kartell!. Ilounrlier's, Vienna, Ana.. Feb. 1-2K. 

koh'y. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred. Uriilieiiiu. New 

Ketijon ft Lie (inriuo. Olympic, Chicago, 

3: Columbia, Si. Louis, 0-10. 
Kceley. LIMlnn. liindeiiluirsliV. Phlla., 29-Feli. 3. 
Kelly * !Cela<.y. Klajto, Eluilra. N. V.. 20-Feb. 3. 
Kelly.' W. (,'., Oothsm, Ilkln., 20-rtb. 3. • 
Keller's Jdim, Shea's. Tonuilo. Can.. 29-1'eb. 3. 
Keiif. K. Miller, ft Co., Keith's. 1'rovMcncc, 20- 
Feb. ,'i. ' 
ICei nedy ft Wlble. Howard, lloslon, 20-Feb. 3. 
Kern's Dobs. Keith's, l'lilla.. 29-Feb. 3. 
Kelly ft Kt-nt. Temple. Detroit. 2ll-Feb. 3. 
Khema ft Cole, HopklpB', Loularllle, Ky., 20- 
Feb. 31 ' ' ■ 
Klnc, Mr. ft Mrs. Ham, O. II.,, l'a., 

29-Feb. 3. 
Klppy. Mnjcsllc, Chleopn, JJIi-Feb. 3. 
Kloa-NcrK, The. Ottawa, Shenitndoali, l'a.. 20- 

Feli. 3! I'amlly, s. Y.. 0-10. 
Klnxsley * IjcwIs, Wbllney'a, Flteliburg, Mass., 

20 Fell. .1; Colonial. Lawrenee, 0-10. 
Kloet Slaters, orjdienui, Omaha. 20-Fcb. 3. 
Klein ft Clifton, Ilivinnrkrt; Chicago, 29-Feb. 3 ; 

Columbia. Ht. Isiula, 0-10. 
Klelp ft Klein. .International. Cblcago, 20-Fcb. 3. 
Klekko ft Frcvul, Ofidieum, Salt Luke, V., Feb. 

Klelst, Musical. 11 lyninrkil. Cblcago. 29-Fcb. 3. 
Ktio\ Itros.. llljon. Ajiplerou, Wis.. 29-Feb. 3. 
Kuenllors, The, New O'Haia, Sbenandoab, l'a., 

29-Fcb. 3. 
Kokln, Vlp:oneltc. Oroheum, New Orleans, 29- 
Feb. 3. 
Kidllns. KlaK lien's. F.sennaba, Mich., 20Feb. 2; 

ltljon. Cjlumcl. O-lo. 
Kn|ipo, Xelscli, Siirlnclleld, Mass.. 20-Fcb. 3. 
Kuril- ft ISiixs". .Mobuwk. Schenectiidy, N. Y., 
29-Fob 3: Proctor's 2.'ld St.. N. Y. C. 510, 
La Mur. Wayne. Imperial, Lendvllle, Col.. 20. 

Feb. 3; Crystal, Seilalla, 0-10. 
La CMC ft West. A. ft S.. Boston, 211-Feli. 3. 
l-iiskev's Mnslelniis, Keith's, Pllllu.. 20-Fcb. 3. 
LatvreiK-e ft West, Bon Ton. Phlla.. 20-Feb. 3. 
La. (.'lair ft Hnrdt, Orpheiun, Utlcu, N. Y., 29- 

■Va. 3. 
1. 1 I'rul.N. I'mil. Family. 1'uksiiIc. X. J., 20-Feb. 3. 
Lawman ft Kwlug. llljon. Decatur, ill.. 29-Fcb. 

3; People's, Cedar Itapuls. la.. 0-10. 
La Tell Iiros.. Weston's. Los Angeles. Cnl., 29- 

Feb. .'! ; Weston's. IliteisUelO. O-III. 
•.a Motbe Trio, Arcade. Toledo. O.. Feb. 4-10. 
Tjimhert ft I'leree, Oranil. Jollet, III.. 20-Feb. 3; 

C;is[].-, ll]ci"iiiln»-lr.ii. 3-10. 
Lawrence ft Harrington, Kuiidrc, Hobuken, N. J.. 

211-Feb. 3. 
La Velles, The. Alluiillc Garden, X. Y. C. 20- 

l-'eb. 3. 
Ijiiu-iKtei'. Tom., llljon, Osbkosh. Wis., 29-Feb. 

3: lllluii. Api.Ieton. n-lu. 
Ijillun, Mill'., l'rmri.or.'s 1201b SI., N. Y. C, 29- 
Fcb. .'I ; 1 lowiird. Iloston, 0-10. 
Liii'si-n Sisters, Moure's. Portland. .Me.. 20-Fcb. 3. 
Latouii, Frank ft Jon, Cleveland, 29-Feb. 3; Buf- 
falo, 0-10. 
I-a Flnir. New llrllnln. Oan., 20-Fcb. 3. 
Liivulls. The, Canterbury, Isjndon. 29-Feb. 
3; Pal.. Ulnckiiool. 0-H); Pal., Northampton 12- 
17 ; l'al., Duilley. 10-2-1. 
Lavlue ft l.ooiiard, Keith's, Jio-fon, 20-Feb. 3., llanlle. Majestic Hot Springs, Ark., 29- 
Feb 3; Majestic, Dallas. Tex., 010. 
LnniMon. Kleuuor. BIJou, Wichita, Kan.. 20-Fcb 

3! Oltlnlinuiu, Okln.. r-10. 
l.awlor. Cltns., ft DnuKhlers, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 

211-Feb. 3. 
Ln lllnos (2) Kkposltlou, Toiickn, Kan., 29-Fcb. 

lJiiy. Hsrty. & Co.. KeeneVs. Bkln., 29-Fcb. 3. 
lai elle. Hlw.. Maji-stle. Waco, Tex., 2UFeb. 3; 

.Mnjeslle. Ft. Worlli. S-IO. 
Law ft .Sii/.lnclle, Crystal, Denver, Col., 29- 
Feb. 3. 
la Voile Trio. Shea's, Buffalo. 211-Feb. 3. 
l.loyil, Herbert, .Mesa ft Stoll Tour, Kng.. 29-Feb. 

I*lfel Trio. Kusoli's. Clilengo, Feb. -1-10. 
Lc Clulr. Harry. Orphcum, Mluuea|sjlls. Minn., 

211-Feb. ". ; (Irphenm. Oninhn. Xeb., 0-10. 
l*slor. Harry B., Orphcum. Bklu.. 29-Feb. 3. 
Leon ft Cliondii Hula, Orpheum, Suit Lake City, 

II.. 211-reb. 3. 
Lewis, lieorgla Cliarterls, Hopklus', Louisville, 

Kj".. 20-Keb. 3. . 
I.e Driiu's tlrnnd Oimtii Trio, Orpbeuni, Loa Aii- 

gidcs, Cal.. 20-Feb. 3. 
Le Hoy ft I.e Vtinlou, Kinplre, Hoboken, N. J., 

211-Feb. 3. 
Iiecver. !.eii, Atlantic Garden, X 
Leoubardt. Al, Iiltou. IJulucy, 

llljou. Decatur, 0-10. - 
Lewis ft Cliaplu, Evunsvllle. lud.. 29-JCeb. 3. 
1* Claire, .Muifgle, Kinplre, St. Paul. 20-Feb. 3. 
Lewis ft llarr, Oi'pheuni, Portsmouth, O., 29 

Feb. 3. -, 
Is- liny ft Woodford. Cook/s, lloehcster, N 

Feb. 3; Temple. Ix-teoll. 0-70. ' 
I.e. lie, Dili ley ft Co., Colonial, N. V. C, 

Lewis. The. Yiaikcrs, X. Y... 29-Feb.. 3. 
I.ciiiiini ft Kdw'ards. Keith's, I'rovldence. 20-Feb. 3 
l*on, liny, Proctor's. Newark. N. J., 20-Fcb. '•'■ 
la-vhsi, Dolpli ft Susie, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 20- 
Feb. 3. 
Levy, Mi's. Jules, ft Co., Jucksou, Mlcli., 29-Fcb. 

Leonard, (ills. Hipp., Brighton, Fug.. Feb. 0-10; 

I'uv.. Newcastle. 12-17; Tlv., Leeds, 19-2-1. 
Leitau, I'ustor's. N. V. t'.. 29-Feb. 3. 
I. IV, Slella. llM.vniai'ko!. Chicago. 29-Fcb. 
l^-e. In'ue. KeeueyV. Ilkln.. 20-Feb. 3. 
Loonm-il. llniT, Keith's, lloslon. 29-Foli. 3 
U- Main.- ft Le Malic, Majestic. Houston, 
2li-Feli. 3; .Majestic. San Antonio, O-IO. 
Lewis, 'Mildred. Oriibeum. SI. I'mil. 211-Feb. i 
l.isniaid ft Hastcdo, Phillips, Kiehnniud, .lud. 

Feb. 3; Aincrloun. ChlcaKO, 0-10. 
U-sllc's porcine Circus, Uljuu. .Evausyllle, lnd., 

20-Feb. .'1; Lyric, Terrellaule, ;0-10;> 
Uv. Henry. Keith's. Phlla., 29-Feb .3. 
I.el-.'hloiis 13). liotbam. Bkln., 29-Feb. 3. 
Little Black Man. Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 

Feb. 3. 
LUhnitlim*. The. la'avenworlb, Kan., 29-Feb 

Kniisss Clly. B-10. ■ • 

LiUleOolil. C. W., Trent. Trenton, N. J., 29-Feb. 

Link. Hilly. II. ft S., N. Y. ('... 20-Fcb. 3. 
Lindsay ft l*si. Ini|K-riul. Ilkln., 20-Feb. 3. 
LiildSay's Doirs ft Monkeys. Majestic, San Antonio, 

Tex., 20-Keb. 3; Majestic. Wuco, 0-10. 
Love ft Hollas. Unique, Winnipeg;, Can., 20-Feb. 

S; t'uluuc. Brandon. Can., 0-10. 
UWI ft i '..I ton. Victoria. N. Y. C. 211-Feb. 3. 
Uuiclillii. Atiiui. Impi'i'lul, Hklu,, 29-Feb. !!. 
Uirrl Trio. Family, Carboudnle, Pn., 20-Feb.3. 
Lombard Bros., O. IL. ltoek Island. 111.. 20- 

Feh. 8. 
I.tikvnti (41, Vlclorla, N. Y. C. Feb. O-IO. 
I.niies. K'l. ft Ilnrel. Lyric. Llneoln. Neb., 20- 
Feb. 3; Crysfil, SI. Joe, Mo„ B-10. 
I.isi- ft Luis'. Hljnu, l'.vansvlllc, lnd., 29-Fcb. 3 ; 

Main St.. Peoria, HI.. 0-10. 
Lucy ft Liieler. Orpheum, Kansas City, Mc. 

Feb. .«. 
LiK'ler, .Mr. ft Mrs. Freil. Kellli's. N. Y'. C. 

Feb. 3; Keith's, Cleveland. 0-10. 
I.yiiili ft Leonard, Auditorium, Norfolk, Vn. 

Fell. 3. 
I.uciiils, Tin'. BIJoil. llulnlh. Minn.. 211-Feb, 
I.; si or ft Cm.ko. Crystal. St. Joseph. Mo.. 

Feb. :•: Inlernatliiml. Chh-ego. .1-10. Sl-lers, Chase's. Washington, D. 

2li-Fcl.. 3: Maryland. Hallo., 0-lu. 
Lynch. Ureal. Knipire. I'nlerson. N. J., 20-Feb. St. 
MnsiHi-Kelcr C-., Pnvlllnu, Isnslou, Kng.. 20- 

Fe'i. ."■ ; I'nlnee, Isindou, 0-2S. 
Mirtlue Ill-others. Biirriisford Tour, YUi\;.. 20-Feb, 

Mimbllt. Mme., Prwlur'a 23d St.. X. Y. C. 2H- 

•Fel». 3. 
"Mnscoi .Moth." Alhuiubni, N. Y. t: , 20-Feb. 3, 
Maaitx ft Maaetle. Cidnnbil. X. V. >'.. '.'O-Feb. 3. 
Marllere. 141TB. Tlvoll, HuOalo. 20-Feb. il. 
Manvru, I'uluiio. Santa Clara, Cal.. 20-Feb. 3. 
Mack Juliii ft Carrie. Crystal, Detroit. Mich.. 2D- 

Feb. :i; IntcrnutlcuaL Chlcnco. 0-10. 
Muck ft Duval. Flora's. Madison. Wis., 20-Feb. ". 
Maek, Bildk-. Kellli's. Ikiston. 20-FeK .1. 
Mailiowa ft Ashley. Colonial, X. Y. C. 20-Feh. 3. 
Maminril Family. O. II.. Lowell. Mass.. 20-Feb. Ik 
Mnhiiiicy ft Lake, Family. Unite, Mniit.. 20-Fcb. 

2U-Fcb. Jl.obleLs, The. 

Maulialtau, Norfolk, Vn., 29-Feb. 
29 -Feb. 3 ; 

Mnv ft Miles. Cni'iue. Wlunlpeg. Can 

Ualniie, Kuiajrlop. Wla., B-IO. 
Marfy/ic. Rddy, Olympic. So. Heinl, lnd.. 201eb. 

Marcus ft Adelle. Ilrnnett's, I«n<lon, Can., 20- 
Feb. 3; liamlllon. 5-10. _ 
Msrilneitl ft Sylrester. Oridienm. 8L Paul, 29- 

Mario 'ft'Aldo, Lleblcb's. Breslaii. Cer.. Feb. 1-2S. 


Uamsey Sl.i-rs. llljou, Dos M es. la., 20-I-eb. 3. DOV'S TFRRTRI P IT^t?** . 

Kan-son ft Jupo. O. P- II., Itidl«unpoIIa. 29-Feb- 3. JBU I O lfinHlOLC JKLZEM A 

K««tu« ft Bants. Iloyrl. Oldham. 20-I-eb. ■■■ ■ """l. 


Y. C. 20-Feb. :!. 
111.. 20-Fcb. 3; 

. Y.. 29- 









Mai:ee. clem C. Glvlie. St. Louis HI.. Feb. 

Mumit'n Monkeys ft Dogs, Louisville. Ky 
Feb. 3; Pittsburg, S-IO. 

Massey ft Kremer. Orpbeuin, Manafleld, O.. 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Manama, Nevnro ft Mareena, Orpheum, Los An- 
sales. Cal., 211-Feb. 3. • 

Marlon ft Dean, Cnlnmet. So. Chicago. III., Feb. 0- 

Mnrllnnl Sisters. C. O. IL. Plltsburf. 20-Feb. 3. 

Mararl. W. II. , ft Co.. Trent, Trenton, 'N. J., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Mnck. Toby. Unyinarkct, ChkaKo. 20-Feb. 3. 

.Male. Bonnie. Mijestlc. Chicago. 29-Feh. :l. 

MeClellr.i, Jni.. llljou, Dululh. Miuu.. 20-Feb. 3. 

MeCcen ft Poole, Lyric. Cleveland. 29-Feb. 3. 

Mcilriiili Bros.. Keith's. Boston, 29-Feb. I| 
Keith's. Providence. 0-l». . 

McDemiolt. W. J.. Kcllh's. X, Y. C. 29-leb. 3. 

Mi-fluc 4 Cahlll. Oniheiini, Omaha. 20 Feb. 3. 

McCarthy. Myles. ft Co.. Majestic, Little Hock, 
Ark.. 29-Feb. 3. .„. _ 

XlcKlnnon ft Iteed. BIJou, Crecn Bay. \V!»., 20- 
Feb. 3. ft Chappelle. II. ft S.. Bkln.. 29-Feb. J. 

McDado ft Welcome. A. ft K.. Boston. 29-Fcb. 3. 

MeCune ft Grant. BIJou. Hancock, Mich., 29-lcb. 
:ir llljou. Marquette. 0-10. 

MrCloud. Ueuevlevc. Family, Palerson, N. J., 29- 
Feh. 3. . _ „ 

SlcDowi-ll, Melbourne, ft Co.. U. 4 S.. N. Y. C. 
211-Feb. 3. 

.Meeker-Uukcr Trio, Jetfcrs, Ssjjluaw, Midi., 20- 

Vel '- '- .- ^ „ 

Melville ft Stetson. Proctor's 23d St. N. J. C 
20-Feb. 3. „ 

Melinl Trio. Hopkins'. I^ulsville, Ky., 20-V e>>. — 

Meredith Sisters. Aisdlo. Purlin, iX'r.. Feb. 1-28. 

.Melville ft Azelle, Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo.. 20- 
Feb. 3. „ 

MssioMK Bovs' Trio, Keith's, Provhlcnce, 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Meiers ft Mora. Grand. Bolston. lftw.. 2!i-Veb. 
3: Tlv.. Barras. O-lll; Kmi'., York, 121,; 
Gaiety. Birmingham. 10-21. 

Mcers '31. Keith's. Cleveland, 20-Feb. 3; Tem- 
ple. Detroit, 0-HI. 

Mllotis ill. An.phloii, Bkln.. 20-Feh. 3. 

Mitchell ft Cilu, lknnelfs, i»ndon. Can., 29- 
Feb. 3. • 

Miller, "ll^slictli. tirnnd. Pollslown, Pa.. 31; 
Mabanoy Clly Fob. 1. 

Mlteliells (3), oriilic'iiu, San Fran.. Cal.. 29- 
Feh. 10. 

Miller. Ilrnwniiig ft Fay Co., Bcnaelt's. I-oudon, 
I'jiii.. 29-Feb. 3. 

"lllllur Bros.. Star, Hamilton. Can.. 20-Fcb. 3. 

Mllehell ft Marrou, Poll's. SprlngticlU, Mass.. 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Millmin Trio. Proctor's. Xll-any. K. Y., 29-Fcb. 
3; Au-lltoriqin. Lynn. Mass.. "10. 

Mlllerslilp Sisters, llownnt. Hosteii, 29-Feb. 3. 

Millla Bros. (8). BIJou, Dos Moiues. la., 29-Feb. 
3: Dubuque. 0-10. 

Mitchells. DnnehiK. liu|srlil. Ilkln.. 20-Feb. :i. 

Mills ft Morris, nrphcum. KaUFas Clly. Mo-. 29- 
Feb. :i; Onibeuai. Omaha. Neb.. 3- 10. 

MIolt'K lAam. Majestic. Clilcmw. 20-Feb. 3. 

Morn. L Jerome. ni|on. Wliecllng, W. Vn., 29- 
F..h. '■',: Grand. I'lllsburc. 0-in. 

Morgui! ft Crane. Odcou, Dayton. O.. 29-Feb. 2. 

Mowatta (Oj. Proctor's OStli St.. X. Y. C. 29- 
Feb. 3; Aiiiphhiii. Bkln.. il". 

Morrcll ft, On'hcuiu. Denver, Col., 29-Feb. 

Morrison. John, JenVrs, Saginaw, Mich., 20-Feb. 

Bar, L. Jerome. Grand, Humlllon. ()., 29-Fcb. 3; 

U. t). IL. I'lllslmrg. Pa.. 0-10. 
Moznrts, Finl ft Kvn, Cuair D'Alene, Spokane. 

Wash.. Feb. 5-20. 
Monroe, Gio. W.. Savoy. Fall River. Mass., 29- 
Feb. 3; Gotham. Bklu.. 0-10. 
Morris ft Morris. Green Tree, Olyinplii, Wash., 

2H-Feb. I». 
Montague's Cockatoo Circus, Orrin Iiros., Mexico, 

Mex.. 211-Feb. 10. 
Morton ft Johnson. Auditorium, Norfolk, Vs., 29- 
Feh. 8. 
Murphy. Mr. ft Mrs. Mark, Howard, Boston, 29- 
Feh. 3: Keith's. Providence, 0-lu. 
Murphy ft Orphcuiu. Omaha. 29-Feb. 3. 
Murphy ft- Andrews, Keith's, Prurldencc, 29-Fcb. 

Murray, bllzabcth, Hopkins'. Louisville, Ky.. 20- 
Feb. 3. 
Murphy ft Magee. Seattle. Wash.. Feb. 0-10. 
Murray ft Clarion. Family. N. Y. C. Feb. 0-10. 
Mullen ft Corelll. Shea's, Toronto. Gnu.. 29-Feb. 3. 
"Mysterious Sphere," Moore's. Portland, Mc, 29- 
Feb. 8. 
"Myslerlona Crucible." Jk'iinett's, Loudon. Can., 

20-Feb. 3. 
Nnyiion, Hosii, Svea. Stoekliolm. Swell.. Feb. 1-28. 
Navajo Girls. Ilavmarket. I'hb-sgo, 29-Fcb. 3. 
Nelsons (ll. Shea's. Buna In. 29-Feb. 3. 
Newman. Jus.. Orpbeuni. I.o- Angeles, CuL, 29- 

Feb. 3; iiiphriim, Kansas City. Mu., 0-10. 
Ned ft Miller. Poll's. Worcester. Mass.. 29-Feh. 3 : 

lMlea. N. V.. 0-10. 
Nelson. ''Battling." Ilowanl. Boston. 20-Feb. 3. 
Xewrll ft Xlblo. Majestic. Sun Aulonlu. Tex.. 29- 
Fcb. 8: Mnjestlc. Ft. Worth. O-IO. 
New York Newsboys' Quartette. Proctor's. New- 
ark. It. .1.. 20-Feb. 3; Proctor's 08th St.. N. 
V. C. O-'.u. 
Nellson, May, Wagner. Kansas City. Mo., 20-Fcb. 

Xlblo. Fred. Shea's. Toronto. Can.. 20-Feh. 8. 
Nlcliols Sinters. Albaii'.bra, N. Y. C, 29-Feb. 3; 

liiipeilal. Ilkln.. 10. 
"Nlttlil in Venice" Trio, Columbia, Cincinnati, 

29-Feb. 3. 
Norton ft Nicholson. Keith's, Uoslou. 29-Feb. 3 ; 

Park. Wi.reester, 0-10. 
Normans. Juggling. Uruhrum. Omaha. 20-Feb. 3. 
Nobles. Mr. ft Mrs. Milton. Kinplre. Patersou, N. 

J.. 20-Feb. "; Kinpln-. Hoboken. 0-10. 
Nnc-ross. Hlaiii ft Iji Mar, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 20- 
Feb. 8. 
KsMsnl, J. C. ft Co. Trent. Trenton. X. J.. 29- 
Feh. 8; Fmpire. Hoboken. 0-10. 
Xve, Ne.1. ft Co.. Vleterln, K Y. C. 29-Feh. 3. 
nlllvors 181, Family. I'oterson. N. J., 29-Feb. 3 
Onlow Trio linjK'rlal. Bkln.. 29-Feb. 3. 
Grvlllo ft Frank. ' Howard. Boston. 29-Fcb. 3. 
Orpheus Comctlv Four, Keith's, N. Y. C 29-Feb. 

Orvlllw. TV, BIJou, Win- Hug. W. Vs., 29-Fcb. 

Olio Bros.. Chase's, Washington. D. C„ 20-Feb. 

Burnette Trio, Olympic 






leans, [.a.. 29-Feb. :i ' Orpheum. Omaha, Xeb., 

Kenna. Charles. Kellli's. Cleveland. 29-Feb. 3. 

Komio. Walsh ft Melrose. Keith's, I'rovldcuce, 29- 
Foli. 3: Keith's.. I'lillu.. 0-10. 

lien lull. Dorolhy. Orpliouiii. Ilkln.. 29-Feh. 3; Al- 
limnbrii. N V. «'.. B-IO. 

Kellv ft llono. Doric. Vonkers. X. V.. 20-Feh. 8. 

Kelly. John T.. Olympic. Chicago. 2»Feh. .".. 

Kelly ft Kelsey. Illnlto. F.lmlrn. N. V., 29-Feb. 3. 

Kelly. Sum ft Ida. O. II. . PotUiown. Pn., '.IL 
Famllr. Mnhnnov Clly. Feb. 1-3; Family. Sba- 
iiH.klu. ."Hi. 

Ki-llv ft Ashby. Moss ft Thoi-liloli Tour. Fug.. 20- 
Feb. 28 

Kelly. Wnlter. C. Auipblmi. Hklu., 211 Feb. 8; 
Ilaryluud, Hallo., Mil., 5-10. 

Mnlthews ft Harris. AuditoHiiui, Lynn, Mass., 20- 
Feb. ::. 

Macaw* Slslers (81. Kellli's. Phlla.. 20-Feh. .1. 

Masters ft DeiiiiimL Ft. Worlli, Tes.. 20-Fcb. :: ; 
Little Rock. Ark.. 0-10. 

Madcaps tin, Howard, lloslon. 29-Feb. 3; Park, 
Worri'Mer. Mass., 0-10. 

Ma leal le Trio. Aniphlon. Ilkln., 211-Feb. 3; Family, 
Patersou. X. J.. O-lo. 

Marlins. Aerial. Idea. Ostikosb. Wis.. 29-Feb. 3. 

Mastcy * Kramler, Orplieuui. Mansllcld, 0., 20- 
Feb 3; Orpheiun. Springfield. B-10. 

Mare ft limns. Pastor's. X. Y. C. 20-Feb. 3. 

Mnnslleld ft Wlilmr, llnii'lie. Holoken, N. I- 
20-Feb. .1. 

Maey ft Hall. Alhaiiibrn. N. V. C. 20-Feb. 3. 

Miisiiotiald. .las. T., Alhamhru, N. Y. (!.. 29 FoK 

Manlell's Marlonelles. llljou. Martinet le. Mich. 

I'll fob. ri; Grand. Milwaukee. Wis.. Olu. 
Msevidlo ft Gtcnsou. Family, llstleteit. Pn.. 20- 

Feb. .1; Faiidly. Ciirlvudule. 10. 

Marco Twins, Columbia, Ciuclaoatl, Feb. 0-10, 

O'ltourhe ft llumetle Trio, Olympic, Chicago, 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Parker's Pog Circus, Chase's, Wusblnglou, D. C., 
20-Feb. 8. 

I'nlly Bros.. AlliHinhri. N. Y. C, 29-Feb. 3. 

l'tiolo ft Mtirlow. rirplieiiui, Minneapolis, Minn., 
29-Feb. 3. 

Parker ft Adnnis, Munhattiin, Norfolk, Vn., 20- 
Fcb. 3. 

Parkers. The, Slur. Hamilton. Can.. 20-Feb. 3. 

I'areos Bros.. Temple. Detroit, 29-Feb. 3. 

Pellet ler. Dora, Auditorium, Lynn, Macs., 29- 
Feb. .1. 

Pink's Marionettes, Bradciibiirgb's, Phlla., 20- 
Feb. .1. 

Pelsen Zouaves, 0. O. IL, Indianapolis, 29-Feb. 
3: OohiiiiWu. Cincinnati. 0-10. 

1'olohlnc Bros.. Pastor's. X. V. C. 29-Feb. 3. 

Print, t'lisl ft Annie. Keith's. X. Y. C. 29-Feb. 
8: Maryland. Hallo, Mil.. 0-10. 

Perry. L. 1... L'uhiue. Minneapolis, Minn., 20- 
Feb. 3. 

Phillips ft Ferlniidean. Ftup.. Sun Fran., Cal., 
29-Feb. 10. 

l'lecnlu M Llcets. Cook's. Koclustcr. X. Y.. 20- 
Feb. 3; I'hicigo. 010. 

Plenv ft Hoslyn. Ainphhsi. Bkln.. 20-Feh. ;j. 

Pler-e ft Mi.lzie Victoria. X. Y. C. 29-Fel.. 3. 

I'leree ft 0;ip. Keith's. ProvKlence. 2PFeb. 3. 

I'lhvr. Harry. Hathaway's. Xcw Ikslfonl. Mass.. 
3D -Feb. 3; Aiulllnrlnia. Lynn. 0-10. 

Pitcher. Orvllle. Hem. Mass.. 29-Feh. 3. 

Plchlnnl Slslers. II. O. 11.. Pllisbiirg. 20-Frli. 8. 

Powers ft Jones, ftarrlck. I'.urllngti.u. la., 2U- 
Feb. .".. 

Potter ft Harris. Keith's llo.lim. 20-Feb. 3. 

Powell. Harry. A. ft S.. lloslon. 20-Feh. 3. 

Pimers ft Thevlmld. iiiully. Ijmcasler. Pa.. 29- 
Fib. t: O. V... IVttstown. 5-10. 

Poster Girls. Imperial. Bkln.. 20-Feb. 3. 

I'rynrs, The. Kinplre. Patersou. X. J., 20-Feb. 3. 

Prince. Arthur. Victoria. X. V. t\, 29-Feb. 3. 

"Prince of Pllsrn Girls." Clisse's. Wusblnglou, 
D. C.. 2!>-Feli. 8. 

1'r.dlo's Uaass. ''..l-ilnl.ln. Clacluiiall. 201Vh. 8. 

Pi-, bst. Proctors. Newark. N. J.. 29-Feb. 3. 

Pullen. Hiil.v Liiiclbi. Owcnslsim. Ky.. 2"' Feb ::. 

Piiebs 12'. Chase'*. Washington. M C.. 20-Fe;i .1 

Vnlgloy Bros., Kellli's. Providence, 20- Feb. 8; 
Keith's, N. i", C, O-IO. 

3; Hoyair liiilborn.'b-ioT Grand, Chipham, 12- 

17; Tlv., Barrow, 19-2I. 
Iljeket: ft llahtnnl. Gaiety. Chatham, 

Feb. 10:, Star. London, Enc, 12-24. 
Unpoll. Leo. Lyric. Cleveland. 29-Feb. :.. Is. The. Novelty. Omaha, 29-reh. 3. 
Ilsdfonl A Valentine. Victoria. Dresden. Ger. 

Feb. I-2S. 
Ilanf. Clamlc, 'irauil. Milwaukee. Feb. 0-10 
Hoe ft- Brnschf. Proctor's 23d St.. N. Y. 

20-Feh. 3. ■ ■ . 

Ttelrf Bros.. On'heum. Bkln., 29-Feh. 3. 
HcMf. Therese. Kellirs. Boston. Mftb 3. 
Iteno. Will ft May. BIJou. Whecllug, W. Va„ 20 

Feb. 3. ■ . . _ 

IlcsldlUL- Slstei-s. Lou Ton, Phlla.. 29-1 eb. 3. 
Ileniltigton. Mavrec. Temple. Betrolt, 23-leb 

Shro's. llnfraki. S-HJ. _._!, « 

Ihslnlft Hadley. Crystal. Klkbart. lud.. 29-1- eb. J. 
Iteisw. The. ft H., PortlaiKl, Me., 2»-Feh. 3; 

Danger. O-IO. , 

Iteilfonl ft Winchester. Keith's, PUIIa., 29-Feb. 3; 

Keiths. N. Y. C. 10. 
Itevnanl. E<l. F.. Proctor's 23d SL. >. 1 . C. 20- 
Feh. 3: Proctor's. Albany. X. Y.. 0-10. 
"Risl Haven Cadets." Trent. Trenton, N. J.. 

Feb. 3. 

Beeves. The. Gem. Lynn. Mnss.. 20-Feb. 3. 

llemfrow ft Jalisco 1'iilque. Brandon, Man.. 
Feb. 8 ; llljou. Suiwrlor. Wis.. 5-10. 

Ilelclien's Dogs. Shra's. Buffalo. N. Y., 29-Feb. 
3: Shea';-. Tonsito, 0-10. 

IHisj ft Edwards. Gaiety. Springfield. 111.,- 20-Feb. 
3; Geiiuett, Richmond. lud., O-IO. 

nice ft t!ady, Orjdieum, Los AoKeles, Cnl., 20- 
Feb. 10. 

Illalios (41. IllpiiodronM'. X. Y. C 20-Feh. 10. 

Illee ft Wilkinson, Hopkins', Ixiulsvllle, Ky., 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Ilice ft Elmer. Colonial. Lawrence, Mass., 29- 
Feb. 8. 

ItlsleVs. The. llljou. Dululh, Minn.. 29-Fcb. 3. 

Rlohunlsoa. I^iveiidor, & On.. Fischer's. San 
Fran.. CjI.. 29-Feb. 3. 

Woe Bros.. Proctor's. Troy. X. Y.. 29-Feb. 3; 
ltlchmoiiil. No. Adams. Mass., O-IO. 

r.ller ft Larlene. Jeffers, Sagluuw, Mich., 29- 
Feb. 8. 

ItleJi ft llorvey. Hsymiirket. Chloago. 20-Feb. 3. 

lllce Family. Shea's. Toronto, Can.. 29-Feb. 3. 

Itossow Mblgets, Hathaway's, New Bedford, Mass., 
29-Feb. 8. 

Ross ft l.ewls. Bow Pal.. London. Kng.. 20-Feb. 
3; Pal., Camlwrswell. 0-lu; Sadler's Wells, 
Loudon. 12-17 ; I'mp.. Portsiisiutli. 10-24. 

Rosnlre ft Dorolo, Keith's. N. V. C. 29-Feb. 8. 

lh.ble.son. Kthrl. Star. Hamilton. Can.. 29-Feb. 3. 

i;.» ns. The. Hay market. Chicago. 29-Feb. 3. 

itols-rls. K. A., Proctor's 08tb St.. N. Y. C. 29- 
Feb. 3. 

llooncy ft lh-nt, Kellli's, X. Y. C, 29-Feb. 3; 
-Keith's, Phlla.. 0-10. 

I d — sa w tr.). Alhauibra. X. Y'. C. 20-Feb. 3. 

Rowe, May. Grand. Lynn. Muss., J9-Feh. .".. 

Rosos (3). Orpheum. Rending. Pa.. 20-Feh. 3. 

Hobsoii. Mrs. Stuart. Columbia. Cincinnati. 20- 
Feh. 3; Orplieuui. New Orleans. 1st*. 0-10. 

R-imnlue. Fitch ft Co.. FJiiplre, San Fran., Cal., 
29-Feb. 3. 

Russells. Musical. Orpheiuu. Springfield, O., 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Russell. Mar. Bon Ton, phlla., 20-Feh. 3. 

Russell. Ida. HiJ"ti. La Crosse. AVIs., 20-Feb. 3. 

Russell. Illlmi. Empire Tour. 29-Ft-b. 28. 

Russell. Phil ft Ccrrle. Cryslnl. Kuhnmo, lud., 
20-Feh :!; Crystal. Losmusport. O-IO^J 

Russell ft It. I lair. Ilotistua. Tex.. 2H-FVL. 3. 

Russell. U'ah. Procbir's, Newark. N. J.. 80-Feb.'3 

Ryan ft Rh-btlchl, Keith's, Cleveland, 20-Fcb. 3; 
Shea's. Hurrah.. 0-10. 

Ryan ft Douglass. Grand. Joliet. III., 29-Feb. 3. 

HsJlillll Los. Msjesllc, Clilcago. 20-Feb. 3. 

Snntelle, Oreal, Novelty. Oakland, CuL, 29-Fcli. 

Salerno. Orpheiun. New Orleans. La., 29-Fcb. 3. 

Suoun. Keitli's. Pixvldeuce. 20-Feb. S. 

Savoys, TUe, Bijou. La Crosse, Wla., 29-Feb. 3; 
Unbiue. Knu Claire. 0-10. 

Slimier. Paul. Colonial. X. Y. C, 20-Feb. 3; 
Orpheiun. Bkln.. 0-10. 

S.irsus. The. Hopkins. Louisville. Ky.. 20-Fc'i. V 

Salad. Josephine, Empire Tour, Lug., 29-Fcb. 28. 

Snuudcrs. Chalk. Keeneys, Bkln.. 20-Feb. ». 

Schneider's Orcbeslru. Bijou. Dululh, Mluu., 29- 
Feh. :i. 

Seott, Csrrk- M.. Oih-on. Duyteu, O.. 20-Feb. 3. 

Sclplo Argantante Trio, Majestic. Chicago, 29-Fcb. 

Sehep's Dopi. Masonic, Ft. Wuyuc, lnd., 20- 
Ftb. 3. 

Seott. Mike. Howard. Boston, 20-Feb. 3. 

SCranloiir. The llljou. Green Bay, Wis., 29-Feb. 
3; BIJou. Me.rluette. 0-10. 

Seymour ft Hill, Chase's, Wuslilugloa, D. C, 29- 
Feb. 8. 

Sehlonoi (3). Columbia. Cliielnuiill, 20-Feb. 3; 
Orplieuui, New Orleans, Iji., 0-10. 

Searcy, tin.. Crystal. St. Joseph, Mo., 29-Feb. 
3: Kurl, Pueblo, COL, 0-H). 

Severance. Margaret, Marinette, Wis., 29-Feb. 3 ; 
Calumet. 0-10. 

Shanty Town Duo. People's. Leavenworth, Kuu., 
20-Feb. 3: Novelty. Toiieka. O-IO. 

.Sherman. Milt. Iiradcuburgh'n. I'hlln.. 20-Feb. 3. 

Sherman, ft He Forest, II. ft S.. K. Y. C, 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Sheriff, Harold, ft Co., People's, Kansas Clly, 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Shelhuids (8), Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 29-Feb. 

Shan-. Mr. ft Mrs. Larry, Pastor's, N. Y. C. 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Sharpley ft Flynti, llradenbiirjlis, Philu., 29- 
Feb. 3. 

Shorl ft Shorly, Washliiglon. Pa.. 29-Fcb. 3. 

Shaw, Lillian, Keith's, i'rovldcuce. 29-Feb. 3. 

Simon-Gardner Co.. 'Maryland, Hallo.. 20-Feb. 3. 

Slapolu-kl. Miih'.. Keith's, N. Y. C. 20-Feb. 3. 

Sloaii. Hhiiich. Ktvncy's. Bkln., 20-Feh. 8. 

Sloans. TIm-. Rlalto. Elndra, K. Y.. 241-1'eb. 3. 

Smiths. Aerial, Empire, lluboken. N. J.. 20-l'cb. 3 

Siulili. Ivier J.. Main St., Peoria. III., 20-Fcb. 

Smiths, Aoriul. Empire, Holioken, N. J., 29-Fcb. 

■ 3: Keith's, Providence, 010. 

Smith ft Campbell, Kcllh's, Phlla., 29-Feb. 3 ; 

Itesloll. 5-IU. 

Snyder ft lhickley. Orplieuui, Sau Fran.. Cal., 29- 
Feh. II. 
Son«a, Mile., Salem. Mass., 29-cb. 3; Lynn, 0- 

"Sohmma II," UasanVa, Portland. Me., 29-Feb. 8. 
Sjwnser. Carrie, Family, Patersou, X. J., 29-Feb. 

Splssell Bros, ft Mack, Cook's, Rochester, X. X., 

20-Feh. 3. 
Spook Minstrels. 0. 0. IL, Pittsburg. 29-Feb. 3. 
Splllcrs. Musical (81, Arcade. Tolnlo, O.. 28-Fcb. 

•3: Malestle. Chicago. 0-10. 
Shirk Trio. Frankfort. Iml., 20-Feh. 3. 
Stevens. Kltlle. Keitli's. X. V. C. *-".i Feb. 3. 
Stlrk ft lam Dun. Gran Clrco I'nyret, Havana, 

Culra. 29-Feb. 10. 
Slahl. Hose, ft Co.. Amphhm. Ilkln.. 29-Kcb. 3. 
Slrnkoseh, Mine., Proctor's 12jtb SL, N. Y. 0., 

20-Feb. 3. 
Slrealor Zouaves, Touring France. 
Stuart. Keeney's. Hklu.. 29-Feb. 3. 
Sleln-I'.rello. Wlutergarten, Berlin, Ger., Feb. 1- 

Stewart. Mr. ft Mrs. CuL. Pastor's, X. Y. C, 20- 
Feb. 3. 

isialey ft I'.lrbcck, Orpbeuni. Bkln.. 2.0-Feh. .1. 

Khitilcy ft People's, Kansus City, Kan . 
29-Feb. 3. 

Stanleys, Tlie, O. IL. Shenandoah, Pa., 29-Feb. 3. 

Stevens. l/.s>. Brad, plough's. I'hlla.. 29-Fcb. B. 

Sli«i«. Arlhur, Keith's. (Mcrclaiul. 29-Feb. 3. 

Stniiley ft Is; Roy. Orpliouni, Sprlnirnrld, O.. 20- 
FeK 3. 

si. I3uir ft Carlisle. BIJou. Dululh. 
Feb. 3. 

St. Lceo ft McCuslck. rhirnlr, 
20-Feh. 11. 

SI. Klmo. Hon Ton. I'hlln.. 29-Feb. 3. 

SI. Julian. M.. Family. Mahanay City. Pa.. Feb. 

Stilly ft I'bclps. Orpheum. MansSeld. 0-, 29-Feb. 

Sullivan ft Patrpiclln.!. Or|.heum. Kansas Clly. 

Mo.. Feb. 0-10. 
"Siiimy Soulli." Colonial. X. Y. C. 29-Feh 3- 

Orpheiun. Bklu.. 0-10. 
Kvjvaii ft O'Xtul. Family. IVIIsUwb. Pa., SO- 

Tails)' ft lingers. Empire. Pulersca, X. J. 29- 
Feb. 8: Empire, lloi»krn. r,.|u. 
Tasinatilnu Tn«i|a\ Havana. I'oba. 20-Feh 3 
Tilrlrnn ft Tiirllnu. I'rlople Cnvk. Oil.. 20-Feb. 3. 
Tnylnr Twin Sisters. 1'iuplro. Frankfonl. Pa.. 20- 
Feh. 1 : Garrlek. Wilmington. Hel..- O-lo. 
Tate. Harry. G. II. IL. Pittsburg. 29-Feb. 3 
Jevniw Sisters. Hijon, Mprquelte. Mlrh., 20-Feb. 

Teiiler, Elmer. 

'fenny ft Maasn 

Twsl ft IjiwII, 


Minn., 20- 

Columbus, 0.. 

Shm's. Hailalo. 2n-Feh. 2., 0.. ojliVb 3 
Family. Share Clly. In.. 29Feb. 
. Wlnidisn.-. I'na.. 3-10. 
o"u - * Mr *" ll " r> - ""I'mw- Ktlr-. Feb. 

Thompson ft Serida, edeou. Doj ton, O., 20-leb. J. 

Moulli anil Kyes Cowered '1a¥Hh-Crt,„. 
HamUs Pinned Dow»i-Mlr.,c. 
. . BlOOS Cure by Cut 1. nra. 

"Whftli my little boy was six months „u 
he tad .eczema.-.. riie sores -trtidul s,. 
quickly over Ihe whole body that w« I 
once called in the doctor. W c t hen weal , 
another doctor, but he could not hc)n |,i,„" 
and in our despair we xv-ent to a third one 
Matters became so bad that he had re,..; 
holes in his cheeks, large enough to Sut 1 
finger into. 1 Tie food had to be given will, 
a spoon, for his mouth was covered wit 
crusts as thick as a finger, and whenever Z 
opened the mouth they 1-egan to bleedaml 
suppurate, as did also his eyes. Hand 
arms, chest and back, in short, the wkaU 
body, was covered over and over \\„ 
had no rest by day or oir-ht. Whenever 
he was laid in his bed wo bad to h; . 
hands down, otherwise he would acrati-h 
his face, and make all open sore. 1 thinb 
his tacc must have itched most fearfully 

"We finally thought nothing could help' 
and I had made up my mind to send n' v 
wife with the child to Europe, hoping tha't 
the sea air might cure him, otherwise bo 
■was to be put under good medical earo 
there. Hut, Lord be blessed, matters cairn- 
difterently. and we soon saw a. miracle, a 
friend of oiirs spuke about Cuticura. \\\- 
made a trial with Cuticura Soap, Ointment 
and Resolvent, and within ten days ur two 
weeks we noticed a decided improvement 
Just as quickly as the sickness had an' 
peared it also began to disappear, and 
within ten weeks the child was absolutely 
well, and his skin was smooth and white as 
never before. F. Itohratli, President o[ 
the C. L. Hohrath Company, Manufactiir- 
era of Silk Ribbons, 4 to 20 Kink Alley- 
South Bethlehem, Pa., June 5, 1005."' ' 

Thomaa & Tnyne, M'hltney's, Fllebburs is-^ 

20-Ftb. 3. " 

'il-cls. Lulu, Grand. Milwaukee. Wis.. 2'jFeli -.■ 

Mollne. 111., 0-10. *' 

Thuiber. Loona. II. It B.. Bkln., 29-Fcb. 

Topsey Turvty Trio, Crystal, St. Joseph, II,,' -j. 

Feb. 4. 
Toys, Miislenl. Lyric. Wichita, Kan., 20-lVs :; 
"To-To," Moore'M. Portland, Me.. ai-V<+ a 
Tunrists 13). Ortiheuai. New llrh-ans. 29-Feb 3 
TrUlers. The, llulbaway's. Kevt' Hoiltonl lias- 

211-Feb. 3. - " 

Truesilall, Hon'anl, & Co., Pull's, SprlarUi-W 

.Mass.. 20-Feb. 3. * 

Trainer & Lloyd. O. O. II. , Cruml Itaplds, Slid. 

20 Feb. 3. 
Tmvollv. Imperial. Ilkln.. 201-Vb. .1. 
Tyee * Jitiuou. II. t 1:., ilkln.. itij-'eb. ::. 
Ty-Uell Slslers, Clri-o Orrln, .\le\leo, 29 let. in 
Vanee. Clarice. Vlctnrhi. S. V. c.. 29-FeK ■;. 
Vanliiiiau, Crawl. Vuueouvir, B. II; 29-Frh. :;• 

Or.lliil, Wmli.. O-lll. 
Vahlares. Tlie. II. ft H.. Bklu., 2li-Feli.S 
Vnlveiio Bros.. HIpiKslmtne, S. Y. C, 20-Feb. Hi. 
Var.Iuti. Perry .V Wither, Graad, llclluj;bii.i 

Wash.. 20-l'cb. 3. 
Vnu. Hilly. Ualliaway's. Ii.ivell. Mass., 231'eb. 

8: Orpheum. L'tlca. N. V.. f.-lu. 
Van Gofre & Cotrely,' Lyric, J011II11, Mb'.. 29-Fc*. 3 
Vnl|Kjs. Tlie. Grand, UaranioUll; lad.. 29-Ceh 3. 
Valentlies. Tlie. Bon .Ton. Phlla.. 29-Fcb. 3. 
Vnlols. Harry K.. Lyric. Clevelniiil, 29-Feh. J. 
Van & Alda, Poll's, Hartford, Conn;, 29-Feb. r.; 

Poll's, Waterbnry, O-JO. 
Vernon Troupe. Orimeum. San Fran., Cal., 29- 
Feb. 8 : Orpbeuni. Ix>s Ansolea.- O-LO.- . 
Vernon, Majestic. Chicago. 29-Fcb. 3; G. 0. IL. 

Indianapolis, 0-1O. * . 

Ver Vallan & Robinson, Nickelodeon, Fall lliier. 

.Mass. 20-Feb. 3. 
Verns?tte Sz Dluiine. Hipp.. Korvfleh. Kng., 231'iss. 
3; Hl|a>., Carlisle, 0-10; Cirque Hiaasjil. Ca- 
lais. Fr.. 12-24. 
Vinton & Clayton. Lyric. Cleveland. 29-Fcli. 1 
Van Hieue. Ati-mt.t, Keith's, Uoslou. 211-Feb. 3, 
Von Weuxl. Mini, Orpheum, Sun Fran.,- Cal., 29- 
Feb. 10. 
Ward ft Cut-ran. Procior's 23d St.. X. "J". C. :•■'■ 

Feb. 3. 
Waterbnry Hrns. & Tenny, Proctor's OSlb. St., X. 

V. U. 20-Fcb. 3. 
Walson'H Farmyard, Temple, Detroit, 29-Veb. 3; 

Cook's, Kuehester. 0-lu. 
Warleiil-erjr Bros.; CulumtiLi. Cincinnati, 29-l'rh. 

3: Majestic, ladcaKo. r.-lu. 
Wulsh. I'nuik., Okla., 29-Feh 3. 
Wnllwuiii ft Whitney, Branlslown, III., Fell. '•'•; 

Vlr-rinla. tf-10. 
Wasmer & La Cumin, Grand, Uumusjud, lud., Feb. 

Masher Hcos.. Crystal. Marian. lad. 29:1-th. 0; 

Crystal. Aiidcnem. 0-H>. 
Walsh <i I.Ikoii. Jeffcrs. Sushiarr, llich.. 29-l'eh. 
• '3.' 

Wallers k Prouly, Poll's. Hrhbeiairt, Colin.. 29- 
Feh. 3. , 
Welsh. Chas. ft Jennie, Cryslul, Frantrutl, lad., 

29-Feb. 10. 
Weston, Al. D., Orpheum, SprlugScM. O., 23- 

Feb. 3. 
M'elr, O.. Novelty, Omuhu, 20-Fi-b. 3. 
Weller. Lltsle. MajeKtic, San Anloiib>. lev. -"> 

Feb. 8; .Majestle. Ft. Worth. 0-l«. 
Weul worths, Itose, Trio, Keith's, K, V. C. -"■<• 

Westcolt, * Co., O. 0. IL, Indianapolis. -•>• 
Feb. 3, '•'•-,, 

M'elson. SInx. Trouiie. Shea's. Huuiiln. 29-lrb. s. 

Mestpnrt 'Trio. Keith's. I'rovldnnre. 2U-Feb. ... 

Weiih-Homalo Tniitoe. Keith's, Cletelaiul. <•£** 

Welch & Multland. Orpli.-um, Omrha. ai.l'i'J. ••• 

Werih-n & Gladlsh. Columbia, .Cincinnati. ->■ 
Feb. 3. , . .„, ... 

Wells & Sells. Weobl's. Peoria, til.. 29-Ftb. «■ 
Grand. Jollet. 0-10. „ ,„ ,. , 

White, Stuart, & Co.. Victoria,' N. I. C, M-l 1 *- 

Whitcly & Bell, 0. II., Loffnusport, lnd-. •** 

Wliiinau Slslers, II. * S.. N. T. C.. 20-Feh. 3. 
Wlinleu ft West, Stall Tour. I'J!R.. 29-Feb. »■ 
Whaleii, Geo. K., Hovvurd. Bu-.lnii, 20-Feh. -- 
White ft Johnsm. Acme. Norfolk. Vn.. 2ti-li+- ■*• 
White. AL. Olymple. Cbh-neu. 20-Feb. ... _, 
Williams ft Tucker. Colham, Ilkln.. 2ll-l-o-i. - 
WlknO. Ihiby lrina. ft Cn.. Crystal. Klkharl. la*. 

29-Feh. 3. . „..,•• 

WIlLs A- Haasan. Trcit. Treliloa. -N-. J-. 29 Kb.- 
Wlls.,11. Lbczlo X.. Urphcmn, Kansas Cily, «"• 

29-Fcb. 3: iirplieiim. New Oih-ans. La., •' I"- 
Wllxna ft Ith-h. Hon Tim. I'hlla.. 2»-Feb. X 
«li»:>n Trio. Or>.|icnni. Jlliinmpolls. Minn.. ■=•■ 

Feb. 3: llndioinii, Denver, CoL. O-IO. 
Wllllmus. Will a., Orpheum, Portsmouth. 0.. .* 

Willis B»rw.. Blkm. Des Mottles, la., •** 2' Harry. Hl>.it, Huliilh. Mien.. 2!»-l<* • - 
'.Miliums ft Gordon, Castle. Bli«anlnsl"a- !"■ 

20-1'ob. 8; Giand, MM. 3-1". .. 

IVieherr. (81. Hon Ton. Oeilen. L'.. 29-1 eb. •>■ 
Wlllljuis ft Mcllbnrn, Garrlek, Ihirllnstoo. IJ -' 

211 Feb. 3: L.i Salle. Keokuk. Oil'. . 

Wlllanl, Great, Geui, W. Supeilor. Mis-. s " " k 

".Vllton Brt*.. Keith's, Boston. 29-Fob. ... 
Winter, Winona. Ondieimi. Denver. CeL. -^ 

Feb. .1: Orpltenni. Kansas Clly. sfcf*'^. 
Wilder, Marshall P.. Ort'heiim. Kniisas City. «*■• 

Fel-. 0-10. , _ j ^ AI ' „ -,. 

Willie ft Ijuklr.s. Orpheiun, S|iriniffleld, 0-. - 

Mills ft Barron. Lyric. Cleveland.' 20-Feb- «. 
WIIcov Trio. Orpheum. St. Paul. 20-leb. - 
Wunlelte, Kstelle, Orpheiun. Son Fran., Cal-. - 

Irmatft Bar. F^iplrc. Palerson. X. J.. 29-1 V 1 '- :; 

Kinplre. Hnliokeii. 0-10. ... - 

World ft Kingston, olynudr. Cbleaw. 2!M'/;i'- -.. 
Wowl Urns.. Mld'Hetowii, Cenn.. 20-len- 

Vonkers. X. V;, |i-lu. 
M'o«sl. Mill. Howard. Toulon. 20-Feb. ••- . 
Wissl. Oeo. H.. llurunl, BmOai. 29-leb. ••• 
Wool. Frnuols. Keith's. Pmrlilimv. 2i'-t c«- •; . 
Wnlr ft Wilson. Uarrlek, Burllr.sinn. la - - ,r ' 

2. , 1 -1 

Misstf.ini ft Mnrlloro. Slur. Mnaele. Is*-. - 

Wissbiii'ri'l. Geo. ft May. Majcslb'. Chleas»- I* 

"Yankee Doodle Boys." Keeney's. Dtln.. 2*** 

February 3. 








Yeager A Yeajer, Wlntttgarten, Berlin, deft,, Feb. 

Yorkist Cateoport.JtkleoBi Dayton, O., 20-Frt. «. 
YnrkaTComfdJ 4r «*r, Scramon/ Pa., ZB^eb. 3. 
young ollle, Orrln liros., Mexico, iler.. 20-l'eb. 

S. Y.i 20- 

C. M. CHAPEL & CO» 67 Clark JU Chicago. 


Tonnes A Brooks, Proctor'n. Albany 

Feo. 3. 
ttMM Xh». Syracuse. N. Y.. 20-Ferli » 
mil, fl-jp. 

Ifi.-* India napoll 
irtrKjPnr*. V 

•niv*. Av.'.jfr-M 

20-F*t>. 3: 

Zlmraor, Johb,"- Olympic, 


- , llaamleld, ;0, 
"., B-10. '•■';.■ 

Bend, Inili; 29-Feti. it.. 

Chicago, 29-Feb. 3: O. 

5-10. ~.l iff ; 

ZlnKarirtrlo.jPnrt. .Wflreesrer, Mann.,: tfl-Frt. 3ia 

Ma, .lonlort. • Z«io Troupe. Fillip Circus, Cape 

TownivS. .tjjjfll-Mn?, »1. {• . ,.; jfe>: 

Zimmerman. Willy, Shea's, Buffalo, BO-Feb. 3. 
Zlska A Kins, llnyarkct, Chicago, M Feb. 3. 
Zoellets, Sensational (3), Family, .Mabatmr Cltf, 
-"y, ShaBKfttlnf 5'lft ' • — 

_._MoMlp._At the Mobile (J. Tnnnenhanm, 
raan.i(r»r) Sam Hcrnnrd'and Unfile William*, 
in.-lhfi nnllli'king Cirl," enmc Jan. I!-.', la 
capacity -business. Hose Coghlon, 23, bail 
fair Whrrns. "fhecket-s" 2ft, 2*. ■ • ! 

■ H<nr.n.—X second • theatre ,lu this -city 
t*eniH to be nn n*sni-*ri fn.-r for next season. 
Che Lyric Theatre Co. hat been 
here, and the stockholders comprise some of 
tna moat Influential business men of Mobile. 
1 he; new theatre will cost- *<W,00O.- and will 
bejjtocsted three blocks west «< .the Mobile 
Theatre* nnd will be opened September nott. 
rtrf! platiH are being drawn and wort will 

Pi., 29-Feb. 3 ; Komlty. 

In n few weeks.' This house, it 1 
It met 1. 
of itu\ Bijou circuit, mnnogsd 

said, will play the Shubert nit ructions 
Treasurer Noll 


Mr Cf*T.— At UifcWnafllligtoTb. W, j. 
tuint,' m«l«gert. "Whjr Girls Leave Home" 

liad captttKy Uotisea. Jan. 20, 3i. ljfc'a tt 
" blj business 21 
•The Fatal Wed 


to Yoa; »W»n IlenrAv.did b\ 
24. aeorWiBMtaey Feb. 2, 
ding" 3, Eugenie J51nlr*G, 

Buou (J. P. Itlmore, manager). — Bill 
week of Jan. 2tt: The Musical llartletts, the 
He Acoi. Hayes nnd tJrnham. the De tlreea 
ubd ;he bloxraph. Knslness continues big. 

'-■>'*Mana*er;' 1'lllnore makes; the "nrj- 
ripincemont liial at <k meeting of BHou mnn- 
onraVkpItl hi C^ilcftgo.12, It was decided that 
*.be Bijou circuit: would open popular priced 
IbeatrM'ilriVvl'iiaUco.- Cheboydnn.. .Traverse 
< It v'nmt MvnlPfcc, nnd'tlini the loternaUon- 
al circuit! had: ipadc .pn agreement. -with, the 
lUJorr Interests oat tar-fat in opposition the* 
Mrps in their respective territory, and would 
cngaee no performers who play In any oppo- 
sition theatre. The two circuits control 
<lghty-f\yeJiouaes In the United States. 

ftrnnd RnnJiU^-At the New-: Powers 
(Harry 03 Bptnmehl it Go^ managerg).^- 
Kleajrjor Ttobson, • Jan.- 23, played to S. R. O.', 
as A\9l.'Ha'i Irwin,- 25. '-rrlnce of nigeu' 1 

ntw -«' ... ' <t • i* i •■■■■■ ':-•. .. . ■,. 

ArmwHiJttJi- (AustluiMcVaddan, managerV. 
— flcnry E. Oixey- 27, Bertha Kallch 29, 
Mr«. Flske, Ir. "Leah Kleschho," Feb. 3. 
• Majestic (Orln Stair, mannger). — "David 
flarum," Jan. 21-24, played to crowded 
houses. Geo. Sidney, In "rmay lajrfa \ r aca- 
Hod,'- 28-31: "The Black Crook'' Feb* 1-3. 

OltANI, OPru.i IlOffS (Churchill ft llnyls, 

mannacrt)..— For week of Jnn. 2S: Art Adair, 

l";eo. C. Austin, and Johns, n, Dp Monde 

Teter J; lira lib,, and Trainer 

S ;-;m-? 3 :■ - 

ySitlTTi'B f.\IM.*W. B. Sraltft, inanagCfJi— 

Miss New York Jr. hnd crowded houses Inst 

week. Empire rturlesnuera week of 28. 


nnd Dlasrenre, Pel 
and Word. I U 
iSnrrti'S (Vrs.' 1 

by Jake- Wella was here some ■daT* ftro. «nrt 
purchased a site for : the new BIJou Theatre. 
The homestead of the late John L. Kapler, 
located In. tie northern part, of the city and 
on one of the main thoroughfares to the new 
Union Depot, waa selected, A beautiful 
home, a rcllo-of ante-bellum days, will be torn 
down to make room for the new house, which 
Is to open September .next. It Is learned 
that an effort will lie made to prevent the 
building of l he new- theatre on the spot, for 
personal reasons to n number of those living 
In that locality. It Is hardly thought that 
any steps ran" be takerrto prevent the erection 

of the house The musician*' strike at 

the Mobile Tbeatr*-W-8tia.on. 

— ; i . »* i a » n 

-jjis-b .—k — f ■ . .. ;,; 

Pro* Idrtiee.— The Shubert (E. F. Dost- 
wlck, mabager) was dark Jan. 22-2fi. Sarah 
Bernhardt, 30.- pi.i Au k 

rROVIPHNCE Ol-KtU lIOtlSE (P. B. Wcndel- 
schacfer, manager).- — Hlnnche Walsh divided 
the week: of .22 ^wlth VMr*., Ijefflngwell'-a 
Boots," both of which pleased. "The Title 
Heart," n new play, bv Winston Churchill, 
has- its first performance 30. The play has 
beea.stnged by Murray Carson. 

Empire (Spitz ft Nathanflon, managers), 
—"A. Wife's Secret" j)layed- to good houses 
22 and week. "The Curse of Drink" 20 and 
week. ; .;- i'm ^ m: — • ^i• 
--Keith's (Clias. Lovenberg, manager).— 
Business continues heavy. Bill for 20 and 
week; S. Miller Kent and company, Edward 
Clark and Six Wlnolhg Widows, Keno. Walsh 
nnd Melrose, Alleine's monkeys, the Qulgley 
Brothers, tthoWeatport- Trio, -Lillian Shaw, 
The Messenger Boys' Trio, Herr Saora, Alf. 
Gibson,. I^nron and Edwards, Pierce and 
Opp. and Francis Wood. - i .... 

Westmi>stf« iG. U. Batrhellor, mana- 

Sir) .— Rice & ! Barton' s . Co, waa well - liked 
it . week. The Trocadero Bnrlesquers 29 

and week. '-"■ ~ '- 

.♦« » i i . . 


Karma i Clty.- 

■At the Willis Wood, ,"Tbe 

Ille of Bong Bong" came Jnn. '.21-24, • -to good 
buslhasa. "The Land of -Nod" pleased 25- 
27. Thl» week- "The Scrlo-Comlc Girl" ariA 
"A Tesas Steer" divide ..the .. time, ■ "Ben 
rtnr" folloWa.... . : .j?j_ ^f^-j'^,, j ; 
QMSfi Oi'FnA Hol-sb -(Hudson -ft Judah, 
managers.) — Last, week Andtew Mack made 
his reappearance, nnd JudHfcg- -frOiBUbe wet- 
coihe he-received, he .would welL-to.vJill 
on us -annually. 'The Wrty lo Kftfima'W 
was the vehicle. This- week.. Billy B. Van, 
In "Thi! Hrrahd Hoy." Harry Beresford 

OkVlir.lKc (Mnrtfh Ue>ek. (feneral manager). 
— Bill- thlw Week: .Ti>..nie..-nml I'nrlelnii, 
Kreydo 'RrMt-,- •MMthewa -tintl. Manning; . A I. 
Lawrence. Lucy Lucifer, Mills mm Morris, 
and Lizzie Wilson. ♦■''---> -• 

GU.US OfEBA. Uou'se . (E. B. Brigham, man- 
nsef),'— riist --week "Tra:cked Aroutld the 
WoHrJ" proved tevt)e Of more than usual In- 
rtrwt. ; 'Hrt» *#Bk, --.■THeLTithfnbuaivDy th« 

Sea," "JfaHt Life la Mew <^ork'' ,n«t* j 

siAjiDiTOMPW--:— Iia»t : .«t«k "Mircljlhg 
Thr*iiKh:..Georgrift".-drow S6oa houses.' -This 
we* vOnitho Bridge at Midnight," Thomas 
E: -Sllej lieir.i -• ■-■>; >■■>■ ". P3w . « 

CBNluiii (J. ,T. Barrett, manager). — Last 
week- the iThorougbbteds, drow. well.. This. 
weWe tho Broadway Gaiety Girls. The Jolly 
Girls ntxt. . . m. ., ..,. ,. 

M-utsiid .(l.'red : Waldmajl, -manager V. — 
liist week the Gay. Horning Glories, with 
Ilrltj-Nelson fight pictures., drew, big houses. 
This week the Bowery Burlesmiert). Next 
week, the European Sensation Co. •• 

YMA<9 (Lloya. Bi-own. mannger .. — mil 
tbjbjtrweelc: JetmlngB ..and Jewell, I'alton and 
llobson...- Karercl, Charles Xorro and Jnmc-i 

- ' . ' I ■ i w . a iatii- ' . ■ 

Wbeellrur.— At the Court (E. B. I rona 
helm, manager) "Hap" Ward, la "The Graft- 
er," Jan. 22. Hod big returns. Kellur, 24, 
did very well, Lillian Blauvelt had a big 
audience 25. "The Black Crook," 27, had good 
return*.-] Root Downing- F«b. -1<- '-'A. -Mes- 
sage from Mars" 2, BIchnrd Mansfield 3. 
.-.<)iMtfP> OiuiHA, IlouiiK f<Cha& A:.- Felnlet, 
manager). — Katheryn" Purnall Co.;' 22-27, 
dre*- .io.;*gpuclty.': .cbaa.-. Grancwln 20-31, 
':Wluit;!lIappened lo Tories" F»l>. l-.'i. ,,i-. ■'.. 

Hunt' FAJHLT- TlltVMM III. W. Uogprs. 
m'toacPM.— Illtt'.fnr week ot-SO:. Wllhand 
May Resn,:l A .- Wily BurgesH and dog) Ftnne- 
srnn ; Ifyde anil Heath, llnrr.v and Kulh Or- 
vllle, Kmma Connelly, and the nmvlng pic- 
tures. -V-:,- i V^r-:-.: 



1Mii*'eT*i.At i -trie r Bttwdway (li. P.- Mc^ 
Court, manager) Savage's Grand English 
Ope'ra Go. eloaea-a'pUtlcMrafMl week Jan. '2*. 
The dark 2a- and week. "The Yan- 
Lea^Oonstil" ■riext' wee*i- '• •'- • ' "-". '< 

OnriiEuM (Martin Beck, general manager), 
— Good business the past- weekt Bllljveek 
of, 20: The OrpTieuin ltoad Show, Including: 
X#> Colonial. Septette, Mertan's dogs, Jules 
and Ella Garrison., Edgar Blxley, Slaters and 
Brdttiers Ford, Winona Winter, Campbell and 
Johtlaon, and kinodrcme. '-!:;;• 

Tadob QRaVHD (E. F. McCourt, manager). 
-rl'lcaugt."- with Lewis Morrison, ■ .pleased 
(food -houses, lnat week,.. Week of SB, Flor- 
i-nee^ Koberts, In "lite Strength of the Weak." 
"The Beauty nnd. tlie. Beast" next week. 

'rfSusTja- (A.-.-.B. Peltou. manager). — "Ole 
Olson." with Ben Hendricks, proved a pOpu- 
tnriblll last week. Week of 28.: "My Wife's 
Family.". "Dora Thome" follows. 

Empisb. (J, E. Clifford, managor).— "An 
Hottest Politician" had. fair houses last week. 
We«k;of(28, the Dteamland Burlesquers,. - 

;CnTHTAi, :(G. -I. Adamsi manager). — Good 
show and business t lie past week, ueaucals 
Trio, Bingham nud Thornton. Donahue and 
Orttto, 'Cratty Trio, Lottie West Symonds, 
and, jnorlng pictures. ' , „_ ■ . - .-,. 

'•Noriltir?- CHeHry LubelaWi manager).— 
The Tour Bragdons, De Shields nnd-Mehrlng, 
Fre« Somer.s, Diamond- Comedy Four, Mr. 
knd'-jMrs.. Ben <■ Hunn, .and pictures pleased 
large houses tho -past. week. . 

' """'" s 4«» i .. . ■• 

bUvllie— At Macanley's- (J. T. . Ma 
.mapaitery the New Vork Symphony Or 
ra,i- under- the'directlon of. Walter I 
i." : Jan. 22. drew a large audience. Zndle 

. a .Louisville girl, was tho planlate, 

was dnrk-.2.T-27. 

nv ur- 

an««*efc or22. no»e.MelvllIo,20 and week. 
^mfotJit ^C; A.. Hhaw, - manager);— "Mc- 
VtMeh'H Finta" . fated well week of 21. 
"LUreiLFroni Home" 28 and week.,.. :.-..: . 
■ fccKtNoluM (Whallen Bros., managerai.- 
~~ Jrlslan Belles. *-eek of 2L Ittractid 
If houses. London Gaiety Girls 28 
QaUafMhJH ^i. : ... - - .. '■;«■• 
llHpftUIW LWU Ttelchmati. niaMgtr).— 
Wort of 24.:- Herrmann, tlie.Qt«at. Eltraheth 
Murray, Oeotgle. tj&tterla Lewis, the -Savadi. 
R*m»M»'81jiter«. •tbe-Milftno Trio, Rice tod 
Wllklnion and the klnodrome. one uiglit- attraction, Lending 
Man, den. Bus. Man, character Man and Woman, 
Juvenile; Woman, Ingenue with Specialties 
woman for Hsavles, pianist, Agent, Man with 
Machine; People with Bpeclallles preferred; till 
iiiouern wanlrohe; all In ilrsr letter; salaries low; 
pay your own: they are sure; lu-kets— positively 
no. niile»<i 1 limw you. 

M AVAOEIt . N r o. j-sift \Ve_sl nrt Rt„ Chester. Pn.' 


All tVfanene*. Weekeinnds. tliistchange. Piano 
I'lajar, Maitclan, Mcttrrt Bachiae, Comedians, 
souhn-ueii.- M««e«a,lsry low: sure. 
KD W.WBRThSr. Mgr-Vandevllle Co., TTCinonf.Pa . 

FOR RALK-fisl. Stereo., complete with Cal- 
cium Burner, $16; Pose Outfit, Silk Dress, etu., $11; 
Serpentine Ureas, $3; Slack Art Quttlt, $1?; 10 
Dance Slides, M; Lol of Tricks cheap; Enclose 
■lamp . for particulars. MKS. WH. CARL. 2U 
Court St . Rouliearer, N. Y. 

+ ■ 

WANTED, FILMS. For Sale, Boxing Dogs, 
Trained Oovei and late Jeir and Cornell Fight 
Film. PltuF. H ABBY BM1TII, Oratz, Pa. 

TKHT WAMTBD-WuTpay cash for M or »0 
ft. Round Top with so or « ft. M.B. Will alto bny 
seats, llghtii, stage scenery or complete outili tor 
tent tneaire. Fun particulars first letter. 

. .;■ PERCe; K. B--M ON. carmen. Ofcla. 

JHBD. Perlormsis Wanted. Teams, Stogies, 
Dancers, Soubrcite*, C^iiieatans up In the Red. 
Biz No booxsrtu Tboas that wrote before write 
ao;»ln. Al Pianist, write. l)r M. K Chamberlain, 
Chanioerl&ln itmi. Co., Uloomlngton, Neb. P. ».— 
Want to boy Ul-snlvlng View Machine, complete, 


Art. U'oalons, iteulum Costumes, Paplor amcBe 
statae;, Boatt, Max .elgiires, Indian Fortune 
Hcada, Et c. MUAW, Vlolorta. Mo. 

WASTED— Picture Machines, I'l'.ms, Black 
and Wane Tenre, Ocean Wave, 1 -Clan Mar. a 
Trained. Dogs, Birds .Will trade. Wax Klgur.s. 
Hand Ofgft os.Ete.', for same. Shaw, Vlctofls. M i> 

8TEBEOPTKOV, Double Dissolving, IK 
'lie tenses (Darloti, Dissolving Key, hair oi He<- 
u ators fur Qas Tanks, 2 Je's. Corapiete for woik, 
f .13. Sent forexaia. on receipt nt $3. 

• R»RST1 A CO.. ins Ka^t 14ih St. W.Y. 


1 HI Mt», 

Strong Trnnas. AH Trunk". 

Saves yun.ranney.f n\ER8, 

years 314 S. ID h, Phlla,, Pa... 

r Hells any qu-ntlty ia»h. 

> cneanTruDkr. 
1 New -Trust a. 
1 for 16 
brivs • 

a* 1 T0PDi"T FRANK HASSif.f.. lrUb 
tt I 1)1 Obllll, woman Monologlst. Vocl 
tat and Dancer. ■ Change often, no in acts. 
Clownlnjt and Concert Work. 

Address $16 Wopd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

THOS. SPF.NCER, Theatrical Clog Maker, 

440 West 38t h St., New Vnrk. 
Sta mp fur price list. Orders promp tly i ttlended fo. 


Fortes* than half In value. Tent it woo, Stage, 
Seats, Lights. AH re»rtv to set up. 

J, II OVEK00KKK. Melrose. N, Y. 


, J.ii .. .^- . TKXAN. . . .,. ....;.. 
Snn Antoolo.— At the Grand Opera House 

1SI1I tl. \Vcls,:nianager> -i'aul :Gllmor«,. Jua. 
21 ; Kyrle Bellew 22, and Mary Marble, In 
"Mangy- Brown," 28." all scored successes. 
• MAJBStlc (G. Olive* Lake, -manager).— - 
II1U week of -22: Harry ^Corson- Clarke and 

. company, Inness and Ryan, Madame iloff-. 
'"Jitrcblng man, the Marvelous Le. Pages, Prof. Talker- 

■ ion, i'araalo DsnJI, Illustrated songs and kl- 
netograpb. -..;:-..-;. s:~ ; 

KiiHS-i, ■ ■ 1 t ' . ' 

Hullo* At the Opera House (Geo. Anzy, 

mntoageri Arthur- C Alslon Co., Jan. 23; 
•plenserj greatly.'. Wrst«nd Yokes, In '.'A Pair 
of IMnks," 24, scored big. Kyrle Bellew 25, 
26, "Dora Tnornc" 27. 
■i-MAiKiwrie (Nathan Flotcheck, rannagerl.-r 
Bill week of 22 1 The Lorctto Twins Trio, 
FranceSca- Redding und company, In "Her 
Ftlend from Texas:" 'the Orent Powell, Le 
Malre and l,c .Malre, nnd Frances Folsom. 

f.-'-a. -.-H- ' ■ . ■ . ' - —.. - .-.- I 

dalveston.— At the Grand .Opera House 
(Dave Wels, manager) "The Fortune Teller," 
with.Gracf Orr Myet* In the lead, had full 
hC4iseB.|21,.22.--.Klltiea Band Feb. 3. Barlow 
Minstrels 4, "David Harum" 6, "Robin Hood 
7, WllliComedy Co, $-11.; „ 
1 Austin.— At - Hancock's Opera Housp 
(Geo. Walter, manager),— "Humpty Dumpty 
Feb. 1> "David Haruin:L.8._. . 

w • ■ ■ * u 


- ailntey,— At the Empire (W. L. Baaby, 
manager) "Side Tracked " had good buslnefla 
Jan; f£ "When ■•Knighthood Was In Flower;'. 
wsb well r»«lvod-22.. Black Pattl,28, ond 
M»h«a" Minstrels. 24, fared well, "ifearts 
of 'Gold'' 27, "A Pair of Country Kids" 28, 
••The Old Homestead" 2», "The Denver Ex- 
press" Feb. 2, "Nobody's Claim" 3, the Flints 

4-10, "For Her Sake" .11. . - r ■• . 

Buou (Patrick & McConnclI. manajtere). 
—Current hill m: Tlie Benee Family, Cattlo 
and Collins, Mazzlotta, Orvllle Beeee, tnd 
moving) plchlres. ' - .<:■-•'■ 

Note.— w. 1. Busby, the popular manager 
of. the Empire, and Myrtle Snook, a upn-prp- 
fcteloiial, of this city, were , married hi 
ehltago Jan, 24. They »re spending their 

honeymoon in Cuba. _... 

• ■ * « » ■ ■ 



A KRRTSMAIL 412 ¥j. llilll St., N. V. 

Preference ones play organ, w >k. 

A. 1,. ADAMS. Il.-i 1MB. I.e>i. t.'O., Pa. 

Wanted. All Kind ol Performers; 

Also privilege people and one to tako aldo show, 
buy or 11 

Will 1 

CriABiBS ,S5imsibbsun, -second aon of J. 
Fred rUmmernafi 8r„ the theatrical manager, 
died In a private Hanltnrldm at 803 Lexing- 
ton Avenue. New York City, on Jan. 23, from 
spinal .Meningitis, aged twenty-eight- year* 
Be began. Mua theatrical career in -P»(lad«l- 
phtn. Seven years age he came to New York 
City as treasurer of U10 Criterion Theatre. 
He afterward became treasurer of the Prin- 
cess Theatre, 1 and later Its business mana- 
«M\ With bit brother, J. Fred he was finan- 
cially interested In "The Lightning Conduct- 
or." In which Herbert Kslcey and Effle ghon- 
noh ore starring. His wife survives bin. 
aronos J. Secor, comedian, o member of 
Si.? «Si»5fcIo« the Four Flckerta' Co., d ed suddenly from 
..»ii>-uiiri-.i.i.<i. The ltollicKtng i„„_T„vV nt n» land Flo. Jan. 20. Mr. 
. aVai, Roselle Knott Feb. 1-3. J !t!!l , *LR-2 I*** T*ltM alfSaatX 
„abosic ..(C, A.. Shaw, manager), —."In 
OJd..Kintrtclty" drew record breaking attend- 

Secor was > well known In the profession, 
having been at one Ume a member of the 
narrlg»n Stock Co., New Vork City. He 
was one of .the original membcra at the Union 
Bduare Btdck Co.,. under A;.M, Palmer, and 
hi. the original catt of "The Two Orphans." 
TWO seasons. ago be was with Edward Harri- 
gan, la "tHd LA vender ;", last season • with 
BlaneFs "The^Paclort Girl" Co., and this 
Mlton with the Plckert Co., touring the 
South. HIS- wife,, professionally known aa 
Rachelle Benard, also a member of the Plci- 
m™V and a ioH WrtlVe hltn. The body 
#M sent' to New York City for burial lb the 
fsmlly plot. 

- or lease two cars. 1'. <). SPANOI.EK. 
Bta.T WF.iTBRN S HOW, Mll.crstosm , Pa. 


UOI/SIi. Mail in open dalci to N'EI.IF k 
WEAVE It, Hgrs 1 P. I). Ilnx IT, NowyfJIe, Pa. 

Wii.i.ia5( 0. llAnKKii. formerly of lbs Wnrliln 
Crent H.-trkefM, (lied In New York City on Jim 
21. from n complication of diseases. Ik- was 
boru In Ilrurjswlok, Me., Mny tl. IS7."i, nnd 
was well knowni.u Ihe vnrlol.v singe. He was 
during his career with the Innocent Maids 
Co., and bad been connected with the Fore- 
paugli-Mells Bros.' Circus. .. .Inst before his 
death In) had arranged 11 new aerlul act fnr 
the vaudeville btage. The Kngles had charge 
of Ihe remains -In New York City, and scat 
lliepi -10 Manchester. K. II., where his mother 
nud sinter reside. He leaves a wife, who baa 
worked with hltn for the past ten years. 

James Ei.i.kmax, an advance agent and 
business manager, died In Chicago, III., na 
Jan. Ill, from nephritis and gastritis. Ho 
was forty- five, years of age, and had been 
connected with theatrical work for more than 
twenty-five years. Tin- funeral was under 
the auspices of the Actors' Fund. Interment 
waa In Waldbelm Cemetery, Chicago. 
. B. C. Stephenson', an English dramatist, 
died In London, Kng., Jan. 22. In collabora- 
tion with the late Clement Scott, bo wrote a 
number of successful playa. 

Joseph P. Raiihoeli., a song writer, died 
on Jan. 13, at his home In .Brooklyn, N. Y. 
He was forty-one years of age, nnd a native 
of the above city. Ills mother and two lis- 
ters survive him. 

IlOBKitT K. StePhems, the author and play- 
wright, died at Bournemouth, Kng., week be- 
fore last, aged about forty years. Ho was 
Ibe author of "An Enemy to the King." 
K.II. ; Sothern's success some' years ago; 
"The Ragged neglmcnt," Sieve Hrodle's pluy, 
"On the flowery ;" —The White ltat" and 
ether nhiva. In 1803 he was a theatrical 
agent In New York City, Ilia wife survives 
him. ■ - • 

J. Janhbn Smith, a well known stage 
carpenter, died at his home In St. Louis, Mo., 
on Jan. 11. He was born In Houston, Tex., 
and was thirty-seven years old. Ho was mar- 
ried about Ave months ago to Theodora C. 
Teaapn, of St. Louis, who survives him. 
- E'BAtfK V.. Haudin, overseer of the Fon- 
taine Ferry Fuk, Louisville. Ky., and well 
known in theatrical circles, died on Jnii. 20 
from paralysis. He was thirty-two years or 
uge, nnd unmarried.. . 

Dick Kni;tii. who wns for years stage 
carpenter-, at the Alhambrn Theatre. Mil- 
waukee. Vis . died in that city on Dec. 18, 
from consumption. 

RnsA Mii.uE. en opera singer, died on Jan. 
27. In Weimar, fJermnny. - She was the 
original Klsa. In the production of Wagner's 
"Lohengrin." hnvlng been of Ihe Courl The- 
atre, at Weimar, when Ihe opera was given 
first. She wns horn In Welmnr on June 25. 
11)27. nnd sang In the opera company there 
until 1S7I). Her husband, Hans paster von 
illhle. who survives her, was the first lo 
sing Tciramund, In the same opera. . . 

Javim P, Counst, theatrical business man- 
ager, who was connected with "Mr*. Wiggsof 
ibe Cabbage Patch" In that capacity, died 
at Lexington. Ky.. Jan. 27, from heart dis- 
ease, aged abont forty-two years. During 
his careor he had managed "I.oit In New 
Votk" Co. for eight years. 

WANTED, 6ood Rep. Co. with Good Specialties, 20 Weeks' Engagement, on 

oi'KN WOflSK.tAiv. n'. w T., ('anai)n. compaulrtt pinv Sherniun's New |;.i>(icu i.irlr Theatre, C'sl- 
gary, fonr weeks, Change hilt twine a week. Prices, -gal., tittc; res. scat*, M stul r.ui-. : Ii.jxos, ".'.c. 
Yerua.May Co. pioyteg to big business. Opentlmo K.-i. la and later. Can give good uuenlghlerH 
one.month's engajtinent. Just played Polianl Lilliputian OpWru Co. two weeks. First wcuk. $4.1'JT.oo; 
second week, repealing mn week's operas, $2.K.S'j.;a: Rlcliaid A Prlngln's MlnMicis, cue night, mat 76. 
For Ume and ttruin nd.ire's WKt. It. slIKHM AN, hherman'it l<yrl 

rheiitre. Ciilgary, N, 

'18 tnd TAKE DP DEVICE. 

Th. Modsra Motion Picture Mstehln*. 

Our Fireproof Uagaslnes aud Take Dp Device 
will fit any Exhibition Modern Motion Picture Ma- 
chine. An entirely naw apparatus by which abso- 
lute safety to Ihe Dim iruni loss by Flit K IS AS- 
SHRED. The only device of ltd kind which has re- 
cetvsd official endorsements from the Local Au- 
thorities aa such. 

Write lor CATALOG. 

All of onr Apparatus is fnUy protected by (TnlMd 
jutes patents Issued of pending, and Infrlnga- 
nenta will be vigorously prosecnteil. N. POWEH 
New York Film Exchange), 116-117 Nassau HU, N.Y 



Huy Faaturs Films -• Late Subjects. 

Al 6really REDUCED PRICES for a Shorn. it 





SEND I'^OTOH. Address 

LECOMTE A FI.KSHEK, Tulsa, Ind. Tor. 


Two men, double In band. Address 




KENDALL k, ' bano1 

Characters, Heavies, Versatile Leads. 

CHAR. K.KNPALL, Ft. Manllaott, Iowa. 


Wardrobe, ability, appearance. Can Join on 
wire. Address 

R. II., McOco llotol, Altoona, 1'n. 




Juveniles, sornn llosvies. Wardrobo llrst class. 
Address las BAST lITth ST.. New Vnrk City. 

Wanted, for 


Comedy Old Usn, with Specialty, to double Pood; 
1'ropcrtv Han, to duublo band; and good Trom- 
bone Player. Adrtrem 

C. K. REVO, 1370 Ilrusdway, Now fork. 



OTHERS, WRITE. .; .. .; .... 

PUlTl) R. BRIOOS no., Harrlwn. Ark. 



Clarinet for it. and . Tuba Player to double 
small parta: other while Musicians, wilte. Cuiored 
Musicians for Colored Ibfrt wanteil. Address 
flR*NT l.rx'K. Manager. Camden, N. f.', Feb. t; 
L'tlni, Feb. »; kWDS, Feb. fi; Ue-kjwcr, Kob^o. 


(1ALATEA. AOA, or ntBor llliialon*. A an Frame. 
and Co«lame» for "Living Pictures." *t\"> psrtlc- 
UUrs.lKiU HNOW,78B»y 17thrt„ BBthUSsih.K Y 

WanH Ooick, Piano Flayer 

AND MED. PErtPr>RMER3 Addreis 

A. DAILEf, New Flercnce, Westmoreland Co , Pa. 

W.T., Canada.. 


50,000 FEET, 


For Solo Of Rout. 

EVERYrawo is moving fiotorbs. 


i*" ssflkv I at ES jc t9f 

40 WEST UNTII KT„ N, V, o. 

Air i-iu 




Stale If UruliHstra or Piano only, anil nil Informa- 
tion whan addressing Hi IX ML 

I'urtagu La Prnlil., Manitoba. 

Wanted Quick, 

Heavy Man and Pianist. 

Must be young, clover, of good upppoaranoo and 
liablta. Wntfl lib, luwvst xnlsiy, I paying ex- 
penses. FRANK H DAVllWuN, Mgr. Folks I'D 
Widow Creek Co , Feb 3, AlH-rtun, Iowa; A, Uc ry- 
dOli, lows ; 0, Loon, Iiiw ii. 



ROgUterrd In Nebraska, strong olllce wiitkor. I 
put them in ttm oillce Mum bo cnbor sud reliable. 
PercKii'niiu .in. j. Uarrled prererred. Can luu 
wtrernr doorkeeper. A.l.ife-i 

Elgin, wink id lob. f>; liuitlu Crook, week o( 
Feb. 11 



Two Pluaninnlos. bny aud girl, alag, ilauco : ago 
10 lu 12. AN Y FEATURE, WfllTI-;; wo never clone, 
lltvc llirce a, ui [ihiiIok und uim nt all limes into 
good Hlngora, Operatom nnd young Aguiili wfiu 
can keep from lliu buoxn, Aildros^ I'lioi'itlLl.o 
flPKRA. HOUSE, Oox nil, Spring Valley, N. V., I* 
miles ou t. 


through this CHtiibllaoinoiil |n youth;. Ilellublo 
llo.ikliigOiliuo I lotu ►l.ciiicrul Bcrvlcugiinmuu-cil. 

Is Ibo iliiiii to book ii'txt Koason'* 
rouio. Can Hnve you hundreds of 
dollars In rallwnv fares. 
Knickerbocker Tla-airo liululltig. Now York City, 


Position Doing Illustrated 
Song Work 

fiy soprano of ability, itifunmuo, 0. fi. Conn, 


Elkhart, lud. 

. IU'luiUIItU, L, Us U 


No. 110 N. Second St., Flklmrt, Ind 



That play organ. Pianist, that sings anil works la 
acts. MiiBt bo exporleiiccil in medicine busloosa 

State sitlary ami all you du. Open Fen, 

'till*., Pu. 


Is A book of Moiiolugiioa, Jokes and Onmlu I'ootry, 
A copv of Huy Jlnjn aud 'it iiarmlloji fur 26 cents. 
With JlnJiiandlliopsMdlna you tun Jim. togcthor 
an not that will bo t knouk-out 

_RENJ*inKl i DS,jll Want lllatSt., N.Y. Oily . 

Wanted, Al Club Juggler 

Htlary 9Ao por work. Must Jugglu 44 status, nu- 

glo and do li»rd throws in 3 4 atii, Aiblreis 

UDIrjUO Tlieatro, l.oi Aiuji.-Iih, Csl. 

W»»t<i<l Omul I'Unonr organ fakir 
•■■■>^«sl that, ilocaatrtubln In nots, 
or good II iu:k Face Hinging nnd Diiiiulng Coin- 
edlau that fakes organ. Aild'CM, 

Clift on Rum'dy Co ., Elli'iiore, I'srlor Co., Mo. 


AND ALLTIIKATHICAL (iUOI)H. Hconorr ptlntod 
cheaply and quickly. Amateurs supplied. 
OIIAS K. MIMA AII7 W. 4l»f.Ht.. Nnw 

hiii twrn 

tug cornet, also, i 

w York City. 

WANTEIl fur Vaude- 
ville. Mint play good 
saxr.jihono. Due play. 

.ireferred, Addrcas 


Hepcrtofre People 

In All Lines. IMfsr Iboso doing n r .claltles. 
Must Join on wlro. 

LYCEUM COSIBOY CO.. Hlbcrnla. N. J. 


AT I.IIIKItlY R.«|.|.ii,-.» l.i Ollto, 

Illinois, Ml'blgan iitid ludlana. Can 
getfnmotiey in office if you rnriiMi trie pkllenta. 

If ion can't, sivo v ur slamMs. A'ldrei>i 
UK. A. ROBINSON, -M Cam St., 

Clucago, Ilk, 









By HAUONBY and MOHR. * ■. 

I n.,u«lionabl)- t tie Hoft Emphatic Sacce,, In *eara. Can be uaed either at a. Comic or a Coon Song. Roaring V«rsee an* a Rollicking jneiony. 



The Greatest Ballad of the Day, A Soul Stirring Story and One of MULLEN'S Bent Melodies. It stands oat a* the Kwt Original Enlla. Sucre-:; In yean. 




The Beet Coon Bong Serenade Ever Written. Captivating Wordi and a Simple Swinging Melody. 




The Heal Comic Coon Hit. The BILL BAILEY Songi have been ran to death. Here'* a Brand New Idea. 


The Beet Comic Father Song ever written. Father !• not an Idler, he alwaya hus his load. 





na» Published for All ©* Theio m n d Will Be* Sort* on Application. 





Beautifully Illustrated Slide* by ELITE LANTERN SLIDE CO., SOT IV. 31th St 







Copy ot any of thete Songi -with Complete Orcheitratlon (Arranged by CARL WILLIAMS) -will be Sent Free on receipt of late program and STAMPS for mailing. 




a We told you so. JIMMIE is proving to be the greatest Bowery Song Hit ever published, 
you the biggest hit out last season In "HIRAM-GREEN." Jimmie will be as b'er a hit 


We gave 
biga hit for 1906. 


3BEj «fe CO.* 67 CLARK ST., CHICAGO. 


Winnipeg, Canada, Jan. 27, 1906. 


Canada, have this day made arrangements 
with the Western Vaudeville Managers* As- 
sociation, Majestic Theatre Building, Chicago, 
to engage all attractions for said Dominion 
Theatre. Artists are hereby notified that all 
acts booked to open February 12, 1906, or 
after will have to renew their contracts 
through the Western Vaudeville Managers' 


Proprietors Dominion Theatre, Winnipeg, Canada. 

Sam M. Lloyd, Lillian Dyer, 

Can Boole, Routo or Wildcat 
Aildre.i OEN. OKI 

SPECIALTIES. Elewul wardrobe. 

Soubrette, Comedian, Juvenile Woman 

Seasou'B engngonient. 
flaluosvlllo «. 

Join immediately. Address" Tallahaan'e, Florida, 1'eb. 2: Lake City 3, 


With calcium llmo light Jot*. Also French High Pressure Dissolving Key. Tubes, Connecters and 
everything complete, with Harlot Lenses. i:o»t 1176.00. will l-ll Tor »u5. In perfect condition. 

LKCrUIUUt, 136 East 17th SI., Now York. 



A aubor Character Hau; one who does Specialties 
preferred; must be first clasa; other Repertoire 
People, write; Al Electrician that can act, 
AL. 8. EVANS, Lexington, Ky., week 3; Jetllco, 
Tenn., week <i. 





TKOY. N. Y., Oen. Del. 

Al Black Face; I rl«h or Hutch S. A 1). Comedian 
well up In nied. baa. Nine day ptandi. Sure 
money; long season: no booze. .Show never closes. 
WEST EKN MED. CO., Preston. Iowa. 

Wanted, M. P. Operator 

Mint have Machine and plenty Kilmi. Also MU- 
SICIANS that Double B and O. Address 
BILLY RCTLER, Indiana Barbor, Ind. 

AT LIBERTY-* 1 carcehter or 

Ml klHkllll PROPERTY UAH. Al«o 

practical Electrician. Non-union. Will locate 
or travel. Address RALPH BAILEY. 

IK waMdogton Ave So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

WANTED-* 1 PIAN0 p ™- Si6HT 

II an A us/ Retder and laklr; Comedians 
and Noveltv performers. Addreta TOM CHRISTY, 
Manager Christy's Comedians, Rome, Iowa, 


Al novelty Performers', Al Comedian, 

To Join at onoo. Others write. Change lor week. 
Address B. F. LAMOTT, Bennett, Cedar Co., Iowa. 
P. 8.— Play good towns. 


W thousand ft ; tine stock; like new; lleadilnen 
and small subjects. 30 sets of Sue Song S Ides. All 
cueari 0F,ORri» K.OALT.«< , iiri«t, m ii<.rs> .N y. 


Central Hotel, SI. Jrwph. Mo. 


IVr. eililrets. 3M ». University St., Peorln. III. 


Feb, 15, 16, 17 Open; Also Week Feb. 19. Melodrama or Repertoire. Wire Quick. 


Davis Goodwin Stock Co., 

A. FEATURE SPECIALTY that can Change and 1* Suitable tor Refined Andl- 
enrea. Al.o Useful REPERTOIRE PEOPLE In All Lines. Tall all la nrtt letter 
and be ready to join on wire. JACK V. uuouwiv, Manager. 

Bluefleld. Weit Virginia, Jan. iB-Feb. 3; .Roanoke,, Virginia, Feb. 5-10. 
P. 8.— Harry, lost your address) wire me at one*. , ■■ ■ 

Open Time at Bristol. 
Wanted Quick, 


Oiias. K. Cliamplln and hi b Mg Co. packed them In la-tiveek. 8. R. 0. 1 nights. Ue has one ot tkc 
beat eoa. we ever had Big money for good dhows. Address ■ 

OHA8. B. BURNS, Mgr.. 1*13 N. luthBL, Philadelphia, or E. T. 8TAKLEY, Kea Man., Bristol. 

Webster Stock Co. 



State all Aral letter. Must Join on wire. > 

Address NED. CARTER, Pittsburg, Pa. 




Fay Norton, 


Addre ss OEN. DEL.. Kansas City, Mo. 



Wanted, Comedian and Soubrette; mast do binge 
and Double Specialties; Al Ueavv Hau. some 
Juveniles. Piano Player and other l«eful Peupic, 
write; long season; state full particular.; con- 
aider sllenie polite negative. J. 8. OA1I8IDB. 
Young 's Plor. Atlantic Cl'y. K. J. 


operatic Tenor, Soprano, Sonbreite, Dutch Come- 
dian. Season's enablement. Applj 
FORRESTER, UM Broa dway, S. Y. 

648 TAHF, WITH 6A0OE, $6. 

Moving Picture » echanlsm. Lnmlere movemon'. 
If". Sen' for e.Tsm. on receipt of 12. HaItTSN,v 
CO.. W«Ka«tl«n bt- N. T. Tel.. U313 Orameny. 


»« .beat h«:r pric all make^ many gw« i- 
WatelradnllD for"BOr.TON"lrn«rara«o«.,»W«>"5 
mi .11 olhwa. tf yoa w«b« thi> betl, bo j a •»}»" I 
-Ifron will b»'B wothw r»»e,w« h»T« II "JTf* 
•aaae. »»rtr7»bln«- lor Mid, Our oaMJ«a aa* »» I 

«kl B 1 1 .» a aa rn rMt^* • . I 


H HO UTOM * r P 



for vsrt) or recctjt pro- 
gram. Free uatatosr of 
filavt.mltiRln'l Jokirn. t-U'. 
Washington St., Chicago 


90°p n er 8 l00 



B^n^rYpo^rVald JnS ^on ^J'^» 

UatoMTery branch of lh. AmBa«jn«n»Binln|M. P«» 

Tatalofne (D) of Dramatlo and Show PjJbubi . j 

Catalogue iCi Fair and Camlral ^"."glit-^l 

Catalogoe (B> BIllpoaMra. Commercial Pow"* I 

FfraKIaw PrfntlBf ofalljlndj. _ ' 


813 ELM STRICT, 8T, 10WI8, -">•*--- 

Febktjaby 3. 




On and After JUI/Y 1, 1906, 

This Record-Breaking Cartoon Comedy, with an Entirely New 
Production and a Host of Novelties, Will Be Operated by the 







Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

Kihlbltlon Model Klaeteacope, S115.00. rnlverial Model ICinetoacope, HT.YOO 



i BY IT1 



■ CLASS A, 813 FEET, $143.49. 




NAL, London, England, contained the following complimentary notice: • • • "'The. 
Train Wreckers," now being shown at tie Empire, Is one .if the most powerfully depleted 
stories we bare ever seen, and Is a triumph of the urt. Il contains moro ivallv dni malic 
situations; than many a three volume novel, and the vnrlous Incidents arc portrayed lusucb 
a terse manner that the attention of the spectator is riveted frpiu start to tlulsu." 

Greatest List of Headiiners Ever Offered. 



No. 0,223, Code, Vntername, 1,000ft. .$150.00 


No. 6,221, Code, Vatcrlos. 850ft.. .-. .$32.9" 


--.v. No. 0,231, Code, Vaticanism, 3S0ft.. .J57.00 


No. .6,214, Code, Vaterarm, 440ft ?60.00 


No. 6,101, Code, Vastgleteo, 075ft.. .$140.25 


Kv.-'&lSer't'odc, Vastcdad, 835ft $125.25 


No. 0,311, Code, Vastwoeleu, 725ft. .$108.76 


No. 0,100, Code, Vaulcwa, 315ft $47.25 


No. 0,181, Code, Vastastcls, 725ft $108.70 




C h Ir «go Office, 304 Wabash A renne. 
'-" - -Saw fork Office, 31 Union Square. Cable Address, Knrlllan, New Tori. 

REi.T.IffA AORTfPS- THE kinetooraph oo., .... 41 K. aist St, New Tort. 
OBBBUV aVbUlD. PETER BAOIQALTJPI, • IBe-IW Mission St., San Pranolsco, Csl. 




Thirty sober, rtllable Musicians, Including good Bass Drummer who reads and 
a Calliope Flayer to double band. Wood salaries paid and a long season faaran- 
ln'il.SIir.i oiifinln Birmingham, AIu., lit April. This l» a -ij rarihoiv. Address 

1 .'''''''■' C. H. TINNEY, Bandmaster, Memphis, Ho. 

t*t*_. .:.; |»- i 



' ' Feb 2, 3, Qulocy. In., Nobody'u Claim ; Feb. 6 4ud week. Gen. Del., DeQao<;e, O. 



Presenting the laughing hit entitled MR. MOOS THE STARS. Time of acl, 26 minutes. 
Cast: MR. MOON. miles.! imm stay. JACK HYLAND. MISS STAUK, she leave-. BILLY 1IKT. wsnu 
to leave, LIZZIE FITE, liotiurl to le*ve. EDNA UYtANt). (iOH GLOOM, takes French leive, LIZZIK'M 
I'QC? mule.- 'em all leave, ELMsi: iiallkk. 

Adilres- JACK HYLAND, Kurt Dodge, Iowa. This week lion" with our own company, 



Capacity uuHlue<aever.v.>brrP' Wanted: Piano Player. Mglit Reader and Itepettulre Peop'e in all 
Uses.. People n 1th strong unlt-dai* specialties capable of playing parts will lie given the prefer- 
ence. .Must bo e\porleuced, reliable, have good wsidrobc anil be able to act. Company will be 
located In the fluent ani'ieeincnt resort lu the West during the Summer season. Competent aud roll 

aWe people can secure immediately a long and profitable engagement. Stale mil particulars when 
. ^tl'lng and cnclo,e program?. A'ldrca- KLULE TUKATRK CO.. a* per rouic. 






Band Leader, 

Cornet doubling Trap Drums, Slide Trombone 
Player. Turner, telegraph. Heavy Man doubling 
Band, Singing and Dancing 8onb«ette Other 
Repcrtorle and Band People, write. Tickets ad- 
vanced. Nerer close. Re ference. VUM National 
Bank, Clinton, Mo. My home address Crawford, 
Neb., Feb. e: Onauron, Neb., balanoe of wee k. 




This show la one of the beet of its kind 
(bar none). A sure box oflloe winner. Pralao 
from the local managers along the line. 

THE UKEAT EDISON SHOW played my house 
Jan. J, 1900, and were Immediately booked for a 
return date, which they played Jan. a, 1mm, 
and proved their worth by turning them away.— 
O. E. BREWSTER, Mgr. Carlton Opera House, Bay 
Shore, L. I. 

Tab) la Just one of the many notices we have re- 
ceived. Managers cannot speak too highly or this 
attraction, llavo some open tune. Add. 


P. ti— Regards to the Cannons (lu the ribs, boasi. 



Descriptive Baritone and Imitations of Celebrities. 
For time address KELCEY CONUOY, WO Columbus 
Ave., .New York, or nu MO HKIS. Ag ent . 



Now on route, experienced Theatrical Peoplu. 
ail lines; most be cm class; salary small dui 
sure. Address 

J. K. CLISE, Kulil. tikla. 

Leading Man. 
Repertoire Comedian 

With Specialist: long season. ANGEIL'S COME- 
DIANS, Ed. O. Nutt, Mgv., Chandler. Okla. 


(Owing to closing of East Lynne Co.. featured as 



Usight bit. 7; weight lit lbs. All requisites. Ap- 
pearance, utility, experience, one pleou or llrst 
ulaas rep only. Can Join on wire. 

a WATER ST.. Htapleton, Statsn Is'and, N . V. 



Swell wardrobe. Address J0NE8I1ORO, IND. 



Play anything cast tur and direct; can use good 
peoploluall lines tor Repertoire; drunkards, nu. 
BCRT 1MSON. Cartls. JieLrasha. 

WANTED, (or (lie Great Edison Show Co, 2, 

A man with a moving picture machine; must li«\c 
abjut 0.our> feet of up to date lllms. Good salary 
and utcady work to right party. Send a Hut aud 
all particulars. Don't misrepresent. Address 
P. 8.— Will tiiiv a machine In good order and 
plonty of nlmaclicap. 


Sober, Reliable Actors, 

Piano PIsrer. Young man to A"'i»' wttn Props, 
S"';uud Comedian. Moderate salsrle.. Ah ruto- 
Iptieil. Address UEO. M, NOBLE, Kill". Kans.. week 
Jan. '."'; i* Cros>n.*, Kans.. ne<k Fob j, 

Advance Agent Wanted. 

Must he capable of arranging beueflU, ef.! 
Motion Picture and Vaiidsvlilo Co : 1 to night 
standi; stat e all. Ad dres s Hoi MH Boston, Mass. 

Musical Ptodnctlout, Vandovllle Atfi broogit 
■ .in publicly. City appnarsnces gtvon. 

WALTER M>W. 1K;I ltro««lMay. i:»oia »'.. 





Soason I900-i906. 


( KKmrw. torn sorx rrrv. 

mvi- k ... nwt^. JS.V.VS SOUCI TAHK, ClIlfAIIH. ILL 1 

JUNL. lour W«fka— j ,.„,,„, lollHn .,|, lvc Y t . nn . 

of .llilv :i— SOriMKll PARK, MONTKHAL, CAX. 
of Jlilr 111— SOllMIMt PARK. MONTIMIAL. CAX. 
of Jnlv S4 — IMVEHSlDi: JPARK. MUMTttMAL, L'AX. 
of AUK. «— SAX NOIVI I'AUK. CIIir.\<lt», ILL. 
of Aug. Kl— SAN HOIX'I I'AHK. t'lJH'AliU. II.Is. 
of Aug. 20—. • r i 

Of Aug. 27 — \ ; i 





. Week 


1 Week 

• Week 

, Week 


of 8ci>t. 
ofHciit. 10— 
of Sept. 17— 
of Sept. "ti- 
nt Oct- 2— 
of Oct. O— 
of (M.10— 
of Oct. 88— 
of Oct. 30— 
uf Nov. 7— ■ 
of Nor. 14— 
of Kov.81 — 
of Nor. 28— 
of l>ec. 1— 
of flee. 11— 
of Dec. 18 — 
of l>ec. 25— 

>wn Oor-r»p 

Big "J-IIV 


SI'OlvANi:, WASH. 

si:att{,i-. wash 
vancoweii. ii. c- 
t.u.hma. wash. 

I'Oim.ANl). UltE. 
i TttAVKr, 

nyL(KHM*all, PAU 
■ I SAN .rOHE, CAL. 

I lltAVni.. 
»*•. \ IX)S ANUELEH. CAL. 

Week of .Ian. I— VATTDEVILI.E. 
Wwk of .Tan. B— VAIIDKVILLK. 
Week of .Isn. 15 — VALODVILLi:. 
Week of Jin. 22— f HAVEL- 
Week of Jail. S»— OHHIKIM. SAL 


r lake rrrv. ci ah 

Care of 

We Invite Offers from Responsible Managers, who 
Wish a Box Office Attraction for Next Season. 

> &M Permanent Address, 

JOS. W. STERN & CO., No. 34 F. 2 1st St., 1 1 C. 




{Managers, Oscnr llainiiicrstt'iii, the wisest of Iho hunch, may 
he seen oulsidc of his New York Vaudeville Tlieatrn tm the 
opening niglit 'every wet k, with lial drawn down nntl coat 
collar turned up, mixing with Hie audience emerging from his 
Theatre, listening to their comments. 

•Will do the Same Thing.. 

Outside uf any theatre whose moving pittufcj are furnished hy J 
JULES BR0THBS9 you will liear ouch remarks as the»e; 
^Splendid," "(Jreat," "\rVc,reirt thqso niav in j pictures fiue?" "The 
bes tg on t he bill," "Never enjoyed anything si)' well." 

Write to-day. Quick action. Get in touch with 

10 E. 1 4th St, 

Niw York City. 


116 Turk" 8'.. 

8tn Franclicf j 


of Mi»t e*|M.Tlopr-i', Also people in livery il<!|'HrtmegT hi tlioa<l\Hin'e. Those liolilluit eoattactHtor 
t'r'j'j aru guo.1. Ktmlly semi permanent aitdrcss In nm here. 

B. W. I.I I.I.IK, Pawner I'.lll, da, BaBscn ML, l*hlla.lel|ililn. I's- 


Woulil llkoto hear trout .llm Darkey and allol.1 nine ratna? men known >»hltii. *.Mre-.< 



■I! Mil II !■( BIB li tlMI BIIB 

htalc lowest; pay own. Pltlsflcld. Mass., reel •-»: North A'lsnts. Xla>t , week" Kel>. 6. J.O. wy.lil*H. 



Uiist Le slile loact. tIANAOEHS, N<)TH'K. -Nn upen nine. Wp*»» ■■» Iks irood^ hih) ■»«.»n- tfl'lnji 
tBc money. Next year, gilt e.llte. WII.I.IAM A. MtssVM. M»rU". ». II, 


Words and Ma ale I,* W. lilt IOHT.M Oil K. 

Published by W. BRIGHTMORE. 1814 Taney St. "[Philadelphia, Pa. 



1 - — ... "— — — ^— — — — _ .....' 



Mc-tropolltnii <>|ieii« llonsp (llolnrlcll 
fonricd, manager), — The opera Mils 'or Ilia 
ninth IM nf i he seii><in, beginning Monday 
iilghi, .Inn. 22, were.: Monthly nlgbr, 'Tnnn.; 
lueuser," with tblri.enst: Kllsabntta, KmuiA 
Eaines ; Venue, Ullro Premstnd ; ShepBerd 
Hoy, Bella Alten ; Wolfram, Mr. fJorlti; 
Taonhaeui'cr, Mr. Knote ; Landgrave, Mr. 
Mass. Messrs. Helm, Muhimnnn, Bayer and 
I-'rauke wore n|so In the cast. Mr. HertJ 
i onduetcd. Wednesday night, 24, "Tristan 
nnd Isolde." Willi .this. cant: Isolde. Mine. 
Nordlca ; I IrnognoDe, Male. Homer ; Trial an, 
Mr. Hurgstallcr ; tvurwenul. Mr. Vnn Itooy; 
Konlg Murke, Mr. Bluss; Melot, Mr. .Unlit- 
Diuun ; Kin liirt, Mr. ltelss : SUmnie lies Sec- 
[Kit niks. .Mr. Horn : Der Stcuerraunn, Mr. 
Wall her. Mr. Hertz conducted. Thursday, 
25 beginning ut G v. it., "Parsifal" tits 
third performance this season), with Andreas 
lllpiiel In thn title role, otherwise the cost 
was the same ns before. Friday night, 2fl, 
"Alrtn," with Kninin Karnes In ihe title role, 
nnil Mine. Homer ns Anmcrls. Otherwise (lie 
,'iisl. vViim Hie same us before. Kuiiirilny nftor- 
imnii, 27, "linn lilorniinl," for Hie llrst lime 
this seiison.iniil III commemoration of Ihe uno 
liiiniiri'd mill lift let Ii anniversary of Mozart's 
Idrlli. The ciisi ; Hiiiimi Anna, Mine. Nor- 
mIiii : Itoniin Hlvlrn. Mnie. Jninelll ; Zcrllnn, 
Mine. Seinhrlrh : Don lilovnnnl, .Mr. i-kolll; 
Hon littnrlo, Mr. Dipnoi : l,epnre)lo, Mr, 
Jouract; Mnsetto, Mr, Uossl : II Cuinmendn- 
tiirr, Mr. Miililiiinnii. Null nil I'rniiko con- 
ducted. Saturday night, "The oitc.-n of 
SIikImi," cast ns before, except that Mr. Ijorllx 
Hiiljr lh>! role of Kin;; .Solomon of 
Mr. Van Rnuy. 

Savoy Then! r« (Frank MeKoe, manager i. 
— The llrxl. inelropollliiu performance of "TJie 
House nf Silence. " a' play, hi n prologue and 
lime arts, by Jleruinii K. Vlele, was glroii 
.Inn. -."., by James K. Iliickett mid Mary 
Miiiincrlng. Tim action occurs In Hrlllany, 
where Vh'inr, it gardiicr, kills his nuiHler, 
lii-uvln, Hint he muy marry Beatrice, his 
widow. She Is- later ironed and won by I'nul 
lirognry. an Aiiicrlciui iirllal, anil when 
aboiil to kill the lovers Victor Is killed, by 
n stroke of )lKhlnlng. Mr. Vlele failed of 
his purpose, which wns to .make n poetic 
jdny. .Mr. Ilaekett'K performance and make 
up as Hie briilal Victor was a .pronounced 
triumph, und .Miss Mnniicrlug nddeil tu her 
In iii-t'l.H ns Beatrice, lOdwIu Ardcii failed to 
strike the keynote ns I'nul. Muy Bluynoy. 
Virginia Hucliiiiiau, l.on-s (iiiiiim and Filler 
Lfing all did coniniendiible work. The cast : 
llravlii, David lilasslord : I'nul Gregory,- K* 
win Arden: Victor. Air. Ilnckelt: ranch, 
11. Si. Dunne; IMerre. I sires tirliiim ; Liiliel, 
IVIer Lung : Intnl. I'. Owen Hosier; A Inn. 
Frank I'm Ion; A llllml .Man, Albert i'nrker; 
Mario Gonriloe, liny Bl.iynoy : linhette, Vir- 
ginia Ituchaiisii; Mother .lull,. Florence 
Cragg; - Casein*, Isabel Goodwin; •, Felice, 
roilsiince Hell ; Celeste, Helen Vassnr > Bea- 
trice, Mary .Mannoilng. The play was taken 
off .'ifler the performance -of 2.". "The Walls 
nl Jericho" v.-us rcsiiiiiisl inallaee at 27, for 
two weeks, the house-- liolnir dark -'11. 

fin I'll en Tlicillro (Henry \V. Niivngc, 
tnanacerl, • lliiyiiiniiil Hitchcock began .Mon- 
day. .Inn. -'h. his sernnd week. In "Tin 4 
ilnllopor," IJIchnrd lliinllu- D.ivls" new three 
/irt fnrce, which wns orlt-lnnlly |uesented 
Dee. 14, liln.'i, lit the New i.nslno. rinlullelil, 
N. ,f. Since Its melropnlltnn premier, 2L', 
crowded houses have ruled nl this house. 
The story revolves n round the dolngc of 
Copolnnd Schuyler, a weallhy young New- 
Yorker, who .llnda himself In Athens during 
the (ireco-Turklsli war. Schuyler is In love 
wllh (Iraee \Vhl1noy, who has volunteered as 
H Ited t'ross nurrie, and Is desirous ot going 
n> Volo to lie nenr her. Kirk Warren, nu 
American correspondent of 'J'hc Ueiiublte, re- 
tiifos to accent (lie nsslgnment la Volo lie- 
cause ho Is liifntiinted with a wnmnn In 
Atlifnis. Uill.v AsUe, foreign innnAger of 
77ie Iti/mlilic nlfers Warren's passports to 
Hclinyler, and he accepts and xoea to the 
front as Klrke Wnrien. A Ihreatened duel, a 
capture by Turks, and other exciting hid- 
den is arc forced upon Schuyler, who lliinlly 
couies mil with living colors. "The tinlloper' 
Is the best vehicle in which Mr. Hitchcock 
has appeared.' nnil he takes full advantage 
nf the iniiuy opportunities offered him. ills 
wAHt Ihroiighnul iignln emphasized ihe fart 
Hint ha lichiugH In the llrst rank of cunicdhins 
on t lie -American stake lo-dny. Ills dry lininnr 
and ilmll iiersniuillty nre dlstiiiclliely Ids 
tmn, and llic ja'Csuiial success he hns won 
in tills and la other productions, -Is a Just 
iwognltlon of his ability.' ICdgar I-. Daven- 
port, Herbert Carl hell, Xnnnelte fomstnek, 
Muy Huckley, ami In liicl the entire supiiorl- 
Itlg'eouipnav lent guild nhl. 'J'ho cast In full : 
»\ipeliuul Schuyler. Itnyinoiid Illlclicoek : 
Klrke Warren, Kilgar 1,. Dnveiiport ; Mr. 
Ilewltl, Hurry Stmie : Citpt. AnsirnHier, I.. 
Itoucrs I.yltuu: Mr. tirlggs, Harold Vtxitrd ; 
HIITv Ashe, Herbert t'oflhell : L'apt. O'Malley. 
T. Daniel Frnwley; Colonel tlstilh, Scolt 
Cooper; ('apt. Monznlfer. Harry I'reston ; 
Crown i'rliice of lireece. K. It. Tllloti : First 
Dlllcer, Fred Johnstone : First Ofllrer. II. 
While; Scrgeniil. AH. Hudson Jr.: llont- 
Mvalii. M. nlmk : Ot|it. Zonya. Mdgiir rot- 
ter: Max anil liitikcepoc, M. W. ltnle: Clrncc 
Whllni'V. Nniuielte Com-dock; Hlauche 
TVillcy, May IlucUloy ; Sirs. Sybil Sehwartze, 
Helen I,nckiiye; ; A lireek nirl. May llelnnith. 
uvvlng to Ihe IpdisnoKltloii of Nun nolle I'oin- 
slnek on Monday alglil. I".', the role of flriteo 
.tVlilltuy was played by Florence l.esler, 

(■mud «)|icrii lions,- (,|. n. Spiluger, 
inntn.aeer). -Tlio llrst. nielropollliln perfucm 
mice of "I'lie llinfloi" neciirrcil here .Ian. Lit, 
with "Hap" Wind as the slur, in Hie lllle 
role. The piece Is a musical comedy, In 
three nets, book by titty F. Stecley. lvrlcs 
hv .latueit O'llea, and music by W. C. I'olln 
n'uil .lohn \f. Iloliuuscr, and was given Its 
premier at New Itedford, Maw., Aug. :M 
last. The story: A young nrllst hi love 
wllh n pretty young girl, finds Hint lier 
iiiolher has lil-.'li iispli'iitlons for her. A 
filend of Hie artist Is Inlrudiiced ns n cclc 
liruled literary mini, and poses ns Hie Venn.,' 
mini's uncle. Tlie real poet puts In an mi- 
iiearnace and mutters bcciuue ooiiipllciiti'il, 
when Hill tirilftcr proceeds to settle Ihe illf- 
ticuliii's. lie works everybody for various 
amounts, und dually tones down the mothe's 
iispli'iitloiis so Hint the (lutigliler muy ninrry 
the artist. While there Is little to the play 
iiutslde of the opportunities It gives every 
line to keep the laughter going, ll Is enjoy- 
nhle, and the big auuietice scorned thorough!'' 
vntlstled. The piece Is well staged and well 
li.'tudled. the chorus working effectively mid 
surprising nil by Us clever singing, dancing 
uud grouping. "Ilnp" Wind, of coiirse, ram 
fit for lite lions slime of Ihe fun 

ni.'klng. hut lie was fully cipnil to II d 

laid an able assistant In l.ucy Daly, who did 
most .it tractive work. In "My Ittingiilow 
Itnlte." and other songs. Win. 1'rieiul iniule 
u most fa vara lib 1 Impression, ns did nil (lie 
ttlllprn. Till" "Itiilcpcndence Day" IhiKli was 
ii great triumph, and woli rounds <>f ap- 
plause. The cast : Illll tlinfler, Ilnp Waltl: 
Mud Wilson. Will In in Friend: Huron Von 
lllrsh, William Mnxwcll : .lack Desmond. 
• hai'lcs Hales: Mr. lturtoti. Donald Harold; 
<l. Horace Homer, Tony Williams: Hornet!. 
Junes. Hlclunil Harry : Klhi Ituiton. Wlniil- 
trcil Spauldlng: Mrs. Unrloii. May T!uun]i- 
*,ui : Mrs. Wilson. Daisy Dudley: Mercy 
Hunks. I'lmebe, l.itcy Duly. Ilxecullve stnH': 
■ Jenrge II. N'icohil. general nuiungcr: Clair 
M. I'atee. nctlng niaiiager. 

FlelilM* Therilre (Hscar ItAmtUPrstrlll, 
tnltjtngerl. — Louis Mann and Clara l.lpticia 
■imkiNl llielr llflh week Jan. !•», In ".lulle 


cuiliin (Smn S. & Stuihcrr. tnaiin- 
f( , r<l — "|'|i,. Fail und the tilrl" I'litered lis 
ihhtei'ilh week .Inn. L'll, on which date was 
ui'«i the one hundredth performance. 

Hrondwnv Tlienlve (A W. Dlivwill. 
miinnger). — Klsle .Intiis, In "The Vnndcrbllt 
Cup," commenced lier third ivock Jan, lilt. 

Vrocfift'4 Fifth Avenne Tlieatre (F. 
F. i I'roctor, Dianagcr). — "The, Merchant of 
Vcttlcfi" I* tluvrcrlvnl by the houne stock coni- 
linny tills week. James Young proved »tt ex- 
cellent Slij-lock. nnd on Jan. all the nndloniv* 
were most appreciative of bis work. Aim-in; 
Hlnjaam. na Portia, wan also, warmly up- 
plnudcU. Hardee Klrklond's reading In the 
roll',. of Antonio, was. most commendable, nnd 
Houen Camming*, as the Duke nf Venice, 
nr.i' A. It Van' Huron, as Hassaulo, did splen- 
didly. Gerald Qrlffin scored a success as 
l.iHiiuelut (iwbbo. Olbem in the revival were : 
Albert How-sun, Al. ltoberts, Wllllani Nor- 
ton, II. Dudley Hnwley, David II. TaomnsDo, 
licorge Howell, Wu. Wboelur, Arlhur snnw, 
l-'ranli Cicelinan, Jumea ilnrrlncton, Amelia 
Dlngiiam, Klcnoor Gordon and l-JIv Collmer. 
Next lyeek, "The . Honnie lirler HiimIi." : . . 

< olouiol Theatre (1'ercy U. Williams, 
matineer). — I'erhaps the largest Monday 
iniiiljici.' audience ot Ihe present season here, 
nsseiDliIed Jim. 'JD. The bill, while nf ex- 
cellent, r-lreiigth and merit. In its entirety, 
bud nttriiclnii special Inti't'esl In Ihe ilHait 
III vnudr-vllle of Snrnh French and .1. .1. Mil- 
ler, In Mrs. SohtiypT Crowninshleld's one net 
play. "ltd ween Two Fires." It. mei with 
favor at the Colonial op Monday, nnd ail 
immediate success was scored by ilio princi- 
pals In lis presentation. There wis, how 
t'Vi.'i', much to entertain In the bill, which 
listed Hurt Leslie uuu Ui.Ii.tI 1.. Dnllev. 
presenting "A Jolly Bit of Tomfoolerj ;'' 
Carter Do Haven unci Flora Parker, In songj 
dance and dialogue; "In the Sunny South,. 
mi elaborate singing and dnnclng melange; 
an Inlcrostlng lecinre on wireless telegraphy 
by.', "apt. llloniii ; Paul Sanildr's performing 
dogs ; Mii/iiz. and Mnzi'i, In an aerobnilo 
iliiirnctor skelHi: (illroy, Hnyo-i und MuiH- 
gniiiery, hi u singing skit :. Mathews 1 and Ash- 
ley, clinriiclor ski I .und ihe vluigruplu 

Vielocin lb, nl c- iOsenr Haminersteln, 
manager ). — H would be a dlfllcull tusk to 
pick n Haw in the bill presented here Mon- 
day, Jan. ^0, for 1 he week. Pcnnilnence is 
given to Arlhur Prince, an English vent'llo, 
ipilst, und an iiccompllshed one, who mndn 
ills Iirst iippeiirnnee here oti Hull ilale. Mr. 
Prince's success whs iiHsiintl-nlihoHt. tfttm Iho 
sturt. f'lnytoi) While trad MnrJe Stnhrl iignln 
nppenred in Ibclr pliphtnt playlet. "Dickey ;'■ 
Clarice Vance, In her surpassing rendition nf 
loon wings, had received the unusual cnniDll- 
incut of a lequesl engngement for tills week, 
from the patrons of the Victoria, nn.l her 
receplion on Moiuhiy was an ovation; 
olliers prngrammeil were:' Nick Long anil bb- 
lene Col ton. in a sketch : Ned Nye. and Ids 
Itollirkhig Clrls; the liliiiscrctlls. gymiuists: 
August n Close, la impersonal Ions ; M. For- 
ruins,, and his musical dog; Pierce nnd Mat- 
zee. -singers und dancer*, and Ihe rltngrnph. 

St'tv Turk Ilipiioilrniiii- (Tliomptioii k 
Huiidy, nuiHagorai. — "A Society Circus" 
ciinttiioes to he n magnet, nt this lKipillnr 
resorl, nnd capaclly bualness in the rule. 
The vaudevlire- nnd olrctis niimhora week of 
Jan. *J1> Include: Clane Hellnt nnd her 
livi'lve lions. Harlow's elepluitils, MIssi iMar- 
rpils anil ponies. Mile. I.erls, Ilnlph John- 
stone, MargueHl.e nnd llanley. Slsilers 
O'Mooi's. ;|u< Four Marlins, ihe Flying Dun- 
bnis, Hie Four IIIiiiios, the tieoigc Ilruihalr- 
tlcegay Arrahatln Troripc, with Mnreellnn 
.•mil Silvers ns prlnclpid funmakers. The 
"Song of the Flowers ballet continues to 
(laz/Jc the eye with ils wonderful beauty. 

Atlantic* i.iii'ili-u iW. Kramer's Sons, 
mnnagersi. — The Lit Voiles, Ontos nnd Nelson, 
iiclston and Flood, Slg. (Iidltnette, Low 
Lcrvt>r, JIadeilne Dlston. Mons. fillear, the 
Atlaiiticneope and the lady orchestra nre here 
this week. . 

Sew York Tlicntce (Klair & Erlanger, 
ni.'iungerK).— "The Rrasm Brother* in Ire- 
land." the lntest vehicle for the Itogers 
Brother*, retmni'd to this city on Jnn. 21), 
and drew a big house. Ous and Mux lingers. 
In llielr toiylngs nnd parodies, were loudly 
nnntuuded, and could have held the stage In- 
definitely If they had responded to all the 
encores. C'orliiue scored a distinct trinrupli, 
and Heaslo de Vole was enpltal In her singing 
uud dnnclng. Charles F. McCarthy was ex- 
cellent In hi-; Jrlsli woman Impersonation, 
nnd Josic Intropodl, Maurice Dnrcy and Ivil- 
wnrd O'Connor also did praiseworthy work, 
lit hers In the support were: John Conroy, 
I'llicl hiiropodl. .Inllii ICnslinaii. Wm. Toruey, 
I.llll-iii Collins. Pauline Thome, Lynn D'Arcy. 
tiriice tirlndell. Artliur V. tillison, .Warren 
FiiMnii, Wllltnlii Morgan, lieorge Knrle. 

Third Avetaao Tliealre {A. II. Woods, 
iniuiiigei-). — liarlnnil linden's "Ilea lis Adrift" 
was presented Monday, .Inn. :!l). wllh the 
following etisr: Captain Teddy, Frank Itolles- 
ton : Edmund tierue, W. D. Ingram : Robert 
D.irney, Win. He! foil ; Utile Tim, Muster 
Phil . McCm-lliy : Hid Pldgeoii, W. Chrystle 
Miller; Simon Oreen, Hilly Hnrlow ; Sum 
U cil way. Louis lilshop : John Lane, Philip 
McCarthy; Jim Hrogory, Lew Walter: Sain 
Call, 0. J. Singleton : Fxpress Hilly. M. .1. 
Miner ;, .OHlcer True, Waller More; Uoslo 
Iliirkwerlh. Mildred Hylnnd : Julia I.iinc, 
Floieiii'e Ashbi'ooke : Peggy Mcllulre. Itelle 
Dueling: Energy Muggs. Iternyce Clillds; 
Aim lier llngslow, Mrs. Anna Hell. Lorraine 
Alfhouse Is mnnngei". Unit Hurley, agent. 
NoK(;.week. "lllg Hearted Jim." 

Kinplre Theatre (Clias. Frohiuun, maa- 
nger). — Mamie Adams, In "Peter I'nn," he- 
gnrt her tlilrteentli week Jnn. 'JU. 

Iliiilsoii Tlioutre (Henry B. Harris, 
luimngeri. — Itobert I.oralne entered his twen- 
tysecond. week and last fortnight Jan. Lll. 

1. ><'<mi in I'licniii- 1 1 nnil, -i Froliman, 
malinger).-. Tfc* Lion and ihe .Mouse" start- 
ed Ils eleventh week of capacity business 
Jan. Lit. .. . 

Iijrli' Tlienlre (Sam R. & Lee Sluiliett. 
iniinngei'.si. — "Mexlcnna" was given its llrst 
uii'tropollliiii proilucilon on Jan. -'.). A re- 
view uf the perfornutnee will appent' In our 
columns next. week. 

Cclti-rtoii Tlicntre (Charles Frohmnn, 
uianngeri. — Ethel Ihirryuiore, In "Alice Sit- 
by-the-l'Tro." and "l'uiilnlooti," with Lionel 
Hiiiryiiioro, started their sixth week , Inn. 20, 

llornlil Sillinre Tlieal re (t'lnirlos Froli- 
iiiaii. munngi'i"), — "Cmnlng Thro' the Hyo" 
Kt art oil its fourth week and lust fortnight 
Jan. L'O. 

Afiidemy of ItliiHle (tflluiore & Tomp- 
kins, iiuiiuigei's). — Mrs. .Leslie -Curler began 
her second and last week In "/4iza." .Inn. L'U. 
Next week she. will npprtir In "I)n Harry," 

Dni.v's riiooiic (Diinlci Frohniau, man- 
i-;i'ii. llllts JeiVreys ciniiiiieiiced lier second 
week Jim. J'J. In "The Fascinating Mr. Van- 
dervohlt." tiny Standing succeeded Claude 
King on that dntu as ,Col. Kiiynur. 

ilncili-K Thentre (Win. H.i Reynolda, 
iiivsldeutl. — "I'lie Little limy Lady" started 
Its second week Jan. Sft. Efforts ore being 
uiiule to extend Hie run nt this house, or to 
move It to some olhcr house If this is not 

llljiiii Thentrt* (II. 11, Sire, manager). 
— Dnvld Wni'llcbl sinned his tweuly-secoad 
week .Inn. L".i, in "The Music Jliislec." 

X«-iv .tiiistenlniu Thentrv (lvlaw i Er- 
Inngor. in ioiil'cii '. — Fny Tcnipleton, In 
"Forty-live Mitotic* l''rom llroailwny," opened 
her llflh week Jnn. Lit. - 

Joe W.-lier's Music Hull (Joseph M. 
Weber. BMluiger). — "Twlddle-Twniblle" liegun 
lis llfth week .1:111. L'l 

Foiti'teciKli Street Thentrt' (J.Wesley Hcecher. In a Hketch : Fentelle and Itndellffe, 
lioseinpiesr, i-.nimger).— "Itedford's Hope 1 ' In "The. Tramp and the Itrlllmyj", llnsklrk 

Proctor's Fifty-eighth Street The- 
atre If. F. I'roctor, manager). — The good 
hill of the current week drew crowded houses 
afternoon and evening, Monday. Jan. 2ti. 11. 
A. Roberts. In his one man dramatic sketch 
of "Dick Turpin," scored a successjn tie 
several charactera which ho assumed. Hol- 
combe, Curtis nod Webb caused -much laugh- 
ter In their schoolroom accne, and pleased In 
their rendering of se/veral vocal numbers. 
Jewell's Manlklus were cleverly manipu- 
lated,, the electric and scenic effects of the 
act winning hearty applause. Delmore and 
Oneida, in their perch net, bold the atten- 
tion ot the audience during their entire turn. 
Other successful numbers on. the bill Were: 
Waterburv ilrothers and Tentiy. comedy- mu- 
sical trio : Louise Drr.^ser, comedienne : 
Fields aud.Wooley, Herman comedlana; Daly 
ui'd Devere, Irish character sketch team. 
The moving pictures arc also retained. 

America ii Theatre (J. M..Wnrd, man- 
ager). — For the current week, beginning 
.Monday, Jan. :!!). Iiiirtlg (c Seamon , prasenj 
toat exeeerfloglv well liked colored eommllnD, 
Ernest llngan. In "I.'ufiis Rnslus," a musical 
I'Xtrnvngnnzu well suited to his style of 
work The piece, which la. in. two acts, waa 
written by W. D. Hall, with lyrics by Frank 
William.': and Ernest Hogan, Tom Lemonier, 
II. L. Freeman nnd- J. E Ureen. It 
was Mr. Ilojcau's Initial appearance with 
Mil* production !n this city, and hn was 
heartily greeted by a well tilled house, 
'Ihe foundation of the play is a twenty-two 
dollar debt which Kit f us ones to the head 
waiter of the Hotel Ponce dc Leon, nnd It 
happens that everything comes his way hut 
that large . ",twenty-two.", However, thing* 
turn out welt when Itufua Is le.ft to care for 
an Imaginary "dog", and is also left with h 
box of supposed (junker oats. At tills point 
he decides to escape trout the hand* of the 
law. ami 111' tossing the box to earth is 
stricken with -heart failure to Had fifty 
thousand dollars burst from same. He then 
pays his twenty-two and ivory one Is happy. 
in his successful songs "Oh, Wouldn't 11 Bo 
n Dream" and "Is Everybody Happy," Mr. 
Hogau scored heavily, u nil the chorus which 
supports hint received well earned applause, 
and was coin-polled to respond lo encore after 
encore. The costumes -.worn by members, of 
the company n ro handsome, and the scenery 
is more thun usually attractive. The cast: 
John Drake. J. F. .Morres; Dr. Fo-Jo, J. 
Lenbrle Hill : Snphfonln, Anna Cooke 
Pnnkey; Hugo, Harry .Fiddler; Noah-.Beaslcy, 
J. Hd. (ireen ; Angelica N'ewcomb, A. I). 
Itvrd: Hlllv B. Hum, Will .-Wllklna: Rev. 
N'li;iilllnn Sllplwck Newrohth, lioht. A. 
Kelley ; Freilerlc.'i, Alice Mnckey ; Snowflake, 
Muriel Itlngold :- Enoch. . Cousin Monk aud 
Ciislnslerphe. Theo. i'nukey ; Lazarus Tuttle, 
Henry Troy; Sellnn fill (edge, Cnrlla.Day; 
Mainly Jones, Mnmlo JCmerson; Rufus Rastus, 
Ernest Ifogiin: Samson. Strong,, Harry 
filllinm: Ofllcur. Matt llousley ; .Hal morn I. 
Pauline Ilnckuey ; Floor Manager, Rill Moore. 
Next week. .Master I'inbrlcl, In "Buster 

Yorkville Tlicntre (Jleycr R. Blmberg, 
nianiiget). — Wllllnm J. lielly's eugagoment 
here, ul Ihe bend of his own company, bids 
fair to he one of the big successes of the 
present senson In upper F-ist side the.itric.lls. 
The pretty tlicntre wns crowded, at all per- 
foimnnces last week, npd the productlin of 
" Shennndonh" t his week, ' well staged, and 
with Mr.' Kelly's excellent nctlng company, 
will likely orudiiM ihe same result. Next 
week, "Ey Iflcht of Sword." ... 

Timlin Theatre (Sullivan. & Woods, 
managjrs). — -'A .Desperate Chance'.' was pre- 
sented to a packed house MOndav, Jin. 2!). 
The cast Included : Horry L. WaterliOuse, 
Harold Voshiirgh, M. F. Ryan, Harrr: p. 
Vokos, Rob JlcCtnng. T. M. Long, Bert Mau- 
ler. (ieorgo-W. RugBee. Wllllani Forrey, Dave 
Cohen, Frank Churchill, Fred. Lewis, Ger- 
trude Dion Maglll, Baby Jennifer- Sinclair, 
Jesstn Clemont and Mrs. Nell Kyrell. Next 
week, "The Factory Girl." 

Clrele Tlienlre (Clias. A. Williams, man- 
agon. — Scrlbner'a Gay Mnsqueraders is -the 
title of the excellent organization which 
opened hero to- on audience of good propor- 
tions on Monday, . Jna. 29. a\ th,e regular 
matinee. This company placed an engage- 
mont ot the Circle earlier In the present 
season, to fine business. Next week, Rice & 
imrtou's Big Show. 

toiiiiloii Theatre (James n. -Ctirttn, 
mnnugorj.—Moy Howard, nt the head- of her 
company, had a rousing reception Monday, 
L'7, w-hcti aim wns seen here by a big house, 
for the llrst time in several years. In 
'>MIlo. FIH" nnd "The, Rounders" Mlns How- 
ard appeared to excellent advantage In the 
prilicliail roles, und. boing lu excellent voice, 
scored, as usual. The supporting eompfihv 
ably took cure of the partu nsslgaed them. 
Max Lavelle, Warren Wkf, Loo Kendall. 
Edward Morris and Fred Russell held up the 
comedv ends, while May Hollo. Ruby Marlon, 
Amy Thompson, Harriot Golmot appeared In 
suit able roles. The cornet duets ■and bugle 
KOlnfeconttlbuled by the Misses Marlon and 
Thompson In the llrst purl were well en- 
cored. All i lie muHlcitl numbers were hand- 
somely singed nnd yjeil- worked up. The 
chorus Included : KIttv Be Rao, Sutuiu Moss. 
Maggie McCnnn, Harriett Wilson, Alice 
World, Lillian De - Meyers, Sue 'Fletcher, 
Myrtle Paul, May Held. NanaMcClaln. May 
Strong nnd Corn Hnvelle. The olio present- 
ed : Grimes nnd Tnggnrt, comedians ; the 
Musical Crolgs. In afl enjoyable musics) act; 
Russell and Locke, singers and . dnneers : 
Luvelle nnd Crniit. In exhibition of physical 
culture development nnd clover iiornuniles. 
A number of art pictures were effectively 
posed, and "The Itonlulers," with Miss How- 
ard ns the Count, cnucludod tlio bill In good 
Rtyle. Mile. De Loon, "thn. girl In blue," 
performed her sensational douce to several 
encores. Next week, the Fay Foster (To. 

Iluber's Museum (John II. Anderson, 
manager). — A curio well worth seeing Is the 
feature attraction at this popular .fundi v re- 
sort this week. Josephine Myrtle Corbln, ■ 
four legged wouuiu. seen for, 1 lie llrst time In 
New York, others niv; Miindy. I nm skull 
infill ; Inl. three legged hoy ; Old Kip, 
South Sen Island Joe nnd Bono. Maude Fritz 
and. her troupe of dogs, Iji Cant, medical 
marvel, and Prof. Burkhardt, tniiti of mys- 
tery. In the theatre nu excellent bill wns 
.presented, nl'ieriioon und evening, to n Inrg" 

Miner's llnwery Theatre (Edwlu D. 
Miner,- niunager). — The liululv 1'itrci; Ilur- 
lesi|uera repeat ou the Bowery tlila week. 
Thoillrst pnrt, "The- Mitrrlate of Itlrdle :" J. 
Gnn'noy Brown anil Muy Booth, Austin Wuli-li 
uud liis "Sight Seeing Sights:" ICltiiniiii-a'H 
Jiipaiicso Troupe, West and Hughe*, hi n 
clever comedy singing act : Montgomery nnd 
Cnater, tu their laughable piano aud dancing 
act : llnrney Williams, comedian, ami "A 
Merry Bachelor," iniide up u good programme. 
Jll. (.'iiniphidl nnd Barnes are proprietors of 
the show. Next week, the Star Show Girls. 

Dewey Tlicntre (Sitlllvnn & Ktans, 
iminagers'l. — The ltentz-Snnllry Co. in the 
ultractloii here (his week. Monday after- 
noon und evening n large audience witnessed 
(heir excellent iwrformnticc of "Lady Teaser." 
a hurlettn. in one art. The olio Includes- 
l,ew Welch, Hehrew comedian : Mill and 
Hcecher, In n Hketch 

Keith's Theatre (E. P.. Rogers, resident 
manager).— A capacity audience rfas dn iBatfd 
Jan. ?U. to witness the widely advertised ap- 
pearance of Hondlnl, "The Klturof Hand- 
cuffs." und be hold everyone In « firm grasp. 
Eml! Hoch, Jane Elton and ootnpny catts«d 
plentv of laughter in "Mile. Weg B?£ 
Wentworth's equestrian act brJMtit down. 
the noose wlth\s oxoelleBce. The prpW 
Comedy- Four made the usual ait In song 
and comedv. Rooney and Bent again scored 
with the excellence of their oUncfiifr. Mm*. 
Slfpoffski ercated a furore In high class. vo- 
caluims. Hosaire and Doretto kept the house 
m a roar with, their gymMstlcs and comsdy. 
Taylor Holmes, In his capital .monologue. 
rep«ated (he 'excellent impreealon formerly 
made. The I"elot» kept everyone laiigulng 
wllh. good comedy., Cithern were: W. J. Mv- 
DermSu, In song and. story ; Kiltie. Stevens. 
in character change; Allen agUDalton, a 
a musical act, and, Davey and J 'hillipa, la 
comedy. The klnetOgraph flensed, as ujwal. 
. Proctor's Twenty-tlHnl «««-eet The- 
atre IV. P. 'IToctor, manager). — This* week 
another big bill is offered, and n ; good sized 
matinee nutllenec.' on Jnn. '2!>. was. greatly 
pleased with It.. Jn the i*rder- to-whlch they 
were programmed, the following appeared: 
Brothers Durant, in a novel specialty act; 
Frank Hae and Guasle Broscho, n their ex- 
cellent act : Geo. W. Day, In black face fun : 
Cabaret"* dogs, a. really clever -animal act; 
Mme, Mantelll; who was In splendid voice ; fcd. 
r-Y Beynard, whose .vcnlrlloqiilal act Is un- 
usually line : M'nnl and Curran, In "The Ter- 
rible Judge." a big hit on all occasions ; Fe- 
lix and Barry CoU in "The Boy Next Door; 
Melville and Stetson,: the always funny duo ; 
the Four Bnrds; In- their great gymnastic act, 
and, as n special fentnre, the Agoiut Family, 
whoso. JiieeUng. wan. received- with jjrpat np 
pla.«se,- ■ Ih4 motion pictures con tlmte. ■-.: . 
. i-n.tor>. 'iiicotr*-: .('loaji; l'astor. ,man- 
nf n>r). — Crowds attended both performances. 
Jan. LI). Dolph nnd Xnsle Levlno were given 
a wnrin welcome, Chits. B; LJiwlor and dafigle-' 
tors again entortnlnod. -Irene Franklin mads 
hex iHiuil hit. Mr. and Mrs. Cnl «lewnr| 
offetvd -ancle Josh on the Bowery. •' and 
came out with Hying colors.-- The- Fetching 
Bros., in "A Musical Flower, Garden .""took 
nl once.. .Norcross, .Bloln- nnd. La Mar rer 
peoted former triumphs. Mr. and Mrs.- Lirry 
Shnw i la need excellently.. - (telle llathaway'.i 
monkeys worked well. Others were : Brazil 
nod Braslh-'Uefl: ami Itlchnrds, Carl Brnbmer. 
Mnrr and E«aus and Leonzo, The vlugrnph 
offered cxoellonLpfctureti. • ■ ::, . 

■ Mnrrn>- Hill Theatre (Wmi-T.-iKoOgh. 
manager).— "A Wife's Seeret,"-sn emotional 
(iramn, in four acts, was presented here Mon- 
day-", afternoon and evening, by a capable 
company. The house was crowded at both 
performance*. The full cast was as follows : 
John Madison, Frederick Burt: Toon AInslio, 
Augiistln -Glassmiro ; George Warren. Chas. 
II. tinrdner: Tohlas Elworthy-, J- nooker 
Wright ; Dannie >lc(Hynn, Edward, MerrlgaJ! ,- 
Billy. C. F.Rotfsnydei;. Jerry IHgglns. Henry 
Lehman ; PriscllLi Madison, Helea Ourney : 
Aunt Dilsey Lee..'. Mrs. i. Charles G.. Craig: 
Marie Madison, Petite Roenle; Mon.i Miull- 
x mi, Virginia Tliorntgn. h'ext week, Dan 
Mason. In "'in Gay Now \oH." 

MndiMon Siinnre Theatre (Walter N. 
Lawrence, mnaoger). — Henri de Vrtes, In "A' 
Case, of Arson," sIsq "The Brnlsloy Diamond," 
entered the fourth and last week Jan. 29. 
Next week, "Lucky Miss Doaa." 

Harlem. — At the HarJrm Opera House 
(Alex, Lichtensteln, manager) Maxlne Elliott, 
In ? - Her Great Match.'""; crowded this- house 
Jan. :".i. Next week, Dnckstader's Minstrels. 

Wkst End (Geo- A. Blnihenthal, manager), 
— "His Last Dollnr," with David IHgglns as 
the. stnr, .opened to n HTSt class rhouse 2M 
Last week "Buster Brown" had the record 
week for this season. Xext- week, AL ii. 
Wilson, In "The German Gypsy." . - , " '-. j 

MirriiuroLis (Henry Itosenlierg. manager). 
— "The Sigh of the Kottr" drew out good sized 
iiudlouccs at both performances. t20. Next 
week, Krncst Hogan, In "Uutunltastust" ' 

Sr.iu (Wm. T. Keogh, manager). — "Tin) 
Factory Uirl," L'ff and week". It Is In tho 
hands of a moat capable . company, and busi- 
ness should be good. Next week, "More to 
be Pilled Than Scorned."*'.'- 

i'nocTOR'a. O.vtf HiIxdrko asd Twenty- 
FitTit HrttEET (i'V F. 'Pnetor, mnnaier).— 
"Copt. Swift" Is the. offering for tola week> 
All the seats inithe lowo'r part of the hotis4 
aro -now reserved, and subject to- coupon?.. 
Pilar McAlIlstf-t hftll Bolttrlee MnrfeaBV In the 
lending roles, met with favor 2!), others who 
scored were: Angos Seott.illobnrt HIUVHftrry 
Hllllnrd,. Sol Aiken, laett'o Jewell ami Julian 
IleHi. The vandorllle pfesentH ATery 8tra- 
kosch, Jack Norworth and Mile.. Latlna. 

Aliiambu.v t Percy. G. Williams, manager). 
— The bill this week offers : AIBurtus and 
Mlllnr. James F, McDonald, Howrud' and 
Itlnnd. lu "The Stage Manager :'" Ilawthoruo 
and Burl, Max Sterling and "The Mascot 
Moth," the- Patty Itros., Mscy and Hull, the 
Nichols ttlsler.Si and the Fiye ltnosonns.. • . 

lltnTio & Se.vmo.n'k Music Hai.i, (Ben 
H.urlg, manager).' — The hill for this week: 
Mill on ami Wise, Colonel Billy- Link and 
Wlllellc Charters, Oliluko, MeMahorT atid 
Cliappelle, Sherman and De-h'orresti' - Daisy 
llarcourt. Dul'lu-Uedcay Tronne, and Mfef- 
bmirne MrDowell anil company, in "'I^t 

. CnriiAit (Sullivan & Kraus, rriaiicgors)i.-T-. 
Rose Sydcll's London). Belles openesti- to .a 
packed honso 20.. Bose Kydell, as nuzzling 
Nancy, made a. fine., impression, and Billy 
Campbell, the leading ■ fun producer, was a 
big success. The company la composed .of 
espeelnUy clever people, and the entire- show 
Is it laugh producer. The olio: Vera Hearte. 
HrCall Trio, Western Sisters, Cnmpbcll and 
Muck. Byron -Comedy Trio, and the G rent 
Itolyoa- Next week, Bon Ton Burlesouers. 

Family: (AL Onken, manager). — Business 
so far has been beyond expectation. This 
weck'H bill offers: Mr3,:C\l*slle Kvnns-and 
compauy, Miaco and Iilalenc, I-ew Corman, 
Hair anil Kvuus, Aditllnc Frauds, the Alplno 
Fumlly, aud Fanillyscope, 

1'ai.acb (F.: Bernstein, manager). — This 
week's bill; Hubert Ho Veaiti, Hose T. Man- 
chester. Wilson. Fltagerald and Wolff, Aorlas 
aud De Bosa, Lukeus u.nd Worth,. Jean Ac- 
dell and her picks, Harry Burne, and, as nn 
extra attraction, Bhoda Bcrnand, nnd Alleln! 
and Lewis. _ 

entered lis third successful week Jan. "II. 

Knickerbocker Tbciilrt- (Al. Hnyman 
& Co,, iiinniigers'i. — Frllil Sclieff. In ".Mile. 
Modiste." coiiinieucod her slxlh week Jan. nil. 

Majestic Theatre (John S. Flaherty, 
malinger). — "Cnshol Byron's Profession" 
started lis second nnd Inst week Jan. 2'.). 

Minor's ttljchtli Avenue Tlientrr (Kd- 
wtn D. Miner, mannger). — Sam Devere's Co. 
started In well Jan. L'l). and business promises 
wel'. Next week. May Howard. 

Helnseo Thentre (David Beliisco. man- 
ager). — Blanche Bates, In "The Girl of tho 
i,,uiieii West," started her twelfth week Jnn. 

nnd. -Itteh. musical comedians : Theiroo. nnd 
Fowler, character clii'tnr^s. and Cnrnnlln nod 
I'MiIle. Closing the show "A Night's Frolic" 
Is presented bv an excellent cast, lo good ad- 
vantage. Next week. Blue million tllrls. 

Liberty Theatre ( Klnw & Brlnnger. man- 
agcrsl.— "The t.laiismnn" opened ils fourth 
week Jail. 2!V 

Manhattan Thentre (Harrison Rrey 
Fiske. .manager). — "Before and After" began 
Its eighth week Jan. L'O. A professional 
mat luce will lie given Fob. (I. 

Wallock's (Mrs. Theo., Moss, manager). 
— Wm. Fnversham commenced his fifteenth 
week Jnn. 2P, In "The Squaw Man," 

Brooklyn._.vt the Shubert (Lew Parker, 
manager) "l'cter F. Dalley.-week of Jan. 20, 
'".'"Ihe rresa Agent." Margaret Anglln, In 
"Zlra," Inst week, did Dne business, Next 
week, "The Bishop." 

MoxTAtiK (Edwin Troll, manager).— Wil- 
liam Collier, in "On the Qaiet," week of 20. 
Mnxlue Elliott, last week, crowded the house. 
"Wonderland" next week. - 
■ UUBBBC (Hudley MrAdow, manager).— 
Kellnr, the wonder manipulator. 2t» and week. 
Last week "Rutim ItnBtus'' did big business. 
"The Grafter ' next. . . • 

Hrano OrERA HotJSB (M T. Mlddletotk 
mnungi-r).— "Tho Queen of the White Slaves" 
Jll and week. Last week "Mr. Blarnev, from 
Ireland,' crowded Ihe house. Next week. 
1 How Hearts nre Broken." ,. 

Bt.toii (Mrs. Spooner. mannger) "The 

Pretty Sister of Jose," with Cecil Spooner as 

Jv pl i'V ?!.""!' V S**' I ' aat week "The Lnsr 
\\ord did big business. "The Lost Tara- 

dlsc' next week. , , 

Imperial (Wm. T. Orover, manager).— 
Bill week of 2» : The Little roster (lirls, 
l.mmett « nrrlgnnnnd oompntiy, Anna Lnugh- 

!i n ' »I < 'i' mttn -\;, "*!" ani CM *> oSm Trio, 
the 1 lancing Mitchells, Trovolo, the ventrllo: 
qitlsi, nnd Ihe klnctogrnpb. ' 

OaeiiRt-M (PeroyiH. Williams, manngar). 
—The cu-rent wcek'R bill: Virginia I'arl, 
Koy and Clarke. Staley and HlrbeJk, the Flo- 
ront Troupe.James F. Lee, Jacob"s dogs, the 
RolfT Ilrothors, Dorothy Kenton, Harry B. 
Lester and the vltagraph. ". . 

Hvpb a Bantam (Nick Norton, mana- 

ger >•— W(ll SL Cre6sy and' Blanche n. ' " 
art" 'the h-ea-OtlnVra. &th er s are? Frank'n* 
Brygn. .Syoxiey ,D«an and company ™°. k w "' 
mons Four Emperors of Music, the *5& 
Troupe of blrycjlsts. Xyce and Je Sinn t«" 
Thurber.nnd her "Four Blackbird?"" v?' 
Telous;Frank and "Little Bob," and'th^u" 

UoodieVBo-ys head ',„Hll ^1 ^' 
are:. Harry Xacy and -comnan? i," 
lackett's Pajamas ;'■" . Stuart ■ iSh'A" 
Hnllldnt onrl I^n.'ij U V' _ ula ncn» 

_ JBttH (P-j-A. Keeney, manager) —mi. 
Tankee CswHe -Bova head t h™ ir g "!.'^«« 
Others, are:. I 
"Bob Racket t's A 

Sloan Halliday-.and Leonard 7roaei2,' 
Brando and Wiley, the Three Deltonhr^ 
and the Keeneyscope. - . ^•'"' u "ros., 

,Stau tArchie H. Ellis, manager).— n,. ,., 
rlslan- Widows -20 and week. Next «JL?" 
Bose Sydell's London Itelles. *"'■ 

Nass-vi.' (O. J."rirown, manager).-^vfi.. 
several week* ot- darkness ihb. E5Kff2 
opened last Saturday, 21. under a new maT 
agoment, which. interna to have, stock if,!' 
le«(jues:aFi Ws-poHcy.^ The initial burleCi, 
are : ." v The Diamond Palace" nnd "AtHPS 
Newport." In the olio' arn: "Dla taVSt 
terioiui;" Curtis and Adams, tStStaS 
ftlsiers, neorgcoad Minnie TanaeTn, , Da 
Heorge and Harrington. . ' awl 

''k (Wm. T. Keogh, mana'iefl — Tk. 
Merrymakers this week, wftTtSSfSS? 
as souhrette. Next week.- Dainty I'atee Co 

BRoAnw.vT (I^o C. Teller, manager I 
|f«- n il | a l rtgjj Minstrets 21) and wirt 
" Way Down East" had standing room haw 
last week. Next, Bichard Carfe. in °tiK 
Major of Toklo," ' ■ n ' 

KoLbi- (Bennett Wilson,- manager)— -\t. 
Blarney, from^reland," with Kiske 6'Han 
this week. . "Tom, Dick nnd Harry" hia. 

Bu t tt r Tl Ce in." ndl,,B "• SnU -"^ »«S 

ij.VYETic -(Jan. Clark, manager).— The ]t, 

sey Lilies Co. this week. The Troeadero Bur' 

tea l s ^ ose(1 a a* wc,k -"■ S iSS 

Widows next week. ««nsian 

A ^! r, ii. . N ' A w ' T - Rrover. manager).— Thl, 
week's bllUHase Stahl-and eompanv EiiiS. 
Kstors, Kroina. Francis and... her' Arabian 
Whirlwinds, thei Pour Mllons. WaltVr T 
keriy.' Pierce and ! Boslyn. the Majestic Trio" 
and Chick, comedy 'cyclist. ' 

IN toi'p. (Frank B. Carr, manager) —The 
Ideal Biirlesnuers tills week, lllc houses ksr 
week. ; wlth the Merry. Makers, i&m SSSS 
Co.nexL , • .- 

GfTitAxt (Kdgor P. Glrard. manager)- 
The. bill this weeks: K»a WHIUims and iic 
Tucker,. In -''Me ^and Skinny;"' Sldoev., 
Mr..iand Mr» Allison, the Three CattaW 
Oaraw and tfayes,,Zny Holland, Cavaja, ind 
Ureen and Werner. 

PaVton's (S. 8. Allen, manager).— "Down 
By the Sea"', this weeh. 'ri-het!]lmbers'u,, a 
a big week, ending 27. "By Bight ot Sword' 
next. ' - ■ • _••-.:.-, » ,-. 
• l,ycet,'«r-f Loots Phillips, manager).— "The 
Bowery Newsglrl" week oL in. "Sarreant 
James r ' had a big we*k, ending 2T. 
•.; 'Si. ' '.: '. « 
NEW V o n iv CITV. jottiScs. 

1 -TtiH--UissiA,v Players -appeared at a tpe- 
clal malinoe at t|io (Irlrerion Theatre. Jan 
28. In '"The Karnmazott Brothers," meetlce 
wlth^distlnct. . success. The cast: Feodor 
Pavlovltch ICafnmnzoff, Kholmln; Ivan Feo- 
dbrovltcB.,, Mnssiu ; Dlmltl-y Feodprovitco 
MItya, Pa«ll OMMj Alexis Feodoror Itch, 
ttacltin r arushehka. Alia Naslmoff; RaMtta, 
PollakoS; Kenya. Mme. Aduraksla; Orlgory 
Ka'slano'ff ; Smerdyakoff, Wronsky ; Vrublev- 
skyt-.-rVaronoff ; -Museyaiovltch, Karataef ; 
Knlganoh*^ Shullrt; Maximoff, SokotbxkoS; 
Trlfon. . BorUltcb, ' .Ooliiebeft: l'rocurator, 
Alaxleff: Kxanilhing Magistrate, Volodln; 
Popnlace, Vlnetzky. 

BoBAiiBA-, : BErcHgB, formerly, known la 
opera. comlCtUe,-;made her reappenrance-at tlw 
Princess Theatre, matinee of Jan: L'3, In con- 
cert' ■ — ■ ■ • • . -•- ■ 

Actors!.. Chpbch Allian-ce, New York 
Charier, gave t, reeeptioh arid entertainment 
on Jan. 25.. at Christ church, Charles T. 
Catlln. president of New York Chapter, made 
the address of welcome: Tlie entire affair was 
mosr. successful. , particularly the entertala- 
ment portion, which was admirably managed 
by Irene Acker man. 

"Gav NEW Youk," a comedy, wltb tuuslr, 
will have Us' first Introduction to New York 
on Monday, -Keb/ 5. at the Murray Bill The- 
atre. Judging from -press reports, good busi- 
ness should' prevail during the engagement. 

Lowin- CrftAKSK, the blind violinist, gave 
hls-lhfrtl rerital evening of Jen. 2.", at ilea- 
deissohn. Hall. His most Important number 
was Leonard's- arrangement of Corelll's "La 
Folia.'* Mr. Graase had the assistance of 
Theodore Vtfh T6rk. L tenor,' who sang several 
songs. George Falkensteln was the accom- 
panist.. . - - - 

Nims-JOND Btojoiosei, pianist, gave an 
interesting . recital In Mendelssohn Hall 
afternoon of Jan. 24. 

BuntiLpii AnoNso.N arrived from Kiirops 
Jan.- 24,- and bos arranged to preseal the 
works of Leoncavallo next Beoson la tbelr 
entirety, with the composer and a specially 
selected company, of foreigners. . 

Chas. W. clauk returned from Kuropo 
Jan. 24, aid will commcucc a four monlbs' 
concert tour of the country. 
.:'T.hb Actors' Uosie benefit, which took 

Since at the Broadway Theatre, afternoon ot 
an. 20, was In every way a success, and 
netted $0,600.- Marie. Dressier was unable 
to apponr and sent regrets.' The "William 
Tell' 1 overture opened the programme, which 
was-followed by I^w-, Dockstader's dotiblo 
nuartelto. Then followed: An original mono- 
logue., entitled -"Impressions of Kxpression, 
by: Ii'rnnk- Lincoln, of Isindon (his Anierlcan 
debut i, who was given a warm welcome: 
Margaret llllngton, Kmest iJiwfoTd ' and 
Fannie Marlnotr appeared In "A Maker K 
Men ;■' Elsie Ja_nls scored a success In itji- 
talking of stage people ; n one act comeay, 
"My Aunt's Advice, 1 ' with Blanche Bates, 
Frank Keenan nud J. Harry Benrlmo. was 
splendidly , done ; nonrl De Tries and' his 
company presented two episodes from ..A 
Case of Arson;" Julie Opp recited' socne 
versos, bv (barmen Sylvia and Kiln Wheeler 
Wilcox: Ulchard Harding Dnvls" "Miss Civil- 
isation" was capitally -played hy _titnei 
Bnrrymore. Joseph . Kllgour, John Barry- 
more, J. Harrison- Armstrong and Emanuel 
Sblikelford: Beatrice Herford gave eonio ot 
her original monologues; "A Luncheon. a' 
Nick's." by Kate Jordan, Introduced Adfta 
Bitchle, Brandon Hurst and W. H. peW- 
the performance concluded with Blon s cotn- 
nositlon. "The Flag of Victory," by toe W 
ceum Theatre Orchestra. .,.,. 

" tub Question," . a comedietn, 
by Mrs. Kalile Williams Holcombo, motber,ot 
Herbert Holcomlte. will be given a trial per- 
formance at Keith's L'nlon Square Theair., 
Thursday: afternoon. Feb. 1. The cast *m 
Includo Itobeit B. Kogerreis, . Augusta Tro% 
Vivian Holt and Theo. P. Murphy. 
Hkkky closed his eng 

Tered. „.«*« 


ntRTHPAT (Jan. 27) wbb celebrated £*••■; 
the Grand Central Palace, by tho Teopua 
Symphony Orchestra. 

1.-EBBUAB? ,3. 




' Montreal.— At MIS Mnjestya (II. Q. 
Hi-ooks, manager) Herbert KelCey and Hole 
Shannon. In/ "The Lightning Conductor," 
plcnsed Jan. 22-27. Bon Ureet and company 
•"J-Keb. a. Lawrence D'Oriuiy 11-10. 
" Academy of Music (Walter Greaves, man- 
u ..,. r ,. — Mnt JI. Wills came to big business 
« >'••-'.. "Tom, Pick and :Harry" 29-Feb. 3 ; 
"The Derll'a Auction" G-10. 

Itowr. '{H. *-*. Hgerton, manager). — Tlio 
New Century Olrls came to good houses 22- 
27. The Mascottes 20-Keb. 3, the Colonial 
Holies 5-10. ....„., • 

I'iiancaw (V. \\. Ii"' Olnlr. manager). — La 
Tmtipe Cflfcnnenve. iierninneut Trench stock 
company, cloned Its season with "Kaust." 
to Knot! business, last week. "The Child 
Slave* nl New York" 29-l''eb. 3, "The Street 
Slmter" 3-10. 

ljijou (H. K. Bradford, mnungcrl. — Illo- 
scope. Illustrated songs, and the following 
vaudeville bill drew good houses last week : 
The Stnntons, BartclTl Troupe, Hurry Burtch, 
:ind Kilty Arthur. 

I Hi* MOnum (It- Itnvcux, manager i. 
— The permanent French Stuck Co.. In "I.cs 
'tallies dn Vctivnpe," drew fair houses lust 
week. "I.n. Rafael" 20-l'eb. 3, "Tele lie Li- 
mit lc"' 3-10. 

National I'uaxcais «i. (iauvrenu, mnnn- 
prrl. — The iierninnenl Kreuch stork cnuiptiDy, 
"Le Tour Hii Monde." linil fair houses 22-27. 
"1.™ Millions de Emigre" 2!i-l'eb. 2. 

XYinpsoii llUlk — Marie Hall Jan. U, "Mnr- 
thicim" M <!- 

Notks. — The Theatre I'runrnls, which 
since the opening of the season has been the 
Inline of a (''renin stock company, will change 
lis policv, and combination shows will again 
hold forth, with "The Child Slaves of Kew 

York" for nu opening "The Knave of 

Hearts," a Ihrec net comedy, hy Alonzo 
Kvitn. a local caricaturist, was prnduceil for 
tlio first time on any singe here on Jan. 25, 
and met with the approval of the audience. 

St, Jolin. — At the Opera House (A. O. 
Skliiher, manager) the L'twood-lOllis Stock 
Co. opened a two weeks 'engagement Jan. 
22, presenting "The Man and the Maid," to 
a S. It. (i. house. Del- Kills, who was for- 
merly Jicrc . wjtli Uie Baker Stock Co. and 
(lie .del 'litelieon-KIIlK Stock Co.. received n 
warm welcome, ns did Ih-glnuliL Simpson, who 
was here with the latter company, others 
who deserved mention were Geo. Turner and 
Dura- Booth. Evelyn Francis contributed spe- 
cialties. AVallo Comedy Co. follows. 3. 

Yokk (It. J. Armstrong, manager). — The 
Stoddard Stock Co. oiicned a two weeks' en- 
gagement 22, presenting "A Friend In Need," 
anil pleased largo audiences. Those deserving 
mention were Adelaide Seeord. Leah Ktod- 
ilnrt, W. L. Stewart and Ed. Fletcher. West 
and nartrnm. Kilylhe L« Norn. Jimmy Fnlr- 
tianks and lttilph Wordly special- 

Notes. — Owing to the unusually mild 

weather the skating rinks arc closed and nil 

. YVlntcr sports are. ar 11 standstill, mid the 

Iheatti'u are reaping tint liencllt Or. K. 

t". Jillls, luauuger of the Ed. Ellis Stock Co., 
is meeting many old frleuds here. 
• ■ 

Toronto. — At tlio I'rlncess III. ft. Sbeu- 
liaiil. miuinger) Wllllnni Collier drew lug 
Iw Hto w M Jan. 35-2?. Lulu (Jlnscr 29 and 
week.- ■ ■ ' 

tlu.iMi Orat.v Ilmst: (A, J. Small, uiniia- 
f-er). — "Peggy from 1'arls" drew to capacity 
- 22-27. N«t it. Wills 211 anil week. 

)liii:sTie (A. J. Small, manager). — 

"Queen of Hie lllghlduders." 22-27. did big 

. business. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 2!) and week. 

tji'n: a's (I. Sites, nuuinger). — Hill -.week of 
21* : Josephine Colinn and company, Fred 
N'lblo, Fanny Itlce, Basque tjunrlettc, Kel- 
ler's Japanese Troupe, mid others. 

St.u: (F. W. Stair, manager). — The Merry 
Maidens ;Co. drow to capacity 22-27. Tin 
Sew Outurv Olrls 211 and week. 

Masxi-.y Music I (am. (Stuart Houston. 
manager). — The National Chorus, under the 
direction of He. Albert Ham. assisted by 
Marie Hall unil Walter Dumrnsch's New 
York Symphnny Orchestra, 21). 30. 

Winnipeg: — At the Winnipeg (C. I'. 
Walker, miuinger) the Yankee Doodle (Jlrls 
kui'lcsi|iie Co. .Inn. 25-27. 

llOMi.Ntiiv (Oavlil Douglas, manager). — 
Hill for week of 22: Fontlnelll. the Lnmobi'.'s. 
lilies W. Hurrliigton, Martinclll and Sylvos. 
lor. Hurry and Johnson, M. Samuels, II. Van 
(.'live and the klnodromc. 

■lEXfow (Nasb & Burrows, nroprlelors). — 
Itlll for week of 22 : The Itlgfeys, Frank 
Ottnii, I.ouls Hates, Frank S. Terry, Elsie 
Yates and moving pictures. 

Hl.101; (Nash & Burrows, proprietors). — 
Tim ilrst weels nt Ibis house proved a great 
- success; and attendance wns large.' Follow- 
ing for week of 22: The Oreat Mm-lyni,-,. 
Margaret Bertram*, the Four Comedy IIHIs. 
Renfrew and Jaiiscu, Lllllc Trlxle mid moving 

Hamilton. — At the tjrnnd Open House 
I A. II. Loudon, manager) "The Carting of 
Hie Ways." Jim. 22, hud a good sized house 
"Ills Highness (he Bey" 2.T (return). "The 
Counly Chairman," 24. made an Immense hit 
with a hijr house. "The (ilngcrbrcad Man," 
23 (return), grcutly delighted two capacity 
niidreiices. "The Volunteer Orgaulst" 2C. 2i, 
Summers' Slock Co. 2ll-Fcb. '•'., "The Uuke of 
Duluth" (1. "l'eggy from 1'arls" 7, Klgar 
(hole concert (local) S>, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 
!>, 10. 
■ blwn (J. o. Appleton, manager). — Bill for 
week of Jan. 211: Harry Hotter Hntl company. 
Kales Ilros.. Lewis and Hnrr, Fields mid 
Hnglies, llallkuck and Puruuette. the 1'urk- 
ers, Ethel Iloblnson and Millar Bros. 

Mllvvuuket>. — "The Shepherd King." at 
. I tie Harbison, nm nil hist week to especially 
awireclaelvc itiidlences. W'rlghl Lorler wlu- 
Oinir eiilhusliistlc applause. Manager SIut- 
iiiiui IJrowu offers Mi'liilyre nud llenth week 
of Jan. 2N. "The Wizard of On" Feb. J-7, 
"l.lllle Johnny Jones" 8-10. 

I'.ui.sT (U-oii Wuchsner, maiiuccr). — Her 
Iha Kulich wits u distinct hit In "Monua 
Vuuttti"- t'."-27. The Waehsner t'o., In "I'uml- 
He Hiichhidlz" Suniluy, 2S. Kuhellk 20. 

Amia.miiiia. — Malinger James II. lleiglcr 
offeis "in Skw York Town" week of 2S, and 
"The Black ('rook" next week. Hnveriy's 
Minstrels, week of 21. drew well. 

I5lji.ii: Oraci Horse (J. II. I'leri'e, ro=i- 
deal mnnnger). — Barney (!llmore was well 
received lasl week. In "A ltocky ltonil to 
lmbllu." "Fighting- Fate" week of 2S. 
"Arlz.oim'' next week. 

Staii IF. IS. TroKmnn. munngei). — The 
Avontic Olrht Btirlesipiers and Battling Nel- 
son tiirni-d the SWBT. ltcllly & Wood's !T.g 
Show week or 2S. 

CnvsTAi, |K It. Winter, miuinger). — Flo. 
.Adler was 11 big lilt last week. Itlll week of 
59: '/on Muttliews. Howard and llulherfnrd, 
I'nslel.lul and Hull, Lew Wells, and singing 
dogs ami monkeys. 

Oiiaxii (W. IV. Oregg. manager). — Bill 
week, of 20 : The Wlnstiinlevs. I.ulu 'lliels. 
Hurlou anil Itnnkln. I.enore and St. Clair. 
I. lose and Nadolny, und Irene Harris. 
' Nii'dlK. — Ood. A. Joseph, or Haverly's 
Minstrels, was married to Bertha A. Taylor, 

"f Sandtiskv. O.. In this city Jan. 23 

Catiline Hall put In one nlgltt at Ihe David- 
son 21, and made a big hit Sarah 

Bernhardt will appear at the I'nlisl Feb. 20. 

21 Dick Knuth. stage carpenter at the 

Alhnmbra fnr years, dletl Par, IK. from •ou- 
siiuipllon. Joo Bnylls has Ikcii put In charge 
of the Alhnmbra stage. 
11 i 

tin CriiMc. — At the f,o (,'ros-.e Tlicoire 
(W. F. Ouge, mauiigerj "The BlueU Crook." 

iVY r7', cn, P. e .' Bond business. "Kudolpii 
..?*' ~V l0,, i h - _-"• drew a- fair house. Jin. 
...• V i.-"' -'..jniideville. as follows: The 
Ureal sawyer, \\. v. Oillogher. Adams our! 
l.'Iwnrils, rtobert S1I10II ooil Baadcr-Ea Vel!«s 
/'"'".'ff'.. " A !; ltonu " -"• "Pa"! Jones" Opcm 
i&a l'? n . ^'tijKim.v Feb. 1. 1'aullne nail, In 

norens,' 4: "The College Widow" 13. 

,*E" c .! A, '. K f' , " ,, '* r * niausger).— Bill wee* 
nf 28: Al. Chrlsial. the Savoys. Ida Russell, 
Herbert. Hie frog man, and Will Araiond. 
Business Is fair. 

Enu tlnlre.— A) the Ortnd if. H. Moon. 
rnnnnperi.— "The Wizard of Os" .Ina. 27, 
JiVit Tnngusy 20. 1'aullne Holl Opera Co. 31, 
under suspires local Wks : "Altec in Wonder- 
land 1 local lalenii Feb. 1', "Buster Brown" 

S*5JW> < r; eo. Morrell. resident nmiiogeri. 
—I. II I WCfk of Jan. L'2 : Sinclair and Carlisle. 
I.ucndlf. Ihe Three Ilylnnds, Harmon Ander- 
son and Couscr's ilog bIiow, opened to splcn 
did business. 

«» » 


I.os AnMi-li-i. — At the Mason Open 
House ill. r. Wyatt. manager! Win. II. 
•'rani-. Jan. 13, 1(1. oud AHre Nellsen. 17-1!) 
and 20, In -Hon l'asi|ual"." had paekca 
houses "'YVay Down East" 22-211. 

Hi:i asco (John 11. Blackwood, manager). 
—".Mrs. Dcerlng's Divorce," bv the slock 
eomii:m>. 15-21, drew well. "\Vhen Knlglil- 
honil Was In Flower." by the stock enuiiiany, 
22-38, \i dnlsig 11 b\x business, Mils being 
the first lo.'al pi-oihietlon of the play. "The 
Olrl with the lireen Eves" UP. 

Bmii.iNK (Oliver Morosco. mauager). — 
J'lH! stock couipauy. In "Slieitandoah." 15-21. 
lid well. "Jeiomt." 22-28, Is drawing well. 
"The Croud Prince" 20. 

Oi:»N|i Oi-kiia llovsi: (Clarence Drown, 
maangeri. — Wesl's Minstrels. 22-28, ore 
packing the house 'Around Ihe Town" 21). 

<iniiii:iM 1 Martin Beck, general malin- 
ger). — Features •» nud week: Five 1'ltos- 
i-orlls. I,e Brim's tirmid (i|s-rn Trio. Lewis 
MeCord anil company, llnri-ena, Nevnro mill 
Jlnreena. Joseph Xewtnan. Al. Hazard. IM- 
wnrd Davis and compuny, and moliou pic- 

I'Miirj: (Henlx k Ziillee, pmnrlelorsl. — 
Features 22 and w?ek: The Elliotts. Mile. 
Brasciianl. Copley and Meliiure, Steve Jen- 
nings. !he Vnhiiic's Players, und ITnlouco- 

E.mpiiik 1 Hilly Banks, rcsbleut. miinnger). 
— Features U2 anil week: Paul Ilraehurd, 
Ihe Wrenlzs. Susie Lehmanii. Laura Hunks. 
llalch nud Hatch. Empire Stock Co., nut 
ciueiiinlni'raph. (S. r.ovet-leh. manager).— "The 
Lighthouse Rubbery." by tlu stock company, 
22-28. Is doing well. 

FisriiMis IE, A. Fischer, mniifli'ei).— 
F111 lures T2 ami week: The Itldrlgueu 
I'nmllv, "In (taj I'aree." hy (he musical 
conieily company, ami notion pictures. 

cini:oiuiaimi (J. A. lirowii". manager I. — 
Feature* S3 nnd week: R"iio. Mnlicl Hitui- 
bert. Lewis ami I,i-wls. Jessie Urowu. the 
Hidlls. moliou pictures, nuil slock i'iiinp:iuy. 

Casino t.less While, ntan.iiieri. — lames T. 
McAlpin and eompmiy 22-28. Underlined, 
Olympic l.'raml opera Co. 

O.vuxtrii- (Hilly Onslow, manager). — House 

OitMiuiil.— Al I lie Macdonoiigh (Chas. P. 
Hall, malinger) Alberta Oalhitiu drew good 
houses Jan. 17. IS. "Yon Yoiisou" plaveil to 
iiipaclly P.i. •.'". Mine. Modjeskn drew line 
nmllcuies S3. 2." Orplu'iun Road Show 23, 
21. Nance O'Neill Feb. Si-to. 

LniKitTV HI. W. Hlsliup. imuiager). — Frank 
Bacon and Bishop's i-omimny of jilayers drew 
eniiaelty houses. In "On* the Itoad." week end- 
ing Jan. 21. I.lliertv Slock Co.. In "When 
We Were Twenly-one," 22-28. "If I Were 
King" lo follow. 

Ciikkck.vt lit. E. Callahan, manager). — 
The Crescent Slock Co. drew excellent houses, 
In "Saved from Shu me." week ending 21. 
Lander Stevens, support cd by Ihe regular 
slock. In "The Power of the Cross," 22-28. 
"Ruined Lives" In follow. 

IIili.i. 1 I'M. Human, manager).- Feu lures 
3D nnd week: lloulhilt und Junes, W. ,T. 
lliues. Mabel Howard, the Ablearros. the 
linlrlnhs and iiiui|iuny, Waller E. Deuves anil 
company, and the lilogrnph. Business Is S. 

it. 6. 

XnVKiTV (Tony Lubelskl. manager). — At- 
tractions •_''.) ami week: Marquis anil Lynn. 
Mil. De .Moss, Crrgnry's Rnvul Italinn Bund. 
Hillv .Morton, lb* titral Melville. Jus. Sad- 
ler and the projeetoseope. Business Is gisid. 

I'.urii.-K (Cliiis. Kucks Jr.. uimuiger). — 
Hill 20 nnd week : Lew Knelzlor. Diamond and 
May, Miller. Itenshnw mid Miller, lillbert 
.Sni-ony and compnuy. and Ihe Empire mo- 
tion pictures. Business Is large. 



Norfolk. — At Ihe Acndeiny of Music (Otlu 
Wells, local manager) "The Isle of Spice." 
Jan. 22. drew good business. Sousn. 33. 
played (e a well tilled house. "The School 
lilrl" Feb. 5, 'The Tctiderfool" 7, "Buster 
Brown" 12, "The Chaperons" 17. 

Omaniiv (Otto Wells, local manager). — 
Huidous' "Faiiliisinn." Jan. 22-27, fared well. 
Business opened up with u rush. "The Show 
Girt" week of 20. 

Bijou (Abb Snillh, manager). — la addi- 
tion to the regulnr stock, people for week of 
2!) are: Elbe! Hall. Hill and Mack. Harry 
and Penman, unil Hose Murllu. Business Is 

At'DiTOimiM (J. M. Barton, manager). — 
People week of 20: Lynch nud Leonard. Paul 
Iji Due, John tlregory. Three Rentz. Morton 
nnd Johnson, ami Madge Cook. Business Is 

Acta (Wilkersoti & Mnnile, managers). — 
People for week of 2P : The Desmond Trio, 
(has. A'. Anderson, Frankfort and Lntiri, 
Oscar Brewer (alone), und While and John- 
son. Business is good. 

Manhattan It:. A. Criunlnii. manager). — 
People for week of 2'J : llaitey mid lliiuey, 
Marie Bell. (Thus. Wnril. Parker und Adams, 
nud Ihe Madderus. "Kuril Hill." stiijgcil unil 
produced by John .1. Minhlern, proved a most 
acceptable offering last week. 

Itieliiuiinil At the Academy of Mtiile 

(1.1m, I. MeKi'c. ma linger.). Spusa's llnnd 
nliirri! lo a crowded house Jan. 22. "The 
Isle of Spice" drew a fairly good crowd 23. 
Robert It. Mntitell, 26, ^'7, pleased. Ezra Ken- 
1I11II 21), 30. f.iinuncey Olcolt 31, "I.lltbt 
.Inhiinv Jones" Feb. I. "The Heir to the 
lloiira'h" 2. "The Sinn of the Cross" 3, John 
Drew .'. "The School Olrl" 0. James O'Nell 7, 
"The Tenderfoot" 0. 10. 

Bunt- (Chas. I. McKee. manager). — Week 
of Jan. 22 "The Show Olrl" played to very 
large houses. "Down the Pike" 20 and 
week. "The Buy Behind (he (inn" Feb. Did. 

P»lr iiiiHi — At the Academy of Music 
(Jake Wells, mutineer! "The llujuh of Hhoiig" 
pleased .Inn. 18. Tli« White Milluitlniis week 
of 20. 

— 4 * » 


Mliiiicnii»!l». — Al Ike Metropolitan Opera 
House 1 1.. -N. Soil, miuinger) "PUT! Pair:! 
Pnnfitr Jan. 28i!l. "The Wizard of Ok" 
Feb. 1-3, "The College Widow" -1-7. "The 
Serlo-Comlc Clrl" 8-10. "The Liberty Belles'* 
drew fnlr biislnesrf Jan. 21-21. 

Ili.ror oi'i:itA lloisi; (T. L. Hays, mnna- 
«i.|. 1. -- "Sherlock Holmes" 38 ami week. 
Joseph Snnilei. In "A Runaway llor." nt-xr 
week. Evil Tnngnuy was greeted hy hiriio 31 nnd week. 

llprtirj >i iMartln Heck, general maiiui:eri. 
--Bill for 28 and week: Lillian Durkhart 

nnd couipauy. Wilson Trio, Bclleelulre Bros., 
Harry Le Clolr. Esmeralda Sisters. Paulo and 
Mnrlow, Jack Irwin, anil the klnodroiuv. 

Lvcci.u (I. C. S|>ei'r». muniigeri. — "The 
Master u t Arms" 28 and week. ''The Cipher 
Cotlr" next ■week. "The Isist Paradise," week 
nf 21. hart crowded lmuses. 

rxiijri; 1 John Elliott, mnnnger). — Hill for 
50 nnd week: Wells Bros, nnd Wells. Alhene 
and La Brant, l-'rmik L. Perry, Joggling I'm- 
rolls. J. J. Howling nnd company, lleekrniv 
anil La l-'lenr. and tnotlon pictures. 

Hcwr.v (W. A. Singer, manager). — Harry 
Williams' Itnpeilals 28 nnd week. The 
Avenue (ilrl» next week. High School (litis 
21 and week, with business good. 

Al'tu'rOMi'M (P. T. Bminon, manager 1, — 
Tuesilny evening. Jim. 23. Minneapolis Sym 
plumy Orchestra, nail 21. New York Symphony 
• irclteslm. under direction of Waller Hum- 
rnsih. .lenn Peroetrlsco, Roumanian tenO", 
is soloist . 

SI. PnuL — Al the Metropolllan Ois-rn 
llnttse "Piirslfnl" was presented Jan. 21-2-t. 
•The Liberty Helles" had very big business 
pleasing immensely. "The Wizard of 

Pouf .' ! I" Feb. 
•1-7, "The College 

Hays, malinger).-- 
line houses Jan. 21- 
2S-Feb. 3, "In New 

..>-::», piensing unni»ii<ci 
nz" 2s:ti. -T'lir! Puirr 

"The Scr'o Comic lilrl" 
Widow" I -Hi. 

• t|:AM> iTheislnie L. 
"Sherlock Holmes'' drew 
27. "A Rtllinwav Bov 
York Town" 1-ln. 

Stai: (J. ft Vnu Ron. manager). — The Im- 
perials) drew splemlhllv wi-ek of Jan. 21. 
Week el 2s. 1 iu> Arcane tilrls: lteltly ft 
Wood's Biirlesiiuers next week, 

Okimiixm 1 Charles I'rerek. manager). — 
Business was excell.-nt List week. New peo- 
ple •.'!! and week : Cole nnd Cole, Margie 
Clare. Mintlnette nud Sylvester. Virginia 
ll'iyilon. Wilcox Trio. Mildred Lewis, ami 
unil Ion pictures. Holding over: Minnie 
Fayette. Alice Tlffec. olive Wright. Theresu 
Kemp. Renle Ilnuk. Kittle Itnusom. 
MiiIh-I Cnrroll, Crace Multhews und Ruth 

K3I11RC (A. Wehiholzer. malinger). — Busi- 
ness last week was good. New this week : 
till. son unil Nnsli. May Brunswick mid .Maggie 
I* Clulie. Holding over: Vem Leslie, vio- 
let Allen, lierlntdc Leslie, Charles Mllsworlh 
ami I-'imikle Evans. 

IViil'i.K's I'liritrn. — The Shubert Club 
with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, 
hail n big .'iiidlciicv. Kuhellk 3U. 

Mi:xriiix.— -A new vaudeville theatre Is an- 
nounced lo be built, on Minnesota Street, lo 

be culled (lie Princess The bills on ihe 

new Auillturliiiii exceeded the architect's fig- 
ures hy ¥11)0.0011. 



Iiidiniiitiiolln. — At English's Opera House 
(Ail. E. Miller, manager! Primrose's Mill- 
sti'ds, Jan. Hi. 211, came lo big business. 
"The College Widow" packed the house 22- 
21. The Indianapolis Philharmonic Sym- 
phony Concert 2(1. "A Messnge from Mors" 
27. Wright Lorlnier 20-31. "The Clugerbrcnd 
Jinn" Fch. I, 2. "The Rollicking Olrl" 3. 

I'.Mtt; (Hoeksun & Tnlboil. mnnngei-si.--- 
Tlionins II. Shea, In repertorv. drew well week 
of 22. "Under Southern Skies" 20-31. 

liUAMi Oi'KiiA Hot st: (Sliufer Zlegler, uuiil- 
agen. — For wi—k or 20: Berl Coule ami 
com pnny 1 Kevnitirm Pcklu Zouaves, Evu 
Westcoll ninl mmpnny. Ihe Marvelous How- 
ards. Ilnwsun unil Jinie, Tom Brown. Bonnie 
• lityloid, Foster nnd Fosler, and Ihe bio- 

I'.jirim: (Chas. Zimmerman, manager). — 
The Loudon Ciitbly Olrls iln-w rull houses 
wish of H2. The Flizsliuinons O'Krlen pic- 
lures were mi added feature. 'Miner's Merry 
llurlesquers week of 2!l. 

KviiiiMvllle. — Thn Oriind (Pedley ft Biirch, 
managers) Bertha Kallcb bended 1111 excellent 
cniupmiy, Jan. 22. In "Minimi Viiimu," und 
gave one oC Hie best peitonnnnccs ever s«vn 
here. The Hlinnieleln Imperial Slock Co., 
2.'l-27, hi 11 good repertory or plays, ami 
Willi some poor] s|K.'clullles, scored a hll. 

l'KOl'l.K's 1 Pedley & Biirch. nuinngers). — 
"Miss Hob While,'' 21. played to s. IS. ()., 
and dellghled the audiences. The coiupniiy 
was slrong. "The Strollers" came 20, and 
pleased. .Mary Emerson 37. 

HUMS, — Munnger Selllnger Is growing In 
papular favor every day. Itlll week of 22 
included : Shopp'si f)ng and Potty Show, Le- 
vine and Wuhonc. Arthur Rlgby, Zoa Mat- 
thews und the kluoilrome. 

Notk. — Oroiitid Is being broken for Ihe 
erect Ion of Wells' new tlieiiln; and It will 
be one oT the lines! In the West. The loeu- 
tlon Is within 11 block of Main Street, wllhln 
easy access of till street car lines, und In Ihe 
most, prominent part oC the city, 'lite MUM 
Is In be Wells' BIJnu. The house will be 
owned and operated by the Wells Amuse- 
ment Co. 

* > » 


liDiiilm — Al Boyd's Theatre (W. J. Hur- 
gess, tnn linger I "The Serlo-Comlc lilrl" Feb. 
1-3, "Parsifal" 1-0. "Hen Km" did an 
enormous bunhfOM .Inn. 22-21. "The Isle 
of Bong Bong" did good business 25-28. 

Rtanroun IW. J. Burgess, mnuager). — Tlio 
Woodwnnl Stock Co. presented "The (llrl 
with (he Green Eyes" splendidly, lo large 
I'liilleiiees, lust week. "Rosemary" week of 

i)i:etli:r.M (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— Week of 2N : Kloes Sisters. Itarnold's Ani- 
mals, (la: l'uiii- Juggling Normans, Murphy 
and Willi! v<l. McCiic and Cnblll. Al. Carlclou, 
Welch nail nud kliuslroine, 

Kuril (('. 8; Breed, managerl. — Harry 
Itcrcsfortl. In "The Wninnii Hater. ' 28, 211 ; 
'"!'ra ■.•keii Amend the Woeld" 30, 31, '•Fust 
Life In New York" Feb. 1-3. "Breaking Into 
Society" drew large audiences Jim. 21-24. 
"■luster Brown" did well 217-37. 

At nrroitir.M (.1. M. Ollbin, uintiager). — 
'l he Walter lir.mrOKCh Sytuphony Drclieslru 
did well 25. 

NnVELTI (P. II. Mnilnnd, innunger). — 
Week of 28: 'J'lio Itnymoiids. liryuniit und 
Saraiiii. Viisicui Adams, O. Weir, and mov- 
iog pictures. Htii-lncss good. 

ctiii-iiln — At the Oliver (F. C. Zelirung, 
maniiger) "Hen Hur" cnine Jan. 22-31, .to 
the biggest four performances In successlou 
In tho history of the house, mid plttyed to 
more money tbun any four utlraellniis In Ilia 
history of Ihe house, on 31, Wednesday, 
(luring Ihu Ilrst purl of net three, lire wus 
discovered hi tin: basement, beneath the of- 
fice. About Ihe same lime one of Ihe audi- 
tors veiled "lire." und Ihe smoke begnli lin- 
ing the lunlllorluin. The people at once be- 
came greatly cxrlhil, and many miide cd'orls 
to gel out. but their passage was burred, und 
ut the sume lime slrong lunged men lliroiigh- 
oul the audience Induced them In sli down 
until Miuinger Zelirung appeared mxl an- 
nounced Hint the lire was nut. The enuliiess 
of AI|dionz Klkler, Bom, McWiide Jr. and 
Mnliel Murller In proceeillug with their net 
III the manner they did. did much In unlet 
the iitiuleilcc. No iliiuinge was done exci-pl 
by smoke. Tim Murphy has changed bis 
dale to Inter In Ihe tumuli. •'Shadows of a 
lireut City" did good business 3d. 37. A 
bcnellr lo Hie Nebraska Children's [Ionic 

30, "The Woman llalcr" till. Tim Murphy 

31, "Why Wnnien Sin" Feb. 3, 3, Huh Hiiii'h 
Minstrels II. "PUT I Pun"!.' Poufl ! .'" 7. Pool 
lillmore H. 'Tiiclc Josh Spruceby" I), 111. 

Lyric ( II. N. Allller, mannaer).-— BMkMM 
Is very good. Bill week of 211: Ed. anil 
llnxrl LiKiis. Jam and compniiy, Murle Alba, 
Jno. ,1, Wlhle and Lyrlcoscope, 

♦-»-♦. 1 

WOW has imwiiKii is that James Smith, 
of the team of Snillh anil Cook, was sent pi 
Hie Stale lll-Hlle lb. s|. Itnl. u| HulTnlo, V. V., 
011 Jan. 2 1. 






Produces A1V SUME in OSK Application. 

It docs not Destroy the Curllne and Crltn» 
lug, nnd It Is the only preparation which lit 
IsttU'tnrtlv Restores Bleached, Gray ami Faded 
Hair to any natural tbade desired, giving »f> 
nnd luslro lo the hair, leaving it 10ft, silk) 
nnd clean. It Is Harmless, Pure, KtteetlTe 
and Sure. For Snlo at Lending Ilnlr UrcM 
era, Dopitrtnicnt Stores and Druggists. 
KMI'llKSS WCU. Ct)„3(i«-:n)S Broadway, N. V, 


Ami nhni. bin nil OHKilNM.. not duties or 
copies. Agents for Piilbe, Hhigraph, lallsou, 
MrlleH anil VIiiiki-uoIi Films. Powers' Cotocni 
gr:i)ili and iirlglmil Flrenroof Magazine. 

llliigriiph Hendllnnrs, 12e. 
Who would buy it copy when he can bay tin* 
orltrhud for 12c. 1 / 

complete (iiilllts. — tme Moonshiner Film, 
with I. utile's F.xponlllou Model Machine, for 

'tne new Hurselhlef Film, with Ldlson Lat- 
est Model, for itllO.Uil. 

Due new Firebug Film, with the (Ipll- 
graph, for *.l(ii).»(t). 


Menttlc. — Al the llrunil Opern Ibnts.. 
iJulin Con. manager "The College Widow" 
packed the house Jim. II- 17. Aline. Cillve 
had mpwlly ID. I.ouls James 21-21. Ilu-;- 
clan's H|ieru Co. 2li-,'!l, Pollard Opera Co. 
Feb. Ml. 

Km-rn.i: 1.I0I111 Corl. managerl. — Watsons 
Orientals drew gouil business lt-20. Mhier'11 
America us 3I-3T, Miner's llohenihitis 2.1 and 
week. Vlllikee Dooille lllrls follow. 

Tllllin AVKM'K (llussell Ik Drew, malin- 
gers). — "lllehelleii." given for Ihe bciielH 01 
Ihe Ciitheilrnl fmiil. net led a hnutlsiune re- 
turn, ll-IP. "At Cripple Creek'" 21-27. "Al- 
phonse and liuslon" 2i« und week. "Iluoll- 
gun In New V'ork" follows. 

Staii 1 Melvln J. Wlnstock, miiniigci-i. — 
New people week nt 21 : The Hawaiian 
liiilnlctle, Ihe Ward Trio. Tlnkham nud 
ininpaiiy. Vinton and .Stnrrell. 1'ele Knns- 
win-lh. Ilonnle Crux, and moving pictures, 

Osi'ira'M IK, J. Iloiiellnn. maniiKer). — 
New iK'iiple week nf 21 : Carlton and t)s- 
I rainier, Trl.xcda anil llohliison. Aner nnd 
Heenyu, lllnlne Fnrresl, Jos. Huniie, Wnrrcu 
II. Stetson nud moving pictures. 

I'AXTAHKK' (Alex. I'uatnges, iiiiiniiger) 

New people week of 21 : McLoilii und coin- 
punv. Myrtle Flanks. CcavIos Tib), I. a Tnlir 
Sisters. Al'l bur F.Uvrll, Siiulheiii Ijlllir t e t tc, 
nnd iitovlng pictures. 

liUAMi i.Mose (loldstiilth, mnnnger).— New 
m'ople week of 21 : Claudia Hawkins. Itltn 
Lee, ijei-irude Dudley, Hunhiir Sisters, unil 
Cbirlee Slurr. 

Caikiv 1 Fred Hit eh le, ntunager). — New 
people week or 21 : lioldle Mnthews, ICIDo 
(ilvnn, tirtice Llltle. mid Caroline Cnrlloli. 

NtiTK.— Curl l>. lined hits been appointed 
treasurer ut the (iratid Opera House. 

Tneoiiiii. — At Ihe Taeomii (C. II. Ilernbl. 
mnuager) week commencing Juit. 21, Ihe 
Lancing llowan Co. 

Stau 111. M. Owens, mamiKeii. — Week 
commencing 22, the Allen Slock Co.. In "The 

(iitriir.iu.-- Week coiiiiiienclug 22, llussell 
Iteeil, In "David Uarilck." 

(iiiA.M'. ill. II. Witrley. iiiiinagerl. — Itlll 
week commencing 22: Ilahle's liiipei-inl litis 
slim Dancers, Ihe Four l.canilers, Ihe .Mur- 
lelles, b' mul Miller, Seiiumu. Adilius 
and linger.!, Will C. lloyt und moliou pic- 


CO\MH'ri<t T. 

l.tibln's i:\poHitlon Model Machine nnd 
1,000 feet of Film. ffllMH). 

Double Hlssnlvlng Slereoplliiin, nllh Dplb 
griipn Motion I'lellire Machine mill l.tninft. 
of Film $100,110, including Dissolve!' und 
Carrying Case. 

F.illsnn's latest machine, complete, with 
Ildlsiui's Trnln liobbery, *l 10.00. 

I.uliln's K.Tposltloii Model, with Hliigraph 
llsrnped Lunatic, .• 

ICillson's latest Machine, with lllograpti's 
Lost t'hlhl, ?l 20.0(1. 

I.uliln's F.xposll Ion Moilcl. wlih Cresreut's 
"I,t)MT Til UN K,", 

The Ilnrgalns from The "DIITereiil Kind" 
of a Film Shop are Phenomenal. 

Killson's Methyl Klbo l.iilni) SIII.UII 

Idcllitimh (Inn Hags, complete In. on 

Kim lilvnl Otillit I2.IMI 

Acolvlene Oullll. No. I Hl.flu 

Acetylene Out III, No. 2 

Vim lutter inn he useil for Motion Pictures. 
KMerprlM Model A. Oxyllthe Oullll . .?22.!.'l 

(Ixylllhe, (ixone, CnrlKilis, Conilensers. 
Limes, Cement, Kther. F.lrclrlcal Kupplle., nnd 

Pnthe Films 12c. 

lllogroph Films, 12c. 

Vltacrnph Films, 12c 

Then why buy dupes? 



L1WI8 M. 8WAAB & CO., 

II3H Spruce Street. I'hlUdtdiihln, Pa, 

Hell phone eomiecllon. 

Hurl lord.- Al Pavsiins'. "l)ulnc,v Ailiium 
Snwver." lusl week, did well. "Ml/.pah" 
Ktb, 3.7, William (illlclte U, lit. 

llAitrrniiti Di'iiUA IIiu'ki:. -"The cursa of 
Drink" and "The (lyiisy lilrl" proved very 
iillriictlre. The vuiulevllle bill hooked for 
week of 20 mimes: KM '/gibbons mid McCoy 
Trio, Cnrllu mul into. Muslcnl CuII.vk. Fold 
uml Wllsoi', Six Heed Hlrils, Will lingers, 
llei-lhii Wi'lllugton. mul llnl Merrill. 

I'oU's 1 Louis K. Kllby, mnimger). — The 
bill for the pitnl week drew well. 

Jtew llitven. — At the Hyperion (Shu- 
berl Hros.. inmiagersi lli'iirletlu l.'rnsinan 
drew r. good house Jan. 'Jit. "Mrs. la-lllag- 
\vell':i Ilnols" hail 11 Inrge house 21. "lieorge 
WuutiliiKion .li." did big litiKlness 39-3T. 
Sarah Hciiiliurdl Feb. 3. 

Nt:\v Ham:.\ Tiiiivtiii: (H. II. Iltmni'll. imiii- 
ngeri. — "Hlg Hearted Jliu" eiiuic to giioil 
houses .Inn 22-21. "The Curse of Drink" 
lii • i good returns 2.V27. "The Ciin Tensions 
or it Wife" 2li:il, "Itiinuhig for Olllee" I'Vb. 

I'ld.l'S IS. /. Poll, iifoprlelori. Hill week 

of Jan. 20: Klxlceu Mumming Hlrils, Hdd'it 
Leonard, nsHlstwl by the Hlinri* Itnis. ; T, \V. 
Kekcrt 'Hid 1,'iiiina Ilcrg, Lavlue-Climirun 
Trio. .Mitide lint! Cox, Daii'us Hros., mid 
Kthel .Mi-Doiiimgli. 

liiinf IS. SO. loll, proprietor). — The slink 
ciimpaity week of 211, In "The Itesiiricclloii." 
LusL week's Imslress was excellent. 

llrldweiHirl.— At rlmllh's <k. A. Smith, 
ntitiuigeri "Hi a Woman's Power." .lull. 22, 

For the home, for the club, $ 
anywhere, arc unrivalled. 
Choicest liouors, exquis- 
itely proportioned and 
blended aim aged make S| 
perfectly royal drink. 

Seven kinds—, Mar- 
tini, Vermouth, Whiskey, Hol- 
land Gin, Tom Gin, York. 


Harlford New York 


I'roprlvlnr, | 

London 1 

JiiwiL 1 


, Naturc'u Rival Air Forms 

A line i''.r,*t W«lfci ci„ l.ninii * Attmut* 
l',ir.i 1111.1*1 .j.U. Vi«i l»««l» i» »»7 •••« 
<lt,l,r.|. tV,llrl..rrill:Klllii.lrllr.l'«Oil'^. 
626 Chics to Open Homo lllk . , ChiiuRo 

1 I ■■ i n. f 

(Oil ltonil buslnesH 

"Mrs. LetlliiKucH's IIoiiIk'' 
"lluw IlenflH 

iini ^inrvi iiitniiitnni i'l 1 ", ir iiinaoi si «» »«•»■»• rr 

lilnyei'l 10 the I'lipiiclty 2.'1. "How lleui'lH 
Are llruken." 24, !!5. 1II1I well, us illli "llllt 
lleitrleil Jim," 2U, 27. The fnllfiifnlu llur- 
listiuei'K 211. "Itutinliiu for fllllcii" 110, :il,"Tlu; 
Two MNlers"' l'Vb. 1, "The Confessions of tt 
Wife" 2. it. 

Pol.l'u IK. II, Mheiiell. inuiiiiiier). — Hooked 
week of 2D: linker ami Itolilnson. .ionic Aa- 
loluelle. Smiin Kiiii( Iltnin tlhe llltle blink 
mini). Alexander Llo Nllno. Mr. and Mrs. 
Itni'iliier 1 'ca ue nnd campniiy. Walters and 
Pfotii v, and the l'otif Mcuson:i. 
»«» ■ — 

TK.\ M'IS.SI'il'L 

Me 111 11 Ills.— At the New Lyceum (I'nink 
limy, lessee) "Iluuipiv lilituply," .lull. 22-2IS. 
■Nickeil Ihe house. "Mrs. WluitH of Ihe rnb- 
liaitc Puieh" 20. 'ID. Kyrle Itellew Jut). .'II, 
l-'eb. 1, I'resloii flurke :t. 

IIiifKiNs' j A. it. .Morrison, mniiiixci). — 
Week ut 28: Herrmann llm Ureal. P'oue Hen- 

Killlolllll Itolsi'M, Sullivan Ullll I'usipielellll, 
I'lilllnitK Tourist Trio, lleait, M'lsall unil eotii- 
liuiiy. Lavlnlu He Will, Ihe fii'cut Kmucellns, 
mul the kltioilroine. 
' II1.1111: III. M. sjbnlnluiek. mitiiiiucr). — "Tlio 
Millionaire lieleellve" week of 2., iilaycd lo 
H. It. U. "Mv Toin-llov lilrl" 20 mid week. 

< IiiitlmiiMiHH. — At Ihe New Upei'li I louse 
(P. It. Albert, iiuiiiiikci') Miidtime (liolskl. 
Jan 2.'!. pleased 11 lar«e house. "Mrs. Wins'" 
of I lie (Jubbiifle I'nleli." ftirctl well 21. Ilimn 
Melville 2o. Kuln lleruiird 2i|, "The Isle <>( 
Hulce" 27, Koawi llo. I'l-esinn Clarke III. Win. 
II. frmte l-'eh. :i, Kyrle Itellew 5. Atlelulde 
Thurston 7, John Hrew «, "The rliuperoiiH" 
II, "Sweet tllover" 10. 

Knovvlllc. — Al Slnub'M ll'fllz Hluub. 
iaun«K''ri ".Mid. WIijks. of the I'nhlinife 
l'nlcli," tlrew S. It. I). Jan. 22. Veinoli On 
lloiu-lle son« iri'lliil nflpriiiion 211. Itnse Mel- 
vllle 21! evenltlK: "The llollleliltiif lilrl" 27. 
Sonsn 20. I'reHlnn rinrlte "O. "The Itnjnli or 
llliiiim" I'eb. ::, Kjrle llellcw li, John lueiv 
7, "'nic (•|laperolw , ' 10. 



PorlluiiiL— At Hie Murriunui ilriiitil (i.'oJ- 
vlu IlelllK, mauiiu-eri Louis James did very 

Soud business) .Tnn. 1H-20. I'nlve 22. Mm 
nvntrn i;rnnd Onein t'o. I-'eb. 5-7, "The 
t'ouniv I'hiilrinnn K P, 

L'.Mi'lin: lMi"W. Heslnnii. reshlciil niiinii- 
ueri. — The Taylor eompmiy hail two cuiimllv 
houses Jul). 21, to wllneks ''The Lllllc Church 
Around Ihe Corner." Th" satne i'>iiiihiuijr>lli| 
food business wi'i-k of II. Ill "Her tin I I liiL'i' 
Vow." "ll'Hilljfiin III New Vork'' week be 

vlimliiL' I'M, ami Ihe P0I11111I Juvenile Opera 
t'i>. I-V-Ii. I, for two weeks. 

IttivUi'K itli'O. I,, linker, iiiiiuiikiti. - 
Jerome K. Jel'Ollle anil riinrle.i llnltell Loom- 
Is In itiomiloKUi' uml remlluKs, lunl a bit,' 
house J 1111. :in. Waison'M (lileutiils bail Itwi 
puckcil lioiiscN 21. The Alcastiir lleauib's 
1II1I full- business week of II. .Mince's Atm-i- 
leans week of 2M, Miner's IfuhcmlmiH I'Vb. 

Staii 1.1. II, Krrlckson, iiiaiuik'er).— -Aiitdn 
Ablioll. Ihe llobeils Imiii c. Ihe Two Hrules, 

the Hct Ill-ill hers. i!,e .Melleiulrys, \V. II. 

Ilnrtforil mul Ihe HlariiNeupe. 1.1. II. Hrrlrksiiii, mtnilicer). 
Plil'oso, Mr. und Mrs. Itobyus. tho ami Nel- 
son, He Curio nnd Hi okes, I, lllluii Melbourne, 
llaiiilil Iloir, ullll the llt-niullscope. 

IMM'.tilKS)' t.l. A. Johnson. Malta wr).- - 
Tin. Webi'i- I'amlly. lloltlen lliite i/uurlelle, 
Membuvs anil Lussaic, Pearl mul I'ttsshly, 
Arnublo, Leo While, uml Ihe bbiKinph. 

lAlili' iKcnlluc d I'lnoil, uiiiiiaiiersi. The 

Lyric Slock Co., week of Jan. 22, III "Itiui l'i 

— +4 » 


AIIkiiIii. Al Hie II en nil. "The School 
lilrl'* ilnl fairly well Jim. 22, 2:1. "The llolllel- 
Ini! Olrl" 2.'i. "The Teiuhrfiiiil" 27. "Tim 
isle or Spbe" su, nil, w, 11, Crime 31, I'eh. 

I, S"insu 2. "Sweel Clovi'r" 'I. 

Ill.ioi: (Julie Wi'llu. Ilimillgsr). — "The Hoy 
lli'lllml Ihe linn" ciime In H. II. II. IiimI week. 
"I'aulusiiiu" '.'li, fur week. 

KT.tll. - Week of 22. Hie bill hiellllbsl : Hob 
mul .Mai' llewlelle, Mi" Mlltotis. Iliierlii ami 
Nelson, Lou'iami mul lielnmur, Muslcnl flieri- 
mills. .Minnie |)u I'll')', Nellie llrlttoi), K—'» 
Ibiolli, lloueis mill Litvliu', l.llllilti May. Mne 
Ki'iina, I lilt ll>' Low in 1111, Mals'l lienltnjc], 
Aiuile llillliiu, Ooldle Lowntun, I'll nu. c Ann/., 
mul I'm I I'opehiiiil. 


Klivnilllltll. -Al Hie Slivilllllllll "The I"')- 
ilei'Iooi," Jan. I'll, ilbl fnlr buslnc*. "Iliowi:',) 
hi I'o'vn'' followed 21. In fnlr bushies'. 
"Tile SlKII of the I'rosi" hull II Kooil hol-e 
'.',",, ami "The School lilrl" pluyeil lo lie' 'a- 
pucli.t 211. 'Ihe Creiieenl I'd. 211 mill W"il.'. 

1; li.ln: a'h Ai.tttclliiiA' II.m.i,, 'I'IiU 
llllle boom', llllder 111" IlimiStfl'Ull'lll of W 1 1 - 
Hum limn, has been ilnliiK a Hit" Ijifliie.---. 
null the coin pane has been itlvluu ".cni'iMl 
s;itUfiiii|on. "A Wife's Peril" proved «ooi| 
week of 22. Mosl of Ihe eiiiiipnuy appeared 
mul iieipiltled lliemsi'lves erodllubly. The 
company Incliiibs : Mile. Phyllis. Smile Hill. 
I'litnilc Mnv. Penrl Ncllsoh, Louie cllfinn. 
Uerili llnrvi'.v. Muile lliiivey, lllhln Stetvait, 
Liidivlne M. Ileotoo. Hie Carlisle Sister-.. 
JllS. WoOlMIll' mul lilliee I'l'llll.'ls. 'I'll Is 

of Lottie I'llfioti, Marie Harvey uml f3hn-ti 

I'luiu.'l', were ilesctvlnj; of special mcuiloii. 



Febbttary 3. 







fcfatfcr^^ g ."l^ 




1. Thoy were wand'ring in the moonlight on a love-ly sum • mer night, Were 

2. Sooii they set-tied In a cot-tage, in a green and sha - dy grove; They 







I f 







S=r=f ac 














*=?• 2-1 



-* — »- 



* * 

plan-ning for their fu • ture home, their hap - pi - ness M bright; And he told her how he loved her, and from her he ne'er would part; She 
worked and saved and bat -tied on, but nev-er ceased to love; There was true love by their fire - side, there were ba-by fa- ces dear, That 

JbQr^rsgp g ^gg 

2 T5 *j 


J icrz=s=j: 




jj|=3j — p- *r r-| - 5 : : 3 d_J ZZg3 




was his hopo, his life, his all, his true sweet - heart. 
came and grew to man-hood with their tip - 'ning years. 


, 1 T. j 1U » - ~ -< 

She whb-pered that no oth - or one could win the love she gave; She 
One eve • ning by their bright hearth-stone he stroked her sll - vered hair, And 




I : i 


t* W* J: T ♦ 







: =s^= 



3 ■,., a" 

-r-fr * 


r» W" 





-ft x- 




-» — -#■ 

said she'd cling to him thro' life, un -til she reached the grave; But ., a. ques-tion she would ask him, Could life lie the same al-way? Would he 
said he'd loved her nil thro' life ar on that eve - ning fair, When she whis-pered in the moon-light, Could life be the same al-way? Would he 




f — t£ =? 





t- 1 U 




•V V- 


g h 









p fejf f fr 








I"," . (J L-Jl. 



r 1 -*- 



_i — i — i — i — , — i — 


ev- or cease to love her when her gold-en hnir was gray? "When my gold-en hair hns turned to sil - rer gray, When the years have come and quickly rolled a- 


hj '> - N 



-V W- 



way, will yo 

»7 ^fc«. 

Will yon lovo me then as now, Will you kiss ray fur-rowed brow, When my gold-en hair has turnal to sil - ver gray?" 






■*■♦ v ♦ 

■*•■¥■ -0-. ■*■ 





jt, sicshv, hy FraiiV; K. ltoot A Co. ltilrniatloniil cnpyrlcbt kmiiiisI. Entered according to net of the. Parliament of Canada, in the year jirair 
, chicaoo. I>y Kmtik K. Hoirt ■ & Co., at. the Department of Agriculture. ' ' 




Try the song. Here 
is ALL of it and it's a 

The Pretty Loto Story 

appeals to the heart. The 
beautiful music delights 
the ear and lingers in 
the memory forever. 

1 It is such a Home 
and Heart Song that 
singers always make a 
hit. It never fails to 
make good. 

We have a plan that 
I will put money in yonr 
pocket and we want to 
tell yon about it. 

W&JK rtrt 0reB,ei " BH " a 8on «- "°" w,,ere "- "»u— Ron «dSSLlfeU^«l»5ttSAlRl»! 


>»» TO AWT OP THESE SOWOS, 85.00 PXft 


355 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 74 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Febbuabt 3.1 






HERM H. A. SCHMIDT and CHR. KUBZ, Proprietors. 

Open From May 28 Until September 23 



The Largest ud Only High Class Park in 
Hew Jersey. 

25 lores ol ifflasement. 

Accessible iron All Directions. 

S Cent Oar Fare. 

All Cars transfer. 

Ball Boon with 10,000 8qnare Feet Space. 

I -!■. 

Din In g Hall , 8,000 Square Feet. 

lev Opera Honse with Sealing Oapaclty 
ol 4,000. 

The lost Magnificent Electrical Display. 

The 21st National Singer 


Singers of America, 1 


^Yttt?racif»riot? at tla«3 Pcirlc of 

200,000 VISITORS 

lis expeoted durixng; ti-J*# period. 



-.excelled In Its BqnlpnenH, PredeAIUjj 

Absolutely High Glass A mnaenier t 


Extensive Improvement! How In Coarse ot 
' , Oonitructlon. 

All Can Direct into 

ill l ll f l (Mi III t 

15 Hi notes' Ride from the Heart ot tV. • JUr 

Open Every Day, 

Two Bands ol Muio. 

Enropean Outdoor Attractions. 

Average Attendanoe: Bnadiyr, 25,000, an! 
Week Dsys, 3,000. 

For Information and Particulars, Address 

HANS WEVERS, Manager, Care of. Colosseum Theatre, NEWARK, N.J. 


Are notified to report at the General Offices, No. 25 WEST :54th STREET, 
New York City, at 9 o'clock sharp, 


.... AH .apparatus and properties, whether for ground or aerial acts, to 
gether with, dressing room trunks, must be delivered at Madison Square 
Gjutden, 4th Avenue and 26th Street entrance, early Monday morning, 
March 12. 


Mioagtr Banning Bailey Show, 25 Wast 34th St., Hew York City. 




J°nng lady of refinement, nut over 25 yews or en. 8tu. in height Good opo^unttyfor one taking 
Urt-reat . can or wrlie, '* ' BV ' N0 plac_, ony. 

At Little Rock, Ark.. 


WEEK H AHuil 9 OPEN. Addrees U. T. TAYLOll. Capital Thoatro, Little Rout. Arr. 



Addr e- TOnEfT S BO^U Y m^^ v ^B^Blo, N. Y. 


W. control Wm^S^jSniFS^^ \3*Tto2u6 VimS^Sm^SS, 

to DaitleH ilmMnir tilavs for road producitoue louraDooie- ior am c ias» nmuwinj 

■^10. TnK 

artlsta coached In jpci-lal pert*. Catalofe'ue* free. Address or call, l+ra DROA. « At . J., i . urn . 



07 Klngaton St., 
IIOSTON, MASS., l>. N. Ai 

Manufacturers of 

Silkolcnc Tights, $2.50. 
Worsted Tight*, $2.00. 
Cotton Tights, S 1.00. 

Equestrian gblrta earne price ai 
tights. A special discount of 10 
nor cent. allowed on all goods. 
i) ivc us a trial, thai In all wo »*<». 
Write for nrjeen'on miytlitng In 
Knit floode lln». Hi-posit re- 
quired on all onliTH. 



M. K. ASHLEY, Osn. Kel., Oioversvlllo. K.Y. 



To InMreet himself In Urel cla«s iuotiuk plcluro 
exiilbltton. No capital needed, akctcli Team: 
man and wife preferred. The only auinsoinent 
outfit In Belize. Capital of Ur. Honduras; 8,000 In- 
uabltautej 4 days' travel Iron) New Orleans. Only 
encli wlio can par fliotr own faro need write <o 

Belize. Briti sh HoufliirM, 


Good, Sober, All 'Round Black Fiei Sinning 

and Dancing Comedian. 

Change fur week and up In aula. I pay all after 

joining, but must make jtuod ur clam afkr the 

nret show, manager mopkbn hliikuy oo„ 

Uerudon, N orlliniubu rlaod t X, Pa. 


And ol her Trleke lo exchange tor Trunk Mystery, 

films or any good 8how atotf. 

_ U. H.LBW1 B, Hotel -cllpm ;. Van dorgrllt, Pa 


Tiro weeks near N, Y. ''liy. Hue nlpiilers- Stnslt 
Jumps. <:. Ii- BUTLER, Manager. 

Boom IS, HU7 Broad ir»y . Now T urk. 

Wanted to Bnv, Spotted Ponies 

AddroFj LEON V, -AliHBBHN. 
214 W m Htreol, New York C'liy. 

aaTljrBV'I'V^iiBVia MONOLOOtJES, E1C.> M. VJIIVO) Wrld"u to Order, 
A No. 1 work guaranteed. Sample*- Parody and 
6 Uage, 10o.; a Parndlei »nd 16 Q»rb. 25c. HAKY E. 
PR08PBRT THAYER, 270 Pine St., PrO»., B. I. 


Talker and play Piano, to Join Comedian an rmrl* 
ner. An«wer quick. Artur*»a Jou.v BALDWIN, 
Emiore, Va., care of Uc tVolfa Comedlana. 

At Liberty, Billy Burton, 

!<lack Pac* Comedian and Comedy Ilutlcul Artlat. 
clmune for two week* P. h.— Otiaa Bultook, writi;. 
Addre^ BOX I". Kiiat llHdford, Va. 

^Important Announcement. ^r 




IS Cents Per Foot. 

706-721. The Palace of the Arabian Nights . 1100 Feet, 11 33.00 

787.731. A Orasy Composer • >:' • • 335 Feet, 40.10 

738-737. The Tower ol Loudon . • • • 427 Feet, 51.34 

738-730. The Enchanted Sedan Ohatr . . • 185 Feel, 38.80 

740-749. An Ad?entarons Automobile Trip • 080 Feet, 70.10 

750.762. Tbe lysterloni Island : .'C. • • 280 feel, 27.18 

763-765. TJnixpeoted Plreworks ■-* ■ -• ;*■.:' 1 200 Feel, 34,00 

758-775. Hip's Dream • • ' • •» • 1080 FmI, 110,32 

770-779. Angler's Nightmare. . ,- : * .200 Feet, 34.80 
l-jUOB^j ©|fTj ■■<• 

780-783. Life Saving Up to Date - M Feet $10.48 

The uitlrine and rt,iniirk«l>l» ui.tliadk vniiiloi'vil fo »*• life i 
film will mum ihout. anil nun of Uu|(liter. Kull or iillun, 

784-785. The Scheming GaniMer's Pafatlfce, 

Iio-hb In (111. 
Unt. It not*. 


Th la On. aubjeei I. rralUl Ii ally t rnalod, o« t ng lo til.' fact Oi.t It >!■ 
on an actual oci'iirr«nce,nnd ahotva III,, trlekamtd irlckNt.r* evading |iollo*. 

This Film Is a Scream From Start to Finish, 

O U.n.rnl Weer.rn, 


GASTON MELIE8, Om'l Manager, <> sa ».t. street, Chicago, til. 

New York Branch, 
104 Eaet 3Hh Street, 



Want for Museum and Vaudorlllo Annex, Hide Show P»oplo of all kind*. Lady Ntiako utiatnier w(ttl 
her own euaken, Ladv Bag Puncher, l.ady Hu-ilcal Aula'. Hiaivr'l'raiu tndUIgh fiaa. Lndy Auieof 
every kind. Want aI«o, a Widget and a Slroug Tuulure Acl or I'reak. All Day (IrliidcrH and a capable 
Man lo tnake rieuonil opcuingH and cuiicrl itunouuceiiieuin Klve Y'niny, (lood booking Oriental 
Dauolug (Hrla, All ledlea mum aend pliuto. Artdreea JflUS' K UUUKW. IlKaitHl., Norfolk. Ya, 



ThU w.«k, .Inn. il8, Arcade Thaalra. Toledo, «UI«. 
Keb. 14 and later 0|i»n. A.ldr... WW. JtlOHUlS, O Welt JJStll St,, R, T. 
P. ».— Hugnrda to all friend,. ' 

The Only Theatrical Supply Houte In Phlla. OUR SPECIAL FOR WEEK ENDING FEB. 10. 


WAAS & 80N, 226 North Bfghth St., PHIL A. 

i A 



February 3. 

it m fcfii 

4.11 Routes Miint Itcncli On No* l.uter 
I hail -Montlny. 

A ■- - 

AJjni?, 3Iaudc (Charles Frsiwaii!, jnar.)— N. X. 
City 28, indelliilic. 

Allen, Viola (Charles W. Allen, mgr.l — Boston, 
lUk, 29-Fcb. 3, Provldcafle, It. I., 8-7, Wor- 
t«t«, Muss., S, Northampton 8, Albany, N. V., 
10. "... 

Anglln, Margaret (Shubert; Bros., .mgrs.) — Wash- 
ington, D. C, 29-Feb. 3, Newark, N. .1., 5-10, 

Aldrlcli, Chas. T. (A. II. Wddils, mfr.l— Phila- 
delphia, l'u., 29-l'cb. :l, Wilmington, Ocl., 6-Ti 
Ttentou, N. J., H1U. 

Aubrty Stock (Joe Kdmonston, mgr.) — Johnstown, 
Pa:, 29-Feb. 3. Ilnrrlsburg 5-10. 

"As Ye Sow" (Win. A. Brudy & Jos. tt. Grismer, 
tngw.) — Manchester, N. II., Feb. 1-3, Toll 
River. Mass., fi-lti. 

"ArHoun" I Dnrl'l I, Rnmnge, nigr,) — Bclrldcrp, 
111., .'il, Freesiort Feb. 1, Kenosha 3, Milwau- 
kee, Wis,, 4-10. . 

'■As Told in Hip Hills" <W. T. Mann, tngr.)— 
t'nlon City, In'!., SI, Rcllefontaliie, (i., Feb. 1, 
L'rlionn 2. Sprlticlleld :i. Xenln fi. Washington 
Court House I), Greenfield 7, Wellston H, Mat- 
ray City 0. Ziinesvnle 111, 

"At, riney Itlilge". (M. O. Hlgglns, mgr.)— Hobo- 
k'ill. N, .1.. 2N-31, Sprlhglleiil, Mns-s.. Feb. 1-3, 
New Haven, Cdnn., 5-7. Llsrlfonl 8-lfl. 

"An Orphan's Prayer" {.Martin Shceley, mgr.1— 
Irfblk'b, Oklu., 31. ... ■ 

"At Cripple Creek," R. J. Cari>entcrl» — Salem, 
Owl, SHI. Eugene 30, RoselsTg'. 31. Medfol'.l, 
CuE, Feb. I, Chios '2. Wiioillaiiil 5. Xniw (I, 
Viflnejn 7, llcnrblsliurg 8, .Soma Rosa ti, Potu- 
Ituua 10. 

"An Aristocratic Tramp," A, Kllruy & Ilrllhui'a 
{Harry A, Murray, tngr.) — Canliin, 0., 31, liur- 
berion Feb. 1. IShrlehsvlllc 8. Deluilnoti t., Min- 
eral City ii, YoiingHlown 7, ,8, Bcllnlre III, 

"An Arlsim-ruHc Tramp," II, Kllroy A: Billion's. 
{S. I-:, .'.i-ster, nigr.) — Clnrlnii. la.. Feb. I, 
Hampton 2, Mason Oily IS, Ilrllt 5. Forest City 
0, (Janice 7. Sp-.uiivr d, Sheldpn U, llimardi'll 

"Actow the. Pacific" (H. Fuller. nigr.)— Win*. 
ingtoii, II. (.!., 2(tFeb. :), KiirTnln, N. V„ 5-10. 

"Arrlrnl of Klltj" (Chas. Randall, mgr. I— Clay- 
Idii, ft - , Y., 31, Goim'mciir Feb. 1. (•union 2, 
Norwood :S. MiilnuV 11, i;urlbi|;ion, VI., S, lull- 
lijllil SI, I'ulilliicy 10. 

"Alplionse nail linstnn," Una Hill's— Scuttle, 
WubIi., StB-ro. :s. , ■ 

r.liiiirlii» Hale* (TlaTld MHCOi DiKr.)— N. Y. Oily 

l!«, Inilelbiite. . 
llorryniore, Klliel (Clinrles I'roliuinn, m«r.)— N. 

Y. Clly 3H, Inilpllulle. 
liernlinnlt, Siinili IMaanort Itiiw.. ingrH.) — Wof. 

rmtoV MiinM., :tl. Nnnlundltun Feb. I. -New 

llllveil, IVinii,, 2. Xewk. N. ,].. 3, All«nv, N. 

V., B, HUM II, Jlriultunl, I'm.. K. I'ltl^i'iirn III. 
IMkrw. iKjHe (Mi-bier & I'o., mi<rs.)— MeBipkla. 

Temt., :;l. IVb. i, NuhIi vlllc J, si, (.linltiuuiiiyi 

"" ' 'Knoxvllle 0, lA'SiiiKlim, Ky., 7, Loularllie »■ 

"College WMorr," Western (Henry W. Safane. 

micx.)— lirnui! Forks, N. Dak., 31. Duliith, 

Minn., 2. .1, Mlnneatmlla 4-7, SI. Paul 8-10. 
'•Claminan" (fleo. If. llrenntn. mgr.) — N. Y. 

Clly 2(1, lnilcUnlte. 
"Clansman," Western (Geo. II. Tlrnnnan, tngr.) — 

IndlJUHpoIis, Ind., Feb. 6, II. • .. 

"Coiintj- ClinirraaD," Kattern — Akron. 0., 81, 

Yoohgatown Feb. 3, nttibnrg, Pa., 5-10. . 
"Cheekers" (C. Gardner, mgr.)— NW OrleanB, 

La., 2S-Feb. 3, Baton Kouge 4; Natcbei, Mia*., 

r>. Jackson O.'Mempbls, Teun., 7, 8, Springfield, 

Mo.; 9, Joplio 10. , 
"Contusion of a Wile" (A. II. Woods, mgr.)— 

New Haven. Conn., 20-31, Waterbarv Feb. 1, 

Drblgeport, 2, », V, Y. City r.-lo. 
"Child SlaTM \t New York" (J. P. Eekharill, 

mgr.)— Montreal. Can.. 20-Feb. 8, l'Ullailel- 

iiliia. I*n.; 5-10. 
"Convict Daiijtliler" (W. T. Buyer, mgr.) — Crow- 
ley. La., il, Friuiklln IVb. 1, Abbeville 2, 

.leaneretle .'I. Morgan Clly 4, New Orleans 5-10. 
'•CoMer's I.a«<t Flubt" (Frnnk C. Illiwlea, mgr.) 

— Ilnirnlo, tt, V., 20-Feb. 3. 
"Crown Thorns" (I'hll Hunt, mgr.)— Albany, N. 

Y.. 2fl-:il. 
"Curse of Drink" (M. Handy, mgr.)— Providence, 

H. I.. 2li-Feb. 3, Ilolyoke, Mass., 5-7, Mnn- 

ibener. X. II., KIO. 
"Chair Slnwr," W. K. NnnUerllle'ii — Camden, 

N. 4.. 211 31, Cmtrai, Pa., Feb. 3. 
" ' ■ II 

Drew, .Jolin (diaries I'roHmrin, mgr.) — Pougb- 

keeiisle. N. Y.. .'II, YonkiTH, N. Y., Feb. I, 

Wllmlnulmi, Del., 2, Norfolk, Vn.. 3. Richmond 

Ii, Kniiniike II, Kuoxrille. Tenn., 7, Chattanooga 


f>,,..Vucon. (iB.,0, Atliiiiln 10. 
KOUktj Lawrence (Daniel Fronmau. msr.; — 
Halilmore. Jld., 20-Feb. », Montreal, Can., 5-10. 

Ik-lii" Dlgby (I)unlel V. Arlhur, niKr.)— Bnston, 

Mass., 20-V eb. 10. 
Itluir, KiiB'iilo— t'obinibus, O., 2»-:'.l, Buy City, 

Allell., Feb. I. .'., itiillle I'reek 7. 
llewsfonl. Hairy 1.1. J. Ooleiiiiin, uwr.) — Kuhmm 

Cilv, Mn.. Feb. I-lll. 
Illaiie'y, Hurry clay (W. W. Wimirulli. mgr.)-- 

IllrmlnKliuin, Ala., 211 I'eli. 3, llliliiiiinid, Vn., 

Illniller, Flore (Ii. F. I'V.rrester, mgr.) — Kl- 

inli-ii. N. V., Feb. 1, llliigbiiiutou 3, .Moutrcnl, 

Can.. :.-i0. 
Dunlins, F'jniia (Earl nnrgess, mgf.)— Pnitarllle, 

Pa.. 20-Feli. 3, Udiniinn 5-lfl. 
lleimett.Mimlton (O. II. tlcniwck, mgr.) — Haver- 
hill, Mass., 20-Keli. 3, (Jloiici'Hler 5-10. 
Ileiikett-MoiilUm {-W. A. Partello, nigr.)— Aabury 

Park, N. .1-. 20-Feb. 3, Ui|,ig llrancli 5-10. 
Iteniiclt-Xloulton (lrn F.. Newbnll, ingr.)— New- 

lorl, it. 1.. 29-Feb. 3, Derby, Conu., 5-10, 
llroivn. IClrU M. 'J'. Mneanley, luur.) — York, l'a,, 

211-Feb. 3. , 

llrei.'l;enrlilg«' Stork (Falwln llnrrle. nigr.) — I'.un- 

seinille. Art., l'OFl'I). 3, Little Itock C-1U. 
Jlrlgci, Hot It. I'l'orbett & Wallace, mgiH.) — 

Hlloiim Snrliuw, Alk., 29Feb, .'I, Bciitoiivllle 

OtT, Ilnti'lson H-10. • . 

Ilurl«fMeCituu III. MeCnnn, mgr.)— Ciimlicrbiiul, 

MiI.,'2tlFeb, 3, Miiricnsburc, W. Vii., 0-7, Plea- 

nwnl H, & ■ ...... . i 

Henjwtt's Itlg Show (Billy Bennett, mgr. )— f.tims- 

iltn, Souk.. Can., 28-31, Saskatoon Feb. 13. 

Pl-inee Allierl. n-li>. 
IleUtiiii's Diauedliius (Peree It. Bcnlnii, uujr.) — 

Aim. (jkiii.. ' -ii t'cip. :i, Caiineii 3-10. 
Iloiv 'Jon Comi'ily (FiMtel & .Mcltowiin, lugra.) — 

till. City, Pit,, r.-io. 
llowinnn (.Ins. A. Weaver, mgr.) — Milan. Mo.. 31, 

Feb. I, 'i'reiituti 2, SI, Cniiieroa 5, U, llaiuiltou 

7i .8. Hreckcnrlilge H, Mereellne 10. 
"linn Iliir" (Klniv .V Krlnnger. IngrH.) — St. Jn- 

yapli, Mo., 2II-.11, 'l'n|iekn, Kan., Fell, 1-3, hull- 

mih City. Mo.. -1-10. 
"Iie/oro mill Aftoi" (Hobert Hitnler, mgr.)— S. 

Y» '.City 211. Iwletlnlte. 
"BaUonra Until'," Lincoln J. Cnrier'n — N. Y. 

i'Uy 20, ltiilellnlte. 
"Blahoii" (SlmlK-ri Bros., ingrH.) — Brooklyn, K. 

Y., Feb. 5- in. 
"HlK Ilenrtetl .Ilm." KUnit & finnwlo's (Frnnk 

Dflirolo,. mgr.l— Sprlngtleld, Muss., 20-31, Al- 

haBv, Nl Y., Feb. l-SI. 
"Bimcb of Keys" (tins Bolbner. mgr.) — Sturl- 

lilfi, 111.. 31; Frce|iort Feb. I, linek(onl 2. 13- 

g(ll 3. Aiudrn I, Kewiiuee 5. Mollnp (I. lUu'k 

lilaiiil 7, I'enrlii s, Falrbury I), Streunir 10, 
"Beauty Duclov" iThos. W. I'ryur. tugr.) — Lo- 

guiiBiiort. lml., 31, Peru, HI., Feb.- 1, Fort 

Wayne 2, 3. 
"Banker's CtilUl" (Harry Shannon, mgr.)— Flor- 
ence, Kan., 31, Marlon Fell. I, Lynun 2, Starl- 
ing 3, liient llenil 5, Hualngmn n, Lnrueil 7, 

St'. Jolinii S, Khigmati I), Ilariiec. 10. 
"Ilrtrzr Time" (John B. Andrew, nigr.) — Wil- 
son. N. C. SSI, iiiililsl«jrn Feb. I. Mount Olive 

2, ' Klnslon ..", Tarboru 5, Seotlanil Neek '», 

Weldon 7. Lmilstmrg 8, Oxford 0, South Iliw- 

to'n, Vu., 10. 
'Ililtgllii's Daughter" (Vance & Sullivan, ingrs.) 

-'jOlneluuall, il., 2SFeb. 3. 
■Ilehhiil lb* .Mnsk"-Cleveliiiiil, (V, 2DFe1i, SI. 

craw. Win. II. (Chnrlea Fnihniau, mgr.) — At- 

inula, (la., sil-l-'eb. I. lilruilugtinui, Alii., 2, 

ChallaniKiga, Tenn,, 3. Phllmlpliililii, l'a.. ""I". 
I'ai'lei'. Mik. u-sllp tlinrul Belnaeu, uier.) — 

N'i Y. I'Uy 211, bnlelliille. 
I'riwiaiiii. Ili-iirlrlln iMimrlee Caai|ihell, BUtt.) — 

NcWnrk, X, .1.. 211 1 en. 3, U'reiilim ii, Atlantic 

t'lly il. 
fuioViui Jaw lAlilun S- Baxter uigM.i-- Vniii, 

'IVx.,' I'-'b. I, Dnlliis 2. SS. Foil Worlli ft, il, 

iSillni'silllc 7, Anliiniie. Iml. Tel., S, Sliawnw, 

iikl.i.. 0. iikliihninii i'Uy 10, 11. 
I Miller, Win. ii'hiirles I'lnliiuan, mgr.)— llnwk- 

l\-|i. N. Y„ 211 Feb. 3. I'nlerwiin. N. ,1.. ti, Tieii- 

uiii il. Alluiiili' Clly 7, Allennovn s, Raaliai n, 

I'liilnlVbl. .V. J.. 10, 
Cuban,. <ie<> M. iSimi II. Harris, nigr.)--Phllu- 

dellililii. I'n.. 2H Feb. 10, 
fiestiitl llarke t.lnles Marry, mgr.) -Chat lauoiign, 

Tenn... 31, .Meiuphla Feb. 3, 
C.nil; Chuivh ill. W. Taylor, nigr.)— UtKeeatnrt, 

l'a. SW-pVh. 3. Heater Falls •"•in. 
C.irnell Stock (W. IS. Curni'll. ingr.l— Sprlnglli'ld, 

!>„ 211-l'eli. SI. 
Clinsc-Llsler Thenlip, Nuvllieill ((ilea I'. I'liuse. 

mUr,)— .1'le.rrc, S, JDuk., 2'J-Feb. 3, .Mitchell ."•• 

{•liase.LWer Tliealre. Southern (Chns. Hnril-on, 

nrr.1— Ali'liianii, Kan.. 2Sl''eb. :': Xernda, .M.>., 

CliirUe" Hnrrv rvrmni— lluiislon, Hw., 20-Fel'. St, 

Fort Worth 5-10. 

Crailon- Neville (('has. II. Kevllle. uiwr.l— Purls- 

inouili, (>.. SliFeb. il, lA>xlitk*l«m. Ky.. •"•-!»- 
Cliiuuii'ey-Kein'i'f (Fred Oliuuuce.v. nigr.) — \nnnioi- 

town, O.. 2(lFeh. SI, WnyneBluirg. I'n.. '••in. 
Carroll CViinwly (Inn Carroll, mgr. I — Fnyetle 

Clly, Ph.. Feb. l-SI. Brownsville 510. 
CoKgrovo Stock — New Bedford Mubs., 2IIFob. It 
Creseeul t.'onietl.v (II. A. Bevsuuin, lugr. I— Suvuii- 

iinb. Hit.. 20-Feb. SI. Cbarlesluli, S. C. 3-i, 

ileorgelown S-tn. 
Chbagii Slock HossKain, nigr.)— Ilnalebin, 

Ph.. S'.i-I'eh. SI. 
t'lufUn Slnel; (lien. ('. Clarke. in«r. I — Decnuir, 

III., 2HS11, ll»! Solu, Mn., Feb. l-SI, St. Charlr* 

I'rawfiird's Comeilliius (Crnwfonl It Hoselelnli. 

ntara.1— MM»H, .Mo.. 30-81. M'elili Clly Feb. 

I-.1, NponIio 0-7. Vltilia, lud. Ter.. SHI. 
I'oia-liind lima. Sloel;- Kblormln. Kuii., 2!lFeb. 3. 
"Casliel Hvrmi'.i i'l-ufesvlon" (Henry It. Ilatrl". 

niKr.i-N. Y. Clly 20-Feb. 3. 
' c tv Cliiilriuim." Western- -Port In ud. lire., S. 

n. . 
"(Tollege Widow," Knstern (Henry \V. Snvi;,-e, 

mgr.)— Drtroll, Mleli., 20-Feb. 3, Toronto, inn.. 

Dp Vrles. Henry (W. N. I.nwrcuce, nigjr.i — N. \. 
'City 20-Fe|). 3. 

Dl.xe.v, Hehrv (W. N. Lawrence, mgr.) — Chicago, 
II., 2S-Feb. t*. 

Duller, l'i I'. (Sluiliert Bros., nigrs.)— Brook- 
lyn; N. Y., 2!iFeli, .1. Lebanon, -Pit., B, llasle- 
ion II, Wlllbiius|iiirt .7, Siinlniry S, Lewlslnirg 
fi. 111. ... 

l'lioile, ' AJIe-i ( Keiniey & West full, mara.)— Mll- 
■winikeA, Win.. 2SFeli. 3, St; Paul. Mlnri., ,410. 

Dnre, .Line l.lo«epb King, mcr. V— Mn»ea»lne. In., 
ill, Otfnwn. III., Feb. 1'.'. 2. Aurora 3, 
■Mlglh Ji, itoekfnril (i. . Iinvpiiisirt. InS, 7. Bur- 
lliiglrm 8. Cnnton, III.. Il, liloomlnglon lo. 

Dowlhu;, llnls'ft (P. P. Craft, niar.l — Wheeling, 
W. Va., Feb. 1. 

De Vnsis, Flora, No. 1 (.1. II. Itnfnmir. mgr.) — 

' JerTi'l-siiii, la.. 20-,'il. lloekwell Ully Feb. 1-3, 
Furl I lodge 5- in. 

Dudley, Fruiifc--iirertni|a. Miss., 20-Feb. 3. Wl- 
iloiln 5-7, Sentitnhlii S-IO. 

Ik-. Voinle, Cbi'Nler, Stock (Phil Levy, mgr.) — 
Samlnafcy. o.. 2s-Feb. :s. 

De I'Mv-Durdcite Stuck (Thou, It, De Pew, mgr.) 
— Clinrli'steii, W. Vn.. SSI-Fen: il. 

"Darling of the ilwls" (Dnvhl Belnsco, nigr.)— 
Jni-kson. Mbh., 31. 

"Dnvlil llarntn" Chiles Cabs, nigr.)— Toledo, 0„ 
2S-SU, Columbus Fell. 13, I'lnclnliutl 4-ln. 

"Dnvlil Iliirnin," S|.eelnl Males Cnhii. mgr.) — 
Shrcve)Mirt, La., sit. AlfMiinlrln Feb. 1. I.«- 
fuveile 2. orange. Tex.. SS, (lulveslnn 5, llniist.ini 
(I, Sou Aiilmiln 7, Austin K, Tnylnr 0, Tent[ile 

"Devil's Aucllon" (Clian. II. Yule, mgr.)— Syra- 
cuse. N. V.. 20SSI, Itmhesler Feb. l-SI, .Mon- 

iraal, Oan„ B-io. 

"Dora Tln.riie." A, Itowland ,t Clifford's (Harry 
llayn, mgr.) — llnwllni.' (Sreen, O., 31. North Feb. I, Foslorln 2. Norfolk SS, 
Klvrln 5. (billon S, Diieyrus 0. Nevada 10. .. . 

"Dora Tlmrne," H., Ilowlnud & Cllfforil's (D. II. 
Ilnrlmiin. mar.)— OH CUy. Pa.', 31, Tarentuto 
Feb. 2. Ct-eeiisblilg H. Ilrnddoek 5. .leunnette t), 
Somerset 7, .Meycrsdnlo S, Frostburg, Mil., 0, 
(Irnfton, W. Vn., 10, 

"Dora Tlmrne." D, Hinrlnnd &• Clifford's (L. B. 
rond. mar.) — l-*nslonlu. Knu., Sit. .. ... 

"Dora Tliorne," R. Itowbiinl St ClllTord'a (W. T. 
(lasklll, inur.)— Lovelnml, Colo., 31. Longmont 
Feb. 1, nonliler S. Lurayetle SI, Denver 4-10.' 

"Daneern of Working Clrls' r (A. II. Woods, mgr.) 
— Buffalo, K. Y.. 20-Feli. il, Toledv, O.. 4r7. 

"Deserted nt the Allnr" (It. 11. Fisher, mgr.)^- 
Browitarlilp, Pn.. SI, Vniiilereflft'Feb. 1. But- 
ler 2. Benver Fnlls 3, Mouongnbeln 5. Monessen 
<l. I'lilonlimn 7. Coimellsvlllo 8, Mouut Pleas- 
ant n. Oreenslmrir 10. 

"Desperate Clinncn" (Mlttenthal Bros. Amuse. 
Co., mgr-i.)— S. Y. Clly 2()Feh. 3. 
I'l . 

Klllott. MnNlne (C. .11. Dllllnghnni. mgr.)— N. Y. 
City 20-Feb. .1, Boston. Mass.. B-17. 

Eilesdn, Itnliert {Henry II. Harris, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia, Ph.. 20Feli. 10. 

Knierv, Edwin T. (C K. Conk, mgr. 1— Milwaukee. 
Wis., 20-Feb. ii, Mnd Iran. Wis., 5, Baclne 0, 
Klgln, III.. 7, Decatur 8. Alton 0. ,_ 

F.inersnii, Mnry (Siimuel Lewis, mgr.) — Pnilncan. 
Kv.. sil. Calni. ill., 1'i'b. 1. VlintenucM, Iml., 
3." West linden ■!.* ' 

Kwlng. (lertrnile— Denton, Tex., 20-Feb. X 

Finery Slock (A. ;«i Orcutt. mgr.)— Ashtabula, 
(I., SIOFeb. SI, Sandusky 5-7. 

Ellis Slock— SI. John, X. B., 20-Feb. 8, Ilnllfar, 
X, S.. 5-17. 

Kllefonl Stock— San Diego. Oal„ Fob. CIO. 

"Fye Wllness." Lincoln J. Cnrtet'K— Trenton, N. 
jf., 20-31. 1-Slliiibelli Feb. 1-SS. Newark 510. 

"lSleventh Hour,;* Lincoln J. Cartel's— Gnlll|iolls, 
0., 31, Allien* Feb. I, Point Plensniit. W. \«.. 
2. llniUlnglnn 3, Portsmouth. O.. 5. Jackson II, 
lrouioii 7, Ashland, Ky., 8, Paris 0, Frankfort 

"Ehen Ilohlen" (W. E. Scnmninn, mgr.) — At- 
limflc Cllv, N. J., ill, Palerson Feb. 2, 3, 
F.IIz.ihcth 5 flio'nlxvllle. Pa., 7, Heading.. 8, 
Mldillelown 0, Cnltinililu 10. 

"Frrnud Bov" (P. II. Salllviui Amuse. Co.. mgrs.) 
— Kansas Cltv. Mo., 28-Feb. 3. St. I.ouls 4-10. 

"F.lght Bells," Bros. Byrne— Chlcnim. 111., 2S- 
Feb. S. 

"Fast Lvnue." Beecber & Stanley's (Waller T. 
MeDnnalil. tugr.l— Cobtmlms, Ten., 31, Sella- 
lenlmrg Feb. 1, I.nllng 2. Shiner SI, Yoakum B, 
Senior 0, Bellville K. Navasola 10. 

Flske. Mrs. (nnrrlaon Orey Flake, mgr.)— Zanes- 
vllle, 0.. Ill, Fluidity Feb. I, Kalamazoo, Mich., 
2. (irand Itnplds :), .Inckson S. 

Faver.shnin, Win. ll.lcbler & Co., nigiii.) — N. Y. 
Cite 20. Indellnlle. 

Friiukeuileld, Lniirn (Leon A. flllRon, mgr.) — 
CrnVfonl. Nebr.. "I. 

Fonberj: Slock. Kiislern (Ceo. M. 1'enlierjr, tngr.) 
— Silieneetiuly, N. Y., 211-Feb. si, PlttsQelil, 
Mam., .viu. . . - 

Fonberir Klin-k, Western (Will Deshon, nigr.) — Au- 
gusta. Me.. 90-iil. Ilwkliiiul Feb. 510, 

FleniinliiK, Mniule (W. II. Craeey, nigr.) — WHv 
IbunsiMirt. Pa.. Feb. 5-10. 

FUke. May- -New Hcill'nril. Mass., SOFeb. 3, ^e^t 
Britain. Conn., 3-10. ' , 

Flviiu. .loseidi .1., Stock (llnlph A, Wnnl, tngr.) 
— l.viui. Mass., 20 IVb. 3, Lawrence 5-10. 

Fo.v, 1-Miin (Edwin Weaver, mgr.) — lukn, Miss,, 
2!l-I'eh. SS. 

Fivimmt stock (Col. W. 11. Fremont, mgr.)— 
Diirbniu, N. C, Sll-Fob. SI. Asbevllle 5-10. 

"ITuniliig Arrow." Lincoln .1. Carler's— Palerson, 
X, J.. 2U3I, Wlliubigton, Del., Feb. 1-3, Bill- 
lluiove. Mil.. 5111. 

"Fiiusl." Purler .1. While's (Olgii Verne, mgr.)— - 

III. ilngimi, 1 ml. . ill, Spynuinr Feb. 1. llusli- 

vllle 2, lileluuiviiil SS. lliiuillton, O.. 4. (ireen- 
esslle, hid., "5, Wlncbesler il, Alexandria 7, 
'i'lnton S, l.iignuspori 0. Ainlersoii 10. 

"Fnsl Lire In New York" (A. 11. Woods, miir.l — 
lies Moines, la.. 28-31. Oiutihn, Nehr., Feb. l-SI, 
Kansas Clly, .M.«., I-IO. 

"Final Weilillng." Wcslern, Sulllvuu, Harris k 
Wisals'— liny Clly. Mich.. Feb. II. Saginaw 1. 
r>. Flint (I. Purl Huron 7, Chatham, Can., 8, 
London 0. Stratfiinl 10. 

"I'lgbtliii; Fiilc" (Win. Ityno. mgr.)— Milwaukee, 
Wis.. 2SIVb. ::. 

•'Fntiinsinii" (Win, * IMwnrd Hnnloii, mgrs.) — 

Allniiln. (In.. 20Feb. SI. 
"For Ills nrnl tier's Crime" (D. D. Sears, mgr.) 
- -Pltlslinix.'. I'n.. 211-Feb. 3, Toronto. Clin., 5-10 
"Faeloy Hlrl" (Clins. Wuere, mgr.) — N. Y. Clly 
mi-Feh. in. 

"Foxy Tramp" (John Ilntley. mgr.) — Piedmont. 

W. Vn.. Fi". 5, Midland. Mil., il, Cuiiilierlnnil 

", I.iuincolilne S, Meyersdnle, p«., 9, Somerset 

"Funnr Mir. Dwley" (Fred Ryder, nigr.)— 

Youngslown, O., 31. 

Olllelle. William (Charles Fndnniin. mgr.)— 

Wnslilngton. D. 0., 20-Feb. 3, New Harm, 
••('■•nil., .i, Northampton. Mass.. 0. Wnterbnfy, 
' i\inn.. 7. Brldgi'iiort S. llarlford 0, 10. 
(Sraee lieorgi> (Win. A. Brady, mgr.l— Clnclunnll, 

i)., SO Feb. S'.. Ilaiulltim it, 
rialliiml. Bertha (David llelnscii, nigr.) — Ilnirnlo, 

X. V., 20-1V'. I. 
ISrav. Julia, Llueoln .1. Carter's— .loneilaim. Ark., 

31, Poplar I'.tnrr. Mo.. Feb. 1, Cairo, 111.. 2. 

llarrlsblirg il, Marlon 5. CnrUnidnle 0. Ileri-'n 

7. Plnekneyvllle S. Cn|ie Ulranlenu, Mo., 0,. Al- 

i.«i.' ill., to. 
Gallatin, A'lierli (Kane, Sblpman & CoItId, 

mgrs.)— Virginia City, Nov. Feb. 1, Reno 2, 
Curson City 3. Ogden, TJ.. 0, aalt Lake City 0, 

Gritntli, John (B, P. Phillips, nw.l^reenwood. 
Miss.. 81. .liickrau Feb. 1, Natchez 2, V IckHnirg 
'.'.. Monroe, I.a., 3, Huston 0, Shreveport I, 
Marshall, Tex., 8, Texarknna 0, Paris 10. 

Oreet's I'lnrers (Ben]. Greet, mgr.) — Montreal, 
Can'., 20-Feb. 3. . 

Gllmore, lairiiei- (Ilavlln i NIcolol, msra.)— 
iChicago, 111., 23-Feb. 10. . .. , 

Ollmore, Paul (Juleu Mutry, mir,)— LIdcoId, 
Neb., Feb. 8. ;' . •• „ 

Gilbert. Baymoml (Ike Bull, mgr.)— Borne, H. J,i 

0, Cana3tota 7, Clyde 8. Newark 0, Leroy 10. 
Grspewln. Chun. E., and Anna Chance (Frank 

Howo Jr., mer.)-^-Youngatown, 0., l;eb. 1, Z, 

Cnlnmhus 5.7. ., . • _. 

CilfTord-Ilncrlng (Adolptt Olffonl, mZT. )— -wins- 
low. III.. 20-Feb. 8, Darlington, Wis.. 5-10. 
Out Stock (C. W. Mercer, nigr.) — Rocbesler, 

Pa., 28- Feb. 3, Masslllon, O.. D-10. 
Glnser Stock (Shnbert Bros., mgrs.) — Cleveland, 

O'., 29-Feb. 8. Buffnlo, N. Y.. 0-10., 
Good, Adam (Monte Thompson, mgr.l— Brockton, 

Mass.. 20-Feb. 3. New Bedford 8-10. 
Carible Stock (J. S. Gamble, mgr.)— New Brnna- 

wlek. N. J., 20-Feh. 3. _,_.«, 

Click Slocl: t Harry (Slick, mgr.)— Bristol, Tenn., 

20-lVli. SI, .Mlddleboro. Ky.. 5-10. 
(iralinnt Comrsly ■— Yonkers,. N. . Y„ 20-Feb. 3, 

Itliigliniiiion 8-10. , 

"(ilfls Will He'dlrW" (Win. A. Brady, mgr.) — 

SI. Louis, Mn., 28-Feli. SI. 
"isirl of Hip SlreelB" ((Sen. F. Drlscoll. mgr,)— 

Kbnlra. X. Y.. 31. Binghnniton Feb. 1. Onenota 

•2. Xew'mrgb SS, Wnldun 5, Albany 8, Coboes 8, 

irtlcn 0. _. ■' ._ 

"(Iviisy Olrl" (Wm. T. Keogh. mgr.) — Jersey 

Clly, X. J.. 2'.i-FpIi. 3. _ ' 

"(Satnlilcr" IKaRle Amuse. Co., mgrs.) — \ander- 

arlft, Pn„ 31. 

llnckett. James K.. nnd .Mary Mnnnerlng — N. Y. 

Citv Sfl>, iiuii'llniie, 
llliebiock. Itnyinnnil tllehry W. Snvase, mgr.) — 

N. V. City 20, lnneflnlle, 
Ilollnnd, Mildred (Filivmd C. While, mgr.)— 

.Sherman. Tex., 31, Denlson Feb. 1, Orecnville 

2, Port W'i'il Ii 8. 
llaiifnril, C'Iiiu'Ips II. (]'. Lnwnmce Walter, msr.) 

— Hoi's- Clly, Ida., sll.' Welser Feb. 1. Jloker 

I'll). Ore., 2, Lit israhile SS, I'ulbniili. Wash.. 5, 

l#wlst(Hi, Mn., IS, (.'olfux, Wash., 8, ft, Wnl- 

li , bin., in. 

Ib>«iir-I Hall (Henry Plerson. mgr.)— Nashville, 

Teun., 2'i't'eli. ",. Culiiiubus, O., 0-7, Wheel- 

iuu. W. Vu., .S-10. 
Biggins, David. (K. D. Stair, mgr.)— X. Y, City 

iii-l'eh. ss. Phlhiilplpbla, Pa., 5-10. 
Hi-nilrlcks, lieu (Wm. dray, mgr.) — Altai- 

•iui-ii|iii-. X. Mex.. 81, Winalow Feb. 1, Saa 

ilei'niinlino, Cnl., 3. 
Hull. Jessie .Miie (101. II. Lester, mgr.)— Akron, 

(i., Feb. 5, Canton IS, Canal Dover U, Cnmbridgn 

IliiinllUiit, Florence (Garland linden, mgr.) — Law- 
rence, .Mass., 31, dlouccBter Feb. 1, Marl- 

lnru.Si South Fr.imliiylinai. SI. ' 
Huntings. The Pour (Harry Dull, mgr.) — Fort 

Wayne. Iml., SSI. Hlcksvllle, (>., Feb. 1, Uoshen. 

la. I.. 3. South Bend SS, Hammond 7, Waukegun, 

III., 8, 'Woutlnlouk 0„ Elgin 10. 
Ilnrrlg.iii, Edwiinl (Shula-rt llros., mgrs.) — New- 
ark, X. .!., 20-Feb. SS. 
lliiiniieli'in Ideals (John A. lllmmeleln, nigr.) — 

lliirrlslmrx. Pit., 211 -Feb. SI. . ' ' 

lllmmeleln Imperial Slock (It. I". Iliinmcleln, 

niKr. i — Owwiislioni, Ky.. 20-Feb. Si. 
Hum. Stock IM. A. Hunt, ingr.i — Cnssoimlls, 

Mich., SSISFeb. SS. Benlon Harbor 5-10. ' 
Iloyt's Cotueiiy (II. G. Allen, nigr.) — Frankfort, 

IC}'.. 20-Feb. 3, Somerset 510. 
Harvey tt Gage — Morldnn, Conn., 29-Feb. 3. 

Pttchbtirg. Jlass., 5-10. 
Ilendcii'on, Mnud (Joseph Pnreot, mgr.) — Osage, 

la., 2S-Feb. SI. 
Hlllmntl, Mniule (W. A. Dillon; mgr.)— Berllu, 

X. IL. 20-Feb. 3. Lewlslmi, Ale., 5-10. 
Ho\\-nril-Dorsel (Geo. B. Howard, lugr.) — Marlon, 

iml.. 20-3. Wiiicish 5- in. - 
Huntley Stock (J. il. Huntley, int-r.) — Lewis- 
ton, lie.; 20-31; Port In ad Feb. 1-3, Bangor 5- lu 
Herald Square Slock (Bitter * Fanslinwe. mgrs.) 

— Wellsvllle, N. Y., 2!i-Feb. 3, Bath 510. 
Ilillmun, May, Stock (Roseiter & Scbnabel, mgrs.) 

— Alc.xnuiler, Vu., 20-Feb. 3, Hanover, l'a., 

IIoyTa Stock (IS. J. Buriu, mgr.)^— Dojieatown, 

I'n., Feb. 1-3. Belhlchein 5-7, Buth 8-10. 
nnreiiiin Comedy (C. E. Kennedy, nair.) — Bnn- 

gor, Ale., 80-Fcb. 3, Walcrvlllc 5-7, Augusta 

Henderson Stock (W. J. & It. II. Henderson, 

nigra. I — (Jttuiuwii, lu., 20-Feb. 3, Fort Madison 

lliirrls'l'urklnson lltolil. 11. Harris, mgr.)— Mur- 

.liji-L n... III., 20-Feh. 3. ' 
"Hiimpiy Dummy" (Klnw- & ISrlnnger, mgrs.) — 

New Orleans. La., 20-Feb. 10. 
"Heir to urn Hooriib" (The Klrke Lu Sbelle Co., 

nigra.) — Norfolk, Vn.. ill, Newport Ktvra Feb. 

1, Itlclunoud 2, Lynchburg 3, Chnrlorie, N. C, 
5. Coiumhtn, S. C is, Augusta, (in., 7, Charles- 
ton, 8. <.!.. 8. Savunnah, Gn„ 0. 10. 

"Heart of Chicago," Lincoln J. Carter's — Middle- 

iown, Pa., 31,' Columblu Feb. 1, Lun'casier 2, 
Sbest'er si, Caunlen, N. J., 5-7, ltcndlug. Pa., 

"How Hearts Are Brokea" (.1. E. Clifford, mgr.) 

—Wilmington. Del.. 20-31. Camden, N. J., Feb. 

1-3, Hrooklyu, N. Y.. 5-10. 
"Heart of Maryland" (David Belnsco, mgr.)— St. 

Louis, Mo., 28. Feb. 8. 
"Ilenris of Gold" (Phil Hunt, mgr.) — Chicago, 

III.. 28-Feb. 3. » ' 

"Holy CUy," East, Gordou & Bennett's (Edward 

Taylor, mgr. ) — Waverly, N. V., 31. Norwich 

Feb. 1, Coillund 2, Auburn 3, Elizabeth., N, J., 

"Holy City," West, Gordon ft Bennett's (Henry 

M, lihii'kiiller, mgr.) — Clurksville, Tenn., 31, 

ISii-'sellvlllc, Ky., Feb. 1, Bowling Green 2, 

Lebanon 3. Danville 5, Frankfort i). Itlclituoud 

7. Winellealer 8, Cyatblaua 0, Mtysvllle 10. 
"Ilearls Adrift" idnrluud Gnden. mgr.) — N. Y, 

City 20-Feb. 3, Newark, ti. J„ 510. 
"Iloosler Girl" (Gus Coban, mgr.) — Grafton, W. 

Va., 81. Maiuiington Feb. I, Slstervllle 2, Ilel- 

Inlre, O., 8, Wheeling, W. Va., 8-7, JlcKecs- 

port, Pa., n-10. 
"How Baxter Butted In" (Vance & Snlllvnn, 

nigra. )— Brooklyn. N. Y., Feb. 5-10. 
"llinniiii Slave" (Don Miicmlllou, mgr.) — Perry, 

Okln., SSL 
"Happy Hooligan's Trip Around the World" (Joo 

Pvtteuglll. mgr. I — Boston, Mass.. 20-Feb. it, 

. Mirldeii, Coiin.. 5, Wnlcrtnwn il. Mhldletmvn 7. 

,'KloHH'spuu Heart." Kliig-Pei'klns' (Prank (J. 

King, mgr.) — Lone Tree. In., 31, Wellnian Feb. 

1, .Montezuma 2. Deep ltlvvr -3. Wlint Cheer 5, 

1'ello is. I'ruhle City 7. Monroe S. Knosvlllo 0, 

lliissey Hi. 
"Ilumnii lleurts." ISasteru (Jesse M. Blniichurd, 

mcr.)— Fail River. .Mass.. Feb. 2. 3. 
"Hainan Ilenris," Western (Win. Prankllu Riley, 

nigr.) — Unite. Mont., 28, 2I>, Grem Falls SKI, 

Heb'tm 31. Missoubi Fell. 1, Wallace. Ida., S, 

Wnnlner SS, Sisiknne, Wash., 4. Leivlstou. Ma., 

fi, Moscow 0, Pulluuiu, Wash., 7, Colfax 8, 

Hiiytiui !>. 
"Human Hearts." Southern (Jay Shams, mgr.) — 

I'lilaiiilius (imve. (1., ill, Flndluy Feb. 1, Pinna 

SS, Gvcuvllla 5, Duytuii 0, Sprlugtlcld 7, SI. 

Marys s. Lltnii 10. 
"Ills Fatber'H Sin" (Jed Carlton, nigr.) — Lost 

Xnllon,' In.. 3), Laisirto Clly Feb. a, Vlulmi 

il, Dytiniit 3, Fraser O. ltelnbeck 7. tllndbrook 

S. Tniiin 0. Slnle Oilier 10. 
"Ilinise ot Mystery" (Millennial llros. Amuse. 

Co., mgrs.) — Phllndolplilii. Pn.. 20-Feb. Hi. 
"tliHiltcuti In New York." Fmzer *v BiYiwne's — ■ 

Porllnud, Ore.. 28-Feb. 3, SentlK Wash., 4-10. 
•'Ibuniily Dinupty." Geo. II. Adams' (Ernest 

CiHike. mur. I— Sun Anloiiin. Tex,, 31. Austin 

Feb. I. M'uco 2. HlllslHim 2. .Mnrlln 5. Coisl- 

i'iiuii 0. W.-txnlinchle 7. Terrell s. Greenville II, 

MvK Inner In. 
"Ilogniis In Society" (Geo. C, Edwards, mgr.) — 

Port Allegany. Pn.. 31, Euiisirliiiu Feb. 1, 

C"lldcrs|Hirt 2, Giileliill St. Austin 5. 
Irwin. May (II. II. Sire, mgr.l — Chicago. 111., 

SS.Feb. 10. 
lutemitlomil Stock (Harris l.uinls-rg. nigr.) — Al- 

loutowii, Pn., 20-Feb. 8, Easlon 5-10. 
"II ll.ippeni'il hi Nnrillnml" tW. It. SHI. mgr.) — 

I'llishuns. Pn.. 80-l'eb. ."„ Clcvclnuil, o.. 5-10. 
"Irish Pawiilimaors" (Mack &• Sia'am. mgrs.l — 

Columbus, (i,, 20-31, Lancaster Feb. 1, (\ishoe- 

lon 2, Newark .'!. Tolislo 4-7, Saiiitusky 8, Chi- 
cago Junction 0. Mniistlcld 10. 
"In Old Kentucky" (A. W. Dinirtrnll. mgr.) — 

Chiehiniitl, O.. SS-Feb. 3, PlUsbulx, Pn., 5-10. 
"li| New York Town" (Loner Haskell, mcr i j 

Milwaukee, Wis.. 28-Feb. .'S. Si. I'nnl. Minn.. 

"In Old Virginia" (W. C. Ware, mgr.) — Pnducnh, 

Ky.. Feb. 7. 
"In n Woman's Power" (E. C. Andrews, bus. 

mgr.l — Ilolyoke, Mass.. 20-31, 

James, Louis iJ. J, Cnlcnmn, mgr.l — Ellens- 

bnrg Wash., 81. Walla Walla Feb. 1.- Spokane 
2™ 3. Wallice. Ida.. 0- M^V,. .U^" 1 " °' 
Helena 7, Great Falls 8, Brftle 0, Ift- 
Jeffreys, Kills (Charles Frobman, mgr,)-rN. Y. 

CtlVa 7. Lyons 8, Oswtgo 0, RCebester 10. 

John JS, iraee" (E,' 5. Culp. Mf^-batar City. 
Ore.. 20-Feb. Q, Payette, Ida., a, 0. Welser 7, 
8, Cal J*»1L 0, 10. . , V _. a - 

Johinou-HnrtlDgtotf Stoct — Janestlile, Wls.,, s .28- 

,2S? SNS J^arn^O-Mcbl- 

"jlrrr^rom-Ke^^Patteo 4 P^VPlfi' 
Cal . 31. Heablsburg Feb. 1. San Kefael 2. Pe- 
taluma 3, 4. ■ 

Knllch. Bertha (Harrison Grey Flske, mgr.)— 
Haitle Creek. Mich.. 31. Kalamazoo 1-eb. 1, l-o- 
Knuaoort, lud., 2, Adrian, Mich., 3. 

Knott, NBosrUe (Kane, Sblpman jk CoKIn, mgrs.) 
— Owensboro, Ky.. 31, LoulsTllle reti. 1-3. 

Kelcey. Herbert, and Effle Shannon— Auburn, N. 
Y.. Feb.'O. . ■" . _ , 

Kellar. the Great (Dudley MoAdow. mgr.)— Brook- 
lyn. N. Y., 20-Feb. 3, Wilmington, Del., 5, Lan- 
caster, Ph., 0, York 7. Ilnrrlsburg 8, Reading 

Kemlldl;. Ezra (I.lehler & Co., mgri's)— Phllndel- 

KenneViyrVame^'fO. E. Wee. W.)-NofwIch, 
Conn.. 20-Feb. 3, New London n-10. 

Knlli mid Dill— 'WiislilugtonrD. C, 20-Eeb. 3. 

Kiirroll, Dot I J. 0. Welsh,: mgr. >— PlttsfleW, 
.Mass., 20-FeU, 3, North Adams olO. . 

Kennedy FlayeN (T„ II. Dclevnn, mgr.>— Dan- 
ville, Ky.. 20-Feb. 3, Cyntlilami 5-10. 

KelbT Stock (A. M. Keller;, mgr.)— Newport, 

Ark.. 2»FC1>- 3. Wttl" "M* 01u - . „ 
Kerkhoff-Hlllmart. (Ivan Kerkbofi. nigr. )— Pawnee 

City, Nebr., 20-Feb. 3. 
Kellev Stock (Jewell Kelley, mgr.)— Mexico, Mo., 

20-Feb. si; Hntesvllle. Ark., 5-10. ., 

"KUig of theOplum Ring" (Wm. Ruddy, mgr.) 

—Philadelphia, Pa., 29-Feb. 3s Wilmlngtoti, 

"Klng'of Ti'amps," Eastern (Empire Amuse. Co., 
innn.)— Leclonla. 0., 31, Wllllnnmport, Pa., 
Feb. ,8.. L , 

Lnckiirc. Wilton (Wni. A. Brady, mgr.)— Fond du 
laic, Wis., I'eli. I. , ,,„,,„ 

Lorluier. Wright i Win. A. Brady, mgr.)— Toledo, 
a, 20-Feb. ss. Wheeling. W. Vn™ 5-10. 

Lornlne, Robert Hi. 11. Dillingham, mgr.)— N. 
Y. City 20-Feb.' Jo. 

Lewis, J. C. (W." A. Junker, mgr. )— QgnWtWO. 
tin.. 31, Carrolllon Feb. I, Newman 2, OrlOlu 
SS. Macon 5. Corrtolo il, Albany 7, Moultrie a, 
Tlminiisvllle 0, Qiilncy, Flu., 10. _ 

I*slle, RoBBlsde (Sim Allen. Mtr.W-Haat Liver- 
pisil. O.. 29:Feh. II. Sharon. Pn., 5-10. 

Lyceum Comedy ' (Al. ' S, Evans, mgr.)— Lexing- 
ton. Kr., 29-Feb. 3. Jclllco, Tenn., 5-10. 

Lyceum Sl<x-k (IS. G. Onisjeiin, mgr.)— Lockhart, 
Tex., 29-l'eb. SS, Cameron 4-10. 

"Lion and Ibe Mouse," Eastern (Tleury B. Harris, 
tagr.)— N. Y. City 20. Indellnlle. 

"Lion and the Mouse." Western (Henry B. Harris, 
ingr.i— Chicago. 111.. Feb. 4. Indeflulte. 

"l.lllle Gray Lady" (Maurice Campbell, mgr.) — 
N. Y. City 20, Indellnlle. . „ 

"I.nekv Jllss Dean" (J. B. Deleher. mgr.)— N. 
Y', Cilv Feli. 5. Inilellnlte. 

"Little 'Ilnnipslead" {\fm. Maeauley, mgr.)—. 
Cooksvllle. o.. ill", Mftsslllon Feb. 1, Lisbon 2, 
Nllcs 8. East Liverpool 5, Ubrlchsvlde U, Canal' 
Dover 7, Cari'ollton 8, Burbcrton 0. . 

"Little Outcast," E. J; Carpenter's (It. F. Itut- 
ledge, mgr. > — loin, Kabs.. 31, Fort Scott Feb. 
1, Parsons 2. Joplln. Mo„ it, Springfield 4, 
Cnrthnge 5. Webb City 0, Lemnr 7, Nevada 8, 
Clinton 0, Jefferson Clly 10; 

"Lured, from Home" (A. II. Woods, mgr.)— 
Louisville, Ky.. 28-Feb. 3. Dayton, 0., 4-0, Co- 
lumbus 7-9. 

"Little Johnny Jonen." Northern (Snm n. narrls. 
mgr.l— St. Lonta.. Mo., 28-Feb. 3, Springfield, 
Hi:. 5, Torre Hante, Ind., 0, Soitlh Bend 7, Mil- 
waukee. WW., 8-10: 

"Little .Tohhny Jones," Southern (C. C. Slrumm. 
mgr.'l-^Nettpbrt Neivs, Va., '31. Illchraonfl' Feb. 

1. Charlottesville 2, Staunton 3, Charleston, W. 
Va., 5, Huntington 0, Maysvllte. Ky., 7, Ham- 
ilton. 0.. 8, Miiklletown 9. Plqua 10. . 

"Lvman: Twins" (LymAn Bros., mgrs.):— Harrl- 
ranting, Va... 31, Staunton Feb. 1. Lynchburg 

2, Knannkc 3, Bedford City 5, Farmvllle 0, 
StifTidl; 7. Henderson, K. 0., S, Burlington 9, 
Durham 10. 

"Lighthouse by the Sea" (Vance & Sullivan, 
mgrs.) — KnnsaaClty, Mo.. '28-Feb. 3. 

"Little Lord Fnu'ntleroy" III.. T: Sonle, mgr.) — 
Lirermore Falls. Me.. 29. Biimfonl Falls 80, 
Sotnersworth, N. IL, 31, Franklin Feb. 1. La- 
Conln 2, Concord 3. 

M , • , 

Mnnsflold, Richard! (Ben D. Stevens, ;mgr.)— 
scruuluii, l'u.. 31. Ilnrrlsburg Feb. 1, Alloona 
2, Wheeling. W. Vn., 3, Pittsburg. Pa., 5-10. 

Mnntell. Itnliert B. (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.) — New- 
ark. N. ,1.. Feb." 5-10. 

Muck, Andre iv (Rich & Harris, mgrs.) — St. I.ouls, 
Mo.. 28-Feb. II, SprlngOeld, III., 5, Decatur II, 
Bloomluctnn 7. Lafayette, Ind., 8, Marion 9, 
Indianapolis 10.' 

Mann. Louis, nnd Clara Llpman (Sbuliert Bros., 
Antra.)— X. Y. City 29, imleflnlte. 

Murphy, Timothy (T. K. Snundei's, mgr.) — Lin- 
coln. Nebr.. 31, Kansas Clly. Mo„ Feb. .1-51, 
Memphis. Tenn., 5, Clnrissdale, Mlaa., 0, Green- 
ville 7, Vlcksburg 3, Natchez .9, Baton Rouge. 
Lb.; 10. 

Mclntyre mid Heath (Klaw A F.rlanger.mgrs.)— 
Milwaukee, Wis., 28-Feb. 3, St. Louts, Mo.. 4- 

Murphy. Joseph (Kenney & Westfalls. mgrs.l— 
Milwaukee, Wis., 28-Feb. 51, St. Paul. Minn., 

Mortjeskn. Madame (Jules Murry, mgr.) — San 
Diego. Cal., 31. Redistills Feb. 1. Ui Angeles 

Jluy, Cnroline (Chas. E. Blnuey, tpgr.) — N. Y. 
City Feb. 5-10. * •■' 

Mortons, The Four (rercy 0. Williams, mgr.) — 
Chicftgo, III., 28-Feb. 10. 

Mortimer, Lillian (J. L. Vcrooee, nigr.) — Jer- 
sey City, N. J., 20-Feh. il, Philadelphia, Pa., 

Melville, Rose (J. R. Stirling, mgr.)— Louisville, 
Ky.. 28-Feb. il. Cincinnati, 0.. 4-10. 

Murray nnd Mack (Mack & Spears, nigra.) — Los 
Angeles, Cal., 28-Feb. 3. San Diego 5, Santa 
Ann 0. Riverside 7, Sim Bernardino 8, Pasa- 
dena 9. 

Moiig. Wm. V.— Creatine, 0.. 31, Alliance Feb. 

I. Detphoa 2, Van Wert ii. Angotn, Ind., 5, De- 
catur ii. Hurlford City 7, Greenville, 0., 8, 
Wupakonctn II. 

McAullffe. Jere, Stock (Harry Katzes, mgr.) — 
Ohms FallB, N. Y., 29-Feb. Il, Atnslenlnm 5-10. 

Myrkle-llnrder Stock, Eastern (W. II. Harder, 
mgr.)— Salem, Mass.. 211-Feb. ,1. Lynn 5-10. 

Mrrkle-Hnnler Stock, Western (Eugene J. Hnll, 
mgr.)— Gloversvllle, N. Y., 20-Feb. 3, Auburn 

Myrkle-llnrder Stoek, Southern (Lntlmore tt 
Leigh, mars.) — Jefferson Clly, Mo., 29-Feb. 3, 
Sedalln 4-10. 

Murray ft" Miickpy' (John ,T. Murray, mgr.)— Co- 
Inn's, N. Y.. 20-Feb. 3, Mldillelown 5-10. 

Marks Stock (Tom Marks, mgr.)— Brandon, Man,, 
20, inilellnlte. 

Mnrks Bros. (J<«? Marks, mgr.)— SI. Thomas, Oat., 
20-Feb. 3. 

Mnrks Bros. (11. w.- Harks, mgr.)— Tannlon, 
Ham,, 20-Feb. il, Newport, It. 1„ 5-10. 

Mwire. La Verna, Slock (Foster Hulehlns. mgr.) 
— Neivton. ill., 20-Feb. 3. Hutsobvlllc 6-10. 

Mitchell's All Slurs (II. Frank Mitchell, mgr.)— 
Heslerly, U. I., 2UFeb. 8, Tniuitan, Mnss., 5- 

Mslllce Stoek (W. B. Matllee. mgr.)— Perth Am- 
l«y, N. J.. 29-Feb. 8. Bed Bunk 5-10. 

Manners Slock — Lamar, Mo., 20-Feb. 3. ' 

MeiroiKilltau Stock (tsiliTord Ueevcs, mcr.) — Ma- 
llue. Kan.. 29-81, Plttsbnrg. Kan.. Feb. 1-3. 

Mnlestlc Stock— Pnwhiiska, Okla., 20-31. 

".Mrs. Lcllliigwell's Boots" (Charles Fronmnn, 
mgr.l — W'nlcrbury, Conn., 31. Patorson, N. J., 
Feb-.l. Plaltillebl 2, Orange 3, Waslilngton, D. 

"Mrs. Temple's Telegram" (W. N. Lawrence, 
mgr.)— Plllslmrg. Pa., Feb. 5-10. 

".Mrs. Wlggs, of the Cabbage Pntcb" (Llebler Se 
Co.. mgrs.)— Little Rook, Ark., 31. 

".Mlzmnli" (Charles Frolunnn, mgr.) — Syrneuse 
S, Y.. Feb. l-SI. Hanrord, Conn., 5-7, Prorl- 
denle. R. I.. 8-10. ' 

"MIsBonil Olrl," Eastern Freit Raymond's (Geo, 
Ileilee, mgr.)— HutitlngtOh. W. Vn., ill. Dayton, 
J!" , 1 ',, i ;, i,; ri ^ 3 ' 4 - Wspakonetn 5, Ottawa 0, 
I caliUng 8 Flndluy 0, North BnlUmore 10. 

"Missouri Girl." Western. Fred Raymond's (Merle 

II. Norton, mgr.)— Salt Lake City, U„ 20-.S1. 
"More to be rillesl Than Scorneil" (Al* Levy. 

mgr.)— Philadelphia, Pa., 20-Feb. 3, K. Y. Cliy 

"Mcl'mlileii's Flnts" (Tlinr.ins R. Henry, mnr.i 

Dayton^ a, 20-31. CV.nmbus Feb 1-3, Cleve- 

"MiBiushliier'B Dnitghter" (Roy Kingston, mgr.)— 

Pullman. Wa3b., 31, Colfax Feb. L. Walla Walii 
2, Dayton 3, Prosser 5, North l'aklmn (), MUsnu 
Btttg 7, Cle Elnm S^Tacoma 0, 10. ' "" 
"Midnight Flyer" ,Ed. Anderson, mgr.)— Cnr. 
vftnsvllle, Pai, Feb. 1, Beynoldsvllle 2 ii„ 
Bols 3,' Cleartfeld' 5, Phlllpaburg 0. Brookvllls 
Tj. Me«,BMUthem .«. East BraJy 9, TaVentuta 

"Marching rThromh Oeoriia" (Chas. H. Greene 
mgr.)-33hicagoT III.. Feb. 4-10. e ' 

"My Wife'*: jf»mUy,'> Eastern (Fraak Cooke 
njgr.l-T-Beaver Falls, Pa., .31, New Castle Feb 
IT Eliwoort City 2. Greenville 8, Mercer 5 
Butler .0, .Freeport 7, Leecnburg 8, Vandercrlft 
0; Latrobe 10: * "' 

"Millionaire -Tramp" (Fred 0. Thomaa, msr 1— 
Istroy. N'.-.Y.. Feb. 1, Batavla 2. Akron 3 
NIagnra Falls 5, Dunkirk- 0, Wellsvllle 7, xt'. 
dover 8, Hornellsvllle 9, Olenn 10. 

"My Wife's Family," Western (W. MeOnwai, 
mgr. 1— Denver. Coin.. 28-Feb. 3. 

"Man Beblnd the Mask"— Cleveland, 0., 20-Feli. 

"Maud Muller" (L. D. Blontlell, mgr.)— Mabnlns. 

ton, W; Va., 31, Cameron Feb. 1. Wellabarz 2 

Steubenvllle, 0., 6, Pomeroy 7, Hnntlagton' 

W. Va., 8. •«,'■.:. 

Nethersole, Olga (C. B. Dillingham, ragr.)— Phils. 

delphla: Pa;. 29-Feh. ^."'Baltimore, Md„ 5:1(1 
National Slock (J. B. Richardson, mgr.) — Webster 

City, In.. 29-31. 
Nolde Bros. , (Warren Noble, mgr.)— Ellis, Kan.. 

20-Feb. il, Iji CixiBse .T-lO. ' 

"Ninety and Nine" (Chas. II. Young, mgr.)— 

Nashvillft, Te'llii., Feb. 5-10. * ' 

"Neighborly Neighbors" (Frank W. Naoon, mgr ) 

— l.iitrnlie. Pa., Feb. 1, Greensburg 2, lrBbj 3, 

Pittsburg ot.IO- 


Olcott. Chatmcey (Aupistull Plton, mgr.)— Rich. 
moon, Vn.. 31, Lynchburg Feb. 1, Colnmblo, 
H. C, 2. Charleston Si, Savannah, Co., I, Macon 
(I. Atlanta 7. lllrlnghnm, Aln., S, Montgomerv 
0. Mobile 10. ' 

O'Nr.Ul,. James ..(Eilgar Forrest, mgr.) — Shnmn- 

kih, Pa., 31, Lancaster Feb. 1, York 2, Ilar- 

rlsliurg 3, NeitpOrl.Ncws, Va., 5, Norfolk () 

Ulchmonil 7. Lynchburg 8, WTnslon-Snleni, N, 

'&, 1, Greenkbpro 10. ' 

O'Jxrll, ' Kancd (McKee Rankin, mgr.)— Los An- 
geles, Cal.," 20-Feb. 3. Oaktand 5-10. 

O'Harjr, Flaw, (AU McLesn, mgr.l — Brooklyn. 
N. Y.. 22-Feb. 8, Boston, Mass., 5-10. 

Osainn stock (Jobu Osmtin, mgr.) — Spnrtnnburi! 
S. C,,. Fob, 5-10. . . is. 

Orpbeiim Stoek (Eilwnrd Doyle, mgr.) — New 
Castle, lml„ 29-Feb. 3. 

Orpbeiim Snvk (Geo. B. Gardiner, mgr.) — Obion. 
Tenn.. Feb. 1-3, Charleston, Mn., 5-7, Oran S-W 

"Onr New Minister" (Miller & Oonyers, mgrs.) 
— Mansllelil, O., 31, Shelby Feb. 1, Lancasltr 
2, Nelsonvllle SI, 0iilllcothe 5, Kenton 0. Shelby 
7, Clrclevllle 8. Portsmouth. 0. Illllsboro 10. 

"Over Niagara Fnlls." A. Rowland & Clifford's 
(John p; Barrett, mgr.) — Granville, N. Y„ 31, 
SnrntOKii Feb. 1, Jo|instowii 2, Amsterdam Si, 
Meehanlcsvllle 0, Cntsklll ti, Coboes 7, Scho- 
liecindy 8, Little Falls I). 

"Over Nlasnrn Falls," B, Rowland k Cllfford'i 
(L. II. Neweomh, mgr.) — Carrolllon. Mo., 31, 
s.illshurg Feb. 1> Brunswick 2, Chllllcothe SS, 
Rock Port ft, Tarklo C, Marysvllle 7, Stan- 
berrr 8, Trenton 0; Milan in. 

"On the Rrldge nt Midnight," Eastern, Kllmt Jk 
Onzzolo's (Fred'WMIbn, mgr.) — Ixiek Haven, 
Pa.. 81, Pbllipsbiirg Feb. 1, Tyrone 2, Altootii 
it, Johnstown 5, Lntrolsi fi, Vnnilergrlft 7, But- 
ler t, Hocliesler 9, East Liverpool, 0,, 10, 

"Oh -the' Brhlsi- at Midnight," Western;' ICllmt -It 
(inz»]ln's (Daniel Reed, mgr.) — Kansas City. 
Mo., 2S-Feb. SS, St. Louis 4-i(>. 

"Old Arkao,siiw,"._Fred. Raymond's (Victor B, 
Lambert, iiieti-. I — Altn VLstn, Kan., ill. 

"Old Clothes Man," Rowland & Clifford's (Davo 
Seymour, mgr.) — Morrlstowh, N. J., 31. Ho- 
bokea Feb. 1-3, Potighkeepslc, N. Y., 5, Kings- 
ton 0, Albany 8-10. 


Pat ton, W. B. (J. M. Stout, mgr.) — Brookhaveo, 
Miss., 31, Jackson Feb. SL. Greenwood 0, Gren- 
ada ii, Canton 7, Natchez 8. Monroe, La., 9. 

Paige, Mabel (Henry. F. WUlardi 'mgr. )— Joplln, 
Mor. 31, Nevada Feb'. 2, Sedalln 3, Lawrence, 
Kith., fi; Leavenworth 0, Topekn 7, St. Joseph, 
Mo., 8-10. 

Purnell, Kathryn (W. D. Fitzgerald, mgr.) — 
Wtlslilngtou, Pa., 29-Feb. 3. 

Paytob Slaters (C. Stafford Poyton ragr.) — New- 
hern, N, C., 20-Feb. £: Wilson B-lo. 

Plielan Comedy (E. V. I'helnn. mgr.) — Fltcbbnrg, 
Mass.. 20-Feb. 3, Woonsocket. R. I., 5-10. 

Perucbl-Gypzenp (Chas. Perucbl, mgr.) — Charles- 
ton, S. 0., 29-Feb. 2. 

Plckf'-'s. Tito i-'oiie;( Willis Plckert, mgr.)— Ar- 
cadia, Fla.,-20-FeT):.3. 

"Pair ott.Cduntry Klrts!: (0, Jay Smith, mgr.)— 
Petln. EL, 81. Toluca Feb.. 1, La Salle 2. 
Strcator 3, Chicago Heights 4, Morris S, 
Dwigbt 8, Mendota 7, Dixon 8, Morrison 9, 
Davenport, In., 10. 

"Piirliu'ij or the Ways"— Berlin, Can., SI, Barrle 
Feb. 1, Lindsay 2, Pcterboro 3, Belleville 5, 
Kingston l|. Brockvllle 7, Ollswn 8-10. 

"Poor Relation" (R. F. Meyers, mgr.)— Fort 
Scott, Kan., 81, 


"Qtteen cf ■: the White Slaves" (A. H. Woods, 
mgr.) — Brooklyn, N, Y., 29-Feb. 3, Providence, 
R. I., 0-10, 

"Queen of the Highbinders" (A. H. Woods, mgr.) 
—Cleveland, 0., 20-Feb. 3, Dayton 4-7, Co- 
lumbus 8-19. 

"Qiicen of the Convicts" (P. H. Snlllran Amuse. 
CO., mgrs:)— Cincinnati, O., 28-Feb. 3, St. 
Louis, Mo„ 4-10. 

. n 

Robaon, Eleanor (Llebler « 06., mgrs.) — Cleve- 
land,. 0„ 29-Feb. 11, Clnclnniitl 0-10. 

Rogers Bros. (Klnw & Erlanger, tngra.)— N, Y. 
Clly 29. Imlettnlte. 

Roberts. Florence (E. V. Glroitx, mgr. )— Denver, 
Colo.. 28-Feb. 3, Cripple Creek 4. Victor 8. 
Pueblo. 0. Trinidad 7, LaB Vegas, N. Mex., 8, 
Albuijttenpie 10. 

Hay, Johnny nnd Emma (E. D. Stair, mgr.l— 
Richmond', Vn., 20-Feb.' SI. 

Russell Bros, (D. Frank. Dodge Co., mgrs.)— 
. Cleveland,. 0., Feb, 4-10. . 

Ryan. Daniel — Lynn, Mass., Feb. B-10. . 

Roe Stock Co. (C. J. W. Roe, mgr.)— Burlington, 
Vt., 20-Feb. 3, Glenn Fnlls, N. Y., 5-10. _ 

Roe Comedy— Woonsocket, It. I., 20-Feb. 8, Sa- 
lem, Mnss., 5-10, 

Russell's Comedians (Harrison J. Russell, mgr.) 
St. Paul, Minn., 20-31, Hustings Feb. 1-1-4- 

Renirrow's Jolly Pulhllnders (J. N. Reulfrow, 
nigr.)— Shelby vllle, Ind., Feb. 5-10. 

"Running for OIBco" (Charles KlngsdoK, mgr.)— 
Bridgeport, Conn., 31, New Ilnvcn Feb. l-„ 
Hartford 5-7, Whisted 8, Torrlngton 9, Now 
Roclielle, N. Y.. 10. _ , 

"Royal Slave;" North, Gordon & Bennett's (Fred 
Miller, mgr.)— Caldwell, Kan., 31. , 

"Royal Slave." East,' Gordon ft Bennntt's (Col. 

0. W. Rolierts. mgr.)— Elizabeth, N. 1.. p- 
31, Burlington Feb. 1, New Brunswick 2, Nor- 
rlHtown, Pa., 3, Smith Bethlehem 5. Allentown 
(I. Slatlngton 7, Lelghton 8, Mancb Chunk 0, 
nazleton 10. .. ... 

"Roynl Slnve," West, Gordon & Bennett's (K 
T. Stetson, mgr.)— Arkanuns Clly. Kan.. 1;» '. 

1. Blackwell. Okln., 2, Poncn 3. Perry 5. I'.nhl 
0. KlngBsher 7, Lnwton 8, Oklahoma Clly «• 
Geary 10. „„ 

"Race for Life" (P. II. Sullivan Amuse. Co.. 
mgrs.)— Baltimore, Mil., 29-Feb. 3, Jersey city, 
N. J., 5-10. „ „ ... 

"Runaway Boy" (M. II. Meyera, mgr.)— St. Paul, 
Minn., 28-Feb. 3, Minneapolis 4-10. 

"Itnntnnee of Coon Hollow?," Eastern (A- C. Alien, 
uutr.)— Steulatnvllle, 0., 81, Woodrtcld Feb. 1. 
Pleasant City 2. Cnmbriilge 3. Murray 5, Lan- 
caster 0, lamdon 9. SurlngBeld 10, „ 

"Rnmnnce ot Conn Hollow, 1 ' .Western (Oco ; , 1 - 
Haines & Co., mgi's.)— Durnnd, WIS., 31, Black 
River Fulls Feb. 1. Reedsbnfg 2, Prairie an 
Chlen il, I.nncnster 5, Boscobel 7, Lanark, Wh 

"Roiiieo and Juliet" (Will NetT. mgr.)— qnrrctls- 
vllllc. O.. ill, Salem Feb. 1, Cblcngo Junciion 

2. Ashland 3. .... ,. 
"Rip Van Winkle." Eller's, Eastern (0. P. Elier, 

tngr.) — Stuttgart. Ark., 81. „ __.% 

"Rip Van Winkle," Home's (H. V. Home, mgr.l 
—Mount Gllcnd. O., Feb. 1, Cardlngton 2, Dels 
wnrc 3, Springfield 5-7. 

Sothern. E. H„ nnd Julia Marlowe (Charles Froh- 

man. tngr.)— Philadelphia. Pn., 20-beb. ••. 

Washington, D. Oi, 5-10. . . Kp „ 

Skinner. Oils (Charles Frohmnn, mgr.)— » w 

Haven. Conn.. Feb. 9. 10; ■' ,_ 

Shea, Thomas 18. (Nixon & Zimmerman, mgrs.) 

St! I/infs, Mo., 2S-Feb; 3, Kansas City 4-10- . 
Sully. Daniel (William D. Eraersjn. *a»-JKfT 

deford. Me., 81. Portsmouth, N. H., Fen. ». 

Dover 2. Worcester, Mass.. O. - . .. „. 
Stewart, Nellie (Gep. Musgrove, mgr.)— San trau 

Cisco, Cal., 29. IndeOnlte. ,. ., nnn A 
Sidney. George (Stalt & Ntcolal, mgrs.l —""",. 

Rapids. Mich., 28-31. Bay City Feb. 2. Sagl 

naw 3. «._ _«. • 

Slodilnnl Stoek— St. John, N. B., 29-Feb. 3. 

F£BBUA£« & 



stock. Northern (Sites k Gilbert, nigra.) 

Dak., Feb. :i. 

il(nncwa»lten'.-»i Da*. B».Feb. I 
-i.SS5S5SSS^5w" Itockford. N. 
■"SSSSSS* Courtney 0. Cooperatown T, Slc- 
n.nrv s Val IW"Clt/ «, Enderlln 10. 

s I- ", Manchester 0. ' ' 

amain Hteck-Uainlltoo, Can 

^1-USSrtE Tex., 81. Beattmont Feb; I. 2, 
tiki. Churl**'' U« 8. Alcxaihlrld' $, Hi Monroe 
"l? Snl&^t S.,0. lfa«rtS*!. ATfc.. 10, 



">Z,^"br". Feb" I J f '* > VUlte ' -"P')-'^- 
""V"' 1 ! L<*tr- I'loine" (Vnnee A Sullivan, 
«m. )— UlilcuBO, III.. ilH-Fcb. It). 

York" ami Atlauia (B. F„ Forrester, mcr > — 
•Pnduadt, Ky.. K*li, 0. """'"• »**•> 

-^SiiSl^HPKJ'f'i*- Ua ">- wr.)— Wllkm- 
'•- W" V°i' a>- ''> Srrnnioti Feb. 1-3, Syracuse. 
».. 5- 1, Bodies ter 8-ltt. 



WP*SE&Jk&&3Itt2^Ej&*m ^ll Ht ' n Umm f&Q Whitney, mgr.l-Johm 

■-son o( n*«t" (Will F. •JoJlWr. "JT.r —Torre . 'tmrn, Pa., 20, Attoena no. Ilarrlshtiri ill Wit 

Hantc. Ind.. Mj IndlausppllB *?•»-*•»•„ . ■ ., , llmnsport Feb. 1 . Ithaca, K Y , 2 Sctiatii 

SL Paul, Minn.. 4-7, gMil S-10. 

■•airlock Holmes" (Iloui«er & Campbell. «m.l 

SapK Minn., 28-F*b; 3. Kloiu Fall*. 

S. Pnk.. -I. »• Yankton ft Hlonx City, la., T. 

••sln?ol'lh« l OTOw" (Merger A Crnerln, roars.)— 
iviicuuurB. Vu.. 31,- Norfolk Feb. . 1, Newport 
\e!£ I^ChSW .'l. Plillarlelplila. Pa.,:«-]0.- 

"Shni of the Four" (C»m|il)oll Strntlun, ingr.l — 
"Midchaflllf. O.. 31, Canal Dover Feb. 1, Car- 
milt on 2. Warren S. Vourupitown r>. Haletu C, 
I ribon T, Snlliievllle 8. Codla 0. Coshocton Id. 

■ 'Street I 

••Mb/p of'the M'jne'' (L. J. »leviu. ragr.)— Con- 
traHn 111.. Feb. I. Nashville 2, Mariana it. 
Msscoulah i, Hannibal. Mo., 5. Kahoka 0, 
ivntervlllf. la.. 7, Albln S. 

•■si ttlebWua" (Kngluiid Amuse. Co.. Ultra.) — Ant- 
werp N. - »V 29. Lotvvlllc 30, BoonTllle Feb. 

I, Theresa 2. Watertaw'u'U. 

■•siriiia;le for GoM" (Wootla it Thompson mgrs.) 
—Do Soto. Mo.. 20. Ironton 30. Flat Itlver ill. 
(Tlifster. III..- Feb- Ii Perryvllle. Mo., 2. St. 
Marrs 3, New Athene. 111., 4, Cape Glrardonn, 
Mo , 5, Juckton V, Blkestou T, Cbarleatnn s, 
t'ilm. lll.,*10.' 

••mm of the Four"— N. Y. City 20-Feb. 3. 

"Siniiij- K«nlh" (I- «■ Hockwell, nigr.)— Lilly, 
Fa 31, Kliemburg Feb. 1, BarneKboro 2. lln»i- 
Inira S. Blalratowa r,, Leeeliburn «, Duller I, 
Meudrlllc 8, Corry 0. Uttlou City 10. 

Tluimton, Atlelnldc (Fraucla X. Iloiw. nigr.) — 
ri'ii«.i«ilu". Fin., 31, MoutgotAery, Ala., Feb. I. 
Solum 2, Meridian, Mitu*., .1, Iilrinlngbani. Ala., 
■"< Kvtne, (in., U. Chattanooga, Teuu., T, At- 
Unitn. Oa.,8, 0,"Colan)bmilO.- 

Trweott, Virginia Drew (Joseph Sliipman, mt,'r.) — 
Albany. Ni V., 31, Amsterdam Feb. 1. Bine- 
liamivn 2, Klnilra 'i. i;tlca 5, Ogdensburg ft 
M'dlerton'ii 7, C'orllonU 8. Auburn ft Opneva 10. 

Turner, Clnra (Ira tf. Jnckson, iiiki.)— MlU'lle- 
lown. Conn.,' 2»-Feb. 3, Yonkem. ]S, \., 0-10. 

Tunkcr, Ktliel, rjtoek (Maclt Bros., nigra.) — Pros- 
rott. Ariz., SB-Fob. : 3, Allraqueniue, N. Mex., 
i-10. ■■ ';■ 

Taylor, Albert — Xetv Orloniiw, La., 20-Fcb. 4, 
Baton Bongo S, I), Katzea, Mix*. 7, 8, Vlcks- 
burg ». 10. 

"Too Prowl' to Beg, I.lneolii J. Carter's — Bend- 
ing, I'a.. 2p-»l, PmtciMM), N\ ,1.. Feb. 1-3, 
U'llken-Itiirre, Pit.. 5-7. Seranton 810. 

"Tiro Little Waif"," Lincoln J. Carter's — Illnn, 
If. Y., Feb. 1. rib-,i 2, Baldwlnsvllle 3, Smtui 
.".. Newark 0, Palinyrn 7, l'enn Vim 8, Blutlru 
'Tollers," Cortlon & Bennett's (Harry Gordon, 
mar.) — Hammond, Intl., it). Goshen Feb. ). 
rcfkhort 2, ■Battle Creek, Mklt.;:3. ColUnaler 
J, Jackson 0, Lnnalun; 7. O«aiso 8, 8iigimi\r 
ft 10. 

"To Die at Dnirn" (L. A. limit, mgr.) — Fnlr- 
1'iirv. III., 31, Chatxn-nrtli Feb. 1, Sheldon 2, 
(ll ford, bid., 3. At Ilea 5, lto-svllle. III.. II. 
paxton 7, Areola 8. ■ 

"iTBeketl Aronnd tlut World" (A. 11. Woods, tnar.) 
— Oniilin, Nebr.. 31, Des Moines, In., Feb. 1-3, 
Cldniim. Ill;, 4-24. 

"TrotiMea of Blglit Twins" (Ciluiilan Bids., 
injfrs, )— Pororaoke City, Md.. Feb, . 5, Crlallehl 

II, Luuipl, Del.,, 8, KuKlbu, Md., It. 

"Te.vai<" (BroMdliiirat S tltirrle. lags.) — Jersey 
"TexaK" (Uroadliurst & Currlei mgrs.) — phllndel- 

tdilu. Pu., 2»-F*b. 3, Jersey City, N. J., 5)0. 
"Two Merry Tramiw" (MeVeini « Vetter, mgrs.) 

— SlielbjTille. III., Feb. I. Peklu 4. 
'Texas SweelheaM" (A. Vlllulr. mgr.) — Delpbos, 

o;, 31, TJi>|ier Knudusky Feb. 5, 

"1,'nder Suullivru Skies," Kaslcrn (Hurry Dool 

Parker,, mgr.) — Freclond, l'a.. Fell. -1, South 

ISetblelicih 2. Keudlng it, 1'hlhidelpliht 5-10. 
"Lnili'i- Soiilliern Skies," WMteqi (Harry I>oel 

Phrker, mgr.) — Iikllatiuiiolls, liid., 20-31. i>ny- 

liln. O.. Fell, l-.'l. Loiukni 3. Bucyrus 0, Wooster 

7, Cauloii 8, Kant' Liverpool ft •McKeesport, Pa., 

"I'lider Smillierii Skies," Central (Hurry Dool 

Parker, mgr.) — Kcnlou. 0., 81, Marlon Feb. 1, 

Oulloii 2, Kluusneld il. Deluwurp ft SSaiiesvllle 0, 

New Lexington T, Cambridge 8, Athens 0, Nel- 

sonvllle 10. 
"Lnclc X'oiu's Cabin," A|. JT. Martin's ()■». 8. 

Miirtln, mgr.)— Toronto. Can., 20-Feb. ft Buri'le 

IS, Cnlllnsnood U, Guelpb 7, Cult 8, lluuilllou 

«. 10. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Stetson's. Central (drnut 

Lmnvingr.) — Potmlatu. N. Y\. ill, Iltleu Feb. ft 
"Uncle Tom's. Cabin," Slutson's, Western (Wm. 

Kibble, nigr.) — Hiieyrus, U„ 31, Del|ihos Feb. .1, 

Foslorln 2. Flinllay 3. 
"L'ncle SI Ihisklns" (C. 8. Primrose, mgr.) — 

Atchison. Kan., 4, 81. Joseph. Mo., U. 7. - 
"Uuclo JoslrSpniceby." Western IK. A. Dodge, 

nier.i— iLlntwtn, iVeur.. Feb. 9, 10. 
"I'mde Josli Perklua." Western. II. II. Fruaee's — 

Linton, liid., 31, Franklin Feb. 2, Anderson 3. 

, - V 

Van D.vke A- Eaton (F.' Mack, mgr.) — Fairmont, 
W. y a ., 5-10. 

via stock (IJ. G. Via, mgr, )— Clarksburg;, W. Va., 
2!»-F«b. ft Wusiiliigtoii. Pa.. S-10. 

"Virginian" (The Klrkc Ln Shelle Co., twjrs.) — 
Bloomlnelon, 111., 31, Peoria Feb. 1,- Decatur 
2. Ham Hie .!. 'IVrro IIbiii,'. Intl.. !i, Mlllielc U, 
Murloll 7, Lufiiyelte 8, .Soulli Bend - 0, Fort 
Wayne 10. , 

"Volunteer Otguolst" (W. W. Newcomb. nigr.) — 
Boeheuter. N. Y.. 20-31. Syracuse Feb. i-3, 
Boston, Mass., 5-10. 


Walsh. Bltmclie (Wagenbals | Kemper, mgra.) — 
l'ortlund. Mo., Feb. 1, N. Y. City 5-10. 

Wsrlleld. Dnvld (David Belasco, msr.)— N. X, 
Clly »|, Indellnlte, 

Wilson. Fruucls (Clinrlea Frolnunii, mgr.) — At- 
lantic Clly. S, .L. l^ch. 1-3, Wllkes-Purre, Pa., 
■'•. Beruiiloii o. Flmlra. N. X., T, IUtnca 8, ping- 
biiiiiton 0, Ullc.i 10, 

Wlieclock, Jofepb Jr. (Charles Frolimnn, nigr.) — 
tibleugo. III., 2H- Feb. 3, Sonlb Bend, Intl.. 5, 
Grand Bnplds. Mich., 0, Kulnniuioo 7, Fort 
' ^'aync, hid.. 8. llimtliiKlon II, Lafujetfc 10. 

Wlllard, U. S. (Clias. K. Moore, mgr.)— Hnrt- 
fonl, Conn.. "O-Feb. 3, Boston, Mass.. 5-17. 

Wilson, ,\ l, II. (Sidney II. Kills, uitfr.)— Euslon, 
Pa., Feb. I, N. Y. Clly G-17. 

While. Porter J. (Bowlnnd & Clifford, mgrs.)— 
Cablon, O., 31, Meroer. Pa., Feb. 1, Oil Olty 
2. Mcailtllle 3, Oirry 0. Tltusvllle 0. Wurron 
7, Bradford 8. Kane 0, St. Maryn 10. 

Williams. IMtle 111. II, Wlncbcll, ntgr.)— Mem- 
phis, Tenii., 20-Fcb. 3, Montgomery, AIu.. 8-10. 

Wills, Nat a. (Broadburst & Currlc, utjrs.)— 
Toronto. Can,, 29-1'eb. ft Ilainlllon 0. 

WnM, Hup (E. D. Slalr. mgr.)— N. Y. Clly 23- 

_ Feb. il, Brooklyn. N, Y., 5-10. 

Wlnnlngrr Bros.' Own (Frank Wlnulngcr, mgr.) 
Warsaw, III., 2»-Feb. 3. 

Wall* Comedy (James R. Watte, mgr.)— Halifax, 
N. S., 2»-Fcb. II, St. John. X. B., 5-22. 

Wiirner Coinetly (Ben). It. Warner, mix.) — Alex- 

.' amlcla, Minn., 20-Feb. 3. -Sank Center B-10. 

Wolford. Mantle Slierldnii (K, L. Paul, mgr.)— 

_ Uuteliltison, Ivan., Feb. ii-10. 

Winner Stock. (Salisbury & Smith, mgrs.)— Col- 

. Ilmvllle. COnn., 2H-!''eb. ft 

With] Sloels— llcnrdstown. HI.. 20-Feb. 3. 

Woodruff, Dora— Marshall, 111., 20-Feb. 3, Mat- 
loon 5-10. ■ • , 

""tiller Stoek (J. J. Winter, msr.l— CrlsOcM. 
Mil., 20-Feb. il. 

While Stock— Uelolt. Wis.. 20-1'eb. 4. 

" 'Way Bown liist." F.nstern (Win. A. Brady, 
rnar-l— l1ill«lel|iblo. Pa., 20-Feb. 10. 

"Wife's HevreJ". tSpeucer k Aburn, mgra.) — N. 
V. Clly 20-Keb. ift . . 

"Wity of din Tranngressor" (Cltas. II, Yale, nigr.) 
- Toronto, Can.; 20-Feb. 3, Cincinnati, O., i- 

"When London Rleen»" 'Janies Wall, nigr.) — 

. I'hlijdelpbln, Pa., 20-Feb. 8. 
when Women ls>\e" (Franl! W. Xnson. mgr.>— 
. ItnrlltiBtmt, K.n.. ,11, Clianule Feb. I. Cherry- 
vale Ci «lswe»oi ll.'lmtllii. Mo., 4, -.Wphb L'lty ft 
• 'Urtliutff tV, H'olr, : Ktin., 7. Colniiiblit 8.' >■•• 
v.idn,' .\(i,„ II. Fort Scott. Kan.. II. 

"When (li|. World 8lr*iH" (Mllteiitbnl Bros. 
Auiiihp. i'n., mgrs.l-^Pateison,- N. J.-. Feb. 3-7, 
Ifoliokeii" 8-tth- •■ • • •• ■ - 

"Womuti in the Ca"e" (WagenhaU ft licinisjr, 
Bitrs,)— Chlcngo, 111,, Feb. 1-10, 

Bernard, .Ham ft*liarlm Frobman. rojr.)— I^nls- 
T.J?' ^J-iB'vCb'wnbri". <>-. W* 1. Ballon 2, 
. IlidlniwiKils. Hid., ft Dctn,l|, itlcb.. 5-f, Buf- 
falo, -N; Y., 8-10. 

BlM* Pntll Traulstdonrs (Voelekel k Nolan, 
nigra. )— Cldeajo, 111., SB-I--«I>. ft l.a Salle 4, 
Ottawa i-5, 'Champaign :o, Danrllle 7. Paris 8, 
Terre Haute. Ind,, «, 10. ■ ■. • 

"Babes lit the WissIm'' Uolin C. Flslier, mgr-)— 
Boston. Mass.. an, lmlellnltc. 
Babes ln Toyloiid" fMyron B. Blee, mgr.)— 
Chicago. III.. 28-Feb; 10. 

"Beggar Prince" Client (Harry Lea Velle, mgr.) 
—tnuarua; Cm., si. Moultrie IVb.l. Pclhnm 

2, Balnbrld«e ft Tnllitbaasee. Fla., i".. Madison 
C, Jaaper 7. Oalnesvlllo 8. 0. Otaln 10. 

"fllackiCrook" (Miller &• Plolin, nigra.)— Grand 
Raplda, Mich., Feb. 1-3, Milwaukee. Wla..-4- 
10. • 

Cahlll. Morle (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)— Boston, 
Mass., 28-Keb; 3, Baltimore. Md., 0-10. 

CaWthorne. Joseph (Kla'w & Erlanger, mgra.) — 
Clevelnml. O.. 20-Feb. il. 

Carlo. Rldtur.l (Cbnn. Marks, gen. ragr.) — Phlla- 
dolphin, l'a.. 20-Feb. 3. Bnoklrn, N. Y.. 5-10. 

Caiindlon Jubilee sinners (W. T. Otirv, mgr.) — 
St. Paul, Minn., 29-Feb. 2, F.IW Blver 3, 4. 
Hrlncetim 5, Milncn n. 

"CoinlnK Thro' the Rye" (Geo. W. I«lerer, mcr.) 
— X. V. Clly 20-Feb. 10. 

"Cbaperon.-" (Kingsbury k Welly, nigra.)— Tulsa. 
Inil. Tor.. Feb. 1, Fayettevlllc, Ark., 2, Fort 
Smith ii. MemphlH. Term., ft II. Jackson, Miss.. 
7. Nashrllle, Teitn., 8, Chattanooga », Kuox- 
ville 10. . 

"Cinderella" IX, C. Alley, mgr.)— Opal I ka, Ala., 
81.- Feb. 1, Columbus, On., 2. 3.' 

Dsnlels, Frank (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Wash- 
ington, D. C. 28-l'eb. il, Kuston. Pa., ii. Bend- 
ing d. riatrlsburu 7. Serantou 8. Alleniown 9, 
Trenton. X. J.. 10. 

Do Angvlls. Jcfferaoii (Shubert Bros., mgrs,) — 
Philadelphia. Pa., 20-Feb. 17. 

Deshou, Frank IF. U. Xl.ton-Nlitllhiirer. mgr. >— • 
Meudvllle. Pa., Feb. I. tireeuville ft Sharon 

3. New Plillailel|i|iln, O., .".. Coslioclon I), Lan- 
ouster 7, Zaitesvlllc 8, .Muriel t« 0, rarkers- 
Imrg, W. Vs., 10. 

English Grand Opera (Henry W. Snraga, mgr.) — 
Salt Luke Clly, IL. Feb. 1-3, Portland, Ore., 
0-7, Seattle, -Wash.. 8-14. 

Edwardcs. Paula (Shuls-rl Bros., mgra.) — Blns- 
liamton, N. Y.. 31, Waverly Feb. I, Ithaca 2, 
Wllllains]Hirt, Pa., il. 

"Barl and Die Girl" (Sbulicrt Bros., mgrs.) — 
N. V. City 20. Indellnlte. 

Fay, Kiiio IA. IL Woisls, mgr.)— Erlo, Pa., 3, 
Indlannpolls, Intl., .*>-7, Colunihuii. O.. Sill. 

Fonl, Johnny, mid Mayme lleliriii- (Mltleiithnl 
Bros. AiiMse. Co., mgrs.) — Boston, Mass., 20- 
Fcb. 3. 

"Fortune, Teller" (Milton & Sargent, mgrs.) — 
Ballus. Tex., 'II. Feb. 1, Culnesellle 2. Okla- 
homa City. Okla.. il. 

"Forbidden Land" — Jackson. Mleli.. Feb. I. 

firand Opent (llelr.rleh Conrktl, nnrr.) — X. Y. 
Clly 20, IniMnlle. 

Claser, Lulu ((J. II. niUhigh.ini. mar.)— Toronto, 
Can.. 20-Feb. 3. Chleauo. III.. ,'"17. 

"Gliigerbrpild Mini" (Cnlivi'rse & Peters, niit'ra.) — 
ludlanainlls, Ind., Feb. 1, 2, Juckson, Mich,, 5, 
Battle Creek o. 

"Guy-New York" (M. L. Heokert. mgr.)— Sernn. 
ton. Ph.. 20-31, Wllkcs-Barre Feb. 1-3, X. Y. 
City C'lti. 

IIoi>tK>r, Be Woir (Shubert Bros., mgrs.)— Plttj- 
bttrr. :Pn.. 20-Feb. a. Baltimore, Md., n-10. 

Hall, Pnnllne, -0|iora— Km Clulic, Wis., 31, La 
Crosse Feb. 4. • 

Unpin, Krnest (Geo. IL Harris, nigr.) — Pitta- 
mire, j'u., 20-Feb. ii. 

Iluwlliornc .Musical — Itlehuiond. M».. Feb. I, 
Kansas City 2. 3. Klsberry 5, Sparta, III., 0, 
tientrallu 7. Flora 8, Mount Vernon 0, Boua- 
nnrle. In., H). 

'^rtls Honor, tbe Bey" (Walter C. Dc Wilt, mgr.) 
— Guelpb. Dm., 31. Unit Feb. 1. 2, 
lAiinlon 3. Wwilstock 5,'Slalforil ft St. Thomas 
7. Clialliain 8. 

"Ills Helior. the Mayor," Hold k Castle's— Chi- 
.CHWI. III., 2810. 

It-nut Contle Oiiern (Win. Iicyivtiod. mgr.)— Turklo. 
Mo.. 31. Shttitiudouli, la., Feb. 1-ii, lilfiiirowl 
B. ll'-d'Ottk 0. ' 

"Isle of Bom: Hong" (B. C. Wblmcy, nigr.)— 
fislar ItiuMs, la., ill. Clinton Feb. I. Biibnuuc 
2. Juliet, HI., il. llnlfulo, N. Y„ 5-7, Xlognra 
Fa IK 8, Syrni'use O, 10. 

"Ihhj of Spice," Knsteni (B. C. Whitney, msr.) 
IllrnilnBtiain. Aln;. HI. Helntn Feb. 1, Mont- 
yoinery 2. Mobile ii, New Orleans. Lit.. 4-10. 

"Isle or Spice." Western IB. O. Whitney, nigr. I— 
Sevmour, lud., ill. Madison Feb. I. Columbus 
2. Bedford ft livuntvllle ft Owenslairv, Ky., fi, 
lleiidri-Koii. lud., 0, Washington 7, Vluceunea 
ft- Cairo, III.. », Murphyihoro) 10. 

"Isle of Dreams" — Boston. Mass.. 'Feb. 0-10. 

Janls, Klsjc tLlcbler & Co., ultra.)— -X. Y. City 
20. Imletlidle. • 

Kilties Band (T. P. J. Power, mgr.)— Waco, 
Te«.. Mi Breiiham Feb. 1. Vh.'lorla 2. (lalreslon 
il. Houston 4, Beaumont 5, Orange U. I.ti- 
fayetle. 1st., 7. Alexamlrht 8, Batou llouge V, 
\ew Orleans ID, II. 

"Laud of Nod" (A. G. Delumater. mgr.) — Omaha, 
N'ebr., 2B-3L St. Joseph. Mo., Fob. 1. 2. Law- 
rence, Kuil., 3, Leiivenworlli I. l.lneolu, Nebr., 
ft Topeka, Kan., 0, Wichita 3, Jopllu, Mo., 9, 
Plllsburg. Kan., 10. ' 

May, Bduii (CliarleS Frohntan, mgr.)— Chicago, 

• III.. 28-Feb. ft St. Louis, .Mo.. B-in. ■ 

"Mexlcana" (Hliubcrt Bros., Itigrs.)— X, i. Clly 
20, ludeflnlle. 

"Mif" Bob White" (F. G. Klxon-XInlllnger. ingr.l 
^-Jiuksonville. III., Feb. 1, Springfield 2. Bur- 
lington, In., 3, Cunton. III., 0. Strcttlor d. Ot- 
ln«-u 7. Kewiiueo 8. Gulesburg 0. Peoria 10. 

Poliiird's Llllpullun Opera (J. S. Pollard, nigr.) — 
Seallle. Wash., Feb. 1-li. Portland, Ore.. -1-10. 

"Parsifal," Henry W. Suvuge's— Oiunhu, Ncbr., 

"Prliiec of India" (Klaw & Krloiiger, nigra,)— 
Chicago III., Feb. 5. Imlettnlte. 

"Pearl urn! the Pumpkin" • (Klnw & Krlanger. 
mgrs.)— BtnTulo, -N. Y., 20-Keb. 3. Columbus. 
O.. 5-10. 

"Prince of Pllren" (Henry W. suvnge. uigr.) — 
Muskegon. Mich.. I'eh. 1, Grand llaplds 2. Lan- 
slnx 3, Flint 0, Pontine 0, Jackson 7, Detroit 

"PWi'puff:: I'oufi!:" (II. C. Whitney, nier.)— 
Mlnueitpolls, Minn.. 28 ill, St. Paul leb. 1-1. 
Waterloo; In., 5, Des Moines 0, Lincoln, Nebr., 

7, Si. Joseph, Mo.. 8, Slonx Clly, la., 0, Sioux 
Falls. 8. Ituk., 10. ,, 

"Paul Jones" Oiwnt (John II. Harrison, nutx.)— 
Fond du Lnn, Wis., ill. Shcboygun Feb. I, Itn- 
rlne 2, IbsrkfOltl. 111., ft Davenport, la., 1. 
fjllntou 0. Dubnnue I). Ccttar Kuplds 7, Utluuitva 

8, llurllm-'lou 0. Keokuk 10. 

"Itiijnh of llhong" (liugeue hpolforit. gen. mgr.) 
— t.'oiiconl. X, C.. 31. Cliirlotlc Feb. I. Ashe- 
vllle 2, Kitoxvllle. Teiin.. 3. Siiurltinbtirg. h. 
C 3. Ortent'lllu <), Newberry 7. Columbia 8, 
Auguslu. (la., 0. Charleston, S. C, 10. 

Sehon, Frllxl (C II. Dllllnglinm, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City 20, llldnttnlle. 

Sousn anil Ids HuuU (John I'blllp Sousa, eon- 
tin-),— BnllcHi. Gti.. tniit.. and llouie ilt. Autils- 
ton, Ala., mat., und Blrinlngbuui leb. 1, At- 
lanta, <ln., 2. Augusta, mat, and Columbia. M, 
ft, il, SI. Atigiisllne, Flu., mat., and Juckson- 
villi- 4. Waycross. Gn.. mat., and Brunswick r.. 
Siiramuih 0. Mllhslgcvllle. unit,, and Macon ., 

Amvrleus. mat I Odnmlius 8, Monlgoiucry, 

AIu.. mat., und Selnia ft Slarkvllle, Miss., mat., 
and Ojliimhu* 10. . 

"Slio-Gun" (Henry W. Saraie. mgr.)— Chicago. 
111., 20-Fl-b. 10. 

"Stillnn of Stilu" (Madison Corey, mgr. >— Pitts- 
lairg. Pa.. 20-Fcb. ii. 

"Sh.m- Girl" III. C. Whitney, mgr.)— Norfolk. 
Vu., 20-I'eb. 3. Washington, D. «'., «-10. 

"San Toy" (John 0. Flaber, iugr.1— Topeka, 
Kan., ill. Uwrence Feb. I. Ottawa 2. CUs- 
nuic'it. Osleita 4, Parsons 3. lorl Scott ft Jon- 
1 1 ii. Mo., 7. Webb Clly .8. Carthage 0. bprhigOeld 

"Siuiple Hlinon Sliupl.!" (P. G. Nlxoii-Nlrilllnger, 
mgr.l— MnrhHi. Intl.. Feb. 1. Tlploli 2. Iliinlliig- il. Fori Wayne r.. Kendslivltle <l. Criiwfiinls- 
vllle 7, lllillnniipolls S ( Mudlson II, Wnslilngton 

■•neiii«,l Olrl" (Frolimnn k Kdwnrdes. mgM.)— I'll.. Fob. ."., Itlrlimond ft Trcnlon. S. 

"M.'ildag ll-nuiy mid the lleu«t" (Fred Price, 
msr.)— flklubuUM Clly, Okla., 31, Uctrver, Colo., 
Feb. 4 10. 

(W. 11. Mnlchellc, mgr.)— Iowa 

Templeton, Foy (Klaw ft Krlungcr, uigrt.)— X. V, 

_ City 1U Indetlulte. 

Taiinuay, Kta (Jos. M. Oaltes. mar.)— La Cro«e, 

Dls.. Feb. 1. Uubuuue, la., 2. 
"Tenderfoot" IWtu. p. Culleu, mgr.)— Chnrlotlr, 

K. Ii, n, Newport, Va., Feb. 7, Uiebuiond 0, 

'"J'clivkonc Girl" 

City, la.. 31. 
"T'om. Dick and Hurry" (A. II. Woods, mgr.)— 

Montreal. Ctu..- 20-Ffb. ft ToMntoTi-lii. 
"linplre", (M. U. Singer, mgr,)— tiklcngu. Ill- 

28, WdfBhlte. ' . 

"Venmhinb" (Klaw k Krlniuter, trutrs.)-- Boston, 
' Mass.. 20-Fcu. ft phlMdelidila. Pa.. B-IT. 
Wilis- Muatatl (Jobn I). Wills, mgr,)— Fort Worth. 

Tex., 31. 
"Wi«»llatitl" (Henry W. Snrage, mgr.) — San 

Francisco, Cal., 2ti-Feb. 10. 
"Wlxard of o»" (Fred Meek, mar.)— St. Paul, 

Minn., 38-31, Minneapolis Feb. 1-3. Milwaukee, 

Wis., 4-7, Clinton, la., 0, Des Moines 10. 
"Wiiiiderluntl;' (J. L., Bnford, trtir.) — Boston. 

Mass.. 29- Feb. 3. Brooklyn, X. Y.. Sou. 
"When Johnny Comes Marchhig Home" (W. T. 

Carletnu. nuir. ) — lleleiui. Mom., 31, Boxcman 

Feb. 1, I.ltliiirsuni 2. Billings 3. 
"Yankee Consul" (John P. Slocum. mgr.) — Salt 

Lake City. I'.. 20-31. Colorado Springs, Colo., 

Feb. a. Pueblo 3. Denver C-lu. 
m iti.ixiri" amo vAi»i:vii,i,K. 

Ainetlcana (TOivin 1). Miner, mgr.)— Portland, 

Ore., 28-Feb. 3, Sao Francisco, CM.. 5-10. 
Avenue Girls tUeo. Hale, mgr.) — 81. Paul, Minn., 

28-Feb. ii. Mlnueitpolls 4-10. 
Alonmtr Beauties (Chas. Tuylor, nujr.) — Salt Lako 

Olty. L\. Feb. fi-10, 
Bryant's, Harry C F.xtrnvtigauta (John S. Itay- 

iiur, m«r:) — Serauton, l'a., 20-Fcb. 3, Newark, 

N. ft, S-10. 
Blue Itiblxui Girls (Jnck Singer, mgr.) — Boston, 

Mass., 20-Feb. il. N. Y. City 5-10. 
Bowery Ilnrlcsiiurr* (Joe Hurllg. mgr.) — Kansas 
; «!lty. Mo., 2B-Fcb. », St. Istuls -4-10. 
Bohemians (Barney Glrnrd, mgr.) — Se.-ttllc, 

Wash., 28-Feb. 3, Portland, Ore., 4-10. 
Bon Tons • (ttusk & Weber, nigra.) — Newark, N. 

J.. 20-Feb. ft N. Y. Otf 8-10. 
Brigadiers (Clnts. Cromwell, mgr.) — Jcrser City, 

ft J.. 20-Feb. 3. Phlludelphlo. Pa., n-io. 
Broadway -O.llety (llrls iJiiiues II. Curtln. mgr.) 

— Kaunas City, Mo.. 28-Feli. ft St. lsmls 4-10. 
City Sports (Phil Sheridan, mgr.)— Cleveland, O., 

SB-Fab. 3. BnlTnki. N. Y., 3-10. 
Cracker Jacks (Harry Lentil, mgr.) — Trenton, N. 

J., Feb. 1-3, Pittsburg. Pa., ii-t<). 
Citslno Girls (M. M. Thclne, mgr.)— Plillndcl- 

phln, Pa.. 20-Feb. il. 
Cherry Blossoms (M. Juculis, mgr.l— Detroit, 

Midi.. 28-Feb. 3. Grand ltaplds 4-10. 
Colonial Belles (Chas. Fnlkc, mgr.) — Boslon. 

Mass.. 20-Pcb. 3. Montrenl, Can., CIO. 
California Girls ni. 11. Turner, mgr.) — Boston, 

Mass., Feb. u-lo. 
Dovere's. Sam, Own (Gns Llenlug, mgr. ) — N. V. 

City 20-Feb. 0. Brooklyn. N. Y., 040. 
Dainty Puelteaa (Bush ft Weber, mgr.) — Albany, 

N. Y.. 20-Feh. ft Troy n-10. 
Dreninlnnil Beoutles (p'runk Calder, mgr.) — Den- 
ver. Oilo., 28-Feb. 3. 
Dainty ' Puree KJaniphell k Barnes, mgrs.) — N, 

Y. City 20-Feh. ft Brooklyn. N. Y., fi-10. 
Bmpln Bnrlesiiners (J. Fetmessy, inar. I — Grand 
Unplds. Mich., 28-Feb. il, )lr<sikl.'-ii. N. Y., ,",-10. 
Fay l-'oater (Joseph Opiieidiclnier. mgr.) — Phlla- 

ih-lpliia. Pa., 20-Feb. ft N. Y. City .'i-10. 
(lolilen Crook (Jacobs * Jerinun. mgrs.) — Tray, 

X. Y., 20- J 'eh. 3, Sprlngtleld, Muss., S-7, Holy- 
eke 8-1(1. 
Guy Morning Glories (Sam A. Scrlbner, uigr.) — 

81. Louis. Mo.. 28-Feb. 3, Chleagu, 111., 4-10. 
Gay Jl-tsqueniders (Sum A. Scrlbner. mgr.)— N. 

V. Clly 20-Feh. ft Philadelphia. Pu.. 3-tu. 
Gilliam's, Jidin — K.-ciie, N. II. , ill, Feb. 1, North- 

tiiupti'it. Alass.. 2, 3. 
Illuli Hollers (A. II. WishIIiiiH. mgr.)— Toledo, 

(l.. as-l-'eb. 3, Cleveland &-to. 
lfnwaril. May. Bxtraviigsnxn tGitirgt 1 F. Lenrnetl, 

uiiri'. )— N. Y, Clly 20-Fcb. Ii. 
llltlt Sclioul Girls (Alfred Mayo, mgr.)— Dulutli, 

Maim.. 20-Fcb. ft 
High Flyers (Harry Kosler, mgr.) — Grcensburg, 

Pit.. 31, 
lrwln'H-Blc Show (Fred Irwin, mgr.) — Chicago, 

111.. 28-Feb. ft Toledo. (>.. 4-10. 
Iiuis-iluls (Jessie Burns, mgr,) — Minneapolis, 

Minn.. 28-Feb. il. Dulutli o HI. 
luiioei'tit Maids IK. W. Chlpmau. ntgr.) — Suit 

I.tiko City. P.. 20-Feb. ft Denver. Colo.. 4- 10. 
Ideals i Sim williuiiiH, mgr. )— llrooklyn, N. Y., 20- 
Feb. 3. 
Jolly Olrls (T. K. McCreary, mgr.)— Kiinsua Clly. 

Mo.. Feb. 4-lu. 
Jersey Lilies (Geo. F. Hopper, mgr.) — Brooklyn, 

X. Y.. 20-Feb. ft Providence. II. I., 0-10. 
Jolly (J raws Widows iGus W. I logon, nigr.) — 

Baltimore, Mil., 20-Feb. 3, Philadelphia. Pa.. 

Kulekerlsiekers (Louis Itoble. mgr.)— I'lllsliurg, 

l'a.. 20-Feh. ft Cincinnati. IK, 4-10. 
Kentucky Holies (Knliort Gordon, uigr.) — Pnteraon, 

M". J.. 20-Feb. il. Jersey Clly fi-10. 
Lafayette, Hie Great (T. O. Lafayette, mgr.) — 

Itoebeslei, N. Y., 20-Feli, II. Snirihsptirl. Pa.. r>, 

Johnson burg (I. Nunc 7, Knipoliun 8, Du Hols 

o. Pnnxsiftuwney to. 
Merry Maidens (J. Luwry mgr.) — Buffalo, N. Y., 

20-Feb. ft Detroit, Mich.. 4-10. 
Mlsa New York jr. (Harry Pierce, uigr.)— Chi- 
cago; 111.. 28-Fcb. A, Milwaukee. Wis., 4-10. 
UiJMlIa (Fred Irwin, mgr.) — Manchester, N. IL, 

aO-.'ll. Il'jsttni, Binss., Feb. COO. 
Moonlight Mulds (Durld Kruns, mgr.) — Knnsm 

City, Mo.. Feb. 4-10. 
Merry Jlitkers (It. II. Patton, mgr.) — Brooklyn, 

X Y„ 20-Feb. ft Piili'i-son. N. J., S-10. 
Muscotts (J. J. Mountain, mgr.) — Montreal, Can., 

20-Feb. 3. Toronto 5-H). 
Merry Burlempicra (Wm. Bnllauf, nigr.) — In- 

illttnaiulls, lud., 29-Feb. ii, Louisville, Ky., -I- 

Netv York Stars tit. M. Tiielse, mgr.)— Spring- 
Hold, Mass., 20-31, flolyoke Feb. 1-3, Manclioa- 

ler, ft 11. , 5-7. 
New Century Olrls (Charles W. Daniels, mgr.) — 

Toronto. Can.. 20-Feh. ft Buffalo, N. Y., 3 40. 

New l/Ollilon Gaiety Girls (l.'lirr W. Grant, mgr.) — 

, Louisville. Ky., -'S-Fcli. 3, Cliiclttuutl. 0.. 440. 

Ot'lenluls (M'.-B. Watson, mgr.) — San Francisco, 

■ Col., an- Feb. ft' Stockton 4, lteuo, Nev„ 0, 

Virginia City 0, Cnrson City 7. 
Oriiheum Show, Martin Beck's — Denver, Colo., 20- 
Feh. ft 
PnrlMlnn Widows (Hush k Weber, mgrs.)— Brook- 
lyn. N. Y.. 20-Feb. 10. 
Purlsliiu Belles (John Grieves, nigr.)— Cincin- 
nati. O., 28-Feb. 3. Cleveland C-10. 
Reeves'. Al. — New Orleans. Ln., 20-Feb. 3. 
Hose Hill English Folly dllce & Barton mgrs.) 

— Heading. Pa.. 20-Feb. ii. Serantou R-tO. 
ltentj-Saiitlty (Abe Leatltt. mgr.)— X. Y. Cllr 

20-Feb. 3, Phllndelphlu, Pa., 0-10. 
Ith-,» & Bailon's Big Galely— Boston, Mast., 20- 
Feb. ft X. Y. City B-10. 
Hose SvdcU'n London Belles (W. 8. Campbell, 

mgr.)— N. Y. City 20-Feb. ft Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Ilcilly & Witod's (Pat Itellly. mgr.)— Milwaukee, 

Wis.. 2S-Feb. ii. 81. Paul, Minn., 4-10. 
Runaway Girls (Peter S. Clark, mgr.) — llocbealcr, 

.V. Y., 20-Feb. 3. Atbuiiy B-IO. 
Blur Show Girls (W. Fcmiessy, mgr.)— Phlla- 

■ielplila. Pa.. aO-l'eb. ."., N. Y. City fi-17. 
Trnns-Allniitb! ItiirleMitirni (B. M. Kowntlial, 

mgr.)— Pblludelphla, Pu., 20-Fcb. 3, Beading 

Tlgrr Lillet (Issy Orodr. mgr.)— Plllsburg, l'a., 

20-Feb. 3, Washington. I>. C, fi-10, 
Trociiileros (Chns. If. Waldron. mgr.) — Provb 

dame. H. I.i 20-Fcb. 3. Boston, Mass.. r.-lu. 
Tlioruuj-hbreils (L. J. OlsTwurlh. mgr.) — 8t. 

Louis. Mo., 38-Feli. 3, Indianapolis, did., D-IO. 
I'lr.plnns (W. V. Jennings, mgr.) — Clevelaud, O., 

an-Fcb. ii, Pittsburg, Pa., 3-10. 
Vanity I'ulr (HolieK Mntiehi-sler. mgr.) — I'.nf- 

falo, X. V., 30-Feb. ii. Itochester BOO. 
World Ib'atera IJ. HcrlsTt Mack, mgr.l — Nash- 
ville, Tenn.. 29-Feb. 3, New Orleans, La.. r,.|0. 
Wine, Women and Song (M. M. Thclsc, mgr.) — 

Cincinnati, O.. 28-Feb. ft Nnnhvllle. Teuu., ft 

Wtislilngtun Sm-lely Girls (Kernan & Watann, 

mgrs.) — Washington. D. >'.. 20-Fcb. ii, Haiti- 

more. Md., ft-lu. 
Yankee DimsIIc Girls (Louis Harris, nigr.) — 

Senltle. Wash.. Feb. 4-10. 

liarlnn- & Wilson's (Lawreuee Barlow, uigr.) — 

ritirem-i'. S. I,'.. .11. 
Bescli A Hotter* — Slnrgls. S. Dak.. .11. tieudtvood 

Feb. I. 2. Lead City 3. -I. Hot Soring* 0. 
Doekstader's. d.ew (Cburk-s l>. Wilson, mgr.) — 

Brooklyn. N. Y.. 20-Feb. ii.'N. Y. Clly 640. 
Donnelly ft Hatflehl'a (Kdwitrd Omard, mgr.) — 

Wnyeroas, (in.. Feb. I. Vnhloslu a, Tlflon il, 

i'iir.h-1,- .'.. (irliUn II, Carrol Itoil 7, Ordartnwu 8, 
Tiillmli-gn. Alii., 0, llunlsvllle in. 
Do Hue Bros.' (Hilly De Hue. mgr.)— Hackelts- 
b.i.'ii. V. J.. 31. lielvldt-re Feb. 1. Junction 
ft Illghhrblge .'!, FlfmuigPin ft Lnmliertvllle 0. 
Miami llnlly 7. Bristol, Pa., 8, Tom* Blror, N. 
J., ti. Luki.'WMsl 10. 
I'iild's. Al. O. (Bo«' Qulgley. mgr.)— Nrwhtirgti, 
X. Y.." ill. Kingston r«b. I, t'ovglikerpabr 2, 



la (ho nns ibrna that Imme.llntelv 
roii-no the absolme dlffi-trnrs IMavMT'lRtS 
ljrr.lohnioa Sufet) Antumaile Revolt si* and 
the "'tit" kind. Tho 

Iver Johnson 

Safety Automatic Revolver 

cm be relied upon to go off every time tlic trl^jjcr Is ptillcl, ami to utvrr.fpt off 
unless the trigger is rutlled. '• Hammer the Hammer" ami prove it yourself. 

■•Shot*," our Free Booklet, gives nn A-ll-t' evplanatioii til'llits^.i./wji'ir 
salrty principle, ami tells Mm why ii ■ al-n uctur.iio ami reliable. 

Hammer, $5.00 

Hammerless. $6.00 


Ivr sa'tr pveryw-bent l.y Hardware atitl Sperittig Owaili donlcrv 
Listk Ibrotir name on the barrel and tin* "owl's head" mi the grip. 

Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works 

1,-t.l vivsr hi. Pltetihui*, M»«a N- w York i ill.-em l'li« m - 
bcr*Ht. Pae'iiiiroa«» Branch: l'4W**"Hl ul. «••> Peas. Ham, ajrii 

Fnrnresn (Hlles: Plekhulien 4. Ifambnrjr, (icrn'iinv. 

,, (Ileus Falls. N. V.. 
(llorcrsvlllc 0, Mclte 

Tfol o. BilMlngldn. VI.. i 

II, Alliauy 7, Johnstown 9 
neetady 10. 

Oorlon's (CO. Prort, mgr.) — I'unxsulnwucy, Pa,. 
Feb. I, Ilroekwayvllle 2. Ml. Marys it. Em- 
porium f>, Aimlln S, Coudersport 7, Perl Al- 
legally H. 

Great llatlow (J, A. Cnburn. mgr.) — I.nfnyelte, 
La.. 31, Jennings Feb. I, Lake Charles 2, Beau- 
moat, let, ■'). Uiilvcslou 4. lltuiston '•■ 

flolby * Mark's Lmly- -Fenton, JUlch.. III. 

llaverly's t Obits. IL Biigbit., mgr.) — Aurora. Wis.. 
Illi Kewanee Feb. I. Hlorlimj 2. Clinton .1. 
Ultoil 0, Fn-einirt 8, Mndlson, Wis., 7, Oahkuhh 
i. Janelvllle in. 

IttrkneM k Fov (Boy B. Fog, mgr.) — Italeavllle, 
Atk., 20-31. Newport Feb. 1-!J. 

Ksrsanils'. Billy I (Jen. L. Bnrlnn. mar.)— Coving- 
ton, Vs.. HI. Cliarleslnii, \V. Va.. Feb. I. Motil- 
goinerv 2. Illnlotl il. (,'llfton Forge, Vn., ft. 
Marllhsrllle II. Blm-ksione 7, Farmvllle s. 
Kfedertckalinre 0, Alexandria Id. 

Xt'W York HI. Lulu Silver, mgr.)— Norlli llntiicli. 
Mleli.. ill. 

Prlinnne's. Henrge It. (James II. Decker, nigr.) 
— Ci.lumlins. II.. Feh. :i. Lnulsvllle. Ky,, f>-7. 

Pmelor's (Oco. II. Proelor, mgr.)— ilayuv, Ln., 
20-Feb. il, New Orleans fl-17. 

Itlelinnls & Prlngle's llluseii * Holland, mgrs.)-- 
rllerllng. Kan., ill. Crenl Bend Feb. I, Lurinsl 
J!, lilllslev it, Dislgi- City «, (ianleu City II. 
loiimir, Colo,, 7, I. ns Auliuiis 8, Boi'ky Furtl I). 
La- Junta 10. .... 

riuh's fln« (Fri»l I). Fowler, uigr. I— II mud Island. 
Nebr.. Feb. I. Cnlumbu* 2. Kehliylor il, Couit- 
nl) BlutTs, In.. 4. Lincoln, Nebr.. n. 

Vogel's (Joint «'. Vngel, mgr.)— Xewnrk. N. 1 .. 
20. rtisHis ill'. CdnandulKiin ill. Prim \nii Kelt. 
Ii (c.niliiK 2. Horuidlsvllle 2. Perry B, Warsaw 
il, Uiuivlllc 7, Hnlavlu N, Lts'kport Ii, Nhitriitu 
Falls Hi. 


Cole t lingers — Tnhipn. Fin.. Feb. 1-ii. 

F.ller'a. W. A. (Joe Booker, mgr. I— Allen. Ter.. 

III, Hail Dlegn Feb. 1. Ilcliliruurlllu il, Lurnlu 
8, 0. 

Crnlkslialik— Mniieht-ster. VI.. Feb. I. Dorset il. 
(ksike (Viimsly— Pnlltl Pleaaanl, X. J.. 2U-1' ul>. .1. 

.Mniiusiiiinn ft-1". 

Tlie (II. I,. Flint, mgr.l— Alluii, 



Film*. , 

Feb. il. (Jiilney -l-HI. 
Fniiikhn (innutly (Wm. Franklyn, mgr.)— Hum- 

Itlirevs. Nebr.. 20-Feb. it, Klglu r.-lil. 
Henraoil. the (Ir.-iit— Vienna, (In., Feb. 1, 2. 

Pllwralil II, Doss.01 '•. <•• 
Hiiralit's Mbvliis Plcliuvs t If. M, Woi«l. mgr.) — 

Pnli'lmgiie. N. Y,. ill. South Hmnptoii Fell. I. 

Kiisthamploii 2. Sag Harlan: il. 

Helms, 'tlie (Unity Hflms, mgr.)— Houlli M 11- 

waukw, Wis., Feb. r.-lat. 
Perkins. Kit Wtintesvllle, Mo., Feb. 2. Ilkliitiniiiit 

lillv. llkln.. •". Waklln U. Hiiinbn. Xelir.. H. 
[•rent-idle (P. Wlllahl Mngisui ntgr. I -Tnlintim. 

Muss.. 2U-Feb. it, Dover, X. IL. B-lll. 
Uapii's, The (AugitsliiH Hupp, mgr. ) — Christ hum- 
burg, ().. 20-Fcb. 2. 
Sliei'ii ill's Moving Pictures. Southern (Archie L. 

Ktuinnl. mgr.) -Sim Miirens. Tet.. Feb I. 

Alislln 2, .New llrsiisfels I, Ln ((range r,. Cnl- II. HeiiUini.ut 7, Orange B. Port Arthur 

0, Luke Charles, La., 10. 

Scriiiiiiila (Waller C- Mai*, mgr.)— -X. Y. Lily 

20-Feli. il. Flsliklll-nii-llailson, N. V., 5-10. 
Bmlllt'* Sis-clally (Fred K, Hniltb, mgr.)— Bur- 

Iliigfou, Is. . ill. _ 

Klellxrr llroa.' Moving Plel urea— Bristol, Tenn., 

2ll-Feli. II. 
Silver Family Swiss Hell lungers (Bert Nllvt-r, 

itntr.)— Rarlloii. III.. 111. Chicago Feb. 1-il. 
Wnllnre'g Ccyslnl (ilnss Workent (J. I>. Cook, 

nigr. ) —Farmer. X. V„ ilO-Fub. '). 

NEW lMMPrillllir.. 

1Iniielii's(i-r.--At llio Operit lloitsn (Ii. 
W. llnrrlngion, iniuuiiteri Nut M. Wlllu wits 
areeli'U oy u Inrue iiuulciit'c .Inn. 20. tlrulintu 
Vnitdcvlllc Siflrs. 94, 3S, cnmi) In fair liusl- 
nnis. The rtcmncOH. Hioinclt nntl McNeil. 
Colby and May, Mnnlef Ilronl, I'reiielielll 
Mid Lewis, the Oauko Jnpntiese Troupe, und 
I lie litllsniiflcniie ninile up the bill. I-Vueiien 
lliiinlltoii, In "The .Seiutlor's Wife," ^7 ; "An 
\c Sow" Feb, l-.'i. 

Paok (John HtllnK, munugec). — CooiJ 
Iioiibw nro ihtt rule lime. Tim Illue Hlltbon 
ijllls." 22-2-1, (ilonscd. "Tlin Dnnllen" Hciucd 
a success lili-ST. Majentle HurlcHqitci's •jll-ill, 
Netv York Stara Feb. . r i-7. 

Notbh.— Ilrnest Provcucher Is the stngo 
miiiingcr lit I lie Pnrk Thenlic. mid Cornier 
Kluge MnimgiM' C. J. Murphy 1ms (jonc liftn 

Ilic holel business Will A. (.'rnuelier 

buslnes8 munaRCr with "Nclgbborly Xi-lk'h- 
bora" Co.. writes tlint. the ennipuiiy Is drnw- 
hi(C crowded houses, und (tlvlnif eiilln: sutls- 
factluii. They iin 1 now phiylng III tlw Iron 

legluu of Pciinsylviiula 'nio tollowliiB 

were nngORii! Ijv Kd. IIumIoii, for 
the Hlks' cnlerlulniuent, k' v, -'I | l"' fe "I " lrt 
K\M hall, .Inn. s-l : l-1/ Otto's Orcheslrii. 
Mabel I,u Favor, Mllllo Llzzntle, Dot Hitviin- 
port, Henry Myem. Sulo, l-'ruiiels Ilairlson. 
Lcona lluiiitin. Hnndotv mid Ijimlierl. und 
Iji Hello Freda Troupe of Orlculul iMaeen. 

itli'hnrd Armstrong;, of this cltv, Is 

now with the udvorllglnc alnft* of the llljmt 
•1'licntrc, Plttsburif. 



I'lM-ttiiiid. --At Ihe JclTcraon (L'nhn «c 
firiiiit, managers) Ihe Muude IIIlliiuiii Co. 
.Inn, 22-27, guve aoiiergl siitlsfiictltin, to good 
hniMM. 1'orlliniil (Iperntle Hot-lely presontn 
"The Chimes of Normundy" 20. iio, llltincho Feb. 1, I hint ley Httu-k Co. 2. 3. 

PoiirbA.VD It. V.. Moore, MMprl, — IllH 
week of 21)1 t'ullnlmn und Mnek, "To-Tu," 
Cllflon 1 .'raw ford, Duryoil und Morlhni'i', 
•Solonioti II," l.iirson Hlslcrs nnd Mysli-ilmii 

Cfrv 11*1.1.. — In Ihe ('. A. lillls eoiiiso, 
IM.ilh Wiilki-r and Ihe lloslon rlj inplioiiy 
•juiiict niijieured lo n large nudleiiee '! I. 
Surah llertilinrdl 20, llusioit tiyuildioiiy Or 
cltestrn und Murle Hall Feb, 7. 

"Yl'MA," Of Iflllrll I'dwnrd He Xnvcr Is 
mniuitfer, Is hnoki'd mil Id for ilfly-iwo wwks. 
1(« will appenr for IwClve weeks with "A 
Yankee Circus," in ('lili-HK<'< "■"I l' 1 ''" *" '" 
Ilbston with the snnui conijiniiy, itfli-r wltleh 
ho- will be n«»n (it Ilia illmiuitrorm'. New 
York- Ytmm h/is nppenred lit ueiirly every 
eounirv In Burnt*, and nppenied m <•"»>■ 
mnttil i;efotc ihe king and (|uc«i) of Mnglniid. 

Hill HALltiricm HALF -nu-ing to faml'.r 
truttblo, will son l.nliln Picture Mit ii no Sterc- 
optlcoii ciitnhlno.l (model 1UOM, cninplelo, elecMIt' 
kuti pi burner, rheostat, All t'nanpt:tbit,a ( Itko 
now, sll: stoft i'n/.o 
Flit lit. Film, perfect nhnpe, $ui; Real i r C'onilo 
Fiini", about ivjofl , tfrxitl snnjBCLs, nil pmrect, w, 
all ii tor flipi'i KiiiHon Train llnhlierj, liesrly now, 
•U. If jou iiiivwlutio luiueli you got this posi- 
tion with fl rst class i op. show i>ls wcehlj). Dc- 
ptuit ts and wi l ship t; O. o. Tor itupuc'luii. 
Fred Fisher, week of Jan. Co, Brlslol, Tenn.; week 
ol Foli. f -, Mlddl osboro, K y, 

FOUNTAIN 1»KN, Ml Ola. KlaniUrd mate, 

14k gold pen, regular prion *l 00 Hal islse Hun, or 

money hack. Posipald, In neat box. K ugaiitly 

gold trltuitied, extra si/.e, to cts. AeeDls wnaied. 

' W. 8. II IA1T, 17 ilstiivlit HI , llusloli , Mot. 

AT MIIKIirv-Mcdbtlno F^cHirer. TbTtTtii 
(lie banl. Mrnnn worker, housonr street. (Vol km 
M. lb, Pat tlio people lo front id me, and I'd net. 
the coin. And 1 don't have to resort in inokery 
or mhicudltiR propD-nious of any kind, hut dis- 
pone nl tlie gauds atrlclyon thn iiifriltnrimiii- 
vlnclng argument. Long o t nurk-n. -n. good dro<ser 
nnd strlcilr aohor at »'i llniea. Torino, M per 
oodi. ef sales and expou oi Address Dr. Fran* 
Beimea, fleimra l Delivery, octivnr, culu , 

211,000 FT. OF Ht¥ 


Oft HKAI) Jli.NK. Mntlun I'leturo Huppllus ami 

|.i,i Third Ave, liuar K. 14IU HI., N. Y, 


Slcie.h Tennis, Mini and Wife with clever child 
ror snnvii Acts, Al Piano Pinter, Ooniodlai, Man 
for (,'tisraclors ; all initat do spiicinll Ids ; nt her Use- 
ml people, write. Ir ynu ostinnt m-tkn good don't 
Hi MsrKa CatiiBdy (Li.. IUqsm Olty, Mn . Out) Del 

MtlslCIAIVM WANT KIl-viuTln and Plsno. 
Kiigagomonr. In a hotel, from Felt, t until rjoplnui- 
tier. Concert nod dancing; muni luive iihin 
music. Price, to per week, board mid ludeing. 
TrMiiipnVlnllnii (Din wsy froin llslulgb. Wire Prof. 
J- l.evin. Itnlolgh. N. o. Like in liosr rrnrn agood 
Tn nnboue I'lsynr. fur Hiuuiiior ongageiuuni. 

MTIIUH one ociii cnoh. spy si vie. Hund 20 
cents ror KHinniin, JOHN OOUDON, 

N. w. Cor. sili mid Walnni. Phils., Pa. 

KUlt S»LK-Cotuploto Wagon Show, Lluns, 
leupards, wolves, duga, goals, monkeys, ponies, alt 
trained; hones, iMriiOHS, polo, Intggsge and aeal- 

waguiih, cuuvat.seiilt and llg nis. Hcaily lor road. 
Hell purt in- all iiniip M J I.DUK K. Plymniiib, Ind 

AT Ll H K H 1 V - ,IOHi MHYA.Tr, Hull nod 

Black Fain H. and I), cniu'ilisn. Alan works 
straight or comedy hi acts, Change for ono week. 
Address JOB UllVAST. care of Mr. Ilruugliloii, 
QaK dil'li, Mo. 

I'OIl BAI.K-Hcl Dimp-oii's Organ Pipes,*!, 

nearly new; Hue Cnncerliui, ft, now, fl deposit 
ori cxam._ I tOHT. WAI.IHON. C arutlicisvillo, Mo. 

WAIMTKI). (iiioturllonlsls. Black F«ve, Dutch 
and Irish Unmcdlatis, Ad 'Humid Peiformers who 
can change Tor ono wosk. No loams ami no 
monologue artists. Doctors registered in Wis- 
cousin, wrlle at once. Modorn llcuicdy Co , 
Wateimivn, Wis, 

KOH HALK-'tlut lislvnnton Flood, good at- 
I rni.'iinn for Hide tthow or Carnival 0o„ or wld «.v - 
change foraM), or nori. Tour, Willi seals, llglila; 
and npurator Willi Plvlitru Mnelilne u>'H 
illniw, utui a Magician. A. Jttll rWW. Bradfor d, nt, 

KOll malk-ouo inirt. hint oar, A No, icon- 
dltlou. Price fu'.O. on iracas. In hsviiiinnli. (la. 
One Unws Cage, price IIOU, HarnoM, Baud Hull n 
and Hiiisll 'runts, Maniui'. Address 

H l.'N nH O TIIKKti, Hnvannali, (in, 
~WA*(fTl£ll UUUlK— Piano I'laJOr, " ' RaTif 
and sight Bender; Knuoairlo Old Mau I'liiuedy, 
li'iah c'oniedlon; ail wl Ii apenlnlllei prcferictl. 

blatu all and lowest Hiiro salary; Join on who; 
nu ticket', TrKlo Monroe, Klngsler, Mich , I'cb. 
b ; M al lien o; Wri utli Boaidinsn, 7; JaBnlnga , a. 

TION'H Per tiioiilh for Feb , Mnrvli nnd AprP. 
flood show lown. (lend break between Alllumo 
or WollKVlllo and Catiul Dover or Now Philadel- 
phia. Write or wire. II. P. IIKM.MINO, Manager, 
Opera Ilooao, Malvern, (>._ 

AT iiilKU'rv, fur balance of thM and next 

season Jl'LIA YOKK. Olisraeicri. Ilcutlei nnd "• 
liAinca, Al MiiKlug Mpvclaliy. Oo"d wsidroho; 
Ii Ml a, w. is'i To Managers—Mian Jblla York hss 
Just concluded a lengthy engagement with tint 
Herald Bijuurc Mock Uo , playing a wide range of 
dialect pirn und inirodiicliig an Al hji'i'ialf.v. 
umu icconimobd her Ui Mgrs. »t nu arlbi.-Ai ibur 
I.. Faualiawe, fieo. H. Hitter, Mgrs,, Herald S. H. 
Oo. Address ll» N. Hth «t . I'liU Idsln ti'a, Pa. 



Kxpcrlaneed repii'atlonod. Have tiini-i.u»ii know- 
l»dge of the country, ptriieiiiariys-uitliaiit, Wc«i. 
(llli edged ref, ruiifcs. Can Join on wire. V rat, 
i-'us aiiractloi.H only. 

II. BOX ill.'. CAU THAOI , MO. ' 

■Ni Mm, mnmi 


for Kccemrlor,rotesi|iie Acl. Long engagonoht, 
Musi ho over iff, lulu. KIhIi. A'i'l""».l'iK. PKIlIiy, 
Klof until Htreiit Opem Hone. Plilla.. Pa. 

WANTED- A I S. and D. B. Face Comedian. 

VVnrjId (imMtler good rixetclt Tiam M partners. 
clt»n»e for week. Ml*i» llurn'. Jint Bryant, wrlle. 
Olhern wrlle. OKO (1. IIIJITOX. apriligtlnlil.DI. 


I.iidvnrgent. Other useful (i ople, ») He. right 
wcekaHI/tnV. Knogville In April 

IIAnill' OLD K HiOt.'k CO , Bralol, Tenn. 

Tf **<&?*+ 




Evinlrtg 8.1 B. 

David Belasco preaents for the 2d year Id N. T. 

MatlnM Saturday 2 


In « play or UQ by 

THEATRE. B». S. Mat. Sat. at :. 
DAVID BKLASCl) preeenta 

February 3. 





I Dolpk and Basis levino, 
Obas. B. Uwlor and Daughters, 

Irene franklin, 
Ir. and in. Col. Stewart, 

Patotilii* Brog.. Norcroas, Blaln A lAtnnr, 

II r. and Mr*. Shaw, Bella Hathaway '» Monkeys, 
' Brazil k Brazil, Rocks Illuitrawr, 

Bell A Rtcliarda, Warr & F.vans 

carl Brehmer, Lconzo, " Tltagraph. 


B. Uth 8U 


Rentz Santley 




E. U&tll St. 



wAjflraS, at p ttoM lTVKq prodigies, 
Trained and rare animals, novelties of every do- 
acrlptlon for Curl o Hal is anil Theatre. Audreie 
J. H. AMDKR8QV. Manager, a* above. 


Open Fell, o. Kohl and Caatlo Circuit. 


fl.MOKE Mo. ;!.— Have rtouaieil 11,000,000 for an 
Asylum Tor people who can't make now! only by 
ualnft the hammer. Manager rots admitted.— 
"PittaburgSlo gles," 



The Musical Brennans. 

Fermsnent address, 


Of llltfli rinaa VnmleVllle 'Tli'eittrea, 

\i, ammvuLU jr.. ram ; 


All Applications for Time Must be Addressed 
to C. P.. BRAY, Hooking Manager, 

Maje stic Theatro nullrtlnn. Clik-flgo. HI. 




Ku route with MISS. NEW YORK JR CO. 


4r w. aa th st., new york. 


Par. addraaa, 178 ONTARIO BT„ Chicago, 




ostu St., near Third A 


MAS 8 E 



Just returned from a tour of Mexico and Cuba. 
Address HP. MAB8K, Ponland. Pa. 



Rloheat Aotor In tho World. 

ADGrlB and Lions. 

ORRIN BIOS.' CHIC lis. City of Mexico. 





Fin route l 



En route with Hyde's Blue Ribbon lllrla. 


TUB COLORED comedian. 

Knormoui aucoeas inlingiapd. Address 

Luypo y COL ISEUM. 


. All Tim» (tiliil to Karon 19. 

Kel t, fi. Grand OwanvHoiWi (JHTbomlalc, I'm. 



at rim plat. 



w .Hi quartette. Can introduce Dancing Specialty 
and S5g, Act, jggj ~ ^ & y 


m ."Knposae" (eopyrlirliltn). Magi.- Hooa, »i. 
KLWOUM'S NOIIUOl, MM N. 13th St., i'tilla., Pa. 


Recognized . 














The Clevor Boy. r<an lh . 
Weal. They've ' I.eU ™ ' . 
South too. fhla lilt prole,*," 

R roil nwnre of the Raet thnt "IN - DKAR OLD OBOOGIA" Is absolutely the biggest ballad hit In the whole world? R you aware of the fact that thru 
SUE "» SSJav alDgors ore tifilns it thao. any song publlahed! Everybody loves this song, and It « III be suns when the writer* are old and g"^ 
ThLs song will live for ever. 




few Hlnvtta, 

•flOOI) BTK MACCJIR DOYLE." 1^ » corker. It to a <ong that will make a good, niilok hit with any one. It Is full of life and go. and the Wnfl that 
nnpcils to un aadleace. iKMOMB and SCHWARTZ tlptir.-O thin out before thoy wrote It. and now ibey are at the head of the class. You cant 
afford to overlook this Mjnir. _^^__^^^^__^^_^^_____^^_^___^^^^^^_ 


'Hiere Is no other sonir on (he market that sounds anything like "JKS8AMINE." It Is different from the rest, and a dandy. This song will bt a 
hit just as sure as your name Is on ibo program. You'll double your emotes If you sing It. 

By AL GUIfiLL * 

Who has wan bed for an or,. 

i ha I 1« diSerent from any oth,T 
nong en the market. R» wlai. 




It. you are anxious to know Just what kind of u 
Song tills Is, droi) In tomorrow nmi uxk llermau 
l'ali'y or any of the boys to play it for you. 

llpre's a peach of a son*, by KKXD1S and PAI.RY. 
the boys who wrote 'WON'T YOt' IONDLE ME" 
and that sensational hit, "SYMPATHY." This song 
is another hit, KKND1S and PALEY brand. 



By IfEIL J10BET and 

Writers of 'Hiawatha.' 

■Xo one ever thought that anv Indian song rould become as big n hit as "Hiawatha." but you never onn tell. "S1LVKH HEELS" U ony a few ive*ti 
old, still It Is a bigger lilt now than "Hiawatha" was at nix months old. Ikiii'i overlook "SILVER HEELS" for a single minute. 







Real Rare 



published iii the East. Tha'l's pretty good. AjCl 




Here Is a Bong you'd like to know nil about. Cuesa you'd like to know the nnswer, wouldn't you? Can't tell yon more Irian It Is bv JBORMK and 
SCHWARTZ, and they might to know. Hilly .lcrome had them nil guessing when he wrote "Ho Wouldn't Split tho Wood;" well this la not that kind of i 
soug.- -Everybody likes It. and they're all singing It, so that ought to help some. Y'ou get It! 

REMEMBER : We Respect fully Request Your Regular Route When Ton Write, 


Forty-five West Twenty-eighth Street, N. Y. 

Ktm Ht Ive omee t 10 VVITIIRRttLL BT., DETROIT. 

MOSE GUMBLE. Gen. Mgr. Prof. Dept. 



IH LOU, M, « H, 



CAPACITY 1.000. 

I). K. & J, F. kORAN, Proprietors and Managers. 

Vaudeville Acts, 

Built o' tvlitv repartee, funny business and laugh- 
able situations lundlDg to a novelty finish ate the 
kind that keep you working. Yon don't waul a re- 
hashed nitger aot, you want aometblng along new 
Write to me. till A8. LAN'DO.N GARTER, 

301 Clark Ave , Warreusburg, Mo. 


Female Orchestra 


Of nix pleobi-. for Summer cnsagemeni. 
full panlcnlars flrst leuer. Address 

N'n. 18lu nn.tral Avenue., Ohio. 



Jluat he In first class shape. State condition, 
make and lowest, cash price. Addreta 


No. 1«13 Central Avenue, mtiotnnatl, Ohio. 



Specially woman preiorred. .Stale all. Jolu on 
wbe. MAxrtOK STOCK CO., Portli Atuboy, N.J., 
Jan. iw-Kub. a; Rod Hank, N. J . Pob. 6-to. 

Fred R. Uernltuan, Kccentrlc Charaotera, Gen- 
teoi Iloavles ami Oomedy old M»u. Prorer one 
piece lift will kIav out all summer; Rarltotie In 
bra*a. NEW LISBON, WIS., earo of A. L. Hutd. 

Lady Cornetist Wanted 

Splcndl' n»"n->ti»nt ensavenient. HKSSIK HCR 


ATTORN KV, SS3 Rroadway, New York City. 


Great Comic Juggler. 

Ju.t Concluded »0 Weeks wllh Frnl.tTg Stock Co.; week .Tu... 80, Fenberg Stock, HellSR.^^ 
BVTiiBHTnvumvvitiFuifii .. n,K », .. .» m Addresa THE GREW FKRrVcU. CLIPPBR Oinee, If. \ • 

> o EVILLE J IB, M, The Talk of Every Town. Addreaa MYERS * KELLER, :il W. UUt Sl„ New Vera 

TRR BUFFALO KX PRESS .Hid: "It is anldom 
that a better ahow Is aeon at Shea's Theatre than 
U. there this week The Great Henri Frtnch, the 
Juggler anu trick btcycie rider, who has been seen 
in Biuuio msoy times, is really ibe alar or tbe 
ahow. In addition to hla regular Juggling and 
wheel manoMivrea lie perforns several magic 
feats a la Ohlng Ling Foo. He makes up so that, 
he looka the coumerpartof Hie famous ctilcese 
msglcliin and porforma with wondrous adroitness 
I ho bowl atrlok which made the Celestial a ec'.nli- 
rlly. lie makes a big bowl of water appear be- 
neath a robe which ho waves before him; causes 
a large alzed dog to emerge from beneath the robe 

alongside the same bowl, produces two docks 
BUd three chickens from the miglc robe, and per- 
forms other tricks which are bewildering. To- 
night. 'The F»tal Wedding;' tomorrow, matinoe, 
■The Uelle of Richmond,' evoslog, 'The Factory 
Girl,' Tlmrsday. matinee, -The Parisian Prin- 
cess,' evening, 'The Christian;' I'rtdsy, matinee 
<to be announced), evening, '<<oeen of the High- 
binders ;' Saturday, matinee, "The Fatal Wed- 
ding,' evening, -Secret Service Sam ' With the 
Feuberg Company now appearing at the upera 
House Is one of the most remarkable vaudeville 
acta i ver given ou the Opera House stage. Henri 
Irench Is the headilner of tnia part of the per- 

formance, and he certainly has the gooda, giving 
altogether the cleverest and most origin"'.""' , 
their kind (and there are many of llietni ever" 
neased In this city. He scored « uewendons "» 
lust ulght, and many will go to rhe $ w '?, al„ n( , 
the remainder of the week to Hee r'tencn »!o»* ; 
He cornea very cIobo to fmnlllng the lavoriw " 
nee girl, of being 'P fr ' M .':- 
as^iniogMr. French m theilnc of si* »■- 
ties are several other people of more or ies»». 

I preBslon of tho matjnee girl, of be ng pertet 
great.' AaslatlngMr. French In tbe Hue °r ^ 
ues areseveral other people of more ion e j"» 
lty. Altogether Uie Fernberg people have « nl ^ 
sirated that the» are fully eonlpped to give, ■ 
theatregoers ot thia city a nice entertalnniem. 







For Soring and Summer slock peasoit. 
. F.L TUCKER HTOuK CO., l.ajtmu, C ilo. 


Send open time and state lowest salarr 

Baby Owen i Co.," pleuse >vrilc. 
layer. Two petformancta daUy. Addrets RAYMOND MEItAlTT, American Theatre, W* 




Also want t«* 

>.,ra lltlca, N- '• 




One nlgbt 

For balance of ,-oason: experienced, sober and reliable. Book and route any attraction. 

or rep. Can join ou wire, Reawnahl e salary. }. a. B a YUAN, Gen. Del, Ten e.H»o'»- "" ' _ 

IRENE ACKERMAN (Original Plays.) 

,I"fn n . h , i l «" ne '" ,C! '"I heC, " ,lr Qlrt of Ne *- Tork, Rlcket.A Child of the People, A Corner on 

ti>. in tnenoup, etc. Mki ii'tirgim nn >i« onoi^H r.nn«.ii. h, .u,.ln r«»a - 

Rogi>. In the Soup, etc 
Tel. 1671 Hlver. 

Misa A.kirman can be engaged personally for special roles. 


cut roieB. __ _„_ 






1*. 0. Williams' Coioill*!,; 

!>' o. Williams - drpheuni, 
)•. 0. Williams' Alhamtra, 
l>. o. Williams' Nattltli Bain, 
)•. G. Williams' OotBabi, Kiln, 
1'. C. Williams' Manhattan Reach 
P. o. Williams' Bergen Reach, 
Ketnsj'a, Brooklyn, 
The Doric, Yonkers, 
Morrison's, Rockawoy, 
Henderson's, Coney Island, 
Deimllng's, Rockawsy, 
Young's Pier 1 , Atlantic City, 

Uammersleln's Vlctorls, 
Hnmmersteln's Hoof Garden. 
S. Z. Toll's, New HaTen, 
S. Z. roll's, Hartford, 
S. Z. Poll's, Worcester. 
H. '/.. roll's, Springfield, 
B. 7. Toll's, Bridgeport, 
8. Z. Poll'*, Wsterbury, 
8. Z Toll's, Jersey City, 
Trent Theatre, Trenton, 
Sheedy's, Fall River, 
Sheedy's, Newport, 
Hathaway's New Ucdford, 
HatHaway'a, Lowell, 

F. 1". Proctors 23d St., 
P. V. Proctor's 5th Are., 
P. P. Proetor'i BSth 8t., 
V. P. Proctor's ianth 8t 
r. ■>. Proctort Rewark, 
V. K. Proctor's Albany, 
F. F. Proctor'* Troy, 
Wllmer A Vincent; Dtlca. 
Winner & Vincent, Reading, 
Weber ft Rush; Schenectady, 
II. U. Lamkln's, Toledo, 
II. H. Lamkln's, Dayton, 
Auditorium. Lynn. 
Whitney's, Fltchburg, Mass 

(,^»a n a«,,.o.) 6 W. 28th St.. MEW YORK. C^^gar) 



America's Oldest and Greatest Indoor Exhibition. 



Minstrel People in All Lines, 


Comedians, Singers, Dancers, Specialists, Musicians. 

Address AL. G. FIELD, 50 K. Broad »t,,Colmnl)nt, O., or •• per roni* In this 
papsr. European Ag-nt. WILLIAM EVBRHART, 401 Strand, IV .C, London, Kng . 



America's Colored Singing Comedian and Song Writer, 

■till a great success In England. Address 


Pacific Coast Amusement Co., 


Owning ami operating 30 First Class Vandevlllo Theatres East, Northwest and West. 


tliat can deliver the goods. 

SOW!-' B00K1KO AGENTS: AL. ONKEN. Family Theatre, 125ih St- near Parte Ave., New York City; 
CIIA.S. WRAT, 2111 Denny Bid;., Seattle, Wash.; CHRIS. 0. BROWN, 67 3. Clark St., Chicago; 
AltCHlE LEW, 111 Kddy St., San Francisco, Cat. 


Ityuu own or control h play or plays— available lor stock— not earning satisfactory royalties, LET US 
HANDLE Til EM FOR YOU DIRKCt'. Our mock dep't 1h doing an immense ijii»lneH.< throughout the 
nn plnj can be placed except through us. TRY IT. Others have done so to their proflt and satisfaction. 


FHA" T K W. SANGER, 1428-30 Broadway, New York. 

ROSCO E_ a n d S3 I <VI S 





Til E AT 11 IC A I. COSTUME It, 1*0 W. !!3d ST., NEW YORK. 

Opposite Prootor's. Formerly UAYOEN & ROWLEY. Manager ot BIJOU THEATRE, PATERSON.N.J. 


Memliurs or the Society arc requested to make sure that their correct addresses are on fllo; also 
riiotos. Send In U. S. Express Stubs. W. D. STONE, Secretary, 114 Weal .loth Street, New York. 

Iave ^fWRlOliFPFBLTSHTD ok royalty 

Send ns a good poem, a good, melody or a complete work, We hays no ravorl'.e writers. All haw 

serial coanca.iil letters answereJ promptly. . _______ 





Contilolng lllustrailons from Original Drawings 
'•y I*. Bloharda— 2HKUII Page Cartoons, reprinted 
rrouiTUE NEW YORK CLIPPER, also Dramatic 
chronology, Deaths In tho Profession, Anecdotes 
and Matters ot 1 Merest to Show People. Every 
clipper reador should have a copy. For sale 
by all newsdealers. Price, so Cent* per copy, or 
it w 1 1 he tent postpaid, on receipt of price, by tho 
publishers. Address 

IT W. -8th St.. We— York. 



trombone, to double Baritone; Cornet for n and 
".. t'urnet. to double 2d Violin; Double Bass and 
Tuba. A long and pleasant engagement to the 
light, party. r>R McLELLAND'S KAVA KINO 
CO.. Mt. Vernon, Mo. 


Send yonr negative to priht from or a photo to 
copy. Fatore Husband or wife Photos, white, 
black. Visible or invisible, *2 per 1,000. Send for 
•amnio. WKWHT. Ph... *.. iWm-n. w. j 

Chicago:The Gault House 

Kiimpesn Plan. AH outside rooms. Bleam heated, 

Electric lighted. Elevator daj and night. 
ROOMS, 13.(0 up, SINGLE, t* .50 up, DOUBLE. 



DUNKING EYES," Great Song Hit. 


CAN." Song and Dance. 


March. Song and Chorus. 


Played by Brooks' Marine Band. 


Drinking Song and Chorus. 

Copies Free to the Profession. 




SORT, rartlcs having new amusements or attrac- 
tions can make satisfactory term'.. Apply at once. 
Pi er Hi, Light Street, Baltimore, Md. 

Great Discovery. Experts 

i an not detect 1' fromgeu- 

. . ulne illamoud. Custs b;t 

one-tcnTli. In brilliancy and cul It has no equal. 

Settlor solid gold. Write ror Illustrated i auloguo. 

— fk * cat, " 



. Depl. 0.. SSS Dearborn St. 




Wri I » 






Beached by Two Trolley Lines, BtiplU 8ohodulos nml Suporb Efiulpatonts, TJnlvorsal TranBfers. 


Richmond, DEOCDVniD PAPI/ RiGHM0ND < 
Virginia. nCaCiiffUBii rnlll\. Virginia. 

Twelve Minutes Ride from the Heart of Richmond, Patronized by Thoueiuula of Pleasure Seeking People. 





Stamped with the UNANIMOUS APPR6vAL of Preas and Public, Thj-on4»ed with Thousands DAY and Night. 

Fine Double Trask Trolley Ltnos, Universal Transfers. 


The Magic City's Popular Playground. 







The entire circuit "ill be comluriwil nniler She personal sM|>«rvIsnn of MR. W'E'.LS, and in 
conjunction wltl. hit ChAIn at* Theatres. VfUl ha iu*ii»g«il on lite nml scale of liberality 

s__v_r _% WkM •_■ __"> ■"• _ ss. —i" _*■% n_i ■*■%» — _"* To Commnnlcal* »ltli the Various C'oastrucllitn Cnmpanlf*. 
W A*. I>l ■ Cm l_sf JK 1 *Vs<f r^a ♦V_«- BS- • INVENTOKH, 1LH1-HO«iI«TS, IVOVKLTV MERCHANTS, and 
ihflee who are In a position to offer amm piii ilerlres itiliable for a f*nillF resort. 

sud nil SENSATIONAL KKATUIIKM of Kverj- Oesorlptlon, Wanted for 




Alto IIKV1IV TO CONSlDlflR say Ai.ianeiuent Proposltlrin far INOoon PRRP'OUM VrU-Ks, Speclaeular, Operallr, Oramatle, 
VauitsvtllH ror the Summer Theatres. AVIL1. HI'v or SIIAHK. Atlilrcss 


JAKE WELLS, President and Gen. Manager, P. 0, Box 197, RICHMOND, VA. 


niSCRIPTlOS. Fiom (lovcrnmcnt. Auction. 
No manor v>iiat joii want In tbat lino 1 can 
sn"*i>lv It. Now or eecoDil lianrt. Send for 
caialoguc. II. B. AHIIAI1AMS, 

222 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

"Tell It To Me" 



For aalo on an trains and news stands, or bj 
mall, IBe. Address KZRA KKNDAI.I,, 
50 Soath 7th At,, Ht. Vernon, H. V. 


At moderate prices. Large stock, Immense 
varletr. Illustrated Catalogue Krco. Now Msm- 
moth catalogue Just l>sueil, zoc. New list ol too 
bargains tn (hie anpnratiia lor 2c. stamp. 

A. nOTF.RBKKH, !7« Ontario St., Chicago. 


Cabinet Photos ot ynnr-elf for selling, (3 per 100. 
ttt per 1,000. EdcnaCAHUONA finish. Wood photo. 
rilTlirjC HDSHANll Oil WIFK PIK/TOft, $2.00 
lUI Lint FORTUNES, Wo. Samp.lOo. 
PirlT US nil I it re For Fnturo Photos, Lorers 
dLUI lYlALfniiltO cards 
EDE>I A studio, 60S Arcb St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 



HEHNEGAH * CO„ Cincinnati 

m __ __r C_ FOB LEASE. SUB 

nU/\1N.%9 OB STOBAQE. . . . 

Bepairl and Alteration! Mado. 



PA«8K8. CARDS. Kle. Write tor Sampl'-. 
Webb Fig. Co., 358 Dearborn St., Cblcago, III. 



liy i:sTlli;lt WII.IH'lt. 
A Four fame Watts Song, nml rurli itUccecdrDa; wis* Netler tlinu Iho iir^'Cdlng MM. 

" J¥9 r. a O f^-l ES" 

Hi iiammdni) nml k.m;i:i-I'|-.ii. 

A rngK.v, i.'imiii M.ii.k. wlirm bulh iiullnir nml r.Mii|i.iM'r did lliclr best, 


iiv a. T. nosi:. 

Tin- lovnr himws v/iiy. nnd CS|illilllH hliiisi'lf III Hiilig. II U exrellenl, 
l"nr ii luu i int stnni|i mid Into programim; we will nut II ymi piufcsHliiiiiil copies. No eiirils. 

PIOHEEB MUSIC PUB. CO., 202 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago, III. 


The Srronil of His NKAI. AND llllilKl.v Series. 


Companion In "A HOUTHF.IIN' I.UXAIIV," liy tlii.-Miiuis Ciiiiipo»crs. 
ProfCHSlounl cojiIch free for recent prnitnun-. HciiiKli:, In Mlanin« for oruhost rations fur hold | 
toiiRH. illl,l. A IIF.NHIIAW, I'uhlUltsrs, New Iberia. Vn.. 


•'C.MtNIII.lA.N"' (ireimn 1'nlut, ISonge, Colli Creitm, IVmilers, Slnkc up 
lliwii : In fnil. I'verylliiii^' in.-rileil liy profcHHloiinls. Heml 1 cenN In 
kIiiiii|h (or riiiiilnjjiii' "('," llliistrnted, mid Ichwiiiii la "Art of Milking -up. " 



WORKMANSHIP OUARANTEKU, Short Vamp and Stage Lasts 

niwftjson hand. Mall orders Filled. Fit gnaranteed, 


Tol. COS Madison Hnusre, 60OSUth Are., noarilst Street, H. T. 



w RITE FOR C'ATAI.OOUK. I.PUI8 VITAK, "Uept. P.," IPS Walissh Aft., Uhlctgo. 


SlIAsfal CDC eiinill ICO ula '"- B*um% anns, nouing Globes. Hoops, 

Jll_l_iL_.l1 _B _bIII*I*L ___■■ atiWlrowalkers'Appiirstas, Roman Axes. Htampfor 
vWHUaakllW WW! ■ -Masr! - OaUlog and list. Kdw. Van Wick. UUcinnatM). 

^*_r» r% V"f*nrrcc__JAi "'*« TW PMESSIoM TRUNK 

BjE I\ # Iru/ILOOIUWU^ li made of Finnic, and Is GUAItANTBKD oy Its 
rmf-m § *■ Wu_.....>_l laalttr. It U light lii weight. Thlalathe tmnk tbst 

JLJ r kJU TRUNKS) £ "SBSSar W r»i7't t" 









Real Live Songs for Real Live Singers (You're One) by Real Live Authors 







No. 3. 

No. 4. " 

No. 6. 
No. 6. 


No. 9 

Off nit, l March Song HI nee "Bin* Ball" 
Same writ em. 

It) Great Slides for tills. 

Great Child Senaj; » 
hare Winner. Better 
„?'"" p '«»«« Come and 
Play in My Yard. 
18 Pine Sfldea Ready. 

The Only r«*lt 

Dutch March Son. 

oa the Market, 

Companion Song to "Keep 
a Little Coxy Corner in 
Vour Heart for Me," aaa 
Twice aa Pretty, 

Halt Hits- FTamher. The liett toon Rone 
Published In l»r,. * 

Clever Ward* Written to 
TbU Rollicking March lilt. 
It', a Great "Winner. 

The SUvelleal 

ll-airlptlre Ballad of All Tisnei, 

IK of the Fine.f PI. lares r.Ter. 


Conversation Hong and Dane* 
Good for a. 4, 6 

Or Big Number. 


The Demand for Tills Bong Ha. 
Compelled Da to Get Out New 
Slldea, Whlrh Are Great. 

HUSTLING ED. ROGERS, in oharge of oar Professional Department; glad to see old friends, pleased to make new ones. THEODORE 
MORSE has two or three new ones ready. Come iu and hear them. Stop in and see AL. COOK. HENRY FRANTZEN. BOB NOLAN, JACK 
and pleated to serve yon. 



TheblggcFt offer evornmdua band or orchestra man. 15 number* guaranteed, 3 an a 
premium Tor immediate subscription (mentioning THE CLIPPER) audi a month for a 
I year, or you mav soleoi. nor 8 dauce numbers to begin with, or we will latent them Tor 
you, and jou will receive 1 a month for ; months, all for sl.OO. 





Send for Samples and Prices. 

Orchestrations ready In wnrlon. keya for all of the above. State your key when writing In for arrangements. Only friends we know get 'em. Others send late program me »; if you don't we won't answer. 
We have) II Slide gno ga In our catalogue. Write for Slide letter, telling all about the aongs anil how to get the plctnrea for them. 





3E3S1- 3 "7 tin STKEET, WEW 







AM, KlftD- OF .L^-KACHMH AND ™P™[™. V , BWS WNQ 9UDK g f K4p . 

,'j , A FEW NEW ONES: 

"Crack Shot Plilol." "Hercules Shoulder and Ann Tfsl," "Samson automatic," "Btrdophone," "Oalloscope" Picture Machine, "Oloomy Qns Slrenoth" Ma- 
chine, "flat Married" awihlne, and dozens ot others. Mew ones coming all the time. 
* rite tor price, sod printed matter, When in New York call on me. 

f.S, ZIMMERMAN, 5 E. 14th Street, New York. 








401 Strand, London, 

PORRITJN SUBSCRIPTIOno. - - - - _, 8a. 8d. Jf"»_ J&*9 

PROFESSION AI. ADVERTISEMENTS. - «•. M.. ■■■«■• L / £ 0, ""»* !XA 

HLDU., where advert lasiqinte will be received. Copies on fllo. 

Surf Avenue, Coney Island 

FOR. RKNT, for the Reason of 1900, a large 
luitldlDg-. soxlZu; nexc to Dream'and Park, with a 
Hue entrance on snrt Avenue, on (tie best side ol 
the best block on tno Avenne. Bubdlrg contains 
Theatre and other hails and floors. Big money 
could l>9 hail with lbs right kind of a show. Kent 
very low. Apply I.. A. THOMPSON, 

Bcenlc Railway Oo, an Broadway. New York. 






UP. and MRS 

MK. snil WU8. 

oi.lik ufora, 

MB. and MRS. 


GEO* RIO. 31 \xr. ^aa «t. 

I've Intoroitort these performers. BRONX LOTS 
Ward, N. Y. Cliy. 

A. C. RIO, 

MR. and MRS. FBUN, 


For Stock Companies, for Repertoire Companies, for Amateurs 

ntnuaimant, Negro Hays, Paper. Scenery, Mrs. Jarlays Wax 
Works. Catalogue Free! Free I Free I S* 

SAMUEL FRENCH, 17 W. 22d St., New York. 


.. .. . . ."_ -/ ! ■». _ c~....i~. IV.H..M n.nH tnr .11 nr mart nf ih. Hnrnrnpr are Invited 

Park Manage rs CeslrniK of engaging a Rr-perlor Concert Band for a'l or part of the Somnier are Invited 
--•—•'■ ■"■■» - KUAN, Wilmington. Dela. All communications regarding •Sept. ■ |or later 
BURKE, Care ot Keli It's Booking onices,8L James llidg., N.Y . City. 

in nsumsiislll with JOHN H 
hbnulil i« addrcsted to 

J. K. 


Through the Matrimonial Agency ; 775, The 
Gay Deceivers ; 750, Highway Robbery ; 
575, Iiow Jones Lost His Roll ; 81)0, The Un- 
expected Wedding: 473, Rescued by Rover; 
574, The Young Tramps: 300, First Night 
Out ; 350. On a Vacation Trip : tiSO. The 
Blacksmith's Daughter ; 525, Fun On n 
Knrm : 600. The Adventurous Automobile 
Trip, Etc, Etc. U IIK1V,, Maker of Stcreop 
1 1 cons, 3 02 E. 23d St.. New Yo rk. 



have on band a large assortment of .lightly worn 
Evening Gowns, Dinner, Reception and Tea Gowns. 
These robes are perfect In every respect, and are 
especially suitable for wear in llIQu CLASS DRA- 
MATIC PRODUCTIONS, We ha,c s mil line ol 
Seal Skin Coats and Pars of all kinds. 
MRS. B. STARR, SOT South Bute St., CHICAGO. 




Largest stock la America. Wigs made to order. Fnll line of paints, pewaen 
and cold oream. Send for catalogue "0" to either place, _. ._ 
114 WKST jjtt St.. N. T.: Ohlcsgo Opera House glonk Chlcato. 


Acd tig Uttat and Most Popular Stylaa In Ladle. Hair Drwlii- 

A. M. IIl€H & CO., 

119 N. Ninth Street, ----- P>iU«Ulpata. 

AY UH£a,®S4i«IJs PA^NT .nd r P0WDEB. 

MteVlCKEIt'S THKATHE, Chlenno, lis. ffelephoae— Central, 804. Ben, tor Catilotnt. 

El II 





thorough but simple method ctpmliml in our 
booklet Bent PKSN to all. We will sell your songs 
ami music to publishers Tor 10 pnr cent commis- 
sion. Write today. CHICAGO INSTITUTION 
OF MUSIC, UU33 Mic hi gan Ave, Chicago . 

■■■■-JSkafavQ. SUINDDELM, 118 W. 

■If I fl O 20tb St., N. Y. The up-to- 
Hlf Ilal3*t>(l»tc THEATRICAL WIG 

■ ■ lUfJUASElL Send stamp for 

■ ■ ■ ^*" ^ new Price List, Just oot. 


Now Is the time to bny Carousels cheap for cash, 
come and see them. KRKMKR'S CAROUSEL 
WORKS, 2M lltli Ave., U I. City. N. V- 


Reading and Recitation Books. 
Catalogues free. All dramatic 
papers mailed. 

U Washington St., Chicago. 

To apply for lowest rates at Tiulg's Bzeauge OrtlM, 

1M Bast Hth St, V.I., aerman IjMJM 

BaUdlng. Tel., 30W Orameroy. ffttT^ 

Slanealg. All printed matter and uit. tree. 


Anything and everything In this line for stage purposes, for special loenerle. and occasion*, an- 
jrool or otherwise. Write for my large Catalog 0, whlon will be of great valne to yon. 

CARL NKTbCHKRT, l«Q Watbaah Awe., OMff- _ 




AND . 


We write Muslo to yonr words. Introduce a«a 

_popnlarlEe. Send in M&S-., 
, SIB Enterprise Blilg., 


188 BT. 7TH BT., PHIL. A. 


. CRANE, costumes. =ss,,»«* 

■ wBBfsaiWBatj ESTIMATES GIVEN. IMS Broadway. »»» ''"'- 





you will use it sooner or '» te !i..^" 
If not pleased. Send 'of «'» l0 ^* *, 
110 W. 40th 8T„ «■ »• 

lng trunk 
money back 






Februae v* 3, 


Just a year ago we announced the arrival of our flrat born, "MAMMA' 
Imitation), 'TLL BE WA ~ 

^•8 ROY," closely followed by "THERE'S A DARK MAN COMING WITH A BUNDLE. ' "EVERYBODY WORKS _B^ FATHER; (The Real II!,, . 
ITING IN TOE GLOAMING, SWEET GENEVIEVE." and others, but these were our leader*. We also pobliahed ALL TOE BONO HITS OF LEW DOCKSTADKH 8 BIO MINSTREL CO. 


Remember, Rome wasn't built In a single flay, and neither waa oar business, bat ROMEBGLOBY IS PAST, AND WE HAVENT GOT GOING YET. 





Wonli li y C. M. DENISON. Mailc by J. FRED. I1KLF. 

The World'. Huter Ballad. The Most Tantfal Song of the Century. 


The Slides for this, song we Guarantee to be the Finest In the World. They must be. We won't handle any but the best. We wager 11,000 that no publisher or Illust rators ever produced their 




Ever-* Funnier Thar. "Kverybedy \A/or\«m Bu-c Father." •* 

• It 

verybedy Works But 

Written by JEAN C, II AVEZ. gam. Writer who Discovered "Father." Featured by Same Singer, LEW DOCKSTADER, who made "Father" seek a poaltloa. 

Published by HELF & 11ACKR, Same Publishers who made ••Father" go farther than any Sobs; of the season. 
Tbla Is a Oenulne Sons. Not a Successor to "EVERYBODY WORKS BUT FATHER." Imitations never happen, neither do successors, but trailers always land. 


Take our Word for It, tbla Song will be a Greater success than "FATHER." Hear Dockstader alng It If you want to laugh. • > 





Words by ED, MADDEN, writer ot "Bine Bell," "Feeling For Yon," "Please Play In My Yard," Etc. 
Huslc by J. FRED HELF, writer or "Mamma's Boy," "Sweet Genevieve," "A Bit o' Blarney ," Etc. 













The reigning Ballad Hit of the Country. Sung and Illustrated more than any ballad on the market. Since 
July 1, 11)05, this song has been sung and featured at no leas tban ten theatres weekly In N. Y. City alone. No quar- 
tette, singing or Illustrated act Is complete without this ballad. 
SLIDES. Send for Orchestrations, In any key, at once. SLIDES. 




A Great Song, that will be a great big bit on lta merits alone. Nothing like It on the market today. If 
haven t heard It, take our tip and send lor It at once. Yon will thank us for giving you something good. 
Orchestrations In any key. 





Words and Muslo by RALPH POST. 







Great for Song and Dance Acts. 
Great for Big Numbers. 

Great for Single Acts. 
Great for Any Act 




I T O ' B 1- A RNEY? 

These two numbers brightened up your act. We wrote them. If you want some 
good, bright, sparkling music to add life to your act, 





No On* Oan Tnk»> Your Piaoo. 
Kvory $ Oarrlaa Troubles of It's Own. 
Ths Waltx Muat Ohange. To m March, Marie 








If you want a Great Coon Song, with a Crying Chorus, send for this »:i 

of Anna 

at once. 








Slides made by ELITE LANTERN SLIDE CO. Write them personally. 


207 W. 34th ST., N. Y. CITY. 

Ths rvi 


Who's Thsrs? 
•••■«• of ths Old Ohurohy Boll. 
>A/or*s» Bu* rathor (Deohstadar's)- 


HELF & HAGER CO., Music Publisher 

a*8 \A/. 26th ST., N. Y. 





-George Walter Brown, Hat Oiborne, George Pox, B. Bay Goeti, Pred W. Baser, Lew Leever and J. Pred Belt always on hand to attend to yonr wants. 





Others Did, and ti&sy tell Us that the BIT of their Aot is 



It Has Two Very Cood Qualities. Can Be Used Either as a Coon Song or a Bal lad. It's One of the Make Good Kind. 

A Picnic • Two" 


Is Still the Reigning Hit of the Country. This Song Will Infuse New Life into Your Act. 



Is Undoubtedly the Most Beautiful Ballad of This Style Ever Written. The Kind You Like to Sing. Great for Quartettes. 

IMMWd Copl.. .ad to All Recognized Performer.. Published In TIlTCC KOVS. 


*%0 Wast 

teth St.. 




And All Other. 

Stat fir CATALOG. Kntto Uil 7nM 

Special Attention Given toe Profession 

Western Uniform Go. 

214 8. CLARK ST. 



Substantial, load, par. 
In tone, easy to tune ana 
play. Photo., reference!, 
oatalogue, with toll in- 
formation How to 
Play QUmh succesa- 
fnlly, will be aeat on re- 
ceipt of 10c. A. Bran nelsi, 
-» Olaaaophone Mtg., Arena., Brooklyn, 8. Y. 

24 ART OEMS 2Bo. 



Beautifully reproduced In book form 
on enamel paper. Foil length, alze 
6X9. Sent prepaid for 25n„ together 
w tli Illustration. ' of 360 Famous 
PalntlmrB. "^ 

Dept J , 1212 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 

Fin MiglHl Appiritw 

•rand End of Century, foal 

Hluatrated. BOOl 


LOOCE, asc, free by audi 

" atalogna of Parlor tricks tnt 


JSKaA Mm Sa-» «■ W*a ■LAI 

tea Sixth Ave. . S. T. 




For Good Orchestra. Address 

J. E. C, care of CLIPPER, New York. 



| *nd MaslcAl Compos tloni. W. 
[ u-T*n.« mni popularise Addraa 

|1M M...MU* Bill . Calcare, IS 

In all matter.. The; County 
Law and Collection Asao- 
clatlnn. Suite IDS. World Bnlldlwr. 








their Hew. Hovel and Original Idea, AT I.IIIF.UT V aenxon or 1U0II, for Vaude- 
ville, Parka, Pair, or Pint CIrm Circuit. The Only Art of II. Kind. 
Ca. Vie Another Boy Top Mounter, 10 Yuri old, not weigh- 
ing over tiBlbs. Good Amateur Preferred. 


" S V ** S " 



3. - ^' ■ 


Y , 


* r i •' 

r 1 


1 - 

mmm&8mm^L\ m 

Addrea. all communication! to DEL-FIN PACHKCO. Manager, 

3411 Wet iasth St , New York.H. Y.,or Flr.t Clae. Agent!. 



JSTABL isnEQ. m lags- or i-i GA ULT 1./ RDAll/ajr 
Mr*«.*» MRS-- A W. BROWNE '.'.'', I IhlkOh jl CMICAOO 

Winslows Skates 


Are TJftd Exclusive- 
ly by the Beat Blnka. 
We bare (he Largest 
and But Equipped 
Wo-'ta In tb. World 
for Making 

I O E^ 





The Increasing popularity or Boiler 
Skating baa opened a larger field Ibaa ever 
before for this popttlar amueemeaat. 









faithfully yours, COLLIN DAVIS and FRANK T. RICHMOND. 

[-Professional Copies and Orchestrations to Recognized Performers or Those Sending Up lo Date Programs-J9sTO O ARJDS* 
irSVjiinAnBlK mSt SCP.TtT.3, 1*1. I>li>sl soiv^s, 

WITMARK BUILDING. 144-146 W. 37th St., New York. Look for the Bee Hive Clock Tower. 



February 3, 






21 South Eighth Strc t. 

Our 1906 "MARVEL" EXPO- 
SITION MODEL is acknowl- 
edged to be the most perfect 
Our improvements are of such 
great importance that nobody 
will buy any other make of 
Moving Picture Machines after 
having seen our 





For Top and Bottom Rewlnder, 
820 EXTRA. 


The Wreckers 


Limited Express' 


L.ngth, 700 P^««t 

PRICE - - $^r7.oo 

This outfit Complete, INCLUD- 
RHEOSTAT for direct or alter- 
nating current, ALSO CALCIUM 




For Top and Bottom Rewlnder, 

820 EXTRA. 

Labia's Feature Films Draw the Crowd. 

9BEAT THill ROBBERY • • • 600ft. Price $66.00 
BOLD B1IX B0BBEBT .... 600ft Price 66.00 
IEET IE AT THE P0UHTAII • • 475ft Price 52.25 
THB0neHthelATBIB0IIALABEICT700[t. Price 77,00 

FOH 01 THE FABI 525ft. Price 57^75 

HIBHWAT B0BBEBT .... 750ft. Price 82.50 
TEE COUHTEBFEITEBS .... 700ft Price 77.00 
LIFE OF A IEW YORK F0LI0EIAI 610ft. Price 67.11 
BURIED AT THE STAKE ■ ■ • 585ft Price 54.35 
AB0UBD IEW YORK II 15 IIIDTES 050ft. Price 104.50 


One of the lost Desperate Blng Fights Ever Known. Complete in Thirteen Hounds. LENGTH, 1,800 FEET. PRICE, $275. 


All Our Films Class A, Price, II Cents Per Foot. Our Beautifully Illustrated Catalogues Free of Charge. 






Trouble Upstairs. Trouble Downstairs. Trouble on the Stairs. 
Trouble all over the House. 
If you have been looking for a good, snappy comedy screamer, 
full of ginger and action, 

8 18 IT! 





Selling like hot cakes on a cold day. 

Now making a sensation everywhere. The American Comedy Film 

Par Excellence. 







5)1 Stat* St., Chicago. 111. 8a», Cat. 


4S Ilup.rt St., London, England. 

FILM 4i Cts. ,«&. 

Aladdin. 6T0. Sapho, 334. Joan of Arc, eel. 
Great Temple Procession. SOO. Sailor Dance, 247. 

Automobile Race, KM. 

Visit to a Spiritualist, 7T. Mysterious Knight, 161. 

Mephlsto, 67, Etc. 

Bargains in Motion Picture Machines, &t. 


JET, AS NEW (76 


AS NEW »75 


OON, with ELECTRIC Lamp and Rheostat, ( * 4a 


fM| ||A BrUt-Nelson Fight (fac-slmlle), 

I" 1 1 HA Wonders of the Deep, Hiawatha, 

■ ■■■■"■» Fire Bug, Daylight Burglary, 
Cinderella, Faust and Marguerite (MelleB), Jeffrey- 
Bnhlen Fight, Holy City, Edison Boll Fight, etc. 


SOIll SLIDES, $5 Per Set 





ARNOLD OA8 OUTFIT (old style) M 

ARNOLD GAS OUTFIT (new Btyle) $21 


FILM 6 CTS fo e o b t. 

Leap Frog, 69ft.; Lake Scene, Italy, et; Street 
Scene, India, M; Troubles of House Cleaning, 204; 
Baby Show, 173; Miniature Railway, 76; Coasting 
In Norway, 120; Stop that Bass, 167; Diving Lucy, 
06; Train with Five Engines, 63; Baltimore Fire, 
336; Uncle Josh at Picture Show, 117, etc., etc. 





Rex* Star Stereopticon $21.50 



CONDEN SERS »SI. &tl jk 



Ill X CO. IBST- 

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Cliloago Headquarters 
For Picture ^Mnolxines 


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Copyright, 1806, by the Fr»nk Queen PnblUhlng Company ( Limited) . 

Founded by 


VOLUME LIU. -No. 51. 
Prloe 10 Cent*. 

irrirv.n/miMJiwiB •*» 







541 Feet. $64.92. 

The scene opens, showing the inside of a small country theatre. 
The stage is occupied by a number of actors, singing and dancing, 
among them a most attractive young soubrettc. 

A group of soldiers arc making their way towards the door be- 
cause it is time for them to return to their barracks. 

A young officer, who has fallen in love with the pretty dancer, 
decides to go back to the place of merriment and having spent all 
his money, he steals some of the regiment's funds and with great 
difficulty manages to elude the guards. 

He arrives at his sweetheart's home and showers upon licr 
pretty gifts. While she is thanking him, the door opens and officers 
arrest the deserter. He is led back to his garrison, deprived of the 
insignia of his rank and sentenced to prison in sight of bis fellow 

The heartbroken proud old father comes to see him and gives 
him a revolver to end his disgraceful career. 



557 Feet. $66.92 

This scene is taken in Russia, and shows us Socialists at their 
meeting place. They are surprised by Imperial Guards, and a young 
girl, accused with murder, is taken prisoner and condemned to exile 
in Siberia. On the way to this horrible country she dies of fatigue 
and exhaustion, and her brother, when notified, resolves to avenge 
her death. ITc succeeds in throwing a bomb into the royal palace. 
A terrible explosion occurs, and many of his antagonists are killed. 


366 Feet. $43.26 

A very dramatic scene, in which a highwayman robs a young 
woman, and finally strangling her, throws her from the train. Peas- 
ants find the body. They revive her, telegraph ahead, and cause the 
bandit's arrest. He is brought before the judge and identified by the 
young woman. 


416 Feet. $48.26 

A very comic film in which a loving young couple is continually 
disturbed by different callers. 

Suddenly the husband returns and the gay lothario is compelled 
to sleep in the open to avoid discovery. Next morning he is dis- 
covered by the police and there follows a comic scene in a tailor shop. 





The Entire Set of 39 Pictures, 

PRICE $254.64 

The Life of Hoses - • 524Feet. Price $62.88 
Joseph Sold By His Brethren - 623Ftet. Price $74.76 
Prodigal Son - - - 475 Feet. Price 557.00 

RHEOSTAT, 50 Amperes, 110 Volt 
Beet 4 1-2 In. Imported CONDENSER Lens 

Two Condensers In Mount 

10 In. REEL, Verv Strong - - - 

LIMES, Per Tin of (2 - - - - 


Pathe Cinematograph Co., 




- 85c 
- 90c 

Ri55 Clipper 5 

Anecdotes. Personalities anil Comments, 


STiGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


continued Carroll, "yon cii't always be 
sure of ple.Blng the audience— you might be 
blued " 

"Oh, that's nothing," exclaimed the as- 
pirant, "I've acted out on the atage two or 
three tlmea already, and once me and an- 
other fellow did a turn where we got to the 
middle of our act when Bomeone yelled, 
'Rotten V and began Musing good and loud." 

"Well, what did you do then?" asked Car- 

"I didn't have to do anything," continued 
the aspirant, "the next minute the atage man- 

Joseph II. Arthur, manager of "Next Door" 
Co. last season, telle tbe following Incident 
that happened on board a train when tbe 

company was en route from one Ohio town to ager hollered 'Hooka!' and a fellow on each 
another: side of the atage reached out a book that 

An Inspiring beginner had Just Joined, nnd, looked like an Ice toog, and pulled us off. 

No. 8T. 
On this week's cartoon page will be to- -,i 
Impressions of Henri De Vrlei, In bis v \,. 
derful Impersonations of seven distinctly . ■• 
ferent characters, In "A Case of Ar.iv ■■ 
Tony Pastor, "the dean of vaudeville,' |. 
also represented, together with Sell i id 
Richards, Carl Brebmer, Mr. and Mrs. V. iV 
Shaw, Brazil and Brazil, Dolph and 8'i<la 
Levlno, I.eonzo, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Stevun 
and Belle Hathaway', baboon, acts cv! . ji 
were on last week'. 6111 at Pastor'. Th eaii . 

Under t»e Cents.^ 


as he sat near the door, was the first member 
to lie met with the conductor's usual de- 
mand, "Tickets!" Apparently he never had 
heard the customary reply, "Company," for. 
with evident pride, he quickly answered: 



Marshall 1'. Wllder's publicity bureau Is 
distributing tbe following account of the 
little humorist's forethought. Telephoning to 
flurrclle, the popular press clipping man, be 
kuIiI : 

"You gather up clippings from all the 
newspapers when men die, don't you ?" 

"We do," was the reply. 

"And make them into obituary volumes?" 
continued the laughmakcr, very seriously. 

"We do," was the same laconic answer. 

"Well, then," aald Wilder, "I want you 
to collect all the clippings concerning my 

"But you're not dead yet, are you?" came 
the question over the wire. 

"Not I," said Wilder, "hut I want you to 
take the order now, and make the memorial 
when I do happen to die. You see," he ex- 
plained, "I've Just made my will,. and In It 
I've set aside n certain aura for this sort of a 

"May It be a long time before we have to 
(111 the order," was Burrelle's hearty wish as 
lie "rung off." 

and," be added, "since that split I've decided 
to work single." 

We append a partial Hat of the Whiter 

quarters of tent snows concerning which in- 
formation Is at hand. Corrections and audi- 
tions are Invited to enable the publication »f 
wi„ir r«i. nnd idniene Cotton are nightly nmended lists In subsequent Issues, as li l<i 
Nick Long ana iaaiene union are "■«""£ de ,| rc to catalogue the permanent b ,d- 
adding to their tremendous success wltn _ IlllrteM 0I a n tented organlzstions : 
their never Impersonation, of well known American MuBcum and Vaudeville Shows, 
Theplans, besides doing considerable original ^^ Hot'sprlugs', \& 

work that Immensely pleases their audiences, 
Miss Cotton (Mrs. Long) relates an experi- 
ence that at the time seemed extremely 
serious, but at which she now langb. heartily, 
it happened Id Sacramento, Cal., when .he 
was traveling with her father, tbe famous old 
favorite, Ben Cotton, who was presenting a 
big melodrama of his own. 

It was opening night, and the big situation 
of the play was at the end of the third act, 
where the "villain" was supposed to wreck a 
"lightning express" train. At the last mo- 
ment the properly man discovered that he 
had no one to assist him In running the fast 
train across the stage. The climax had ar- 
rived, when tbe hero and the "villain" were 

Al. Steele's Big 25 Cent Shows, 

Vandergrift Heights, hi. 

Barnum & Bailey. Bridgeport, Cotra, 

Ofuce, 25 W. 34th St.. New York. 
Backer's, Dad, Terra Alta, Preston Co.,W.Va. 
Blank's, J. J., "U. T. C." Co. .. Pittsburg, i'a. 

Buchanan Bros Des Moines, la. 

Busby Bros Pano, ill, 

Ronheur Bros Augusta, Ok. Tor. 

Brown's United Shows, 

717 So. Beach St., Syracuse, X. Y. 
Buffalo Bill's Wild West, 

46 Avenue Rapp, Paris, Kr. 
Buckskin Bill's Wild Weat.. . .Paducah, Kv. 

Bartlne's, Chas Connersvlllc, Ind. 

Burke's Big Show Lincoln, Neb. 

Brown's Combined Little Rock, Ark. 

Colorado Grant's Oswego, Knn. 

Clnrk Bros Atoka, Ind. Tor. 

Clark's United Shows Alexandria, i*r 

struggling desperately up and down the stage ^^^y.:::^^^^^ 

the cue bad been given for the train to rush CanaQa Frank Tipton, la. 

bv. When It failed to rush on time they Downle's, Andrew .....Medina, N. Y. 

oil.. In tbe wait with some more desperate ^^B^V^I^r^^fiSvlut Yjt 

struggling. The property man, In despolr, Klsonbartta, E. B.....'. Marietta, O. 

accented the offered aid of Miss Cotton, who, Ely's, Geo. S Meridian, Tex. 

after quick directions took her place behind fm^^^^lJ^A^. 

the property train, taking tight hold of It, Floto Showg Denver, Col. 

ready to push. Suddenly tbe little actress Finn, Thos L., & Co Hooslck Falls, N. Y. 

was jerked off H » tert, «* tt» Mrtfr ^«™ r^V; »•.•.;• «g» |fe 

stant the audience beheld gllmpBes of a skirt M-i-i. % roB Detroit, Mich. 

One of Wilder s stories concerns a clever am , „ palr , fect flylng through the air at ,,.„_ RoIla Terre Haute, Ind 

retort by a man of great weight, whose ac- tne end " or tne rushing "express." Then both 
cumulation of adipose tissue was a source y| sa cotton and the property man collided 
of annoyance to the bearer of It. A very w | tn a pi ece { scenery that sent them roll- 
tall, lank Individual, wishing to remark | og do WD the embankment, while howls of 
something funny In reference to bis friend', Slighter were sent up by the audience, 
rotundity, said : , i | 

"Say, Tom, If I had your fat I'd feel like 
going out and hanging myself." 

"If I ever conclude to do so," said the 
short, fat man, slowly surveying the other 
from the tip of his toe to the top of bla 
bond, "I'd take you for the noose — you're 
long enough to lie." 

A first cousin of this story is one told of 
two actors who arc playing In a Broadway 
production, whose relations are not alto 
gcthcr friendly, each taking frequent oppor 
tunltlcs of adverse criticism concerning the 
work of the other. Finally, a few days ago, 
one of them, overbearing a caustic remark 
mndo by the other concerning bis playing 
of a certain scene, turned to him and ex- 
claimed : 

"If I were as bad an actor as you, I'd go 
and sit on a tack." 

"It I concluded to do so," retorted tbe 
other, "I'd sit on yon — you're alwayB so 
pointed In your remark.." 

The loquacity of n young woman buying 
a ticket nt the box ofllco window of a promi- 
nent New York theatre, one afternoon last 
week, was auddenly checked by the remark 
of a abort young friend of the treasurer, 
named Duncan, who stood near h tin In tbe 

The sale was a busy one, and tbe treasurer 
had no time for conversation with the buyers. 
This fact, however, did not deter the young 
woman from an attempt to have a little 
friendly talk with him, and began by asking : 

"What has become of that nice young man 


The Progressive Minstrel Manager 

rr. iiiil»m Many Startling Novel- 
tie, and n Monster Company 
for Next Season. 

John W. Vogel, the minstrel manager, 
whose name Is well known throughout the 
United StateB, promises great surprises for 
tbe Benson of 1D00-O7. 

Despite the fact that his present organiza- 
tion borders on tbe perfection of the min- 
strel', art, his company for next Benson prom 

Gentry's Dog and Pony, ...Bloomlngton, Ind. 

Gray's, Jas. N Luverne, Minn. 

Gollmar Bro. Baraboo, Wis. 

Uagenbeck C. L. Williams, Carthage, O.— 

New York Office, 110 West 34th Street 

Home & Co Denver, Col. 

Hang, H Shrevcport, I,a 

Hall. F. W Aline, Okla. 

Hall's, Geo. W., Jr Evansvlllc, WIb. 

Karris' Nickel Plate, 

448 Douglas Bldg., Chicago. 

Hargrcavos' Chester, Pa. 

llnlfs 8how Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Hnrkness & Fox's Minstrel Circus, 

■McKcosport, l'a. 

Helner, Prof. 3. U Beauregard. Miss. 

Henry, J. B Stonewall, Ind. Ter. 

Howe's Great London Macon, Ga. 

Hlbbard'B, C. A Newbury, Vt 

Indian Bill's Wild West. . .Clifton Forge. Vr. 
Kelly's. J. J Lansing, Mich. 

- iscs to eclipse In magnificence and surprises Kenne <j, Bros Perry, Okla. 

. anything that has ever been attempted In Knight, o g Dunkirk, O. 

, minstrelsy. The company will be augmented i, an & r |«eer'B, Gus Orvllle, O. 

to one hundred members, among whom will 
be many European performer., Mr. Vogel 
bus sent n representative to scour tbe con- 
tinental music balls, and he expects to 
sign several sensational acts tho like of which 
have never been seen on this Bide of the 
water. The most sensational of them all, 
with whom Mr. Vogel la now negotiating, 
will be tbe Dlabllncs, tbe "Acrobatic De- 
mons." Offers have been made tbem by 
nenrly every American vaudeville and circus 
manager, but due, primarily, to the fact that 
they were under contract to the Cirque Clnl- 
selll, In fit,' Petersburg, for a number of 
years, It was Impossible to secure their ser- 
vices. ABlde from doing tho most hazardous 
acrobatic feats, the one big feature of their 
act consists of what la known as "La De- 
Bccntc." For this part of tbe act a running 
board Is built down the centre aisle of the 
first balcony, and, at a given signal, one of 
the trio runs at breakneck speed down tho 
runway to the balcony rait, where a small 

Lamont T3ros Salem, III. 

Lee Bros Cranston, R, I. 

Lowery Bros Shennndonb, Pa. 

Lemon Bros Argentine, Kan. 

Lee's Great London Wllkes-Bnrrc, Pn. 

Lucky Bill Box 202, Qucnemo, Kon. 

Mead Dog and Pony Show.. .Brooklyn, N. V 
Mnrtln Bros.' Amusement Enterprises, 

Savannah, Qa. 
Mackay's European Circus, 

61 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

McDade's Owlngsvlllc, Ky. 

Norrls ft Rowe's San Jose, Cal. 

Noble's, Cbas Charleston, 8. C. 

Orton, R. Z Ortonvlllo, la. 

Orrln ISros City of Mexico, Mexico. 

Publllones Cafe Central, Havana, Cuba. 

Pan-American Show Dodson, Mo. 

Pawnee Bill's Wild West Canton, O. 

I'errlno, E. W Eaton Rapids, la. 

nippol Frankfort, Ind. 

Reed's, A. H Vernon, Ind, 

ESSSWll Tonsured. • HererwltrA "lea"* ggg| Broj- • • ■ >4J™fj£% 

he seemingly flies straight out across the SShww'i? a Jersev Cltv 

heads of the audience, seated below, land- Bobbins, F. A..... ...... ...... Jersey w. 

ing onto the shoulders of hi* two. partner. Rlco . gDog 4 I n ' Q Y p r n 1 y S < 2 e wa | 1 r |ew Albanv,% 

standing upon the stage. This act Is posi- 
tively the most death defying feat ever 

dreamed of, and one which has caused a Ben 
tat ion second to none. '■ 

Several tableaux, both of which In the 

matter of expense and gorgeousness, will 

with the dark moustache who sold tickets equal anything ever presented In, this coun- 

hore a while ago V" try, will lend to the- olio part of the 

Not wishing to prolong tbe conversation, P-W^rne. One, .entitled. "The. Acolyte'. 

on account of the waiting line behind the 
fair questioner, and thinking that a quick, 
direct reply would end It, the treasurer 
answered : 

"He's dead." lOvldeutly the young person 
had more time to spare than the treasurer, 
for she was formulating another question 
concerning the cause of the departed ticket 
seller's death, when young Duncan, antici- 
pating this, quickly came to the aid of the 
treasurer by cxclntmlug: 

"Yes, be bit this gentleman aud I bad blui 
shot!" at which the friendly young woman 
gave him n startled glance and moved away 
from tho window, thereby relieving the con- 
gestion In the crowded line of ticket buyers. 

Someone nt llic other end of tbe telephone 

vision," Is now being constructed In Paris. 
It constats of the Interior of the sacristy of 
the famous Benedictine . monks novitiate In 
tho South of France, a special artist having 
been sent there for the sole purpose of 
painting the same from actual views. In 
this acr, as a series of gauze drops are drawn 
up, Is Been one of the friars, seated at the 
monastery organ, clad In the raiment of the 
order ; the soutane, imrettn and tonsor. As 
the pealing of tbe organ lends volume to his 
chant, his fellows, clad In the same garb, 
appear through the "Gate of Silence," and 
Join In the chorus of the hymn, while above, 
In a special transparency drop, appear the 
wencB of Paradise, Hell, end the other 
famous scenes made famous In Dante's "In- 
ferno." For this act one of the beat known 

Reed's European Show Cbllllcothe, O 

Smiths, E. O Buckstown, Ta. 

Sells & Down. Birmingham, Ala. 

Stevens & Mossman St. Louis, Mo. 

Smith, Prof, narry Gratz, Pa. 

Shlpp, Edward Petersburg, III 

Steele's Clrcue.— Box 310, Mauch Chunk, l'a. 

Stewart'a, Cop Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Sun Bros Bavannah, Ga. 

Silver, Bert Blandish, Mich. 

Selhel Bros Watertown, N. V 

Rwlft Bros Golden Gate, III. 

Todt, Wm Cherrlton, Vn 

Tcots Bros Charlotte Furnace, Ky 

Udea'B Hippodrome and Wild West, 

Flanagan, III. 

Welsh Bros Lancaster, l'a. 

Wheeler, At. F Schenectady, N. X. 

Wallace Shows Peru, Ind. 

Wlntcrmute Bros Hebron, O. 

Whitney Bros Attica, O. 

Washburn A D' Alma 'a Show, Corona. L.I., N.». 
Zelmer'. Show St. Louis. 

NoTBfl FnoM E. G. 8mith's Colossol Bbovs 
ond Trained Animal Exposition.— Everybody 

icrno. roc mis act one oi me neat Known "r , Vf, , —-.-.». ..-,.-.■ — »- - -.--,,,-. 

opera Blngers from tbe Imperial Opera Co., fiteft^^^C^^RWJSP^&ffantfl 

oF Bayreuth, has been engaged, and for the 3 l L d "R'.. a .?£ nLA?. rl L iu ^ in ?i i hes of 

trnnsnarencv scenes a sneelnl namhnlnn rllo. <>' the "Little Giant" will be In the best oi 

transparency scenes a special parabolan die 
solving stcreoptlcon Is being made by Sie- 
mens & Halske, tbe famous electrical manu- 
facturers of Berlin, Germany, 

wire which Duncan was operating tbe other JJOTTOl^'iBSI* f^'ateMw*£ 
day, must Have felt the caustic reply which nSe? a*d will W entirely Sw, ^im clcc- wagon is nt the station, one 

(lie young fellow sent over the connection 
The answer to his call was a confused ar- 
ticulation of some person evidently not used 
to n telephone, finally ending with Ibc state- 
ment : 

"There's nobody here In Hie office." 

"I knew that when you started to talk," 
wns Duncan', quick rejoinder, 

Joseph Carroll, of tbe clever vaudeville 
team of comedlnus nnd dancers, Glllmore and 
Carroll, tells of a conversation with a young 
fellow who hnd no claim to the talent needful 
for the calling he wished to pursue. Tho 
asnlrnnt pcslcred Carroll with all sorts of 
questions relative -to the profession, tbe 
comedian advising the boy to give up all 
thoughts of the stage and to get n good edu- 
cation aud cuter nn olllce. 

"No Slr-ree !" exclaimed the boy, "I'm for 
vaudeville. Why, If they offered me the 
chance to be Governor of the State, I'd turn 
It down for tbree dollars a week In the show 

"But this Is n hard business- full of 
lips anil downs nnd disappointments. Anil." 

condition. Two new baggage wagoriB have 
already been built, and are awaiting the 
paint brush, and the floor of the wngon shop 
contains tho skeleton of a fine miniature cap- 
tain. Our new band 
and will be brought 
trlcal effects by the German firm. Aspc'clal ou f , t0 Winter quarters. We nro dally ex- 
car Is being built to carry the scenic nnd Pectlng the arrival of our bnnd uniforms, 
electrical equipment, while his other two drivers' coats, horse plumes and the pnran. 
ears, the Florenzla, now la commission, and paraphernalia. In the ring barn the iringKOfK 
Hie Corrodla, being rebuilt, will complete ls B°' n B through various stunts dnlly. and t - 
the rolling stock. This special train will various new pupils arc learning rapidly, w 
surpass, In minstrel expenditure and InvlBb- nenson of 1000 will see this one of the ne -. 
ness, nnythlng ever attempted by a minstrel equipped sixteen horse show In our • sccti •■ 
organization. of territory. Every wngon, except the : co'|t 

Manager Vogel will retain most of bis U0 4 Be nn d P°' e wagons, ore P,"" 108 w A g ',,'. 
present company, though he will add many and no expense will bo spared to j n>»ke o 

now singers and comedians. The company Parade one of the flashiest, for ' Us s lze ,u> 

will close earlier thlB year chan heretofore, America. Our recent "ad." In Tnn Cliuf.i 
na Mr. Vogel will Ball early in the Summer 
for Europe, to superintend nnd bring over 

the new acts and the equipment for bis 
new organization, which will be known as 
"Vogcl's Mastodon Minstrel Monarcbs." 
Negotiations are now under way for the 

brought many answers, and contracts arc 
out for some of the beat people that follow 
the red wagons. The business staff remain'' 
the same as in tho past five years. J''-. 1 ' 
Smith, general manager; Mrs. E. G. smit" 
treasurer : J. J. Ray Dee, nBBlstant manager, 
and Keller Isemlnger, general agent a* 

company to open early In the Fall, at the » u « i»<=n«» ■»«««,««, .»«»■ ">",r, ,„,i, 

Metropolitan Opera HoiiBe, In New York BOon as our roster Is complete we will mn» 

City, the home of grand opera, where a run n ro Py t0 ever faithful friend, Tub uu> 

will be had of a hundred nights, after which Uni.iAiti.n. 

he will ploy over his accustomed territory, 
though many of tho towns regularly visited 
by him will be cut out, due only to tbe fact 
Hint the locnl stages are too small to prop- 
erly produce the full presentation, and Mr. 
Vogel says he will not present an abridged 

■■■ - - + «♦■ 
Ai.FnKi) Sumo returned to England Jan. 
j:i Inst, He says he will return here next 

ConUnutd on Page USB. 


1B-V pases of THE CLIPPER will »e 
Inserted st these prleesi 

Single Column »7.5<l 

Doable Colnmn Sis. 0(1 

M r *nd M*» L»ppy Sh*w , 


Tony Pastor present^ 


Belle Halb*w>ys B»bo<m. 

MP and M* 9 C&l .Ste.w»TPr ■ 



FEBBTJAtt? 1, 



of Pocket without a 


You're Out" 


The Biggest Money Making Amusement Deyiee of 1906. A Big Winner for 

First Come, First Served. We Play Ho Favorites. 

Write at onee for onr 
Illustrated Booklet and Prices. 


1358 Broadway 
619 Sixth Ave. 


m l THE TENTS. Johm J, CnoNU, secretory and auditor of 

yrZrr. *"*" /.„",». John Robinson's Tea Big Shows, has beon 

Continued from "»•»♦• in New Y orlc City. compfctlne arrangements 

Col. Fbidbrick T. Cummins' Wild Whit f th th prem \ CT f eft tme» of next BenBoa 

EmiuiTioN Co. Is now nicely ensconced In 
commodious offices at Oenevu, O. Some 
thirty-live clerks, stenographers, and other 
employes, Including Walter L. Main, Col. 
Frederick % Cummins, W. -E. Fergerson. 
general agent; W. W. rower, secretary and 
treasurer, are at their respective desks, ar- 
ranging all tho details of the big Wild West 
Inhibition for tbe season of 1000. It has 
tbe appearance of a large banking bouse. 
At the Winter quarters can be found more 
than one hundred people, comprising wagon 
innkcrs, blacksmiths, carpenters, painters, 
hoBtlers, etc. There are also a herd of twelve 
i mined elephants, camels, lions, tigers, jeop- 
i.rds, pumas, birds, 
nil's are now takln 
tud I his will be the 
tltlun on wheels In 11)00. 

Mi.i.k. amy bus been engaged for tbe 
Hagenbeck Show for next season, to do her 
sword swallowing act. 

Olobok 1)uhtcii Just closed a season or 
thirty-eight weeks In advance of the 1'. E, 
Orlswold Show, and la resting on his farm 
at Deseronto. Can. Leon W. Washburn was 
the guest of Mr. liurtch at Deseronto Jan. 10. 

Andy Buutch, the past two seasons with 
tbe John 11. Sparks Shows, la a patient at 
tbe X. M. C. A,, Buffalo, under treatment 
tor rheumatism, and I 
He expects to be able to 

JiMH A. Bailby was — 
his ottlco Jan. 111. He announced that tbe 
circus would open at Madison Square Uardea 
some time between March 10 and 20. 

Anita icinmi, late of tho Wallace Show, 
underwent a surgical operation Nov. 20, and 
Is now resting at her home, Columbus, O. 

William Oilman writes that be has signed 
as local contracting agent for the Campbell 
Uros. Shows, for tbe season of 1000. 


Co., under canvas. — We are making eitenslvo 
preparations for the coming season. We will 
Save a brand new outtlt from stakes to 
centro poles. Last year this show was a 
success In evory particular. This year the 

Mrs. Ei'Kiu Dcttoh, bareback rider, has 
had a surgical operation performed In a 
Cincinnati hospital, which was necessitated 
by a fall from her horse Inst Summer. She 
Is gettlrig along nicely. 

Wabhbubn & D'Alma's Snow will open 
the season April 0, at Richmond, Va, 

B, U Bowman writes : "I bave closed a 
contract to manage the vaudeville side show 
with the Hagenbeck Greater Shows for the 
season of 11*00, and will bave one of the 
largest and Uncut side shows ever organized. 
Will use TOft. canvas, with three 40ft. mid- 
dle pieces, and carry forty-five people. 8olg- 
._„_ ..._ . -_.-- munn Bock, of Chicago, la building tbe front 

etc. About thirty-six p( e | gnteen double-deck paintings, designed 

*. on ! h S,. b J l *3i t .21,' by me, and which will be one of the largest 
largest Wl:d Wcs. exhl- a ^ d flncst IrontB eTer put up." 

Kobe MinGTTA, nJgh balancing trnpeze, 
and her daughters, Miss Edna and Mies 
Irene, contortion nnd dying ladder, are en- 
gnged for tbe Morris & Itowe Circuses "* 
■ he coming season. 

»■ » 






Washington. — At tho New National (W. 
11. Bapley. manager) this week, HI. 11. Both- 
crn and Julia Marlowe, in "Suakespcarcun 
" ''Borneo anil Ju- 

nraio, uuuer ireaiuiuu.. wpoMor ._ -Twelfth Night," "Borneo and 
s getting along nice y. K^'SSCSlS the Shrew" nud "The M 

" SiJKSJMLa^iS to excellent business.. . _ 

dodla, Pa., on May" 1, where our show has 
been In Winter Quarters. 

Obobob Wood Is re-engaged as superintend- 
ent with Al. V. WheelePs Shows, bis second 
season In this capacity with the New Mode . 

Chas. l\ Watbon has signed with Frank 
A. Kobblns for next season. 

Sun Bays. — Tho Sua Bros, have engaged 
tbe following additional people; Bmlictta 
Kumlly, seven In number; also •the Three 
Desous, Kd, lClngslund, trombono; Al. Cor- 
nell, W. O. Mack, Harmon F. Cal oway, II. 
H. Baylor, Carl Id. Bwln, Eugeno II. Barry, 
Leo Collins, 11. J. Kelly, Anderson L. Unley, 
and Henry Sylvester, advertiser. In the ring 
barn we Una Orrln Hollla breaking In some 
new horses and new equestrian acts, and 
Walter Ashbnrn, breaking In some new 
animal acta. Two new slxly foot cars have 
been ordered, and the rest of our rolling 

Columbia (l.uckett 4 Dwyer, managers). — 
This week, ■'Mrs. LeUlngwell's Boots/' Last 
week Frank Daniels, In "Sergeant Brue, had 
full houses. 

Bklabco <L. Stoddard Taylor, manager). 
—This week, Cyril Scott, la "The l'rlnce 
Chap." Last week Murgurot Anglln, In 
"Zlra." played to crowded audiences. 

Acadhmy (J. W. Lyons, manager). — This 
wtek, "Aftor Midnight."' Last week Blaneys 
"Across tbe 1'acltlc" had Its usual packed 

Majkstic (I). L. Sargeant, manager! — 
This week, Hilda Thomas, In "The Show 
Olrl." Last week Kolb and 1)111, la "1. 0. U.," 

Kcrnan, manager). — 
l'lgcr Lilies. Last week 
llugliey Kernan's Own Co., the Washington 
Society Ulrls, played to standing room 

CuAsn's (MIsb U. Winifred De Witt, tnan- 
uger). — The bill for the week Includes: Hose 
Stahl and company, Uould and Burratt, Blx 
l'erl Histori, Barton and Brooks, Uyers and 
Hermann, Lea Durand Trio, Hugh Joan and 
the vitngranb. Last week Cberldah Simpson 
and "Tho F'rluce of 1'lUen" airls beaded a 
great bill, and crowded the house at every 

<»« 1 


125 WEST 37th ST., NEW YORK. 

WANTED, Two Bright Young Actors, Well 

Educated, for Character Sketch, to Impersonate 
Female as well as Male parts. Mast be able to 
Dance and Sing. Apply, stating age. experience, 
etc, to "TALENTED," THE CLIPPER, M. Y. City . 

WH furnUh maaiueride costumes for theat- 
ricals, balls and societies, new and nest. Orders 
promptly Oiled. Qaber Costume Co., Minneapolis, 


Contortionists, black Face, Dutch and Irish come- 
dians, wire walkers, serial sou. Must change for 
one week. Salary, all you are worth, and you gel 
It. Also 2 Doctors, registered In Wis., or Al Lee- 
tttrers. Write Modem Remedy Co., Watertown,Wln . 

TIONS Per month for Feb., Baron and April. 
Good show town, flood break between Alliance 
or Wellsvllle and Canal Dover or New Philadel- 
phia. Write or wire. R. P. hemming, Manager, 
opera Boose, Malvern, O. 

IJOU 3 bT.£ 

Matlnss Saturday 2. 

Evtnlng 8.15. 

David Belasco preaenu for the 2d year In N. T. 

WARFIlLD music master. 


in a play of '49 by 


THEATRE. Kv. 8. Hat. Sat. at a. 




14 ST. and 3d AVE. 



Fludlay oV Burke, Tyce & Jerinon, . 

I layman & Franklin, Adams ft Drew, 

Carew * Hayes. OBborn & Wallace. 

Burkhart & Burk, Three Hesse Bros., 

The La Jess, Lovcllo. . v 

Eitra Attraction, 



E. 14th St. 




Block is in the car ahops. whore It will bo 
overhauled, which will make our ontlre tra n 

Portland. — At the Jefferson (Cabn & 
Orant. managers) a credltablo presentation 
of ••(.'Limes of Normandy" was given by the 
Portland Operatic Society, F. W. Siiubou, 
conductor, Jan. 20, SO. Two largo audiences 
were In attendance and showed much appre- 
ciation of the excellent work of the amateurs, 
nriotlcally new. l'cto Sun, better known la The house was dark 81, the next attraction 
SaTnnnWaS "Uncle l'ote,''' visits the Winter being, Blanche Walsh, In "The Womun In the 
Quartero dally, In bis neW automobile. Case," Feb 1, to a very largo and extreme v 

V.llunii, musical director, the past two well pleased nudionce. The Huntley Stock 
seasons wltn the Selbel Bros.' Dog aud Tony Co. nresonted repertory 2, 8. 1-enberg HtocK 
Show, has signed with the fcbow ngaln for Co. 6-10. . ... 

next season. He Is havlug cxccllciit success City Hai.l <J. K. Moore, manager) — 

Sarnh Bernhardt and her excellent company 
pronoun (1 "La Sorclcre," Jan. 20, being 
greeted by an audience thut tested the ca- 
pacity of this large auditorium. Muca en- 
thusiasm was shown, and tho audlcnco fully 
deiuousl rated Its appreciation of this great 
player's ability. 

1'obtland (James E. Moore, manager). — 
Tho 1)111 last week gave the best of satisfac- 
tion, and drew large audiences dally. ' Bill 
week of Feb. 6: lttiiry and Alice Tnylor, 


A simple remedy. Neglect of 
a cold may result in a chronic 

throat trouble. Bold only In boxes. 

next seuscn. He Is havlug ■ 
la sccurlug musicians, aud exnects to bave 
a One bund of twelve or fourteen men. 
Some of tho musicians who were with him 
the pnst two scaBons have signed for next 
season, which Is evident of good treatment 
to them, on tho part of the uiunngcment, as 
well as at tho hands of 1'rof. Burr. 

Krnid HouairroN will bo superintendent 
of transportation tho coming season for the 
Hagenbeck Show. Our types rccoully gave 
Mr. Houghton's name as Houston. 

Floyd Bbiinaiiu, equilibrist, Inst Benson 
with Blngllng Bros.' bhows, has been re-cn- 
cnged for next season. At present Mr. Ber- 
nard Is appearing In vaudeville, under the 
dlrertlon of tuo International Theatrical Co., 
and Is booked uolld until March 24. 

Tub Ty-Bhll Siktkus are meeting with 
success with the Orrln Circus In Mexico. 

IiON B. Williams, for several years press 
representative of tho Ucutry Shows, will this 
season bo tho general agent of tho No. 1 
Gentry Show. He la In New York at present 
dolug the press work for a Broadway at- 
traction, which Is playing to big business n* 
a local theatre, lie says that "bigger and 
better tlwm ever" Is what they nil claim 
enrh season, but declares that so far as 
tho Gentry Shows are concerned "truer 
words were never spoken." Instead of send- 
ing three or four shows on tour, as has been 
their custom for years, the Ocntrys will have 
only two exhibitions on tour this year. Both 
shows will open early, and they will be much 
larger nnd more pretentions. J. D. Ncwmnu 
will be In advance of the No. 2 Show. 

We take to the road May 10. Our Winter 
quarters are at Bellevuc, In. We will carry 
eighteen head of stock, and twenty-live peo- 

Salkii and Emerson were recent guests 
of George Gnbour, the manager of the great 
animal show it the I'orl inml, Ore., Fair. 
Mr. Gabour has retired from tho show busi- 
ness, nnd has opened a large hotel In Port- 

C. J. Sasbari has been engaged for tho 
Great Sella & Kioto Show for next season, 
and will close his Electric Theatre, In Ucl- 
lalre. O., April 1. 

Al. 0. Field, the minstrel. Is at present 
taking an active Interest la the formation of 
the Managers' Association. This organiza- 
tion Ib represented by several prominent the- 
atrical managers of the country, having for 
Its prime motives the regulation of rnllroad 
rates nnd the protection of advertising mat- 
ter. Other matters of Importance la which 
the traveling manager Ib Interested will be 
considered by this organisation. For many 
years there has been a heavy waste of adver- 
tising material, caused by the local manager 
not having sufficient bill board space to prop- 
erly advertise the shows be books. For la- 
stance, the local managers In numerous lo- 



E. 126th St. 




Huber's"£ Museum 

trained and rare animals, novelties of every do- 
iorlptlon for Curio Halls and Theatre. Address 
J. H. ANDERSON. Manager, as above. 

% CrVrtr 



Enormous success in England. Address 





Proctor's 28d St. This Week. 



The Chicken, the Cheese and the Plates. 
This Week, Grand Opera House, Hazleton, fa, 






P. S.— Stop, look, listen ! What Is a BUO ? 
What Is a BUG? See Smoke No. 4, next 
week. FOR SALE — Keith's make good Lord ; 
have your "HAMS" fried In It. Don't forget 
the name. Ail good agents. 




Aro Btlll cloBlng the show on tho Kotth Circuit. Week 
Feb. d, Cook's, Rochester: Feb. 12, Bliss's, Bu ffalo. 



Feb. 6, Grand Opera House, Carbomlale, l'a. 
starch 5 open, near London, Can. 


Of lilKh Class Vaudeville Theatres, 
All Applications for Time Must be Addressed 
to C. B. BRAY, Booking Manager, 

Majestic Theatre Building, Chicago, III 



Wilton Bros., Cnprlco. Lynn and Fay, Carver stance, the local managers In numerous lo- 
and Pollard. Carter and Bluford, Eddie caHtles, in making out their order for paper, 

promise to put up so many stands, three 
sheets, one sheet, etc, The paper Is dated 
and snipped weeks ahead. When the agent 
arrives, in many Instances the local manager 
has so many snows advertised that ho has 

Mack, aud Nina Morris and company. 

Niiths. — Edward J. Sullivan, business mnn- 
nger of Mine. Bernhardt'a tour, was warmly 
greeted by his many friends while in town 

Jan. 21), tills being his homo city Mmc. 

Bernhardt's va'uablo collie dog, "Spot," hav- 
ing been let out of madames private car 
for a Uttlo exercise, unearthed a rat Bomo- 
where, and In pursuit of same got beuonth 
the wheels of a trolley car and was klllod, 
* i » 

Oklahoma City. — At the Overholscr (Ed. 
Ovcrholeer, manager) "A Human Slave," 
Jan. 27, had good attendance. "A Bunch of 
Pinks," 28, and au appreciative audience 
nnd good business. "The Sign of the Four," 
24, and "The ltnlnh of Bhong." 20, canceled. 
"The Lily and tho Prince" 2U, "Tho Beauty 
and the Beast" SO, SI, Paul Gllmore Feb. 1, 
Lyceum course 2, "The Fortune Teller" 3. 4. 

Huoii (II. A. Carleton, manager). — This 
vaudeville house opened Jan, 22, and has 
done a One business, with the following peo- 
ple : Frank Conner, Margaret Orayco, Itlloy 
and Morgan, Andrews and Anderson, Illus- 
trated songs and motion pictures. . 
« i » 


niirllniiton. — At tbe Strong (Cabn & 
Grant, managers) Hoe Stock Co., week of 
Jan. 29, hod good business. Al. G. Field's 
Minstrels Feb. 5, "The Arrival of Kitty" 
8, "The Mummy and the Humming Bird" 10, 
Flynn Stock Co. 12-17, Ellsworth's "Oberam 
nicrgnu'' 18. 

not sufficient space on his boards to advertise 
them as promised. As a consccjuenco con- 
siderable paper, representing an investment 
of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Is con- 
signed to tho bill room, and In some In- 
stances Bold to play pirates, who make It 
their business to buy up paper of this kind. 

♦ »» 
Metropolitan Opera Company Tonr. 
The Metropolitan Opera Company will 
leave New York on special trains. Bunday, 
March 18, for Baltimore, Md., where four 
performances will be given, followed by four 
In Washington, D. C. Pittsburg, for tbe first 
time, will enjoy a full week, and another 
week will be spent In Chicago. Four per- 
formances will be given In St Louis, and 
two In Kansas City. From thence the com- 

fany will go to San FranclBco, and on April 
6 open « two weeks' engagement. Two 
final performances will be given In Lob An- 
geles. "The Queen of Bbeba," "II None di 
Figaro." "Carmen," "Lohengrin," "La Bo- 
heme," "Die Walkure." "Haensel und Gre- 
tel," "Tanhaeuaer," "Siegfried," "Don Pas- 
quale," "Faust." "Martha," "Tosca," "II 
Pagllaccl" and Lucia dl Lammermoor" will 
be presented. 

»» » 
Benjamin Johnson, foster father of Marie 
Jansen, died at the Parker House, Boston, 
Jan. 21, at the age of eighty-four. Miss 
Jansen 's real name Is Hattle Johnson. 





En ronte With MISS NEW YORK JR 00. 


47 W. 28th BT., NEW YORK. ' 



Per, address. 178 ONTARIO ST., Chicago. 




SHth St., near Third Ave. 



Richest Aotor In the World. 

ADGIE and Lions. 

ORR1N BROS.' CIRCUS, City of Mexico. 








En route with Hyde's Blue Ribbon Girls. 



125 WEST 37«h ST., NEW YORK. 

Talk 'til 



They allay all inflammation & irrita- 
tion, Colds, Bronchial Coughs, Catarrh, 
producing perfect voice 



sample free— Foil box 30c. By Mail. 
EVANS and SONS, Jl., 9! William SI., NEW YORK. 


Itnvc sold the right to manufacture tbe Eu- 
reka Oxyllthe Generator and Carbonator in 
the D. 9. A. I have on hand a few outfits, 
which I will sell at less than cost Will ship 
one to any address on receipt of 18.00. Re- 
member, It Is all complete, ready to attacb to 
Jet. Address F. C. EDMONDS, 
Lindsay. Ont- Canada. 


What yon do and salary. 1 pay all. Write 

0. W. PARDKY, Blairetown, la. 
Btllle Ferrell, Irish Comedian, write. 

February 10. 




EDWARD MADDENS Suooossor -to "Blue Boll." 


of tli» Best naaroh Songs iWKAXJJOJESlsr over 
One of Those Melodies You Can't Resist. >- 


Professional Copies Free to Recognized Performers. SEND PROCRAM8. NO CARDS. 



►t. (Close to Broadway). 


Why depend on the theatres Jo furnish a piano for your act? You rarely, If ever, get the 
same kind of on Instrument two weeks In succession, which doubtless makes It bard some- 
times to do yourself Justice, because the piano furnished does not suit your voice, or because 
It tins not been properly tuned. You will set much better results by carrying with you and 
always using your own 


They are especially built for TRAVELING SHOWS, VAUDEVILLE and CONCERT 
HALL ARTISTS, etc., and are tuned to concert pitch, making them especially suited for 
accompaniment to the human voice. Tho weight Is only tso pounds, and two men can handle 
one easily. They keep In tune remarkably well, and ..IthoiiRti only 3ft. Oln. high ar.d 8ft. Gin. 
wide, have a wonderful piano volume, ana clear, sweet tone. Over 50 shows are carrying our 
pianos and are enthusiastic In tbelr praise. Names and references upon request. 

Oet a Columbus Baby Upright for your own use and feel sure of your act. You will 
And that It Is quite a drawing card la Itself, and the low prl?e places it within easy reach. 

The regular price Is $100 each, but we make a special oiler for a short time, Including 
stool and quick packing traveling case. Write for Booklet No. 3a. 



The treatment of superfluous hnlr Is something that requires the greatest 
nicety and care. X. BAZIN'8 DEtMLATORY POWDER Is the result of 
much study of the cause of and problem of destroying these growths with 
out Injury to the surrounding skin or leaving a scar or the slightest deform 
ation. X. BAZIN'8 DEPILATORY POWDER Is absolutely safe and d» 
.trojB the hair without pain, a simple, dainty way of effecting a curs 
Send to Department "C' for our little pamphlet on the subject, "FO»> 

HALL, A RUOKEIi, Proprietors and Manufacturers of 80ZODONT, 

215 Washington 8treet, New York. 
For ■•»<«■ at nil first class drag atorea or aent by mall In seale* 
packages tor BOo. 

YOUR favorite chair— smoke 
ditto, a bottle of CLUB 
COCKTAILS, and home com- 
fort envelops you. No trouble or 
effort required; just strain your 
cracked ice, and you have a drink 
whose equal never passed over a 
made-in-a-hurry bar. 

of choicest liquors, scientifically 
blended and aged to perfection. 
The original brand. 

Seven kinds — Manhattan, Martini, etc. 

G. F. HEDBLf IN & BR0„ Sole Proprietors 

%\m mechanics, 


Lodge No. 10, of Houston, Tex., were the 
recipients of a grand banquet, tendered to 
them by their president, Clark Cox, at their 
hull Jan. 7. After the banquet the annual 
election whs held, and the following were 
elected by acclamation : President, Clark Cox 
(second tonn) ; vice president, E. K. La- 
throp; treasurer, Fred Kerstens; financial 
secretary, K. V. Benson: recording secretory, 
L. D. Taranto ; marshal!, L. N. Bertloo ; ser- 
geant at anna, J. P. Morgan ; trustees — C. 
\V. Scott, Wm. Morebeod and J. II. Dicks. 
The lodge la In a flourishing condlUon, nu- 
merically and financially. 

Notes fjiosi Newark Lodge, No. 23. — 
We held a rousing meeting on Jan. 21, at 
Eagles' Hall. The following board of olil- 
cers were installed by Grand President But- 
ler, assisted by Past Grand Secretary Ben 
Kormnn and Grand Trustee U. J. O'wnllon: 
President, David 
M. A. Caroey 
Cullen : treasurer, . 

secretary, J. C. Payne; assistant financial 
secretary, V. G. Popp ; marshall, J. 8. Mc- 
Douunll ; sergeant at arms, C. O. Brown ; 
outside guard, T. C. Post; trustees, V. K. 
Jacohs, J. F. itiuke, and 11. Rogers: pby 

With to Bill Posters. 

Kio Kostkii, of Local No. 10, Dayton, O . 
closed as special agent for "In New York 
Town" at Dayton. O. He will be on the op- 
position forces of the Barnum & Ilalley 
Shows next Summer. 

iihnhy M. Mason, who will be boss bill 
poster of tbe Greater Sells-Kioto Circuses, 
Consolidated, next season, met with an acci- 
dent on Jan. 8. While posting bills In New 
York, on a scaffold, one of tbe ropes broke, 
dropping Mr. Mason to tbe ground, a distance 
of Arty feet. Mr. Mason received a shock of 
tbe entire system, also contusions of tbe 
body. He was taken to the New York Hos- 
pital and thence to the Metropolitan Hotel, 
under tbe care of Dr. Crowley, of Aerie No. 
40, V. O. El., and his wife, Lillian Mason. 
Mrs. Mason was playing an engagement at 
Tampa, Kin., and canceled her engagements 
Immediately, and came to New York to take 
cure of her husband. Mr. Mason Is a mem- 
her of Aerie No. 782. !■'. O. i:.. Watertown. 
N. Y„ and Local No. 2, N. A. U. P. and 11. of 
A., Now York. ■ 

W. 8. Dunninoton lms been encaged by W. 
II. Gardner, to manage advertising car No. 
4 (tbe excursion car), for the Carl llngeu- 
bcek Shows, season of 11)00. 

Notes from Local No. 83, Brooklyn. — 
This local held Its first regular meeting of 
11100, with all the newly elected officers pres- 
ent. It was one of the best meetings the 
local ever bad. We are at tbe very height 
of prosperity, and everybody Is working In 
harmony. Bro. I'red (Bones) Stevenson is 
In town, letting the public know that Dock- 
stader's Minstrels are coming. Financial Sec- 
retary Lloyd (Shorty) Turner would like to 
hear from all road members. 

Notes prom Local No. 17, Boston, Mass. 
— The following ofllccrs were Installed for the 

Notks from Local No. 11, Cincinnati. — 
The local gave n social session In celebration 
ot i In- lontli anniversary of Its birth, and n 
good time was enjoyc-i by oil wbo attended, 
and we expect to make this an annual custom 
for n reunion of Our friends. Him. II. Alli-.i 
lias gone to San Antonio, Tex., fur a health 
trip, and the boys hope his mission will be 
successful. Harry Knrquliar lias been In 
town, ahead of "The Shepherd King" Co., and 
In looking well. The Johu Chnpranu Hill Post- 
lag Co. has been transferred to the Gun- 
ning Svstcm, on a ten years' lease. .Mr. 
Drake, lute of St. louls, will be the manniier 
Of the posting department. Harry Andcrmm 
and Paul Martin are now connected wlih l he 
above linn. M. C. Service Is advertising 
agent for the Standard Theatre, Major J 
I. Devlin, In advance of the Utopian lltir- 
lesrmcrs, distributed good lunnor to every 
body, and reports excellent business on their 
Western trip. Jean lielasro, abend of "Tlio 
Clausmnn" Co., stopped over liclween trains 
on bis way ICaat. Jno. Coutts and Al 
Primrose nrc popular ndvanco men for tie- 
l'rimroso Minstrels, nml their friendship N 
cherished by all. The Itlley Club, composed 
of theatrical people and tbelr friends, Is 
erecting a beautiful club house In the centre 
of i be city. The following are tho newly 
elected olllccrs for local No. 11 : Jno. Hester, 
president ; J. T. Corby, vice president : gnu 
era! secretary, A. P. Tlglic ; troasurer, Ilutii- 
llton Arnold; financial secretary, Chas. Nolil . 
business manager, Joseph Werbcl : sergeant 
nt in ink, Jas. Neevo.H. Ah. Scott will bo craf 
tie manager this season with tbe Gollmar 
HroH.' Show. The past executive of the Al 
llance, Chas. Joseph wna here Jan. ID, ou 
Ills way home from Chicago. 

Claud Moiiiiih, of Local No. 20. Hlntix 
City, la., will leave there Kel>. in, for San 
Joac, Oil., to meet the Morris & Itowc Show. 


or Tim 

aii tins' sin n: tv ok AMI1HICA. 

J°S W^» . „iJ; „, ' lilt' year "Ou. nt our regular meeting. Sunday, 

Id H. Greene j vice , president, J„^ us: Francis Lloyd, president; Sandy 

; recording secretary . M. J. Munro v t ce president ; John Ells, treasurer | 

■or, John C. Lneey. flnanc o ()8car K | eV enanr, financial secretary; Hnrry 

„..^ ...,,.. . -. — — — „ — - - _■ » . a**.." -* iwulci i ami i/nn «« u n--ii mum in i 

Syrian tor Newark, J. W. Crane; phys c on „„„ TllC3tlnv evcnlnir. Feb. 20. for 

for New York, S. N. Irwin. The following flt of Br0 , William Watson, wbo I 

visitors were In attendance: President Chas. nt the. Boston City Hospital. Tbe 

Sbay. Past Presidents O Brlen and Palmer, mcmbeni nre oc ti nlr n8 a commute 


New York 




1 Ml frn«lulluli'u|llrn FIIKE 

• or curd or recent |iro- 
Irrani, Free cAtalog of 

Washington St., Chicago 


90Ter 8 IOO 




Second Hand | 

wnand instruments' 

at about hilt prlco. All niftkrn, ih.ii/ gooo *f now. 
War* traded In for "nOLTON'Mnstrumenta, which «• 
••1 all other. It you waot the toll, boy . »UOl.T0N r 

—If you will have, another make, wo bare It for t o« 
afctop. 'Kfaryt b trig for'i . Our catalog and K»* 
(auaUJt frtlt on raquan. • 

OH.«. alga.. CHICS.W 

(■In list to»« on rtqUMI 

wuma moltow a cu. 


..■"OCX Hangnm, Pouters and Cuts on iiiimlfor advsr 
r -»»lngevery brani-h ol tho Amusement Business. Bend's' 
Catalogue (Pj of Ilramatlo and Show Prlntlnt 
C'auiosrtie (Oj Hair onil Carnival Printing 
Catalogue (B) Illllt>o»teri!, Commetctal PoaWrs. 
_ _ Klrpt-c ass Prfntlnir of all kinda 


St3 rm «TOtrr «T i num. MO 

tn all matters. The County 
Lawsnd Collection Asso- 
. finite 163. World Balldlog. 

DSZI oi lot Icln. Salt 

Sbay. . 

Financial Secretary Shcclion. Assistant Fl 
nanclsl Secretary Gordon, and fifteen others, 
ail mombors of New lork Lodge No. 1. 
Also Past President Bob Mullen, of St. Louis 
lodge, and nro. Oloben, of Cleveland, Xo. D. 
Two candidates received the full degree, and 
the meeting came to a close. We then pro- 
ceeded to Lyceum Hall, where refreshments 
were sc-rved, and everybody enjoyed ihem- 
pclves, ns tbe T. M. A.'s always do. Ile- 
marks were made by Grand Past President 
liutlt-r, Bros. O'Brien and Shay, of New 
York, No. 1; Itro. Mullln. of St. Louis, No. 
5, and Hro. HniKser, of Newark, No. 28. At 
our ncut meeting, on Sunday, Feb. •< tM 
books will bo opened to enroll the names of 
the members that desire to Join our St. 
Louis Club, and It Is our desire to make It 
a banner club. Full nartlcttlars will be cent 
to all members regarding same. 

Tub following officers of Washington 
Lodge, No. 7, T. SI. A., were Installed for the 
ensuing term on Sunday, Jan. 14, 1000, at 
their hnll: President, ltobert H. Frost: vice 
nrcRldent, Martin Mueller: naBt president, 
II. A. Sauter ; treasurer. J. L. Divine : record- 
ing secretary, John A. Gayer ; financial secre- 
tary, Samuel L. Kcese; sergeant at nrms, 
John F. Mater: marshal, W. B. Talbert; 
Chas. Mttcller. Chas. A. Itodler and John T. 
Wacncr. trustees ; physician, M. B, Strlckler, 
A Borlal session followed, at which about fifty 
vlsltlne members of our order were present, 
Including thlrtv members of Baltimore Lodge 
No. 14. Washington * 
nicely. A first annual 

At a srEciAi. mcetl _ 
ntrlcnl Mechanical Assocl-. 
Ky , Jan. 27, the following members of "Mc- 
Fnddcn's Flats" Co. were Initiated Into tbU 
lodae: George Addlngton. George Henkel, 
John D. Van Kpps and Chas. Grimllsb. 

...y; Hnrry 
Peyser, corresponding secretary ; Toby Lyons, 
recording secretary ; James Judge, sergeant 
at arms. Trustees : Bandy Munro, Harry Wil- 
liams and Charles Spear. The local Is to give 
a concert and bull ns n fesllmonlnl nt Paine 

the bene- 
1> very til 
i following 
members nre acting as a committee : Joscnh 
Yokes. Sandy Munro, Geo. Collier, William 
Male, Oscar ICrevensar, Dave Superior, Nick 
I'nnnllo, John Hnlpln, Harry Superior sod 
Jake Hlnes. The local In to send a delegation 
to SprlugUeld, to attend tbe bill posters' bull. 
Members of traveling shows belonging to thli 
local, kindly send route as far ahead as pos- 
sible to H. M. Poyser, 14 W. Dedbam Street, 
Boston, Mass. 

Locul IS, of Springfield, Mass.. held' Its 
second annual dance at Apollo Hnll, Jan. 
80. Many of the boys are making contractu 
with the circuses tor tbe coming season. 
Morris Coughlln. Itobt. H. Clark, Hobt. 
Simon nnd Cecil Inman ore to go with King- 
ling; William Marsh, with tbe John Robin- 
son Show : George Cnron, with Barnum & 
Jtailey's advance forces. A new member Is 
George Cummlng, of Calhoun Print, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. Robert Portle Is acting as treas- 
urer of tbe Alcazar Theatre, Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Harry Myers, Local 18, was recently here, as 
were also A. Rich and "Red" HogaD, of 
Local 17. 

P. M. Coup.h, of Local No. 20, Sioux City, 
la., has signed to go with Norrls & Rowe's 
Dog and Pony Show this season. He will 
leave Sioux City about Feb. 12. J. II. Car- 
mody, of this local, goes with Terry's "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin," under canvus, as contracting 
agent. He will leave for River Sioux, la., 
about March ID. This will mnke .Bro. Car- 
mody's third season with tbls show. August 
linger has transferred from tbe National 

, j„ I, nrnirrenBlni- linger nits iransierrea irom 

Uettl.'conffiVaV.'Jt Al ^»« »£«*' *°; *«' , 

nvnf ItiitoK \'tl H The- INOTf.S HIOM LOCAL i\0. £, 

8 o B era f tion dB a ff t N l!ou1sv?,, '''swlth regret that we annoaj 

Harht Kei.wiam, singing and dancing 
comcdlnn. Is In his twenty-sixth week with 
the Myrkle-Horder Co. (Eastern), and writes 
that he Is meeting with big success In New 
IOngland, where the company Is playing to 
big business. The company numbers twenty- 
two people, Including four feature vaudeville 

New York. — 
nnounce the recent 
death of our dear brother, William Green, 
who died Jan. II, and was burled on Jan. 11, 
Brother William Green, who for the past 
twenty years has been with the largest rlr- 
cubcs as bill poster, will be remembered and 
.mourned by a large number of the membem 
of tbe National Alliance when they read this 
notice. Brother Green was a member of (be 
New York locnl for tbe past four years. 

Chah. A. KosTKit, the past season con- 
nected with tbe Walter I,. Mnln and Buf- 
falo Bill Shows, as special opposition hi ■'. 
will next season be In advance of tbe Pa* 
pongli-Hclls Shows. 

Tbe society acknowledges Hie following 
subscriptions to tbls fund : Actors' Society, 
$250; James K. Hackett, ^Wl ; Mthel Barry- 
more, $100; William Conrllolgh, 12rt; Clins. 
II. Dillingham, $2.1; John Drew Co., Sl)l>; 
"At Plncy Ridge" Co., $12: Alice ICnimer, 
$10; J. .1. Ilyliinil, $10; Melville & Uibiilt- 
lielser, $5; Jcroinu Svlgcl, $10; Mr. nnd Mm. 
Scott Hlgglns, $2; Hubert and Oliver Lit- 
bailie. $2 ; Chas. I'aylon, $2 ; lOtlmiincl llreexe. 
IB; Maude (llffcn Juckson, $10; Thos. P. 
.ini'ltKoti. $10; "Volunteer Organist" Co., 
$R.50: F. II. Livingston, $10; Jay Mnnsflilil, 
$1 ; Kmma Dunn, $Ii ; J. M. Uilhlaii, fide. : 
Wm. McKay. $1 : "Mrs. Lelllngwelt's Ilnuls" 
Co., $.12; Al. Tanner, $r.; David Wnrllelil. 
$10; M. It. Jacobs. $16 ; H. 8. Nnwton, $10; 
Joseph Murphy, $100; Kdward G. Kennedy, 
$.">: John T. Mncnulcy, $10; "David Horiim" 
IV. $10.IiO ; Thomas II Khen, $10; II. W. 
Savage, $2S; R. H. Manlnll, $10; Harry Kel- 
lar. $100: N. Y. I^idgc. No. 1. II. P. O. Mlks, 
$2D: "Heir to the lloorah" Co., $11.50; 
Lester Franklin, $6 ; Henry Wulthal, $2 ; 
F. F. Markny, $,% ; Klnw A Krlangcr, $2n : 
li. C. Whitney, $B ; Henry Oreenwnll. $211; 
Herbert Kclrey, $fi ; ICIIIc Hbnnnon, $n ; Louis 
James, $2G : Detroit Lodge, 44, II. P. (I KlkS. 
$10: "McFnddcn's How of Flats" Co., ifl.'l r,o : 
John D. Mlshler, $10; Payton SIstcrH, $K>; 
.Icirerson D'Angells, $10; "Man ou the Box" 
Co., $2; II. !■;. Converse. 17(1: Kntbryn Pur- 
nell Co., $20: Gus Hill. $10; "The Virginian" 
Co.. $83; "Honeymoon" Co,, $0,r>0; "Woman 
In tbe Case" Co., $18.50; "Ills Lost Dollar" 
Co., $15; Howard Unmet, $12.50; Gcorgo D. 
Mnclntyre, $5; "Shepherd King" Co., $14; 
"Kternal City" Co., $0.60: "Our New Min- 
ister" Co., $10; Warner Comedy Co.. $12.60; 
"Han Toy" Co., $13.50, a total of $1,II0'>.MI, 
to ilnte. 

The I Globe Towt-r, 
Inventive genius has bit upon n new and 
striking device fur the entertainment of 
pleasure, seekers wbo flock aniiiinlly to Coney 
Isliind. Samuel M. Frledo, a New York in- 
ventor, presents a novel and during plan for 
nn amusement skyscraper of gigantic propor- 
tions. Tbe Frledo Glolie Tower, nreorilltig 
to Its designer's claims. Is to be a most 
gigantic and novel amusement. As n struc- 
ture It will be a pennniieiit aerial wonder- 
land ns well as a department, store of amuse- 
ments. Within the massive proportions of 
this tower every form of ainuxvinoiit now 
popular at Coney Island, together with hun- 
dreds of new devices for entertainment. In- 
vented especially for this enterprise, will bo 
contained. Scenic railways, Illusions, a hall 
room, a roller skating rink, nintiseincnt booths 
of all sorts, restaurants nnd vaudeville ncr- 
tormanccs will be located In various parts of 
the tower. Among the unusual attractions 
will bo an aerial hippodrome, wllh a complete 
circus performance going on several hundred 
feet above the ground, in nn tireuii five hun- 
dred feet In circumference. Higher still will 
be nn enormous palm garden, one hundred 
yards square The proportions of the Frledo 
Tower In height and mass, will be 'rtnuml- 
•mis. According to the Inventor's .eslgns the 
tower will rise, from a Imse I IHKJ- feet square, 
to a sheer height of 700 foet frim the ground 
to the tip of the flagpole. The ground for 
Its erection has been purchased on Surf A ve- 
na-, Coney Island. The Incut Ion Is adjacent 
to Steeplechase Park. 

Tim Winnktt Put BnnisAii has secured, 
ns agents, from Scott Marble, the well-known 
author, a new rural comedy-drama of toe 
Sis Hopkins order, entitled "Christian's Half- 
Mile;" also a new farcical comedy, "The 
Day After Monday," and n melodrama on the 
Russian war theme, called "Tho Man Out- 

A Her S having 






and Insist that your 
barber uso It also. It 
Is Amt<f ptii!, and 
will prevent any ot 

the skin diseases often 


A positive roliol for 
C|ibii|imI Hands, 
Chafing, and all af- 
flictions of the skin. Removes all 
odor of perspiration. 

Oat Mennsn's—The original. Sold 
everywhere or mailed for U5 cents. 

AuiipiV *V«(S. 
Try Mtnntn'i Violet Talcum. 


atlkoi is. -right*, aa.oo Wesacefl. 


• Tla-h 

ri.bti. an.rTo, cotton xia-i 

$1.00, silk Tights, from Ili.uTf 
Shirt, to mali-h nil aanaa pi 

loint nnd samples 
o# tight* •>••• PeaUlTelp » >e- 
po*it reqnirnd. (AailsfaeUon fnarsa 
teed or money refunded. (nOKBBnaW,, 

H Woodbine Bk, BrookJyn. B. T. 
mo smart hit new adarees. 



And All illlmrH 
St«< hi CATAIOQ. Hcalloa Kltl WiatX 

Special Alteotlin Cfvcn the Crolrsslon 

Western Uniform Go. 

214 8. CLARK ST. 






February io. 


for IM«jct •••■on, 



Talking Acrobatic Comedians, 


Three Useful in Playing; Farts 




T. W. DiDklns' High School Girls Company 


Strongest Singing Acts 
On the Stage. 


Haw.rljr'a Minstrels. Or Ail Agents. 


America's Oldest and Greatest Indoor Exhibition. 



Minstrel People in All Lines, 


Comedians, Singers, Dancers, Specialists, Musicians. 

Address AX. O. FIELD, BO E. Broad St., Oolambaa, O., or aa per route In thli 
paper. aVtsrop.ata Agent, WILLIAM EVEKH ART, 4U1 Strand. W.C., London, £nr. 

Paoifio Coast Amusement Co., 

Owning and operating so First Class Vaudeville Theatre* East, North west and West 

««*■ j*. -(Kr^MA'BCrV'nrai at all times, FIRST CLASS ACTS OF ALL KINDS 
W -/^kV-l^i- JL M3&MJ « that can deliver the goods. 

SOLE BO0K1NO AGENTB: AL. ONKEN, Famllr Theatre, 126th St., near Part Ave., New Tort City; 
CHAS. WHAT. 218 Denny Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; (JURIS. 0. BROWN, 67 S. Clark St., Chicago; 
ARCHIE LETT, 111 Eddy St., San Francisco, Oal. 




Companies Routed and Booked Throng h Eastern Canada. Proprietors and Managers ot 

YORK THEATRE, Largest and Beat Equipped House In the Maritime Provinces. 













ells BLAMPHIN <te HEHB "o»a 


Immense Success Comedy, "Lodgers." Re-engaged Cryatal Circuit, Colorado. 






And make yon a fortune. If you have a 
SONG or HOOK that Is worth anything, 
you should copyrljrht It. Don't take 
chances when you can an-ure our arnr. 
lc«R at iiniall cost. Scndfor our SPICIA1. 
OffER 10 INVENTORS before api^yhiir for 
a patent, it will fay you. HANDBOOK on 
talents wi/ WEE. \Ve advise If patenta- 
ble or not, FREE. We Incorporate 
Consult us. 


Col— W. Ceavriaat » Pateat Co. lac, 

wxsmngic. d. c. 


•a W. ttd st, Hew Tort. 

ot Theatrical 
Boom * Shoe.. 
All work mad* 

on short notice. 
No disappoint- 
ment; we make 
from 1 pair to 
1,000 pairs. Clog 
and Ballet Shoes 
• specialty. 
Tel.ioo Chelsea. 


At moderate prices. Large stook, Immense 
variety. Illustrated Catalogue Free. New Mam- 
moth Catalogue Just Issued, 20c. New list ot 400 
bargains in One apparatus for 2c. stamp. 

A. ROTBRBKRQ, HO Ontario St., Chicago. 


Reached best by the 

New Jersey 


tsuia mar noun tan oi tin hocb 

Fmal Time Rock Ball suit 

Sssptrb Dining Service 


F»IWmii»ISi. Foot Lihtrty St.N.K. 



we have made the cure of Blood Poison a 
specialty. Blood Poison Permanently Cured. 
You can be treated at home under same guaranty. 
Capital tSOO.OOO. We solicit the most obstinate 
cases. If you have exhausted the old methods 
of treatment and still have aches and pains, 
Mucus Patches In Mouth, Sore Throat. Pim- 
ples. Copper-Colored Spots, Ulcers on any pirt 
of the body. Hair or Eyebrows falling out, write 
for proofs of cures. 100-page Book Free. 


mi mow: ToinE, wicift.nuu.j.i 



| jpor rrairrhia size and srylq I 

Can be used For 

We alao moke a finer rfrada of 

work for belter class ofprinnrg r 



Plants fcprmlinOHCor MOfit CCkjODS 



3T Kingston St., 
BOSTON, MASS., V. 8. A. 

Manufacturers ot 

Silkolene Tights, (2.50. 
Worsted Tights, $2.00. 
Cotton Tights, $1,00. 

Equestrian Shlrta same price as 
tights. A special discount of 10 
per cent, allowed on all goods. 
Give us a trial, that Is all we ask. 
Write for prices on anything In 
Knit Goods line. Deposit re- 
quired on all orders. 




For Parke, Summer Reeorta, arte. 

"'■"■g Capacity, 25 tone, 

««— «-K SlrSOO In elx days. 

With proper oar e will but 25 jrm. 




Advance, Privilege, Baggage, Stock, Merry- 

Bo-'RounrJ and Automobile Care. 
toft. long. Desirable tor Show and Carnival Com- 
panies. Reasonable terms. Write for particulars. 
No. 1330 Monadnock Building, Chicago, LI. 






MorrisonShow Print De., e t 


Flu Mifttal Appmtn 

I LLU810K8. TRICES, Ma. 
Grand Bad ot Century, May 
Illustrated. BOOK CAT A- 
LOOUI, sto., free by n 
e of Parlor art oka 
tmiNKA A 00„ attl 
4*1 Slxtt Ave*, at. T. 



of the 


Cures all 

| Discharges In 


48 Hours 

aUchmreroU ^*»aaw 
bamrtth. f A 


1 &mB* it00i9i0**96i0*B*Ji03** +**mm t1l 


It spins sugar Into oottei 
candy, any color or flavor. 
Agents in all Etxopeaa 



68 west sth St., New Tork. 






■POJ Catalogue of Plays and 
ilonals and amateurs, sent on 

Ann 8t, New Tork. 




Aad if their bare amy merit we have the facilities to make them go. All letters 

answered promptly. 


Room SOU, Manhattan Bldg., CHICAGO, ILL. 




A personal ylslt to Felnberg'a Hew Studio ttl convince yon that ■ to so per cent, can be saved. 
here ib ojte item— Twenty-Ore Parti Panels and two extra large Photographs, flve positions, 
■lushed, for ft. 



1848 Broadway, New Tork. 

Between Beth and 86th tea Formerly of 18 W. nth St. 


Send ns a good poem, a good melody or a complete work. We hare no favorite writers. All hart 

anal chance. All letters answered promptly. 




Largest stock In America, wigs made to order. Poll line ot paints, powders 
and oold cream. Send for catalogue "0" to either place, 

134 WEST 88th S t.. N. T.; Ch icago Opera House Book. Chicago. 



. To apply for lowest rates at 
Piol Tiulg'i Exoouge Office, 
104 East 14th St., S.J., Oerman Savings Bank 
Building. Tel., 3090 Qramercy. Cable address, 
Ail printed matter and int. tree. 



Anything and everything In this Una for stage purposes, for special sceneries and occasions, lre- 
proot or otherwise. Write tor my large Catalog 0, which will be of great value to yon . 

CARL VBT8CHERT, 140 Wabaih Awe., Chicago. 



always on hand. Mall orders Filled. Kit guaranteed. 


Tel. M8 Madison Square. £00 Sixth Ave., near *lat Street, N.T. 


The Only Theatrical Supply House In Phlli. OUR SPECIAL FOR WEEK ENDING FEB. 10, 


WAA8 & SON, 226 North Eighth St., PHILA. 



Sixth lye., Cor 26 St. ,». I 


MeviCKEit'i theatre, Chicago, m. Telephone— Central, «04. Bend for Catalogue. 



WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. LOUIS VITAK, "Dept. P.," 101 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 


For Stock Companies, for Repertoire Coipailes, for Anatoirs 

amusement, Negro Plays, Paper, Scenery, etta. Jarlty'i Wat 
Works. Catalogo. Free I Free I Pre. I 

•AMVEL PRBRCH, 17 W. 22d «t.. Na>w Tork. 


Stage I Street Gowns 

sV1F9S_ Ci tr nuB-D- 

Tel. llTl-Oxtord. HH» TREMONT STREET, BOSTOt, Opposite Majestic Theatre. 

IIOQI EDO CIIDBI ICO OtoU, Batons, Guns, Rolling Globes, Hoops, 

JUOOLClIU aUr » L CiaaiaiatWlrewalkerBApparatuB.RomanAxei. Stampfor 
wwej-jaiiii m^m wwa | saiBsW fjatalog and llst^dw. Van Wvot OlnclnnatLO. 




ing trunk ; yon will ns. It sooner or later. Yaur 
■ if not pleased. Send for catalogo. "C 

money back 

110 W. 40th ST.. 


Send your negative to print trem or a photo to 
copy. Future Husband or Wife Photo* white, 
black, vlslbls or Invisible, M per Send for 

.ampin. WRWTIT. Phntn.. tnuiMii si j 

ChicatjorThe Gault House 

European Plan. All outside rooms. Steam heated 

Electric lighted, Elevator day and night. ' 

ROOMS, 13.60 np, 8IN0LE. $4.M up, DOUBLE. 


SORT. Parties having new amusements or attrac- 
tions can make satisfactory term*. Apply at once. 
Pier Is, Light Street, Baltimore, Md. 


Second Hand Films, Bong Slides and Machines 
Bought, Bold and Kiohanged. let Washington 
St., Room 42, Boston, Mass. opp. Adams House. 

E&jratTABY 10. 

0$ M Flayers. 

itNpxttrnpK/Tn '-wixnui htoc* co.,sii- 

10071 A.iSftyth;' managers.— We are • In our 

n«Kc.iVfl«k, /playing New-.Yorfe State, after 
wXjLcbt Jxo *o ,Dt0 Connecticut Riid Massa- 
.-JruaeUs. 'We hare twenty-seven weeks of 
ggpd.tlme. lo oprrs houses, after which we go 
\xxiStrjK mammoth canvas, lor the Summer. 
vy'ririrry • twelve acting people and- four 
JfevUlefentures. Our roster Is as follow* : 
YVyp. .Salisbury, manager: Thomas Smith, 
U«Iq,«»" representative ; Will .Salisbury, stage 
" »tn .Philip- Jessup, properties: H. O. 

ftr*' K. 1 J. MartelL Thomas J. 'Rex. Fred- 
erick/it. Saunders. Arthur Salisbury. Mvnnte 
tjo. Mae Dickinson and Ethel Moutgom- 
• Onr.- vaudeville features are: Little 
«, 'Arthur Salisbury, ■ F. . .!. Marten, and 
ty-antl ^Montgomery, sketch. We are not 
. pmetDg records for business, but we are 
dolax<a big- busloess -everywhere we play, 
titar. plays aro: '>Tb» Divorce." "King or the 
,5toptist>ln«nt." "East Lynfte." "Struck Oaa," 
"Driven r, from Home," ■ "Flnncgnn'a Aller," 
'ftlp<>Van "WJnklo"and "Ten .-Nights In' a 

:."N(JirxB • rnosi the Grand Cieccit ■ Co., 
featvwlnp Lulu Sat ton. "The Montana Girt? 
-.-'-.we/ptive. Just finished flfcecn weeks in 
Gin/stock at Ogden, U. Weplay Great-Tails 
B'^'rtx and a half, then Helena. four nlsjhls, 
Otetf^htfmc to Butte (G rand Opera House}, 
for ,{nh .:vest- of the season.' Our -roster in- 
vlrfles :' Ernest L.| Two Mpotl Barbour, tnau- 
«er,.;' J Frsnk- Llndoo, Loiils'-Heonlson, Ilnrry 
/Leanrd,- Will • Priest, Fred ;■- llsgan, Fred 
Welch,, Krid Dn Mont, Hans Blocker, Clint 
,W illlajas. . J>oiils ■ Buacb. .lack; Winters, ■ J: 1 A. 
. Mbritftomery. Fannie Keelcr. . Irlue Lorton, 
1'^tb Oriesby and Lulu Sutton. We had 
;rires,t tlrac In Ogden. made; many friends. 
<'eno tho: members of the -cftrnjbany were -pre- 
sented with many. beautiful Jrlfta on our de- 
parture. .Era Btelxer, manager of the opera 
bouse., gave a aupper and'on Wednts- 
daj; nlxnt we are all Invited out to a smoker. 
cfTllii -'Df ' Mra. La Peyer.- ■ In . bettor of the 
Iritis -Montana- girl. Life- In Montana- Is 
ooe.gfartd rouiidot plehsure-'forius. -"Two' 
Spot. J Usrbcur'ieaves the company- In Butte. 
to;t«Jke the management of the Royal The- 
atjfe Co.'. for Uncle Dick Sjitton. 
' Obi-helm StcitK Ca Notes.— The season 
of .this- company; lies been. a most- successful 
one, and- a brilliant, future Is looked for by 
Hie proprietors- '.Next season there will .be 
-two companies. on the road bearing the above 
tU>. .TJic Eastern- show; will :plav theCabn 
kt Grant New England 1 lode, and Frank < Hol- 
land wJll .be featured. Doyle and Emeraon, 
the cordedy -Inggierg, ' will be the- special 
vlifjicvtlle - atO'aetlqb.. The -Western com- 
pany. rtMtlrKlmer Frits, acting rnanager.-wili 
continue' through ihe- coritf at '8tates,- where 
the company it making -such a great success 
Mils season.: - -Both'. companies' will be nnder 
liie- pergonal, direction and. management of 
1 Inward poyle. ■ ■' 

tloStuR Or the. "Tracy, the Outlaw King," 
Otf., touring through -Pennsylvania : '. llttrry 
TMry, A. L. -Fanshawo: David Merrill.- If. 
J.-Hussell : Frank Ferrell and Chas. Ferrell, 
Gao. Ij. Rltter: Honus Schmidt, W. C. Tur- 
ner; -Deiinis-llogon. Kdmund James : Orrln 
Eddy, Will Thompson : .Sheriff Durban, Al- 
ffed Willlama: -Bud Skeeters. I.ttcena A«b- 
<n''<ri'i'>f6llle>:7rncr,-.LIIIIan'I'3Tan: Mrs-'Mer- 
1 111.: Cork ifSm: Jfarie- Antoinette Hlggln- 
tothohiiand May Baker, Julia Ydrk. • 
.- iHUt|B^T- a!<u. OtiVEn L.vnAntE were Clip- 
pjtt calleta Jan. J(!. They are In New Torlt 
oa-buiilpesb- concerning ; their next season's 

'jThk-beaso.v of the '.'Jesse JameB" company 
(ntdar ciptas) . closed at. Corpus Christf, 
lei; VFa'n: <!».... - .. . ••:'= 

■ fMcrUfiD . MAxsnEiD Is reviving "The 
Sja'iljf letter,",, and will. also put on "Ivan 
the TeTrlh!*" again- tbls year.. • - ■ 
'■•""AiFr.ofejsTiy» TBAoitDr,? by Oscar Wlicje. 
wnlehj-.nad. Its first- production at the 
Dtlitgctoa '.Theatre, Berlin, Gcr., Jan. li', 
met with success. 

. ' ttnicB NoRTdV. a cousin of Lillian Nordica, 
whd' pdjsessed of n fine soprano voice, 
WJll, .stndy for grand opera, aa a. protege of 
m£ latter.'; . - 4. .-..-'..,-. ', i j. . 
■ '■ ISAMt. Jav (Isabel Cavendish), formerly 
a/member Of the ' Savoy • Tftea'i're, London, 
Enp., secured' a divorce from Henry T. >H. 
Csvendisb, Jan. 4 ?. . 

■ V lNtER'KiTiONAt, Stock Notes,— Lwloa;,' to 
Ihe.^nccelj. of this attraction 'in. ibc West, 
wei'JiaVevdeclded to put out an Eastern coni- 
r»ny, ; whl<:h Is now In rehearsal. We op»n 
our.. Eastern season Feb, 0. and ar« booked 
colld.OflttL.Miv.'.au. Following Is the roster 
of.-; the 'company: Eva Reed.- Carrie Starr, 
.Mfpel.'' Starr, Beatrice Thorndjke. Louise 
PstrWDs;. Baby Ruth, Harry Howe, Thomas 
GUhflbley, Chas. M. Johnson, Harry Lamb. 
I.nals- ^. Wood. Wm. Mclnerney, Edward 
Bttphehs, A. M. 81ocutu, James G. Swart 
and W. C .Mack. The Sevengalas go out 
with their oivn show, but under the manage- 
ment of the same firm. Walter C Mack Is In 
advtwee, and James G. Swart Is back with 
the show aa treasurer. The tour- la under 
th.e'.djrectlonof the International Amusement 


. 'John Pptt-rp, Sous* and BCasn B. Ssirnt 
have' collsb«rated. and the. result' Is "The 
Free. Lance," aeomlc opera, which will he 
produced 'by Klaw & Erlanger In the. Spring. 
"nf;»-;f;oxi3t'EST resigned from the cast or: 
"OB Mhe -Quiet," after the llostou engage- 
ment. • . .. 

■1Enr:n'Ci..\Trox Is now In his twenty-third 
week with "Under Southern Skies" Co. (Kaat- 
era«> £ 

3 Mr. and Mrs HAnnr J. Jackson- (Bertha 
J'jjIsij) severed tbelr connection . with th'j 
Geo. Samuels 1 attractions on Dw. 27, at Bl 
Paso. Tex.; and on Jan. 1 Joined tie Frank 
Dudley-- Co.. at Montgomery, Ala. 


rr.We opened our season At the I^fBretje 
Theatre, Detroit, on Jah: I. for an IndeSnlto 
period/. Large houses have ruled nightly, nnd 
St the matinee* hundreds have, been turned 
•v.ay, F.H:- Livingstone, manager and owner 
of the company, has siimmnded'blmsclf with 
the following well-known players: Itodm-y 
B8noue, leads: Frank Readlrk, Joe Dslley, 
Audrew Waldroo, Ilnrry Long, stage direc- 
tor; Allen Kellr, George V. Bird. Clyde Ben- 
son, Robert' Preston, Mllard Wentwortb, 1\ 
J-' I'ugcan. Maud Brandon, lends : Emma Lou 
Glffln. Nellie) Granville, hllllle Krecmnn. Jen- 
nleColef. Lonna Nelson. Fraakle ReadlcK. 
Helnrlch Stelner, scenic artist. The ojienlog 
blllwas "Oot of the Fold," and an elaborate 
scenic production was given. "Dora Thorne" 
followed, to practically capacity '-business. A 
J>lg revival' of "Monte Crlsto" sas tbr offer- 
log for week of Jan. 14. Milton Noblea' 
"From Sire to Son" Is underlined. 
1 Mm from Jeavonh' Stock Co. — We 
bare had fair business since our opening la 
Tazewell. V«. We are featuring little Reno. 
Played Christmas' week at Covington, Va., to 
tpod business.- Met Empire Htock Co.. at 
Hlnthn..'W. Vo., and exchanged New Yen's 
greetings. Our roster Is : Thos. Jcavons, 
Mrs. Bertha Jcavone, Little Rcnn Jcavoni. 
Fanny Bernard. Sadie Reynolds, Claude Vap- 
pln, Ed. Sterling, Frank Bush. Tom I'oolc. 
Geo.- S. Flyaway and Bert E. King, pianist." 

"A -Romance ok Coos Hou/jvf" opened 
the.n«w opera house at Lumberport. W. Va., 
Jan.. 10. to a well pleased audience. 

Wit. F. Somxt.F.B was recently called to 
bin home. Green Bav, wis., on account of the 
serious Illness of his mother.' 

Henbt W. Savage will sail for 'Europe 
shortly, and' make a lour of the continent, 
comMnlng business with pleasure. 

Thsi Tclsa Opkba HOM Co.. .at Tulsa. 
Ind. Ter., has -Just built a forty thousand dol- 
lar ; hoitse. nud opened same with "The 
<3linperons," Fel). 1. - •' 

- l-'iiF.s PLVMr-roN and Grr 8Tixr>i.vt? hire 
weaj engaged to support Otis SSInjier in "'Jflie 
Duel." ...!-- 



A^?T5?.'" WM « r , BB Rowwnd * CMFPORO 

iSSt£F ,0K *'.~?f''" ,l ' ,u «-"" v * llD « « n<| |t " , «i 

J5.tlP" SM °I ,ul * ,rm *W °n« has failed 
to »e a good money winner up to date, a 
most enrourtghig outlook, as the time pro- 
S 22 ^ or '^road shows from now. on la 
deeldediy.good. The "Dora Thorne" shows 
are all prosperous and making a good repu- 
te ion wherever played, and many return 
nates have been booked on the otrength of 
fattie. Sadie Marlon.- In the title role, has 
added new laurels for a masterly rendition 
or a most difficult role, and the. supporting 
company has received nothing but'eommenda- 
tloh for the artistic, manner In which liter 
rtT.' lnt , e T>"'t< k <l the dlffereht : characters*, 
rtiomas ,1. Umllh. w-no is at present playing 
!!"'„ , ?, adlB E romedy role In "Over Niagara 
liirL. T.i"l ,,1vc " ntvr P'T next ,-eason. 
and it will be aradlcsl departure from any- 
HJyt'S'^ 1 !.*" Previously starred In. Mr. 
smith had formerly been Identified with ro- 
mantic Irish leads, but bis Bucccss'thls sea- 
son with "Xlagaj-a Falls." has altered th» 
complexion • of 1 affairs. Jarncs Kyrle Shi? 
..•Si - v '""•"-emplates a change in the rast of 

The Old i:lo(hes Man" Oo., which w!l! -ma- 
terially strengthen the 'show, and' specialties 
are now Introduced, which meet with much 
fi vor '.., , 't m 1- iParl-er .has-been colUborat- 
IPg w lb Mr. MaeOm-dy. and several altera- 
trous-have beenmad^ which materially 'im- 
prove an; alteadv strong show. In all :the 
Tlty time business, as a rule, has been' ex- 
cellent.' ■ ?■-.-.■ 

-RoBBnT Downing opened his season' at 
! , .8Q} , '&' y d - > J ««- • '». .hi his new -piny. 

HaOk Monk.or the Days of '4(i." dramatl?ed 
rrom Joaquin Miller's. slOM-. The'compsur 
.engagjd-ln his srfpport aii»:'Rol)ert V. Fergu- 
son.. Edward .Donnelly, Charles l\. flttenSn, 
Berrihert Nl*toe.r*er, Oeorge Hamsburgcr. 
FredertcK Rdtlards. Henry Oradson. rTeel 
Ilafid, James 1, .Klnney.-ltelen Cartler, Mau.l 
Claire Shaw and Helene-Llndlay. The lour 
win be under' the management of, Robert E. 
Stevens;. , ..- -• ., ..■ . ... 

'Notes from -.Garland gaden's Attrac- 
tions.— Tbe- following people have been en- 
raged for. "Hearts Adrlfl'^ Co. : Frank Rfil- 
leaton, W. Chrystle Miller. Philip McCartliv, 
JM1I D.'- Ingram, Wm.' Bel fort. Blllr Barlbw, 
Walter Thompson,. Master Pbll - ffeOfrthy, 
Pasquallna De Voe. nernyce chllde. Mlld.r.l 
Ifyland, Bell Darling'. Alice Cbllds," Jesile 
Rogers and -Annie' Wise. Florence Hamil- 
ton,- In "The Senator's Wife." IsplaTingto 
big bi|tlness Inthe J>w England cltlea. 
■WiUitAM II.- iuhi.i\i) writes : "My part- 
ner. Dave. Clifford, was suddenly, taken 111, 
sort Is resting at Kansas, city. I Joined the 
Ollyea Hloek Co.. at Chanuie. Kan.;'and am 
doing, Juvenile*. ■ Business Is great. Broke 
the' hpiiSS' record -for. three nlghls at Wil- 
liams' OperaJloiise. Cbanhte." i 

.Dan Aiii*::, mahager'.of-the.Mattice Stock 
Co.,:waa: a recent .Ctii'PKR, caller; -and reports 
phenomenal success. 'Week, of Jan.. 22 thev 
pleyed the' Park. Theatr?. Asbnry. Park. N. .1. 
1 return date), and did bigger business than 
when. last, there (during Thanksgiving week'. 

LunwiQ.BAnNAY. an actor and • uianagev, 
well known In Germany, and who retired in 
MtHj bha been- appointed by Kai9er Wil- 
belfa as director of the Royal Theatre. 

John S. SAikiext's portrait of Ellen Terry. 
as;Lady Macbeth, the propertv of the lalo 
Henry Irring. has been bought by J. J. 
Duveen, . who. presented It to the National 
Gallery of Rrltlsll Art. 

1'iiuti.ES . FboiiMan will make a production 
of "The Judge and. Jury."- a Western drama, 
by. ILD.'- Cottrcll and Oliver Moroacu, and of 
which he MM . secured |be American and 
English rights. 

:"TitE RtpsKiN" will be prodiiced shortly 
In'New'Tork, :by-.Wm. A: BradV. -and- the 
characters- will all .be • Indians.' This , play 
wis recently produced ;ln Milwaukee by Mr. 
Brady, under another. tiFle/ 

J.OBBrH CA*TliOBS'wlll be starred In "The 
Ffe'e Lanee," by Klaw ** Erlanger. The 
piece will be seen In Now. Tork Ih (he Spring. 

■ Hcnrv B. lUfifite. will- produce a new pliv 
b,v, ; C'harles K.e)itt*t th*-,lluds4n Theatre, 
New York, before the .end of. the season. 

.HAnnr '.WArbeli. is Ih Ills,'. twenty-fifth 
week; playing: the German comedy rote, with 
the 'Four Huntings. In ".' Fool'-Housc." 
. JUftr^ND n £», Goon hare. Joined the inusi- 
ttl; cooiedy. "Ills Ulghdcis, the Bey." .las; B. 
Ralmtind playlrlg the title role, and Florence 
Good.plajlpg the. part of Hoi tie Dimple. 
They report meeting? with 'great success. 
■AW."; H; 'Ft'Rl.ONO' Joined the. stock company 
at Lotiflng, Mleji., opening Jah. 2'1. 
■ NotE3 : EpN.v Fov Co.— We tire-still 
out,' and doing the business. We had another 
record-breaker recently.' notwithstanding 
the (act of Its being a return engagement, 
havlnjg played the town Just six ' weeks ago 
to excellent business, and tbls time eclipsed 
all records. la addition to our repertory com- 
phhy we-' arc notv putting oi)t a one night 
attinctlon, : Including • band and orchestra. 
Roster of the repertory show includes: Edna 
Foy. Lucille WhlteclItr.'Rote Gaylor, Mrs. H. 
Rsnol, Butler.. Baby Lillian. Harry 'Edman. 
Edn-ard Riley. Edwlo Wecver. Eruest Butler, 
William Harris. Henry Knapp; Master Mat- 
thew Butler and Master Willie Illley. 

L-. C. • Sunrord, proprietor. of the "Who la 
Who" Co., now playing to good business In 
Pennsylvania, writes that "Topsy," one of 
the best known pad dogs In the business,' died 
suddenly at Irwin, Pa. 

: Is the rtiTtMiK Ma)ile B. Lawrence will 
be, known to tbe prufestson asMazle Daven- 
port: '■;':$ 

"A Desperate Chance" Is soon to be 
produced In London. Kng., and Aubrey Mit- 
tcnthal sails March 3, for that city, to stage 
the play.' ■ ■ 

Lke Br.'if.s has signed a contract with 
Chas. 1". Berger. manager of tbe Dorrls 
OiwrR House, also of East Lake Park. 
Pncenlx. Arlr.. to place a stock company »t 
Esst Lake Park for a Summer season of 
Mlxteen weeks, beginning May 80. 

P.vir Dkktjes, musical comedian. Is in 
his eighth week with Cohen *: Southeilandn 
"King of Tramps," playing the title role, 
and doing bis musical specialty. 

Noti;s trpm's "Itir- Van Winkle" 
Co. — We arc In our twenty -second week, and 
have been playing to capacity business 
through Georgia. Alabama and Mississippi. 
At Jackson, Miss., we broke the record for 
Hi" coming season. J, L. Donohne Is- gen- 
eral agent, and- Is piloting us through tbe 
■South and Southwest, with R. L. Korua as 
aiecond la advance, and prospects are excel- 

Roster op the "In a Woman's Power" 
Co. : True S. James, proprietor and mann- 
arer; E. C. Andrews, business msnager: A. 
W. Fremont. May Bretonne, Edwin Felix, 
Marlon Halrombe. John O. Hewitt, II. A. 
Marey. Harvey Miller, Silas Holmes and 
Louise Ripley. 

Dave H. Levis, manager of the "Uncle 

•Hoe** -Flint; - representing - John . 0. Roe's 
att raet Ions... writes: "Business through Col- 
orado, Kansas slid Nebraska ■ his ' been be- 
yond all .expectations. Ras's excellent com- 
pany holding nine house records for the sea- 
son In Nebraska. Rao's melodrama, 'Gipsy.* 
Is meeting -'With the same -success through 
the Western part of Kansaa .anil Colorado. 
Rie'a park stock company coming in as • 
good third in the Southern portion of Kan- 
sas. I was with No. 1 coopanv-at Wytnore, 
Neb., i*.- Christmas., where we gave two 
performances, turning them away at both 
matinee and' night. A very pleasant aupper 
was arranged by Mr. Rne for the members of 
the company, and the house manager, Mr. 
Martin, after the night's performance, at the 
Jeffrtes Hotel. Song and story was the 
watrhwo-d until the smRlI hours. Many 
handsome tokens were exchanged. The three 
companies' are booked up solid for the sea- 
sin; and Mr. Rae Is now completing plans tor 
a new one nighter, which will be launched 
In the near future. It one of tbe 
most complete and most expensively staged 
attractions on the mad. All four companies 
will be-wider my personal direction." 

Alberta' Gallatin continues to delight 
Western audience* with her Inimitable pre- 
sentation of "Cousin Kate," under the Kaoc, 
Nhlpman A Colrln management.' She will 
preaent a new plsr the latter part of April. 

•Lew F. Diasiu'nd will ' shortly Join the 
Irish-American Trio, Introducing his tinging 
and dancing specialty, which were' a success 
recently In the East, also playing the Irish 
character part of Jeremiah llogan. 

Harry I/>raine Joined Aubrey Mitten- 
thsl's "Cuater's Last Ftaht" Co., at the Crit- 
erion Theatre, In Chicago. 

Tuba. 11. (.fNEtt. haslieen engaged by Guy 
Kaufman, manager of "Rallroia Jack Co., 
for ''the. front of the bouse,- small parts and 
specialty.- This Is Mr. O'Neil'a Second season 
with Mr. Kaufman. 

'KotM-raoM'fiiE BBotPBRipos, Stock Co. 
— BuSlhits has. been very fair, and) we have 
no; felt the slump In httslness. We have gone 
along nicely, add our receipts almw well- on 
the right 'Fide nf..> the ledger. The Apollo 
Quartette Is setting tbe pare and are bring- 
ing t hem hack at every performance. Rosier ! 
Btruusc & Logan, 'proprietors : Harry Stroiise, 
manager: R. Bruce Logan, Al. Marentette. 
C, A. Broadbrldge. Geo.-A. Cochran; Leeflol- 
dalnc . Jas'.' A. Nesbltt. Geo. Walker, Alh-e 
I^orralne Meredith,. Ella Logan Whlpnie,' F.von 
Leclalr. and Thresa Martin, musical .'direc- 
tress. ,W. II. Meldroth Jr. Is advance reprc 
sentatlve. . 

Chas. L. Gill, manager of "A Hot Old 
Time"- Co.,- writes: ".'Florence Hughes, who 

Notes ww White's B um tgt U BM Stotir 
Ca. L. J. White, manager. — We are in our 
thlrtj sixth week of phenomenal business. 
I.reaklng records In several iltlea and Play- 
ing to capacity almost nightly. Dolhe 
Temple, who recently Joined our company 
aa leading woman, line met wltb great favor, 
and hat, Hhowa.hci-sclt t» be an. actress ot 
sterilnr Worth. V. O. MroVvu, our leading 
man. Talc of Proctor's Stock. New York 
City, baa proved a favorite In every towu 
since our opening. 'We aro carrying na a 
special feature act Loren Qulllon and Ethel 
May.' m their sensational acroballc and con- 
tortion net. Our company is a congenial 
one. nnd a more contented company would 
-be- ulffkn'.t to llnd In the profession. Our 
success 1ms been such that Mr. White will 
. play' return engagements In almost every 
town between now And the opcnlug of Ills 
park, nt Marinette, Wis.; June 10. lt>00. 

- 1 ikni'.v Fukv h&a been reengaged by Al. 11 
Woods for season of 1000-7. t>> be featured 
J11 one of Mr. Woods' new plays. He la now 
. .on ,'ils nlotecpth week wltb "Tracked Around 
tho World" Co., playing the Hebrew pawn- 
broker, nod doing his specialty, with success. 
.- Gui.uiK IlEACti. of the Kdlall -Wlnthrop-t 
10., was presented by Richard Valentine, of 
the Valentine Stock Co., with a gold heart, 
studded with dlumonds, while playing In Hut- 
tlesijiirgh. Miss. ? 

.John akk Alicr McDonaij> report meet- 
lag with success playing tbe comedy roles 
nnd doing their specialty with Gordon & 
Bennett's "Tho Tollers" Co. 
- Mii.ur':i> Wii.i.hms writes : "I am now In 
my fourteenth week with the Rennett-Moul- 
-ton Co., playing heavies and doing specially 
work, and nni making a 'hit. Mr orlklnal 
production of tho voice. 'The Magic Flute,' 
Is new to the profession that we have come 
In contact with. Tbls la my first season ua 
11 professional." 

otes Kmi.M Kort. DowstNii'H Co., In 

Jt'A) r, if, ur.i in, iniiuo.,' 1 ui llio U; 

Joah Snruceby" Cos... sailed for Paris Jan. 
18. Mrs. Levis accompanied, him. They 
will Winter, at Cairo, Egypt. 

Mary Baker and "ijilli"' Barrv. who 
are appearing In "McFadden'a Flats." tbls 
season, will enter vaudeville next Spring, 

Iiresenllog a novel hodge-podge, by Joe wfi- 
ard. entitled "Falling Falls.'' 

Notes krosi the "IlEAnTS of Men" Co.— 
The Kraupa & Cullen Anittsemcnt Co., of 
Philadelphia, have put opt "The Hearts of 
Men" Co.. which Is considered one of the 
strougest rural. melodramas. They have had 
some very elaborate scenery made, also spe- 
cial paper. Ibc followtcz people have been 
engaged' Edward l<ac,v. business manager; 
W. r. Cullen. advance : .V. Wayne Farlow. 
E. M. Betz, C. L. MrKean, Jas. Couvery, 
John Daler. Ruby Day, W. J. Bedell. Mayctic 
B. Cullen. Olga Lester, Alice Dc Mar. rtertba 
Bchwaham, . Anna E. -Cullen, musical di- 
rectress. ....... 

Cij.uu.f.roix. Pa.. Notb, — llie Chnrlero'x 
County Rank hax bought Hie l.ewla ' Ojiera 
House,' nnd will, Ibe coming Spring, thor- 
onjiily. overhaul and repair It, ... 

played the piirl or Mrn. General Blater. his 
left the ah^w. Her part will be played by 
Lillian West. Miss West went on without 
a rehearsal and made a hit. The Show is 
Uolrtj a fine. business, ploying to H,. R. O." 

Notes from ■ Tim .Font IIkntinob "A 
NtoltT in a Foot. • Hoi'se" t'o, — The Four 
Huntings presented their manager, Harry 
Dull, with a beautiful sulld gold watch, hand- 
somely engraved, for Christmas! This com- 
pany made aue of tbe greatest ■ bits of any 
show tbut bas ever been at the -Grand 'In 
Wheeling. -W. Vs... and has he.-n bonked for. 
dill suother date at this. popular lions... Wu 
return for the third time during the month 
of April. The boi office rrrelpts of the house 
were broken during our slay, there. 

Henry- P. Ijewky writes: "Am now In ny 
thirteenth week playing the leading heavy, 
l/teter Orefrge. with »'., s. -Primrose's rural 
plav.' 'Uncle «l llasklnx,' through the contral 
West." , ...■--•, 

-I^M'ls 'Smytiie writes: . "Am now In my 
fh.H-teetith.we.ek" with C--B- Primrose's /Uncle 
SI HasklnA'Co.. playing the allly kid. Rube 
Hanks.. and doing my whistling specialty and 
Imitations In the first and fourth acts, mak- 
ing' a decided success."- 

Otto C. KAMnERrtcn Jr., manager of Kam- 
berjtsr'E Theatre. Brunewick. Md.. writes: 
"The 1 Tempest Dramatic Co. played tBIs the- 
atre? week Af'Jan. 8,' to the' bljgeit builneai 
In ihe history 'of . the house.- Ou Friday 
night, before 8 o'cibi-k. the 8. R. • 0. algn 
was ptlt out; which was nevrr kniwn liefore 
In tbls city. The entire htiuse has been reno- 
vated. • New scenery and 'electric' lights have 
been lustnlled. and the benches on tho lower 
flobr replaced with new siyjo opera rbalre." 
' Notes' mow Cosmopolitan stock Co.— 
Wchnve oecn. out Uw weeka Rnd business 
has; been- ven- good- The show Is one of 
the: best repertory , shows on tho road, and 
Is', booked up to next September. Roster-: 
C. ;Y.- Cooper, manager: Dan Wallace, busi- 
ness manager: Frank 'Maury, advance agent: 
Mamice Brterre Jr.. Geo. Clark, Vernon Wal- 
lace; -, Victor Walker, Ralph MoJurs. stage 
manager ;. Harry C. Stratford, electrician: 
•U'CTKatz. musical director: Susie Frsdelle, 
KdoH Snow, ,Iesn Kyne. the Dancing Maaons, 
nnd -Monroe and St. Claire.' 

Marie Wolfe has signed as character 
woman for the 'Edward "'aidmanu • Co., for 
his' revival of "Or. Jekjil and Mr. Ilvde." 

Notes from Edward Walomann.— Mr.. 
^aldnionn opened bis season In Kokotno, Intl., 
Tuesday, Jan. 0. The star received several 
curtain calls, and was cou)ne,l|ed to -make 
a speech. This company Is one of tho. 
beet ■ and most successful . Shakespearean 
companies on' the toad. The opening per- 
formance was greeted by a parked house, 
and Mr. Waldmann was pleasantly remem- 
bered for bll previous performance at Ko- ' 
komo. In "The Merchant of Venice." Tho 
company pleased so well as to receive an 
Offer' fur a return dale. 

Wm. E- Gross anu Mabi:l K. Bell, bolh 
members of "Tbe Street singer" Co., wcra 
married In Webster, Mnsa., on Jan. 4. 

Notes from the Riuvin-Yoinu Stock Co. 
—This company closed Jan. i'O. at tlalelgh.. 
A. «'. Salaries were paid In full.' up to dale 
of closing. Mr. nnd Mrs. Edwin Young. LUtlo 
Kdna and Master Bob went |o Philadelphia : 
Jaln.>* .f. Rice goea Into vaudeville. IteX 
Leslie Klngdon returned to New York City. 
Bllllc Lackaye end Crystal Benson Jolucd 
"Shadows of Sin" Co.. Carlos Peace went 10 
his home In Durham. N. ('., and George Wil- 
mcr nnd I,awrcnce (Inrr. to Memphis, T.enn. 

Ciiaiiles llAtrrhKV. who has been appear- 
ing wilh great success with Cosmo Gordon 
l^nnot,' play. "The ludccislon of Mr. Kings- 
bury," at the Ilu.vmarket Theatre, .^London, 
was recently rotuinandcd by theklng lo ap- 
pear before him al the Theatre Royal. Obats- 
wortb. Mr. Hnwtrey. In company wltb Mu- ! 
rlel Wilson and Lady Maud Warreoder, pre- 
sented the one n-;t play. "Time la Money," 
and was personally complimented. by the king. 

Notes rnosi the Kinsev Ko. — 
We cloacd a most successful season at Van 
Wert,- 0., .tan. JO; owing lo Hie death of I'Jr. 
W. R. Hughes. Mrs. Klnscr's father, sho hav- 
lu» been appointed administratrix. The com- 
pany opened May 1.», under canvas, add was 
a complete artistic and financial success, 
there having been but two changes In tbe 
company, and all members having been re- 
cugajjed for the Summer And ncxt'Brawjn. 
sir. iCInstr and Mr. Lambert nr/vat their 
homes at hhreve, O., hooking time for a coaat 
trip next season. 

(Icn Hill writes: "I snj now preparing a 
new list of sbows tor next reason.. and have 
contracted for new scenery, costumes and 
music. Am selecting nothing but the beat of 
talent for the coming year rijr the different 
at tract Ions which I will control, namely: 
'Gay New York." 'McFadden's I'lnls.' ilappy 
Hooligan." "The Smart Set,' 'In Cruel Rus- 
sia,' 'Panhandle Pete,' Vnnlly I'alrCo., Wine 
Women and Song Co. nnd the Cracker Jack*. 
Charles B. Barton Is now general manager 
for the above .attractions, replacing Itoltls K. 
Cooley, who lr now general manager for 
Henry W. Havaae." 

Fbed Cutton Is In his twenty-second week 
with "Under Houthern Sklea" Co/tKastcrn), 
playing Ambrose Ma<|..r. •• " ' '•• 

T.\t Iiwih wilt routlnuc In "Man and 
Knnermnn" until "The Duel" la produced. 
She will then Join the letter company. 


Joaquin Miller's play of "Hank Monk, or the 
Days of 'i«." — !\ e opened In Frederick, Aid . 
Jah. i'4. lo S. It. o. Mr. Downing la nbly 
supported, and wc have a complete scenic pro. 
duct Inn. 

'Mills anu Lewis, Herman character come- 
dians, starring In C. II. Krrr'a musical com- 
e«y, "A Trip te Bgypt." writing from Wichi- 
ta. Kan., say that tncy ure being featured 
Hiid'hiistness Is 8. R. 0., with a good nroi- 
pect ot .banner business for the season. Nexc 
season Mills nnd Lewis will star In a bin 
musical comedy of firry people. In "C.-O. D. 
They close llirlr eenaoii In April, and open 
ciifly ill August. 

Laimia Davis hna Joined the Carrie Runklo 
Stock Co. 

The New Hours (N. Y.l OrrR* DouM 
was opened Monday evening, .Inn. S-, for 
the firs I time, to a capacity house, at very 
high prices, ft being n subscription night. 
The highest price paid for two seats wbb 
IttOO. The opening attraction was "The Ar- 
rival of Kilty." which gave splendid satis- 
faction. The new house,- which- Is a model 
In theatre building, was erected hy the Mills 
Brothers, publishers of The fVccnrrf. They 
will play only three attractions per month. 

.Ieanktth Aon Urandkhs closed with "Tho 
Gay Motlnco Girl" live weeks ago, and Is 
now with the "Peck's Bad Hoy" Co., playing 
(he snubrette part. She la also doing a 
specialty with Ida Bergen, which, she In- 
forms us, la making good. 

Jkannetth Le Hlanc reports meeting nilh 
success In toubrelte roles with tbe llenncu- 
Moulton Co.- . 

J. C. Buck writes: "I have resigned as 
business manager ot B. C. Whitney's 'Isle of 
Bong Bong' Co. A. C. Abbott is at present 
ahead of the show, aud J. D. Johnson has 
tAke n the place of J. H. Kobnle, who, un- 
fortunately, dropped dead In Hannibal, Mo., 
Die. 1!0, while acting as manager with tbe 
company. Mr. Abbott goes again this sea- 
eon with tho Darnuni Snow, na manager of 
car No. J. Tho show is doing big business In 
tbe Weat." 


— The company la doing n phenomenal busi- 
ness through Ohio. We bad capacity busi- 
ness at Shelby, In the worst storm of- tbe 
kt-ason. and tho houses were sold Out before 
the company's arrival at Belleville. Butler 
and New London, 0. We carry one of Ibe 
finest bauds on ibe rond, under the leadership 
of Arthur Fordham. ana our orchestra, under 
the direction of Prof. Stevenson,- wins big 
rounds of applause nightly. We also carry 
S complete scenic anu electrical outfit, ana 
have an excellent cast. 

Hi; vi. II. Veiiniin, of the Vernon Stock 
Co.. has orgsnlied a circuit ot one night 
stands, and gives excellent opportunities for 
attrsfilone, as the companies already play- 
ing hla circuit report succesa. 

Notes rnoM tub Lyceum Connor Co.— 
We opened a week's engagement at Danville, 
Ky„ Jan. 13, to Uie InrgCHt crowd ever 
played to In the history of tbe opera house. 
We turned away fully four hundred people, 
and sold nearly three hundred H. R. O. 
.tickets. The roster Is as fallows: Al. H. 
Evans, Will W. Sterling. Wesley Sternshaw, 
Albert Vade, Itlalu Darnold, E. 13. f'oloek. 
Earl Ulelt'.v. <'. C. Baum, Una Lynn, Lotta 
, Chase, M.vrlle Vade, Josephine Weat and 
Marlon March. 

,1'itAs. r. |.'ale» Notes. — Business stilt 

' keeps up with our scenic attraction, "The 

'Lighthouse Robbery." The company remains 

the same. In Kentucky we had several H. 

ft. O. houses, and since coming back Into 
>hlo. we havo bad more of them. Manager 
I'nle.s has new scenery in preparation for 
tbe Chas. T. 1'alw Comedy Co.,' also four 
new plays, which be has completed, and a 
new musical act. hy tits Mualcal Sparks. All 
the male members ore Elks, nud several 
times we have been banquetted by tho "Best 
People on Earth." Salaries, like Tub Oi.n 
Kelum.h, ore always on lime, both being 
features which olwnys make tho members 
of our attraction happy. 

Tnr. Clarke Stock Co. haa bcon reor- 
ganized under the management of Geo. C. 
rlnrke. with the following roster: Robert A. 
Bennett and Alzora Thompson, leads ; Harry 
F. Adorns, stago director; Hugh Irving-ton, 
3. M. Lavertoii. Iko Oliver, Frank 1 afford, 
Helen Trcadwcil, Mario Lozay and Beatrice 

May Dc Sousa bas been re-enguged at the 
Dfury Lane, London, Eug., for tho forth- 
coming pantomime. 

" Heutiia Kaliuii will appear In a series of 
■pedal matinees In a drams by Kola, tbe 
name of wblcli has not been announced. 

Henry Irvind left 973,109, und provided 
for an annuity for hla valet, Colllsson. The 
bulk of the eslats la divided In eipial parts 
between the two sons of the testator, 

The flticnEiiTs have purchased the Ameri- 
can rights to "Vcronlque," nnd will present 
the opera next season wltb an American 

Daniel Froiiman ano Joseph Brooks 
will produce "Cousin Lnulsn," a comedy, by 
Frederick I'uiildlng, In tho Spring, with Mary 
Van Duron In tbe lend. 

Dn. Hwan M. BcmXKTT, the former hus- 
band pf Mrs. Frances Uoditaoii Burnett, died 
of heart disease al hla home In Washington, 
D, (.'., Jau. 18. Mrs. Burnett secured n di- 
vorce from him In 1698. 
■ Klaw ft Eiilakukr ano Geo. M. Cohan 
anu Ham Harris hare signed contracts hy 
whl"h Geo. C0I11111 will write exclusively for 
the foruler for a term of- live years. "George 
Washington Jr.," which was produced Tn 
Sprlngllctd. Mass., Jon. Si. will be given Its 
metropolitan premier at the Herald Square 
Theatre. Feb. 12. 

MAkvscbiits of tbe late Victor Hugo's 
writings wilt be kept In the Blbllolhlque Na- 
tional, Paris, having been In the keeping of 
tbe wrlrer'a friend, Paul Maurice, since the 
former's death. 

"A Yankkm C'ibcos" will be presented at 
the Boston Theatre, Ronton, April 110, prior 
to which It will be seen at the Auditorium, 
Chicago, beginning Fell. 24. 

-NOTES IWI I B B- CtlrTtXirD *flMS.' fitOcs: 
Co.— We arc still In Kansas, and 5 doing an 
enormous business. W. II.'BnvIs Joined Jan. 
15. to go in advance. Krt. c.opeland* will be 
back wilh the ehnw from now on.-- One 
night rcceoll.v. Juet before the doora openad, 
L. I). Kirk, our henvv man. stepped out of Ai 
back dutir. Hi Ink lug there were steps. ||e 
fell about six feet to Ibe ground, breaking 
his left arm above Hie wrier. - Pbjslctin* 
Here Immediately summoneil, und the break 
was set. ' I'pon removing the bandage*, W" 
days later U wita found 1 hut the arm had 
not been set straight, and will have to, o« 
pri-kcn again iincf reset. Mr. Kirk lefl 
the company Sunday. Jan. 21. for his Home 
at Garnett, Kan., where he enn receive proper 
tregtmeEt. Bnrrlns Hi Is one iinirleiH, every- 
thing has bee.i lovely. Eteryane is Ip the 
best of heal Hi. The Wliiler has lieen bennil 
fill. With scarcely any bad 'weather. IVs 
broke nil records nt Newton. Wc i-vmineneril 
our Hirer nl<t|t Hnic, 22. nr the Home Th' 
arre. Hutchluson. Knu., with nlihui twelve 
stauils hi Kansas to follow before • i.'tir 
Missouri andindlan Territory time. We carry 
flftceii people, and' have n strong reperlhrr 
and elegant impel-. The em Ire coiiipuny nr<r 
Cr.trrtit renders, and engerly await lis arri- 
val. ■ 
' UaMMH Ant: went abrond Jan. 20,-.lo;bs 
gone spuic time. ■ 

AliA Ht.HAN h»s won Her svjlt in thi'Aa- 
guatltt Daly will case, and will receive' one- 
tlflh of the prollls from Hie operation of 
Daly's Theatre, Loudon. Kng., since \lil* 

Viui.kt OitEY writes: -I am now playing 
the lead m 'Rsnltaau'a Tmnblen.' Tim 
L'Liri'Eii comes to me each week, as a touch 
ot when playing 'Innks,' ami 
Is alwnys un interest Ing tnenns of uhtulutne 
nil ili>- profi'sslnniil news." 

Gf.ohuh Heacii, nf the team of llench ami 
Reach, reports success playing Frnna FiberVs 
fonncr role of Kimono, the Japanese dwArr, 
In "I'oxv Uultlcr," ut tbe Tlvull Opera Heme, 
Snn FrannicO. 

Blaine Whipple closed n six months' en- 

Jnaement with the Theatre Co.. nti<1 
olned the King-Perkins "Ilnnicspun Hearts" 
:o.. lo play Bill Syke, the second heavy. 

We aue iNi'onwMb that the llnrrls-I'nrkhi- 
son Co. pin jed 10 1 he largest week's business 
In the hlatory of the Mstlooii Theatre, i.t Mot- 
toon, III. Four extra itiatluces worn • given, 
nnd iieoiile were turned away nightly qur|ug 
the week of Jan. in-20. » 

Norta Kaojf rn» Hunt Stock Co.— Ws 
aro now in our twenty-first week, nntl 
has been uniformly good. Wc are hooked solid 
mil II July 1,' at' which lime wo will .lose for 
Hie Slimmer. Kate lilsglbbon, our lending 
woman, was taken sick during our engage' 
tnenl nt Kalamazoo, and It later developed 
Into a bad riiae of typhoid fever. Sho hna 
been at Mr, Hunt's home, at Grand Rapids, 
and at present' Is getting b Iter as tnst na 
ran be eipected. For the past nve weeks liec 
place has been moat ably ill led hy Irene Gale. 
The raster nt present Is: M. A. Hunt, pro- 
prietor nnd manager ; II. II. Kcllmar, business 
matiaiter; A. C. Knight, K. •>, Mcl.eod. Larry 
Haggarty. T. A. Doiirrt, P. II. Fltxalbbot., 
stage carpouler; Itniph Rnriun, Joe llltn. 
planlal : Marie littgluhnn. (lertrndo Palmer 
and Irene i.'iilc The plays are all our own 
or royalty bills, and consist of the followltur: 
"The Path of H10 Wicked," "Hown at Mar 
tin's," "A Modem Judas," "Nejt of Kin," 
Hunt's "Monte Crlsto" und "A (laughter's 
Devotion." Wo rarry twelve drop curtains 
and several flat |il»ces. Our -specialties ar* 
a fenture, nnd I In- show Is giving the beat 
of aatlafaciloii. The scasonwlll no doubt be 
a banner' one. . . 

-Kuril Kellaod baa resigned aa stag* 
manager ot "The Eternal env Co., but will 
continue to play Don Camlllo Murelll -In 
the piece, as usual. Charier- D. 

the General .Morra ot the production, bis 
been edgsged to succeed Mr. Keltard. 

IliiUtAM ano LArutNT hare leased a build- 
ing alio at Northfleld, Vt., nud will shortly 
commence the erection of a modern theatre. 
The. town Is now without any place for travel- 
ing companies to appear. The recent boom 
therm makes It a very desirable one night 
alnnd, The firm will nlsu have n new house 
nt Uraiillevlllc, and work un the Vermont, 
at Ilarre, so long delayed, will begin lu 


The drat visit of this company through Ala- 
bama und Mississippi bos been prolltahte und 
beyond ejpectslloiis. livery siniul made, with 
three exceptions, accorded ns big i-enirns. The 
show has been well received, and In the ver- 
nacular of the street, It hna "made good." 
The company baa been greatly strengthened, 
and Is now, In point of merit and versatility, 
tbe rery best ever handled by Ktlssll & WJji- 
tbropc. Mauogcr Kdnnll Is busily engaged In 
booking time for next season, and Is nearly 
filled with all city I line. This attraction i'e 
mains out all Hummer, and Is in -iked solid 
In iclectcd territory. Clinton Newton con- 
tinue* as business manager, and U dolug ex 
eellent work In advance. Harry C. nnd.Olil.' 
Lester and Frank Cowan are liew nienib'irs vt 
the company. 


supiiortlng Wilson II. Todd. — Biislneii has 
been big since opening, and iery tew change.' 
have been madp. The compmiv l.-i buok-id 
solid, playing only city time. The roster lij. 
Cradoe « Neville, proprietors : •iin-. II. Ne- 
ville, tnonager: J. L. Alyle. biihlucss nianagar: 
Wilson It. Todd, Will II. Dixon, Clyde Venur. 
Prince I'.llivood, .1. Corev Kdniuiids, AHicpt 
Dasblnglon. N. Alverei, Geo. M. Moore, In* 
Great Crndoc, C'resslr CiiimUa li'oildi, »Iar|e 
Gilmer, Nelly Lyons Ilefily, Maude Dmigins, 
Helen Jackson snd Paulluc Furesl. 

Ko. BAn.NSTEAO Jr., nilvuiue agent, has 
cloied With "The Tan Sisters," Co.. after a 
Tory sucecasful season of six mom lis. 

Geo. II. Gill has disposed of his Inlorealx 
In "Fighting Fate" Co.. ami Is now buslunas 
repr.hientatlvn for WIII011 Lnikoye's roui- 
pnny, "The Pit." 

William W. Larotvr has sold his Isleat 
piny, "Nancy, of the Dills," lo Manager Irs 
W. Jackson, fur Iks (inra Turner Co, This 
mokes three ng Mr. Lupolnt's ploys now In 
Miss Turner's repertory. 

FncDi'.nn.'K K. Moii-iuiiii lins hern appoint- 
ed stage manager of Henry Koel Parkers 
"Under Southern Sklos" Co.. Wcslerii. 

ilrpi-.r.N A Huns Comeov t'u. has closed for 
the B*aann. 

TlH Mi.rpiiy's reliirn lo the yarl of .Mil- 
verlek Hratidmi, In "A Texas Xiccr," whleh 
he mads n national success nearly llfleeu 
years ago, ia one of the most pretentious be 
has had for many years, 

Beatrice of "The Sullnti of 
Siilu" Co.. and Hriiun»l Vnn I'niag. of New 
J'ork City, were raurrled in Chicago, 111., 
Jnn. 3. 

Hazel Hjiilv tlAnaoi-.\. meenlly of "ion 
You son" nud "Mo, Him nnd I" coinpanlos, 
was married nt Toledo. I)., on Jan. 21, ts 
Ralph Fuller Kldrldge, a tmn-profcaslounl, of 

RonKRT Dboekt, who has been very III with 
nn attack of puemnnnlu, has only sllah'lr 
Improved, snd Is stilt lu n serious conditio!) 
In his apartments, In West Forty-fourth 
Street, New York City. 

The HirtJ»B«T Hno-nir.rte, have added to 
their chain of theatres another bouse, Hip 
I'Jmplrc, In Toledo, Ohio. Mrs. Flake, Is 
"Leah Kleschna," will open It Under Hie new 

Mai.'iib Granoer will piny Mrs. Llnrol-i, 
In Heiijatnln Cbanln'a drama. "Lincoln." 
which v;ll| hnve lis premiere In Hartford, 
Conn.. Ken. IP.. 

Miss Percy Jepaii, n member of Nels<in 
Roberts' company, was married on Jah. 25. 
te Lkos. Hillmnn, n railroad man of CUvo- 
land, 0. 

"Tim Trancuh* Tiiui." will have HJ 
firrmtrr In llncheiter, N. V., Knu, f), iindef 
the managameiit of i:.i«nrd liradau and 
M»«on Peters. 




Ududeoilk and minstrel 

Mastodon Min- 

Oct St.N, nf Springfield,. 0., .and . 0,. 0., J| 

" sed two U 

Murray, of Itichinond, Ind., have leased two 
new theatre, to be modern In -every detail, 
'('hoy wrllc Dint these two houses, wben 
completed, ivin he iii(> finest family vaudeville 
theatres In the State of Obto. tino Is "to be 
bulli mi I.lmn, (>.. tbe other nt Newark, 0., 
both lo open April J, HMIO, Sun £ Murray 

Stctzmas ami, who are meeting,, 'Notes mo»t tub Donnelly 4 nvmnu Noras from Wavou-tr 

with great success -with tbelr new sketch**MAdNiFJCENT MBmtu.- We closed, our RTSEi^.-Not ■ ».<'» '°»* ™ r .f?. r h ' 'es ? s 111 
"An Awful <W" rfM -Booked- In ihe bettfaijgttfment at the-raTona-Bay-Casino after -.ha,, ffic II««rly. Sbffw ^.{S, 1 ^ 

-arks-for iho Summer.. They have slgnedRh.vtng played" lo three capacity audiences. ce>„ than, tbe. pre sent sea son. Buainew on 

?r/T new.musrnl comedy for nc*t neojson, ^rhe press andjicopje of TampaEave pothlng the Western i trip i w«i of be t W' famoui 

o«lo their specialty and play prlncl^lpiW^mf words oT praljefor us, nil claiming that order, .rapiloltv .bo»"^a *£$?* ™* Man 

Itttrb the best minstrel show that has ever old orgamtntlon every j>crrorn ance. I 

vlsjted the city. Everything looks lovely 

here, and the weather Is grand. It seemed 

anther, strange tp make a parade In the 

BJtint h of . January, with, the inermomeler 

standing S.1 In the shade. . Our two special 

A vai npvti.r r: combine," embracing the 
foiled States and part of Canada, has ben 
fooncd/,u.nder the. title of, the ■Intornjillanol 
TbontrlCnl Company; The hcndqitnrirri.wm 
bo at Chicago, with office* at New York and 
Ban Franclm-n. The circuits represented nre 

niter CbOF. IC Hngbee feels highly elated over 
the success attained this season, from a llnt\t\- 
Hal. as well as an nrtlstle standpoint. The 
show J i giving excellent, satisfaction the 
press being v.-ry commendatory with their 
and criticisms. Billy Beard, the 

prising nine ihcnu-CH. 
Hr.nt M. <'.ar\ i:y [ 
Kansas City, Mo., Jan." 18 

h'ave secured a ten years' lease for both of the -Bijou, of Wisconsin and Michigan; the cars were placed near the' Tampa Hay Hotel, comments n — 

these houses. They now bare a circuit com- Knlllvim, CpnsIdlnonDd Ryan, the Nash, tho In the shade of n large palm tree. Business principal comedian, has proven, inat ne is en- 
Crystal, the Moiinrt, the Pennsylvania Fam- has been' remarkable on thrs Nonthirn trip, titled; to! on as one of the forcmoat 
e Rika' Club, at ily Theatrical., the Levy and the Wesmn. it considering that we have followed so many comedians limonglhe stars of {nDW l ne 
. He la not play- will take ninety weeks to cover the circuit. minstrel companies, but we gol "ours" and Butte order of LIks Wl*]m yeairsj smss- 
Ing tbe Southern houses. Apoiu ami an lions nre jitlll winning that I* the part that counts. ■ The show so nitet to the, company,, and there fc ere -jerry 
• Tim Savoys Inform tin that they have only honors In Mexico. It In said that numerous far -has not received a bad. press notice., tho 
tost live weeks since Mari-b, ltiOX Tliey bull 1 flghtors; have acknowledged that Adgle'g papers. In each and every, town we have 
open on tho Nash circuit Jan. 2B, for six daring I*. remarkable, and that her act snr- played, giving .us the credit of. being the 
weeks, with five weeks for W. F. Hcnder- passes the bull fighter's work In the amount real thing" In every' way. The band- Is a 
Boa to follow, nnd open wllh Wallace's Or- of danger incurred. • ., m winner, and never falls to cause favorable 
sue' for their second season. In April, llr, ; .Rttt. and UictiAnns write that they live' comment. .Some of the hoys are verv.fond 
Savoy tp be principal clown. . ■■ • adopted black face nt the snggestlon offer- of'hiintlog, and very seldom go out without 
vo.%", the "Human Serpent," closed a »uc- ««l managers,- nnd have gained connlderahly, bring|hn .back some kind of gnmc. "I'op" 
cCBsful eng-igenicnt on the Middle west eltr from the way .the art .has Improved.' JUm Abraxas Is tlie champion In tho hunting line. 

from Havana, Cuba 

Tin: l'vAN.s Tmo closed a successful en- 
gngeincnt nt Pastor's Tbealrc, Jan. lit. and 
ere booked for a return date May 2S. Here- 
after the act will be known as Mrs. C, T^sllo 
Evans and company, with C. I*«llo Kvnns 
nnd l'erclvnl Kvhns In the net ns heretofore. 

Jal'K Uia.mii.n-i> 1b now being featured With 

pf their engagement nt Keith's Theatre, 
ITovItlehce, Jan. 20, retired from the theatrl 
cnl profession. They left, for 8nn Frnnclicu. 
where Mr.. Kilson will engage In the -real 
estate business. 

M. ff Wiiai.lbx and family sailed .Ter 
Europe Jan. 24. ' 

.lFJaRin_.C|.ino,v writes : "I am touring 

Richardson's National Stock Co. He writes through Canada with the T. E. Kvle Vande 

that he Is scoring n big bit with his Itnper- villc CO, The show Is doing a fine huslne>-.». 

nonntlons nnd chnracter songs, and is booked nnd my dancing fs making a decided hit; 1 

MM until April 9. m __ have shrned _ f qr_ next season with [the Kora 



ports _ 

lafactlon on every sland. The solo band is he It unable to appear. He will soon pro- 

artd niter the performance gave us a nne 
lime . in their grand home. The hxjge -of 
Elks here la composed of the best people in 
ihe city, and- n jollier lot of boys-, we 
have never met. This Is our turning point, 
ns we start back North from here. The 
manner In which we have been treated- on 
this trip will. make ns look forward to next 
reason's trip South with pleasure. 

CUM I'HILLIps, manager of Jtosn Nay- 
non and her troupe .of trained tropical birds 
wrlle«: "Since our opening on Ihe continent. 

doings until the'Vee.hours. "Outing the fes- 
tivities; Waller A. Wolfe wan presented with 
a seal ring from his minstrel associates, and 
George, T. Martin- received an.Klks wntch 
charm from., his brother , Elks of Il|it«>. 
Complete, j-nslcr of . the company : -Chas. It. 
nughee. mnhager : Joseph W. condly. ^ren- 
eral agent; Frank Ftihrer.. musical dlreeton; 
Walter A. Wolfe, stag* manager; tleorge 
Josephs, stage director; Ren .Stoddard, elec- 
trician ; ft. A. Rosworlh, roaster of transporta- 
tion ; illllv Peorl.' Sdmere, Al. 1'lean, 
Herman Marlon, Jamps Marseilles, . fieo. T. 
Martin, Walter A. Wolfe. Richard Hunter. 
Bruce Waiman. V. TV Keenev. fleorge Har- 
den. Xlck- Her, John lturke, John Mclwnald, 
P. S. Mariyn, Wm. Reed, Peter Berg. fieo. 
K. Young. Af.- H. McMInn, II; M. Parklaxon, 
Rene Leon and Arthur fluerln. 

Kopik' i'arkom,. of Carroll and Claxke, 
wh'le playing IVorla.-HI., recently, was made 
a member of T. M, A« No. ■«(•, of that cl;y. 

Mrs. Whitk, of Adams nnd White, mu- 
sical team, who was taken ill while playing 
Port Huron, Mich., two months ago; was 

CrtARMS Wiu^nb Is'plnylng an Indefinite 
qt at the Curley Music Hall, Su 

magic act will be are playing n month t January* at the Scala 
s, Krank and Kannle. Theatre,. Copenhagen, and the month of Feb- 
Jaule rejiort success . j ruarv we play the Svea Theatre, Stockholm, 

dam; tbe Palais D'Ete, Hrussella : the Seala 

'ibeatro. ArUwerp; the Mclllnl Theatre. Han- 

. over, and the Wlnicrgnrten, In Berlin. We 

Ha writes tlmt his new magic act will be ' 

known ns the Van Hovens, Kra " 

Mti. AND Mas. Haiuiv Eaule ., 

in their sketch, entitled "A Hen-Pecked nut- Sweden, with n month lo follow at the 

••?.■• o ^ '■ ' JJ? 1 "' "" cirque, in llelslngfores. Finland. 

j» L "- -.1 „ S .? A , BIA hs " opened an electric tbe^ We then go to Ilnvre. France, thence lo 

\>„ ?.S^ife a . ..... IVls. where wo open for a six weeks' en- 

MiLtAhn Fillmore Is very III with ty- gagement. with the Moss & Stohl tour In 
ronu. assistant treasurer of the London Tbe- pnolu-pneumonln,, nt St. Barnabas Hospital, England to follow. Everybody with the 
litre. New York, there wns celebrated the Minneapolis. The doctors have bopea for' bis troupe Is well and eniovl'ite the best of 
christening of his granddaughter, Kdna May, recovery. Mrs. Fillmore (Alma Adams) Is health." - nm.m 

it Minneapolis during hoc husband's „_^ A Rf .", Prospert Tiiateb writes : "My 

the talk of every town, and never falls to rtuce, bis mnglc act, nnd null trapev.c work, 
draw good bouses. Tbe show Is booked solid on nrrount of continued mishaps he has had 
until May 111. and Manager Illllv l»e iltie Is 
still booking Home good time after Ihnt date. 

Miai-o anii Idaune report succesB in their 
few -net. ot Kollh's, Now York, recently. 

M. Rosh Is no longer In the hotel business 
and. Is going back Into vaudeville for the 
rest of the seor.on. 

At the Brooklyn home op Jack Cjiaw 

daughter of Jos. Slinw and wife (Idlllnn 
Crawford), The Jolly gathering Included, 
besides the family: James II. Ciirlln, Harry 
Martell, Kddle Bull, Rob Gordon and wife, P. 
K. Shea. Carl Williams, Jack Heed and wife. 
Frank Horton nnd wife, and Frank Carroll, 

Staff ok tiik Waoni:r Opkiia Hhi-hb, 
Mollne, 11|., Chas. Crossman. manager : Fred 
Uelawtiro, singe manager: Jim CtilllRau, 
props, and H. R. Pierce, musical director. 

1'nosTO am> H.'.iivKv, who rloned a four 
weeks' engagement at the Mirror Theatre. 
l>es Moines, ia., Jan. 21, inform 
will soon ju-odusce a new sketch 
them by Hugh Morrison, ent 
Beauty Doctor." They will 
scenery. .>,,■'.:. - 

1 Kino Kollinr, who Is now working alone, 
doing a hlth class lampi act, Is booked solid 
iintir May. • -. . 

Bt'RKIRK AVtt Rictr opened a week's ea- 
gngerai'ut nt SprliiKdcld, Aln «•••., Jon. S, vll'i 
ihe Itentz-Saiitley Burlesque. Co., and titter 
the Ilrst show were engaged for the rest of 
'be Hensoii. Consequently, tliey have poMi 


OVUM to tiik .8Rrcr.BR of Vlctorln Par 
Ijer »nd_lier dogs; she was re-engaged for 

Cmwib 'adB.' < I advertise In no other paper) through the Nor 
have brought me In enough business this James fl. Ait 

",i»-„i— ; ;.— - •;- •••:- ---"«-•=- .... season ho far to keep me 'on the go' pretty J 1 ' 00 '' of Bamn'si 

.inn. -K2-27, the second week at l>ockstader's nearly all the time. With wrltlne a comedy Pheum Theatre, 

Theatre, Wilmington, Dei. She was at uramu for the- fraternal society, the Ancient to the Sudden ! 

Chases, Washington, D. C.i week of 20-Eeb. Order of fllenners. to he presented by their '"WRen. '«» •* 

different arhnr». of which there are eight formnncc, and bad mv rigging up and ready 

hundred ; writing special vaudeville material to open on time, and was very successful." 
and filling the orders for my sample ptmv •'- s - Hall writes from 1,'tlca, N. Y.: "I 

an; meellpg with success wllh the great -Edi- 
son Show. . , • . . 

Rawlr-akp Vox K'AiirstA.v, who recently 
finished thirty weeks for the Western Vaude- 
tllle A'ssoelntlon, have signed with the inter- 
state circuit, to open at Hot Springs, Ark., 
Feb. 1ft. with the Kohl & Castle and Keith 
circuits In follow. 

Mitch km; anh Cain*,- who recently finished 
playing all the houses on the Kohl & Caslle 
circuit, nnd now about to open on the Or- 
phenin circuit, are booked solid until Jnne. 
Eid'tpl.AMONT, ..musical aft. Is In his twen- 
tieth, week with the Bella Prlngle Co., as 
1 Bpeclnl featnre.- The company Is playing 
itkkn writes: "I took the 
logs at the St. Charles Or- 
New Orleans. J.m. 20, oivine 
lilness of Mr. Baron. I HI 
than an hour before the per- 

Rarhkn anp Homers are In their twenty- 
liftli week with Haverly's Minstrels, ami 
their act has been successful from coast to 
2J"t Mrs. Perrln Somers (Tlllle Slorke> Is 

d(es and gags, I have had about all I could hnvf ' secured the lease of the Star Theatre, 
attend to. Some davs I have put In eleven w hlch hereafter' will be known as the Amer- 

■• to open same on 

ss - vaudeville. Am 

remodelling and reno- 

nad will cater, to 

iiug and dancing act. Mv samiiles '"dies and children." 

■SiSS"?! ,0 . fo|!o »;- ■ . v ■ ,' T . Be " In K well, ncd reports Tare oomlnJ ; *n '" e - Karlk .tsn A. C. Rnm «nder the 

IlreotiT.N are at hand nf the continual !re- of hits made with them " "rm name of Karle and Everts, will present, 

mnrltaolo. success of Howard Thurston, dur- John x^n Hum Covroy are nrodnelne- "' vstidevlllo, n new one act playlet, en- 

fi'n,. p i'^L' 0Ur nt A »srrnlla. . tbelr singing aud soft and wooden sliw an* tnled "Mnr-jorlc.'' which was sp.vlally wrlt- 

11 ^L&22H* A ?i' Mab Rowr. have djs- Ing specialty.' 'They open on the Mozart ,,,n for XUon > b ? William Warren Norton. 

SSS!*SPt, ? ir \ lont | ,, '- v v . m work, dreult Keb. 20. with 'lony Pastor's ^ and other ' rn,> f'"^' ls h " ! ' w > "P° n »» American. In- 

ilolng his original, specialty. Intrnffiir- food work to follow. • '"'"""loraer cklenl, with Chinese trimmings 


Ing his dancing In wooden shoes. He informs ...H-'mtY Fkldman, 

kid, who nre being fentured on the const, nro 
In their thirteenth weok, pinying Weston's 
time. They expect lo letnrn Kast In Juno 
with a new act. 

t.i.AiivK MipM.r.Tov Informs hk ihnr she 
played tit Palm Tiienlre, »7rli)plc t'roek, Col., 
thlrtv-one consecutive weeks, which, she 
thinks, Is a long time for one to sing In an 
altitude of nearly 10,000 feet. After n 
week's real, sho began, on Jan. 22, nn (n- 
icllnlre return engagement at tbe isaae 

Old Arkansaw" Co., and this aens.;i 

Mr . Ilayward Is at h s !mHltl«5t~r£ £ ^««fl.v In w h the T«i» M,,d4 e 7nd va 
n""".."" minstrel shows, for fratftrftal Montgomei-.v. Is visiting at the home ofprSak ,n 
order, throughout the Slate. Mr. Beaumont Hagar. Lnhslng, Mich., musical director cf ™i 
Vi^rpresent engaged .at the Karl Tlieatre. the Bijou Theatre ™ a "m«i a l rector, cf 

Bin.nev and Chapman nre plevlne the 

Jones & O'Brien Wisconsin circuit, fookVb? 

ihe_ Managers' Association. >~«»cu_u, 

Pueblo, Col., singing Illustrated songs, until 

Wfci ■ i. •• "'• 

Gfohoe W. Allen and IOlotta Drlmain 
have been obliged to'cnmcel all their Western 
time. Miss Oelmnln Ik suffering from 

>ere throat affliction, nnd will return 

nnngers' Association. 
•JtnBERT Ropktta writes: 

"I am In my 

I>oc WAnDEi.L- writes: "My circus route 
book will he-nlt press about Cleve- 
land, O., Is giving good huslness to fhe the- 
nfres. There are nine now: Colonial. Keith k. 
Empire, Star, Lyric, American, Opera House. 
Cleveland anil Lyceum. The American' Is 
n new one, anil Hnother one Is to com«\" . 
- P. J. asp Iatha Kane have gone In.'o 
vaudeville. They -are appearing In Mr. Kane's 
rnmedy playlet. "The l>uke ofTDogvlllf," nnd 
report meetine; with siicrexa. 

The Kins-Nerk gc> to Shenandoah, Pa., 
to the nqw_ O'Harn Theatre, ns- a feature. 
They. report' making a big hit on the Mozart 

The Bowery Iioyh 'Oi'arxettii' (Sherwood, 

a,B9;, twentydfth week with tbe Dot Karroll Co. Pox, Faulkner and Peck)", while playing Buf- 
t0 ^ r i'! l il g L n5 > "Pf't'tes, which consist of slack Mo w «* of Jan. 22, with Clkrk's Itan- 

f '4 hil WHT lit flriAlnip txnHncA *.— . ».. . T^ nnmn f'txl.-. t y n „ 1 -. _ _i > ni ■ ' ' ■ 

Inventor, mnket- and pateuli-e of bird dflAor. 
lafoi-ms us that It ' 

it her home In Ohio. 

nway Girls Co., also played Shea's vaude- 
vllle house, taking tbe place of Fanny Klee, 
who was taken ill after ber first perform- 

AN Mtehuxr has. been entered Into be- 
tween Chns. U. Beck. Gertrude De Vere. 
John E. l^rch and Edna Hall, the latter- ot 
the tenm of Lerehand Hall, to form a vaude- 
ville nrl, to he known- as . the Lerch and 

Ikivnnpnrl, In." 

Sill WlNTEItS AND EPPY Hlilill.'NS ale doing 
nicely with their new act, ami wen: a decide ' 
uuecess at the Oraiitt, Jollct, III., week of 
Jan. IIJ, They nre booked far uliciul. 

Anita Mkiilo, of liim-h and Mciin, Is ve- 
iling friends in Berkeley, Cnl. Tlie.ienm ro 
■UN work Feb. 1. 

Toner akii Ornnki.l will play the. Now 
England circuit until i lio opening of the 
imrks, when ihey will rontlniie with park 
Iionkliig. Their new act Is a bin wcmm 
Mr. Toner was formerly will the Tod Judg» 
Family, and has .inlued hands with his old 
partner, Geo. Council. 

Fiiank L, Pi.-ruv, violinist. Is pitying on 
(he Nash vnudevllli< circuit, and meeting 
wllh success. 

Strineht and Thomas nre doing rant well 
In tlieli- new , net. "That Little Mail 
Hand," ami will soon opeu on tho Kohl & 
(MM circuit 


MUkiiay .and Alde.v appeared at the 
' A .'* ,, 3S } ;,, of M i , " c " Havcrhlli mSS. week of 
Jan. 22-27, aud woo an entire success. 

Lillian Boherty 

',.'"' i~t"um. «k wiviiave nau tc turu neo- 
C n l f«? , «M' "'■'"•J O i-t:nslons last week. The 
bill, for thin week. Jnn. a). Jntlndes- Klhe 

... manngen 

The Away Tunvv Two open at the Km- 
nlro TheRfrc. Ran Francisco, Peb. ai, and, 
have Ibe Empire and other circuits to folk- 
law In California.. Tbe trio Is at present 
pltiylnit In Colorado 1 for Oeo. Ira Adams. . ... 

Muco and Ipalenh report big success in n»d • 
their new net, and nre ranbllv tllllmr «n<- Kleld 

weejTTjan^. W 8 && B*8Z ^ ^netitHeZuF^^ 1 " 

1-ii.lja.n IbiitEiiTY, of the Hoherty Sl.ters. *J<Mon i»rw., imrotbvVi Yoiiiii llin.rMVJa 

nidTnn n K ri B b^'} 8(> , n , fi -*» "<**» Co! «««».• »tM Henry's lite moHon'Sic ues "wv 

Vi?ij i "■ m \ IV i ,c ^!i v , l! i, tuc souhretto with Lciv have a line lltl e vaudeville house ti'n>i„,; 

22S*m£& toSLSSKSPJR N-?rdland." ™>jm*„ Jttmes C^nlln 'K h SstT' n '' n,; 

he Jerr> McAu- 

9S"ff 1 ,. lo l ,,,kl1 . I^P"-. »'Mk of Jno. 21, are creating 

tvini the People s, Lea veuworlli. Kon.: Vale's, toy. We get 

Kansas City, .Mo., and other good Eastern nnd. Although 

work to follow. here, nevertheless 

ZjSSfPS ,»•'«> -ntir circular ban been 111 at his sister's home. In phiadol. 

W^iSKSt^SSW^SK ' ,nIn t wl,h t™"- *W «i«t ("me. lie u -i, 

,iLL' 9 i» n i ,lt,le < " 1 when received gaining his health, nnd will return in ^Bud? 

tless It. Is n welcome visitor." vllle 3a falter part of March ' 

vftl , ,ttL W » , ft,' h ; Pre '"/"PPT tho Knstern nud 
Western Wheels. .Aft^ the -feast. -sHectlaM 
were renderest by Howard Clifton and nl the 
"?' , of "I", mmpnnv and the chile supper 
was a grand success. ** 

• Newbll -anp Nmi.o, who are playlou 3a . 
eight weeks' engagement- on to* jnew* \f« 
jestlc circuit, -write: "We»'ore: m»«lng with 
good success. The circuit Is, doing rood bmi nnd.plnylng a first, clasngjade of -acts 
Two shows- a day and no Sundays eir» r ,r 
tho week In Son , Antonio: , The manasem 
are all experienced Hhowmen, ond-a nlea«»? 
nnd profitable .irlp may be aasured to all wrw 
secure bookings. The weather down here is 
dellxhlful. Very, much Southern -Callfornls 
at thlstlmo Of tbe year. We are runnlne 
around without overcoats, and no heat la 
t|ie theatres ond h»lela:;« thermo raftil p 
registers up to 60 ami theresbonta, It Is not 
needed. We will rel,jra:to New- Vork US 
March 1, opeplng at tie imperial. In Brook- 

•l», Juggler. ..reports meeting with 
great success on the Taclflc coast circuit, a6d 
is booked. solid. ..'•.- .- ; k -.. '. ™ 

- Notes -raoM-SMim & Blaxc'p:arp's Cove 
ntANS,— We have been in. the. State of El 
necticut since Dec. 1, dolht a j^obd buslnc-w 
l\?c carry /twelve people and-:* -picture' ms'. 
tUms Boater .of company.: Biny- Smith La 
IVttlte Amelia, Ben Car*on,;JaaiM Oallarte? 
Everett Joselya. Oeorge WtSSS, -Henry llo'h 
kins. Carroll Horton, John Bonrgette Orotr-p 
Smlih, and Smith and BlanchardT 

The w)Li«y.'iJ>o appeared at the Olymntc 
Syracuse, K. Y., week of Jan. 22-27- -Kel it' 
and helscy.Annn. Murray,. Len Ywton. En 
Iiale.Oertle Potter, Callahan and BernhardL 
and A,da Wilson. Sam .Arron Js musical d'. 
rector; Claude Balrd Jr.,. manuger- and oro. 
prletor. Business reported to be good 

HtYE anp Allen, with Williams' ideal, 
will celebrate the twenty -firth anniversary or 
their- wedding on Feb. 4. 

' CrtARLES " 
Paul.-.MImi/ . 

The CiRAHAjr Karat? Vacpf.villb Co. -e. 
port continued suqeeas.". The Osaka Tronne 
Japanese arrnbats. equlllhrlsts and" majrlclans' 
rue a feature. Kittle Bingham ]« headlnr 
the snow. . ... . . * 

Oeo. W. Cooter, of the-. team, Cooper and' 
Tloblpson, was obliged to close his >n«a«#. the Portland Theatre, Portland !«v 
pn Jan. 2:1, on Recount of- his health.' He 
underwent a surgieal.operntion the next dav. 
at -his home In Boston, j The team were an- 
nounced to open Peb. . C at Keith's, Provl- 

The Vernon Sisteiis (Amelia nnd Katb- 
pn) write that they, will shortly sail for 
l-nrls to attend the nettling- of on estats 
left by an uncle, wbOBe death -occurred last 
month. - * - i . . 

GisjioN and Nash have been engaged- for 
the stock ut-the Empire Theatre, St. Paul, 
Minn. -. t 

AVilby Hamilton, anp Rptii Wiley, who 
were called West a few weeks ago. on ac-' 
count of. tho death of Miss Wllev's father - 
report -meeting with excellent ssiccess with 
their new comedy sketch, "Polly." Mr. 
Hamilton- Is writing a three act comedy 
drama, under the same title, and It will go 
out for a preliminary season In April • 

• Ed P. Halt, who has been hnlf owner of. 
the Murdnck Bros. & Hnll's Show, has sold 
out his Interest to Fred A. Hayes, of Hayes 
and Hayes The show has been out since 
Oct. 4. and business, our Informant states, 
has been very (food. Poster of company, 
which Includes band and orchestra : Al. Mar- 
dock. Fred Hayea, Everett Murdock, Jessie, 
Hewitt, Ilnro.d Chase, Kmtna Hayes, Thomas 
fwlgg. WKfred Marlon/William l"antln, Ida 
Liberty, and Walter Pryor, with -F red Hayes 
and Al. Murdock, managers. 

Caroline Kkcley M«"onD, wife of Man. 
ager Vt . S. Butterfleld, makes ber vaudeville 
dehut l-eh. .1^. In n comedietta, bv Frank A, 
Ferguson, entitled "Stage and Studio." 

A. O, Knioiit, milslcal director, writes : 
"J am In my tenth week with the Cradrx- 
Neville Co., which Is doing n phenomenal 
business through Ohio, Kentucky nnd W'est 
Virginia. We. get THE Reliable every week* 
and It Ik eagerly sought for on our "arrival 
In towns. 

Hklbn Marion Smith. "Ye Old Fashioned 
Girl, (s Playing the Stale of Ohio, havlnc ■ 
Just finished a week's engagement at the 
Arcade, Toledo, O., And still has a few weeks 
of bookings before starting on her trip to 
tbe far West. ... •-•'-, 

Notes mom.Wu. J. ."acQtriN!* & Jay C. 
Oaieney's Jolly Comedians. — We are in 
our fifteenth week in the Northern part of 
Canada, playing to -good business, making 
three night aud week stands. We are having 
line weather. At this writing. Jan, 20, the 
heavy falls of rain have removed every parti- 
cle of snow, and everything points to an 
early .Spring. Jay C. Oaffney visited his 
home at Oswego, N. Y., and returned to Ibe 
company at Bancroft. Can., where we played 
to K. II. O. business for ten nights, giving 
the very best of satisfaction.' At Klnmount 
we played live nights, to good business, giv- 
ing one of the best shows ever, given In mat 
elty. Koster of company : Wm. J. Mctjulnn. 
proprietor and manager: Jay C. Caffn'ey, 
stago manager; Mrs. Wral JlcQulnn. mu- 
sical director; Lillian E. Armitage, char- 
acter dancer ;,, Hob Mclntyre, black face' com- 
edian: Willie Armitage and Beatrice Gordon, 
musical- net r Little Lorraine, child vocally, 
and Iteglnald (Bingoj, tbe lucky card. We 
are booked up until May 24, after that play- 
ing under canvas, carrying a small band and 
orchestra: ..'."-. -"" 

Tije Cikik Bgos^w-rlle that they are mak- 
ing good with James, .Madison's "goods." 
CMr go West for tweuty-hlnc weeks J&rch I. 

Notes fkou the. Miliek & May Comeov 
K ft,!- !™-' ftre In bur sixteenth- week of <•* 
tlnued success. - We opened- at the Opera 
HbU'-e, at Herndon, Pa„ and. bad- 8. B.(0. 
every night, and the verdict of the people 
was the best- comedy show' ever In the Opern 
House or town." .,-.-. 

The Dailbis, Bob and Nettle, write that 
after- closing, a- twelve, weeks' successful en- 
gagemebt at Schllu's Gai den, Oklahoma City. 
tJkla., they- open on . tbe- Novelty rlrculr,- 
for Bert Hitman, for ten weeks, commencing 
& t . bc ,No v elty Theatre, Denver. Col.. Keb. 
'- '.o. their new. comedy singing and talking 
act. entitled "See H«w. f ' . • , : * ■ 

TtfE WirEELElc Sister's, song- and dance 
pci-fnrmers. , wUo are the Teature act of the 
Ldwarda Stock ' Co., report meeting wllh 
great succetis . during the- company's tour of 
Kentucky. -, . , . 

AT the. Sliver Luke Casino, White -P.alns. 
•A- . -.the .peoplo for week, of .Feb. ft ar* : 
Howard nnd Cameron, Jacobs and Vantylc, 
K '«y Morris, .Gladys Castleton aud Dolly 
Ntiarn. Jos, Henry Js the proprietor; Geo. '*.: 
"oodwprd, musical director, : 
,'. T|IE *' A NnATTA-N'>'Titio opened at the ln : 
dlana TJieatre, Indianapolis, Jab. 20, In tbel.- 
new sketch. "Wautcd, a Companion." The 
act met ; wlth HuecesH, and was- the' closlin: 
feature nf. •.strong vaudeville bIH.- 

llOHE JfcANETlE .Has closed with T. W. 
plnMus; Utopians, nud Is traveling with li*r 
hitslinntl, !Sam' Brooks, of the Brooks Bros. . 

Hill, .Kpmiin'ph .anp Bahy Florence re- 
port meeting with flattering success over the 
Western. clrjiiU. They .are od the Lyric cir- 
cuit .for several weeks, , with tbe Novelty 
circuit- to follow. 

.jfRANK Bowkn' has joined bands with 
Frank >cvllle, doing a eomedv singing nod 
talking net, also, singing parodies on the 
. latest songs. They are writing their ocva 
parodies. The act will bo known as Bowen 
and NevlUe. : 

. Osoxoia Gaspneb and ber new leading 
support. Ralph Dean, returned East, afte.- 
Playlng.the Canadian eircidK-opesIng at Ihe 
hmplre Theatre, Paterson, N. ti. Jan. U-1.1. 
following Jan. ir-.M, at Ihe Empire, He 
lioken. On Sunday. Jan; 29, 'they appeared 
at ■ Proctor's Twenty-third Street Theatre, 
nnd the success of their, little playlet, 
MmMh(<d"wtt'h ' Hie' errellent work of uV 
principals, secured thrlr engagement at I'lv 
tor. Theatre. Newark. N. ].. for week of 
Jan. 29-Ptb. x Mlas Gardner's 
bookings begin in March. 

February 10. 




ill matter Intended for publica- 
tion In tile iMOM of THE CLIPPKR, 
dated Feb. 17 and 24, should reach 
ihli ufnce not later thoo Feb. Id and 
I", renpeetlvely, to Insure In.ertlou. 


Muster Donald Gallnhcr aud Viola Snvuv 
J , -- r H-f xc '-' pll ' i ?5!* 3r ileyKr for Mayers of tbulr 
bS£L^"% ^.cajt: Sylvia Lang, Kleanor 
BgS yiJSS Waring. Ada Smr] MlM 
l-onny TTnlten. laura Clement: huta Car. 
ney. isabelle Itlchnrds: Teresa Weems Viola 
Savm- : Atirsf, Margaret Fuller : Mnld, Jo. 
sopblne Mark: Philip Waring. II. II. Warn- 
jr. Weems. Karl Browne; Tommy 
Bwnw, Uimm Donald Oallahcr; Oeorgo 
MnXeld * aS ' WWU of l '-'' R1< ' uaru 
OoLnxiM. (Drew & Campbell. 'managersi. 
— lion ha KaHch. In "Monna Vinaa." makes 
nor first nppearnnee In Cleveland week of ft. 
»nt'ghnn fllnscr's company presented "Hose 
m.iry. • last week, and drew the largest 
■MUM that have over been jammed Into the 
Colonial. Week of 12. Mrs. Flske. 

a22F^E* ! r ;T * S**f manager!.— "The 
Oreat M Mystery will be given bv the 
Unwell Brothers week of ft. "Behind the 
•p* drew good houses Inst week. Week 
•I 12. Oeo. Sidney, in "Dusv Jzsv's Vara- 

(•i.r.vKt.Asn (Oeo. Af. Todd, manager).— 
Alrl addon's How of Flats" week of ft. ••Th" 
Queen of the- lliglihinders" had good re- 
ceipts Inst week. Week oi 12. "Hghtlng 
Fate" * 

Keith's lit A. Daniels, manner).— Bill 
week of ft includes: The Znnclgs. Joseph 
Hart and Carrie Do Mar. Plcehlnnl Troupe. 
U'linlan and Mnck. I^onn and Hale, l.ivlers, 
Mullen and Oorelll, and Joe Flynn. Illjzli 
class Ii'.'Ir an'l crowded houses continue to 
prevail here. 

Mine (I;. I!. Ijing. manager).— BUI week 
of .i includes: Joromo-Ucmnin .Statuary 
Troupe, Walsh and Llgon. Charles nnd Mdna 
Harris, Iwymnnri and Tricv, Fisher and 
Johnson. Fred C, Styles, and Vtctnreli:, 

St.mi (Drew & Cnrnptiell, managers). — The. 
Parisian Belles week of ft. The I'toplnns 
had fine, houses last week. Week of 12. 
London Oatety Olrl.*. 

Kmpibb tOhns. W. Dnnsinger, manager). — 
The High Rollers week of ft. city Sporls. 
with the firent Vuma as n special card, had 
.'plendld houses last week. Week of 12, Ir- 
win's Big Show, 

NV.tV. — The old building on r.uelld .Avenue, 
lei-ently otviipied by tin- I'nlon Club, has 
been almost entirely torn down. I'non this 
site and other giiuind aroulred for the pur- 
pose. On new Hippodrome Building will be 
commenced Immediately, the work proceeding 
r.lghi nnd day. with the hope Hint the new 
structure will be completed Del. 1. The 
lllpnodrome will not have a suck of -vood 
tn it, nnd wll! therefore be nbsolmely lire, 
proof throughout. Us seating rapacity will 
De ft.Ofto. Max F.ieikenbouer Is tne general 

Cnlninltu*. — At tho UnM Southern (O, 
A!. Ilefiiier, manager i Howe's pictures drew 
a fair .shed house? Jan. 2!». 'The Olnger- 
hreiul Alan" played to u large bouse 30. "A 
Ales-sage from A.ars" nail a fairly good house 
31, •The Itolllcklng Oirl" drew u lurge 
crowd Feb. I. Primrose's Minstrels played 
to good crowds .".. 'The l*earl anil the Pump- 
kin" ft anil week. "The Shepherd King" 12-17. 

K.Mi'itti: i Priestly Morrison, maiingerj. — 
The empire Stock Co. produced "Thelron." 
lo enthusiastic houses hist week. For week 
of ft, ••Chlmmio. Faddc-n ;"- week of 12, "A 
Itomnnce of the Uolden West." 

liiiAXH Oi'Kiia Houkk tW. W. i'rosser. 
maaagT) — Kugenle lllnir playeit io fairly 
good houses Jim. 20-:tl. "I.iavlil Ilnruni" 
hail fair business l'"eh. 1-". Charley Urape- 
wln. in "It's Up in You, John Henry," ft-7 : 
lOlsie |.'ay, in "The Hello of Avenue A," X- 
10; "The Woman In the Ca«e" lft-17. 

IIimi Rrwen tt.'has. W. Harper, niann- 
teri.— Fairly good business ruled. Tor "'ITie 
Irish Pawnbrokers" and "Mcl.'addeu's Klats" 
last week. "The .Millionaire Detective." 5-7, 
"Queen of the Highbinders" 8-1 u, "The Way 
of the Trnnsgrcsscr" r.M-!, "What llnpiieneil 
to Jones" ift-17. 

Notes. — Manager l'rlestly Morrison, of the 
I.'mpire Theatre, went to Now York on bual- 
licss Jan. 20, and succeeded in signing Hose 

Cincinnati. — The Incorporation of the 
Olympic Theatre Co., under tne lawn of Ohio, 
will take place during the coming week. The 
lapiial Is ^, and the incorporators are 
.loiin J- Hjan, M. Malta II. J. Schulte, 
Charles U. Arnold and Thomas II. Darby. 
Arnold is manager of the Standard Theatre, 
lb is marc. than likely that Terre Haute will 

1,o found in the new International vaudeville 

chain, which is constantly adding new links. 

'I be. new Olympic here will seat 1,300, and 
will dispense with the gallery, seating the 

aiidlenn'S in parquet nnd balcony. It Is not 

likely to be ready for dedication until next 

Oi-.axu Oi-kka IlotSB (Harry ICalnforth & 

John H. • Havlln, manage»j. — lOleanor Itob- 

*oft returns Keb. ft. in "Merely Mary Ann," 

and after three performances of that delight- 
ful Zangwllllna drama, will put on Clyde 

I'ltch's' latest play, "The Olrl Who Has 

Kyerviblng," stngetl by l.lehler k. Co. Under 

i tin direction of William A. Brady, ilrnce 

George was seen last week In .Margaret 

Main's dramatization of Mrs. liumplirey 

Ward's novel, "The .Marriage of AVIillam 

Ashe." Business was excellent. "The Tea rl 

and the Pumpkin" 12. 

Mi.'SiC H.tix. — Sarah Bernhardt will pre- 
sent "I.a Sorclcre," "Camllle" and "Snpho" 

during Jier. brief engagement, commencing 1ft. 

Kami I'ugno's recital. .Ian. 20, drew a large 

and .enthusiastic audience. 

•'T STitKET Theater (M. C. Ander- 
son, manager;. — William II. Turner, la 

" David lltirum," Keb. \. That perennial 

success. "In Old Kentucky." which has out- 
lived Jacob Lilt, did a big business last 

week. "Our Xew Minister" 11. 
, Uki'OK's '.Oi'KUA HotisB (lletick. Fennessy 

t, niair. managers). — Hose Melville, in "Sla 

Hnpltlnf," 4. Selnm Herman, one of the 

niost* popular melodramatic actress coming 

to -Cincinnati, was . given a hearty welcome 

last'yeck. In "Queen of the Copvlcls." Trc- 

tn'eridoiis turnouts made the engagement one 

of jh>' best of the season. "A Son of Hest" 11. 

" UOIUSHON'S Oi'KUA HoltM (Ccorge K. & 

l.uella I". Fish, managers). — Tne Irorepniigh 

Slock V'o. will essay ft Shakespearean revival 

■1, staging "Othello." The entree of Adora 

Andrews, successor of l.lvlnla Siinunon, In 

leading voles, was an event of note last week. 

.V* Blanche Sterling, In "The Climbers," she 

'cored heavily, aud received n most cordial 

reception, l.aurn I'lerpont proved a charm- 
lag Clara Hunter. Business ruled big. "Se- 
cret Service" 1 1 

Coi.t'MniA Tiikatbi: (M. ft Anderson, man- 
ager). — The c«lby Family, Mr. nnd Mrs. W'lt- 

llhms. Frank and llyri head the list 4. with 

F,va..West«Mll nnd company. In "An Kplsode 

of Modern Life :" Adrian Stevens, Rawsnu 

ahd June, Marlon tiarsnn, Bonnie tiaylord, 

i||"hlatllng Tom Brown and the Peking Zou- 
aves aa i-Oronreriulners. Last week's vaude- 

vHl« otTurtrigs pleawsl overflowing hnotnt. 

Airs. Slimrt Hohsnn furnisheil the brightest 
.part of the iH-rformanee bv her work In 

•Tha Snvlng of Mrs. Shaw.'' The Seldoms, 

I'relk- .-tiid bis talking dogs, nnd Blanche 

Ifarach and the Twelve Broomstick Witches 

were' among others who pleased. 

'I.XCBI'M TUBATUH (lleuek. Stair & Fen- 
nessy. managers i. — Charles II. I-lemlng's pic- 
torial play, "The Way of the Transgressor," 
with -a kennel of canine stars — I.nndseer's — 
4'. "The Burglar's Daughter" played to ca- 
pacity' last week. "Danger's of Working 
Hlrls' 1 11. 

' pEOft.B's Tiieatkk (Hubert lleuek, mana- 
ger). — fiinnenciia, the Spanish dancer, is 
the nrided fenture with the London lialety 
t.'lrl*. week beginning Sunday, 4. Terry Ale- 
it'nvsrn was the mngnet last week. He ap- 
peared In conjunction with the l^nrlsian , 

Helles,' who put on a laughable burleaW ou lapley r.s leading indy for tne stock coni- 
"Unrle Toms Cabin." Mlner'H .Alerry Bur- P»ny and booked Mrs. Pmkt in. present 
lesoiiers II; _l«ena klesehna ut the Rmolre for two per- 

I.Stan'haki'i Tiikatre (C. B. Arnold, mana- 
gt>rj. — l.ouls Uohle's Knlckerliocker Bur- 
!»aniiers and Yuma 4. Hast week Bonltu 
unci her pickaninnies were aids to the success 
of Wine. Women and Sung, ltnyinond nnd 
ifaylorl were stars of the olio. Bohhy Man- 
ehestsl-V Crnckerjnrks 1 1. 

' COSRH' OF TI1R I^.nnv. — Itogers Brolhers, 
at the (Irand, broke nil Cincinnati records 

fjr {receipts for mtislcol comedy Judge 

ftctfwell granted I.nvlnla Shannon a divorce 

frfl)h Clles Shine Huskln Stock Co. 

plft on "In the Shadow" Jan. ."I". at the 
Auditorium, home of amateur disciples of 
'fyieanls. Dr. O. J. Ilenslee directed the per- 
foitnlinre. In which II. 10. Millnrde nnil Agnes 
Sienger look part The Imperial Dra- 
matic Co. has changed lis name tn the Trav- 

"MTStaelc Co .Vellle Dnnegan Is at the 

At lisle Hall ltluk The Flowers Academy 

Stock, Co. put on "The Wife" at the Andl- 

ii)r|p|n Feb. 2, staged by Adda B. Young 

The Cincinnati Stock Co. presented "Ila7.el 
Klrke," «t the Auditorium, Jan. .11........ 

"Kldni)pi>ed Bv Betty," Laurerte Van Varse- 
ve|i\ hnn K. Hoeffer Mc.Alechan's new com- 
edy.- will receive its premier at the Odeon. 
21,' with Kohert C. Harris, Walter Connelly. 
ft, Wllcv Alerrlll, Itoliert McCorkle. August 
Rnermlih, Wllllnm Kolh. Iva Poor. Mathilda 
S'tMtMirg, Margaret A. Buck and Margaret 
Uuyer in the cast.... Tom Sullivan, formerly 

of the People's Theatre. Is here ahead of 

AJIneKs Merfy Burlesquers C.raee Oeorge 

ii) looking over a new play, but. It will not 
he produced, this season. 

'. cifvelaud. — At the Opern House (Harry 
t). 'Kllpc. manager) "It Happened In Nord- 
Inif Will l>e pep.<ented hy l^>w Fields week or 
leb.'ft. Flennur Kobson gave "Merely Marv 
-Slip" J?*. Stt, .!". drawing gr.oii houses. Miss 
Hobson appeared here In the lirst production 
lib any stage of "The Olrl Who lias Kvcry- 
'ring. Feb. 1. which proved quite a hnpp? 
>IM prblty little piny, nnd drew large audi- 
fHCes 1-.1. It Is a four act comedy, by Clyde 
l-'ltylivand tells of the trlhulnlions of one, 
Sylvia I.nng, ii young American girl, who 
bM beep amply provided for In the matter 
of. unancos, and who lives at the home of 
tfily; Wiems. her hrolher-ln-lnw. YVeents Is 
:•, aiiKit or imd liuhlls. and. as he Is a widower, 
b,ls twn children, Tommy aud Teresa, are 
•-awfully hiokisl after by their ynun.i aunt, 
Sylvia. These children were; lo have bene- 
11) ici under i he terms of a will thai was 
inado he Sylvia's sister, Molly, hut as the 
!«tiei clianged this will two days before her 
f, ea|l|j i he children nre entirely Ignored In 
ibe new one. Sylvln decides to cnutest this 
new will, nnd call* into consultation a young 
lawyer mimed Philip Waring. She and 
I'ulilp ore fond of each other, but Weeins 
uakesir appear to Sylvln thnl yotmg AVnr- 
iug's motive In making love to lier Is solely 
to grit possession of her money, and he claims 
thnl lie rim buv AVnrlng oft from bringing 
.nit In' the case then pending. Wecms then 
tells J'hillp that there Is ■ secret in Abdly's 
ptist life, nnd unl?ss the suit is stopped this 
sfcrel .will rome nut, and Sylvia's heart will 
lie hrnkirn. Philip agrcea lo ntlvlse Sylvia to 
withdraw her suit, without telling her his 
reason for this advice, nnd Sylvia then thinks 
tpar. AY'eems has made good his threat io 
'■My Philip ofr. Weems then proposes mar- 
riage to Sylvia, hut Is repulsed. In the Inst 
M Sylvln Is told the Irutb of Weems" at- 
Ifmpt lo separate Tier trim Philip, nnd she 
thin brines the two men face io face, thii;: 
touring an explnnntion. All ohstades to 
Sylvln, nnd PhMlp's nmrrlage are consequently 
removed. Hlennor llohson wns excellent. Itou- 
l\fn Fas did wonders with a small role, 
end Ada Hwyer also scored a hit. II. it. 
Warner made a very good Impression by 
Brif1«eworthy work, and the two children, 

big hoiiso Jan. 30. "The County Chairman" 

§ leased to the capacity HI. "The. Street 
lour" did well Kelt. 1. "The Two Johns" 
cjme to good business 2. "A Message from 
Mara u. "The Temptation of negene" 7, 
"The Marriage of Kitty" 10. "McFaddnn's 
Hats' 12, "Cnder Southern Skies" 1,1, "The 
Prlnre of Pllsen" 14. "Custer's l.nst Fight" 
IS. "On the Bridge at Midnight" 17. 

• Unique (Achllle. Phlllnn, manager) .— 
STengall. hypnotist, did well last week. 
House dark week of ft. 

Ilnhoken.— At the Lyric (II. P. Soulier, 
mauagerj husluess shows no devlntlon, nnd 
Is every week up to the standard. "A Crown 
of Thorns" Fob. 4-7. "When the AVorld 
Sleeps" .S-10, -A Desperate Chance" 11-14, 
•More to Be Pitied Than Scorned" IftlT. 

.KMPiar. (A. M. Brnggemnnn, proprietor). 
— The past week was a record breaker. Hill 
for week of ft : Mtlton and Dollle Nobles, 
Talbot nnd lingers. Wood and Hay, the 
I'ryors, tireat Lynch. Kern's mimic dog, Bol- 
zen. and the klnetogrnph. 

XoTf. — tine of the many good things at 
the Umpire Inst week was a march, minposed 
by leader Ceo. a. Junker, nnd dedicated to 
Manager A. Al. Ilriiggeninnn. 

Jersey City. — Hood business prevailed at 
the Academy week of Jan. 20 with "Tho 
tlypsy Olrl.'' "No Alother to Oulde Ufr." 
at the Bijou, also did well. The Brigadiers, 
at. I he Ron Ton. with an up-to-date offering. 
In "The Wise liny," had n record week. 

A<'aiu:mv tFrank K. Henderson, manager). 
—"A Uaeo for Life" ft-10, "The Millionaire 
Detective" 12-17. 

Hum: (John IV. Holmes, proprietor). — 
"Texas" ft-lfl. "In Old Kentucky" 12-17. 

Hon Ton IT. W. Dlnklns, manager i. — 
Kentucky Belles" ft-li>, the Merry .Makers 12- 

/.a lies vl lie.— At the Weller |J. O. Hng- 
Innd, manager) "The Street Sluger," Jan. 
2P, did fan- business. Mrs. Flske, 31, did h!g. 
"A Message from .Mars" Feb. 1. Hlnik Crook 
Jr. 2. "Alvln .loslln" .1. "The Marring? of 
Kltly" ft. "I'nder Southern Sklca" 11. FrunL 
fleshon, in "The Otllee llov," 8: Bertha Oiil- 
land », "As Told In the Mills" 10. 

Marlon. — At the Ornnd (C. K Perry, man- 
ager) "The Two Johns" hnd an average 
house Jan. 21). "The Black Crook," 111, 
pleased. "I'nder Southern Skies" ill. I good 
business Feb. 1. All Star Vaudeville Co. 2, 
Hennett-Mnultoii Stock Co. ft-10. 

* I » 



formaneex p'eh, 22 Prominent amonjj 

ihe circus people In town during Inc. past 
week were . Harry Overton, special ugent 
with Ihe llagcnbcck Show iasi season, who 
Is now manager of Ktigenle lilalr ; Slnnley 
Dawson, of iimgllng Bros.', who hn;t lust 
returned from n irlp lo Wew York: Ike Kills, 
the contracting ncetii of the Itohinson Show : 
Ah Sent l. of the liarner Bros.', and II. S. 
Mnddy, nf the llagenbeck Show. 

YouiiBslonn. — At: Hie Park Theatre 
(Lee Nrrton, maiingcri "What Happened in 
.lones." Jan. 2!). nnd "The Funny Air 
Dooley.'' at, enjoyed fair patronage. Clins. 
K. tJrapewln. Feb. I. 2. drew well nnd 
pleased "The County Chairman" .':, "Th-i 
Sign of the Four" ft. "The Temptation of 
lleglne" il. "A .Message from MarK" 7. 

OiiANP OfiaiA lloi'Mi: (T. K. Aihangh, man- 
ager). — Airs. Flske Rnd a strong company 
tilled the house Jnn. 20. and pleased. 
Ohatmeey KclrTer Si/ick Co,. 30-Feb. ;t, drew 
fairly well. "The Village Fool" ft, Bertha 
Gnlland 'i. "An Aristocratic Tramp" 7, 8, 
".Mrs. Temple's Telegram" I). 10. 

Xotks. — John L. Kerr, ireneral manager of 
the iteis eiri-uli. called on Manager Norton, 

«.•! the Park, Feb. .'! Ldwnrd Stanley 

will have the management of Idora Park 
Cnsino ihls season, and hBM already started 

his bnoklnts Harry llogan, the sneeem- 

fill manager nf the Ohio Works baseball 
team lost year, winning ihe pennant In thi? 
Ohio and IVnns;. Ivanlti league, will have 

the nuniiw ut il oi same i his year 

Air. nnd Airs. Frank Tlerney, members of 
"The Sultan of SuPt" Co.. wenr guests of 

Air. 'Plerney's parents Jan. 28 (ieorge 

V'erlieel:. presideul of the Verheek Amuse- 
ment (Vi.. was here .11 Tin. Four Danc- 
ing Harris", who huvi; been plnying ihe Kohl 
& Cnslle ciicult, were home the past week, 
greeting tholr many friends. 

SprliiKflclil. — A I Ihe Ornnil Opern House 
' L. J. IihIic. mnnngeri the All Star Vaude- 
ville Co. pleased Jan. 20, 30. ileo. II. Prim- 
rose's .Minstrels was well patronized Feb. I. 
"Airs. Temple's Telegram' 2. "As Told lei 
Ihe Hills" ", draco tleoi-ge. In "The .Marriage 
of Wllllsiti Ashe." ft. 

Lvcr.p.M (Oils Sun. manager I. — The Cor- 
nell Stock Co. Illicit a very successful week's 
engagement Jan. '2!)-Fcb. .'!. Horn's "Hip 
Van Winkle" enmes d. 7. The house execu- 
tive sinfT Includes: Chns. II. Fisher, pro- 
prietor; Ous Sun. business manager: Itobt. 
Croel, serreinry: Lena Selser, treasurer; lv. 
It. Alarliu. stage innunger: ltob> Tnyior, ad- 
vertising ugent ; Jnmes llngan; 'pro|HTlles. 

■OnrilitM lOus Sun, inn linger 1. — lllg 
houses continue. Bill for week of Feb. ft: 
The ilrcidvn Hall mid Pnlhtiru. Arthur Bor- 
tella. Alns'sey and Kramer, Arthur Onzo, Al. 
D. VA'estnn, nnd new pictures. 

Ilus/ton. — At the N'ntlonnl Mill Bu.'rows, 
luiiiiiigerj "MeVadilen'r Flnts" nltrnctedgooil 
crowilM Jar. 20-al. "l'ndor Southern S|;|cs" 
ileased g'».d al tendance Feb. I -a. "Queen 
of the Highbinders'' ft-7, "A Son of Best" 8- 

Y'lCTristA Ml a. Alillcr, mnnngeri. — "The 
Clansman" did fair business Jnn. 20. Prim- 
rose's Minstrels plnod lo good attendance 
.10. "The Olngerhread Man" appeared, innt- 
Inee nnd night 31. to splendid houses. Sam 
Bernard and Hatlle. YVIIilams were well 
patronised In "The Kolllcklng lllrl." Feb. 2. 
F.leanor Br.bsnn, In "Aterely Mary Ann," 12; 
Olga N'elhersolA, In "S«|iho." 1.1. 

Sot.uiEns' Hojti: Thkatiii:. — •'The Henri or 
Maryland," Jan. .in. pleased Hie Iarg» at- 
tendance. "Iliimnn Henrls" Feb. il. 

Uuftulo. — At ihe Lyceum (J. Lnnghlln, 
mnnngeri Vmighnn Olaser, in "Old Heidel- 
berg, is the attraction for Fell. ft. Snralt 
Bernhardt 12. 1.1. Dnvld Belasco's hennll- 
fully presented nnd must cnpnblv cast pla.v, 
"Sweet Kitty Bellalrs." with Bertha tint- 
land, met with marked favor and prnllt Inst 

St.wi i P. C. Cornell, manager). — "The 
Isle of Bung Bong," and Sum Bernard, In 
"The Itolllcklng t.'lrl," divide week of ft. 
"The College Widow" 12-14. "The Pearl and 
the Pumpkin" met. with substantial returns 
and pleased. 

l.V.Nvu.vniiN- Ham. til. L. Meech. custo- 
dian). — The Inst concert, of the Pittsburg Or- 
cUestrn will i>e given 22. In conjunction with 
the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. 

Siiba'k.— People week of ft : Wizard and 
Irene Stone, In "The lilobe nf Death ;" 
Three Cnmnrax Sisters, splssel Bros, and 
.Mack, Mnyme lleinlngton and her picks. 
Dillon Bros., Uyiui nnd Itlelilielil, nnd I'ranl: 
and Jen Lalomi. The big bill ,,r Inst week 
.was well rewnrded wltli tremendous bouses. 

AcAbftMY II'. 0. Stevens, manager). — 
"Acroas the Pacific" ihls week. "For Ills 
Brother's Crime" next week. "Custer's lJU-t 
Fight" proved to lie the season's winner, 
the daily street parades aud Indian Band 
concerts being features. 

I.u\NVM-m: u\ Al. Hngg. manager). — The 
Xew Century Olrls this week. Including: 
Joe Orlm. John F. AleCnhe, Kdyth AlcCnbe, 
Barry and Wolfnrd, Boweu and Linn. Stew- 
ard nnd Desmond. Tenenii. Kelijt and Clnv- 
lon. 'I'he MiiscrittH noxl wnek. Fred Beell, 
Harvey Parker nnd the ..Merry .Maidens 
furnished goud amusement Inst week. 

Oahpk.v (F. .1. l.'iirr, inunngert. — Phil 
Sheridan's City Sports, including Hie Hllton- 
Itoyes Bicycle Troupe, this week. Kgiyllcnt 
results were ohliilned by Aliinchester's Viinltv 

Tr.CK (P. C. Cornell, manager). — "The 
Sullnn of Snlii" week of ft. "The Duke of 
Diiluth" 12-17. "Peggy from Paris" closed 

Link's MPSOt'M. — Current roster: Brny 
nnd Jones. Y'ork and West, Lew F. Diamond, 
KMe Stark, Olles Button. 

Noti's. — • The Bernhnrd Lyceum engage- 
ment lias already aroused more Interest In 
YVestern Xew York Hum any similar nftnlr 

1'or years Men representing theatrical 

Interests In Biilaviii. Albion. Perry, Palmyra, 
Warsaw and Medina, luive formed the West- 
ern New Y'ork circuit for the purpose of se- 
curing iiltrncllnns, Kdwnrd Houghton being 

Its booking agent Welcome nnd active 

visitors last week were: John J. Don- 
nelly, manager Hen ha Oalland: Kdwnrd Itn- 
arnbanm, of "The Olrl and the pumpkin," 
and Advance Agent Win. A. nines, of the 
Bernhnrdr forces. .. .Deshler Welch has hoen 
spending some time at his old home hen*.. . . 
David Oruy. a lawyer nnd writer, of ihls city, 
has written a pluy founded on happenings at 
a fox hunting parly, at which sport the 
author Ik n well known expert. It will he 
produced In New York Clly shortly, Charles 

Hirhmnti Inking the lending part Jos, 

K. Howard, song writer, has been adjudged 

a bankrupt lumen O. Smith, of Smith 

nnd Conk, went violently Insane Jan. 2.1. the 
team hnvlng appeared al Shea's 22. Itepnrla 
from the isiuin Hospital for the Insane Indi- 
cate thnl Mr. Smlili Is Improving Fanny 

Bice also had 10 cancel nr the same house, 
was removed to u hospital nnd successfully 
operated upon for nppeiidieltls. 



-At the Colonial 1 Fly S. Hill. 
"The Funny Mr. Dooley" had n 

Ilocliester. — At the Lyceum I Al. R Wolff, 
manager) Herbert Kelcey and I'flle Shnnnon 
uml 11 sirnug supporting company played to 
liflod attendance Cob. 2. .1, In "The Lightning 
Conductor.' Dnsi-.eiihneh Orchestra 1 local I .1, 
"I'he Tfliticosii Trail" ills first performance 
or. any slugc) II. Jos. and Win. W. Jefferson 

National (Alsx llurilg, mnnngeri. — "The 
Volunteer Orgnnlst." Jnn. 211-31. showed to 
due returns. Play and cast was tip to Its 
old standard of excellence. Cyril llaymond 
nnd John Onrinnu nre entitled In praise for 
line Impersonations. "The Devil's Ancllon" 
has lost mine of lis old time charm, being 
iip-tn-dnle. Business ruled large throughout 
its engugenieiii. Feb. 1-3, "The Funny Mr. 
Doolev" ft-7. "Y'oung BufTnlo, King of the 
Wild West," RIO. 

Cook 0H9U llorsi: I). IL Aloore, innnn- 
geri.— • Business was S. It. (). Inst week, the 
Orent Lafayette Show proving to lie a great 
drawing card. Bill Feb. ft and *wft : Valerie 
l'.crgerc and company. Aludlown .Minstrels, 
Mr. nnd .Mrs. Ksmnnrl. the Pnrros Bros,. 
Cellna Bribe, Sntn AVntson's Farmyard and 
kliielngrnph. . 

n.uiiiii ij. II. Aloore, mnnngeri. — Th» 
.Moore Stock Co., Inst week, produced, for 
the flm time on any stage, "Her American 
Prince," an original romamlr comedy drnina. 
In four sets and nix scenes, by Carl Herbert 
Tast. a local newspaper man. cast : I'nrl 
Hoffman. Bertram l.ytell : Bnron Bromherg, 
Arthur Butledge : Ludwlg, John A. Sumner ; 
Jenks. Tommy Shearer: Ciiniilnghnm. Kd- 
wln S. Philips: Huron Schwartz. Lynn Os- 
tium: Lieut. Sieinmelz, I'linrles C. Carver; 
Sergeant Burgtier, Wm. II. I'rlugle ; Foot- 
man, Sum Harris: Herr Y'on. Mptxler, Atex- 
under Hale: Count Von Slelnhnuken, .1, It. 
Sumner; Orellmnn, W. II. Prlngle; Qnnd- 

Inch, C. ft Cwrver; Cnpt. Iturger, K. S, Phil- 
ips; Lieut, you Plchve, L. iisborn; Lieut, 
Bauermelstcr, S. Harris; Lieut, Zeltler. TV. 
II. Prlngle; Lieut. Y'on Saner. AVro. Hard- 
Iner: Bflnfelder, .1. It. Sumner ; Fan*, K, 8. 
I'hlllps; Princess llelga. Ida Adair: Olga 
Belufelder. Adellna Hnfrrio. The entire act Ion 
and scenes nre laid In the mythical kingdom 
of llnnnvnrln. A brief synopsis tollov.'s: 
An enterprising young American. Carl Hoff- 
man, arrives at the sw«(l liaropenti kingdom 
of Honoverln at the very crisis nf n dynastic 
Intrigue, Imperiling the lives of the reigning 
monarch and the royal princess. Princes* 
Deign. He happens to .look n good denl like 
the heir to the throne. In whose behnlf the In- 
trigue h*s been Inaugurated. Ho accident- 
ally meets the princess and falls In Iftve with 
her nt flrr.t sight. Shortly afterward he 
learns of the. pint through being mistaken 
for the prluce, by some of the. underlings of 
Ihe conspiracy. Naturally be attempts to 
save the princess. Taking ndvnnlnge of his 
resemblance lo the absent prince, he assumes 
the leadcrsliln of the plot, and runs It to suit 
himself, with the. aid of Ids devoted vnlet, 
Jenks. lie Is entirely successful In bringing 
the conspirators la confusion nnd restores 
the throne to the reigning king, nnd nt the 
same time wins the love of the princess. The 
author has written an Intensely Interesting 
Ktury. and after a few slight abbreviations 
ami alterations, will have u lirst t-tssa cos- 
tume comedy drama (lint should prove to hn 
11 winner. Bertram l.ytell. In the title role, 
gave n most careful ami finished Imper- 
sonation, considering Ihe brief preparation. 
Tommy Shearer carried off second honors. 
The other players iirrpilttcd themselves 
most creditably.' null the success of the 
production was 'In great pari due tn the 
excellent direction nf Itlchard linker. Man- 
ager AIneCullnm deserves grent praise for 
attempting such an ambitions undertak- 
ing. S. II. O. business ruled the enilre 
week. Feb. ft and week, "The Hutlerllles." 

ConisrtliAN TllKATitl! (Henry C. .Inenbs. 
mnnngeri. — Last week, Clnrk's Itiiunwny 
Olrls Co. made a most favnrnhlo Impression, 
large- business being the result. The com- 
pany was extremely ciipnlile, particularly In 
Its 'dancing. Jos. F.. Howard, singing his 
own eutnuosliioiis, mnde nn emphatic hit. 
The Burg Sisters, the Newsboy-;' (Jiuirletle, 
nnd Bert. Wiggins scored heavily In the olio. 
Manchester's Vanity Fair Co. Feb. ftlll. 

Albnny. — Al Ihe empire (Frank Wil- 
liams, resident miiiiiigerl T liglnln Brew Ties- 
cntt, in "When Knighthood Was In Flower." 
.Inn. .11. delighted two large Hiidlences. Viola 
Allen. In "The Toast of Ihe Town," 111; 
AVro. llllleiie, In "Clarice," lit. 

IIakmani's Hi.rKi'Kuit IIai.i. (II. It. Jacobs, 
mnnngeri.— Two stirring iiielndi-nmns 111 trnel- 
ed 'large audiences Inst week. "A Crown of 
Thorns," .Inn. 211-31, nnd "Big Hearted .llin." 
Feb, I ::. Until did imslueHS. Sai-uh 
Bernhardt. Ill "Cnnillle" and "Lit Sorclere." 
ft. at advani-eil tirlces: "The Olrl of tho 
Streets" it, 7. "The old clothes Alan" s-lu. 

Pitiii'Tuii's illowiird Crntitini. resident man- 
ager). --Vaudeville of high order served to 
draw crowded houses nil the pusl week. The 
top liners were the Millinnii Trio, Asm unit 
F.leanor Full;. BUI for ki-i'U of ft : Fincrsuii 
and Omega. Four Mlloiis, Mel la Vesin, May 
Leon. Hie Three Hiiuioiiils. Dixon, Bowers and 
Dixon, and l.'d. F. Kryiinril. 

llAitiiv ill. II. Nichols, manager 1. The 
Dainty Duchess Co. pleusml Ihe usual large 
following nt this Hicnlre. crowdliig die ihc- 
a'tre nlglillv. Thoee ainsi In (nvor were : 
Clara Wleland. Nolan mid l.lehler, Smith 
nnd Arado. and ihe Four Carroll*. < mrk's 
llunawiiy Ulrls Feb ft -Ilk 

t'llen. -At Ihe Alajeslle (Sliuberl Bros., 
innnngersi "The Street Singer" drew well 
Jan. .lo. "Two Little Waifs" wns well re- 
ceived Feb. 2, and "Uncle Turn's Cabin" 
drew big 3. "When Knighthood Wns In 
Flower" ft, Sarah Iternhnrdt II. Jos. Jeffer- 
son 7. "Pol-' d V M.^i;- g, •■(;| r | u f the 
;...-'il" 0, .rau.'i.. 'iYIImiii 10. 

OKl'iictlM- (Wllnier k Vincent, managers). 
— Hiioine«"; continue* big. Hill this week : 
Dave Lewis, Billy Vnn. Brown. HnrrU nnd 
• Irowii. Frank nnd l.ltlle Boh. Neff and .Mil- 
ler, Mnliel llowlands, nnd Aldo mtd Armour. 

Hkwkv Mi'su- IIai.i. 1 David Hurry, iiiiina- 
gecl.— This week: The Slonns, Leah Hnii- 
ciirt, Annie Howard, Kelley nnd ICelsey, 
John Fny, Itoblnsnti Sisters, and Alarliu 

XiiTKS.—- Cnrnrillons were given nl Hie Or- 

pheum on AleKliiley Day The Sinr 

Theatre lias eliungeil Its name In the Amer- 
ican, The house Is lo be Improved, unit a 
illfferenr line of nlirni-ilous will he run 
lorno. N, Y.. Is con tent pin ling the erection 

of n new opera house The Mnsmiu luivo 

ngreed lo contribute Jlo.uiifi. unit if Rotiians 
help they will soon have a new iheutrr. 
. ■ 

Mlnilrn. — Al Hie Lyceum I.AI. Iteis. innti- 
ngeri "on tlie llridgi- in Midnight" did fair 
buslniits Jim. '-".). "The Hmiirl. Set" did well 
.10. "A Olrl, of the Streets" III. "The 
Street Singer" arm well received Feb. 1. 
"When Kulgliihood \V»h In Mower" 3. Iln* 
Jeffersous 11. FriinclK Wilson, In "The Moim- 
tnln Climber." 7, "Side Trucked" ft, "Twn 
Little YY'tilfs" 10. 

. Kiai.tii IF. W. AirConnell, mnnnger).— 
M'eek of ft-10: "llltlii," Fnyliln ami P'nro, 
Felmnr Sisters, Aihe Horolhy, Ilitby llttrty. 
ihe Ttlnlloscope unit llliislntleil songs, Ca- 
pacity business. 

NiiTi:.— Afiiny l-'.lmlriuis, went lo I'nriilns 
lost -week to wliuess productions by Ihe 
Miitiliait'in Slock Co., which wns organised 
in this illy Inst Hummer utiiler Ihe direclliui 
■ :i' lite jiroprlelors, llerlierl S« linger unit 
Phil Branson, In. Hi nf wh'.in were inemliers 
of the slock company al Itorlck's Olen I'nrl; 
Inst Suiiiuier. Mr. Salinger was inniiiiger 
of Itorlck's. It Is iiiiilersloiid Hull lie will 
bo Hiieeeeded this year by Henry T.ivlor, 
also 11 laemher of Iiihi seiiMin'H coiiipmiy, 
Mr. Salinger being obliged In give nil of his 
lime mid a tieai ion to his new enterprise, 

Troy. — At Proclor's (Wllllnm II. lira- 
ham. resident manager) luminous was large 
Insl week. Bill for week of l-'eli. ft : Jewell's 
Manikins, Probst. H.'iwlhnrnc and Burt, 
Kelly and Vlolelte, Harry Smlrl nnd Komi 
Ressner, John mid ilerihii Oleesoit, Hurry 
Brown, nifd O'Brien hiu| IIiivcI. 

It ami's Ol'liiu IIi.ihi: lit. T. Thompson, 
resldenl inniiiiger).-— Virginia Drew Tresentl, 
In "When Knighthood Was In Flower." drnw 
a packed house. "A Crown of Thorns" hud 
good houses Feb. 1, 2. A I. O. Field's Mln- 
stiels packed the house a. Chnrlcs Itlchmnn, 
In "On Hops." comes s. Henry Jewell, In 
"The Traiicnsn Trail. !i: "Olrl of I ho 
Htreels" to, Viola Allen, hi "The Toast of 
the Town," 12. 

Itiiv.u. (It. II. Keller, malinger). — The 
Onideii CriM.k lixlriiVKKiiuzii Co. drew well 
Inst week. The I mini v IIiicIichh ftlll. 


lllmt linioloii. -Al the Stone Opera 
House i.I. P. I!. Clark, mnnngeri Howe's pic- 
tures had large ntlriiduiiei' Jnn. 20. "Tne 
Holy Clly" appeared to fulrly good huslii-s;, 
30. Paula F.ilwiirdc*, In "I'lie Beggar Prin- 
cess," delighted liirge atleiiilniire, 111. "Til'; 
Olfl of the Slrci-i*^ Feb. I, "Wheu Knight- 
hood Was In Flower" plensed Immensely, 2. 
Florence Bindley. In "The Street Sluger." 3. 
The Ferdinand tlraham Co.. In repertory, 
10. excepting fi. when Francis Wilson, 
"The Mountain Climber." nppeura. 

.IiiiiiokIowii. - ,\t the Samuels Opern 
House I M. Itels. inshageri "The Tempta- 
tion of Iteglne," Peli. 3, tnntlnee and night. 
I defined g.Kul iindleiircs. "The Ileal Widow 
Irnwn" It. "The Duke of I'liiliilh" In. "Sunny 
Smith" 12. "A Message from Mars" 1.1, Ihe 
JerTersons 14. Vogel's Allnslrels Ift. 

Mns. J (Airs BlioWN PriTTIili haft been ills- 
charged from bankruptcy In London, I'.ug. 


Mllnnukee.— Mclnlyre k Heath, In "The 
flam Tree," nt the Davidson Theatre, bended 
the local offerings Inst week. Ilxeelleni ||- 
lenilnncc ruled throughuiii Mclalyre 11111I 
Heath's engng-meiii. both cometllulis being 
strong favorites In this city. Manager Sher- 
man Brown offers "The Wl/m-it of Oz" Feb. 
4-7, 'Little Johnny Jones" KID, Lew Fields 
11-14, "The College Widow" lft-li. 

Al.llAMiiitv (Jus. A. Ilelgler. manager).— 
"New Y'ork Town" proved a big show with an 
excellent cast last week, cliff (lordon, Chin. 
Howard and liln F.nierp.ui scored ihe prln- 
olpnl tilts, rtlrtlaoss wns close 10 ciipnellv 
nil week. "The Hlnek Cixuk" conies week 
of 4. followed by Ins Four Alorioas. In 
"Breaking Into Society," 11-17. 

B11111 (John II. Pierce, resident mnnageri. 
— "I'lgliilng Fine" was highly populnr wlih 
udmlrers of mcliHlrniiui lost week. "Arizona," 
week of 4. has a huge advance sale. foil;. wed 
by "Clght Hells." 1117. 

Svu: il'rank It. Tn.ltinnn. malinger). -- 
Itrlllv ft Wood'.! Itig Show played la Hie 
lisiinl well mid houses Insl week. Pm 
ItelHy has 1111 excellent company nf comedians 
nnd burlewiuers. mid Ihe iMM-foriiinnce innks 
Willi the best. .Miss New York Jr. I>, 4. til. 
follnwi'il bv the Kniplic itttrle*ipier<, week 
uf II. 

Paust 1 1 eon AVnchsner, ni:iii«ger).--The 
Oorin.-in sinek will prcseui "Ariln unit Mes- 
Milltct" Sunday, t. iim a henefll for Caiolllu 
Marbrich. "The Heart of Alnrylainl" S-lu. 

Cbvstai. (F. II. Wlnler. niunugei 1. Hlg 
business caitluiies. '■:" for seel; of ft: 
"Dldn." Si heel: Inns.. Arihur lllghy. IT. Fred- 
erick Han Icy nnd coittioinj, Itrook Illtrym 
and Hie Crystnlgraph 

tlniMi.- -ilannger TV. YV. Oregg offers for 
week of "•: TVf'l nnd F't'ler. Ten It. Atnnlell, 
llynti mid Doiiglns, Joe Allium:. ItcintcH Sis. 
tirs. Mr. and Mrs; Spoelnmn. Irene Harris, 
Hnshiesi- Is 

.\(iTC.--Thc opening at traction .11 the 
Anulemy hits been '-bunged 10 Henry Ii. 
Idxev. in 'The Man on ihe Box." niiiio.inceil 
fur week e.i:illl:onc|ng.Fci\ It. The Sluil.erls 
lieve sin del 1 . In securing properly on Wis- 
consin Street, ami wi.ll.tuit In :t Iftfi. from 
in. 1 in entrance, «hfcb yhi Inmlrr smsher 
rvis'itdltur" of |t2.'i.iiiui. it nil should gn a gvent 
way tn p ipulnil/lng I lie Academy. Sam 
c.orson, the Western represent 11 live nf the 
MitlhcriM. Is n familiar figure hi Alllv.uul.ou 
I lies 1 days. Mr. Herson I* (iverscelng Hie 
letniMlellng of ihe Academy. Ilnrl. J. Hud 
die luis lieen signed' hy lite Shiiheris us llieir 
prcus agent for the Acinlein.v. 

1. 11 Crosse. Yl Hie I. a Crosse Thi'fll re 
(W. F. (Inge, manager! Hose t'ecclln Shay, 
In "Paul Jones," drew good house Jan. 2S. 
I'.vi Tnnguiiy, In "The Sambo fllrl," Feb. I : 
Pn 11 1 hie Hull. In "Iliit'ciis." I : "1)11 Barry" 0, 
"The College Wlilmv" 1.1. 

Ill.nir 1 Al. Sclinherg. tiiaitnger). -Hood 
hllslness Willi the following hill for wee): of 
Jnn. 2S : Al. chrlsiul, lite Savoys. Idn Him 
sell. Herbert lllie l-'rog Alain, Will Arniand 
nml moving pictures. 
1 * 

I'.nii Clillre. -At the Ornnil 11'. II. Monti, 
nintingeri Mmilgiilliery ,V Stone, In "The W|j! 
lll,l or lis." Jan. 27, bail Ihe S. II. tl. sign up 
at 7.30 p. II. Kvn . inngiiiir .10. Pinilliie tl nil 
31 Hinder nilsplrea of locnl Fills 1. "Alice Pi 
Wniideilniiil," hy locnl inlenl, Feb. 2. 3: 
"Buster Brown'' S, 'The College Widow" 12. 

r.Nlolic. (lieu. Morrell, resldenl mauiig'Ti. 
— I.ydell uml Biillerwfirlli. Mile. Alms. Ilnrtv 
llnyil. mid Hanson ami Drew opened week 
of Jan. 20, to Inrge business. 

I'oinl dii I. lie. -A I Ho- Henry Boyle 'Clie- 
nt ri' 1 Unix 1* v Poller, malingers 1 "I'uul 
Jones" Opera C11,, .lull. 31, pleased n full' 
sliHll iiitillence. Wilton Lneknye |u— .'iileil 
' The I'll" lo 11 purkiKl house Feb. 1. Ylr. 
Lneknye wis en I led before tlie i'iti-t nl ti several 
limes. The work "of .little tinker. 111 I. aura 
I i.'iii-liiuti. 11 nl Friinli liclditti. ns l.aiulrv 
1 nun. were cHpei'lally worth)- uf lueiilloii, 
nlso Wli'le BnileiK, 11. 1 Hm \)'nler Buy. Com- 
lug: I 'apt. II. P. Hi. lis.. 11 7. Ilaverl.v 1 Alio- 
slrels (). "The Rlmdow Helllllll Hie 'Clirone" 
III, F.vii Tniigniiy, la "The Siiuibu Olrl." 14; 
•Kl|:ht Bells" III. 

»» » 
' VII»..i,IA. 

>orfolh. — At tile .u-adi'lu.v of .Music 
(Otto Wells, local iniiiihgcr; l.'hiiiiiu'ey lilcnlt 
plnred 10 a packed house Juu. 211. "Will" 
Jul, iitiy Jniios" folfoii'eil 30. lo good busi- 
ness, "tipster dtrown" i'eb. 12, "The Chnpv- 
roiis" 17, Nellie Collins III. 

tiiiANiiv toiio Wells, locnl ntn linger ).-- 
"The Show Olrl ' enjoyed good business lust 
wi-ek. "How 11 lint Pike" ft- 10. 

Ill me (Abb Mm 1 1 Ii, inniiiiger). --Xew peo- 
ple week of ft: nllum and llrlii. Annie Lor. 
mine, Farley anil I'drinll, nml 1. 1111. 111 Davis. 
BiisIiii'ks Is good, 

Ai'HK ( Wllkiumin k Mlinxle, niaiiagersi. - 
People week of ft ; 1,'hns. V. Anderson, iisi-ar 
Brewer, Frnukforr anil Brewer, mid William 
Hleveler. Business Is guild. 

AI'I'IToiiiim (J. M. Illirliin, liiniiflgeri. - - 
P. ople for week nf ft : C|ein|oru mid llownril. 
Johnson uml I Irani. Irene Sullivan, Three 
Itenlz. Bessie CiiIIIiih, Clarke tttiil lltiiiillloti. 
nml Alnrion anil Wiiltiwrlglit. Itneitaera Is 

Maxiisttan (C A. crlnnhiii, itiiiiuigcri. 
People fur week of ft : .11 nv Lemuels, Welbs 
nml Shirley, Joseph Slndelt. May Itoml, 
Herbert lleiitli, Nellie Itiimford. the Moil 
deriis. and Barker nnd Ward. IVi--!tio<.| It 

Illcliinotiil. ,\t the Academy of Music 
( Chun. I. M.-Kee, mniiiigeri l-izia Kendall 
played "I'he Vinegar Buyer" .Inn. 2ft. .'111. lo 
packed houses, Chniliicey Olcoll. preseiillng 
"Fdtuiiiid lllirkii." nrll>. well recelvisl by 11 
large audience 31.. "I.lllle Joliiiny Junes" 
scored big Feb. I. "Tint Heir lo the lluorah" 
2, "I'he Sign of Ihe Cross" 3. John Drew ft, 
"The School Olrl" 1). Jinues O'Neill 7, "The 
Tenderfoot" I), III, Howe's moving pictures 
1.1. "Busier Brown" M. "Tim CIiiiihtuiis" HI. 

Blliil' (Chns. I. Mi.'ICee, mnniigeri. —Week 
of Jan. 21). "Down llin J'lkn" tiliiyeil to tre- 
mendous crowds. AVuelt or Feb. ft, "The Boy 
Behind the Oun." 

IVIcnliors.- -\< Hie Academy of Alusle 
(Jske Wells, inniiugvri Hilly Kersiuuls' Alio 
slrels drive 11 (op lienvy house Juu, 2ft. "A 
Devil iu Skirts' was presented 2I>. "The 
Tenderfoot" Feb. 0, lion's'* pictures It. 





12ft YVIiMT ;i7lb St.. NI1YV YIIIIK, 






r norm r.ruhs. 


I'lUTUlllAt. AND IttlStS'Klta M ANADIR. 

s.vrmu>.\y, fkbuu\ry hi. iik»«. 


Advertisements— JfU.bO per Inch, llngle col- 
umn. / 

Advertisements net with border, 10 per 

cvuu' extra. 


Une year In advance, f 4 ; six month". |2: 
lliree month*, $1. Foreign postage extrt. 
Single copies will be sent, postpaid, on re 
ccipc ot lu rents. 

Our Titiiih nre (null. 

THE CUI'I'KU Is Issued eTery Wednesday 
morning. The lost four (advertising) pngea 
<iU ■ 'I"0 I'HBS.S on Saturday It 1 1 A. >!., ind 
the oilier pages on MONDAY and TUKSDAY. 
Tito loi-iim final lie Promptly, Tnea- 
dny. nt JO iiVIiicV A. M. 

l'leiue remit by express, money order, rheck, 
V. u. order or registered letter. All caali en- 
closed with letter la at (lie risk of sender. 
Address All CiiminuHlralliiiia to 

Tin: m.w yoii'k. ri.irPEii, 

47 1T(«t*3Mk Slreel, New York. 
, tlrjiUlrrcit Vnble ,IiMitm, "AfTliouiTT." 


nf Tmi (juma Is locals! nt lloum ti04, 
Aslilinid Mori-, Chicago, William 1". Bryan, 
iniimigcr nnd roirrBpondent, where advertise- 
ments mid subscription* arc received at our 
regular rnlcs. 


Located nt 48 CrnnlMiuruc St., London, W. C, 
John 11. C'nrnry, mnnnger nnd correspondent, 
where advertisements and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rules. 

Tur. Cmi*i-i:r can i-k imtainep, wnor.r- 
hai.k ami iiktaii., ill our agents, llrentano'a 
news depot, ;:7 A l i M I de Itinera, Paris, 
rrnnrc; M. I.lllrnthnl, Frederick Strasie 
101 (Terminus llolel), Berlin, X. IV., lier- 
nniny; ll'.nuiond .Sews Co., !»7 I'rado, II a- 
vann: Mimllii Hook nnd Slnllonrry Co., I'JS 
••"sculln. Mnulln. r. I.: Albert A Son, 137- 
1*11) King St., Sydney, Aiislmlln. 

Tim Mitt" VOIIK Cl.lPPIilt iiiilillalira 
only one nlHIim, and Hint la dated 
■"mm X«v Vork. 


Ko He plica by Mull or iclrgraiih. 


iioutk or ani theatrical company is 


lilt A MATH*. 

A. I... Hrle. We hnvo no knowledge of Hie 
whereabouts uf the party. Address :i letter 
lu our cure nnd we will iiriverllsc II In Tub 
(iiitki: letter llsl. 

II. I'., Hartford. 

.1. M.. Slllllll!. :k>. 

W. K. II. &' Sons. Xurrlxtowu. 

M. K. M.. Itslilmorv. 

M. K. <>.. Wlssahirkon. 

W. I:. I-:., Iteiielimolil. 

It. K.. Froslhiirj:. • 

II. \\\, InilliinniMills. 

A. .M. V.. t'niinl /.one. mul 

V. /... Viiukors. Sit answer to A. I... ubuve. 

"Mm," Trenton.- - We have no means of 
knowing;. Prrsoiml culls on agents are usual- 
ly protluellvr of die best rvsulls. The sal- 
ary depends ii|nni tin- merit of the act unit 
llii' (li'in.ind for li. 

.1 I.. MrC., lirnud View. We wmilil nil- 
vim- von lo , Mrk In a business ynn lire fa- 
miliar wllh rather llimi to try li ler one 

with vvtiMi you nre mi fa ml liar. 

V.. II. It.. Sim AiiKiisllne. We do not know 
Hie aljle of linlliMin used by llieui. 

II. It.. Brooklyn. - We can only advise you 
lo nmke personal n)>|>IK'ii I l<>u (or by letter » 
to producing miuinger*. 

li. M. 1 .11 1 tit ii Itm-scll made her llrsi np- 
pciimitee on Hie ilriimnlle stage III IS7S. as a 
member of die rhnriis nl die Turk Theatre. 
Itmoklyn, X. V. 

"llwiutN." Philadelphia. Address l»lek A 
I'll ziii-r:ilil. IS Ann Sini-i. New York I'lty. 

It. M.. <n ihmIc. Wnirh our mule llsl. 

II. i)„ VermiM. Joining an nrgnuUnllun 
-mil a< you iiieullun I* entirely o|illoual. 
Miikr up|illeiitloii lo vnnili'Vllle agents. 

i'. r.. New York. I. A|i|ily to die maun 
^•er of i he ilientre lu i lie Summer. -. Von 
are not obliged to Is'luiig lo u union 

r. I.. S.. Ilitiiibun:. Aildrrss Van Horn k 
Son. II 'J Ninth Nlulli St reel. I'hlliub'l|ililii 

J. It. II.. Si. John. Address jiarly In e«re 
of .1. W. lioriiiiiu, Colonial 'Ilientre lliilldln;. 
Hosloll. Mass. 

A. II. It., Hot Sprliis*. John llohtnsou. as 
piarlers of lenieil shows In th's 

The linn Is no longer lu exUl- 

iier Winter 


I', li.. I\tie - Tin' bet l« on*, ami the money 
-Mould lie ic-riinilcit lo A 

M. K. II.. Ilrooklvii. Aiblri-ss K. II. Soth- 
PPI iliul .liimes K. Iliickelt. as |ht nuile!, lu 
tills Issue. 

t\ Z. T„ Cleveland. Wateh our route list 
mril week. 

A. M.. Chliaeo. Address Illngllug Hum.. 
IIiiihIioo. Wis. .... 

li. A. W„ Wnsliliigion. ■ Aihlress Charles 
K. Illiinev. 1111 Hromlwiiy. New York City. 

It. S. ' S.. New York, .lulin MeCulliHigh 
died Nov. N. INS.'i. nl riilludcl|ihln. 

W. It.. New Yolk. He did nppear on die 
inlnslrcl singe as a singer. Aihlress him |>er- 

A. I'.. IVterson. Address die l-.nlerprlse 
Mtivle Sll|i|ilv r.i. Id 
Street. New Vork I'liy. 

I', li. I'.. I.oiilslnna 

to i ta m a rl — Bn . 

W. .1. I!.. OllfOIHS.. 
Nioih Tonawaiula 

••BKiTott."— On 11)0 "draw" a player can 
not take a rard I hill has been exposed. TV! 
dCHler must '.Rke such card, place i{ at tli« 
Ijoi torn of the park mid serve the player with 
another iiird before' he serves Ray other 


J. V. I'.. KNinnrt-k. — Tlie giiuie Is unknown 
In ns. 

K. X.. Syrneusr.- In all gmnes nf dbe Hie 
six Is high nnd Hie are low. 


in II run ll.'O i.i:i-i nt. 
r'aoji "1 a own louiaisiiisiaurr. 

\\i-"lirii lliiri'iio 
of Hie Yew Y oris Clipper, 
lloum -VII \»h In mt llloek. i lilenuo. 
The evi-iil of rids wei'k will Is" Hie llrst 
pri's'-nlnlloii ot lien. Lew Wallace's "The 
I'rltoe of IiiiIUt. " which opens ill the Colonial 
Ylorday, I'eb. "■. "The Lion .not the House.'" 
vhli-h will open ,ii Powers" Theatre, is new 
to i hi. ago. I.hIii lilnser. In 'Miss IMIy 
Is.Mitrs." Iireliis :i fortnight's engagement nt 
lb- III inula .Momliiy. l-'eb. :>. Holdover ntirac- 
Ibms nnv llijiire K. IHxey. In "Tho Mnn mi 
die Itox." at die tiarriek : "llabra In Toy- 
land." .it tlie Hi Mnt Oiiem Mouse: "tils 
Honor, lip. .Major." al the Chicago Opera 
House: "The 1'nipln-." nl ibe Iji Salle: Alny 
Irwin, id .MeVirkrr's. and die Koiir Morions, 
al the tir>ai Xnrlhern. 

Ii.iinios Tiikatiu: i Will J. Iiavis. ma nit- 
gen.- Kdnn Alny, In "The Catch of the Sea- 
son." plated one of the most prosperous en- 
gagements of her career til this house ill'; 
nasi tv.'o weeks. Monday evenlnc. I'isii. .1, 
Lulu l.leser. supported by n eoniliilny tvbh-h 
Includes Melville Stewart. It. C. Her/. I'lnis. 
HiMiNhnw. Cnrile Perkins. 'Thus. Wlilffrn. 
I'thel lie Sllva. Xellle Wehli, Henry Vngcl. 
Ilvroii Ongb-t. Win. Nitiushtoii. Jniu.-s l^-aliry, 
James Itmile.' Carl HarllH-rg. Ilenrlio, llp^- 
■tiiiple, John Ardlzoiic. Xidney llnirls, Kilwnrd 
I .-.ihiy. liledys ell. Sadie Probsi ami Mildred 
■ 'erll will pr.s.i-i-1 "Ml** IMIy Hollnrs." The 
"llgllgi-no-lll |s for two weeks, ilorlii-.- which 
then! will lie llii Sunday iM-rii.rliinnrrs. 

I'i'WKlis' TllK-tTlit: i Hurry J. Powers, mail- 
-igrri.-- Jow-pli WluvliH-k Jr.. In "Jusl Out of 
College,'* r lu-ed four weiks of good business 
.". llegliiulug Monday nlglil, .*i. for the llrst 
time In this city. "The Lion nnd die Mouse" 
will In' Ho- iittrnei loll. Til" speelal i-onipnliy 
eiigagcil by Henry tl. Harris for Mils iircslnc- 
llon Ilk-bull's: Margaret lllliiifton. Joseph 
Ivlluoiir. It. A. ItoU'ris. Ada i urry. I'lurenee 
tierr.ld. i.lllhin IHx. A. S. Lipuiau, P. S. Ilar- 
ted. l*dilh SIiiivik-. .lolin Taylor. tUsirse I'nr- 
sons. Flora .lullel Itowley. W. II. P.roreton, 
tlrai-e Thome ami Arthur llyroii. 

Mi'Vii'KKii's TtiKATKii iiiisi. C. Warren, 
innungeri -•- M«y Itwli, bus Mii-eeedrt in 
pleislng as large ntiillein-es as Ibis bouse 
would held. Willi her i-oiiaslr. with inusie, 
"Mrs. Illark Is Heck." This I- the last week 
of her enuageineiil, ami she will Is: followed 
Minihiy. II. by Andrew Mink. 

Colonial Ti.iiwtri: tth-o. W. |j-derer. 
liiaiitii.'i-ri. — Moinbiy. .*i. Messrs. Klnw >V Kr- 
Innger will prment, for die llrst dm:' on any 
stage. "The I'rlnre or Indln." which lias lieen 
lii'iiniailxeil by J. I. C. Clarke, from lien. Lew 
Wallace's novel of die same name. There 
will Ik' nearlv three hundred people In Hie 
proihiedun. wlili-h Is in live arts ami twelve 
seen"s. Among the Important members uf 
the east of lids ji; -., duet!, hi are: J. K. Uotlson. 
Wai. Fitruum. t'cr.-ilil I^iwreuce, Win. Ilench. 
Sidney llerls-rl. W. II. Lvden. Frank An- 
iirrv.K. N. Lewis. Thus. K. Weadnck. 
Munrue Siill'l.nry. i:. M, Carey. Koni'sl Zlni- 
iner. I'l'i'deriek Ksuirlloii. Clias. Marllonald. 
Thus. iK-lnnir. Snrnii Truax. Julia Heme. 
I'lsle I'. Smith and .Mary Hariiiell. Iliere 
will Is- no Suutbiy performances during the 

Ciiii'Aiiu iii'KitA Urn si: (Lyiiuiu P.. tilorer. 
malinger). — "Ills Honor, the Mayor." enters 
ii|Kin lis last ivrek. Joint slavln will ron- 
ilniie us die Irri'slslllile mayor, and Mabel 
llnrrlsoii as tlie little girl from Illinois, 
lllaiichc King, lor the farewell wis?k. will ami 
'mother Itiillnlloii to her list of ileal ions. 
Kay Teinph loll Is die lalesl player lo be im- 
liiTsoiuitisl. .MdikI.iv, l'j, "i!omIn' Thro' the 

liAUEH'K Thimtri: iSnin P. (ierson. mim- 
a-er). — Henry K Idsey. in "The Mnn on the 
Itox." Is-glusthe second week of his run nt 
this house Sunday. I. Tlie supmirt Is exeel- 
lenl. amour; Hi" rasi lieiim Marie Xonlslron. 
"The Heart nf Maryland" follows Similar. 

STi'iiKiiAKltt: TtiLATtit: lit. I'*. Ilarmever, 
mannger). •-•■The Slio-iiiin" lu-glns Monilny. 
.*>. II? second anil last week, to business. 
The Itlisshm Players follow P_\ 

(i«AMi (ll'KKA lloi'Ki: i lliii-iy Askln. mana- 
ger i.- "Italies In Toyland" Is lu Its sei-ond 
week In Hits house, and Is as popular ns erer. 
"Tlie tilngerbreinl .Mnn" follows 11. 

La Sai.i.k Tiikatiu: (M. II. Singer, mana- 
ger i.. - AVI III more 1 1 ■ ti ii one hundred ta-r- 
fnrninnrcs already In Its credit "The CmpIre" 
pins inerrllv along. Cecil Ij'an. Florence 
llollirook. Olive Vail. William Itoblnwin. Mnv- 
ga-e( Mncilomilil. Thus. Cameron. Arlluir ti. 
Sniiuder*. Cnrllun King nnd liertrude Len- 
nox nre popular inenllHTS of the 'I<n Salle 
Stock Company. 

lll.viifli' TilhATRK i' Abe Jaisibs. mnnager 
for Kohl A; Cnsilel. -John T. Kelly. World 
ami Klngslon. Arthur lieining. o'Honrke and 
llnmeli. I 'our Itnlses. Dixon and Anger, and 
Liw Atiberls v.erc last week's headlliiers. ami 
sroreil bU. 11111 emnmenclng Monday niRtl- 
io-. .-, ■ it.ii i "null 1 and company, llrimo am! 
IttissdI. thdden mill Hughes, the MInkPs Ilel- 
inoiv. Vvnn Comedy Four, lioolmau's dogs 
Preih. 'tnd lmre. Cllft'onl mid P.urke, Ilea. 
Austin. MeKiever. Mr. and Mrs. 
limbics, the Aerial Marlins, and S|MM>r's 

MA.irsTle TttgATlii: It". 1". Ilrnper. mnna- 
ser Tor Kohl .V Cnsilel.— The Fniletle Or- 
rln>|ra. Frnui: I'licrl ami roninnny. the 
Klstil Salvaggls. Mai-nrl'x rings ami monkeys. 
Vetiniii. die vi'iiirlliNiubt : T. Xelsop I towns, 
lark thinlner. uuil llui.inionil ami Forrester 
were !nsl week's fen I nre arts, mid I lie bill 
llir.'iigboiit was, mi cxceplloiially gisul one. 
1:1:1 week cniini'onclng Monilay matinee. •>. 
is: II. .so CikIiIhii mid iiiniimiiy. Charlie Case. 
World'- Conu'ily Four. KatltMIe Orcltesira. 
• 'has. I .limn pi Fletcher. Wartenberg Itros.. 
Flske am" Miieliomiiigh. Jllle. Verera, Hose 
am! Severns. Splller .'.ml Pllman Trio. den. 
-ml Mi»y WiMslwartl. lihublon nnd l«ivlne. 
Jllelfs ib. i<s. ami Spoor's kliiodioine. 

II.vvmiKKit TtiitAi'ii: (W. W. Frceiunn. 
iiuinaree P>r Koiil & fast lei. — The Marco 
Twills. Slelnl \is.. Ibe Nuvn|o lilrls. Lit Ib'lle 

i'iiii.i'ii Tioiije.. /'ska mid King, .ind Clara 
lies were tin- losi w.i-k's lisiluri's. ami 
"went well." Week commencing Monday miitl- 
UtPP. .'• ■ llent rlre M"Kri".li- end company, 
liavmoinl ami Caverly. P.isloiiln Arabs. Ilocli. 
: I it it and rmrpabv. Pete linker. Ferguson 
Itelfort. Tony Wilson 
IslKters. Iturkley's dogs. 
'. Fox. and Spoor's Mno- 

W'rsl Twenly-elglilh 

We never Indulge 

Armltage llershell 
X. V- 



nctt, nnd will lie composed of capable actors. 
Ilav.rly's Mlnslrels 1*1-1*3. .. „ 

At.iiAMnUA ■ TttgAt in: iJnines II. Ilrown. 
mnoagci'i.— Hlnck I'nlll and her Trouliailoiirs 
rWNJI a successful cngagrmral .'!. l.tirney 
lillmore In "A Itisky Ibnol lo IMililUi.* i*J"i- 
iieiiics .: ws'kV rumgrtnenl Siiiuhiv. •■. ' I He 
Light bouse by the ^>-a" follows. 

A- iitmy TtlK.iriii: iWm. Itonrb. mauiigrri. 

"Ileuns of liuld" was Hie aitrirlloii tor 
die week cliiilnL' :!. ".M.ircblng Tliroi'gh 
Co-.rab:" Ibis week. "The Shadows of a 
limn filv ' foilows 1 1. 

HUM' Tlli:.trat: I Win. liuarli. ninnnurri.- - 
• Wbv t:lrl« I .en vi- Home'* was Ibe attrnetlon 
ai lids house 'jst work. "Tracked Aruiinil 
the World." with liiiirgle Mark, lids week. 
oiH'nlm: Siimliiy. I. "Tlie Ituniiwiiy lt<iy Is 
the underline for the week starting Miiiday. 
II. Maki-owi: Tiikatui: iMnrvln IJussell. 
manngi-n. — ".When We Wen- Twenty-one 
was well placed by the sbsk i»m|Miiiy 
week. For the week starling ."■. "St 
bll,:: " "Pe.-cerill Vttlll-y" Inlluwa I— 

CiiiTi:iun.N Tiikatrk I John H. Ilognn. innn- 
a-Ti - Itarney lillmore. In "A II«-fcy lload 
to liul/lti." ntlrjcled large aiulleuo-s. and 
gave general •w-tlsfarllon ill Ids voenl and 
harp «'los. ' W'hv lilrls Ij-ave Home" Is an- 
nounrml for the Ais>k starling Snmlny. 4. nnd 
•Trarkisi the World' Is uiiiiotim-ed 
to follow. 

Pr."i'l.i:'K Tiii:atki: i Joseph Pilgrim, uinn- 
a - rr j. — The ,i,„k fompiioy gnve :i good 
reclering ->f "A .Midnight Bell'* last week. 
I>'i: I.'' Parker's new play. "Thornes nnd 
llrate-aa P.lossums" nti titu its Inlthtl iim- 
(hiclloti o. For 12 and week. '•Chnrleys 

F.-Ll-v THkUTBC (John A. Feiinrssy. tnMii- 
ageri. — Miss .New York Jr. enjoyed large 
business week of 2S Beginning with ihc 
Sn.iri.'iv matinee, 4. the Kuiplrn ihirlesmiers 
wl'.l be the bill. The Cherry P.lossums llur- 
Irsiiiiers will follow 1 1. 

Tt:is-\in:iei Tihlvtki: illnrry IS. Ibtates. 
inanng. ri. — Fnsl Irwin's Big Show pneked 
die In.'ee for every isTforniiiuiv hist week. 
The liav Morning Hliirl'-s will furnish Hie 
hill for the v.-i-ek starling Siunl.iv inn dure. 
4. wldi Philadelphia Jack o'llrlen offered as 
a atimriion. 

l'rsux's Tiilatki: I Sid .1. Fusmi. uiiinn- 
gee|..-Tbe nil.xliiri' of lnlrlesi|iie and vaude- 
ville which was offered id this house last 
week proved entirely sallsfarliiry, and al- 
Irneiiii goisl tinslncss. The musical fanes 
were "A tVnirr Itiish" and "All Iiiillnn I'uw- 
Wi-w." while the vauiievllle bill was beaded 
by Iji Hell" .Mlanln. For week of 4. Ihc 
s.'uiie idea of luixeil burlesque timl vaudeville 

'mkcIuIIv niinoTinccd'lliat MM &JM-2* 
•Tlie l-Vlnte of Tndlo" nt Ine Cofottial The- 
i.tre. tlie curtnln will rise at I 
renlng perforinnnccs. nnd 

being made through the Anier- 
Tf sterns Hint before llenrv 

>t- for 
si for mall- 
ine"iH-rloriiiuiiee>L nnd thai no one will be 
scaled durlns the net Ion of the iiroloani*. . - . . 
Nellie ll-vell. iniini.l»slal. fnlilted ns she made 
hor exit nl the end of her act. at Ibe IHJon 
liieutrr. Jaeksoii. Mich.. Saturday evenlnc. 
Jnn ti ind ii«led In Chicago lhe past week. 

in it i.o.\nt»r lktti'ii. 

.ii il I'assiuorc. M 
end lle-iils. Annniis 
lliss'e i*rawn**.l, .1. t 

tir.Kir N.'Riti'Sv 
i lis, !ll.'!l:l'-eri.- "i'Iii 

Miss M. li.. Pllllsbnig. --Watch our ronle 

li. W It.. Omaha. Wlth-iiii rvistntuieiidlnK 
iniv one In pai'th-ular. we ri'fer you to Frank- 
lin' Sargnii. l'niplrc Thenlrr lliilldlng. New 
York City. .... 

K. II.. Newark. Madame B.-rnhardi Is the 
one to answer your irnrKlhnt. 
» AH IIS. 

I. W.. South link. Wlien one or more 
player* rail, every player who slays Is roin- 
oelieil to s|,ow Ids build If reqiieafed lo. 

I!. I'.. IL. SnissMile. The player lo the 
|rf, .t| llie dealer eills die rurds. ami the 
dealer nun* up die raid oil I lie lop of Ihc 
14-1 of Hlv puck. 

■'HLATia: iFntl •*. i:h- 
l'oite Mortons. In their 
■ lee ari romnly. "Itn-aklng Into Sorlely," 
to-Kin I heir Mvnnri and last week ill lids 
Ilientre Sunday i.f|erii<-"ii. I, Sine:- their 
tirsl (ii'rlormi.iiee here thev have plneyil to 
ei.iiaeliv In. u vs. Next wei-k. "Me. Him 
rail I." 

IH-NIi Ti'.Mi't.v. Tiii:ai«i: ilili/abelb C. 
Schrolier. niniiiigei'i.- "My Wife's Huslund" 
has iiei-n seleeliil by Hie luiiniigciuenl of tills 
l.ons- hi the Play lo follow "Tlie lt«>iter> 
I humbler." which wa>- well presenled -iv lhe 
Player*' Slock Co. Inst week. The ld!l for 
week of 12 will In- "Fedora." 

Con miii s Tiiimi'iii: iWelier Bros., maua- 
K erst. -The ISrolliers Byrne, siippiirt.'il bv n 
capable itiniimny, pn-si'iited "F.lirhl Hells." in 
«.»«l business, lasl week. "The Woman hi 
die i •■ise" » III Ik' lhe attraction fur week br- 
ciiiiilm: Suiulav. I. The .-ouipany present- 
ing the play will be headed by Mir-jnrcl Bca- 

ra>>a mi: own roimr..sii'Nw:.v'r. 

I ll|l|irr lliirenil. 

-IX Crnnlniariir Slrerl. 

" "l^lrrRler rHV»«rr. 

- • - London, W. C. 

' Jan. 27. 
Olio of the Ihcatrlcal events of Ihc week 

I- a pp. d nt Terry's on Wednesday, when 

James Webb made his debm as .in nctor- 
inaiiaser In n new |day. by lleiiry .Arthur 
Jones. entlHeil -The Heroic Stllblis. Ill* 
experlinenr Irhsl In cutinerllon wllh the M» 
Ing. thai of raising the nirlnln an the llrst 
itlelit a I srvrn. iri onb-r lo snlt lhe conveni- 
ence of the newspaper erltb-s, »ns a decided 
success, as Hie hnnl i-urlnln drn|i|*d a few 
niluiitcs after ien. giving the grilles plenty 
of time lo gei in their Hlorles. I *■«■« 
think Mr. Webb's Idea limy lie copleil by 
other prudmrcrs In llie future. "1 lie Heroic 
Stiibns" wns nut nil iinphiillc success on til"! 
opening nlgbl. Inn duilbiless It will las nnidc 
lulu une ere inaliy ihiys have |Mh-scd. Tn« 
tlietiie Is exerllenl. and Is written wllh some 
of Mr. Jones' ai-ciislonied Ingenuity- In 
brief lhe store I lloland Stubbs Ijfgati life its 
a karri working IssMmaker's apprentice, in n 
shop In nearbv Lomloti. and by Industry una 
inventiveness "hns lwconie. when lie reaches 
the age of thirty, the proprl-'lor nt a shop 
of his own on fashionable plrrailllly. mul tint 
iwssessor or a comfortable Income of KaMaW 
ill-Mr. SUible: ts Licking in the self asser- 
do'u thnl Is almost a necessity- lo a wir-niitdc 
man. bet is an Idenllsr. and Ijidy Iler- 
i.iloue I'anilllsb is his Irirn'. lie met her 
Prsi when slie wns n school girl, and be 
was n shop Isiv in a stiburlsin shop, and 
she has remained hU riisliimer and Ids 
iln-iim. lb- lliai she Is-longs lo nil 
entlrelv illtTerent world, lait Ihc llioiiclit 
of her has hrca the spur Milnd 
all his hard work. I.nriy llermolne has 
liiisbiiml. ind out of curiosity she allows un 
Intriguer, named IMIow. to make love to 
her. The latter Is a follower of women, a 
butielcss Inn wealthy luaMRdlll. Un iier- 
sinides her during ln-r hiislmnirs nlweme to 
All! ptevnll. The two innslral sklls will Is? po |,> \- n virrl'.ff and dine on his ynrlit. They 
•The Klfemli" nnd "Shy-Ann." the feature make the arrangement lu Sliiblis' shop, m 

feeling tliat 

of ImiIIi Is-lm: ibe dmirlng of lllaiulie |>lckr 
son Tin- viuulevltlit olio will Include: Mil- 
i-'nel bind Cain, die Juggling Miithleus. Itmwii 
BiMhers and Hopkins, the Is-ffel Trio, nnd 
I'l Sallo. 

INTIMI NATIONAL Tlll'.ATKt: I.M.ti. FiollHloy. 

niniiiig.'ri. — Tills bouse has heroine wull es- 
tablished, nnd the strong bill of Inst week 
win rerelved by large audiences. John I.. 
Sullivan. In monologue ami IhixIiik e\b Mil- 
lion proud a Ircmeiiiious rimwlng card. For 
week Ih-_-1iiiiIiiu niiiHiiee S. lhe bill will be: 
The li-eal Ivilpalrb'k. I.ysler nnd Cisike. 
the Ji.g^lhig llurkes. John and Carrie Mac!:. 
Mulvey and Ward, liiintres ami lloby. lieo. 
Weslfonl. Mey Neil. -.mi. liny Baynionil. Hey- 
iiolds end Iteyiiobts, ami the twentieth cen- 
tury oplls.ope 

Howaiiii Tiii-.atiik f AJ. li. I'luiiruoy, mnii- 
aget'l.- -Willi a coin I una I Ion of slronc vaudc- 
villi? pnigraiuines, business at Ibis cozy little 
thenlic continues exceptionally big. The 
IMillcy Itiuiigiirnled by the maniiKettii'iit has 
inspired tin iiinlhleiire of the patrons, and 
sood liuslnrss is the result. 

Unmans Iiiaik Mi shim |Wni. Sweeney. 
iiiiiiingeri. — The fi-atures In llie curio hall 
nre: Prof. Hums nnd Ills t ruined rings: 
.Millie Tnylur, the Ions- haired womnu: Itlla. 
the snake cbnrimr: Punch ami JihIv. noil 
Suem'er npisU-ul ml. In die theatre nrc: 
Alice ll-irktiis. Marie La Murr. Itosa Ibsllne 
mul Hull's moving pictures. 
- Clark HlBCiei Misi:im iIjiiiIs M. Hedges, 
mnnager. ) — Sirctrhliig Ills binly two feet. IV. 
Ihws. the human lelesro|ie, leads die i-urlo 
hull adrartioiis werk of 4. The programme 
will nlsu ineliule. a cb-vcr Illusion of lhe 
dream nf lllp Van Winkle. Prof. Ilowiiuin, 
Mme. Ihivere and Princes* Lulu. The vauiie- 
vllle hill will also Ik- changed, and will In- 
clude half a ilonen liiinilsrs. 

AmttiMATII. — K. P: Cbiirebill. of llie lln- 
vls-i'liiirclilll iln-iiit. r>'lnruii1 to (bis rlly 
Tbiirsibiy, t, after a slay of ten ibivs In 
New York Cliv. Ills rlrruli Is now "under 
lhe illrei-ihiu i»5 llie Wesiern Vnudevllle llan- 
raei"' Ai.seekttloii. nnd he Is Iwatiil nt the 

Ma|eslle Tlniiire Iinlldiug The Thlrty- 

llrst Sirrol 'I'iienire will reopen Sunday. 4. 
Willi Kilwnrd Withlmiiii'i. lie' lierilliiil-Kngllsh 
m-lor. who will play a four wii-ks' ensage- 
enml Iliere. The oiM'iililg hill Is "He. Jekyll 
mil Mr. Hyde," lids. *'Fauri." 
"tinvlil ■Jnrrr.-k" and "Tlie Merrlianl uf Ven- 
;u" will be sliigeir fi-r one w.t k enrh. ill lhe 
order limited. The --■■iiipmi v Includes ; |,e 
Iter Wnli Irani. Hal. IL Plumb, li. Mendels- 
sohn, tierce II. Ionian. Kri-ranl l^>vell. lohn 
II. Will in. liiils-rl lir'fllii. Henry Sloan. 
Ariii"- I.' iffmnn HarVs Flrrrson. Myrln Conif- 
lou, Iteiibi: laaw.dne: mul Mrs I.. It. Wnl- 
I Ha BL. .«. . . Kdwiitil c. dayman, serret.irv of 
the Western Vaudeville M.inimors" As'is-ln- 
i'iiii. was initiated Into lhe Clilni-ru l^nlge. 

!!. P. il. F... Xn. I. Jan. 2"> tieorge. 

M. Hevore. who foreu-rly n a mej the (heal re 
lu'iH'i'li. X J., ami elib-s. mul who 
Is Mils M*us:iii a 'iionilier of lhe "lleitili, of 
ti-ihl" Co., a Ci.lel'ii: Bureau ralier last 

weel: Toby l.y, r«, ChlMgo's .Miosr. 

popular roe. 1 cil In ii. writes that lie *»•••• 
now enllr.'lv 'm uT e r ' J from his recent 
llluccs. neil lias slgiitHl lo ]ilny lhe 
luinelpi I eonitsly role In lhe new Sludiert 

preihii-lloti, '" - nu Moior tilrl." l!os.-t 

l.if> Tyler was a I'Liena: lliiri-an caller 
Thursday . ..The Itnuisey Sisters are "filing 
hll" through the West, lu Ibelr nnislial suc- 

iess, 'The MesseitKer tilrl." Mr, and 

Mrr. I A. Sl»rnnd lemlered Mr. and Mrs. 
Ji.iirv Maeln'vre .1 fnrew. II Itinrh al lhe 
s.-n ill no Hotel Snliiniay, .Ian. 27. Malin- 
ger Sllmpion. of the Saratoga Cufe. oiitdhl 
himself lu lhe prcpniitllim of r.n elegiint re- 
past Oilier guests present arm: Mr. and 
Mrs. NIrk Kenny. Mr. iiuri Mrs. Sid F.iimui. 
Holly Itoman. Messrs. Alf. tirnnl mul K. F. 

Cnrnilhers mid Master Hubert Hell 

William Itoiiih. mntiaget of the Academy and 
I '.[in-. Theatres, has now entirely recovered 
from h!< recent illness, and Is alibi lo br Irnek 

lit linniess oiire mme 1.1// i- X. YVIlson 

wns n Ct.ii'iKts llureuu culler Tuesday 

Lily T'lub i. formerly of Tudor nnd JnrvK 

is now working elone Arthur lieniliig 

wos a Ci.iitki: 1 1 urea il caller Wednesday. 
Ue played it very Mioe-'.-sfid week's engage. 
Illelll al the Olpluplr TheallT lust week..".. 
Wllllnni Jossey comtni-nced a spvctnl eii- 
gngrcnml u« badln-,- mutt, featured wllh 
die s|i,ck is.inpany. at the I'nliiiurt The- 

alr •. l-'# ii. I Culisl.iHei' I'rawley. 

I la— KnglM; nctress. will shortly oui-- 
nieioe i spe, lal season at Ori'liestra 
flail, during which she will prrsrnl die love 
srviirs from seleiieil Sliak.siM-ari-iiii plays. 

Pen lircet ri'tunis fur a short season 

v.-lth bis Kllzals'lhau Shakespeareiin proline 
Ibms lu the near Till lire. ... ..The stork 

season recsidly Inaugurated nl llie link Park 

The ••! re. cum- lo rat ,-nd last week 

Kowhind & Clifford are arranging to scinl 
• Thorn* nnd tlrnuge Blossoms" on the road 

i.cxt gMaac with a selected i-oinpanv 

It Is said thrl WHioii Iwtckaye -mil W. A 
Brady .ire iimshlei !us a play by Leni It. 
I'erkrr for Mr. Ijn-kiiye's use next sensoii. 
Tlie pine !n ■•ucsllou was recenlly produced 
l>v the >lm-k nimininy :d the lV-.ple"s Tlie- 
Mln*. where li was s,i.n liy Mr. I.n.-kiiye. 
Slooilil die piiiillnu uegni la lions prove atar- 
cvsuftil, the piny will be rvuautcd It U 

Stnblis. feeling that the bidy Is In danger. 
harieis n s|H'cbd train. giN-s In Ynvercllff 
wllh his slsler. anil is al die Crab I lob- 
ster, a hotel, lu lhe small seaport, when Bel- 
low mid the Indv arrive. Hesplle Mr. SIuIiIm, 
IjiiIv llrrinolue g.s's on Isinrd Bellow 'a ynrlit. 
but 'when she finds lhe other giicsls arc nor 
i here, and dint liellow's hleu was lo enrry 
Iier off lo IMeppe. she Insists on being put on 
shore again. The lain In which sla: Is lielng 
i-otirevisl lo shore upsels. nnil. nltbuugh 
Ijuly 'llcnnulne I* a slrong swlnuiier, Stublw 
goes lo her rescue, and helps her to swim lo 
the nier. The sllttallou Is furllier compli- 
cated bv lhe presence of mi enterprising 
liowspniicr man, determined to get u good 
slorv, nuil ultimately fniue, out of the ad- 
venture. Means nre found, however, by the 
hemic iHHitnmker to get Lady llemiulne nway 
imuliKcrvcd. and tu ensure her safe return to 
her 'husband's home. Hut even then all risk 
Is not oyer, for she atlll tinris herself beset 
wllh nit fsil Is. Onrr more Stutibs comes lo 
the rescue, nnd. having won over Iier worst 
foe by din I of tin iipimnl lo Ids pity, com- 
pletes' llie good work by iiersuniHng Ijidy 
llermoliie lo cuitfcss nil lo Iier husbiind. 
whose forgiveness he Is certain she limy con- 
Itilentlv relv upon. Nor is he nilKtnken, and, 
hnvlng thus fullllletl . his nilnslon In life, 
the riii'inii. Is lowered. Slnbbs apparently 
lielng snilsiieil will! the result uf his playing 
the part of euiiiilinn anael. Mr. Welch imide 
an ideal Stnblis, his i|iialiit style suiting the 
character to jHTfccHiih. lierlniilr Kingston 
made lite rbnrnrlcr of I -inly llermolne n 
notable one, and one of the best ehnracler 
bits hi lhe piece. Holiday, proprietor uf the 
Crab and I/ilisler. was played very effectively 
by Ktlwnrd liiiKimll. who. by Ihc woy. is 
oiic of lhe lessee* of lhe Princess. Mr. Xnr- 
wimmI. as Hollow, was a cool and convincing 

I nut luiuimed did the peuple of Paris 
ari In have three new theatres built wliere 
they can «a> Ihc boat actors nnd Heiresses at 
prices ranging from three rents lo twentr- 
otie cents. The pro|m*ul Is lo build three 
large i hen ires in ibe three most populnr 
•uinrtcrs mi Purls, nnd lo give jierformances 
of the lies! plnys by lhe inosl niroiaplliilird 
Bdala nnd nil reuses procurable. No tickets 
will Is- '-old Is-fore the opening nf tho doors, 
iiuri Hh! performnuci's will lie given largely 
v.-lth the help of plnjcr* of tlw Opi'ta. the 
Theair" Frnneiils. and the oilier .subsidized 
Ihcfilre:;. The l-'renih Aulhurs' Kocicty. 
which Is verv wealthy. Is nlso preparing a 
srhenie licit would n'voliulonlxo thealrrgoiug 
In Paris. II Inlends to build. In central 
Paris, n number of luxuriously appointed 
Ihenlrrs. ripml lo the line*! lninse. uf Amer- 
ica. Knglniii! and lierinany. They will hnrc 
luoiiiy corridors. Inrge smoking rooms, tele- 
phone call nsiiiis, reading rooms, restaurants 
am! everything else Hint the heart of the 
plnygoi'r run desire. 

The lollowlnc. from n I/iiidon daily, will 
Inleresl (he Ainer'iuus visiting llils clly who 
jre siirprlsrd when going in dientres 
the ownership nf n pmgrniimir mean* Iwelvn 
nnls oat of ibelr porkcis: 'There is no 
rnllil reason wily any rhnrge nt nil should 
lie made lor theatre programme*, and the 
plnysner line a very genuine grievsnee when, 
having been liiiilcled of Ills slxpcnse (twelve 
tentsi, be receives Li r»lnrn a wretchedly 
printed sheet, on which lite bill nf Hie play 
Is Jumbled up with all sorts of ntlYcritsc- 
•ncnts. Determined iltnt no ataea reonmrh 
shall attach In Hie Xew Tbentrc, nnd that 
its pull-ons shall get good value for their 
nitiney, A. F. Ilrndet-Koii. the uiontiger of 
that house, with the Xelson-T.'rry season, 
'ntroditecd a u 'w form o( progrnmrne T.'hlch, 
il must 1* confessisl, gives good excuse for 
the ':hs.-j:e. Admirably prlnlrd on flncinper. 
Il forms n very prelle souvenir of the piece 
for. in addition lo ibe east, there Is a s.vnop. 
sis o. lie' vlory and die plclurea of the'prln- 
rliail meuil'Ts of the company nnd llie moat 
Milking sliuailoii-i of the play. The mnnu- 
gers of Iier Ma .1 -sty's and i 1 , . ■ St. James 
still adl.err to lhe ne ehnrge for progrnimnes 
policy. Mini also la free chocking. 

Probate of die will of lhe in tc lleurv 
Irving hns been oblnlinsl oil belmlf of II. It 
Irvlnir nti.1 Inwreiice Irving. Ida -hiik. pm| 
do' execulors apiHilnted by the will of the 
la I" actor 'llie estate of the late Henry 
living has been proved ut about. $73,100, 
net. and uftcr providing for an nmiunltv to 
be pain io Waller t'olllnsnii. who wns for 
lii.iur your* his persona! a itcinliiiu. Hie bulk 
•»• bis residuary estate V 
Itt'n sons In share*. 

Tlie revival of "As Y'oii I.Ike It." nt the 
"M. James, has met wllh siieli sttcress that 
Mmiagrrs l.ely ami Morrison are trying to 
Iliul anoihir Wc-l 1 ".ml Thru ire for the ron- 
liioiaiice of tin* run when I heir truancy or 
the SI. Jnuie. collie- lo aii end. 

•The LI I He Si ranger" Is Hie name of r 
ne'v fnece nMBCdr. by Michael Morion, which 
Frank I'tirzun will priMltire wtbln a few 
weeks at a W*e«l l-'.nd house, the name nf 
which Is i.rlng kept ipilet. 

Xcgothiilons nre under way ls-lwceu Ar- 
thur Collins i, in i II. II. Irving fur lhe appear- 
ance of Ibe Irtlor ut i-riiry Isme during the 
coining Sp-I'ig s,. : ..-„i. Mr. Irving b 
under 111** lliainigeno'llt i.f Ibe Slullu-rl> 
Ihc arr.ingru.ciiU fur the Driiry Law cu- 

t ore 
'can* nintlagers. 

Irvlnifs dt-fltli he expressed a -very derldeit 
wish that his son should take the earliest 
pus-lblf upiiorliinlty of reviving "The t'.'oi-. 
sh-fia Unit hers." It I* many years shier lhe 
plnv was done al Hie l.yi-ruui. nud>II will 
doiibtlesM come wllh a jilensuiii air of novelly- 
lu pri'si'iil day playgoers. If. accordingly, 
iirr.-.ngenienl* should b- concluded, as ttKiH'srs 
lalrlr probable, for a season at Hrnry Lane. 
It will lie that play In Which Mr. Irvlngtwill 
l.c seen. It I* staled (lull Mr. Irving 1km 
arranged to go (•• Ahirrlea for a lour, tin diXr 
the engagemi-nt of the Slmls-rts. In the Fall. 
•Slnnlev Weyinnti's hiatorleal 'rmnaDn*. 
"l'1-.iint 'flnnnllmt.'" Is haltaf drnmntlxeil In- 
Freeman Wills and F. Lnnillirlilge. Into n tour 
act plnv. for the production of which Xorinun 
V. Xorninn Is making arrangements. The 
hitter Is not lo be con founded with Xormait 
J. Hormnn, the well known American tlm- 
nlrlral ttinnnger nnd proprietor of the alrnm- 
nltlp ngeney lienring his MB) The almllarltv 
of the two names Is bothersome at times tu 
both gentk men. 

Heerlsihm Tree's iirtHliirllim of . Stephen 
Phillips' "Nero," nt Ills Mnjesty's, on Tluirs- 
dav. may npproprbdely nnd Justly lie de 
scrllieil lis a triumphant vindication . of nn 
artistic theory. Mr. Tree has over and over 
again imiliilnmcd • Hint the art of\the stage 
wns eomnoslle and thnl a renlly great stage 
proilnclloii demands the best that enn > be ob- 
tained from the pis-t. musician, actor, tccne 
pnlntrr. costume designer, nil blended', to- 
gether by the Ingenuity of the producer. All 
lhe great prmlncllons Hint have given Ills 
Mnjesty's II* plare of honor uniting Kugllsti 
playhouses have bopn Inspired with this Idea. 
but In none uf I hem bus the aililevemeiit been 
more remarkable tbnn In "Xern." There Is 
one rertniiilr: all the town will flock to this 
•pirgeon* prislmilon. and they will he well 
repaid for their visit. 

"The Little Cherub" Is doing a bouse full 
business at every performance nt the Prince 
of Wales', nnd a Wednesday matinee has been 
added In the week's: shows. In order to ae- 
coiiimuihde the patrons of the house. Be- 
cause of adverse criticism of "The Little 
Cherub" i" one of three local papers pub- 
lished bv llie siime man. George Kdwfirdes, 
who Is ibe manager of the 1'rlnce of Wales. 
.'inlolv. Halv's nnd Kinplre Theatres has 
withdrawn ibe advertisement*! of the four 
houses under his control from the Hires 

' "A iillded i'ool" Is being rehearsed dally 
at the Shaftesbury by >"nt c. Goodwin and 
comimnr. nnd will 1«' produced at that house 
in less 'tbnn three weeks, under the manage- 
ment of Thomns Kyley. the lessee of the 
honse. The players to lie In support of Mr. 
tiondwln are: J. II. Barnes, .11. Cooper 
Cllffe. Hvlton Allen. Xell O'nrlen. Kate Phil- 
lips, Acnes Thomns. Alexandra Carlisle and 
Jessie Batemnii. 

Cecil Itnlelgh hns written a new sketch for 
John Lawson. entitled '•The King's Mlnls- 
Irr," which Is to lie. produred some time next: 
month. In lhe near future American play- 
goers will have n ebanrti tn sec Mr. I»iwson, 
wlto Is n very Important factor on the Eng- 
lish music hall slose. 

Friends of Hugh Slnntnu. of "The lteform 
and "Bnrmiln Mad" fniue. will be pleased lo 
learn that he has entirely recovered from the 
verv severe atlnck of rhriimntlc fever, which 
made him cancel several months' work In 
Luglmu* mid seek rest In Ids unlive city. 
Philadelphia. At present libs plnns for llc- 
1 nl nre are not «|iillc set ded. bnt If the time 
can I* 1 arranged be may piny n few dates 
liefore returning to Ihlj country In the early 
Slimmer He has the Moss & Stoll tour to 
go over again. Ills nets have become In this 
country, ns they arc In America, veryweb 
nunc friends, nnd nre the "'Way IH>wn lTlasl 
and "•lid Homestead" of the vuudevlll'-'tslagv. 
of both spheres. 

A new renirllouuWl at Ihc Lyceum ha.; 
been mceling with lhe greatest of success, 
and Is looked upon by the management as 
one of lhe finds of the season. He did a 
trial at the Brighton Alhnmbra and mad" 
su»h a rood Impression that he wns Immedi- 
ately •■enl lo London for a try before ;i 
West Knd aiuilcnrc. For the first few days 
he was without a mime on the bills, but now* 
orcnplis -i very prominent plnce in the bill- 
ing ■tatter. Coram Is Ills stage name. On 
Moudnv next he will offer a vontriloqmal 
motor car net. which Is said to Include mov- 
ing lay figures. 

lien- Is ii good notice crfmmentlng on the 
performance of llorrv Ilrown, who Is nt the 
llollnwny Kmnlre Ibis week: "Another shin- 
ing success here Is Harry Brown, Ihc clever 
colored comedian, who is n writer and finger 
of his own songs; they do him luituen-c 
credit, une Is M Am Satisfied. - n truly hii; 
morons dltlv. thoroughly well rendered. 
After the lour Is finished, In April. Mr. 
Brown will slum- nt some of the landon 
bolls. Ills return lo the Stntes Is in the 
olwcure future. , 

Lord I "curse Sanger, the famous man 0. 
llie 1'ngllsh cirrus world, definitely retlreil 
to private life one tiny this week. when, ot 
lhe Agricultural Hnll, ho resigned Ihc presi- 
dency of the United Kingdom Showmen ami 
Van Dwellers' Trotenlvo Association., -ami 
Van Dwellers presented the doyen of show- 
men wldi an lllnmlniileil Address, nnd Mini 
lirorg" .gave, the soeiely n donation of fW*?' 
ns well nca chnrnclerlsllc speech, In whlcj 
he urgi"d his former nssoclnlcs lo lend soher 
lives- and avoid lhe use of profane language. 

J Sl\e Ushers, who do Hint dellght."J nnd 
nallO'tic Utile sketch, enlllleri * t Jii*I Two 
kids." closed their engagement on the Moss & 
Stoll rather nbriiplly. it I Cardiff, a week ago 
last Monday, fur a seemingly good reason. 
The time of the id lu the Slates Is tweu y 
minutes or more, but when they opened In 
this coiiutry a few weeks ago they cut law 
lime down lo fourteen nilntiles, which was 
lhe shorlesl time Hie story could lie told. On 
their opening ihcv did well, and conllnucd lo 
do so In the next Ihimlie. but the third week 
I hey eneounteriHl a nmnngcr who Is rullier 
abrupt 111 his methods, nnd they were told 
thnl the net must lu: done hi seven minutes. 
They said It was an Impossibility, nnd. tried 
to do the i Into given In the other houses. 
but the cm-nilii was lowered utlcr the seven 
minutes elapsed. This went on during the 
week, and tin die limit night lhe midli'iin: 
applauded for mure. cle. nnd finally >'>• 
I 'slier went In front of the cnrtnln und ex- 
plained the reason of the abrupt lowering oi 
same. The audience endorsed Mr. Lsncr s 
slulcmcut. Cantltr was the next stop, Unit 
Ibe same thing happened them ut the llrst 
show. Mr. T'shcr was so disgusted thai W 
ipilt nnri would not go on the resl ut ine 
week, mid after n conference with the itrnn 
man of the lour, who viis under the Impres- 
sion iliul ns long as lhe snlury was pain 
every week he thought that the management 
could stale the time lo tie consumed by HW 
art. be canceled. Mr. Isher conslden-d his 
health nnd thtit of bis sister far more ot 
Importance than the money they would get 
for playing the circuit, so Ihey returned to 
Aiii-rlca nt once. , 

•Mel'hce nnd Hill dldn f t open nt Mancin s- 
i ter this week, ns wn* expetied. but the ror- 
Is'ipiculhcd tn his mer writes me that things nre shaping tn 1 ' 1 "" 
selves Iluelv for a slnrt nt the Ktuplre. >c«- 
caHlle-on-Tyne. on Monday next. It »*"• ik 
reniembereil that the iicrobnts hud it otuitsu- 
up at Cnrilllf Koine weeks ago. „ - 

Ceurge K. Lothmp anil Jay Hunt eal'''! 
one dnv this week, mid wo spent a TO 
pleusani hnlf hour bilking of Boston nnd 
us inhnbllanis. They mme lo 1-otiduu IW 
davs ago, and a few days after llielr arrival 
Ihcv went to Paris. A day or two wns 
spent in thut city, and then n rem 

-J'T. I I I 111 ' 11(1 k ' I I k « | M HH • H-V»» •- " 

l.oiiilou was made, sidling front here to ine 
Slides. ' 

Noiilinl. a hnmbuff mnnlpiiliilor. isi-ninil- 
trd -nlrlde recently, lack of funds ami no 
work ore s> I down ns the cause. 

Al the Cnndre. the iwlrw. "Ho8*n*s ""'I 
Viignlionds,'' Pas becti takcu vlf, nuu ll« 

FEBftUABY 10^ 



_t iii> liillilnry illverllsenicut, "The tingle 
cm i " v :'iiTrJnrs\"mw in ihe principal- parr. 
i .- iieen restored to the programme. The 
.1- hallot. "Cinderella," Ib ft great success, 
,'f,; shows Improvement ftt even- perform. 
2* The variety portion of the Mil re- 
Sjm the snmeas whoa reviewed la thin 
ff rr nshori lime ago. 

tii.- sisters Meredith, now In Berlin,, nt 
.m Aoolln. lire meeting with wiecess at little 
ihnvr the ordinary. Although tils la their llrst 
■tnVc In Cermnny they have had enough offers 
,H teen them on the continent for Iwo years 
more They are not singing their songs in 
,hf ilrrman langnnge. 'lhey nre rehearsing 
new tn't for their reappearance in Ilic 
limes, nnd many startling novelties nre io 
L* IS order 3 the day. • 

n dermany they have had enough offers to 
Lr, them oo the continent for two years 
malt They are not singing their songs In 
,he f'lerman language. They nr« rehearsing 
' rfw net foif their reappeiiriinee In the. 
j, M os and many startling novelties nre to 
2 ,hp order of I he day. 1 know, but am 
obliged to keep the Information tr» myself 

'°Moridny will he a memorable one In the 
hlitnry »f the London music ball world, as 
he old Hoys! '.'will be reopened, under the 
mine of the Hnlbnrn Empire, on that date. 
'iiii> house Is practically a brand new one la 
;"„, .-aspect and will be conducted, . by 
W-ilier lilbbons on thfc two houses a nlgnt 
tntnk.' «' |th matinees on Thursday and 
uniirdnva- A feature of the opening bill 
will be a new travesty, entitled "A Trip to 
TV- Me of Man." Ou the bill arc: J. W. 
Uirkabv. Silent Talt, Two Bees, Lily Law- 
rune 'l.e* nnd Kingston, Australian Lady 
Melsier Singers, i Knro and Amu, Hill und 
idill, Fraser nod Uuley, Edward Slllward 
-mil company, and the bioscope. Eustace 
jav Is the manager of the new house. 

jhie at the Palace on Monday are : Frank 
lleraard and company, and Ross and Lewis. 
The former and his assistants were ullled 
rt the Strand house n reck ago bur were 
shifted for some unknown reason to a pro- 
vincial house. I trust when I visit that 
house next week they wlll:be on the bill as 
announced. I have heard as nim-li of (bo 
a*r Hess and Lewis art. that. 1 am i|iilta 
jnxJnns to see 11, not alone for my own beqe- 
lii lint for llK'tr many friends in this country 
who read this letter. 

James Fn-derlcK iVMetts, convicted of mu- 
sic piracy t after a long trial, wan sentenced 
last week to nine months' imprisonment. 
Ills associates- In pirating the work and pro- 
nerty of authors, composers and iierforruers, 
were also sentenced to lesser, penal ties. In 
passing sentence at the Old Bnlley, the Judge 
said that Wlilet is and his . comnnnions had 
ls-en found guilty of ft conspiracy to defraud, 
the publishers and owners of copyrights In 
music of their rights, nnd Wllletrs had 
<-learlv been the head of the Whole scheme, 
having a number, of men working under him. 
He also said that the defendants, now that 
It had been proved an illegal conspiracy, 
must not' expect .to be dealt with so lightly 
again. He regarded it as n very important 
(Use, nnd the extent to which the people had 
been defrauded was .very great. 

From Mario nnd Aldo, under dnte of Dns- 
seldnrf. Jan. IfJ: "We arrived here after, n 
very ions and tiresome trip from Mexico 
via. New Vork, and hardly had time to get 
imo nny.sbniie at nil, owing to the steamer 
Mug late. \Vt opened m the Apollo Jan. 
It;, and made a very good Impression, 
as we nave only been' hero a few days and 
have been offered several months' time in 
tl.-rtuniiv. , including the Wlritergnrten. .Ber- 
lin. Time In England, has. also'. beeri handed 
ii(, but we arc.luno hurry in sign tut. we ate 
booked to open In August in America, for,, a 
sertsnn c.f forty .weeks, but there Is u possi- 
bility that we. may try to. -set back our time 
id the States and remain over here for some 
time 'to come." ■ 

Wbalen and West ore at the Olympla, Liv- 
erpool, ibis week, and arc winning popu- 
larity, 30 I am told. 

Cora Williams makes her vaudeville debut 
to a West Kud audience on Monday, when 
she appears at the Coliseum la the Tulnce 
scene of net two of "La . Maseotte." Miss 
Williams w!H have the leading female part, 
cad will he assisted by Sybil Lonsdale, Andre 
Kaye and Watty Brnmou. On that day 
Victoria .Menks also returns In the COllrcnui 
Mil, nnd some new coon songs are promised. 

Henry Sears, the illusionist, writes me that 
lie is soon coming to this Bide of toe Atlan- 
tic with, an attraction replete with novelties, 
and claims Hie act. to be one of lie; most 
richly staged ntt met Ions In vaudeville. There 
Is plenty of room for hustlers on this side, 
and Mr. senrp. -appears to be entitled to be 
called one .'of that number. 

Willie Hale, the fnnnv man on Hie globe, 
is still entei-iulnlng the continental audi- 
ences with • h!s aiit>s. The Coliseum, Vi- 
enna, Is his stopping place just now. Soon 
be comes to London; for a few days before 
I (ginning an eitpngi.iiii.Mit In Paris. 

'Mildred de tlrey. the liarcfoot dancer, 
opened hi the T. vol! on Monday last, and 
scored iCsubsVinllnl hit. She could be made 
a big draw if properly hilled, but all the 
acts on the present bill arc big ones, and 
there Is no tup or bottom, hence many of 
the audience don't know of the novelty In 
the person of Miss do Crcv until she makes 
lier appearance. - 

Charles' Harding, of Ttarding nnd Ah Sid, 
had a rather unlucky night reccnlly. While 
suindlng in the wlnge, waiting for his turn, 
lie was bitten rather severely by oae of a 
tiotipe cf Imbnons. During the action of 
his offering a shower oi brooms falls ou him, 
but. on the unlucky night in question the 
Lrooins didn't separate, und as n result Mr. 
Harding's bald bfiid. now snorts aa Injury, 
.which is slowly healing. 

The Moulin Kongo has again.. clinngcJ its 
managers,- the new director being Victor Syl- 
vesfre. who. was formerly manager of the Al- 
linmltrd.. before Thos. Tlurrasford took It over. 
Mr. Valet tc still holds the license, nut he 
lias . leased the bouse Io Mr. S.vlvestro till 

August, moo. -, 

Those, returning from South Africa to-ilay 
nre It os. a nnd ilravsoti. Clssle Curie tie, Fer- 
guson and Mack, Winifred Stewart and Grace 
catneron. The departure Is announced by 
ihe Jlyrnan Agency of the .following people: 
mothers Home, Waller Emerson, (i. W. Des- 
mond. 'Brothers I>e Wynne, May Evans and 
•Jye 'Kindling Players.- . 

The. He t'reee -syndicate- of ■ houses Is lie- 
i'lurHng to cut a iTgurc In tlio music hull 
worlil N tff this country. TUe Thcnlre Ito.vnl, 
Dublin. 'opens In March.- while the 1'ftlBce. 
Liverpool. \ now being llnlshed, will throw 
oiton.JIs doors to the public early in April, 
the Hippodrome, Portsmouth, Is duo (o open 
In. October, ltacellebt business Is reported 
from tut' brills now open. 

Something • new for London Is to lie dono 
alt the Coliseum.' The new -departure Is 
practically the lmrlert|ite company Ides. Hint 
hi. in to the ordinary specialties of 
|icrJormcrs,-|hose engaged will he called U|wn 
t<> .'nlojr iwrls In tin'. . ; various productions. 
Oswald Stoll has seCnrwl Hie services for n 
very lonjr is-rlod of n leading London cuine- 

• Ifnh of the forennmt rank to play In a sttr- 

• e««lbn df nieces at the Coliseum. The first 
work- will tir'-lhc Joint effort or Arthur Shir- 
leVnnd t'brls UlelianN. 

I\in Jiarkc. of lliirke. Moller nnd Teller. 
wlli.\:in Hie completion of. Ills long run lu 
town.' produce, at Hie K.mi>lre. I'nllhg, an 
ontlrjlv..ndtv louslcnl sketch, specially wtlt- 
i eh for Mm. by .1. V. Lamb. -The -new act 
'.vlll .Introfticv new icings nnd 'dHMM for 
Mlsves Molleesftnd Teller, and 'Mr. Hurke will 
1'p given ah opportunity to do some of his 
wonderful dancing. 

'I'rhnk Stafford! of Stafford tintl Stone, 
writes me from Jtnenos Ayreu, under dale of 
1>?C; :J0: "We nre doing nicely here- Our 
time was up Jan. I. hut we have been pro- 
'.ohfjetl. All of the folks who cntne with us 
from Kngland leave here Jan. 5. - We have 

jg* °y fS "* "«»ft ''ul hna-lnc Clirlctmas 
, T .K 1 l r ,?" r tI , " r,m '.'' nn,ip - It remlrrdrt us 
of the fourth ot July, and they celebrate 
t like the fourth, sithough we bad our 
turkey :>nd cranberries Just the same." Thrv 
are duo to arrive In l^ndoti In three weeks' 

I'red McXnughton. of Hit> McXnnghtons, 
the clever pntterlsls. had a rct-eot mlsad- 
yenlure that might have ended fatally but 
for the timely nsslslnnce and forethought of 
his brother Tom. The brothers are In the 
pantomime at the Hi. rough Theatre, Strat- 
ford, and a' fnrlnlicht ago, Just before going 
on ttuv singe. I.'red. n» Is usual; prepared to 
&,""„■ 'nroat- with n menlhnl tincture. 
Hie fluid wns In a green bolile, and hv u 
most uuforinanle coincidence the dresser hid 
l»en ..-lennlns .lollies with snlrll of nmmo- 
nia from a ImiiiIo „t like, color. I'reil sirurk 
the wrong home, nnd, applying the uinni.>- 
nln freely to his llironl, wns ituniediiiieiy 
seized W |ih • feellnir of snffoiiition nnd ter- 
rible nsln. Tom, taking in the situation, ro 
sorted to extreme measures Io induce vomit- 
ing, and so to cleiir the passage of Hie Ihnrnx, 
which was fnsl closing. To this the doctor 
attributed Fred's recovery. After several 
liny* of complete rest and' special treatment, 
Frru was able to resume his part la the pan- 

One of the hesl ncls of Its kind ever seea 
in»*ndnn Is Mint nf.'tjenero and Thenl, who- 
commrtiied, on .Monclnv last, an engagement 
at the Hippodrome. The ocl Is one of the 
most applauded of the current Hippodrome 

The annual ordinary meeting ot the share- 
holders of Ihe Alluiinlirn Thenlre Conipnuy, 
l.imltcd..v.lll lake place next. Thursday. The 
season has ls>en n very prolltnlde one, and 
Ihe director's report will be received with 
pleasure. ... 

Hetorc bringing this letter to a close I 
have learned thnt negotiations are nt preuent 
In progress for a visit to America of the en- 
tire Cnletj Theatre Company, with "The 
Spring Chicken." If Ihe terms for this New 
^ork season are ogreed upon lietweeu Oeorge 
Edwardcs on this side, und Charles Kroli- 
man. with Klaw & Krlsugcr on the other, the 
lialcty Company will opeu In New Vork early 
In September. It Is many years now sltnii 
a company from litis popular London play- 
house visited America, (lie last organization 
which weut over having - ]-' red Leslie and 
Nellie l-'nrrtrj at In head ns the principal 
stars. If. ihe arrangement proposed should 
be concluded. Mr. l-.dwurdes will form an- 
other company to piny at the linlcty during 
the absence of the llrsr. 

"reparations for ihe production of ihe 
new play n; the Aldwych, to be called "The 
Jlcunty of Rath." have been commenced by 
Seymour Hicks, with n view to the presen- 
tation of the piece at Knster. The book, 
which Is the work of Mr. llicks and Cosmo 
Hamilton, ft-lih additional lyrics by Mr. Tay- 
lor, und the music by Mr. Haines, tire now 
complete. The story Is of nn actor's double, 
and the two parts will lie played by Mr. 
Hicks and his brother. Slnnely llrelt. The 
development of the Ideu brings on to the 
stage David (iarrlek, the. aclor, who bears 
» strange likeness in his friend, (lurrick Is 
ihe object cf devoted admiration of a young 
lady, who is the "Iteauly of Hath," nnd, us 
In ihe old piny, the attachment is regarded 
with disfavor by Ihe young lady's father, lie 
Invites llie actor to dine nt his house, with 
ihe object of disillusioning his daughter, hut 
(Jnrrlck iiersiiades his friend nnd double io 
lake his place at the table. The Ideals car- 
ried in i be. happiest fashion, and ihe Idea 
has lent admirably lo n musical selling. 
Charles Frnhmnn Is arranging for Ihe pre- 
sciilntlnn - in London, nt Haider, of Frltzl 
SchefV and Ihe rest of the original company 
in the new comic opera. "Mile. Modiste." 
which Is said to be achieving great success 
at .Ihe Knickerbocker Theatre,- New Vork City. 

Shortly after the conclusion of the Drnry 
Lane pantomime season Harry Krugsoa and 
May de Sousn will begin a ten weeks' en- 
gngement ut the New Royuily. II Is the Idea 
of the manager. Huston Mayer, lo present a 
refined comedy, but nothing lias been definite- 
ly settled as yet. Mr. Hnston stales that the 
famous pianist. Pndcrcwskl. will. In all proba- 
bility, give a recital early la June, at the 
New Koralty. The latter has not been heard 
here In sonic years, and his return will arouse 
mote Hum Ihe usual enthusiasm in musical 
circles. .. •_ 

Sidney Lee has been elected president of 
the British Empire Shakespeare Society in 
place of the late Sir Henry Irving, and II. B. 
mine has accepted ihe vice presidency. 

Judge I'arrv and Frederick Moulilot. nulh- 
ors of "What Ihe Itttller Saw." have linlshcd a 
new three act piny, which will be tried lu the 
provinces llrst. prior io placing it before the 
London public. The title nf tiie new piny 
Is "Whai's the Matter Willi l-ondon':" 

A new comedy, by Captain Marshall, will 
be done at the Comedy In February. Ihe 
house still being occupied by Hnatley Wright, 
In "The Mountain Cllmlier," which Is show- 
ing to good sized houses. John Hare will 
he the star la Ihe new Marshall piny, as 
vet unnamed, and will be supported by A. 
V.. Matthews. Leslie Faher. Arthur Flnyfair, 
Miss firanvllle, Sybil Cnrlysle, nnd Lottie 

It Is announced (lint Cyril Maude will pro- 
dure "Shore Acres" la thin cnuutry In Hie 
near future. It will be changed about so 
ns lo ls> understood by the audience, and 
great things are expected of the play, so 
typically American. The exact date of the 
production Is not for the public at present. 

Oustave Luders, the composer or "Die 
Trlnce of Pilsen," "King Dodo." "Woodland 
and other musical plays, was a recent Lon- 
don visitor. He Is here. 1 understand, with 
tbe iatentlon or making arrangements for 
the Iiohdon production of "Woodland. nie 
Mrd opera Is a novelty and should meet with 
favor In this city. There Is.-llltle in Ihe book 
thnl would have lo be changed. ■/. 


HlinilK ISLAND. 

Providence At the Shulicrt (E. I. 

Boiitwlck, manager) the sale for Mmo. Bern- 
hardt, In "La Sorclerc" Jon. MO, was so 
gtekt that n matinee performance of "Ca- 
mlllc" was arranged, and, tbe house was 
packed .afternoon and evening. TOl ■•> 
warden. In "The Princess Beggar. Feb. 8-10. 

iT-mvlor.Ncu wkra lioUSK (lellx It. wen- 
delschuefer. manager) .--Winston LhurchUis 
new play, "The Titlo Mart,". hkdrlU.lhltlal 
production last week, doing a fah- bWWt 
Viola Allen, hi "The Toasl of the [.Town. 6-T. 
followed by "Mlnpnh." R-10. Dliby Boll, la 
■The Education of Mr. IMpp, l'J-H. 

EMrint; (Spitz & Nathnuson. managers).— 
"The Curse of Drink" thrilled- big audiences 
last week. "Queen.. of the Whiteslaves, an- 
other thriller, follows ii-IO. "How Hearts 
Are Broken" 12-17. • ■ e ., . 

.Kkitii's (Charles I^venborg, manager).— 
Augusle Van Blobo heads the hill week of 5, 
otlicrs hclllg: Frederick JJond and cunipauy, 
Einniu t'niucls nud comiinny. Howard und 
Xurtli. Mosiicr. Hoilghlou and Mosuer, Hill 
and Nellie Peters, Post aud Kussell. Dors 
Pellctler, i lie Aerial Smiths, Johnson und 
Wells. Hurry Kdeson's musical dogs, Amos, 
Ihe Mrlimtbs and Holdeii. 

Wi-'XTMtssTilii (Ucoige II. Ilntckeller. raan- 
a „. r ,_.'l1tP Trocmlero llntleiKiUers gave a 
good show la-l week, followed, ."». by Ihe Jer- 
scv Lilies Co. 

Newport.— At Hie Newport Opera House 
(Calm & Cross Co.. managers i Itcnnatt- 
Mottllon Co drew well week of Jan. JD. 
Dnnl Ityan Co. Feb. ii-IO. 

*-•-♦ — 

Mns. CAirrr.n will not appear In ".loan of 
■\re" next season. Mr. Belnsco having de- 
ferred her appearance in deference to K 
II. Soihern nnd Jnllft Mnrlnde. who will ap- 
pear In n piny on the srtme ehnrnrlfr, tinder 
ihe Shnberls' management. 

NoVick TO rnitni-M'uMiiiMS. 

AH ninlter Intended for publica- 
tion In the Issues of TDK ( 1,11'I'KH, 
.lnl<> noil 2-1, "hmilil n-ni'U 
(fit. ojlif uui laser, than Jrb. |0 mid 
17. respectively, to lusnre luaertlon. 
. 4-^«> 


Iloslnn. — Amateurs will vie with the pro- 
fessionals for thentregoers' favor this week. 
The First Corps of Cadets will produce "Miss 
Pocahontas" at the Trnmojit. and tbe Knights 
of Columbus will present "Isle of Dreams'* 
at the Mniesllc. other new bills: Murine 
Elliott. In "ller Ureal Match." at ihe Mollis.: 
el. S. Wllliird, In rcpiM'li.ry. -it tbe I'oi.ulul : 
"Mr. Illarncy. from.. Ireland," nt the Hlobe: 
"The Volunteer Orgnnlsi." nt the Urnud 
OUern ilouse i "Fedora," at the Einplrc ; 
"The Pmiii! Prince," at Ihe Co silo Sipiare, 
i.nd "Slr.ves nf the Mine," at the RowJnliv 
Scinare. . . ■ i 

HriLt.ts STnr.KT Hsaon p. Hlch, manager). 
— Maxlhe Elllotf, In '.Her lirtfat Match," Is 
•be :ittt.lct(on for two week;l, contmenclng 
1-eb. T>. The supporting company Includes": 
Charles Cherrv. Hi'thfirt Standing, l.eon\ 
Qimriermnlne. Matbl'de Cottrelly. . Madge 
lilnUetRMr, Nellie ThoYnctiud frwannr Perry, 
liiist week "Veronlnue" uifleruoonsl, aud 
WIIHiim illllelee, In 'Clarice" ( evenings i.' at- 
tracted good houses. 

Coi.omm. ichas. Frohman, Itlrh k Harris, 
managers). — K. S. Wlllard ls*glus a fort- 
night of repertory 5. The llrst week will bo 
devoted lo "David Harrlck." "The Mnn Who 
Was." "The Fisil's Itccenge." "Tiie I*rofes- 

sor's Love Slory. I'he Middleman," "A 

Pair of Spccinelos" and "Toin Pinch." Viola 
Allen, in "The Toast of Ike 'lown," closed 
two weeks of prosperliy .1. 

Tiikmont (John II. SchoelTel. manager). — 
The attraction for week of S Is the First 
t nrps of Cndeis' prcdiiitloti. "Miss I'oca- 
honias," nn Indian extravaganza, lsiok by 
D. J. Sullivan. Tbe principals in the cast 
nre: W. B. ft Fox. D. J. Stevens, A. A. High- 
lands, F. .1, Kovach, C. A. Shea. W. S. Powell, 
1-1. C. Stone. J. S. Chlpiunii and J. C. Kinds. 
Mnrle C.ihlll. in "Molly Misinvbliie." ended a 
sin'cessful three weeks' engiigenteot '.',. Pauls 
Kdwiirdes, la "The Princess lleggnr," comes 
12. i 

MwrrsTM (Slalr & Wilbur, nmnngerr.i. — 
The Knlghls of Columbus will presen| thl.i 
week "Isle of pro.iuis." a musical comedy, 
words by Hugh P. AlcXally, and nnislc by K. 
J. Pholon. During the past three weeks 
••Wonderland" pleased large audiences. Com- 
mencing 1". "Ml/.pah." 

PAnk (Cbns. Frohninn. IHch & Harris, 
ninnaRorsl. — lUgby Hell, in "The Education 
of Mr. IMpp,'' ends a Iwn weeks' stay 10. 
'I'hc plec was well received, nud excellent 
biis'neas resulted last week. Hubert lldesoii. 
In "Strnngheart." follows 12-^4. 

Huston tLnwretice McCuriy. managerl. — 
"The Hales in (he Wood." with Fred Wal- 
ton. Ln I'etllc Adelaide, and the other favor- 
ites, delighted large crowds last week. The 
engagement ends 17. with " 'Way Down 
East" to follow 1!>. 

Ci.oiik i Stair & Wilbur, managers). — Plske 
O'llarn. !n "Mr. Illarney. from Ireland." 
furnished the ultrnclinn week of .".. Johnny 
ford and Mayas* ilehrue. In "levers and 
Lunatics." closed ". n p n w| >» ro H S week. For 
week -if 12, Erni-fl llogan. In "llufn* 
ltast us." 

Uiusn Or'KKt HniiKi: (Ceorge W. Mages, 
manager). — "The Volimleer Organist" Is the 
offering week of (1. During Ihe past week 
"llappv lloollgnn's Trip Anumd the World" 
pleased greatly nine big houses. Week of 
12, "After .Midnight." 

Mmciiii: | Lindsay Morlson. mnnnger). — 
for ". and week Hie Empire Slock Co. will 
present Siiiflou's "Fedora," with Mary llnll 
and Unwell Hansel playing Hie leads. A line 
production of "The l.ltlle Minister" wns 
given last week. Htislness nl.ihls hasgN Is 
steadily increasing, nnd the S. It. It, sign 
Is Ircijiienily hi evldcace. Next week, "Sly 

Casti.k Squaiib llloslon SI age Society, 
maiuiaers). — •The Proud Prince" Is the atone 
company 'dll "••l'i. ".\lab.-unn" provisl a 
good drawing production lasi week. "A iJidy 
of tniallly" Is underlined for week of 12, 

Howrmix SqiMVt: III. K. Loiltrop, mai''i- 
Brt'L— The Lorhrop Slock Co.. heiided bv 
Charles Miller nud Chiirlotie llimi. will pre- 
sent "Slaves of the .Mine" .I and week. N. 
S. Wood, ln "Orphans of New Vork." e:i- 
thnsed the customary crowds lust week. For 
week of 12, "New- Vork by Xisht." 

Kt'.lTit's (II. F. Kclrh, manager). — Jnrues 
'J'. Powers and company. In "Dreaming," Is 
the star feature .1-10. The line Mil ulso 
contains : Wntcrbiiry llros. nnd Teiuiy, S. 
Miller Kent and company. Wcrtpert Trio, Clif- 
ton Crawford. Knufmaiiu Troupe, Smith and 
Campbell, Cook and Sylvia. While City Quar- 
tette, the Edgertons. Texnrkaiixiis and Watty, 
l'hilbrnoks and lleynolds. Tom Almond, Mc- 
Xamee and ibe kinetogrnph. An excellent 
bill was offercil last week, and hUaUFM con- 
tinued big. 

How.Min (Carl D. Lollirop. biutlness luunn- 
E p r) . — .v programme of remarkable excelleni'C 
is provided .V10. The i-nrds : Orpheus Comedy 
Four. Kltu Hunr-al Jap Troupe. Two Ititckctts, 
Eddie U'slle, Daisy Hnrcoiirl, Kales Itros., 
Tascoll. Mile. laitlnn. Davey and Phillips, 
the Llpplneotts. Corrlgnn und Hayes, Al. 
Hurke, the llownrdscope, and Ihe Howard 
Hurle«pier.s. In "Hel There." "Ballllng" 
Nelson lopped n line bill last week, nnd tbe 
house was packed. 

Pai.aci: 'C. II. Waldroii, manager). — I-or 
week of r. Ihe 'Paris Ity Night" Co. will offer 
two snnppy bnrlcsones and a strong vaude- 
ville hill. Hlce & Hurlons Hlg Ouicly Co. 
fan'd well during Ihe pnst week. 

i'iii.i'xikia (Harry X. Furreii, manager). 
— The eiirrenl entcrlnliimetit Is provided by 
Ihe California Olds Co. '"Hie (.rent Whim 
Wiiv" Is n new luirleNijiie feature, und there 
is list olio ot live strong ncls. The Colonial 
Helli-H plnviHl lo capuclly business last week. 

Lvcni.'M (C. II. Hatcheller, mnnager). — 
C. II. Wlildron's Trocndcro Iltirlesqtiers nre 
tenants here (ill). A big feature lu the olio 
la llrlnn, the Kensntlonnl Juggler. The, Hluc. 
Hlblion (ilrls Co. gave great satisfaction, and 
attracted inrge crowds Inst week. 

■Arms * stosh'h ilcstnui (A, n. white. 

manager |. ^— Broncho John nnd his Wild West 
Show Is Ihe lending curio bull fed I lire week 
of S, Others are : Joe nnd Hcini, South Sea 
Islanders; John 'Fill's wonderful marionettes, 
Trlxle. uttoen of reptiles, and lien llur, the 
ginnt snnke. Singe show: Powell's Minstrel 
.Mnlds, speelsllles by Pearl Irving, 
Walker, Oraco Mazclle. (Irnce Filsgernld, 
cnliipbell Sisters, Irene Young, Helen .West, 
Merlsin Muriel!. Harry Powell, Charley 
Clark. Blllv Oreen. I/ewls Le Clair, and ..tor- 
iftieilte Writer, Mike Scot I, Mnluiie, the 
(ialys. Adams and Muck, und Ver \allti and 

WU.KBH'M MirsKiH (L. II. Walker, mnnn- 
gen. — Putscv Kecgnii nud Palsy I.ognn. lu 
llie curio hull. ~>-Uh will race on Hie home 
trainers for n large cash prize, ul her cards' 
Ell lloweii. iegless wonder ; Ken-no, aero- 
Iril'e marvel : Ititlh Ijirkln. swnrd wnlker, 
and Prof. Williams - Punch and Judy, la 
the thenlie: Nellie Hartford's Hal le s so n Co. 
Olio— LMIe Mny Hall, Killer, Hill Iladdlg, 
IMe Lntiisji. Flora lie Leon. Ilene O'Day. 
Lena Anderson, (irnce Damsel. Ixils Davis. 
' ll'le lllisselt. Mny Itoblnsoii. Jennie Smith 
and Nellie Hartford. Next week, Joe Wal- 
cotr nnd "llllnk" Mi-f Musky. 

\icKi.fior»i:"N (C. E. ciieiry. manager). — 
Curio hall week of r.-lti: James Jlnndy. the 
man wllh the Iron skull : Walter WelHwortlt, 
..lde»t cohtorllohlst living: the Cliffords. 
Wild West exhibition: Nlles Johhson. h»|r 
iiiincher and Van llrlnk. Iiuinnn plh cushion 
Stage show : Jftck Sutler's HnrlesiMie Co.. In 
"The Kldlia|.per»." ' Olio— Joe Mark. Ed. 
Pnvne. Jack Suiter. Mario Coleinali. ItelJe 
McC'arron Alice Melvln, Mnnde Kdwards, 


Hracc Mn.Minnl, Evelyn lllvcrs. May Dnley, 
Julia-Chase anil Anna Wood. 

Notks. — Sunday concert bills 4 : /tosloii 
Tnrrtlrr— (.omVii Oale 'lulnlei. Four ".'hor- 
oiiKtibreds, ; D.< iFoirest rlsiers. the Amnios. 
CluTord ilhd.Orth. Two Hurnes. Ilurklinrd' 
iiu'd'. Ilerry. Prtlchen and Codln, and .M -I'ladn 
and' Weleo.n*. /.'oin/oln ehjeary -Mr. and 
Mrs. Maif: Miirphy, i!eo. II. Woml. Ilealey 
Sisters, Mill W'immI, Kenneilv nnd Wilde, the 
Clermontos, Heo. K, Whalen, Mike Scott, 
Orvllle and Krniik, and Henry T. Meyers. 

Mfohe .i.»«» K.iMsf/r Miller s elephants, 

(ieorge Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard 'J'riieS- 
dell Co.. Sevmi.rc ami Dhpree. Jolinson uflil 
Well-. I'.lllv Van, Maxsmllh Duo. Miles and 
Itaviuond. Iliirlnn ltros., nnd ibe Mcilreevys 

I.vmr-it Howe's moving i>l. tin's will 

1«> shown ill Tremnnt Temple .">-lu 

Mario Hull, lie English violinist, will give 
n re-Hal a' l.'.-di-u Hall Saiiiiilny nftcrnium. 

Ill Frank l/isee has retired from the 

Empire Stick Co ..Will I!. Antlwlcl Is 

in advance of "Mlzpali," coining in Ihe Ma- 

J.-sile v. M. SheeliAii Is back In town 

after an ekdil months', hip with Ihe Nance 
u'Nell .Mrnpanv, ss the pirsnnnl reprcscnin- 
live nf Mnnngir Jno. K SchoelTel.... ilraee 
Fii/iternld. now in her thirteenth week Willi 
Powell's Minstrel MhMs. at Austin A Stone's-, 
!h nns'i'-ig with great HPtrmai in character 
songs. .. .T:>eairlcal Slug" llniployes union, 
II, elected Oicsr nfllcers : Pn-sldenl, James 
Itussell • vice nfeaUrnl, K. C. Twllchell Jr. ; 
recording secretary.! rensnrer. M. 1*. Picker- 
ing; corresponding nnd lluanclnl secretary, 
John J. Barry. 


I.'owcll. — At the Lowell Opera House 
(Fay. llros. & llosford, mniiagcrsi Insi week 
the Sevcrln Hi' Di-yn Co., In "A Terrible 
Tragedy," und Carlotta, 'cycle act, were suc- 
cesses, i ios lu ess was very good. Week of 
Feb, ,"> : Sevcrln De Dejn Co., hi "The Dan- 
ger of Ideals ;" "Dldn," Slicrmnii and He 
Forest. I'dwnrd Clark and company, Ihe 
Ureal lai Ik-He. Coakh-y and McBrlde. Uerr 
Manna, and tbe klnet<igra|ih. The Suudny 
toiiivrls uiv pleasing good business. 

ArAisMiv or .Mi. sic t Itl.limd F. Murphy. 
malinger i. — The slock i-onipnny offered 
"Northern Lights" lust week, lo hlg luisl- 
hem. Alexnnder Von Mllxel, the now lend- 
ing until, won Immediate favor, and received 
excellent Hiipimn from Evelyn Vnughii, Cor- 
rlr.e I'nnlwell, D. J. Sullivan, Win. It. lliiu- 
dnle, A. F. Hiichnnnn. Alexnnder (laden. 
Corh-ss (illi-s nud Howard llusscll. "'J'lie 
Christ Inn." wllh Alexander Von Mll/cl nnd 
llvelvn Vaughn lending. Is this week's offer- 
ing. 'I'hc Sunday concerts uie drawing tilled 

llcrit.uvAV's I Frank (!. Murk, resident 
inui'.rmeri. — An cxn-lleii( bill lasl week In- 
i-lifdrd: lllllv Van. Delniore and Lee. Hlnlis 
am! (thins. Violet Itlnck and company. In bis 
limine**. For .*• and week : Klnv Triiuey nmi 
liorses and dogs, lioliin and l.etilinrr. in "The 
Wire Tiipis-?' ami "Taking chances:" 
KiMiker ami Cor'dey. lOckhon* nnd (iordon, 
Oolden iluie Qilinlel, Irene Frnnkltn, Max- 
smllh Dun und ilic vllagriiph. The Sunday 
coiireris .ire delighllng big business. 

Boston (J. II. Tebl»»(ls, manager I. — Busi- 
ness continues lo ra p ss l ly, ami the hills n-e 
idenshig. Murray and Allien replnecd Arto 
und Delmny, lasl week, successfully. Mi> 
Keerer nan Sntiir.v's Isixlng. laig pninli'n; 
and ringing ml . I. served aienlluii. Illll week 
of ."•: I.« I'.ellc Marie. Hiiyrooly Oileiilnl 
Iroiipe. Eugene llinillell, Klinluill lilolliei-s. 
Hie Dcmoticllii Trio mid the Boston IdoH-sipe 
of llltesl moving lllclures. The house Is tilled 
lo n.ellloivllli: ill I In- Siilldfty eiinn-rls. 

1'lol-i.K's I Harry II. Wood wind, mnnn. 
gerl. --Packed houses last week, when Kid 
Paillnglon, .viTsllcr. pioved a strong mug- 
nei. others desi-rvlug mention were: Delia 
Noel. Kittle Palmer, (Icrlle Zulu. Kittle llofl- 
auin. Felix M.i it I ii nnd Harry Woodward. 
The Id. .graph Is n standard feature every 
week. Hill for ."• und week: Mny Itowe, 
lierlle '/lolo. Mania nud Doyle. Mnhel Sllvn, 
lldlth H'islicll. Boh Cook, nmvlug iilctureH of 
•The Deserter." Hurlewiiie. "My Sllenl Pnrt- 

' ABCAM (Ceo. W. Carey, manager).- -There 
Is always something of Interest lo Hie many 
pnlruiis here. 

Mi:\Tir.x. — .llin Murray, of Murray nnd 
Allien, le lo i-im-i! soon '.villi Ills new play. 

"The I 'oslnio ii s Welcome Cnll." Me- 

keerer nud Saulry go lo Smilh Afrlm In the 

early Spring for a tour Mnnnger .1. II. 

Tel-lielts, of the Boston Thenllv. was In New 
York Cll.v last week on business relating tn 
his new 'house, the Empire, which opens In 
Flltsiield, atari, 1". 


Kprliiiflle Id. — -Al Ilic Court Si|iiure The- 
nlre ID. (I. Ullniore, uiiitiiiger) ".Mrs. 
llngwell's Boots," Jim. '.'H, mot wllh favor 
■it the hands nf a fair house. "Qnlucy Adams 
Sawyer" I'd). .VIO. Francis Wilson 13. 

Nttw fSlutoiu: |P. F. SJien A Co., m.uin- 
gei-s).~"lllg II- tiM.-.l Jim," Jan. 'Jfl-lli, 
plflj'ed lo nilr rcturus. "At ITney Itldgu" 
Feb. 1-11, "The Hy|i«y Ulrl" 5 7. 

I'oi.i's (.1. C. Crlddle. inanngen. — At 
every performance, Inst week, seals wen- nt 
■1 premium. I.e Domino Bnnge being the lilg 
drawing curd. Tiie hill litis week : Ilerxnc's 
Circus. Violet Black nnd company, the Italian 
Trio. Eckert nnd iterg. line Cox, Oormiiii and 
West. Ihe Little Black Man and Ihe eleclro- 

Xki.hon I P. F. Shea & Co., manngers). — 
The New York Stars did a rushing business 
Jan. 211-31. The vaudeville, Feb. 1-3, In- 
cluded : Marie Jnnscn, Seymour and Dupree, 
Johnson nnd Wells, Eight Cornells, Koppe, 
I lot sch and Itussell, und (.'has. Duiiciia. 
The (I'nlilen Crook Biirlesi|iieis TeT, Ihe 
Dnlnly Duchess Co. 12-11. 

XoTi:s. — The members uf Locnl 1.", of the 
Illll Posters nud Itinera' L'nloit, to the unru- 
lier nf three hundred and llfty, gnllu-red at 
Apollo llnll. night of Jan. 1!), for their 
second minimi hull. Tiie early pari «f Ihe 
evening wns given over to a small entertain- 
ment, following which Ihe Hour wan den red 
and Hie dancing wns begun. The era rid 
nmi eh was urn run off until nflcr Die rinsing 
of the Hies i res, nnd from that lime until tlio 
small hours llie many couples ramie merry. 
Among those present were members of the 
New York Hlnr Co.. Hie Elgin. Shellnnds, 
(leorge Mver, of "The Curse or Drink:" 
Harry Hellers, of '"I'he Oypsy filrl :" Mr. 
T'honipMon. of "Oiilncy Adums Snwyer." nnd 
Moses Wolf and (ieorge Kllnll. of "Big Heart- 
ed Jim." 


llulyuke. — At IM Opei-.i House (l.-iwler 
Ili-us., mnniigersi . on account of Hi- tem- 
porary closing ol Hie Whitney Opcnl limine, 
:it Flichburg. Jlnss., Jan. SI, which was mm 
to make certain cunugea In the house, by 
older of the Slate police. Ihe vaudeville hill 
then Mlmwhig Iheic wns transferred lo the 
Holyoke l)|iern House for On! rest of Ilic 
week. The bill wns n strong one, nnd drew 
liie houses. It Included : SI. Huge llros., Hie 
A llin in bra Hi-xlctti- I which was the tiest ttiu- 
srlnl Oct cvr seen In loi-al vnudevllle), 
Tliniiiiis mid I'a/iie. Klngsley nnd Lends, 
Texnrkiiii-i nnd Walby, D'ldley, Chcslyii mid 
llanies. Mllh-r's ji'-rf.irinnlg eleiihniim nud 
Ihe l;liiel.iHco|^-. The vaiulevllle bill for Feb. 
.VT la: Marie .Iiiliscn. "iTisitu," llnlllday nnd 
l.i-niiiird, Kleelrb Clark MislerH. Hull nnd 
Iter Ilia Hyde. Madeline Marshall, Archer 
mid Crocker. and Williams. Mazle 
King, uml (be M'.'tioiigliH. Florence H.'iiull- 
inn. In "Tl.e Senator's d'lfe," comes .1, uml 
"Utile Lord Fa imtlerti/" 10. 

Eui'iic: (T. F. Murray, iiinnagc-r).- "In u 
WnDimi's Power." Jan. 3MII. end Ihe Xew 
Vork Ht.irs. Feb. 1-3. drew big business. • The 
Curse of Drink" .T-7. "The While" 8- 
10, "At Plney Itllge" 12-14. Duhily Duchess 
Co. 13-17. 


Pall HI ver. — At the Aendemy or Music 

(Ciilin tc Orant. managers) Hie Fnll Itlvcr 
Choral Society, Jan. »i, W»h enjoyed by a 

huge no. Heme. "Hiiiiiuii Hearts" played to 
large iHlslness Feb. L', Jl. "As Ve Sow' «-ltl, 
Irene Mvcis' Stock Co. HIIT. 

Swov i Al. Ilnynrs, mnnnger). — The popu- 
larity of this house Is on Hie increase, judg- 
ing iroin the Inrge nnd well pleased nudi- 
races Hint visit the limine dnlly. Hill week 
of ft: Mabel MeK later. Will lingers and hl-t 
bronco. Jlr. and Airs. Mark Murphy. Vuldari-, 
"cyclists, Itinoks Brothers, Sydney (Irani, 
Stay Holland and kinetogrnph. 

SliKKOY'sj (C. E. Cook, mnnnger). — Uleo 
nnd heiuled ii strong bill here lust 
week, every net winning coiiuiieiidniloii. Bill 
week of ."•: Le Donililo llonge, Chns. F. So 
iiiou, Hiicker- Lester 'i'rlo, ihe Trllli-rs, Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Allison, und Shetland SWteis ami 
njll (scope . 

ltosTos <C!ins. Si hie- singer, innnagerl. — 
Xelllc I lull ford's I'.ui ■|es,|tiei-< repented lltclr 
sricci-ss ln»t .Vi-ek, business Is-lhg ev.elleni. 
llill week of ."> : America u Beauties Bur. 
le*i|iiers, wllh a strung olio, and as n spc- 
clnl I'ealiirc the .Nelson Brill. Ilghl iili-lureH. 

.N'.tcjtltunuiiiN (,M. F. iiTlrlen, iniiiingeT), 
— ilood shows ami good business uns too 
rule In si we.-k. Bill week of fi : The CUf- 
fords.' Olive Perkins, Zuirelle, Hie Ureal Do 
ilusivs, Iloln<rts nnd Wallers, and o|itlseope. 
.Worcester. At ihe Worcester ThcnJra 
(Jus. F. Mark, resident mniiiigeri Winston 
Churchill's "Trie Tills Mnrl" will be the al- 
truellon Feb. ."•. ii. The rust. Includes: Mur- 
ray i 'arson, Frank Ollinore, Sam Edwards, 
-iKiroihy lie veil, Mrs. Frolllott I'uget. and 
others. Viols Allen. In "hi the Toast nf 
ihe Town." S: llnnlel Sully, hi "The Match- 
maker." P. Ijisi week "iiiiluey Adnnis M*> 
^er" wai well piitronlxed. Suiaiii: iJ. I-'. Burke, resident 
niotiiigeri. Week of m Malcolm Williams nnd 
Ids stork eoinpiiin will be s.s-n In "Thn Ulrl I 
Left Behind .Me." Lasl week the company 
produced "Carmen" lu a llnlshed ami worthy 
in/Inner. Tin- work of Miss Kei-<| mid Mr. 
\\ iliiams was highly eoliunellilill.le. Week of 
15. •Miiiilee Monslllli." 

Pins TilfiTut: i Alt T. Wlllon, mnnngeri. 
- Week of .*■ : Bnrnes N'oi-n.u nlul 
Meholsoii, In "The Ijidles' Tnllor:" Tlircn 
llrtnnevs, Sleelv. Holy pud Ccie. Cnlhih.lli 
mid Muck. In -The iilil NelghlM.rhisiil:" Vern 
King, Three .Madcaps nud Ihe klliel.igniph. 
Last w.-ek BroiMS Bros, mid Elllllge jirnvcd 
10 Is- drawing > -II ids. 

Pol.l's TTiii.vriiK tClins. W. Fonilii, resi- 
lient imtlingeri. -Week nt 0: Nell* Bergen, 
l.cs ihiiiui., Itnltey mid Austin, Oracle Em- 
meit Co., In "Mm. Jlurpliy's Secomi lins. 
Imnd:" .Musical Slnipson nud the elect nn 
graph. Business Is excellenl. 

I'.vi.Acc. T'iikatiii:.- Week of ft: Snndoir 
and l.iimi.eii. Kennedy and Wilde. Walsh mitt 
Thorne. Chiirley Fnrrell. Ilnnlrlle Slslers, 
and llu- Imrlesipie, "Tiie Ceiilury lllrls. 
Wceslllng ou Wednesday mid Friday nights, 
ns usual. 

Niiti:.- • Surah Bernhardt nppenreil Jan. Ill, 
III "Cntnllle," in S. It. Ik, ul Ihe franklin 
S.|iinrc Tlu-nirc. 

» ' 

Xew Bed ford. -Al Hie .New lledforrl 
Thenlre (Wm. II. Cross, mnnngeri Cosgrova 
Sim k Co. i nine, week of Jan. 'Jll, to big 
business. Adain Hood Co. Feb. MO. 

IIatiiawav's IT. B. Bsylb-s, iimungcr). — 
flood IiiimIiicss for Inst week. Following hill 
for week ot r. : Mnthcws nnd Harris. Four 
Avnlos. Delniore and Lee, Three Cut (o uns,, lllnlii and I.emnr. Chnrlidle I'arrj. 
Three Dcltuii Brolliers, nnd vltagraph. 

Sam.v ill. It. Iliilllngtnii, iniiiingcr).— lhif- 
lltigluii Slock Co. presented -Wenllh and 
Povertv." lo good business. Inst week. Week 
of B. "For Ills Sister's Sake." Klkel Hliler, 
lifter nn extended vacation nnd trip lo Ibn 
coast, returns to piny the leads wllh till* 
company on .">. Miss Cider is n grant local 
favorite, nud will strengthen' Ihe company. 

N'oTits.-- Walter Cnrver, of the MneCnddort 

Show. Is homo for n few weeks Hatliii- 

way's Theatre resumes Sunday concerts,- aa 
usual. It. having won out ngiihisl a llltta 
local opposition by Hie churches. 

Lynn. At (lie Lynn Theatre (Frnnk C 
Harrison, iiiniingeri llie Joseph l-Tyiiti Stock 
CO. pluvial to guild houses week of Jntl. -II. 
Tills week, the .Myrkle-Hniiler Co. Daniel 
itynii Co. 18-IT. 

ATurtoit-i.M (Harry Knlxes. iiinnng^r).^— 
This linlise did big business lasl week. il.UH 
week of l-Vli, .". : Neil Nye and Ids six pretty 
girls. Kearney's uiyriiphoile. llnrry I'elcer, 
ihe Mlllmnn Trio. Heorge W. |my, Ha I ley 
and FIHcher, Mr. mid Mrs. .Ilnimlo llnrry 
and the vlingrnnh. 

Ocji 'Chns. W. Sheufe, malinger). — Musi- 
in ss was Idir last week. Tin' current bill : 
Walsh .mil Willis, Die Hi nicy Slslers, Cnrclll, 
Jennie t.'ernrd. Aulo and Delmny nnd Shenfe'a 
luotliin ptciiire.H. 

Sai.ku Tiiratbk, Snlem (Hen. II, ClieeHinui, 
mnnnger). — The Myrkle-lliinler Stnck Co. did 
tine hiisliicsH Insi week. 'ITils wi-ek's nttrnc 
lion N Hie floe Slock Co. 

low rem-.-, — Al (he Opera House (i;rant 
fi Ciilin, liiilllllgei'sl l-Toreiii.-i! linriilllon. In 
"The Scnn tor's Wife," idnyeil to fnlcliouaiis 
Jan. .'tn. HI. Including mntliiees. "Hiiniou 
and Pythias" (uniiileur) hud u big 
i'eli. I. Blanche Welsh, In "Tlio Woman lu 
i,io Case," pleused large and iippreclnllvn 
iiiiill'-ines ". Including manner. Hliepard's 
moving lib-lures had good houses -I. Hooked : 
Joseph J. ITynn Slack Co. ti-1(>. 

Cmi.iinai, .Al. Hiiynes, mnnager). — Week 
nf Jim. '-"> wns n luiiiiier one, wllh big litisl- 
iiess nl every perfui'iuniire. ttookivl week a( 
Feb. .">: i :n Miner and VTm-enl. Klngsley ami 
Lewis, Mllloii Woiiil. HI Oreenway. /Ingaii 
Trio, .Miirj.hy and Andrews, Klein, (Ml Bros, 
and Nicholson, uml klilctogriiiili. , . 


Xnrlli Adorns. Al Ihe En)|ilre (JohlCF. 
SiiIIIviiii. maiiiigeri Hie Mnrvi'loiiK .Meiioirfclis 
nnd I Seats eoiii-liiileil a week's engugl-ilieiit 
Fell. ::. in good biiHluei-.. |i,ii Knrroil c... 
week of .'., "Little Lord Kniinlliiroy" 1'.', 
Viola Allen 13. A Olrl of llu- SimU" Ifi, 
"lluliisil llenrls" III. Daniel Sully. 17., 

Bleu vn-Jii Tiikitiik iW. 1*. Mi-nilo, nmnii- 
geri. — Business last week wns excellent. 
I'"r"i)i-rlck ll.iiul and cnmpiiliy, and Seclny and 
Cue deserve specllll men 1 Ion. Illll neck Ot 
Bi Fred lliilh-n and Mollle Fuller, thn Mu- 
sli-iil Bennetts. Illee liioibeiH. --The (llrl III- 
hind Hie Driitn." Edwlnn Merder, Mliicr'-i 
elepbanls, nud llu- vlliigrnph. 

Tnunlon. -At the Tniinlon T'licntre I (;*Iiu 
& cms, managers) "As Ye Sow," Jnu! "-'■>, 
played to espiu-lly. I'reseelle, Ihe byiniatlst, 
ostonlslieil gis.d sl/ed audiences .'[ll-'Feb. ■".. 
"Hiiiiiuii llenrls" .1, Mllchell's Slur Players 

♦♦» .. '..:. '- i< 


Mniieliealer. — At llu;- llpern House '(II. 
W. Ilarrtngton, managerl "As Ve Mow,'.''Feb. 
I-.T, mine lo S. It. O. ' Daniel Sully, In "Tbo 
Mnli'luiiaker," r>. S 

Park Tiihatiii: (John Sllles, iiianager). — 
Tim Maji-slle Hurlesiplcrs, Jan. ill ill, scored 
well with Harvey nnd Walker, Jack Law- 
rence, Thne Itonnys, Fnrrnn and Fny. tbu 
MaieMIt; Duo, and the biirlctliu' "For Olrln 
Only." "In u Woman's Powrr," Feb. l-:ic 
pleored lovers of melodrama. "The Curse at 
Drink" 4-10, 


NiiTEH iiioM -nit: HAiti-.iii l'Ai:i;i.\-iov 
HTIM'K I'o. — We are nliirlin; vo big business] 
111 I ml la nn and Illinois. The company 
shortly goes Soiilb. where/ It will play nil 
Huuiiner It- llu* bailing narks. Mr. Harris 
will have iwo companies nn tin- road next 
• oiihiii. both iilnying Houiliirn time, whnra 
for llu- past six venrn bis company has been 
recognize! us llu- h-fidim;, isipiiiai- priced or- 
gunl-/.iii Inn. Tills has linen the most sue 
eesMful sriiHon In tin: blstroy of this com- 
pany. IDd urn dales, are offered everywhere* 



February 10. 






C I T Y. 





A Cat of Sa Per Cent, on price of Herald* will be made on Contracts for season 1U0O-7. TWO and THREE COLOR Work on your Heralds at the price you formerly pain fur One Cvlor. We operate our 

plant Day and Might the Year Around. You can Depend on Prompt Shipment*. 




:**v L.II 



Special Price on Shipment, amounting to 9100 or more, or when your entire Una of paper is .hipped from our factory. Ho charge for cros.llning largo shipments, 


: Show Printers and Lithographers. Manufacturers of Cou pon Theatre Tickets. 

'SOmCII TO fOltllKSPO.\DK>T«i. 

,111 limner Intended fur publica- 
tion In the Issue* of Till; C l.iri'ln, 
unted Fell. 17 mill 2 1. should reucli 
<li In of II re nnt Inter than Feb. 10 and 
17, respectively, to Insure Insertion. 



l'lilliiileliililii. — The new offering*, Feb. 
5-10. lire: Mlllan lllnuvell. In "The Hose of 
Alhamuru," nt the Chestnut Street Optra; 
Win. II. Crane, in "The Auierlcuu Imro," ut 
the Krotitl, iiml James .1. Cornell's HrHt local 
appearance. In "funnel Iiyrou's Profession," 
nt the Waliml. 

I.vmc (Messrs. Sliuliort. niuiiugersi. -- 
"Fantnnn" has made u big bit, and whs Heeii 
by crowded houses last week. The ItinctuI 
music nnil the clever work of Jefferson Dc 
Angel Is. Toby Claude .ml Jiilhl Sanderson 
imikoH the hIiow n strung drawing card. Tho 
engagement ends 17. 

Oariiick (Frank Howe Jr., inunuger). — 
"Stronghrart" Is In the second and lent week 
of Its stay, eudlng 10. Capacity business 
ruled Hie previous week, tho show being 
voted one of the best seen here Ibis Reason. 
"Mrs. Lelllngwcirs Hoots" 12-17. 

.llno.Mi iMxon is Zimmerman, iiiuuugcrs). 
—Win. II. Crime begins ■ Iwo weeks' en- 
engoiuonl 5, In "Tin: Amerleuu lord." !■!. 
11. Sot m-rn uinl Jullu Mnrluwe couelndeii n 
successful three week.' engagement It, the 
In^t week living devoted lu "^lie Merchant 
of 'Yi'til'jc" ntid "lloiueo nod JUllel." Win. 
Cilllolle. In "Clarice." Ill-March 3. 

Oltr.sTXi.'T Stiikky (Nixon & Zimmerman, 
managers).- -CJeorge M. Cohan Is In his ser- 
tmd nml Inst week, ending 10. ill "(ieorg*. 
Washington .lr." The show bus nil the enr- 
inurkH ■>( n successful i.rotiiii-t lull, and drew 
capacity Inst week. "Wonderland" 12-17. 

.ViHumctT Stmkkt Othm Hoiisk (X Ixon & 
/ininicrmun. luumigcrs). — 1. Milan llluuvelt, 
III "The Ruse of Ihe AlliKmbrn." miens d, for 
a iwo weeks' nui.v. Digit Nethcrsole, In rep- 
ertory, ended n two week.' stuy :i, to big 
buslucss. Shiu Ileriiard. lu "The Rollicking 
Girl," HIMiirch X 

Walnut Frank Howe Jr.. manager). — Jas. 
3. CorbeK, In "Cflshol Hvrou's Profession." ti- 
ll). Richard fnrle. In "The Mnyor of Toklo." 
had n fortnight of good business, ending .1. 
"Ills Majesty 7 ' 12-24. 

1'aiik (F. I!. Nlxuli-Nlrdllngcr, manager). 
— - " 'Wny Down Kust" Is In lis second and 
lust week, ending 10. Business wna excellent 
Inst week. Flskc O'Harn. lu "Mr. Blnrney 
from Ireland," follows 12-17. 

(lliAMi t.U'KRA Housi: tU. A. Wegcfarth, 
manager). — "Ills Lust Dollar" 5-to. "Hunter 
Drown" attracted big Imslnoss Inst week. 
"Lovers nud Lunatics 12-17. Avknui: i Miller * Kaufman, man- 
agers). — "I'ndcr SiMilhern Skies" .".-10. 'King 
■if the Opium Itlug" did prosperously last 
week. "A Race for Life" comes 12-1 1. 

National (J. M. Kelly, manager).- -"The 
House of Mystery" .Vlo. "Texas" proved 
diverting to the patrons, who turned out In 
large numbers "Huollgan's Trip Around 
Ibe World" 13-14. 

•Pkiii-lb's (F. G. Nlxon-Nlrdllngcr. mana- 
ger), — "No Mother to liulde Her" B-10. 
Charles T. Aldrloh, lu "Sweet Service Sam," 
drew good houses .1-10. "Confessions of a 
Wire" 12-17. 

. llt.AMiV's Akcii Stbkkt I M. S. Srulossin- 
ger. mnungerl. — "The Sign of the Cross" 5 
nml wei'k. "More to He I 'I tied Than Scorned" 
enjoyed n prosperous week. "King of the 
Opium King" 12-17. 

Haiit's Nbw Tiikatuv. iJnlin W. llnrt, 
mnimger). — "Child Slaves of New York" 5- 
10, following a week of good attendance lo 
wllne«s "When I<onduu Sleeps." "Ilcnrla 
Adrift" 12-17. 
• Foiibi-auoh's (Miller & Knufuinn. mann- 

5 era). — "lnichesse Da Hurry" will lie pro- 
uccd by the »tock 5-10.. Wlllette Kershaw 
will piny tho leading role. "I'ttwu Ticket 
21(1" was wea -the previous week, to good 
business. "The Wife" 12-17. 

Staxiiard (Durey & Speck, managers). — 
"Tracked Around Ihe World" Is the offering 
by llio stock r>- and work. "I : nelc Tom'. 
Cabin" did big business. "Lost In u lilg 
City" 12-17. 

Keith's (II. T. Jordan, manager). — 
Theresa Items ami her horses, and Frank 
Bryan's 1'eace Congress are the icatures In 
Hie bill 5-10. others tire: John C. Klc. 
mill Snllli' Cohen. Keiui. Walsh mid Mel- 
rose, I'ut Itoouey. and Marlon lleut, lhirycn 
mid Mortimer. I'nul Hurnes. Julian Kltluge. 
Cooper and KoIiIiimiii, Cnnlowle Slaters, l.c 
■\"'ln nud l.iininrd, Ihe Hvcrclta, tiracc Leon- 
unl nml Hie klueliigraiih. 

Mi.rvuxTii s-rur.irr mill llocMl (Frank 
lliimout, iiiiinageri. — luimont's Mlnstrols 
are silll offering the luiriesiiues "Sarah llenrt- 
lluin" and "The Market Slreel Suliwav." In 
addition to skits, entitled "Seolty's In Town" 
mid "llon-lhiiie-It." The regular llrst iwrt 
■still emit limes in be a featnrr. 

Casino i Kilns. Koenlg & l^derer, mana- 
gers). Itentz-Sniitley Co. f.-lo. wllh James 
Wnllliotir nml cumpany lu a racing act ns a 
s|ieeliil feat lire. The Transatlantic Hur- 
Impier*, wllh I'hariulon. drew u smresslnn 

of crowded houses. Hyde's lllne Klbliou Girls 

Iti.iot: in, W. Itlfc, manager). — Jolly Grass 
Wldown D-10. Kay Foster's c?o. enjoyed good 
business. Kentucky belles 12-17. 

IjYckum (John rt. Jermon, umnngcr). — 
Sam Scrlbner's Mnsqiieraders are due 5-10. 
The Casino Girls did nice business. Klcc A 
Di.rton's Big Show 12-17. 

TitocAiiBBti (Fred Wlllsim. inunnger). — 
The Brlgndlerx. headed by Kdniond Ilayes. 
n-10. The Star Show Girls bad u week of 
profitable business. 

Hon To.n (Lillian Tyson, manager). — The 
bill week of ,". consists of Ihe stock, in "A 
Gambler's Daughter," and au olio Includ- 
ing Williamson nnd Gilbert, the Musical 
Monarchs. Madeline Piston, the Arlington 
Sinters. Gill and Tnluol, Charles and West, 
and moving pictures. 

Xix-ni anu Arch MrsKi'M (C A. Urudcn- 
burgh. mnnogeri. — Jean Llbbera. Hie double 
man. Is the feature In the curio ball week of 
.'. In ndditlon to Peak's Marionettes. Kob- 
rrtn. Harrlden and Inrann. In the theatre 
are: Mollle Abbott, Slcfrled. Pete Griffin, 
Kemble nnd Roche, Hilda Cannon, nnd Lu.- > 
bin's clneograph. 

Nrrrrs. — Clarence Wilbur has signed with 
Nixon ft Zimmerman, and will appear In a 
musical show to be put on by that firm 

next season Manager Fred Darcy, of 

the Standard, accompanied by his wife, will 
make n tour of Japan at the close of tbo 

? resent season The Metropolitan Opera 
o. will snear In "Alda," at the Academy 

of Mush, un Feb. fl Burr Mcintosh is 

scheduled for two Illustrated lectures on 
"Secretary 'faffs Tour of the Philippines," 

nt the Lyric. Feb. .1. Blanche Ring 

has been engaged for the principal role in 
"His Majesty, to lie produced ut the Wal- 
nut on Feb. 12. 

treasurer of the Gaycty Theatre, and Jack 
O'Brien, the pugilist. Kvcrybody had n good 

Pltlsburn. - At the Nixon (Thus. F. Kirk 
Jr., uiiinngerl Rlehurd Mnuslteld. Feb. 5-10. 
opening wllh "Tint Misanthrope." Duinij 
his engagement lie will present "The Mer- 
chant of Venice," "Bean liruiumell," "Kins 
Richard 111," "Don t^irlM." "The Scarlet 
Letler" and "Dr. Jekyll and Sir. Hyde." I^ist 
week. Lew Fields, In "It lluppctied In Nord- 
lund," plnyeil to good business, and gnvc i 
good euti-rtiilnmeut. Kdna May 12-1 1. 

ItebAsro (U. W. Sumuils, mnnniter). — Tlila 
week la divided up between the Thalia The- 
atre Yiddish Co. nnd Sarah Bernhardt, both 
playing a rejairtory of good productions. The 
JTuiliu Cumpany opens Monday, .">, In "The 
Oi'iibnn." while Mine. Uernli.rdfs opening 
will be "La Sorclcre." A large advance sale 
was made, at udvauccd prices, and packed 
houses will prevail ditrlug her engagement. 
Large orders worn received from out of town 
people. Last week He Wolf Hopper playe! 
to large houses, In "llappylmiil." ll wns the 
best tiling that be has appeared lu for several 
yenri. "The Dnrliug ol the Hods" 12-17. 

GUAXU (llarry Davis, manager). — A good 
bill, week of fi t Includes : Alfred Arcnseu, 
Lillian llurlon. Ltilgi liel Oro. fnrleton 
Maey and Maud Halt. Mn cart's Monkey 
Show. Uobbv North, til to Bros.. Cherldah 
Simpson and "The Prince of I'llscn" Girls, 
Senrl mill Violet Allen. Seymour and Hill, 
Wnrd mid Ward, Frances Wood, and the 
clnenintogriipli. Last week's bill drew 
hcuvlly. lit. M. tiullek ,t Co.. inanugcrs). — 
"The I'ouuty Chnlrmaii," with Murlvn Ar- 
buckle hi the illle rule. .V10. The support- 
ing company Is very giiisl. Last, week, "Tho 
Sultan of Stiln" was given good patronage. 
"Tom. Dick and Harry* l*lY. 

Hunt: (It. M. tiullek S: Co., malingers). — 
A ilnscTi years have come and gone since the 
first production of (hat sterling drama of. 
Southern life. "In Old Kentucky." was first 
produced In l'lllsbiirg, but It seems certain 
to draw capacity houses all week. Last 
week, "For Ills Brother's Crime" pleased. 
and Wn , liberally pjtronl/rd. "Across lha 
Paelllc" 12-17. 

Gait.ty (Jus. K. Orr. manager). — Hob Man- 
chester's Cracker Jacks, one of the liest bur- 
lesipte shows on the load, with Rob Van Os- 
teu ns Ihe chief fun producer. 5-1*. Mst 
week Itoble's KnlckerbwVers played lo ca- 
pacity business all week. Jack O llrleu. tho 
(•oxer, belug Hie special attraction. Casino 
Girls 12-17. 

Ai-aih:mv nv Mi'Mr III. W. Williams Jr.. 
mmiagir).— Tlie t'toiitans iVIi). Tbcy present 
two funny skits nnd a good olio, nnd as au 
extra nttrnrllon He litres, one of Ihe marvel- 
ous sluils of the age. appears. Lasl week 
the Tiger Lilies ployed to gooil business and 
gave a good show. Parlslnu Relies 12-17. 

B»irini: (i:. .1. McCulloiigh, uuinager).- - 
A musical nud cotniily treat, entitled 
"Nelghborlv Neighbors." with Tom Wnters 
lit the title role, makes Its llrst Pittsburg 
tippennnion T.-10. Ijisl week "York State 
Folks" plnvcd to sntisioctorv liuslnesit. Knt'li- 
ryn Pnrneli. In "Snpl'o." 12-17. 

NOTE.--SI. Huron, proprietor of the Hurley 
House, of Brooklyn. N. Y.. entertained the 
reembers of the Knickerbocker Biirlesoucrs. 
plnylng at the Gnyetr Tliealn-. with a wine 
supper, at the Colonial Hotel. Wednesday 
tvenlng. Jan. .*.!. Among those present 
were • Manager HoMe, Jos. W. Zltiiiii.viiiiiu. 

1 iinciisler. — At the Fulton UIK.T11 House 
Ct.'bns. A. Vei-ker, manageri Shepard's mov- 
ing pictures drew good houses Jan. 20, :I0. 
James O'Neill, lu "Monte Crlsto," had 11 very 
large Imusc Feb. 1. "Tho Heart of Chicago" 
did well 21. "Spangles" :;, "Smiling In- 
land" 6, Kellar, miiglrlan, ; Burger's Baud 
7, "From Bags to Riches" X. 

Family Thbatrk (Kd. Muzurt, inunuger 1. 
— Ciirent attractions Include: Annie May Ab- 
bott. Ilrmv Sillier Sunford and Darlington, 
Kormiiami. Fox and Summers, Alf. Holt and 
moving pictures. Business continues Inrge. 

Nutk. — The Pennsylvania Theatre Co.. 
thruugh Its president. Kdwurd Mozart, re- 
cently i-ousututuiiicd un ImiHirtanl denl nud 
secured I'ontrol nud placing of acts In seven 
birgo theatn-s lu Pennsylvania. Under Ihe 
new arrangement the new Family Theatre, 
on West King Street, enters Into an extensive 
circuit of vaudeville houses, beginning at tile 
Family Theatre. 1'iissalc. N. J., and Including 
Ijincusier, Miihanoy city, Slmmokln. the 
Grund opi-ia House. Pottstowu : the Academy 
of Music. Potlsvllle: Ihe (i ratal (Jperu Ilouse, 
' llailctun ; the O'llnrrn Theatre. Shenandoah : 
the Academy, South Bethlehem : the Morgun 
Oraud Opera House. Sharon : the Purk Opera 
House. Krle : the Family Theatre. Clovers- 
vllle, N. Y. : tue Family Theatre, Pough- 
keepsle, X. Y., aud the Majestic Tlicati-e, 
Akron, O. In the future all acts will open 
■ he circuit ut Lancaster nud go to the uow 
houses from there, closing tne circuit at 
I'otighkeepsU'. X. Y. This will give lo the 
patrons of the Family Theatre au oppor- 
tunity of seeing the best and most novel 
features un the vaudeville stage to-duy. Thin 
ut'mngeineut will have considerable effect 
upon the larger traveling attractions, as all 
contracts in the houses mentioned, which 
were hooked, have tsvii canceled after Mon- 
day. .Inn. 15. and Monday. Jan. 22. No dis- 
position bits ns yet been made as lu the 
tiraitd Opera House. In llun Ishurg; the 
Am demy. In Ijcliation. and the GrandOperii 
House, la Heading, but they will uo doubt be 
affiliated along the same lines. 

■ ^—~ 

lliirriHlinrg. — This bus been one of the 
biggest weeks for business In tbe history of 
the local theatres. 

Lvi-klmi (M. Itels. manager). — Lillian 
Ulaiivelr, In "The Rote of the Albnmbrn," 
won much praise and iiud big business Jan. 
ill. Richard Mansfield, us Beau Brummel, 
proved an S. It. t). attraction Feb. 1. A big 
douse greeted Joseph and William Jefferson. 
In "The Rivals," 2. James O'Ncu played to 
Iwo large utidlcnces afternouu and evening 
.'I. Tbe new attractions niineiniivd tin 1 ": 
Frank Ihinlels. In "Sergeanl lime," 7 ; Kellar 
X. Shepard's moving pictures HI. 

oi-kiia Hoi SB (M. Itels, manager 1. — John 
Htimneletn's Ideals, wllh Beatrice Carlo nnd 
Ho'A'son's I '.ami ami Oreliestrn, played lo 
Iwe-e large aiidieiires, Ihe 8. It. it. sign 
Iflog lonspicno'iH til pearly every iierform- 
ance. Tin. Aubrey Stock Co. week of T>. 

Notks. -Faulty tlardner. sopmn.i, is at 
her home here for 11 brief rest prior lo tak- 
ing ii|i her u|H-ralte engagement at Cleve- 

binil, 11 "The Henri of Chicago" did a 

nice business hi Mldillelown, I 'a.. Jan. .".I. 
.... The Casino Amusement Co., of Head- 
Iiil-. clinvlered at the Stale Department 
here Jan. IS. with n capital of $10.0011. The 
directors are: George It. Albright. II. A. Al- 
bright. Theodore, A. Aiiuian, Harold V. 
Dn-xel. Howard F. Drexel, Wllliuiu K. 
Drexel. Albert F. Musi. Samuel Hudson. I!. 
V. l.iuulls uml W. A. Sharp, all of Remling. 

MlMM — Al Hie Klevculh Avenue Opcrn 
House 1 1. ('. Mishler. manager) the High 
Flyers had S. K. O. Jan. 2H. The Lillian 
Bbiuvelt H|H>ra Co. presented "The Rose of 
the Alliambra." to u lull house. ."0. Howe's 
moving pictures HI. Richard Manstleld. in 
"Beau Brummel." Feb. 2 : "On the Bridge nt 
MMnlpnt" .'I. "Tlie Boy from the West" B, 
"The Dinltes" 0. "Vork Stute Folks" 7. 
"Smiling Island" 8. "When. lA>ndou Sleeps'' 
0, --Railroad Jack" Hi. 

Nnw Misiium Thkatbb (I. C. Mishler. 
iiinnugeri. — Kleauor ltobson will open this 
house lf>. In her new prmluct Ion. 

Xotbs. — Manager Mishler announces; that 
the new theatre will be devoted to high 
cln-si ut tractions, and that the Klevcnth 
Avenue opera Ilouse. during his lease for 
the nex," four yeurs, will Ik.- 11 isipubir priced 
family Hienln-. pr>-seuiliig Kiaudnnl iiiinic- 
thuis. at rhenp prices, ami giving twelve 
perfonua lice* a wei-k -dally malltus's and 
ulght. The house Is lo he remodeled nml 
rrnovatnl throughoiii. Hie proscenium will 
lie ftiln wed so Hmt Hie enlire singe can ho 
seen from all purls of the auditorium, and 
the Interior mIH be enameled In white 
which will greatly udil to Hie cheerfulness 

of the bouse F.dwln Young, formerlr 

manager of Hitrrv ihivls" Kdeu Mnsi-e. iii 
this clly, was here Jnu. 27. looking up a 
site fur a roller -knl lug rink. 

• H 

AVIIllnninport.— Al the Lycoming opera 
House 1 1.. J. PMt HaBagprl ~.\ Clrl of He- 

Streets," Jan. 2'J. and "0u tlie Bridge at Mid- 
night." :!0. both played to fair houses. Lillian 
llluuvelt. In "The Rose of the Alkatnbrn," 
had a big sale Feb. I. Puulu Kdwnrdes, In 
"The Princess Beggar." :> : Mamie Fleming 
Stock Co. week of ."1. "Two Llllle Waifs" 12. 
Kellar j:i, Bertha Kallcli II, "Kben Ilolden" 

Notks.— Clin*. Balsar. of Mrs. Flskc's Co., 
who played hen- 24.. Is III nt the hospital 

here, wll'a infl.imnuilory rheumatism 

Lyman A. Pray, who has so successfully 
managed Hie Vallaineut Park Pavilion tlie 
past two seasons, promises for the coining 
season a grcnl line of royally plays, mid a 
strung company, which lie Is now signing. 
Tlie season will open May 2X. 

Krle.— At Ibc cMiijestlc Theiilro (Juhn K. 
Cllson. manager ) Mnrklyu Arbuekle. In "The 
County Cli.-ilimnn." Jim. SO. greatly plense.| 
a full house. The company was good through- 
oiii. Matinee and evening of 31. "Tlw 
Ten:|itatlnn of lSeglne" had large ntlundnnce. 
•"Tlie Funny Mr. Dooley" plnyed to gissl 
business Feb. 1. "Cinderella." by home 
Inlenl. lrad two parked houses 2. F.llie Far. 
In "The Belle of Avenue A,'" bud splendid 
business "• 

Park oi-bka Hoi sf. (J. L. HINun. mauu- 
ger). — Tlie vaudeville company booked did 
not appear Monday, 20, but Is billed for Feb. 
•1 nnd week. 

Casino Skat i no Rink continues lo have 
very large attendance afternoon and evening. 

Slvranton — At the Lyceum (A. J. Iiuffv, 
maDager) Francis • Wilson Feb. 0, Frank 
Daniels, lu '•Sergeant Brue." «. Lllllnu 
ltbmvelt cume to Iwo good houses '.',. Rlch- 
prd Mansllcld drew a very large nous-.- Jan. 

Acapbiiv 1 A. .1. Duffy, luunuger). — "The 
Choir Sinner" Feb. i. ••Too Proud 'to Beg" 
£-10. ,_ "Young Buffalo. King of the Wild 
v\esl." ].;;. was rei-elved by good houses. 

Siai: f Alf. 0. llerrlugioii. manager). — . 
Rose Hill's Kngllsli Folly Co. wii-k of ".. 
Harry Urymu's Burlcsnue Co., lasl week, 
gave splendid performances, tat large houses. 

Famii.i i'Diiii F. McCoy, manager). -Bill 
week of S: Viclnrlii Parker's Dog I'lrcus, 
Mllo Vagge, bag puncher: Coleman couipnny 
uud Iluster Brown. Burr and Kvaus, Ilnvs 
uud Wynne. MrOnca and Pool, and Hurry 
\\cthcrull. Business i-ontlnues good. 

AVilKes-Bnrre. -At the Neshltt (H. A. 
Brown, malinger) Richard Miinslleld placed 
■Beau Brummel.'' Jan. m, giving un excellent 
[R'rfuriuiineo. 10 11 laree audience. Friinds 
Wilson 3. "The Sign of tbe Cross" 14, Rlch- 
a- I Carle. In "The Mayor of Toklo." IS 

Grand Opkua Hot si: <H. A. Brown, man- 
ager). --"In Hay New York," a line shuw. 
11 nyed the llrst three nights of Inst week to 
big business. "Too Proud lo Hog" 5.7 "The 
choir Singer" S-lu. Kulb and Dill, ln'"l. o 
I.'.." 12-H; "Tlie Curse of Drink" 13-17. 
■ — — 

Knston.- At Hie Able Opera House (\V. 
I*. Helwlller, mamigeri -Wedded and Pnrt- 
'.«''i ''"!'• .V 7 : ""' ?'" Mlnywl (0 giHid business. 
Hlchuril Mmislleid, who had (stoked for -'O. 
canceled bis engngeiiieul. Jamisi O'Neill in 
M.mle Crlsto," bad fairly good business 
Mnd.ap Princess- Feb. J2. Sock nud Busklu 
l>y Lafayette sludeiits 1 home inlenti 11 • 
"Crimes or Dubosipie" 1... "Ties that bind' - 
1 1. 

■» . ♦ 


Denver.— At Ihe Broadwav (B. F. Mc- 

Court, manager), week of Jan. 20, was dark, 
except .1 when Margaret Fealy's pupils pre- 
sented "A Queen's Messenger'' and "Jane" 
Itffore a large audience. "The Yankee Cm- 
sal- wi-ek of Feb. E, "Parsifal," dramatic. 

J2-1 1 . 

Tauou Grami iE. V. Mi-Courl. manager). 
—On Sunday afternoon, Jan. 22. nnd week 
Jiorenec Lolicrls made her lirst ni«iear.incc 

11 "The SI length of the Weak." a new 
Modem drnuiii. In four arls. by Alice M. 
smith It proved lo lie decld-dlv Interesting 
J he iilay Is a soilal tragedy, the llrst ttvu 
mis lielng relieved by some wlllv dialogues 

Ihe central llgiire Is Pauline Barer, ihe 
valid iciorlnii of a gradiiallng class of the 
Ainerlciiii I nlverslly f„ r Women. In New 

,.:. , U " r »'"»"""''• " wealthy mire owner 
of Chicago Mr. Abbott, has ndranced her 
money for her tuition. Mr. Abbott Is rich 
nml elderly Previous to Miss Barry's en- 

ranee to collcga lie has been a good friend 
!•> I he young lady and her mother, a widow 
He has accomplished her downfall. The llrst 
act reprosoiils Miss Dairy's rooms it (Si 
..nlverslly. She Is giving a spread. Collenc 
glr s. their mothers and sweethearts, rlM 
> ells and deis.ratlons add to the college nt- 
mospherc. Miss Darcys guardian. MK Ab- 
bott, appears and suggests a trip for tho 
Summer, on Ids yacht, l„ the Mediterranean 
Miss Darcy has written a Imok. the storv of 

it life and it has Isen accepted IhvVfaS 
ll-hliig house She Is In love wlth"l;icl. a r<l 
Adams, a rl».ug young architect, and tellj 
Mr Abbott ihnt she sees n )>etter life abend 
and thai sbe will .mi resit,,,,- her past rr 

lions wllh him, and will pay buck all ibe 
money he has advanced lo her. By her 
writing, she says, she will bur her freedom 
He expostulates without avail, and the nt 
clorcs with the entire party, with the rl - 
reptlon of Mr. Abbott, going to a ww-ka 
house party at the home of a Mrs. Hare. 
The second act represents the home of Mrs 
Dare during a hunt ball. In this act Richard 
Adams nnd Miss Darcy tell each other of 
their love, and Jorkins. a servant, wuo 
knows her past, attempts lo blackmail her. 
lom Dare, also In love with Miss Darev. 
overhears tbe conversation, and. Iiclng 'a 
wild young mni:. says he will expose b»r 
unless she marries him. Act three Is tb- 
strong one of the play. .Miss Darcy Is living 
in a pretty little apartment, which she Is 
able lo maintain through the success of her 
book. Richard Adams calls, and Miss Darcy 
determines to tell lilm of her past. She 
'ells him thai she is In real life the character 
in her book. He Is stunned and shocked, 
but believes In her, tells her that his father 
Is in town, and that he will bring him 
to see his future wife. During Ids ab- 
sence Mr. Abbott appears, and begs Ibe 
girl lo accompany The girl refuses, 
and (ells the guardian of her great love 
for Mr. Adams, mentioning her lover's 
name In full. Tbe guardian gasps, for 
this Is his son. The son then appears and 
the woman keeps (he father's secret from 
'ue so" Father and sou leuve together, aud 
Miss Darcy falls In a faint. Mr. Abbott 
calls again in act four, and an effort Is made 
by him to break off the match. The son a.i- 
pears uml refuses to live without Miss Danv. 
She goes Into an adtolnlng room, a shot Is 
heard, and l'nnllae Darcy Is n suicide. In 
the bands of n less capable cast the finer 
iKilnts of the draum might have been lost. 
Horcnce Roberts displayed her inunlicsUv 
emotional qualities lu the part of Paulln- 
Darcy. showing n nice Intelligence In the In- 
tense scenes. She was well supported bv the 
entire company. The cast wns : Katherho- 
Dure (Kitty). Adelaide Manoln : Alice New- 
ton (Jack). Ruth Allen: Prlscilla Porter. Lil- 
lian Annsby; Ruth Behind. Marv Hcrtnitid: 
Dohson. Frank Woodcon : Pauline Darcv. 
Horcnce Roberts: Mrs. Dare, Florence Rob- 
inson : Dorothy Dare. Luclle Yorke ; Tom 
Dnre, Lucius Henderson ; Myron Delano. Ore- 
gory Rodgcrs; Richard Adams, Eugene Or 
monde : Baron Oscar Vou Kleber, Mai Flg- 
mnn; Mr. Sampson, Robert McWade: Mr. Ab- 
bott. James B. Wilson ; Jorkins. Joseph Hn- 
zleron : Napoleon. Robert McWade; Jane, 
fclla Churchill. Week of Feb. 4, "Tbe Sleep- 
ing Beauty and tbe Beast." Week of II, "A 
Pair of Pinks." 

Orpiiki-m (.Martin Beck, general maun- 
gen.— The Orpbeum Road Show did big busi- 
ness week of Jan. 20. BUI week of Feb. B : 
Herrmann. Wilson Trio. Carlisle nud Baker, 
Ilonnev Sisters. Claudius and Scarlet, the 
Two Kings. Lillian Burkhart nnd company, 
and kinodrome. 

Ct'RTiK' (A. R. Pellon. mnnager). — Week 
or Jan. 20. "My Wife's Fnmllv" pleased full 
■MM Week of Feb. •!. "Dora Thornc." 
Week of 11. "A Gentleman Rurglar." 

I'.sipire (J. E. Clifford, manager j .—Week 
«f Jan. 20. Dreamland Hurlcsipiera nud Nel- 
eon-Britt light pictures drew good houses. 

Xoveltt (Henry Lubelskl, - manager).- • 
Ruslness Is good. Bill week of Feb. fi : I* 
Shields and Mehring, Edith Dell. Juniper ami 
Hayes. Princess Chlnquelle, Bert While ami 
Miss Sanford, and pictures. 

Crtstal (G. I. Adnras, inniinger)-.--Well. 
filled houses snw n good bill the pasL week. 
Cattlemen's convention made all the play- 
houses do good business. Week of Jan. 9 : 
Frederic La Dcllc, Bruce and Cooper. Sis. 
Earl, the Voltons, the Empire Comedy Co.. J- 
H. Shaw and pictures. 

4 «» 

Memphis. -At ihe New Lveeuui I Frank 
• Iray. lesseel "Mrs. Wlggs, of the Cabbage 
Patch." Jan. 20. 30. enmc to splendid bus! 
new*, The performance wus most satis 
factory. Kvrle llellew. In '. "Bailies." Jan. 
31. Feb. I, draw crowded houses. The audi- 
ences were highly pleased. "A Texas Steer" 
.;. "The Chaperons" 0. "Checkers" 7. 8, "Ben 
Hur" 12-17. 

Hoi-kins' (A. B. Morrlsou. ' manager).— 
I.usliicv„ vvns Tfry goo< i weck „f j an . "I. 

I In- Empire Quartette, as the headllner.-. 
P.r»ved au exceedingly attractive card. Harry 
tally was reared In this cltv and received 
an ovation, inker* were: Amnros Sister*. 
rouy Wilson unci Helolse, the Okabc Family. 
Itrvniii and Savlllc, Cbas. I^pnard Fletcher. 
Charley Case, and the kinodrome. 

Bum illeoj. M. Stalnback, mannger).- 
Lotile Williams, in "My Tom-Boy Girl." 
■packed the house every performance last 
week. Tlie production pleased. "Xanry 
Brown" Feb. 5-10. 

ciinitnnooun. — At the New Opera House 
(Paul H. Allien, mnnager) Sousa, Jaa. .10. 
nnd Creston Clarke. 31, fareil well. Win. II. 
Crane Feb. 3. Kyrle Ik-Hew 0. Adelaide 
Ihurstoii 7. John Drew fi, "The Cliup-rnns" 
0, "Sweit Clover" 10. "The Errand Boy " 1^ 

XOTi:. — Ground has lw>en broken for Iff" 
new theatres, the BIJou and Hie Slmberi. 

Februaby 10. 





. 1204 
. 12(14 


Ulis CTpper'a Anecdotes, Etc 

Intel's How. Companr 

Win-re Shows Winter (Under tho Tents), 

1204, 12BI5, 1300 
Feature* of the Weekly Show— Illustrations. 120,-. 

A New pHMf Association mod 

Metropolitan Opera Company Tour 120* 

Stage NMM 1207 

with the Bill' Poster* 1207. IMS 

snt*crlptlon» lo the Justice Fnn.l of the 

' Actors' Society of America 12»? 

The Frle-1* Qlobe Tower i2(y 

World of Players. 
Vr,n<Wllle rind Minstrel. 

Queries Answered 

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New York- city ....: Droj.**r'r. Songs ... Pnol Dresser 

Dc.-.tbs In, the Profession 

MlscelUbeods. .' 

Clipper Pout Office 


District of Columbia 


















130.'., lilt 


130R. 1.11.'. 






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MI'SC'jrJ, Sootb Carolina, Tenaessee 1.111 

I . ■ ' ■ 





Sew "fork State. 



Rhode Island 

Nc-w Hampshire. 
rpnn*ylvnnbt. ..". 
Colorado. ........ 


New Jeysey.'.-. -. 




North Carolina . . 



Michigan , 



All matter Intended for publica- 
tion la the Inane* of THE CL1PPEH. 
dated Feb. 17 and 24, should reach 
this office not later than Feh. Hi and 

17, respectively, to Inanre Insertion. 


Monday Night's Opening* In all IB* 
■\ Big Show Towm. 


Fine Business la Reported at Every 

f KC ,'<ft Dltpatchcs to Tuc New Yobk Cxii-pce. 

• SaS 'Francisco. Feb. a. — At the Columbia, 
this la the second and last week of "Wood- 
land." ■"The County Chairman" follows. 

• Majestic. — This If fhe third week of 
Nellie Stewart and Musgrove's Australian 
Co a In "Sweet Nell, of Old Dniry." 

IGtUNp OrEBA HoL'se. — This Is the second 
and last week of " 'Way Down Kosr." West's 
Mltttrels follow, opening Sunday. 11. 

'New Central. — Monday, ft, for one week 
• the- stock being InJd off), MnJiara Bros.' 
Minstrels: 'Monday, 12 nn elaborate pro- 
duct toa of '".Monte Crlsto," with Landers 
Stevenson specially engaged In the loading 

fftr ■ 

■^Alcuue.— Beelnnlnj: Sunday. 4, "Old IIcl- 
d 'frertt" Wbr revived. 

„...'L!iamui!.>. — --A ItunAwny Match" 19 the 
current offering. 

'■Tivott Opeua Ilot.'SB. — Monday. !i. "Toe 
Geisha." George IMwIn I.nsk will nssumo 
trie stage directorship, having been specially 
engaged for the position, and having arrived 
here from New York to take charge In place 
01 Majt Freeman resigned. 

: 0»Pii"U'Ji. — Kill for current week, opening 
Sunday. 4 : James n. Cullen, Uw Barowsky 
Four/ .J. Francis Dooley, Lnlgl Rossi's mu- 
sical horse, Snyder- ami Buckley, the Three 
MlrrhoIlB. Mini Von Weur.l, Baron's dogs, 
nnd tho klnodTome. 

.Cl(UTts. — Bill for me week r.ponlng 5: 
•lo.tnoe Brooke Bolhwell Browne's Gaiety 
Girls. .Nellie- Montgomery, the Aldeans, Hart 
and Richardson, tho .inliunllscope, and the 

.Calu'ouxi.i. — Miner's Americans are here 
'His week. 

> ikcukii's. — Bill for the week, opening r. : 
Duelling and Walt mi, I'ltroso, the Hell TTlo, 
Tuny Ryder's nioukey circus, Ring and Wll- 
Minis, nnd the Congo Twins. 

■Soxes. — Central l*ark Is to be trans- 
formed- Tho well known amusement place 
liis passed Into the hands of the San Fran- 
cisco Co., of whlrh Roy Manvnls Is president 
nnd ccnoral manager. I>. It. McNeil, who 
has. beld fno lease of the |iark for umny 
M-nrs,.. Is a stockholder In the uew concern. 
wnljh Is capltnllied for ?10O,00O. Roller 
skanpg will first Invndo the popular resort. 
"|tn|t with « eapacltr of it.BOO skaters 
wlog now In course of construction. There 
will -also be room for fully 5,000 spectators. 
Th» floor space wll lie 2M»xino feet, while 
the rjnjt will cover JlOOxIRO feet. In front 
or. llio rink will be a miniature "Pike." or 1 
-.'lit ranee.- devoted to general nmuseraenta rf.'i'n^liuients. while fhe main hiilldlng 
wlll'covt-r the old baseball field. This main 
'"ll'dlni? mny be used for different nur- 
poses, being pattorneil after the Madison 

*'I«ure Garden, of New York Tho 

name* of the directors of the Dreamland 
Construction Co., which has undertaken the 
oirutrnictlon and operation In this city of the 
■'Dreamland" enterprise, are given to the nub- 
Ho-- Tko directorate of the company Is a 
Mi'nntf.onr. lic-lng composed of men high In 
ilnancinl circles Id this city. D. J. Grauman, 
whose solectlon as director-general of "Draam- 
lanil" lifts hitherto been announced, bag been 
e'ectod prPsldeut of the corporation. Adam 
llaunlscn, vice president and manager of thu 
linnoja.l'aclflc Glass Co., one of the best 

"The Prince of India" Receive* It* 
Premier m Chlenuo— Bonlnea* Re- 
ported Oood All Alonu the Line, 
i P^'J^riEwiiiA, Feb. «.— Lillian Blauvelt, 
L"i » . h f, Ro,e ,? f Alhambra," at the Chestnut 
Stiee Opera Home; Wm. H. Cmne, la •The 
itterlcnn Lord." at the Broad, and James J. 
'o.-bett. In "CasHel Byron's Profession." it 

the tt nlnut. opened to crowded houses 

The continued attract ion; doing well were: 
't'corge Washington Jr.," at the Chestnut: 
■Stonghcnri .." at the t.iarrlck: ."Fnatana." 
H 'P, e , L >'««- and ," "Way Down Kast," nt 

the Pnrk The bill at Keith's attracted 

big nudlences nftcruoon and night "Ills 

Last LVillar" hod a line opening at the Urnnd 
and Diiuiont's Minstrels drew finely nt the 

Lleventh Street Opera House The other 

co'nbinntlon. itock and burlesnue houses had 
good business. 

Boston, Feb. «.— Moilne r.lllott, la "Her 
Oreut Match." attracted a large audience M 
the Hollis R. s. WUIard opened pros- 
perously at the Colonial, la a double bill 

fwo good houses saw "Mr. Blarney, from Ire- 
land," at the Globe "The Volunteer Or- 

ganist packed the Grand Opera House 

Ulxby Bell, la "The Education of Mr. Plpp." 
at the Park, and "Babe* la the Wood," at the 
Boston," are prosperous coatluued attrac- 

UMg ,lhe First Corps of Codets juc- 

cessfully presented "Miss Pocahontas.': «t 
the Tremont The Knights of Coliimb-.n 

B leased their friends with "The Isle of 
'reams." at Ibe Majestic The other 

bouses fared well, 

Chicago, Feb. C — Two very important. 
Monday openings were "The Prime of India." 
with three hnhdr-d people, which otieaed to 
capacity nt the Colonial, as did "The Lion 
and the Mouse." with a special company, at 

Powers' Lulu Cilaser. In "Miss Dollv 

Dollars." ut the Illinois, followed Edna .Mnv. 

• Other offerings were "The Maa on the 

Box." with Henry £ Dlxey, at the Harriet : 
"Babes in Toylnnd," at the Grand Opera 
House: "Ills Honor, the .Mayor." at the Chi- 
cago Opera House; Mav Irwin, at McVlcker's. 

nnd "The t'mplrc. ' at the I .a Salle Vhe 

usual changes at the vaudeville and combina- 
tion houses occurred. 

Washington, Feb. 0.— Sothern and Mar- 
lowe opened n week at the New National, to 

a rull house, In "Twelfth Night." 

"Mrs. LePlngwcll's Boots'' had a full house 

nt the Columbia Cyril Scott. In "Tho 

Prince Chap," had a Dne opening nt the Bo- 

lasco "After Midnight" crowded the 

Academy "The Show Girl'," was well 

received at the Majestic Rose Stabl 

npd company headed a fine bill at Chase/*, 

and had two crowded houses The 'fitter 

l.illles filled the Lyceum afternoon nnd night. 

Cincinnati, Feb. v. — Eleanor ltoteon, in 
"Merely Mary Ann." opened well ut the 

Grand Rose Melville presented "Sis 

Hopkins," to packed houses, nt Henck's 

"Dnvld Harum" proved a grest drawing 

power ot the Walnut Street The Fore 

hough Stock Co. Interpreted "Othello," to 

Itterested crowds, nt Robinson's "The 

Way of the Transgressor" tilled the Lyceum. 

Vaudeville parked the Columbia 

('armeneitn ao-l the London Gaiety fllrls 
crowded the People's Koble's Knicker- 
bockers simply packed the Standard. 

Kansas Cm. Feb. U. — "Ben Ilur" opened 
a week's engagement at l he" Willis Wood last 
night, to a parked house, nnd repeated Its 
former success. . . . Ilnrry Boresforu. in "The 
Woman II«ter." was warmly welcomed, by a 
big house, at the Grand Sunday matinee. 
nnd sold out at night. Emma Dunn come 
on especially for the week, and appears In 

a specialty at each performance The 

Orpheum had two big bouses to sec Marshall 

P. Wilder and a good bill "Fast Life 

In New York" drew well at the Mills: Julian 

Hose was the feature Thos. K. Shea 

opened a week of repertory nt the Audi- 
torium, presenting "The Belles,' 'to good 

houses The European BurlesnuerK, at 

I he Century, drew well and pleased. 

Loi'isvu.i.E, Feb. C. — Primrose's Minstrels 
opened ol Mncniilev's. attracting a bl»f audi- 
ence "Girls Will Be Girls" drew a 

packed bouse at the Masonic "Dangers 

of Working Girls" opened to a capacity home 

at the .Avenue, Sunday The usual bin 

Sunday bouses at Hie Buckingham saw Mi- 
ner's Burlesqucrs Vaudeville drew 

crowded houses Sunday, at Hopkins'. 



known capitalists and Industrial captains of 
the- C}ty, will be a director vice presl- 
M. Rlmlnoir. (be wealthy merchant anil 

gitrmirnt manufacturer. Is heavily interested 
Iti'tbtV.compnn.v, and besldos acting as a di- 
rector -'will be cbnirmnn of the auditing 
Ifnrd. '.William R. Morion, of Morton 
led*-., • owners of the Morton Special 
1 Kill very."- Is the treasurer of the company. 
Vol nay W. Gasklll, the merchant, haa bcou 

ellospu secretary of the corporation 

cndipeiitlre plans have been accepted by tho 
"Wnor.for the construction of a Inrgo nnd 
t.andsome theatre on Kills Street. The site 
urou' which the Iheatrc is to be built Is situ- 
ated on' the South side of Ellis Street, be- 
tween Fillmore and Stelner Streets, the nld- 
dlaj fifty-yard lot In that block, together with 
therewith and faring o:i 
The cost of the structure 
. 1,000. nnd It Is expected to 
be: completed nnd thrown open to the public- 
oo. or before July 4, 1000, as n tenant h.w 
Mteqdy secured a lease on the building for 
n teria of years. Marlon Leventrltt Is the 
owner, and O'Brien k Werner are the archi- 

ni* itrry.yard lot In 
n.vlot connecting t 
Fillmore Streot. 1 
will be aboot *7r.,fl 

St. I'nol At the Metropolitan Opera 

House (L. N. Scott, manager) "The Wlznrd 
of Os" plaved to capacity business Jan. '.'8- 
31. the principals. .Montgomery and Sloan, 
ranking deckled hits nnd receiving repealed 
encores. "PUT! Puff!: Pom':!!"' (new here) 
had cnnaeltv business Feb. I-.'l. "The Col- 
lege Widow" comes 4-7, Nollle Beaumont 
and Richard F. Cniroll. In "Tb« Seriocomic 
Girl." S-10; Graf* George 12-U, "Little. 
Johnnv Jom-s" 15-17. 

. Ghani. (Theodore U Hays, mil nagor) .— 
Joseph Santlev, In "A Runaway Boy," had 
hlg business ,-niil nleased week of Jan. 28. 
"In New York Town" week nf Feb. -I, "Buster 
llrowu" 11-17. 

Stai: (J. C. Yaa Boo, manager). — Tim 
Avenue Girls had big houses week of Jan. 3M, 
with amateur night 3. Week of I. Bellly & 
Wood's Co. ; Miss New York Jr. 11-17, the 
Empire Rurlesnucrs 18-24. 

OapiiF.cil iChiirles Fierck. mnuiigerl. — 
Business ranged from fair to good week ot 
Jan. 20. New people for week of Feh. r> In- 
clude: Albene and La Bant. Harry Newman, 
Grace lie Camp. Blossom mid Harnett, M. 
Samuels, the Willlnrd Trio and motion pic- 
tures. Those holding over: Uirjle flare, 
Mllilrcd Lewis, Alice Liffee, Theresa Kemp, 
Bertie Van iliiiik. Kitty Raiisoiu. Mallei »Uu-- 
roil, tiruce Mnltlu-ws, Ituih I* Van and Viola 
Hamilton. • 

i:»n-u:i: (A. Weliiliiilxer, mniiagi^r). — ^The 
oolv new people fur week of r. will lie the 
Pot'teiv. All other hold over. BiHlness good. 

Mbntion. — The deed for the transfer of 
the silo at the new Orpheum Theatre, lit 
Fifth and St. Peier Streets, has be(-n lllcd 
with the. Register of deeds. The considera- 
tion named is ?4.Vw f| . 'i' nP; ,0 ' n » B ■ front- 
age of !):i.° feet on Market Street. 170.74 
feel ob Fifth Street, and 1 H.!> on St. Peter 
Street, with a width nt lha rear of KltJSa 
feel. The property now represents n total 
investment of $70,000. The contrncis have 
been let for the erection and equipment of n 
theatre which wll cost In the neighborhood 
of trtno.noo. tl Is designed after tho gen- 
eral plan of the Majestic Tbealre. Chicago. 
Maunuer Beck nnd I-'. II. Henderson were 
hero at the opening and awarding of the bids 
this week. 


Dolutli. — At the Lvceum (C. A. Marshall, 
manager) "The Liberty Bells." .Inn. 2fl, :«>, 
did falrlv well. Kiibellk. ,".l. In concert, was 
well patronized. "The College Widow" Feb. 
2 ;!. "Hinder Brown" R, T, Pauline Hall I), 
10, Carltou Opera Co. 12, 13, "Plff! Paffl I 
1'i.ufl!:" 14. 

XmONUHS (Wm. Ijingstiert, mana- 
ger). — The High School Girl* opened for 
The week, Jnu. 20, to capacity. The show 
proved a good one, and did well for tho 
week. The Imperial Biirles«|iiers Feb. 5-10. 

Bunt- (Joe Maltlhnd, manager). — Busi- 
ness keeps up to the lop notch, the attrac- 
tions for last week lieine Hie beat since the 
house opened. Bill for r. nnd week ■ f.ydeii 
and Btitterwotlt. Barry Bnytl,' Mile. Alma, 
Hanson and Drew, MeCauley and Danoran, 
Ida Jagerson, Hnrrv Wlliuol. Jas. McClellan, 
Prof. Schneider and his orchestra, and Ibe 
moving pictures. 

* i * — 

Wilet ANn Wiixt report doing finely on 
the John II. Amnion circuit. 

M*m Rome Oft 

This list 1* made np as nearly ac- 
curate as It Is possible to mnUe a list 
of vaudeville bookings. To Insure In- 
sertion In this deportment the name 
of the theatre or pnrk. as well na tho 
city or town, MlftT accompany each 
taonklnjr sent na, 

Abbott, Annie May. Family, l.ancisler, Pa., 3- 10. 
Abrmtt, llallie. Uradcnburnh's. plilla.. i't-10. 
Acker & Oilllns, Casino, lialtu.. Mil., ■'•■to. 
A<lelln, La. JeOers', Saglonw. Mich., .'-10. 
Adatns. Nellie, Family. Paierson. N. J.. .".-10. 
Adler, Flo, Orpheum, Omaha, Neb., O-Jil. 
Adair. Art. Gennott. rtlclunoad, lad., ;,-IO; El- 

joa. Etiinsvllle. 12-17. 
Adair A- Halih. Ilopklni'. 1-niUvllle. Ky„ r>- 10 i 

Hopkins'. Memphis. 'I'enn.. 12 17. 
Ad.nai- A Brew. Pastor' ■•. K. V. C. u-in. 
Adams. K. Kirke, Acme, Norfolk. Vs.. fi-17. 
Adam < ft Alack. A. & S„ BVHmn, .110. 
AddUon & Livingston, Crystal. Kokomo, Ind.. 3- 

10 : Crystal. Iogauspi>rt. 12-17. 
Anon-t Faniily. l'roi-lnr'-; SSih St., N. Y. C.. f.-IO. 
•Jltms, The. BIJou. Wheeling. W. Vn.. SIO; Ly- 
ric. Cleveland. 12 17. 
Alllvini «Si, iirphi"im. Liw Angeles. Cnl.. 4-17. 
Albinos (4). H. A: S.. N. 1*. C. .'.-lO. 
AlU'iu- A I. a Praia, Orphnim. St. Paul, A-10. 
Aldeans. 'Tlic. Chntr-:. MS Fran., Cal.. 5-10. Bivs.. I'oU's. Itrl.lgep.iri, Cnun., 510. 
Allnohit: Tom. K.-llh - ', Iloib.n, 5-Hl. 
AliiH4ii i Oiimniil, II. & .4.. N. Y. C. 5-10. 
AlNimis A Millar. Gotham. Ilkln., .'.-lo; 

lorbim, Lynn, Mai-;.. 12-17. 
Alvliu-. (4). II. S. S.. N. V. «'.. r-io. 
Alien. Scarl A Vlolel. G. U II.. I'itHbnrir. 5-10. 
Alpine Family. Il.nv.-icl, IIim,,ii. 5-10. 
Alva. Allec., Wi-.. 5-10 ; Ili r >u. La 

Crosse. 1217. 
AlrABiider, Geo. 1!.. Keeney'-i. Ilkln.. .">I0. 
Aluinii. Joe S.. Grand. Miliraukee. Wis.. r.tO; 

BIJou. La Crosse. 12-17. 
Alma. Mile. Ilijeii. Uniuiii. Minn.. .',-10. 
Auu-rlcau Newsboys' Quartette. Novelty, Fresno, 

.Cat.. bVM: N'ovelty. Sinckmn. 12-17. 
Amos. Keith's, I'mvlilence. .',-lo. 
Au»ro< SNiers. Ilnymarket. Chicago. .1-10. 
Amman ■ Hurl lei, Cnolltr, Wsle.-, .'.-10: Swansea, 

12-17; Newport, m-21: Notllnghaiu, 20-Mor. 3. 
Anderson. I'nUiue. Ilrnndnn. Can., 510; llljon, 

Siioerlor. Wis.. 12-17. 
AnKrtM, Aimec. Victoria. N. Y. C r.10. 
Anderson, Chns. V., Acnu-. Norfidk. Vn.. 5-10. 
Arcarls. The. Orpheum. New Orleans. 6-10. 
Arlington sisters, lion Ton, Phlla.. CIO. 
Archer & Crocker, Nelson, Sprlnglleiri, Alais., 3- 

Argali. Wm., Temple. Detroit, Mich.. 6-10; Cook, 

Rochester. N. Y„ 1217. 
Armstrong A Vern. Kenecha, Wis., fi-10; Mllvraa- 

kee. 12-17. 
Arnesnn. Alfred. 0. O. It., Plllsl.iirg. 5-10. 
Arlington A Holstcn, Majestic. Hot Springs. Ark., 

Armninl. Grace. BIJoit. La Cro««e, Wis., felO; 

Unique, Kaa Claire. 12-17. 
Asra. l'rnctor'B 23d St.. N. Y. ft, S-10. 
Athlon a Marline, llljon. Norfolk. Vn., .1-17. 
Atkinson, Geo.. Lyric, Ft. BoiIki'. la., 12-17. 
Auto k n-lmay. Gem. I. van. Mnss.. 5- to. 
Austins. Tossing, .Majestic. HuiisImi. Tev.. 5- 10 ; 

Mujrutlc. San Anionlv. 12-17. 
Austin. Gen.. Olympic. Chicago. r,-io. 
Ashen*. Orpbenni. San Frnn.. f'nl., 5-24. 
Anc. Kdnn. Shen'i. Toronln. Can.. .1-10. 
Auburn. Mlgnon S.. Kebfa's. N. Y. <:.. 010. 
Avon Coiuisly Four. Olympic, I'hl.-ngi,, S-10. 
Avery A Pearl. Cdonlal. N. Y. ft. •'•-10. 
.\viell. ni>.n. Des Mniiies. la., 5 10; Pessp's, 

llnnnlbnl. Mo.. 12-17. 
Banls, four. Colonial, X. X. C. 5-10. 
linker Ac I ynn. I'.inplre Tuitr, KaK, 5-Msreh 31. 
Ilailcy a rM lea st , Audiiorlum. I.ynn. M ai *., 510. 
llaker. I'eic, llaymarkei. ITiIisbw S-lo. 
Haenn A Vane. Lulqitc, l^,s Angeles, Cnl,. 5-17. 
Hales & Rraest, Fauillr. F.. Si. I on Is. III.. I.-I0; 

BIJou. Decatur. 12-IT. 
Palley A Flckctt, llosi.iii. Fall Itlv.T. Mass., 0-111; 

Palace. Worcester, 12-17. 
Parry. Mr. A- Mr*. Jlrumlc. Auditorium, I.ynn, 

Mass.. 510 ; llathiway's. New llnirord. 12-17. 
Baker * Robinson, Poll's. New Haven, Conn., 6-10 
TJackus i Shnnnr.n, Pastor's, N. V. OL. r-10. 
Darnclla. The, Olympic. Sprlngnebl, III., 5-lu: 

Colsutbla, St. I.'.iils. 12-17. 
Ileskcs. Musical. Flecnlc, Wnierlrm, la.. I2-17. 
Bander-La Vclle Trou's-. ('..lluuiei. So. Cldragn. 

III.. 5-10; Lyric. Terre Hauie. Ind.. 12-17. 
Barowsky Four. Ondieum. Sau I'ran.. Cab. D-10. 
Baton's Dogs. Orphliim, San Fran., fjl.. 0-10. 
Itarrett Hrra., Faiuily. Pa t i ia sa, N. .1., :-in. 
Oartletts. Musical, Slur. Hamilton, din., ;> in. 
Bales, Louie W„ Rljou. Winnipeg. Can., r. 10. - 
Belfnrt. Mny. ihiyniiirket. OhPajam, fc-pi, 
lle-Anos. Tbe, Grand. Mai Inn. lad., ,'.-10; l'jnplre, 

I'jiierson. X. J., 12-17. 
lle-ieili A Miller. Kcfstey's. llklti.. r.-ln. 
Ilerilun A- Brockway. Oswego. N. Y.. 5-10. 
Ibsloiiln Arniis. llnyinnrkel. ilib.-ago, 5-lb. 
Ileraac's Circus, roll's, Stirlnglleld, Mass., C-lu. 
Ileaeh & Itorili, Empire, ties U.dnes. la.. 0-10. 
hell, l'homas, Hlp|, N. y. <:., rj. 17. 
Ulll. Bicycle. Calumet. Ml. I,.. 51b; Hum-ock, 12- 

Illnncy i Chapman, I'nlque. Sheboygan. Wis., a. 

Blims | Bluns, I'riM-tr.r's 23,1 St.. N. Y. C fi-l«. 
Itlreli. John, Murylmid. Unlio., Mil.. 5-10; Temple, 

Oct nil, 1217. 
Bill. Bicycle, llljon, Caliiinei, Mich., .',1ft; BIJou, 

Maniuelte. 19-17. 
Blossom A lleiini-il. Orpin-inn, St. Paul. 5 10. 
Black Man. little, Poll's, Sprbinileiil. Mass., 5-10. 
Hbinipliln A- llt-rr. F.mplro. Sun p'rnn.. Cat.. 5-10. 
Illaek- A liu.e... II. A S.. \. Y. <'., .-.III. 
Black. Vlolel, Poll's, Sprlngllelil, Mass., 0-10. 
Itloolsiiod. Kiillit-rlne. Ki-lib's. N. Y. c. 5 in. 
BlnsMI, Hi., A Co., l-i-neinr's -j:i| si.. N. Y. C 

llloeni. Cnpt.. Orpbeunt, Ilkln.. 5 10. 
Boyle A AliS'arlhy. II. A- S.. N. Y. <:., 5-10. 
Holier, Harry. A Co., Krlc, Pa„ 5-10; No. Adams, 

Mass., 12 17. 
Itohuic. W. A., A Cnmllle. Lyric. Terre llailtl', 

Ind.. 5- III; Majeslli-. l.h|.-sg... 12-17. 
Ilnyd. Archie. A Co.. Hnverhlll. (In,-., ,1-10. 
Iinrn-lln. Arilim-. <>r|dieiini, Siirliiglli-ld. ().. 5-10. 
Box, Trsl K... Star, Siiitlle. Wlisll.. 5 10. 
Booker A Corbb-y, Hmbawav's, IjiwWI, Mnss.. 0- 

Bond, Frrslerick. Keith's, Pmvldciieo. 5-10. 
B.iy.1. Harry. Iilj.ei. fmliitli, Minn., Olli. 
Holses. l-'oiir., II, O. II., liiiliniiii|iolls, 5-10; 

Coluiiil.lii. Clnclnnnil, 12 17. 
llr.iily>. The. < ir;,li,-iiin. Sprbigtlebl. I)., :,.|ii. 
Ilrhtg*. Mnrtlui. Tn-iii. Tn-nl«n. N. .1., 5-10. 
nr-Niinstlck Wlli-liei. Hop kin-'. Louisville, Ky.. 

5-111: II. (I. II.. liellaiiaiMlls. 12 17. 
Bruno. A Uus-eti. lilytnpl.. Cliicnitr,, 540; llay- 
markei, Chb-itg-i, 12-17. 
llrynnt A Seville. II. n. II., Indlanapnlls, r,.]0; 

.Mill- -He. I'lilcngo. 12.(7. 

Itmhsi Trio, Orand. Jnllei, III.,, 

Itrlghl Urns., Ovfaml. LoihIoii, l-'Jig., .".-Mureli 3, 

Bryan. Frank. Keith's. Phlla.. 5-10. 

milts**, The, Vb-nnn. Aus„ 5-2S. 

UrnilfordK, The. O. ||., l.n<vrem-e. Mass., r.-IO; 

New Ainlborluni, Conenr.1, N. II., 1217. 
Brawn, Harris A Brown, Orpln-uin, Piles. N. Y., 

5- 10. 
Brewer, Oscar. Acme, Norfidk, Vs., 5-10, 
Brown, Tout, Columbia, Cincinnati, 5-10. 
llrrnnans. Musical, Hinr. Albinbi, Ga., 10-17. 
llrcnnniis, ..Miislcnl, Slar. Allnnla, Ga.. 5- In. 
Bursal A Wilnnu, Family, Unite, Mont,. 5-lfl; 

MSB, Ida.. J2-I7. 
Bririks. Jmiiine, Choles, San Fran., f'nl., 5-10. 
Browne's Gaiety Girls, Chute*. San Fran., Cnl., 

Bristol's Ponies. Doric, Yonkers, N. \'„ K-10. 
Brown llms. A ll'sikine, Nbmm'o, C.hlcnao, ,1-10. 
Brown. Hurry A- l'm.:tnr's, Troy. N. 1'., 510; 

I'nvtor'K, A I Imii v, 12-17. 
Brown, Jack. A l.llllnn Wright, llljon. Musing. 

Mich., 5-10. 
Bnounn A Burlnn, O. II.. Corning. N- Y., 5-10. 
Ilurkc. Al.. Howard. Rosihii. 5-1.1. 
Bnrlon A Brooks, I'lin-e's. Washlaglon, \). I.'., .'■- 

10; G. O. IL. Plllslmrg. 12-17. 
Buraess. p. Daly, Ornbenm. Portsmotitli. O., IS- 

lo; Orpheum, Mnnsrlebl. 12-17. 
Darke A Finn. Mnbatmy City. Pa., r.-jn; Laacas- 

ter. 12-17. 
Dtirkhart A Ilurkc. Pastor's. N". X. ('., e-10. 
Itiirnell. Tommy. G. U, IL. PHlshiirg, 547. 
Ibirkr. Al.. Howard, Bn>inn. 5 ;o. 
Buckley's Dogs, llaymarkei, fHilcngo, i*,-ll); Co- 

Itimhht, St. Mala, l2->7. 
Button A Itankln, Caslle, nioomlnglon, II!., 12-17. 
Ilurke A La His-. Vleiorla, N. Y. <:.. 5-10. 
Burton, Al. IL, Poll's, Bridgeport. Conn., 5-10. 
fliirfnn. Lillian, 0. O. IL. I'lii-bnrg. 5-10. 
Ityei's A llermami. Chase's. Washington, D. n., 

r,-|0; Flmpire. I'Miers/si. V. J., r.-io. 
Byron A- Blanch. )li>iu. Green Bay. Wis., fi 10 ; 

RIJiHi. Mntlneite. 12-17. 
Ilyrne. West A Kitivnn. O. II. , Cnnnellsrlllc, P»., 


Ilyrne, John, Umpire, IVs Molurs. la., f.-io. 

Cattery A Grant. Cleveland. O.. S-10. 

Csrter A Blnford. Eaiptre. Palcrson, >'. J., 5-10. 

Carllln A Otto. II. A II.. Ilkln., ,1-m. 

Canon A Itebnn, Star. Hivlsou. Wis.. 12-17, 

Carrotlton 4 llo-lges, Crawfonl. Tnpeka. Kan., 5- 
lO; People's. I'arsoas. 12 IL 

Casad A fk- Verne, Crysinl. St. Joseph. M»- ,1-in. 

Caprice. I.ynn A Faf. I owell. Mass.. .'.-to: Bo*- 
int. 1 2- II. 

Caonon. Ollda, Rradenhure1i'>. Phlln.. .".-10. 

Carver A Pollard, .Monies. I'.ullnnO. lie., 5-III. 

Carl Bros. Gratut. Itcnn. Nov.. .1- 1». 

t'arbw. Chns.. Orrln Btyrf.'. Mexico, Met.. .", -II. 

Carlisle's Dok« a I'oales, Victoria. N. Y. C„ 5-m. 

Cate iwtnlli. Pi. Dcslgj'. la.. 5-tu. 

Cabaret's Dogs. Pnxior's, Newark, X. J., 510. 

Carew A Hayes. Pasmr's, X. Y. C„ C-10 ; How- 
ard. Ilosiou. 121 7. 

Cnrlelon. AL. Ondieum. Minneanolls, Minn.. 5-10. 

Carter A Water* c».. ib.pkiu*. l-nubvllle, Ky., 
540: llnnkln*', Memphis. Tenn.. 12-17. 

Castle k Collins, Masonic Ft. Wayne. Intl., 5- 10. 

Cascv A i*ranet. Academy. Pnilsrllle, I'n.. .1-10, 

Cast-, c.iiatlle. Majestic. Chicago. 5.10; G. O. IL, 
Indianapolis, 12-17. 

Cnrlll.i. iMiham. Ilkln., 5 10. 

i.^tlln A Otto. II. A 11.. Ilkln.. 5-10. 

flinTlet ft West. Bon Ton. Phlln.. 5-10. 

CBameroys. The, Umpire. Patcrson, N. J., I 10; 
Bln|)lr«-. lliit.ikrn. 12 17. 

Chodwlck Trio. Kaaskm Pnlersoo. N'. J.. 5 10. 

Cnuuihi-rlnlns i3), It S i i t ' s. Ttny. N. Y.. IS 17. 

■ hatiiiiiii Sister', star, llclltnglmui. Waslt., 1 1 17. 

Clnqucvnlll. Cnlonlnl, S. Y. C. :, in. 

Claudius a Si.*irlei, Orpheum, n.-nver. C..1., 5-1-1. 

ilstt. cuas.. A. A S.. Boston. 5 in. 

tllftnril-. The. Nlekehslcitt. lull Itlvcr. Mass.. 5- 


Clnrhe A Temple. ItlJ.m. Dcnltir. III.. IS 17. 

• 'Iirtont A Burke. . M.'ijc.ll.-, I %!<■*>, 5iii; liny- 

market. Chicago. 12 17. 
Clarke. Wllrro.1. A Co.. G. ft IL. !u.liatin|,sill*, 

Clarke. Lurr. Slot I Tour. I'.ng.. :. Mnrch 31. 
Oleotlora A llowiinl. AiKlitorluin, Norfolk, Vn.. e- 

Clarke. Ilnrry Corson. Co., chlcitgn. 1217. 
Clarke A llarollton. Auditorium. Norfolk. Vii . . 5- 

Cllnc, Mnrgic. Proctor's 23d St.. N. V. C. 5-10. 
Costan A llancrofi. Proctor's 2-'!d SI., N. Y. C, 

Coote, llerl. A Co.. Olympic. Chicago. 5-10. 
Connelly. Hugh. Hub. Mllror.i. .Mass., 1217. 
Coley, l'av A Fay. Temple, l'l. Wayne, hid.. 12- 

Coin's Doe*. Poll's. Walerbury. C.iua.. 5-1". 
Cothlun, Ko«e. A i'n.. Mnjctlc Cbb-ago. b-IO. 
Cowlev, Jss. IL. BIJou. Battle Cn>ek, .\ll,-h., 5- 

10; BIJoit. Bay City.- 12-17. 
Cooper A Itnblnson. Ki-lth's. Phlla., 5-10; Im- 
perial. Ilkln . 1247. 
Cornelias 18). Srnr. Hamilton, Can,, 5 10. 
Cnrrlgnn, Knimclt, A i'n., Ainpblt.ii, Ilkln.. 540. 
Conchas. Paul. It. A B.. Bkln.. 510. 
Cnarnre A Olllcne, Gnihnin. Bkln., 5-10. 
Coaswell A Fran*. Touring Mexico. 
Csilby Family. Columbia. Clm-liinnll. 540; Or- 

nht-tun. Mlnnnniadls, Minn.. 12 17. 
Collins .» Hart. Tlvoll. Lotuloa, Kag., 5- 17. 
Corrigan A Hayes, lk.whril. Ibrtton, 5-10. 
Columhlnns |5|, F.mplre, I'ntcrsnn. N. J., 5 10; 

tlorie. Yonkers. N. Y.. 12-17. 
Connelly, fete. BIJou, Calumet, Mich., 540; 

BIJou. Marquette. 12-17. 
emu A Miss ItoiluTI, Kmplre Tuur l-'.ng., 5- 

Alar. 31. 
Cmper A lb. !,in-. .ii. Keith's. Phlla.. 5-10. 
Collins A la lb-He. I'enplc's. Parsons. Kan., 540. 
Csiv. Bay, Poll's. Springfield. Mil**.. 540. 
Colemnn. Itnyil A Co-. Fnmlly. Sernnloa, Pa,. 5- 

10: Kelih'r. ll..-.ion, 12-17. 
Connelly. Kuan, BIJou. Wlu'cllng. W. V., 540. 
Creasy A Dnine. H. A II., II. A S, 

N. Y. C. i» 17. 
Crawford, C.llrTnr.1. .Kelib's. Ivv-lon, 5IO. 
i'rawfor.1. Itc-*l,». ilihngo, 5 10. 

• ^rocker's Horse,-., Traverse City, Mb-li.. Bin. 
Cnilne. Long A I'nibic. ft. II.. Spiiriuiilsirg. R. 

C. 5-IO. 
Cunningham A Smith, Family, Pissalr, N. >., 

Ciilion. lit". II.. Orpheum. Sun Fran.. 547. 
Dnvey A l'lillllpc. Howard, 5 Hi; Keith's, 

Provblence. 1247. 
Daly A M'llrlcii. BIJou, Cnluinct, Ml.-h., 5-HI. 
Daly A Mci ii.;. ill) .ii, Suia-rb.r, Wis.. 5-10; 

Grand, Milwaukee. 1247. 
Ihivis A Mticauli'y. Poll'-.. New Haven, Conn., 

510: Poll's, Brldtii-isiri. 12-17. 
Day, Geo. W., Auditorium. I.ynn. Mass., r, 40. 
Tbirrav. Me .' V- .. »•••■-, Cntnlly. I'nllsvllle. 

I ,., ■'• l„. I':i ,., lla^ .1247. 
bad* & Walker, la-wuion, Pit,, I Hi; llnrrlstmn:, 

12 17. 
II'. .iliia''' Hog, X Mnnl.eyi, Kreucy's, Bkln., 5- 

Iinuovns. I,es. Crysinl, Miirloii. In, I., .',10; Crys- 

l.ll. K. .I.. in. i. 1247- 
Dub- A lbs-si. Family. 1'nler^oi. N. J., 5 III. 
Halys. fhe. a. A S., Bost.,11. 5-lft. 
Hurras Itrns.. Poll's. Worcester, Mass., 5 10. 
Itnly A IU'vere. Proeb.r's 2IU1 si.. N. Y. P., 5 10. 
Heltons t.'ti. IliithauayV. New lieilfoi.l. Mass., 

.",-10: llntlmvvny'a. Lowell. 12-11. 
Be Will, Burns a ISilfaaw. I'ti.'tnr's SHili Si.. 

N. V. ft, 5-HI. 
De Luceis. The,'s, Pwirln, III., 54u; 

Peeple's. He. -atiir. 1217. 
Derenda A < i i .-.-n. Moms a >i..II Wan. Knglaml, 5- 

J.ily O. 
m- Yiii-s. Henri, Colonial. X. V. ft. 547. 
Deli 'Dfo. l.ulgl, ij. «). )L, Pliisburg. 5 III. 
He lliiv.ii. Curler. Orpheiun. Ilkln., .'■ in. 
fiHuonlo A Belle. Fiuiilli. Sluiniokbl. I'n., 5 10; 

Faiuily. Miilimitiy City, 12-17. 
Iscrvln. .fas. T.. .leffers, Sngliinw, Mich.. B 10. 
!>.• Id. .sen a- PIviS'lii, Slur. Smllle, Wnsli.. .'.In. 
Ilcim l.cul... A Co.. Mulct I.'. 1**1 . Wm Hi TW.i 

5 10: Majestic. I.ltlie It.. I., Ark., 12 17. 
D* Kia'ti Trio, poll's, Hartford, Conn., .1 III. 
Iicliiiur A lievler. llriihenni, H-iveiiporl. In., 547. 

Ill- Cmiip. Gra.-e. Iirpl to. Si. Paul, 5- Hi. 

He Serrla, He-irlelln. Gtirrb-k, Wlbnltigloii, Del., 

Ilenuelte Sislcr*. G. II. IL. Cnrlmndale. I'll., 540. 
I Jul I A lonilii.,, l'l. Wnrlh. 'I'ev., 5-10; 

Mn>-slie, Wiico. 124'.. 
Deliunri- A Hurrell. H, ft. 1 1.. Pollsvlllr, 1 5- 

10; Family. Ilnxh-ioii. 1217. 
Dciti'.i-. Syilnry. A c„.. Impcrhil, Ilkln., 6- III. 
Ikilmorc Sisters, ftiyntple, Chb-ngn. .".Hi; Huy 

market. I'hbugn. 12-17. 
ra-lmore A l*s\ llnlhnvi-ny's. New, Mn^s., 

5 II): Lynn. Haas., 1247. 
lie Bliiker'.* I logs, MISBhsnlna X. Y„ 5- Id. 
lie Cnrnius' Isum. ftgib-it. I'.. 5-bl. 
IB' Yarn A I .'oil I*. Lyric Joplln. M,.., 12 17. 
Illlloll Bm*.. -Shell's, BillTabi. 5-HI. '* Aug.r. G. it. II.. loilliiiiiqinlls, 5 111; 

Colunibbt. t'ln.'ilinnil, IS 17. 
lllx/m a llnlii»-s. Alliillll.' lists BSB, N. Y'. ft. 5. 

Ill; II. A II., Bkln.. 1247. 
Bison. Ilnwi-p. t niton. rr.«-lor's. Albniiy.. N. 

Y.. 510: fn-eior's 5Mh Si., X. V. ft, 12-17. 
"Dixie Sen-mii lers." ibiliinrn, Bkln,, 5-IO. 
Dlanwinil A May. Il'way. Sim Fran., Cnl.. 5 10. 
Dlerleke Bros., K. St.. Plnrcka, fill., 540. 

Dlst Miolellne, Bon Toll. Phlla.. 540. 

Hnniis. T. Nel-on, G. ft. IL. Indianapolis, 1247. 
Is.r-li A Russell. II. A fi . Ilkln., .'.in; Pnslnr's, 

N. Y. ft, 12-17. 
Dolnn, llogi-r A ibdle. Hen's. I'.i-iiiiiilin, Wis., 5- 

4I>: BIJou. CiiIiiiuoi. 124 7. 
Donley. .1. Pram-la. Orpheiun. Sun Frnn.. <hL, 5- in 
Ikiini, A Is-nbarr, Hailuiwhy's. Isiwell. Mnss., 5411 
Dorgevnl, 'I herem-, Keith's. IT. In.. 124 7. 
Ikip.tben Sisters, Cry-I»l. Ilelrnll. 540. 
Il.q In Trio. (I. I). IL. Irullaii,ir,..lls. 540. 
iBiller Troupe, II — aid. Bo sou,, 12-17. 
Doll. Alice l.vndou. UIJ011, Kvansvllle, Ind., 5-10; 

Hnpklii*', l/nilavllle, Ky.. 12-17. 
Downer; T. Ms||», Novelty, Stockton. f!al„ 5-17. 
Hnhcrt) Sisters, lllnlin, Kinilru. N. )'.. 5-10. 
Dram-, 4, DC, Olympic ClibnKo. 5-|i). 
Dnryea A Morlliner, Kellh's. Phlln., 540. 
HiiuKiiis, Le». i-rra-mr'*, Alhnar, N. Y'., 5-10. 
Hnnii. Arthur. Shi-nV, Tnronln, Can.. 5 In. 
Hiiponl, .Mary, a >'"■, Poll's, Hartford, Conn., 

Dnulmrs. c.iailng 14 1. lllpisvirouu-, X. Y. "., 

Iinncah, A. <>.. Kreney's, lik.11., 5-10. 
Hurnut llrna , Cob.nbil, X. Y. •'.. 540, 
Karl. Virginia. Alhmobra, X. Y. I™ 5. in. 
Karlr, Imrnthy. Ii.wegn. X. Y„ 5. Hi; Cnnau- 

ilnl.-il.'i. IS* I 7. 

Kckcrl A Bent, poll's, Springfield. Mnss., 5-10. 
Fckhnff A GnnMn, H.'itluiiv.iv '-, Lowell, Mns<.. 

Kckslcln. Willie. Temple, flelroll, 5-10. 
Fsllaon's ling, Kelih's. I'rnvliletice. .'.-to. 
Ivtivrioiis. Tbe, Keith's. Bn-lMi, SHI. 
Klfrtorc Slstirs, II. A I'... Hklit,. 540; foll'a, 

New Haven. Conn,, 12-17. 
relet , Dr-is.. Wean's. I'ers-In, III.. 5 10, 
P.lgnruf. Ili-nrc. Poll's, HrblL-eporl. C,,uii.. 540. 
PHnrr. Sain, Minn /: S10II Tour, Log.. .'.Mnr. .11. 
Klllc M11 Fniir. Pi.«i«r'*. X. Y. C 5-Hi. 
KlgOnis. I..-., .Men 1 1, 1. 1 1, inner, Iter. 5-1 T J Ap',1- 

hi, Itus'ei.lorf. IC-M: Tlehy'--, l-i ..-. Ann., 

March I -III. 
Fllswortha. Four, lll>ui Winnipeg, Can., 5-HI. 

1" : Mnjesilc. Ft, 


Ultliiir*, -lulinu. Keith's. Phlln., 5 HI; Chase's, 

Washington, D, C„ 12-17. 
Klmorr A Cotlrell. Bllnti. Oaleshurg, III., 5-10. 
KHIs-.NowIbii Trio. Orpheum. Omaha. Neb., 1247. 
Fmersnn A Omegn. Proctor's. Allinnr. K. «.. .".- 1 1). 
Kmioeti, Gineie. A- t\>.. Poll'*, Worcester, Mass . 

5-10; Poll's. New Haven. Conn.. 12-17. 
Kmmeti. Ftigi-ne. Boston. I.«i\cll. Masi,, 640- 

Palace. Worcester, 12.17. 
lUnplre city vtunnet. Shcii's, Ttuffolo. S. V.. 5-in; 

fnvior's ."..siii Sir.-ei, N. Y. C, 1247. 
empire Cornell} F-uir. r.ntplre Tour, Kaa,, 5-Marek 

Fmerson-Ciitnlrc i Co.. Plnll-lmrg. N. V., I21i 
Kiilgnmrcllc. Berlin. Her.. 5 2S; Brcslau. Murcti 

I -:i 1 . Nnu, A !'.>,, Full River. Man.. 1217 
Kstus. Fd.. Proctor's. Newark. N. J., ."-in. 
Lsnmmle, .Mr. * Mrs. I-:,L. daik's. Ibi'hestcr X. 

V.. 5-10; Maryland, Bull 11.. Mil. 12 17 
Ksmcrubla Slsicrs. Cibimbla, St. Louis. S-H; 

lil.vmpb-. Chicago. 1247. 
I'jtti rlmKtk*. The. Fnmlly. Maliaim) I'liv. Pa,, '. 
' G. O. II., isiitsinwn. K-lrt. 
Evans A Lvani. F.uipltv, Pes Moines. I».. 5-10; 

Itljou. La Coisji-. Wis.. 12 17. 
Kvers. Geo. W.. Pionle's. Hannibal. Mo.. 5-10; 

Wcasl'.s, rourla. III.. 124. . 
Falk, F.lcanur. Proctor's 2;U1 St.. X. V. 1*. 5-p) 
Isdrtle Krclie.Urn. Muji-stle. Chicago. .'.-Hi; Tem- 
ple. Detroit. Mich.. 1247. 
Fantos |2). BIJou. Kcvrancc. 111.. 5-10- Phllllc* 

Itlchmnud. Ind., 1217. 
Fnirchllds, The. Orphrnm. Omnkn. Xeb . 5-lo 
FaybUi A Faro. Klallo. KImirn. N. Y.. 5-1*. 
I-'arlcy « Farrell. Illkm. Nurfulk. Vu., 5-10. 
l-'scsn A Metrlaii. Cryunl. Fruukfort. In>l„ 5-HI- 

Kinplr,-. Lirolti. IB, 12 1,". 
Pcrnnnde/May Trio. Orpheum. ftuialia. Xsb.. 12- 

Felix A Barry C.i.. t'r.slor'i, Newarl. X. J 
_ 510. 

Fergn«i>n A Mnek, tineen's. illmigow. Sent., 12 -24. 
Ferguson A Pasanmre. Iluviiiaiki-i. Cbb-agn 5-lU' 

t'oliinililn. St. Isie.H. 12-17 
Ferry. Matestle. Wncn, Tex.. 

Worih. 12-17. 
Prlniar Slsiers. Itlallo. F.lmlr.i. N. V.. 540. 
Fields A- II iii-oii. iiriiheuui. Semite. Wn*h. 5-10 

l'lske A McPnuntlgll, UsjMII.-. I'lilcii,-., .-,111- 

Olympic. Cbit-aan. 1247. 
ITir-niiiin.n*. Mr. A Mr*. Rnteit, P lsvpa'B .'.Bin 

St.. X. V. C f.|0. 
I'lltgerall A Tmliinr. Carbuudalr. Pa.. 5 10. 
Fields A Tinviter. Lyric.' I'f. Dodge, In.. 5 

Fiiiiilly, Sioux Ctiy. 1247. 
Flebbi A Hughes, Bcijnelt'ii. I.nii.l.m, Can.. 510 
Usher A Johnson. Lyric. Cleveland. 54 11. 
Fkirena Tmit|s-. Alhambra. N. V. t'.. 5 10 
Fleicher. Chns. |... Majestic Chicago. 5-10. 
I lemen I Miller.. Wakblnginn. S|a,knne. Waih 

.,10: Kill*nii. llrbain, Mon., 12 17. 
Flynn. Joe. Kelrh'a. Clevrlaml, 5-10. 
Fnx A Wanl. I lib street O. II. . Phlla.. 540. 
Fox. Dells.*-. Patrrsun. N. J., .'.10. 
I'ov, p. c.. Hiiyiiutrkei. IVeaas, 540; Garrlek. 

HurlliiKtoii. Is., J247. 
F,,y A Clark. Albambrg. N. Y. ft, 5 lf>. 
Furies A Torties, Arcade, Tohdn, IB, !,.|0; Can- 
ton, 12-17. 
Fov A llnshes, Orpheum. X->. Yakima. Waxh., 5 

I ,. 
Fnx A Summers, Family. Lancaster, Pi.. 5 tit; 

Pnittinvvi,. Pa., 1247. 
Frwlo A Pare. Olympic. I'lilcngo. 5 10; ndum- 

Ida. SI. lauds, 1 2i;. 
Frniicls a Itnors, llljon, Clinton. Mass.. r, 10. 
l-'rislerlck. Puul. Family, l.ntiil.-rl villi- , N. .1. 5 in 
Krc.vilu Bros., Orpheum. Mlnnen|ailla. Mian., fi-Iu 
Frank. Mnrvi'liHia, A Bob, ftrpbeum. Plica. X. v., 

Frol«-l A Uoitge. Fmpire 'Inur. Fne.. 5 Man-It .1 
Fn-.lerl.ks 'Flie. (IIJou, l.niisiug, Mtrb :. in. Ill- 

Jon. Knlnniiiznn. 12 17. 
Franklin, near, llnlhnwnv'- Louell, linn ;, |o 
Prsky A Frab-c Family, Mlllrilb- N. j 5 10; 

l-'.iinlly. ill 1 Baisn. Pa., 12 17 
Franklin. Anna. Crystal. iMroli. 5 |u 
Gardner. Willie. Vlclerls, N. V I! t, pi 
ilnlhu-her A Barren, ileltli s. N. y p a. IB: 

Albuiubra. N. X. C-. 12 17. 
Ooylor,!. It.intiie. CMnmhln. Clncinnall .'.In Pi- 

km. F.viuissille, Hid.. 12 17. 
Gnr-mii. Marlnn. Cotiimhin. Clncinnall. t. 40 ft. 

<i II.. I'lit-biirn. 12 17. 
Ganliicr A Vincent. Casio. Lawrence. Mass.. 5-10; 

Proctor's. Truy, N. Y.. 1*17. 
inn im> A Tlleol. i|l|.[i.,ilrunu-. Luuilon. Fug.. 5- 

.Mitr. 1 1. 
Gerard, Francis, Prne|i.r'i P.MIh St., N. Y. I!.. 5- 

Hi; Pi-ocmr's. Albany. X. Y.. 12 17 
Ueaani a Bailey, Pnxlor's 23d St., S. Y II. 5- 

Gerard. .Iconic, tlrWt, Lriia, Mass.. 5 HI. 
Gllion A lli-ln. Itt luu, Norfolk. Vs.. 5lu. 
lilnitii, .Marie. Pnede'-J. Kniisaa Clly. Kun.. 5 10. 
"Girl I11 the cbssU," I'roctvr'a 2ad St.. \ v. G 

Gllroy. Ilnviu-h A- Monlgiani-ry. urj-ln-uni Ilkln . 5- 

Hi; Keliu's. I|(.si.,ii. Islf. 
Hill A Talla.i. Ihm-Tnii, Phils.. 5 In. 
tiiiiii.l, .Mail... Lyric. Pt. Ii.«l«... Is.. 5 in. 
Gllbv, Tom, sinr, Humllloii, c«n., .',.|n. 
Gln.lih'il A l.uvllie. Mujrslle. Clilellg,,. 5 HI. 
Gleiiroy A ltu**,.||. Family. Untie Hani., 5 10: 

Fnmlly. S|Kisuiie, Wash.. 1217. 
Gould A Small. I'lui-e. Wnsiilnsiuii. D. I!., 540. 
Gordon A Hnyi-s, Grn'ml, .lollei. III.. 5 ID, Blluu. 

Knlniii.-ins,. Mich.. 1247. 
Gulden A Hughe*. Olympic, Chicago, 510. 
Gordon, Ism A Mau.'llljtlll. Is- .Mollies, In., 540. 
Gonilllll A Wesl, Pull's, Shi iiigllehl. Mais-.. 540. 
Glib-liinn'a CnIh A lings, lllymple. I'lilcngo, 540 

I'lilcngo. 12 17. 
Guforlll A- Doyle, Olilcilgo, 5 10; llran.l, II11111 

motel. In*., 124 7, 
flonlnn*. Tliiw IK.iiinlliig. Kmplre. lies Molnits. 

lu.. 5 In. 
Groan. Win., Ilnwnrd. I'lilengu. 5 17. 
Grose. ICii*<i.cll J.. BIJou. Wbis'lbig. W. Vs.. .1 10. 
Grwiiwny. lly.. Ssvo.v, Full Hirer. Kaa .. .', In. 
Grllfl-l. Pete. Illiulciiluiruh'.. Phlln., .1 III. 
Gram. Sidney, Muvuy, Full Itlier. Mnss., 5 II); 

G. 11. IL. Plllslmrg. 12 17. 
Groirr. Dmniinl, Jr.. A Co.. Aiupblnii, Ilkln. , 5- 10. 
Hnveiiinn's Anliiinla, Prorlur's. Xi-«urb. N J . 

Ilayiiinu A Friuiklln, Pastor's, X. V. I'.. ,1-10. 
"Iliiziii-iloos Glnls-." Shea's. Unlink,. 540; Sheu'l, 

'Fi.roiii,,. Cm,.. IX- 17. 
Iliiiiiiii'.ii.i A Wnli. .11. Pall's, 1 'miii . 5 

Hi; Kellb's. Phirlileiii-e. Ii. |„ 12 |7. 
Han A He Mnr. Kell|t'-i, Clevi-luml. 5 in. 
Iluwklua. Lew. II. A H.. N \ C '. In 
Hull A Illlloll, Lyric. Lincoln. \,,|, . .10, |-„, 

lib's, Lllli'idli. 12 17. 
Hirty, Itiiliy. Itlnllo. |-:iinlru. X. Y.. 5 III. 
Halllmck A Piirqnelte, llemn-iiV, Luiuliui. fun.. 

.', Hi; Aciii|emy of Mask, B111T11I11. N \.. 124, 
Haiin-.i A llnim-v. Lyric. Pi. I).<Ibc Is.. 540. 
lllircoiirl. Imlsy,, Ibisloli, I 10; Itlch 

•sntsl, Vn. Atlanta, Mass.. 12 17. 
linn-is, I'lins. a l-slmi. Lyric, rii-ii-biini. 5 in 
lliiiniis.iiil. Mr. A Mrs, Clias. D., II. II. IL, ll.i/le 

inn. I'n.. 5-111; Piimilv. Sliamiklii, 12-17. 
Hull A c.dburn, iirpiutuu. S|iriiigflcl.l, 11., ,',-tii. 
Hnlivey A ISinue. Nnvellv, lllilnbn, Nrl, , 5-Hl; 

Novelty. Tois-ktt, Unit.. 12- 17. 
Barker A Wnrd. Matiliiillnii. Norfftlk. Vs.. 5 Hi. 
Hlil'ilsnii. Mlulile, Keith's, N. Y. P., .'..III. A Wiley, lllli.ii. Ilkln II, Ullil, til In.. 5 III; 

l'i*i|de'u. J'srsmia. Kan., 12-17. 
Itiiiiiuiotiil A Forrester, Cnbimbln, St. I mils, 5 It); 

Olympic. CbleiiB'i, 1247. 
fin 1 1 Arie-. G. ft. IL, Indlnnnpoll*. 5 III; Colum- 
bia. I'll. -binnll, 12.17. 
Hurrlsou. las-, Lis-iiey's, Ilkln.. 5411. 
Hun A itlfhiir'l.mi, Cliuiea, Sun Fran., Cnl., 540, 
Hiirrbleti, Bradenluirrh's.' Phlla.. 54ft. 
Hiirrlugloii. Daniel J,,' Poll's. Wulertmry, t'oiiti., 

5-Hl; Prneier'a, N.-u'irs. X. .1.. 12-17. 
Iliuisnn A lircw, - Nl>si. I)|iltilh, Minn.. 5411. 
Iler».ei|, Jerry IL, UlJini. Wlchlia, Kan., 540;, OklNlminn, Oklu.i 1247. 
Henley Slaters, ijeta, Ijjnn, Mnss., 540. 
Herrmann. Great.- Iirpliclim. Ilenvrr. I>1.. 5 10. 
IH-rls-ii's Dog*, iiiiiiicuui. I or Angeles, Cul., 5-10. 
Iloru. Tom. AmjillioH, Ilkln., 5-Hl. 
Herberl. I'nlque, I'Ulll Claire. Wis., .', Ill; BIJou, 

■Hiilulb, Minn., 1247. 
IIcsh- Bros., Paslnr's. X. V. P., 5 III. 
Ilerrua-i.'niiinra* Sliler*. Sben'», IturTaln, 5-10; 

Shea'*, Tnroliln, 12-17. Tom. BIJ011, Ivfilniunxon. Mlcti., 5-|n; 

HI|oi|, Balile Creek. 1247. 
Herald Square QtmrlfHc. Mohnivk-. Sebcrieeinity. 

N. V.. 1247. 
Hill Kiliniimls Trb.. Lyric Webb CHr. Ma.. 5-1U; 

Lyric. Wichita. Ksi|., 124 7. 
Hliiinnn, <'apl. Sldnsy. limplre. Luraln, ft.. 540; 

Pnrk, Krlc. Pa., 124 7. 
Illltlnuii. Gisi.. Grand, Juliet. III.. 5 Id. 
Hill A Sylvlnnl. Poll's. Ilrbigepon. I'miti., 5411. 
IIHlyers 191, Parlor. Yi.rk. Pa.. .", In. 
IP. inc., Mr. A Mr-.. Olympic, Chlcngn. 5- 1 ft. 
H n l ii —t*. Curlls A W/4ib_i'nliailnl. N. Y. ft, .1- 

10. , ..''^ 

Ibs'i A fs*i'. Pnvlox's'r.Bili Si.. V. V. i'.. 540. 
Ilnrlt-F.linn TrM.>MajMllc. Ciitcagr,. 5-IB; tlrand, 

tii.ilniinnnlls.- 15 17. 
Hidden. Geo. Kelth'n, Providence, I 10. 
Hull. AIL. Family. Lnuuu-i, t. I'a , .', in. 
llnwar.l B itulbi-rPir.l I'titumel. S,i lllilcngn, 5- 




February 10. 

iiutiiuii Urns., i ■■■! .i-rin i . iikin.. a-io. 
Hullpuli. Hurry. (I. II., Oirbondnlr, ['a., 010. 
Holland. '/■:<). Hnvoy. Full Hlvcr, Mn««., .">•!<); 
1 '(.lllilllil. I.uu rciiev, 1—17. 

How'-* 1'heU. Wile, liuveiiporl. lo.. ."10. 
IIWhtti'V-ttrrwiT t'<>.. Orplii'Uiu. Kuiisiih (Jltr. Mo.. 

■'•■ill: (Irpripttlu, Sen Orlcim*. Lu.. IU-17. 
1 Ipidllil. -Iliivry. It el tit'*. X. V. «., .".10. 
Ilni'iiiiiiinii, I i.liuly. [.mi' in let, l":i.. .".-in. 
llMhmll KojlK A; Polllc-.. 'temple, ilollull. .'.10. 
I|0i<iim ft North, Keith'..., r.-iu. 
Holileii. K'cllliV. l'mvlileiiec. .'.-In. 
IMIlU't A la-itlx. Ili.pklln.'. Louisville. K.r., ."- 

in; llniikij**. Mnn|ilil«. Turn., l'-'-i;. 
Iltulirvi** A ll*.ii.v, Iiiierioitluiifll. tihlenxu, 510. 
flj*..l* A 11, ml, rillrtl.nru'. J'n.. 3 I". 
Il.vlnii.i-* ill i. Ill I. ii. Wliwlpo;:, Uu„ .".IU; l». 
'jou. SiiK.rlur, wl... 13 17. 
HyiV. nob ■«. ItrMlu. ii. ii.. ll.ilvo.e, Ma**., 7; 

Kelson. S[.riui:ili.|.l. n- m. 
Iiinhiii. lm.leiihiim-ir... I'lill.i., "Hi. 
HUM** ft ll.viin. MrtMIe, Pi. Worth. Tes,, 510; 

)IhJi>II.'. I, IHl.. »<«•»;. Ark.. 12.17. 
iinlliiii 'I'rli.. Poll'*. Si.iiniflii'lii. .Miihk.. 5 10. 
.ladle* A. 1'nvU, Iniiiil}. l.aiuKrlrlllc. S. J., 510. 
•fwt'ccrii.iH. Lin, r.i inn. Iniiiitii, Minn., r.-io.. . 
liii'Hon Pniully. 1'ro.tor's 2::.l St.. X. Y..C, 5'10. 
•lilf.uUs' UtsM, Alliuuilirii. X. V. «'.. ."HI. 
.Intjlfr.-Iwlli'. Illji.ii. fill Hirer. Jtu**.. 5-17. 
.(enure ft Klhmi.illi, |:ij..ii. J'.nitle Creek, Mli-li., 

1u||l», llll'.li. r:i;h'S>. W":l»lillll!liill. 1), <:., 5-10. 
■iK.Jt*. if.. X. V. I.\. 5-10. 
■Itr'oiui.. K.liiiir. iriliiru. shfiuiiiiloiili. I'ii.. 5-10. 
Jemuar* ft Itmfrew, Family; Shuiuukln, !'«.. Din. 
-I ihilil iIrk a .1. ■«.•]!. I'.i.i.l.'V. iMrnuiiH, liuo.. 6- 
.10.: People'*. I.e'ivemv-'itli, I--I7. 
llfrtUI ITliBiani. Slnlnury 'troupe. Lyric, Cleve- 

'mill, 5-10.. 
.lOliiiMin. Carroll. "I .-i.i !■!■■., .1-10; Cook's, 

Hnvheiller. X. Y., I 'J 17. 
■1'ilini.ijli ft Wi-ll*. K.'III.'k, 1'i.ivl.lollee. 5 10. 
•loliiisun. it, h., i.'luiiri'Mii-r. Mil**., 5-10; Yonker*, 

n. v.. is-ir. 

Ivliirmotis. Musical Ilarrawfiinl Tour. KbVh •'■ 

Mgr. :il. 
.Ivihi*. Morris, Piitnllr. Kloti*. I'lly. In., 1-10 ; lies 

Melius. II 17. 
.fellllhon V (trnlil. Amll|..rllilii. Norfolk, Vll.. 5-10. 
■; Sllllllll. I). II.. Xl'lV l.llllillill, (>>nn., -10; 

O. II.. I2 17. 
.lu .'.I il 1 1 ft Hurley. Pnvllloii. I Jin. I. in, Kuc 5-10. 
■ inllim*. Tin'. IIII..M., Mun.. 510; Itljou, 

Superior, Win.. I'M". 
Khti-n nun.. I Inward, ll..M|..ii, 5-10. 
Kniirninii. II.'l'.i. Alhninliin, Loudon, Fuji., D* 

Mnr. HI. 
Kuriiu's Puiilowliun Co., Erector's, Newark, N. 

.1.. 5-ln. 
Kiirlclll. Iluiiucher'n, Vienna, Aus., 5'JS. 
Knlori'iitUH. IL (i. It., Grand Itiipld*. Mich., 5-10. 
KrMr. Mr. ft Mi*. .Mfrmi, Oiiihin'iu. Omnlin, Nr.b., 

5 to: Driilipiiin. Suit l.uku, I*., ia-17, 
Ki-iii.. \V:il-li .V Mrjiu*-, K.'llh'n, I'lilln., 5-10; 

■*:!. i). II.. PJltabWB 1-17. 
KlMilun. Hurnlliy, Mlinuilii'ii, X. Y. C, 5 10; 

I'niKlur'n r.Htti St.. X". V. Ii, 12-I.T. 
ImmiiuiI'iI llrw.. II. ft It.. Ilklll.. 5 10. 

Ki-ily ft Uwiii.|.liv. i.nitiiiiH, Mnr. r.:ii. 

Kllil-'li. TIimi. .1.. ft •>.. Hii|iMiik'. I/iiiIkv11U', Kv.. 

5- III. 
li.'W. MmIHi'. ft •'".. HadturV. X. Y. I.'.. 5 10. 
Ki'lty ii. Arliliy, Mn-s ft Tli.irutuii Tunr. Kn?., 5- 

Mnr, 12. 
Ki-llr ft Ki.|«..y. «.». ||.. I'llr.i. X. Y.. 510. 
Ki-ltiti|i' .V UiK-lir. llruih'iilnii^li'H. I'lilln., 510. 
Kcill. S. Ml Hit. Ki-IIIi'h. [lwl„ii. .".III. 
Im'IIj. Him ft I. In. r'liuill.v. ISliiiiiioklu, I'll., 510; 

U, II.. fiirlmiiiltili'. IS 17. 
Ki-lli-y. Miiticr IX, Muryliiml. Itnllo.. Mil.. 5 10. 
K(M\,iii ft IK' l.ul'lllu. I'lillltllliln. Si. Inllllii. 5-10. 
Ki'ru'.t- Hoj. Kiii|ili'i', llulmkon. X. .1.. 5-10. 
Krnrn'.v'i Mirii|l i-. Aiullivrliiiii, l.yjiu, Muhn., 

* I ii. 
KliipliT tin.-'., ii. I). II.. Ilnni.l Uii|.IiIn. .Midi., 

1- 10. 
Miif. Mr. i -Urn. s=nin. t». II.. Oil I'lly. I'a., 510. 
Kim. Nits. Hip, rurally. X. Y. <\. 5-10. 
KIiukIi? A 1,1'ivii.. Cul..i'liil, l.fiivrumv, Mnsn., 5- 

16. Cnli.nliil. I.i.iri'lt. n 17. 
Kltnlmiiml .liiiw. llnwiinl. 1I.ii.Iuii. 5-10. 
M^tkn ft I'ri'vntl, Snlt I. Mil.'. C. 5-17. 
Klp|n .V iMiru.ii. iniluiiiMa, si. r.'iuln. 510; Bvti. 

llftl'H. I.nllil.ili, I °im.. 101 7. 

Kollrrr It Mnrliui. ruinllj'. lliinliiiT. Mm., 010. 
Kohl. Ciiw A Marlon, Xmi'lly, Onklntiil. Oil.. 5- 

Kiintii. riii].i']i,-ii, r.iiin.. .".-in. 

Kulllim. KM IIchV, Cnliiinrt, Mich.. 5-10; Idn, 

Onlikiwh. Win.. 12-17. 
KjuriiiiiH (SI. Atlniitli: flnnlon. X. Y. 0.. 5-10. 
Knk*pTx iv.a«. Treat. TYbHoo. X. J.. 5-10. 
Kiirlli. ft IIiism', Kirncy'B, iikln., 5-10; 1'urk, 

Krlp. I'ii . I S. IT. 
l.n, Clnlr ft WpkI. A. ft K., llonlgn. 5 10. 

t.JIUTfn.'P ft lint rlncl "ii. CiillmiN. flklll., 5.10. 

l.nivrpiK'r. Al.. firiihcuni, New Orlonim. C-I2. 
I.h llillr. M'illlnm. H. II.. Lhut1I,.Mii*ii.. 5-1". 
I. ii Mnr. Wii.i lie, Cr.iKlul. Snlldu. Cut., 5-10. 
In. Mulhi' Tiki. Arciiilc, Tululu, 0„ 510. 
I.nmlirrl ft I'li'i.-p, 1:111*111'. llliKHiiliiiilon. 111., 5-10. 
LaiHJairtvr, Twin. IHJ..11. Aniiluoni, Win., 5-10; 

HIJi.ii. Criini liny. 12-17. . 
I .u 1 Inn. Mtli-., Iluivnril,, 5-10; rmrtor'n 

-»Sth St.. N. Y. I'... 1217. 
I.11 fell lll'i.",, Wi^Uiii'h. linkiTblli'ia, I'al.. 5- 10; 

Vi^I'.u'n, S:iti I'mti.. IS-1T, 
U Jfj". Thi.'ii ft rnnilll.', I''n, X. Y. 0.. 510, 
l.n 'MU\ K.livur.l, .MuJi'Hlli:, l'l. Worth, 'IVi., 0- 

1. 11 Ciuls. I'uiil. 1'iiinllc. intMrtfwrlllf, X. Y., 5-10. 
I.iivclk' Trlu. SIipu'k T.ii-iiiiIii. I Inn., S-lft 
i.:iiIiii. ft l-ivniinl, lii'Kli'n, I'lilln.. 610. 
I,|| livlli'. I Uplil'lllll. Sul I l.nki' < Illy, II., 5-10. 
Iiiiiiftlun, lllciii'ili'. I. Hi lul mi 1 111. Oklu., 510. 
i.nii.-.k'ii. liiii-iiii.. MiiIpmUi'. IIuIIuh, Tex.. 5-10; 

MaJmlU*. iimisiiHi. 1 2- 17. 

1. 11 vii 1 1^. Till'. I'al.. llliiik|iu.>l. V.nx., 510: I'ul., 

>rtli:iiii|it.iii. 12-17: I'ul.. Iinilli'.v. 10-21. 
I .1 liin.i. l'l 1111k ft .li'ii., Slicu'.-, lliiOTnlu, 5-10; 

WrMlK, TunMlu. 12 17. 
l.n Vliir-t'liiniiMii Trlu, I'iiU'h. Wiitpronry, Conn.. 

5 10. 
t.m unil, ' Khlcrn. Ilij.ui, llunrlllp. Ml., 5- 10. 
i.iKMii.iii ft KwtHg. I'i'vii.I.j'h, (.','ilnr ltnnUli*, In., 

5.10; l.'.livl il.-. H'nli'rlou, 12-17., IK'rlH'iT, Slw« A Slull Tgiiv, Kiir., 5 Mnr- 

U'lTVI Trlu. i:nii..ti'i. I'hli.n*., 5tn. 
l.c clnlr, llnriy. iiiTiliptiiu. oiuHlni. XpIi.. 5-Ul; 

(iridii'liin, Di'iivpr, ("nl.. 12-17. 
i (linn ft llnlc, K'l'llllV. I'U'lc'lillld. 5-10. 
i.i'ivl... .MIit, llnrrlck'. tliirlliiHInii, In., 1217. 
If ChUr. .tnlin, KrUhH, Syrin.'iiHir. X. Y., 5-|o. 
l.t'sll.'V I'l.r.-liii 1 (.'li-i-iis. Lyric, TVrrv UuuU', 1ml,, 

I j- Ili.v ft lV....irnr.l, Ti-iuplc. Hi'lndl. 5-10. 
I.i'l-lli' ft Dillli'y. lIlldiiMl'il. Ilklll.. 510. 
I rim. Muy. I'rw'lurA Alluii.i, X. I.. 510. 
I.l'inilinl. Hum. Ililil... Itrldltilll, l-.tif. . 510: 1'nr,, 

Nnrrnstlr. )2 17: iTc Ccvda, 10-21; lllpii.. 

lllmiliniliutii. 2il.M:ir. I'.. Al.. Injun. Ii.v.ilnr. III.. 5-10; Slur, 

Muitrii', In,'.. 12-17. 
l.iivH ft lliirr. Itllon. Wlui'lliiit, AV. Yn.. 5 10. 
ii- Ilant. (Irani , i'.i(..'i. MJwwwril. 111., 5-10; 

I'lHipl.'N. Ct*unr UnpliH. In.. 12 17. 
I.i' Mnlri- ft I..- Mulr... MiiJ.'-itlc. Sim Anloiito, 

Tl'X.. .-lo: MnJ.-sllr. Wttm, 12-17. 
I i'kIpi-, llnrir It.. X. Y. II.. ".in. 
I.i. Hvnn'-i lllilllil (.llirrn Tltn. Ili-livrr. Col., 12-17. 
I I'.innrit ft- lliir.k'di>. AliH'l'Icnii. Clili'iiirn. 5-10. 
Ii-p. Ilcnr.v. Ki'Uir*. X. ^. ('.. 5 10. 
l.llM-ru, .li'iui, lli''iilnii^irs. I'lilln., 5-10. 
I l|>lill>.'iills. Tin'. Mn« mil. lUiMnll. 5- 10. 
llllll'lli'ld. C. «'.. I'll'iil. Tli'liloii. X. ,l„ 5-10. 
I.LUliilllnliM. 't'ltr. I'lS'tili'*!*, KafMaN i'lly. Mn.. 5- 

11'; I'l'indi-'i-. rm-MiiiH, Kim.. 12-17. 
l.iudMiy'.i 11.11:'* ft; Mi. uk. (*. Uajektle, Wain. Tex., 

.. I": Mii.l.-sih'. l'l. W..11I1, 12- 17. 
Lnvpllr. 1'iii.linS. X. V. C. 5-10. 
Iaii.1' ft II. din. ruli|llc. Ilvnniloii. Cull.. ."'Ill, 
l.iunl'uvil llros.. ii. V. II., IViliir Unidils, In., 5- 

I.1.11U ft I'ullini. I'li.i'l i.l's .".Mil St.. x. y, C, 5- 


lucliT. Mr. K Mrs. I'iyiI., Kflth's, CU'vi'liiuO, ."■ 

I.ii.iis. l'.il. ft lliui'l, (.'ri slut. SI. .I.kc'IiU. Mo., r>- 

I. likens in. V I.' 1 i.i-lii. X. Y. I'., 5-10: .Mbniiil'm, 

X. V. i\. IS- 1 7. 
1.11.T ft l.ini', Mnlii si., IVurla. III.. 510; I'limlly, 

l.lll'llll'ltl'. Ihm.. 12-17. 

I.n.iiiler-. Tin'. I'iiIiiu... Wlmtarg. Ouu., Mt»i 

I nlillii'. i'iiii.. 12-17. 
I iii-IIVrp illi. «:i>>ul. St. I..m.|iIi. M.... 510. 
I.utn. II1I1111- Ui'i'in-j's. Iikln.. .'• 10. 
l..i*i«T ft ('..ilk.-. Iiiirri.iit:..iiiil. rtilrn»o, 5 10; 

.IcOi'l-s. Sui:lll.i«. Ml.-li.. 1217. 
I mi. Itr sister-. Hull In. uie. Mil,. .".In; I'lilln., IS- 

' 17. 
I'ii A lltilli'i'ui.rili. llljuii. liiilntli. Minn.. 510. 
Imili. tiveiit. Kni|ihe. IMiokrn. X. .1.. 5.10. 
■tfarlb. i2i. ttll..ii. liny illy. Mkli.. 5-10; Mljim. 

Alimm. 12-17. 
M.isi.ii'KiH'k'r ('>».. I'ul.. 1,'iiiiluii, link',. 5, -Mnr. 5. 
Murtlur WndUers. ItunMsd.r.l fia> ."-Mnr. 

Mnrllen-. I.iimii. 11. II.. I'l.iiiliik'. X. Y.. It-Ill. 
Mnil.letis. The. Mniiliiitliiu, Xnrfulk. Vii,. 5|n. 
MUUt ft Mli»'ll". (U'l.lieiliu. Ilklll.. 5 10. 
Mnt ft Mile-, Hi-miil. Ilimilli...,. <l.. .'. Id; nr 
Idii'iitn S|irlli«llelil, 12-17. 

Matron ft A'li-11.'. star, OmnlUuii, Can., 510; 

I'lilln.. 12-17. 
Mack, .1 11b 11 ft I'urrlr, liitprnalliiiinl, OtilCflk'O, 5- 

MurlliiHlle ft Sjlicnitr, Iviojilre, Unckfuril, 111., 

Manic, r.ildic HMHrfc i'orllnml, Mc. S-10. 
Mnllii'iv« * A,hley. (iiimihiiii. Iikln, 5-Ul. 
Miil/lnl.'y. Tin-, Slur, tliiinlll'.ii, i.'iin.. •'•M. 
Miicy .'; Ilnil. (I. ii. 11.. I'lunlinrtf, .1-10; 
Mutiliuwa. A IlnreW.. lluUitt«o>"», X«w Dcdnra, 

Jinn*., 3-io.: . • ' . - 

Uaairt* WaMrt (3). Katta'a, X. Y. C., 5-10. 

Miirivmr. FMr, Ufatul, MllnTiulccw, \VU„ 5-10.; 

liiicrliiilluiini, (,'UI. i.U". 121 1. . 
MuM'.e fc Kr.imer. (iij.lieiun. HiirliiiiBeM, 0.. '»• 1 0. 

Muriiuiiliiliv Tfcfc DorM, X. Y., G-10. ' 

Muttw, <;i. in c, iUmw% si. l,miii, 5.10 ; Kilt*. 

llniciiiiDi't. la.. 12'17. ; ' ■ - 

Mnti.i ft. AfcK l.|ph«;li's, llre-luii. fleJ.. G-29; 

iVttmaaii'r; rritukiuri. y*ja ^lurcii Ml, ' - 

Murniey ft Jf I ajiii I I ll J1I11 lllit Sjirlnjilelil. 11.. 5-10; 

oriilienui. iVrliniuOlli, .12-17, ■ . 
Miisiitk A Ik-'iii.ui.i, l.ltile Id,, u. Ark., 5-10. 
Mama Tirl us, Cohuiililii, Cltielnimtl, 5-lo; llou- 

kliis'. .Mcmiibln, T.,'iiu.. 1247. . . ,' 

Miinli'llV Muiiiui.'tli'M, llniml. Milwaukee, Win., G- 

10; lli>in. I,i.-ki-)ii. 111.. 12-17, 
Miirvi-Ue .1 IIIi-iihhI, 1 illlilly, (jn 1,-ii.liile, I'll., 5- 
' 10, ■ . . 

UttiHltt Tel... Kuinlly. I'lilprwin. X. J.. 510; Al- 

In id i • •lurileii, X, Y. 11., 1217. 
M.iriln, I In v.- ft. IVrvle. II. 11. II., linn. .I Unpliln, 

.Ml. Ii., 5- 1 II. 
MiiriM-nn, Xi-vnro « Miiiwnn, Siill luikc, U., 12- 

Miiillns. ApiIuI. 1 ll.vuiplv. ITileuKu. 5-10. 
HUM ft Nellie, C. 0. II., llnwlti.n, fa.. G-10. 
Mm (lux. Ai'i'lul. ul.viniile, Clik-Jk'", 5-10; Illjou, 

KpiikkIiii. Wis.. 1217. 
M.ii-1 In. Iinv.. ft I'eieln, 0, ii. II., Grntnl tlapldn, 

Mleh.. 5-10. 
MlU'iirl'H UnuuuiiH ft Monkeys, 1]. (I. II., 1'lttn- 

luiri.-. 5-10; Tnlcil.j. 12-17. 
Milek ft- IMlk'ul. Itlkiu, llel'.ll. Wis., tin; Mm- 
1 • I r. ■ . Ikiekruid. 111., 12-17. 
Mullicivs ft M111111I111:. (Jrplieiim. Xeiv (irleuus, 5- 

Mul'kiii & Ileum., Ciiliiuii'ti Bo. '.TilCAga, 5 10; 

Miijt-slle. CtuaajBi, 12-17. Tivliin. Kniiilly, (.'urbnuilnlr. I'a.. 5-10. 
Muilileii , JnuMUIti K.iitiui'*. Obleauo, 5-10; 

ilruiid. J.dlpl. III. .12-17. . 
Mniiljtitluii Ttln, liiiilniuf, linlluiiatiullp, G-10. 
McCnnlej ft Dviiuvuii, llikni. IHiliiili. Minn., ."■ lu. 
Mei.Telliiii. .Ins.. IHJ.'U. Iml11t.l1. Minn.. 5-10.. 
Mclieuzle, lliMliki-. ft l'<i., lliiynmrki't, Cblcnco, 

Meillolii A Suilili, I'rwlnr.'s. Xenurk, X. }.. 3-10. 
McMnlKiii'ii Minstrel MNIiIn, I'rotlor'i* Nil St., 

IT. Y. O.. 5-10: D.iiiiiiin. lilUti,. 12-17. 
Mi'Ulnn.iii ft IteiHl, l.yrl''. T'erre llnttte, Ind., 

•"•10. ■ . 

UfKcnrr. I.IjiIp," olyiniile. t'hk'iixi., 5.10. 
Mi'ilii' ft i>.IIIiik, Uleelrlc. Witterlis:., lo.. 5-10. 
MeDl.Hlls. Tl,e. k.'illi',*, I'roclileiice. 5-10. 
.Mii.'uinr ai flrimt. BUwU, llnri|Wt(e, Midi.. o-lO; 

rioiii's. Mmllsmi. Win.. 12-17. 
M.-(',r.iili UrvK.,.Ki'llli's, HroiTikiax', 5-l(> ; Cliaw'i, 

Wiisliliik'lou, 1). <:., 12-17, 
Merrill. Hill [nippi'lul, Iikln,. 5 10. 
Merrill, liiiyuii.iul. Anne lain, l.tleii, X, Y., 5-17. 
Mi-reitlili Sister', AiKill'i. Ikilln. (i«r.. 5-2M, 
Mi'reler. InleTiin, IlieliuiDDil, Xn. Adams, Mass., 

MHer. Tfvoll. Ilnirciv. Eng.. 5 10: Knip., York, 
, 12-17; (l.ilely. Illnnliighmn, 111-24; lUiral, 

iiiui.iiin. 2iKMiir. :i. . 
M.i'is 1:1 1, 'I'.iii.ik'. I i.i i-.ri t . Mich., 5-10; Cook'i. 

Il.ieliijiler, X. Y... 12-17. 
Mi'llf« )>>pi, Miik-stle. Clilenuo. 5-10. 
Mlliliell ft l.nve, ll.'irilel.-. lliii'lliidiiii. In.. 12-17. 
Mijlersliln Sl-iiers. Iluivnril. Ilo.-ion. 5-A].rll T. 
MUi-s ft: Iliiyiiiond. Iliniilre, I'lilersun, X. J., 5-10. 
MlielicIlK (3li <ii-|iiieiuii, Sun l'rnu.. Cul., 5-10; 

tlrplieuin, l.os Aiik'eles, 12-17. 
MII1111H. IVnir, .l'roi:|iir's. Allemv, N. Y., 5-10. 
Mllllury OiMetl'i, Trent. Traiiluii, X. J.. O10; 

Vk-turlu. X. V. C, 12-17. 
Miller, i:ilz.'il.eili. Iiilnlly, Sliiiiimkln. I'll., 5-10; 

Xeir O'llurn, siieiiiiiel.'iili. 12-17. 
Mlleliell ft Mu 1 run. I'wlnr'«, Xeivurk. X. J.. S-10. 
Minis IIIJiii, liiikuiine, In.. 5-10. 
Mllliiiftii T'rln, Aiulilnrlnui. Lynn, Muss.. 5-10. 
Miller, llrui.r. Finully. I.iiiiensier, I'a.. n-lo. 
.Mills ft Murrls. (Jrplieuin, Oiuulin. Nek., 510; 

OrpliPinn, MluueiipullH. Mlmi.. 12-17. 
.Mi, m. I,. Jciiiiiif, (I. II. 11., l'lltsliurif. 5-10; I'm*- 

tnr's. X. Y. 0.,. 12-17. •••■ 

Mi.llim. .1 limes , I., (>.l<.lil(il. X. Y..1J., 5-10. 
Muliiirclis, Miislcnl. Il.ltl Ten, rill]*.. C-10. 
Mnvalll (■'". Aundiliiii. Iikln., 0-1"; 1'ajtor'l, 

X. X. 0.. 12:17. . ■ .■ ,-. • • 

Miiuru*. tkxi. W.. ilolliiini, Iikln.. 5-10; rrnetur'n, 

Xewark. X. .1., 12-17. 
Mi.iiiniiiie'u i.'gekuluu (.'Ireiifi. Orrin Bros., Meileo. 

Moj.. 5-17. 
Mi >ui ley ft- ileliein. ruliuv, .Icliiiune'burk, S. A., 

Man 12-A|ir. int. 
Motenii'l. Wliilcri-nrlen, Ilerlln, Oer , 5 2?; Or- 

plieutu. 1'rulikfi.rt, Mnr. 1-31. 
MiMlivr. Ilutixlil'iii ft Jluklicr, Keith's, I'l-avlikHW, 

3. 10. 
Murrls, Xlnn, ft O... II. ft- S., R. Y. C. 5-10. 
Mnvi'l.t ft Muri'lK, i.hi'eti Tree, ulyinptu, Wusli., 5- 

MurOni ft: Walinuifk:. Aiiililnrluin. Xnrf..|k, Vs., 

Mul'ello lltos.. Atlniitle lliiiik'U, X. Y. V,„ 5-10. 
.M.iulkMiiiery, Nellie, I'liiile-, Hun I '"run., 0*1., 

5 10. 

Mi.i-se. Run, I'nluee. X*. Y. 0., 5-10. 
Morten. I'hll., Uurlc. Yonkers, N. Y., 5-10. 
UutartVi Tin', Cieur U'Alene, Njiukniic, Wujh., G- 

Muri'liy, Mr. ft Mrs. Murk, Kelili's. I'mrlilence, 

.110: Kdllt'ii. Jlutlvii.. 12-17. 
Mnrpliy A Miicir. Sent lie, Wusli., G-10; linker, 

I'urlhiiid, ore., 12-17. 
Muri'liy .* XlehulH, Culvulul. N. Y. C. 5-10. 
-ilurk'hy A- jhMKM* 't'eiitple, Uetrult, 5-10. 
Miirniy & CtaytlHti I'mully. ,X..,V. C 5-10. 
MillUm ft t.'eielll. Keith's, 'Ck'vekunl, 5- 10. 
Ni'iwii, Turn, ft ('o.. Trent. Ttiuiluii. X. I., MO. 
Ximtiui, Rush, . Sven, Sim l.liukn. Hue*!., 5-28; 

-X\.iivc;i',i Ulri|i<e, HelsliiKl'oles. ITti.. Mnr. 1-IU. 
Neeilliiitu & l-'unilly, l.auil.eiullle, X. .1., 

Xeir ft Miller, rileu. X. Y., 510; .Scliviieclinly, 

12 17. 
Nenoll ,t XIWo. Mnjestle, Vt. Wnrth. Tex., 510; 

.Miljeslle, Wilen, 12-17. 
Xeiv. Yelk Xeivilmyn ijnuilelie, I'lxmloi'M GSlli 

St., X. Y. 1:., 510. 
Xeivuinu, Hurry, Uridientu, St. I'tiul. 510. sisters, liniierliil, llklu.. 0-1U; l'roclor'D 

125th SI.. X, Y. 1.1. . 12-17. 
Mini, I.i-.. I'oU'.i, lliirU'ciril, Cuuil., 5-IO, ft McIu'Iskii, I'urk. WeretiHter. Mm.*.. 5.10; 

Kelili's. rruvlili'iiee, 12-17. 

Xl.ltltl. Mu-lcill. Jeltel'-', Snk'llMIM*, Milk.. 5-10. 

Xnrih. Ilidil.r. i.'. 1.1. 11.. I'lHulnirK. 5-10, 
Ktildl'S. Mr. ft Mrs. Mllii'ii. Kuiplre. Ilulivkcii. X. 

.1,. .-1*1. 
Nuruiirili. Jnek. Victoria, X. Y. (.'., 5-10. 
Xuki'iit., .1, {',., i: J (.'u.. .ICiuphv. I'literon, K. J., 

."■• in; Km nl re, Ilulwken. 12-17. 
Nye. Xiil. Ainllturlunl. (.Aim, Mnns.. 5-10, 
II lulls' .In:. Trunin', (lr],ln inn, Xeiv Ork'«ll3. 5-1(1, 
Din,.. Aitliiir, Orplieuni, MprliniUelil, O., 0-10. 
OriihellM O.nitedy I'Vilir, llieiiu.l. lluttui:. 5*10. 

uaotirmi *\ lYallacv, i>u«iur'v. x. Y. c 5-iu. 

Uils ICII111 I'luetur. ft Co., II. A: S.. X. Y. 0., 5- 

I'liu Urn.-*., ll. O. II.. I'HIsluirif. 5-10. 
Oatrr*. Tl(e. Arcnilc, Tatnlo, o., 5-10. 

I'ii I ' ft KuIiIiimjii. Katully. Slum City. la.. 12-17- 

I'urlsli. llljau. Alpena, Mleh., 510; Illjou, Bny 

<Tly. 12-17. 
I'ulrkv ft IV.. Keeney's. l'.kln.. 5-10. 
1'cnk. T. ll.. IlraJrnbnrjrli'H, I'Ulln., 5-10. 
I'rri SIsieiH (U», I'linse'i*. IVashlactua, 1). C, 5- 

IVIIeiler. Mora. Katlb'*, I'rovklenci*, 5-10. 
I'ekln Zeinves. Colitinblii. Ciiielnuull. 5-10; Kvaus- 

villi-. Iiul., 12-17. 
rXekltir llivs.. Tvcul. Treiiton, X. .1.. ."-10. 
I'eloi, lied ft Aimk'. Murylnud, Hallo.. Mil.. 5-10. 
I'.'lciii. I'hll ft Xellle. Keith's. I'ruvlili'iK'e. 5- 10. 
I'liJIllps ft I'lirlBiileuii, Kuiplrc, Sau li'rau., Cul.. 

u- 1 1 . 
I'lecvlo Mlilk'els. CUIragO, 510: Orpbeum. Mln- 

iieniHills. 12'17. 
l'leree ft Upp, rroelnr's. I'rey. X. Y.. 5-10; I'un- 

lar'v. S. Y. O. 12 17. 
I'lnriv ft MnUee. Illupll'e, ,l(.litiiiiie*l.urg, S. A., 

Mnr. 12-.\pr. 21. 
rileer, Harry, Auditorium, l.ynn. Mas*.. .VIO, 
I'li'lieiiiuil Sislers. Keith's, ctctrlnnif. 5-10. 
l'leree. Mr. ft Mrs. 1'. Marlon, Uljou, nauville. 

111., f.-lO. 
l'leree. Alkt. Tenijile. Detroit, 510. 
1'nnt ,t llus-ell. Kelili's, rrovlilrtiou. 510. 
I', .Iters, Till', (lent, I.vnn, Mass., 5-10, 
IWe-ll. llHrry. A. ft 8., lltwtvn. 5-10. 
I'ope. J. C, ft IloK. Wen. Onhkosli, Wis.. 5- 10. 
Mm • 'I'lieiii-iiii. 0. it.. ivitKiiiwii, Pa., ."-to: 

Pninlly. Skninokln. 12-17. 
rryor.s, rile, Kniplii-. IhHaikm, X. J., 5 10. 

rottoll-Collrell, I'risitot'n 2".il Slreot, X. T. C, 


P/Iimp. Arthur. Victoria. S. Y. 0.. 5-10. 
•TMncc ot 1'llifcu l.1lrk^,'• «. 0, 11., I'lltalfurg, 

S '^ -■-•I,,. 

'»^,^;:L^r^,!rfu l i , 5 J !o?n^ m«E BEAUTIFUL HAIR 

l'rjl>o&P. Nnrrily, -KrHRO. OaL. 5-1 
i/a'iiiilti ft Mack. KflthV CIctpIuju, 5.10. 

tail,. 510. 

nBgkr ii™"-. Kttiiiiv, x. x. -c. % • 

ijliiluu ft tlm", Stur, AtcMaon. Ka 

Itorliinti'I ft. (JnVPrly, HiiyninrkPl, Chicago. MO. 

Hmiiwy Klalow. ilnrrlek,, BurllrlciMi. la- "10. 
MfftVa ft J hoc. Ci.lnrartln.. Cincinnati. r.-JD. 

Ititilaf, llro-., Uljun. lion MoIiwh. la lo. ' 

lliiBlus K KullkH, Itoynl. II0II1OI1I, 1/JD'l.lll. Kll)!., 
...i- ill; (Iriiinl. Onpliulu. 12-17; rSaip., 1-JlluS. 

10-24: Tie., Harrow. 2l»-\tiir*'li ... 
Ituckitt & Ilnrnnl. ijnlely. Clinlliaiti.;.. oil; 
' rUlr, l/'iiilnii. 12-2-1; (Jraml, drive-end; 2i^ 

Starclt 3. • " . • . ■ " , 

llHTinund it Trli-ey, I.yrle. Cletelnud, o-IO. 
llailforil i Viikiitltu., Vk'l'irlu, DrraAVii. tjer.. (i- 

W: *.lhiilu1irn, I'atlu, Wfi. SUtult .1-31. 
ICujiilnll, Hdllle, Si. Joaoiili, .1IO-. *i-10; Juliet, 

-111.. 12 17. • .••'., _ " 

lt;ireiis;ror|. Cbarliiile. Empire. Paltrwn, X. J., 

3-1o: Umpln-, .Ilnlnkeiii ' 12-17: 
llnnr. Cluitdp, MU;vaBkPe._ Win 



1,'nliiiiL*. Mlniieuimlls. Minn., 12-1 ■ 
Il.lCketlH (21, Ilnwnrd. lk.i»tiru, 5-IO. 
Iluivl* ft Vim . Kantolati, Bljun, ■ Ilvnonrllle, In. 
•3.10; Majeadi:, llol Mpriilgn, Ark., l'Mi. 
ItfUr.Hnm.. Allminhrn. X. 1. tt. S-10. 
Khi.i. £ Ilkliunls, 11. ft »., X. V, C 5-10. 
Ilniio, Will ft. May. Uljoli.- Oaut.iii. O., 5-lo. 
Iteiiz, 'flier.*. Kellli'H, I'lilln., 5'10. 
Ilpielien'* Ik.^n. Shea's 1 , Toronto, Can., -10. 
Ken,.-. Tin. 1 , tlnllKor. Ad'., 5-10. 
ltenillik't-on. Mnynie. Shea's, lluiralii, 5-10; Shea «. 

Tumiilii, Cap.., 12-17. , 
Itenrfrorr ft; .lanseii, Illjou. Ktipvi'lur. Via.. ..-10; 

I'lihrne. Mlnncapvlla, Minn., 12-17. 
Ilpjnoril. B«J. I".. I'roclnr's, AlUtiir. X. Y., ulo. 
' llMl-Ilnveli On.l.l.H," (kitliiiiu, Skin., 5-ln. 
Heal far* ft Jaitaeii, - llljnu, .Sitrojrlor. Wis., 5-tO. 
Kisiriird ft Wliii-hiHler. Keitli's. .X. V. IX. 5-10; 

Kl'llk's, lloslnll. 12- 17. 
like l-'aiiilly. Kniiilly, lluiclkiu. l'u., 510; l-'am- 

III-. CarUiuilule, 12-17. 
It 1*1... ft l^Oy, Orplu'iiin, Isiis Ansdes, CM., 510. 
llllllllM (4,1. Ill|i|,.(ll-ilne. X. Y. 'Cm 5-17. 

lllrus ft Itltus. Alliinlle Uarden, X. V. C.. 5-10. 

Itlee ft D..I1111. Ketth'tf, I'lilln., ."■■10. 

Kin,', .liilla. liniierliil, llkln.. 5-10. 

Hliur Ai WUllatiio, X'.ivelty, Onblaiul. Cat.. 5- 10. 

Hire. ft K.hvurils. ilenueU, llkhiaoiul. In. I,. 5-10; 

Teiuide. IT. Wnyup 12-17. 
Illeo Hpjs.. lil.-iiiieiiiil. No. Adams, Muaa,. 5-10. 
(tlloy 4 Ou.. .leirer.i. Snsiimw. Midi., .7-10. 
Klalio Ouiieily quart el, Stnr. Meultle. Wajb.. 3- 

10: '.r.m.l. Tneoniit. 12-17. 
Kowow Ml Oil' in. 1'ijli's lirklKi'in-rt. Cnun.. 510. 
lleier, ArcMo. IHJur.. WlieellnK. W. Va.. 3-10. 
I'.olixoii, Miij. siiiuri, Omliei'ini, Xeiv Uilemi 1, I.a., 

5-10. . . 

lUalH-lloirbort Tiki. .Te.lTers. Suk'iiiuiy. Midi., 5-10. 
KrHsiV MuKlcnl Horse, (irnlieuni, .Sail L-'nilt.. Cal„ 

Iliwalre ft Ikuelo. Kdlli's. X. Y. C. 5-10. 
Iloniicy ii llent. Keith'*. 1'hlla.. 5-10; Mar) laud, 

Iliiltluioro, Md., 12-17. 
Ilolierls. It. A., liiipiTlul. llklu.. ."10. 
KoMiisi.ii. I'lliel, Doric, iniikery, X. Y., 1217. 
Ho.ra, Hurry I... Kmiilre. l-'runkfuril. I'll., .12-17. 
Iloss. I "ivls. I'ul.. (JiiuiliernTll, Kiif.. .VIO; Sad- 
ler's Walla, Loudon. 1217: Hinp.. I'orluuioulb, 

111--* I : III,.]... Mur-ute. 20-Mur. ": 
Koynl. KI10.J11, l'roilor's ."Mil St., X. Y. C. 5-10. 
Itose ft: Severus, Mnji^tk', Clileavy, 5-10. 
Itiisps (ill, full's. Ilrldifl'porl, Conn,, o-H*. 
ItoU'rlM, r,nnli'itlitiri:irs. I'lilln.. 5-10. 
lli.rkupll. MiiiiiIp. Kliijilir. Ilea Molucs. la., 510. 
Uol.lnsiui. I'-uiieln, (i. o. II., (ttiind l.fiiihls, 

.Mlek., 5-10. 
Hoyni lluiik'ni'liiii liiiiul. (irplieiiui, rikln.. 5-10. 
llosi* ft: i.eini'ii, i.'rys.lul, Uclrolt. 5-10. 
nosers, W. (I., Crysml. St. JoneiiU, Mo., 5-10. 

Illissell. Ill lull. Kliliiliv Tour, Km:.. .'..Mnr. 10. 
Ilus-ell. I'hll ft (.'11 trie. Crys'.iil. l.iiirnns|Kirt. Iiul., 

5-10: Orphpiim, lluveuiiurl, la., 12-17. 
Itllssplls. Mu-leiil. llrj.lienili. Mun-llcM. IK, G-10. 
rn-sell ft St. Cliiti'e. Mujestli.-. Sim Antonio, Tex., 

Ryan ft Illilillelil. Shea's. liuiruki, 5-10; Sb«*'I, 

'1'orunln. Cnn., 12-17. 
Il.van ft Doilcllisn. liruiul. Mlln n'lkee, 5.10. 
Sanli'll, Crenl. I'iiIiiih.*. Santa Crui. Cat. 5-10;. 

.lj*iili|iie. Saeriiuieiito, 12-17. 
Sato. D, Ii., Tri'iil. Ti'eiitun. X. J.. 5-10. 
Sulll.tnl. ITiirlllu, Lllilllil'. Mlliiieipnlls. 510. 
Sahloro ft Murlovv, lleln's, Madison, Wis., 5-10; 

Illjnii,, 12-17. 
Sniulor. Pant. Orpbomn, llklu., 5-10; Albaiubra, 

X. Y. «'.. 12:17.. 
Snnfurd ft Ii.irllnglnn, l'linillr. l.unciister, I'a., 5- 

Savoy*, TIn>. 1'nlnue. Kan Clulrc. Wis., 5-10; 

lll.lmi. Dnlntli. Mlnu., 12-17. 
Satiiueli. ,M„ Orplieiini. St. I'.-ml. 510, 
Sacini. O. 71.; I.mvell, Mils*., 5-10; Keilh's, 

I'lilln.. 12-17. ' 
S.i Van*. ITip, (i. 0. 17., lii'Uoiiiiinills, 12-17. 
Nnliiir ft lS.-nb.iret to. II. ft III, llkln., 5-10. 
Sabel. .losefliliio, lbupii-e Tonr, Enc. 5-Mor. HA. 
Siiuielci.*. I.ueille. Colonial, X. Y.'C, G-10. 
"Seliooi lluys ,4 tllrls." Proctor's 2.'ld St., X. Y. 
f.. 5-10. 
Schneider. Pr..r.. Illjou. Dululli. Minn., 5-10. 
Seott, Mike, A. ft S„ Ikislou, 5-10. 
Scrutitnus. Tin*. Illjou. Murlnelte. Wis., 510; 

lien's. KKcfliiubu. 12-IT. 
Scyuioiir k Hill. ii. o. II.. l'ittsbum, 5-10; How- 

iilid, Knvioii, 12-17. 
Seldom*. The, tiriiheum. Xeiv Ork ,111s. I.a., D-10. 
Soarrr, (ka,. llryslul. Denver, (VI., 5-10. 
SpnitiiniM;, .MurUiirel: Caluiiier, Mleli., 3-10. 
Slniua. Ael'lill. I'ull'.-. Ilrlilyeijort, Couu., 5-10. 
Slmtily-tuivii Trio. Sorrily, Toiioka, Kan., 3-in. 
SlHU't ft Khortr. Wnyncslmri. I'a., 5-10. 
Sliuiiiiuiis ill. Dover, X. II.. 5-10; llroekloii, 

ilnas., 12-17. 
SllaW, I.llllitu. KellliN. X, Y, C., 5-10. 
Sltiluh, Oiu:|r, l'1'iici..i's 'Jllil St. X. Y. C. 5-10. 
SiiiKju ft tlunliiet'. Vli-turlu, X. V. C, 5-ttf. 
Sliiniii. i's ft Harris, Hopkins'. Louisville, !<y., 5- 

Slefrk'd. ItimleiihurKtrs. I'lilln.. 5-10. 
Siillpl ft KesMiiei', I'roetor'n, Troy, X. Y., 5-10; 

'Ainpiiioii, llklu., 12-1". 
smith ft Cuimibell, Kelili's, Itoatou, .'Hi; Keith's, 

X. Y. <V. 12-17. 
Siuilii, Helen Mui'lmi. Slur, Hamilton, Can., 5- 

Smith. I'ei.v J.. Mnlii St., l'eorl.i, III.. 5-17. 
Sinlihs, Aeihil. KoltU'u. I'rvvldeiico; 0- 10; Keith',', 

llostoi'.. 12-17. 
Snyiler ft lluekley. OrpliPinn, Sail Fran.. Cnl., ■'- 

10: iirplieiiin. los Auueles. 12-17. 
"Soi-iely Udlm." VielorTn, X. X. 0„ 3-10 ; Read- 

Ihk'. l'u.. 12-17. 
Soiiiois ft l.iiw. aMIa.'Hi X. Y. C, 3-10. 
Shush, Mile., l.ynn, Mass., .".-lo. 
Splller Mii.-IimI TTio, Maleslh:. Clliiiago. 510. 
Splssel litus. ft Muek. Slieu's. llnrTnlo, 5-10. 
S|i.«.k Minstrels. Teinple. Detroit. 0-10. 
siei.'ilu. Win., Aeme, Norfolk, Vn., 5-10. 
Sluley ft lllrbeek. Alliantbrii, X. Y. C. 5- 10. 
Slelii-Kretlo. Wluleii'iiiTeii. Ilerlln. Cer., 5-2S ; 

snloii. lillterrdil. Sliir. 1-13; Apollo. Coolu, 1 it- 
Stilt; ft l.uii Dan, I'run Civeo. Havana, Cuba, 5- 

St iiii.v. ii. 11,. Iinubury. CVun., 5-10; 

l'n|l l:lvee.,Mu«... 12-17, 
Slrnkoieh. Mine., (i. U. II.. Indianapolis, 1217, 
Snvalor Zouavei-, Totiriiij; Kriince. . 
Sieddi. .Ii'sepli. Maiilinlluii, NuiTolk. Vn,. 5-10. 
Stanley & Wilson, II. ft S., X. Y. C. 5-10. 
Stntileya. Ttio. Parlor. York. Pa.. 3-10 ; Braucu- 

barth't, i'lilln., 12-17. 
Stevens. Adrian, Colunilda. Cincinnati. G-10. 
SU'veint. KIKy. I'aujlly, puleraou. h". J., 3-10. 
Stone, livno, 4- Wlaard. Shea'*. Iiiiftaln. 0-10. 
Stnlil, KoiL', & Co., Chitae's, Wusblugtou, II. C, 

St.' Julian. M., 0. n.. Cavboudaio. Pa„ 5-10; 

0. II.. I tail. -loii. 12-1 7. 
St. Leou 4 McCusick, l'bocnlx, Columbia, O., 

Still Ivan ft Pa.iiiuellnii, Orpheum. Kansan City. 

Mo.. 5.10: (iridieum. Onuilia. Nob.. 12-17. 
"Sunny Sammy." Oriilieiiiu, llklu.. 510: Al- 

hnintirn. N. Y. C, 12-17. 
Suriuul ft Itiiziill. Illjou, Uneltie. Wis., .'-10 1 

Hen's K-'ciiiiuiiu, Midi.. 12-17. 
Sylvester, Jones ft I'rlnsle. Majestic. Chlcaj-.. 12- ft: UopTK. I'.lilldre. Iiul. ., ken. X. .1.. 5 10; 

Orpbeum. I.ttea, X. Y.. 12-17. 
Tanner A- Oltbert. Orplu-tint, Heoilliiir. Pa., 5 10. 
Tnsnmi'lnii Troupe, lliitiiiui. Cuba. 0I1. 
Tasker ft Hull. Star, llunitltou. Can.. 5-10. 
Tnylom. Tin*. Moanra, t'orlluml. Me.. 5-10, 
Taylor Tela Str-ier*', Unrrlek, Wllniliigton, Pol.. 

Tiiuiitu. .lullus. PiYBitor's 2;ii1 St.. X. Y. C, 5-10. 
TalP," Harry. Tnnplo. Petrult, 3-10. 
Tenuis. Trio, (irand. portlauO, lire.. 5-10; Rrand. 

Turnluu. Wusli.. 1217. 
Teliler. liluier, Shea'-, Toronto, Can.. 3-10. 
Ten II ft Co.. Ktnplrc. Pulenum, X. J.. 510. 
T'evurkniiii ft Wulby. Keith's. H.i-i.m. 5- to. 
Teeipft- l.uji'lt, lk.111l11i.111, Winnipeg. Can., 5.10. 
Tes-ler. U'iii.. Ilrrlu llros.. Meikv. M>'^., C. - 17. 
iTiiirup, Mr. ft Mrs. Marry, (Mhara, llkln., 3- ID. 

nidmpnoni.riet'liU. IajttIh^ BnlTaJo. .S..Y-. B-IO 
Tobln Slalers. Vroctoi'.ti. StflVk. N. 0.. 5-10. 
Tokikln*. WHIIotn. Ampliloii., Bkln., 5-I0. 
Wt>. MuKteul. ftlar, Autf/loti, «* - 

aV UBitvo 

nuiilr, I.afayrttr, Ind., I* 


..,KaO., 5-10, 
T'orwy Turvy Trln. Cry»UI, DttW, Co... 5*10; 

Crystal. PiH-liki. 12-17. 
Tralufr, Clifford Va I. Fa 

TroFlt.',r Car Trio. Korlo, YoakMS. N. Y., 6-10. 
T'ratiei-. KHly. flathairay'*; MM Maw.. 6-lo- 
■ Jerinnn, l'n«tnr'«. S..\. pi. 8<U>. 
Ti?iWl Hlatcif*. i.irrln ltma. . Mekwo, Met., 
VtrJcft. Irrilt. K.-HIi'h. WiHt.., MO. ' 

Vtiti- Holt.' ft c.lrel.v, DlemOf*. ssnrlnkMWd. Mo„ 

.lilQ::Or|ihi'iiln. Weldi Cltf. 11 ;1 *..'■■ -Clayli-n. (.'ry«lal. lletroll. o-JO. 
Vatimitttlo, .Ulalitle Uarden, X- l.Ci *>-IO 
Vulvono. llros.. Ki'llnls, X-,'V. :'.. .■!;»«•..,„. 
Vml Hilly., < irpbenpi, UtkW, X, i.. --10, 

liliPiini. Ijklu.. .12-17. •- „ .... 

v«J .Jr'Aldeu.; Poll's. •Walorbury, Conn.. C-10. 
V*yil*)noii. Orand, i;.:llle«li.iu.. W'aah.. 610; 

firand; TncliuiBi 12-17. , v ■ 

ValtMn * Horton; Pnlaoe. I-omlon, Kan.. 10-2-I . 

Albaintira, Purl*. Fr.. 2(!-3lareh 10. 
Vef,,Viilln & Uoblnsoli, A. 4 8.. Bunion. 5-10., 
Vpala, XVila. Pjveloii's,, ,Al)J«ny. *>* [T.. .j'-lO- 
Veriioii. II. i>. II., Indlituapot.3, 5-10; ColtlntbU, 

(Jtirlinintl, ,12'17. . ■ . - . 

VcHMtv-* Dlontie. IJIpp.. Carlisle. Mh , u-10; 

(Jirijue . IXwikiril-Wreo. Caluls, Pr... 12-24. 
Verlion TioiOs..' (Irvlieitiii. Los .\jikoIci..C*i1.. 5'17. 
V.etrrii, Muip., Majentie, ClilcaKO, 5-10. 
Vlllagv Clmir. Poll's. Hrlrtgeiiort. Conn.. 5-10. 
Vtnton tc Clayton, .IrrTers, Saginaw. Mleh.. 3-10. 
Vol -llieiio, Anaiistc, Kplth!H. I'turldmi'i'. 5-10. 
Von Wumil.. Mini. Un«nMa. Sun I'nini, Cal., o- 

10; Ornbeuni. 1^>* lAnaeips, 12-17. 
WaMft Wahl, it. 1). n., .Plllsburif, CIO. 
waul ft Currau. Ampbhni, llkln,. 5-10. 
WnJi-rlmry llros. ft Toriiiy, Keitli's. Boslnn, o-IO. 
Wut«iii's T'.irtiiyiird. C.wk's. Ikjcbostcr. X. 1 ., 0- 

111 : . Slien's. IlurTulo, 12-17. 
Waihrr ' flrus.'. Orystni. Anderson, Ind., 0-10; 

Crjatat,', 12-17. 
Warrohbare Bins., Maji-Hllc, Chicago, MO. 
Wnluonm * Wbltuey. Virginia, 111.. S-10. 
Wiuroei; ft; l.n (Joiuln. Vundultp. Cbrvatpi. 5-10; 
Writers As I'lont.v. Poll's. Harlford, Conn., 010: 

Amtihiiii.. llkln.. 12-17. 
M'ulbli ft Willis, Hem. l.ynn. Muss., 5-10. 
Wuliprs ft Tynnn. Poll's. Hartford, Coqu., 3-10. 
Wnlali ft, Kyrie. Clerelmid, 5-10., . 
WlMfbu. At. 1).. Orplieimi. Hjiilli||ll»ld, 0.. 3-10. 
Welsh, Claw, ft Jennie, Cryslal, Frunkfort, Ind., 

5;17. . 

Wolsou. Mnt. TT0111K'. Shea's. Toronto, Can.. 0- 

10':' Proelm's 2il'l St., X. Y. C.. 12-17. 
Writer. Kli/,1..'. Maleslle. IT. Wurlli, Ttfs.. 510; 

.Mnjestle. I.lllle Itnek, Ark.. 12-17. 
Wells ft Sells, tiraild, Jollel. III.. 5-10; Itljnil. 

Ilueklord. 12-17. 
Webbs ft! .Shirley, Muliliultnn. Novfulk, Va.. 5-10. 
Went At KowkT, Cranil, Miliraukw. 5-10. 
Werden & i/laillslt. Hopklii.:', Is.ulsrllli', Ky.. 5- 

tVesteott. Kva. .t- Co., Columbia. Cincinnati. 510. 
Wrilf. Foril Jfe Dot. Proctor's Xotrark, K. J., 

White. Rlsart. ft I'm.. Pell's, Iirldseport, Conn.. 

Wkeoloekn, U'lie.'!i,i^. li. 1). II.. Grand Itaplil*. 

'Mlob., o-IO. 
Wlialeu ft West. Sloll Tonr. Kn;.. 5-.Miir. 31. 
White. IWl. Knlipie. Minneapolis. 5-10. 
Wills ft Hassan, Darrlek. Wlliiilneton, Del,, 510; 

Hall.aiTiv'K. Xp\v He-lford. Mass., 1217. 
Wjllcll & Thone. Cc. (iollinn. llkln., 5-10. 
Wilson Trio. Orplicnra, Denver. Col., 5-10; Hop- 
kins', Loiilnvlllp. Ky.. 12-17. 
Wilson ft Iletolse. lliiyinnrkel. Chicago. 6-10. 
"•I'ilson.'l.lzilc, ijrpbeom, Xeiv Orleans. I,a., 510. 
Wltliini. orcnt, (lem, IV. Snis.'rior, Wis., 5-17. 
Williams ft (Innlun. firinii. .Toliet. III.. 6-10. 
Wiilinn.- ft Metliiim, 1. 11 si-iio. Koukuk, lu., 5- 

10: Bljmi. Qiilnry. HI.. 12-17. 
William* Trio. Orphenm. SI. Paul. 5-10. 
Winter, Winona. Orpheum. Kansas City. Mo., 5- 

Wilson. Ceo,. Proctor's 5Slh SI.. X. Y. C 5-10. 
Milder, 'alarsiial! r.. Orpbeum. Kaneaa Caty Mo., 

510; Orpheum, (ima)iu, Neh., 12 17. 
Wilton llros., Mooro's, Piirdnud. Me., 510. 
■Wiliiwrlli. llorry. IlljV.i, Diilnili. Minn.. 5-10. 
Wiley ft Wiley. Cryntol. Frankfort, Hid., 010. 
Williamson ft Cllbvrt. Hob Ton, I'lilln., 510. 
Wllber. Oliver. Crystal, Detroit. O-IO. 
M'ilislovi-, Wjime. H. ft S.. .V. Y. O., 0-10. 
Wood ft- iliay, F.iunirc. IlnKiken, X. J,, 5-io; 

Lyiin, Musk., 12-17. 
World's (Juiucdy Four. Majestic, Chicago, 5-10. 
Wooil 1,'vos., Yonki'fs, X. 1'.. 3-10; Xeivburg, 

Wvbd.. ITunii'B, r;. O. II., I'ltlabitrjf, 5-10, 
World & K Illusion. II. (i. H.. Iiiillninipoli.i, 12-17. 
Wood, Frati.tls. a O. II., I'ltlsburaT. 5-10. 
Wis si ford ft Marlbom. ISIJoit. AVhit'lluii, W. Va„ 

Wood & Kerry. Auipliiun, llklu.. 310. 
Woodward, (leo. ft May. Majestic. Chicago, 5-10; 

Olympic, (Jhl.-aKo. 12- 1 7. 
W.vk'and & Del Mont, O. II.. Oanego, N, Y., 3-10 1 

0. II.. l.'nnamla'Iaiia. 12-17. 
Yexii-Kai'ulu Troupe, Orrin llros., Mexico, Mcx., 

YeuKoi- ft- Yenger. Wlnlergnrteii, licilin, Cer., 5- 

Mar. SI. 
Zulioras. 'Cyi'llllg, Klliplre, Xn. Adniiis, Mii-s., 3- 

10: Xeiv Strong. Ilurliugtuii, VI., 1217. 
Zari'lll, Joe, Coin, l.ynn. Mass.. 5-10. 
ZailclgM. Tne, Keith's. Cloveiiind. 5-17. 
Zimpu. Dijon. Des .Moines, In., 5-10. 
Kara, Grout ft;Co., Kmoln'. Dun Muliiw, la.. 3-10. 
Zciioj, Crenl. HI Jou, Wheeling. JV. Va.. 5-10. 
/ctio, Jonl.iu & Zenu. 1'illes Circus, Cape Tovrn, 

S. A.. ,5-An. ISO. 
Zlnuiii'T. John. n. 0. II., Indianapolis, O-IO; 

Colii'idilii, Cineliniall. 12-17. 
Zliimiertnini, Willy, .Siren's, Toronto, Can,, C-10; 

O.O. H.. IndlnnoiKills. 12-17. • 

Zluirorl Trio.- Colonial, Lnvrtence, Mass,, TilOi 

Orpheum, L'llcn, X. Y„ 12-17. .■■-' 

Zlnuucruian. Al ft Heart, UNO, Huiierlor, Wis., 12- 

,17,, . ... 

/.I Hell ft P.oiilelle, luipcrliil. llkln.. 5-10. " 
/Ink: Aibjlph, Kniplrr. I'titetwai. K: J„ 5-10. 
Zoellef*. Scnsaliouul (3), Fitmlly, Kbauiokln. Pa.. 

3-10. . ... . . . 





Prodqew M SII.UIK in 0>K Application. 

It dbea- tibt UMtrov Ilia Corllug* and Crimn- 
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litid. Untru to tlio'bntr, gofr, *l|j;y 
soil rlcari,' It I*l Harmleti-t.' JPiH'C'-Uffe'cllH 
and Htjr**. Ii'or r*'ti|p;at I.cailltif Hair L)r«ti- 
in, D'iparttactit yroica and -Dri)E«liila. 
MjgBjgj Ml'.o. co-iiae-anrflroadway; g . y. 


ti "ci iM iifls," 


(jonwliiinK liiuatrimon* from UrUlnnl ltrawing!, 
lirp, Uioliardti— Su.Kiiil. JUn Ctwcooiin, reprloted 
from TUB SEW VURlt CI-IPPEK, ulw Urani.llr 
aiiroRolofty, Dcntrui In tlin Profession. Anecdote* 
and Matters of Interest to Stow People. KvCrr 
CLIPPEIl reiiler sliuiml Iiuac h copy. I'or sale 
by till tiewsilealew. Price. 20 Cent* per Copy, or 
it will tie rent.pnsipaltl, on receipt of price, by.llic 
puUilsheni. AoUreat 

«Ktt' VOKK (MlTEll, 

17 YV. Jsth St.. New Vork. 



1S5 ■\ttiST H7(l» St., \I3W YOIIK. 

Cixcooit.vrir (J. A. llroiroo. niandgei'i. — 
Features JO uuil week : Itcno. In odds utul 
eurlg; Mamie l.'esiu. sillglui; utul ilaiicltig: 
Miitiel Iluinlii'rl. ilnsl rnleil Sony ; Lu Tuskn. 
comical Juuglor ; Wnllacea, colored tAugtts : 
movlnK pictures .ind Ciiicogi'itpli Stuck Co.. 
in comedy, "Klnsli." 

HoTCtiKiss (Jesse Wlil te. iuanu",er).- - 
I. ottle.' Kendall unil Ulyinplit Opera Co., In 
"Kismet." Lit and week. Underlined :."Xlie 

NoTiis. — J, It iis,!i Hi'onsoM, fonoerlj' iiiaiia- 
cer of 1 liu Orpiiuuiu. now liolds u olmlliir. jio- 
sltlon with tile .Novelty, 11 ad lias cliangeil 
Hie atlractlous from vmnlevll H' lo inelu- 
(lrniiiu. Aniuiig the people cucum! urclliio 
llronsun, . Ajrrics WiHlnms and Alrsi. .Stanley 
.lolins. The house opened .tuu. -2 uudor tiio 
new : regiinn in "The tlglitliousb llobhery." 

Vvllllani McCluin, utuu'e manager tit 

the Clneognipl, was badly burned aliout Hie 
face uud eyes wlillu settutg oK a 

during u performnncc Uticouraged by 

The iMohco . .Vfiii's. published by Jol>q ll. 
UlacKwood. of lliu llelas'co Tlicitre. Cliireiici 
DrowB, of Ibe Orplicuin anil Gi'nuU Operti 
House, cnniempluiiis starting a pauor, in con- 
iiectloii with these houses. .... .The Casino 

Is rcportisd to liitve aguln changed hands, tho 
iniinugeruent being acquired by, thaowner of 
Hie. property., and the house will hereafter bo 

ktiovvi a*. the llotehklss. Ctiaa. Kytoa. 

ot.the Mprosco Jtiifbunk atitir. Is manager 'Of 

»■ a. 1. 11*. . iiis"u,ii.v 11 11 \ V« 41 p nuiii. 1.:, inuuuyci v« 

a recently organized athletic club. H le 
understcod lie will retnltt! hid prescql posi- 
tion' with Mr. Moroaco. . .. ..".'i>u -.Maflcap" 

boa AtaftflM. — Atthe Mason Opera House 
UI.-C. Wyatt. manajrer) Nnnco o'Nell, In rep- 
WOory. Jan. '.'U and week, Is doing a good 

Hu.Asi-o 1 John II. l'.lackwood, manager). 
—"When Knlghlhood Wns lu I'lower," no 
prescnled by the slock coinimnv. '2^ and weitk, 
did the largest business iu the history of the 
house. Thu demiiiid lor seuls was so great 
that It Is eiiuilniieil this week. "The lllrl 
With the ilreen Myes" week of Keli. 0, 

ItuiiUANK (Oliver Murosco. niatiagerl, — 
"Jerome." by lite slock company, Jan. 22 and 
week, drew well. "The I'roiul Prince," Ufl 
and week. Is having Hie nsiiul mu 01' hual- 
new. Underlined : "Xorllierti Lights." 

UlU.SU Oi'i-iiiA Hoist: (Clnrencu Drown.- 
manancr I. — Murray mid Mttck, in "Around 
Ilia Town, I'll und week, arc plavlog lo 
(lacked houses. Underlined : Ben lleudrlcks. 
Iu'"01e Olesoii." 

Oiipiit.t.M (Mitrllu Heck, general ntiinugcr). 
— Kcatures Lli mid week: Ulcc anil (Tndv, 
Hutch comedians; Krod Lennox, lu "On Ills 
Cppers:" llerbort's dog*; Ibe Le Until Hruud 
llpera 'Irlo, In select ions from- "II Trova- 
lore ;'* 1^'wls Mcl.'ord und companr, Itt farce; 
the l'lroseotlU. .iuggllng: .Toe xWinua. iu 
songs : the Mureenas. et|ulllbi'lsts, uud motion 

Uniijlu (lleul/. & Zallee, proprietors). 

Venture* ^li and week : The Harretts. Jtig- 
glers and hat Hi lowers : -Jessie i\ Oardtier. 
prima dotiuu soprano: lllsiiil uud l-'iitltua. 
eoiitoi'tioiilsis and eynitta*t»: Warren uud 

llruckwu)'. lutisl'.-itl nedlaiis: Hie luluiie 

Player*, lu "Left In Chitrge." und Uuiuue- 

Umimiii: (Hilly linn's-, resldcnl niunng.'i'l. 
- •■l-ruliire-i 3H uud week: Matdo Irlo. com- 
edy acrobat.-*: t.nlilo.- Itrlseuo. wire walker; 
Pluzaii'llo. ei'iuedj uiiisleiiin : Laura Hanks, 
picture uullndlsi : Jmiies Wood, enti'rlulncr ■ 
Kmt'lri! Stuck Co., iu "'Hie Cluiu 1'eddlcr," 
and ctiicmutogrupli. 

Novkliy 1 at. l.ovcrlch. muiiugerl.— "The 
Lighthouse Itobhery," by the stock eompauv, 
Jaand week (the Urst week of melodrama at 
IbUihonae). drew well. "A Man of Mystery" 
followed, und is doing « good buslnes*.. 

li ischcii'x 1 R. A. l-'lscher. munngcr) — 

wSSPSP A au . ( !. «;™": 'I'he Musical 8blr- 
cys. I Ise her * All Slur Musical Comedy Co . 
!ti The llulvl riliu-l',"" uuil inniloii ple- 

Cc, booked for Jim. lii-llO, at the Maton 
Opera Itaure, canceled. . .*. Krederlc^ IVttrde. 
during;: Ida lecturing visit, was lliu' recipleiit 
of mniiy iitteuiioiu from lils wnr'ni 'joraonal 

■i n . i " 

ouklniiii.— At Hie Muedonough (Chai. P. 
nail.' mannger) the Orphciun Jtopd Sbo^ 
drew, capacity. houses Jan. 24, 1!5.- ''A' Jolly 
American Tramp.'V.iour. pcrformnnees, drew 
well 27,.i;8. Benettt for Co, V, 1*1 fib Hegl- 
ment.-X. «. of.Ual.. In' "For -the Kcd; White 
and lliuc," 20, hod o capacity liousc. Wiu. 
11: West's Mlustrels Keb. 2, 3, Kane© OiXclll. 
In repertory, r» audi week. ■' ' 

'■Liusnxn (Hi W. -Itlshop, munngeri. — 
Illshop's Coninaiiy.of Players drew .'opacity 
houses, in, "When We- 1 'We're- T»vcnty-ono. ' 
week cndliifi'.Tan, SSlV'ttexnlar Ubcrty StiH'k 
Cov.lnrlf T Were Kina," 20 to Kcb. 0. "How 
Baxter Hutted. In"- follows. ■ ■ 

Ciiksci.'st (It. i:. Cnllnbon, manager). • 
The Orescent Stock Co.. in "The Vower of 
tlic Cross." drew excellent audiences week 
eudlnjr. Jan. 2S. Lander Hteveus, supported 
by the recnlar slock company. In ••whose 
J'.ahy. Are You )" 20-l' , eb. i: :, Thc Muskcleers" 

llKt.i. (Ed. Iloiniin, manager), — Features 5 
and week: Hervey 1'lnk, Hebrew, impersoun- 
tpri.Bel] Trio, singers and comedians; '(Jeo- 

Stuart, comedian ; lUabel- Howard; In 'pictured 
mftloillcs; Karlc uud Wilson, hi niuslcul net. 
Eiccllcut business rule* 

NovrxTV (Tony Lulielskl. luuimger).— At- 
tractions » and week: Iling umT WlUlams. 
prcsentlne " the Asylum;" Jus. H. 
Sadler, llliuUraled singer: Probutie'o, cceentrlc 
Juggler; the Halls. In "The I rlili • Uncle's 
visit:" Bliiy Morton, hlHL-kfucc comcdlnti : 
the Orent. Simtell. In feats of streugtl.. and 
the Novelty pi'ojeetoacope. Business is ftwd- 

Ettran (Kueks ■& Carlson, lunnugers).— 
Bill aurt week: Dupren nnd Leu eh, comedy 
hlogcrs and dancers: Jue.Drcnno, comedian' 
rtomulne nnd Pitch, nrcsentlnit "Matrimonial 
IMBlcultles ;" Jennie lloberts. fllnstruled ting- 
er: James Brior Woodthurpe. and company, 
presenting "A Pleasant Surprise," and latest 
l.mplrc motion picture*-. Business Is good. 
* . ■■ 

Snn nicfco.— At the Isis Theatre (Dodge 
« Wyatt. ranuacers) Alice Nlclson drew good 
amities Jan. 22-2I. Frederick Ward old goii 
bnylncss 20. 27. Viidmu Modjoska 30, "l. 
blleford StockCp. 1'cb. fl-ll). 

BicKwicK.— High ' class Tiuderille here. 

*♦ " >*> : - 


f.bnrlalii*.— At the Acodeiuy of Muelc 
(Marl K. Nathan, manager) "The School 
Ulrl'. hml cowl huslness .fun. 20. "-The 8lgn 
of the CrosH." drew a fair house 30, giving 
P. very excellent performance. "The Tender- 
foot ' drew big business 81. "The 1 Itnjnlr of 
Bhous". Feb, J. "The Hell- 10 the Hoorafa" "•• 

J. I'.KiiNAiin was: n xuest nt the 
lieefsleuk dinner tendered to Abe Tlinlhelmer. 
by his friends, Jnn. 18, nt ('liur.-iillPB,'. Sew 
^orli. Mr. 'I'ii :. 11 i'l u 1 .1- Is now- enniic.'lr(l'»ll!i 
Kiim II Harris nnd liiM. M. ('nliuirs wHH- 

panics. . 







unuirenl.' — At Ills. -Majesty's (H. ,<). 

1 »i.'i»» v <w-MB«nc tfWWi(i(rt»«i man.. 

*C>™"ram. 1 tick and llarry" nnd crmwl- 

Tfci**n W^^i-SSKWEP > An*^ 

, in •■ivacv from Paris 12-17. 

•meAw: FiuNOts (!•'. W. Le Clair, man- 
Jn wiChlid Slaves: of - New rork" ... come 
'? JortT houses last, week. "The street. .Sing. 
l° P fTlO.'>Ilo#, Baxter -Butted. In" 12,17.. - 

*nrATBE BOtHU (H. C. i Egerton, mann- 
„J\ ~-Ble hnu ww greeted the -tfancotto Hur- 
£iW C* 'last week. The Colonial Belles 
'fTthe-Callfornla "Girts 12-17. _ „ 

Ti'iKiTim Pes- Nouvxaittts (JL Ttavenx, 
„'.. M rl.. — The permanent. French stork 
Sy In "La Itafele," hod fair houses 
£ffiwWk.<< "Telede.Llnotte" SrlO. 

TiirJiTiin , Natioxai. Fb.incais (Q. -Gati- 
rrend' manager).— The permanent French 
IfXcompadr. ,Ui. "£«,,. Millions do 
i"pmiete." had good business last week. 
■ti Mere CoiipablV fi-10. ■ 

\Vi'sn>sOR Ham..— .Marie Hall a big 
house Jan. -80. Coming, Marteau Feb. 6.- 

\*TM— The BIJou, which was recently 
..nincd with vaudeville, closed Jan. 27. Tho 
tiealre will open -Pen. 8. with. parr, of rho 
French -troupe -which- recently -closed at thn 
Theatre Francals, the performance holngen- 
tlrelv In French... ...Montreal will hnve ft 

Dreamland like Coney Island, on a smaller 
vale; > this Summer. Its designers nre.Klrhy, 
MR and- Orecn. ■ who designed /Dreamland. 
Tire new park' will be nnmed Stnrlnnd, and 
trill he situated on the bank at tho St. Law- 
rence ftlver.-nbont 'twenty minutes' ride on 
ihe street cars from tlio heart of tho city. 
The attractions will Include: Scenic railway, 
rhoo'- the chiUeSchtimp the bumps, belter 
skelter, trip to the moon, Hell-gate.- Oanrk, 
Hade's tour ■ around ■ the World.. -merry-go* 
'-mrad. -electric swings, etc. A special font- 
urewlll bo Ibe -music , linll, In which will oc- 
f\irr a reproduction of' the ballet of the New 
York Hippodrome. Tne-heat 'vaudeville acts 
trill be engaged, and there will also be dfteon 
sideshows and a ball room. Ir la- exported 
that Stnrland will prove a hie drawlng-card, 
ii3 nothing of this kind has been attempted 

here before. ■ *-*-• < : 


Toronto.-- At tho Princess (O. B. Shep- 

nafd. manager), - week . of Jan. 20, Lulu 

tilaser. In "Miss Dolly Dollars," hod very 

large business. "The College Widow" Feb. 


SUSP OrEKA -House (A. J. Sranli, tnan.v 

T Du* 

« w j._X»t M. -Wills.- in "The Duke of Du* 
lath,' 1 'did big; business last week. "Tom, 
MMi and. Harry'" C-10 

ilA.ifsiio -.(A.- J; Small,-- manager). — 
'Uncle Tom's 'Cabhi'.'.-.'dtd' good Imslness lost 
week. -"For Hie Brother'*. Crime" GOO. ■■•■< . - 

BuE.i's (J. Slien, manager). — A good card 
and packed houses i last week.' BUI for week 
of .3: Arthur.. Puna and Mnrle (Hazier, In 
•The VflinnngilFf rhiy;" Willy Zimmerman, 
Luna Aug.' KIMer Tenley, Four Famous Wei- 
«ot>ft, La-Vallee. Trio, . Joe Kelt-hen's dogs, 
and kinetouriiph. -:i- . . ;«.< .•••,' "■' ( 

Siiui -(In ; \V.-- Stair, .manager). — The New 
Cmfittr/ Chris., drew- , to. -capacity Inst week. 
T&0..Mnscotte»Co. 5-10.: '■■>■. ..'■ ■ ■ .-> .•••-. 
. Ma's'SUY MKSIO KAI.T. (Rtnnrt Houston, 

malinger?.— Tho.' National Chords,- the Dam* 
rfr»ih • iSympftaiiy .Orchestra • and ,.Mn rie Hall 
gate', twfl.apjfjtfdid conccrtti 20; iiO, and drew 
to' (he cflpao^iiHi'%; s 'ti.'-,M.-S.-. -V- 

. ^,'ft ; ■ ^-. . 

• i HomiMi»ii.~At; the- fjrhnii .Opera l!ou» 
(X)' B; Cou'ddn; 'mnangcrl '.'"fho Volunteer 
urg(ifilit',"' , Jan.. 2f, hftdMarire- nnd pl.ensed 
jiitdlcnres.' :i Stinimcrs' Stm-k'Co.,- 20-Feb.> .1. 
dirt, ft'ind Ims'lhesvi. la repertory. "The Pnke of 
l)nlitih''V«.!'.";Pei,'i?y.'. I'rofn Toris" 7i E'gnr 
L'SoIr (local) 8. "Tjnrte Tom's Cabin" (Mnr- 
tin's) n, -3<V ''Tlie : Kmunssy- Ball" 14, "The. 
sultan of Sulu" 15.'HnmIIn>n Festival Choir 
iloeall 10, "The Fatal Wedding" 17. 

mill' (J. ii. Appleton, manager). — Bill 
wee|t of s:. The Right Cnntaltaa, Tom-tiillen, 
Maieuii and Ardetf; the Mnglnleys. r.he Musi- 
cal flnrtletts,- Helen Marlon Smith, and Tas- 
ter and llalta--- •-. ■■*■■ ■ -■■■ 

' ,:*'!%■-,'; ■ ' '. ' ; ■ . . .1 ■' 

WlaitlpeKr—At the WlhttipcgTheatro (C. 
P. "•'■waller, manger) '-The.' College Widow," 
Jan. 20, ,wlj;h oil-, prices advanced. , turned 
crowds ■M.tHir eacli nljht, 'fiw performniice 
was splendid'. "Buster Bfown^' ftl-Feb. .1-.;, 

'poxtiNlox "(P; DOnglas. mflnhser).-7-G.ond 
business: 'Bill' for week of .IaO. 21); Hnrfy 
Corson .CJarke and. company, the 0e Mniho, 
Adilins and Fdwards, Dc.Mora ,and .Oracctn, 
Beaty and.Pvlce.'.tnc Herrmanns, Fontlnnelle, 
and (lie. klnodiQWei : ..'•,...., ":■ ■ , ■• 

;puoti -iNash' &"BiirrowH, piroptletors).^- 
Big' tmslnesfNtllr keeps np: Bill for week of 
Jan.:20: ..Ida.How'eflr, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
i:jl8!fQrth. ahd. company, the Jiillans, Alfred 
ABdcrson, Daly and Murphy, Mony Long, and 
moving pictures..',. .• ,,~...;~\-. —'. 

"•■" ■*u. M, l .<-' ', ■ ; » .' t ... .' ' ' ■ ■, .... 

JJ*. JoUpi.— At ;tlio Opera nouse,. (A. . O. 
Skinner, innnager) the 12d\yard Ellis Stock 
Co./opencd Its second and last week Jan, 30, 
with- a good/, performance of "Tho Tolnt of 
Vlewr 1 to: good'hitslncsts. Ed. EllUvtiea, Tav-. 
net), \Borft Booth arid. .Sara Sumner deserve 
mehtloii. Ed. Rills, and FVelyn Frnncls gave 
pleasing specialties. The company snlJRlt- 
tntfld "The Idol," Feb. 1-X fftr 'Tnjing the 
Piper," which; had been miderl inert. Wallo 
Comedy Co. follows. 

Tobk . (Bv . J. Armstrong, manager) .—Tho 
Mnddnrt Stock Co. opened: Us second and 
Inst : , week Jnn. .20, with n jKTfoi'mancc of 
"The Two Orphans." pleasibg. lo fair busi- 
ness." W. h. Stewart and Lenh Stoddart do- 
nerve .mention. West'- unit Bertram, Fdylho 
Le.Mora. Jimmy. Falrbaiiks aurt Ralph Wool- 
ley, contributed specialties. ■ Repertory ■ for 
tile' rest of .the wei?k : "Wnifs of New. York." 
"Tho Senator's Daughter,"' "The .Christina," 
"The Moonshiners" and "Fans!." The New 
Yfltk ropera Co.j. £, Ijidollnltn,. . 

..> -. . ..' ■ ' . 

Ottawa, — At th.> Russell Then Ire ,(T. 
Caiman, manflger) "His Illglmess-thc Bey" 
did fair business Jan. . 20, 27. ', Kelcey and 
Shannon,, Ih "The Lightning Conductor," hod 
good ■ returns' i 20. ' SO. The Fays Feb. = 5-10, 
l.nwrence. P'Orsay 12, Bep Creel's Plnyers 
)3.,J4,,"Tl]o Pevfl's Auction" 15, 1(1. "Peggy 
from PaHs" 30i 20:- ■-; ■ 

.QniMn OpEitA-,H6DRn, ; {Ri ,J/ nirdwhlstle. 
manager) :-^"Bdrn In the pldotl" Jani 2I5 ; 27, 
Plensed; .1'Saved frotn the Sea" j>layod to 
good business 20-81. "The Fatal Step" Feb. 
l-3..:"«lrKof,t:be Streets" 3-7, "The Mysteri- 
ous Mr. nalficaV 840. ... ,. ... 
' J:.':rsr:-j% . '-"; ' ' ■ ". ' !* ' i , '.. ' '; - 

BeMiBf. — At thaBerlln Opera nouae 
(Frank Ford, manager) "The Parting of tba 
Ways," Jan. 31, playad to. good business. 
"Peck's Bad Boy," Fehf;-2, gave a creditable 
pcrlormance, to a eoodj^tibuae. 

' • K.^AS, 

WloliHa.— At ib(r"Crawford Tbentre (Ii. 
I..". Martllng, uianngetJ vTlie>. Bleeping lieauty 

I'.lttkav wme : to-fnii' jmsiuosn-S.-.' PauJ.OIl- 
oiore', BfliJ'C'apfaln'' Pcbphhalre.' 1 ^pleased' " 
ial'ne riudlence, ; .r..', -Goming; "The Fortune 
Teller" 7,'<!TlH>..Lriml ofrNod" », '■-.< 

Totrn AruX«UU( (II.. G. Toler & Son. 
Pioprletors). — Herbert Leon." Cope lectured 
to' a large nudleneo 2, :.Tfjb Honolulu Mln- 
-itrelrf; hud ntc*.,,b,uslnQSB' £.. The Mlddleton 
Cobcelt Co. iphiriscd.a largqi-audlenee «.• 
<llM0f Tiifcae CC. - KlDlMtta, mnnaner). 
—Dili for -week o/ r, : fa\m\,nn<\ Dolus, 
Anna I^.nnBo«(,;. Jerry IL- Hni'iell, Bllen 
Mnsaey. mrfitrs rmd pictures. ■'..-« . ... .■ 

tnriftn thExtiir (u. w. WiiFon,'monig»D. 
—People Jor week of "i : The Callhliuus, Iaic 
Tting.F'oo,. Theo. -Feaslev, Geo. A. Kershaw, 

sonas and. pictures. 

BtlClllq AS, 

f ^'Jf, "'" - '** tbe Detroit Opera House IB. 
C.^bltney minngert "The College Widow" 
Sit Ji re . s ? n l ed / >y ■ » m e 1 * 1 "* cota|*ny. and 
S^iT^e"*- 1 ^ Jf" >n , eri ' ,,U! ' to «»-*' ot tue season, 
^L 0f i*?l 2 ?', Sa - m .««'"<rd. In "TH,s IU$ 
i'j?.. 5,7? rt ' •*'''• 0-T; "The 1'rlnre of I'll- 

•jMfCOBM' m. p. stair, manager).— "Me, 
Ulm and r'- entertained fnlr sized houses 
««ek of Jan. a«, Ceorgo Sidney, in "Busy 
liay's Vacation," Feb. 4-10. . 

~Al*Wf59t * Dr ' ^nmpbell. manogor).— 
Tbe Livingstone Stock <Co. presented "Pu 
iiarry, td good slied houses, Inst week. Tbo 
same, company, la "Robert liamet." 4-10. 

WuiTxwf. (E.- D. Stair, manager).— The 
Russell Brothers, In "The Crent Jewel Mys- 
UTM entertained crowded houses butt week. 
"Coster's Last Fight" 4-ki. ' — 

TpsiPLK t J. If. Moore, msnager).— Last 
week s lending hit was Rose Coghlan and 
winpnny, the others were all'exveltent, and 
S. K. ,0. rided. Attractions Cor week of 
Include: The - Batrows-Lancastep company. 
« lllle Lckstoln, .Howard's ■ corned v ponies and 
***« , Lcroi and, Woodford, . Murpby. and 
iTiinels, Allt?e Pierce, the Spook' Minstrels, 
and Tares English Comedians: 

Avexi-i! (PrewA Campbell, managers). — 
— The Chewy Blossoms offered a good cn^ 
tertnlnment, and drew good houses last w«olc. 
The Merry Maidens 4-10. 

CBVsr.»ii L . (J.-.J. Nash, manager). — Last 
weeusblH was -up to the usaul standard, 
and good attendance ruled. Attractions for 
week of ft- Include: The, Dorothea Sisters, 
Anna Franklin, Iloso and Lemon, Valols and 
Clayton, Oliver. .Wllber, and the klnodrome. 

• v . . ... n * ... 
,,, ,i ^ , * ,n • , * ^• — At the Academy of Musi«- 
(H..A. Bush, manager) ''Why (Jlrls Leava 
Home", did good Jan. 20. "The Barling of 
the, (rods' 'hail a fair house 30. "The Prince 
of, t Pl!sca" drew a big house 31. Hereto 
kallch, In "Monna Vannn,'! did big business 
Feb. 1. Mra Flake, In 'Leah Kleschna," 2; 
"Just Out of College" 7, North Bros.' Com- 
edy Co< 8-10. . 

Bwot; (W. 3. Butterfleld, manager).— 
Large houses. .here, with continuous valid* 
Tllle of a high order, which Is proving s 
winner. ... . . 

Note. — The Bllou, our new vaudeville the. 
atre, opened Its doors Jan. 22, and has been 
doing. a bigger business than tbe management 
expected, continuous vaudeville being an In- 
novation here. Tbe house sents six hundred, 
and stage Is thirty feet In width, with a 
twenty foot proscenium. The .theatre has 
ground floor and balcony, and dtted through- 
out with gas arid electric, fixtures. There are 
three exits from the ground floor, and two 
from the balcony. W. S. Dutiernclil It 
lessee nnd manager, W. W. Potts, local innu-. 
ager; AV. AY. Haines, :stage manager; (leurg* 
Otterbeck, electrkiau ; Jennie Thurston, Tu 
the box olBce... . .. .. 


i.rini.i Uii|iiii». — At the New Powers 
(Harry Hi. Soiumera. & Co., managers), — 
"The Prince of Pllsen," Feb. 2, played to S. 
R. O. Comlug: 'Must' Out of College" u, 
"The. Gingerbread Man" 0, 10, Olga Nether- 
sote,. Iif vSapho," .10. r 

• Afi>iTOUjt.n (Austin Mcl.'ndden, mana- 
geri: — Dertba Kallch,--. .Jan... 27. played to 
crowded liouses.' Coming: Mrs. b'lske. In 
"Lenh KlejChria," 3;,"Enst Lynno.'". , 

■Mwkstic (,0rin Stnlr. manager): — "Busy 
lazy'g- Vncatlpn,"- Jan.- 2S-31, played 
prjchy houses, -., as did '"-'tllle- Black Crook" 
Fql>f -. 1-3. '.Coming: '"Me. film -and. I" 4-7, 
Eugenie Dlnir, ir, "Oliver Twist." 8-10. 

'Uiixxn.', OiT.n.t - floinus (Churchill &, Davis, 
m-tungers)'.— V'n'.dcville qitracilona.for week 
ofFo'.i. l.lniloae: Knjncrnlus, -Knight Bros., 
Phve and l'erclo :Mnrtln. francos Kohluaou, 
Pele'r J- Smllli;and the .Wheeling WJieclocks. 

•Smith's (.Mrs.- W. B. Smith, manager).'— 
Week of Jnn. i!8. the laiperliil Hurlesquers 
played io> vrovi-ib'd houses. Coming: Tho 
Cherry Itlossoms )vc?k of Feb. 4. 

I. ii HHinic. — At. Balrd's 0|>cra House (I'red 
J... Wllllnjiis, mnniigi'ri "Why (ilr)s Leave 
Home" cftine Jan. "7.. to good nouses. Bertha 
Kallcb pfeaented "Monna Vnnna" :i0, to a 
well pleased, audience.. "Tbe . Fatal Wed- 
ding" followed, Ul, lo paying business. "Busy 
lay's. Vacation.:'! drew well Feb. • 1. "Tbe 
l>iu'; the iJods" Is. , promised good 
good, houses -2. "Thn Prince of Plhien" a, 
.Ma,|e.stlc Stock Co. .ft, 'The nt" C, "The 
Toilars". 7. .-.« .: it -.'>■ •: - . . . . ■ . .. 
■••Burnt ID. J. Ilobsnu, manager). — ^Week of 
Jan. 29: W41U. and -Baron. West nnd Benton, 
Musical Spragusllos, Parish, Win. Pe Doe, 
ilex Murphy and bioscope, . ■ ■' • - : 

SnKlniiTi-. — At i he Academy (Jos. , Pearl- 
sfelri, aaanager) "Human Hearts" pleased 
two fair hnases.Jan. £S,> 20. Crocker's edu- 
cated ponies enme to good "business 30, 31. 
"Busy Izsy's A'neatloh" Feb. 3. "The Ka- 
mi, 'Wedding" 4, ft. Eugenie' Blair, . In "Oli- 
ver Twtet,', r C; "The Pit" 7, "The .Ginger- 
bread. Man" ' 8. .:'... . 

JEmms (Marks &. Ely, managers). — Bill 
wrek «r ft: Musical Nolan, Rodell-HerberC 
Trio, Ln Adelln, niler & Co., Vlntoa and 
Clavtnn nnd Jns. T. Pervln. 

NbfK. — David ' llelilscn'a • production - of 
"The Darling of the Gods," was presented at 
Jfirers Theatre, Feb. 3, and Mrs. Fiske will 
appear thern 10.-.. -••-•-. . — 

» M 

Battle pie aa fc' . " A t thn Post (E. R. 
Sniith. .manager) 'WW l*rlncn of I'lisen," 
Jnn. .10, aud Iterthh Knlich, 31. both plensed 
large ainllence». • '"The flingerbrend Jjnii" 
Feb. <1, VhinrenleBlnlr 7, "A Hot. Old Time" 8. 
,11'unn (W. S. Btitterlleld, manngi'r). — This 
Ik one of tlmmo'st capacloiis vnudnvlllo houses 
In' the Rtittc, nnd In pnckcil. every night. 
HJll for.; week, of ft: LouIm Lchmnnn, Will 
King, Wnlslrand Lignon. Jiunes IL. Crowley, 
the Fotiet Family, and' Cllnetoscope. 

Buy Clty.r^At the. WaBhlnifton (W,. J. 
Daunt, manairar) Crocker's educated animals, 
Jan, 28-30, plensed greatly. "The Forbidden 
land," 31, canceled. -.,. "The Gingerbread 
Man" Feb. 7,. \\ T llton Yncknye, iti "Tho Pit," 
6 :;"It» Tollers" 11. Xi. , ■ ■ -r - 

Biiou if. p: Pilmdre. manager) .— Bill 
weeKof VTan. 20 : Musical Bartletts, the Prod- 
erlcks,' ,the De .Aeos.-.tlie Pe Orces, Jennie 
By'croft and the bjojgt'nuh, .^.. 

• •i . ... ' ■ ' , • ,' * ■■ i • ' i- 
..rnt-liaoti.— At 'the Athcnteum (U. J. Por- 
ter, resident manager > May -Irwin, in "Mrs. 
Blhck Is flack," Jan: 27,- played to. capacity. - 
"The Barllag of the Gods," 31. pleased a 
luree" uudleuee. "The Forbidden Land," Feb. 
]•/ fared woll. HI Henry's Minstrels 3, "The 
OrHgafhread Man" ft, "Tho Toilers" 0, "The 
Prliire of Pllsen"' 7, Mrs. Flske 8, "A Hot 
Old Time" 0, "Lltlly JOhuuy Joues" 21. 

— " ■ ' «»» ■■ : 


IH'M . Milium.— At 'KTokIit's. .'Ouew- House 
(Wu. .Foster, ninunger) '.'The.' Ism nf- Hang 
linflg' ntlracicrt ii. gaod. crowd .laii.' 'JO. ITih 
M»ri'hy,, In "A'TesHs Steer," Oiled Jbe tiotisn 
to rapacity '.in.- '.Tiir'slfdl'.' Feb. 2, I, "I'lff: 
PsfCl M'nuH.:!" 7. ■> ... . . .. 

AtiiiforiiifH , (Wjii. Foster, manager).— 
"Ilea Hill'" .diovved to Hie largest huslnesx Ih 
Ihn- dilatory of (his house Jnn. 25-27, tilling 
the hom-e to lift utmost, nt all four perform* 
aiiees." , 

OtiAxn Orrr.v Ilorsr (Wm. Foster, mnna- 
geri. — "\Vhv Women Sin'! showed, to good 
RUM crowds -2.V2". Top heavy houses eo- 
Joyert 'iFnst Life tn New York" 2)1-31. 
"Tracked Around, the World" Feb. 1-3, 
"Shadows of a Great City 4-7. 

Mibrob (W-. It. Gourley. manager).— 
"Dcadwood Pli-k Jr." by the nugh Morrison 
Stock Co.. week of Jan. l'O. -StriU'k Uns" 
Feb .1-10. 

Euriun (M. Knrger. manager) .--Tills 
horise opens Feb. ft, with the fallowing 
bonked : The Great Znrn nud company, Evans 
nnd Kv-iim. John Byrne, Beach nnd Rnrlh, 
the Throe Rotihiliut* Gorddhs, Welch and 
i.econ, Maude Rock veil and .pictures, 

llr.iot; d'r.ed Buclmnnn, mnnnger).— Mllr 
1I0 Pros.,- Ramsey Sisters, Gllmore nnd Car- 
roll, Maude l,o Pnge. Tern V. Welch and the 
klnodro'ne are drawing large crowds week 
of Jnn. 59. Week of Feb. ft : Armstrong and 
\erne. Uon and Mae Gordon, Batter Bros., 
am' Zamp" 

Note. — Tbe staff of Ibe new Empire The. 
,atu. ihciuoi'h: At. (1. Knrger, proprietor nnd 
mannger; Lewie T. Knrger. treasurer; llert 
liolrtmnn, doorkeeper: Cims. Mri'lure, stngi> 
iiiaiinaer: .0. Sweiizcr, ciinontcr ; I'. Jones 
scene painter. 

Fort DoiIkc-.u the Midland (A. 11. 
Beall, manager) Harry Bcrcsford. In "The 
Woman Hater," "Jan. 20. and Rose Cecilia 
Shay, In "Paul Joties." -25. pleased. V. M. C. 
A. lecture course, 27, was well received. 
"Parsifal" Feh. 1, "Shadows of rt Crent City" 
S, Flora Pn Vossc Co. week of 5. 

Lvnic- (Louis A. Hnnvey, mnnnger) will 
open na a vnndevillo house Feb.' ft, under 
the management of the Orpheum Vaudeville 
Co.. with beadriuarters at Sioux City, nnd 
Louts A. Hnnvey as resident manager. . Mati- 
nees will be given every afternoon, nnd two 
performances every evening. Popular prices 
will rule, and a change of programme made 
twice each week; People for week ot Feb. ft : 
Captain Illinium's trained life saving dog*. 
Field nnd Towner. Mnrle Giriird, Hiuivev :ind 
Hnnvey, and moving pictures. The house 
atdir Includes : L. V. Hanvey, innniiger ; Mrs, 
It. V. Hnnvey. pianist ; (,'. Caldwell, scenic 
artlat: F. W. Rome, at the door; 0, E. Ks- 
singer, stage mnnnger, and II. Perlng, Mber, 

I)nv<>«iior(. -At the lSnriU Opera UoOM 
(Direction Choniberlin, Kindt & Co.) ".No- 
body's Claim.'!, ma tinea and evening Jim. 28, 
did well. "The Telephono Glrl."-2li, pleased. 
WInninger Bros.t Co., In repertory.. ;10-Feb. '\, 
fared well, fpnul Jones" 4. Wulker White- 
»idf, in ,'TIenrt and Sword." It ; "Fust 
Lynne" 7. ICva Tnnguny S. "Shadows of a 
• i/cnt City'' ;i. "The Hoineseekcrs" 11, "Miss 
Boh While" 12, "Arizoun" 10. .-. 

Ki.m; 1 Direction t'hnrles Derkell).— Jnn. 
SOunrl week. Lena Kline, lilnghnm and (In- 
ble, Marion Livingston, Hnrrlxih Bros., did 
well. Dill week ot, Feb., Si Ben 1 ham nnd 
Freeman, Hope nnd Tools, ami the Gi-eiit 

Uensley, .,. ,.■-.,.-. 


• Bni'linston.— At .the Grand (Chnm'oer- 
lln, llnrrlngtoii ,& Co., mnnngers) ".N'ohody's 
claim.' Jan.. .10, drew n full- house. Hmiihv 
Ilellned Snccluliy Co. :il, "Mm Dob Whlln" 
Feb. .". "Mat Lyune" S, "Paul Jones" li, Bva 
Tnnguny 10. "The. Little (JuicnsC HI, 

G.utgiCK. — Bnsinci'S here U gelling belter 
all the time. The shows satisfy the peuiile 
S... II: 0. bus .been up (he past week. Dill 
week commencing Feb. ft : thus. (.'. Classen, 
Hnmsey Sisters. Kobcrlson's il.igs, Frank Km- 
erson. Wolf nnd Wilson, Vesta Montrose and 

Sunt. — Manager Vic Hugo has acrptlred a 
new plnyhouse ill Clinton, 11 nil Is negotiating 
for another at Streolni'. III. These,, with 
tho one here, nnd another at. Cedar Rnplds, 
this State, will make it- line holding for this 
enterprising aiid-siicconsful manager. 
. . » , 

Ce>dur Bnplila. — At Greene's Opera House 
1 Will S, Collier, business mannger 1 "A Run- 
nw-ny Tramp." Jnu. 20. did top heavy busi- 
ness. Mnrtln & ICnier.v's drainatlsod "Parsl- 
fnl," "v. drew a'cll. "The. Isle ot Bong 
Hong," Feb. H. pleased. , Johnson-Harring- 
ton Stock Co. ft-10, except 7, when tbo "Paul 
Jones" Opera Co, appears. Bryant & Swain 
Co. 14, 1ft, "Miss Bob White" 17. 

• Peoflf.'h (Vie. lingo, mannger). —Capacity 
business nnd tine attractions. Bill week of ft: 
rs'omlia's Japanese. Troupe< Mitchell nnd Love, 
Alice Lewis, Travelle nnd Landers, Lottlo 
Muaroe and tbe. olograph. ■■ 

. Notn. — Harry Burton was hero 20, c» 
rhutt- to What Cheer, In., to Jola the Parker 
Amusement Co. — >. -:■:— 

, ,>'■■»■ i -.. ., 

Duiiiiiiiie. — At tie . Orand Opera llonsn 
(Wm. T.' R'nehl,' manager) "A • Hunch of 
Keys" had- a fair hoilac Jan. 20. Era Tnn- 
giiay,- in "Tlie Sambo Girl." Feb. 2, "Tho 
Isle of .Itnng Hong" II, "Haul Jones" 11, Thos. 
R. Wion, In roperUiryvT2'17. ■ 

Bijoi' ( Jnko Rosentllnl. mnnnger). — Dill 
last week consisted of Wolf and Wilson, 
Armstrong nnd Vorn, Henry Van Fohsod, 
Ibe M'.isU-nl Forrests,.' tho Nambns, nnd the 

klnodrome. ■ 

■ t ... 1 

Roone.— Aries Opern lions'* (Wiley A 
Klrby, tonnsgers) was dark week of Jan. 29. 
Woodward Stock Co. will play week of reb. 
5, In repertory. 

■ ■ . * »» ' 

Wiluiliiirton — At IheGruud 0|wra House 
(Jesse K. llu.Vlls. manager) Al. 11. Wilson, la 

She Garnliin Gipsy," drew u fair house Jnn. 
. Johu Prow, In "lie Unoey." had u large 
Uildiciicc Feb. 2. Kirn Kemiiil, in "The Mne- 
ga'r lluver," wus well received S. Kellnr ft, 
"The School Girl" H, Hnwc's moving pkUUes 

•. -(j'AKtiicif (W. ,L. Pock'tsder, manager 1. — 
Good'hiisl,"jess cohliiui'v. B)H for- week of j: 
Henrietta' de Sctrls . and her French model. 
fjharlc».Ouyer..and Beth Stone, mild and 
Hassan, Trovollp, Bessie Gilbert, Harry In 
UJse aud company, and Taylor Sisters. 

lAcrt'Sf . (Padlel Hum'rihrle*. manager).— 
"How Hearts Ave Broken" did big business 
Jim; Jft-rtl.' "The Flaming Arrow" drew 
crofrdnd houses Feb. 1-3. Chnrles T. Aldrtcb, 
In "Secret Service Snoi," ft-7 ; "Mug of the 
(inlnrii Ring" 8-10, Hilly Kerssnd's Minstrels 
12-14, "The House of Mystery" 13, 10, 

luilliinmiolln, — At F.ngllsh's Opera House 
(Ad. F. .Miller, manager) Pnvld Proctor, la 
"A Message from. Mars," Jam 27, mntlnen 
and night, pleased large nud , appreclntlvo 
audiences. Wright Lorlmcrt In "The Shep- 
herd Klng,"-20'»1, supported by a largo and 
•capable. company, gave ah. arllstlc perform- 
ance, to very -.big business. "Tho Ginger, 
bread Man" Feb. 1. 2, Ham Bernard, ln "The 
Rollicking Glrt,"-:i; "The Clansman" 5, 0,' 
"simple. Simon Simple" H, Andrew Mack 0, 
Hi. Mmo. Calva 10. 

P»nK TueATUB (Dickson A Talbott, mana- 
gers). — "Under Southern Skies," Jan. 20-31, 
drew big business. ."A. Sou of Best" Feb. 
1-n, "The Belle of Avenue A" ft-7. 

GiuNt) Orau. Hoi/SB (Snafcr Zleglcr, man- 
ager). — Bert Coot and .company, In "A Win 
Street Lnnih." scored a big success -last week.. 
The Peliln Kouat'en, who live here, were the 
reclplan-t's of many social attentions during 
the week, and business .tested the capacity. 
of the house. BUI week of Feb. ft: Wilfred 
• inrke und.coidpiiti.r, tliu Bolses, Porta Trio, 
Vernon, Artie linll, John., Zlinwcr. liryuut 
ami Savlllc, Dlclisoit and Anger, nnd the blo- 
scone. -.. . 1 ... ■ - v ...,,. „ ._ 

Umpirr (Cans. Zimmerman, manager).— 
Miner's Merry IlurleMqueni ilid'good buslueso 
last week. 'The Thuroughhreds. week of Feu. ft. 

Note.: — Mary. Howe will' be tho sololsl ot 
the Penple'y, concert, at Cable Mills linll. 12. 
. .. . .McGregor Opera Iliiuse, at. Ilrfr/ll, Ind., 

wat dostroyefl by. ilccVcn. .1. 

,' ■ I ' . . » ' , > . 

Kvnn«vllle.— At the Grabd . ( 1'odlev .% 
iiiircti, roanntlrerii) "Mrs, .'i'c.iaple's Tela, 
gram," 20. called out n big bouse and kept 
It In an uproar. Jack Ilnofller Co. ilO-i-olj. 
,'lj'dld spU'ndldlj-. . Mrs. Flsko 5, Yorke iind 
Adams 1. PrlmroHO'.'i Aliustccls .11, "The Jlnid 
nnd the .Milium v" ■ in, locnl liilon', under the 
direction of I'rnf. Will Davidson, plays 
eomle opern, 14, .ft; "Babes In Toy land" 

*■ '■ i' . * -i ■ 1 

l'nui"M;'M iTedicy &, mnirnvra), — 
Tills houso,' wtis , packed Jam • 2K, ni both 
innt lure nud ovculng . porfnrmnui'c", when 
Mary Kniersoh, Id '-"VVIll-o'-ilie'WIsp." ninile 
It most: decided ,hll. "Tlie .isle nf Spice" 
FebV ,-h ' "SIMple simou Slmidc 1 ' II, "The 
Slre'Rt Slhgee".TS. ,' 

^MOi' (Deo, jjelllnger, .manager). — This 
hattse-'iK. dally gaining In poptiiur. favor, and 
the two dally performance* me well nttendeil. 
BUI. week of Jnn. DO included : llrunii and 
Itusscll, Urn-!. Dunlin, Luce nnd Lure, and 11 
nuriiKer. of others. ■ • -, ■ 

Evans' Hali. - (Harry W. Wright, mam- 
g*r);— This skating rink Is well attended. 

Koto. — 3'he new-AVells nijon is urogreas- 
lng nicely In -blinding, and. judging from Hie 
plans,. the place Is to he one of tho hand- 
moiest theatre* in the West or South. Thn 
homo will be ready for an early Fill open- 

lojr. - ■ 

, ■ , . " ■ 1 1 ' ' *■ 

FrnriUfoi-t. — At the nllnn, (Langerimkc. 
A lYnffartl, iiMnogersi ' Tlte Marriage of 
Kitty',' came Jiid. St, to good business. "The 
Beauty Doctor. 20. crime to s. It. O, Howe's 
moving ptetufes Feb. !;,' 11., P. 0. Elks' Mtn- 
elreli (local) 8. 0. "A Bunch of Kejs" 1(1, 
"Simple. RImnn ijlmple" 17. ■ 

Cryhtac. (Ch'rts. Welsh, manager )..— Rig 
business Inst week. Bill week of Feb. ft ; 
Fngoa and Merrlaii, Ilui-ry Note. Guy's High 
Class Parlor .Xrihstrcls. Elmer Howell, and 
Choa. nnd Jennie- Welsh. 

Fort AVnyno. — The Temple Thcntr6 
(Frank E. Stouder, iiiHiinger) continues to 
receive the imtronniie Its inerltorlous offerl.iss 
deserve. Clurk nud Dnnciin, .Clans and Fields, 
Si-hcpn's dog nnd pony circus, George III1I- 
luan, Ziinfreiia nnd Mtiuslield, arid Nina Bar* 
hour, In Illustrated songs, closed a large 
week's business, Feb. ',',. For week of ft : f. 
Nelson Downs, World nnd Kingston, CMtM 
and Collins. Diidd llrolbers. Com Bench 
Tiunei' and' Nina llarlioiir. 

VIliceiincN. — At (||e Mc.Tunsey Thcatr" 
(Frank Oreen, mnnnger) "Mr*. Temjile's 
Telegram" ployed, to a huge nudlenee, ,lnn. 
30, jfrovlng n gocd nltractlon. with a strong 
cast. First Regiment Rnud, .'11, played to a 
packed house. Mnry Emerson, In "Will-n'- 
tho-WIsp," Feb. 3. Howe's. moving pictures (J. 

'■ ««♦ . 


Houston. — Al tbo Houston Then I re (Matt- 
r'ci- C, 'Mlchenls, mniiiiger-) June Coi'inriiu, 
In '.'l'n'tiv i'egfiy," Jnn. 2(1, 27. closed, 10 
tiyo big houses. . "H limply Diinlpty," 20, 
>'|ea«eii a big ImiiKe, 111. popular' prices.' Ar- 
thur .('. Alston's (.v.,, 30, Ii) "At the Old Cross 
ltouiR" nnd "Shadows on' the fK'tirlti," drew 
tAto fair houses. "Tlie Player Mala" Feb. 
2,' ft\ Cnlve 7. 

Mji,i. emtio '.FCanh F. Slurgl.s, mnimger). — 
The licidee is mirier new iiiai|iigcmt'nf. IIilsl' 
nes» Is excelleni, l lie theatre being tesied 
tlnlly to rapacity. The programme, 2P:Feb. 
", wn* one of the best yet offered, and em- 
bi'iii.od Francesco Redding Co., In ",\ly Friend 
from Texas;" Powell,' mnglclnn': Znzel and 
V«?riion. Loretlo Twins Trio, Russell nud St. 
Clair, Frnncls Folsom, Lemiilre nud I.emnlro, 
Illustrated mittgn nud ihe klnetogniph. 
. Kostfl, — The Soutliem Ampsoment. Co. hns 
been clmiiered for tl|e sole purpose of build- 
ing a then 1 re for Spring and Snmltier otlrne- 
tloiid. It will bo built nt the South. end, (lie 
moid,. ndvuiitiigeiuis locality thnl. could bo ob- 
tained, being easily reached by car lluiw, 
and In tlie midst of the heaviest populated 
portion of the city. ..... It i» rumored Hint 

the fihulirrt's nre con lemnlii ling building 11 
tficiltrn here, nud a half bind; nf ground 
recently sold to n syndicate tenfO Is (he foun- 
dation of the .tumor 

■ •• , :. . ' * ' 

"Uktrnatmir— -Al the Grnud Opern . louse 
(l)pvn Wels, manager) Mnry Marble, la 
"A'aucy Drown," did fairly well Jnn. 2(1, 27. 
"Shadows on thu Hearth" had good sliiwl 
houses 2«, inullnee and night. "At the Old 
Ci'.bsM Itmids" did fairly well 20. Kilties' 
Ilnnd -.Feb. ;l, Bnrlow Allnslreln 4, "David 
Durum" ft, "Robin Hood" 7, WIIIn f.'iuiiedv 
Co. 8- It, I'haliiieey fflcalt lfl. Mildred lloi- 
hind- 1 1. "Mia Wlggs, of thn (,'abhage I'ul-h," 
\U", Soiisii ill, Crestou Clarke 17. 


nnilliiinre. — At I'nrd's (Charles li. Ford, 
roariagsr) Marie Calilll begins a week's en- 
gagement Feb. S, in "Molly Moonshine." Rob- 
ert Mnutclt nlosed a wcek'of splendid busi- 
ness; In Shiikcspuilrcuu repertory, 'J. Blanche 
Walsh 12-17. - , 

lAt'AnciMY (Nixon & Zimmerman, mana- 
gers). — Olga Nothersolc opens .", In "SnpHfl." 
A, change of bill will be made nightly dur- 
ing' the wiick. Lnwrenre Dorsay cloned a 
fair- .week, with "The Uamtaw Ball," ii. Next 
week, K: II. Sothura nud Julia Mni-lowu, 

AtBAiioit'H (ftolierl I'. Irwin, tiinnngoi). 
— (M Wolf Homier will be seen In "linppy- 
la fid!' ; till*,' week. Cyril Scot I closed u week 
of fair business, with "Thu Prince Chnp," II. 
Margaret Angllu 12-17, in "Zlru." ,. .... 
AiDti'i/iiit.'M 1 James L, Kernau, manager). 
Die bouse we<-k ending ". "The Show iJlrf" 
inn-lion, npeulug ft. " flic llunnwiiys" packed 
thchulise well indllig 3. "The Show Girt" 
la Idlled fnr 12-17. 

M.liiVMxn (Jniiics It. Kernun, manager). 
■ —Anna live I'uv beads the bill Ibis week 
which Iniludes : /.Mianml Dae aud company, 
licnfin Thuibei'. Waller C. Kelly, the Six 
'•llpseri'ttn*. mill the Prints, The usual good 
buMiiess' tulell. 

pjt;w Cavkiv Tiik.wix.— This , handsome 
house, sltuntt'd at Biiitlmore Htreet and Cus- 
torn Ho use Aveune, opens. Its doom to the 
public, ... The initial production, will be 
kept b'led Irwin's Majesties. Tho theatre will he 
Fci>. devofed cxclwlvidy to burlcst|Uo, ithd will 
be under tho. management bud booking of 
Web»( A Bush, of No* Vork. The building 
Is tbreb eforles in height, nhd has a frontage 
■S m fcet.'O Inclieu on Unlilinore Stieet. and 
n 'depth or 117 feet fi lnch*i.. There will be 
two stores on the ground floor, with a 

»|UK-i«'.;s lobby In the renin'. Tilt' second. 
nnd 1 bled mo.-le-i v.ih each -have llvu rooms 
In the front, devoted to ollkc, purposes. Spe- 
rlnl attention has been given to tbe facade, 
which linn been deslgued III seiiil-i'lnssli; style 
•if plea- Inn' Hues and liarmonloil* erfeof. 
V feaitiie nf the front wilt Ik- the lighting 
effects. Tin' gallery Is entered from tho aide -, 
nli.'Ciulom llniise Avenue, entirely separated 
from tho front. A largo raibskeller hus been 
prnvldeil for, which will exiend throughout 
ih«, cellar of the-fmni nf Hie building, covet, 
log- n space of Hfi hy 00 feet. Tbe theatre 
proper has n capacity of 1,000. not Including 
oiiies : nrchcstiil, 7.10: Imlcony, ;)00. , and 
Itnllery, ISO. Thern will he Hirer, tiers, ot 
boxes, sentlng twepre lo n tier, and two logs* 
on' (he balcony, seating six, respectively, 
making a total rapacity of some 1,084 seats.. 
The stage is thirty feet from hack wsll to 
curtain lliu', with four feet apron and on 
i'he'*trn space nnd (He feet from foolllefitsi 
The. stage is sixty-two feet live Inches wld» 
between side walls. The proscenium openiof 
bi thlrtvfour feer high. A steel plate glide* 
Is provided over the proscenium opening, 
wllb Irori, curtain groves nnd approved . n*. 
hefHM curtain. Fly gftllerles -on each MM 
ore. thjriy feet nhovc l|w singe floor, nnfl 
ibe rigging loft slxtv-llve feet from the staged 
floor. Trap rnonin extend nnder the elitlra 
!dug»/. There nre four tleis of dressltiff 
votHil nf the rear of tho singe, and mitsi- 
I'lnfts. supers' nnd chorus rooms In the cel- 
lar.. Rvery sent Is sold for Ibe opening per- 
formance. The (iny Mnsquerndor* are duo 
1217.\Y Svnrr.T |(lomw> w. Itlfe, m'nno> 
rerl. — "At Ibe World's Mercy," ft, follows 
"After Midnight," which prospered week end- 
lug' II, Itiirisi'll Brothers 12 17, 

Bt.ixr.Vs tCbnries F. Hinney, mnnnger). 
—"The Flaming Arrow" ft-10. "A Itnro for 
Life" closed ". Next week, "Too Proud lo 

XiONi'MKSTxt. (JnMes L. Kernnn, innnn- 
ger). — The Wnshlnglnn Society Oirls begin a 
week's stny ft. The Jolly C'rnss Widows hnd 
fall houses Inst week. Tlie Tiger Lilies 12-17. 

Bijou. — Mnnnger .fames I,. Kernnn again 
takes charge or'thls house 5, when It rebnens 
as a popular price theatre, with Wllllnms' 
Ideal*, ln "Circus Day." Sam Devere's Offil 
Co. folio 'vs. 

« ■« 


Vt. W'orili. — At Oreenwall's Opera- Holisn 
(Thll W. (■rcenwnll, lunnsger) Paul (lllmori', 
in "Captain liebonualie," ilbl fnlr business 
Jan. 2ft, 2(1. Kyrle, Bellow, In "Itnllles," do- 
IlKhted a good nudlenri' 27. "Dora Thome," 
211, hnd n fnlr house. "Tlul Fortune Teller" 
did good business 30. , Wills Comedy Co ill- 
Feb.. 2, "The Lily nud the Prince" 3, "Pretty 
l'eggy" B, ll. Airs. Wlggs of Hie Cabbage 
Piitiil" 7.. "The I'luyer AfnTil" 10. 

. .Majksj'Ii: '(Cbns. It". Fischer, mnnnger). — 
Work opening .Inn. 20 witnessed packed 
bouses. People were: Lniirn Burt, Millard 
and Hnrker, Khude D. Masters nnd company, 
Bessie Ilnrvry. Jane Cnurihope nnd company, 
Doii Carlos, nnd Ihe klnetoginph. Bill week 
opening Feb. ft : inn'ess ami Itviin, Miuc. 
I loll'inn 11. ..Mnrvolniis Le Fnges. lilward l.a- 
xeiie, Prof. Talkertoii, Yninnio D1111JI, nnd Ibe 
Ureal Lynn. 

STAxatnt) (M. De Deque, mnnnger). — The 
Mexican Kknwn I'ltially wore .ilielirnillliieis 
week opening Jan. SO. Others were: Itlulr 
and' Mi'N'nlty, Hose is. Mendel, Myrtle De 
Liny; Thelma Holmes. Lulu Do Mar, Vera 
Miller, l-'av Delmar, Itltu Constiinello, Dlsle 
Jtus.iell, Joe |'o,v, l.enle Collon, Ultn He 
Haven. -Rlhel 1 Itussoll. Frank (illibons nnd 
Tom -Fey', ItlisltiOssIs good. 

Sta« (K, X. Dinwiddle, manager).— -"The 
Black Fhlg" wns Hie ciii'tnln- raiser week of 
D'.i, In the olio were : Seymour and Jtlnnrh- 
nrd, Idn Cnrrlco, (ioldle May, I tune Mitchell, 
May lliinier. Itoy Jones. Baby Dnl, Jack Wll- 
llnms, Jus. Thompson mid Ilesshi Lit Monde. 
Business Is good. , . ■., 

CsoivN (KpKteln A Sou, managers). —Bill 
week of 20 included : Dun ltniiihill. Itylnud 
and Ityland. thn LadellH. I.lz/le Baker, Clara 
WInilell, Clark and Ktainona, Clara Huntooii, 
Mnrguerlin lA Porle, and Ben and Mamie 
Wolfe. Business Is good. 

I.oiiIhvIHi'. — Al Mncauley's (John T. Mti. 
ciuilny, manager) "The ItoIIIeklng (jlrl," head. 
ed by Sum llrnuird nnd lint lie U'llilahis, 
enme Jan. ill>, 111, (11 packed houses. Ilosolia 
Knott fiillowml Feb. 1-0. pi'i'sontlng -\Yl\en 
Kalghthnnd Wns In Flower," to large patron- 
age. Primrose's Minstrels fi-7, Kyrle Ilcliew 
8-11). . , 

M.ksnxii' (l has. A. Shnw, mnnnger),--. 
P.nse Melville, In '.'Sis Hopkins," Inst weiilc 
duplicated her former succi'ss by attracting 
overflowing houses. For week of ft, "(!lru 
Will Bo lilllH." 

AVIIM'H 1 1 'line. . A. Shaw, manager)*— • , 
"Lured from Homo." Inst week, proved .a, 
lliillllng and Intciesllng pluy. anil plensed 
lui'gi' nudli'iiceii nt every umTnrmanee. For 
week of 4. "Dangers of Working lllrls." , , 

ItiTKiviillAM (Whnllen Bros., malingers). 
— Tim London Hnleiy illrls gave, 11 satlsjnc- 
tnry prrlorinnnco laid week, atlrncllng large 
iinliiiniiRe. For week of I, Miner's Merry, 

illll'lt'SI|lllTS. , 

lloi'KixN' (Win. lli'lclimaii, manager,) - 1 —. 
Ilerriniinn lhc Croat was the lop liner. of 
the bill hint week, Tom Kelt 
al liiiei Ion. and pioveil ail ripial in vnrll n. Hill 
fur wi'Ck of I ; The Bioiiiitsilck Witches. Cat- 
Irr-Walers and roiiipiinv, Adair mid Dnhli, 
Slinianiis and Harris, Wrrdon and (HndUisU, 
lllliiirs and l.rwls. Thos. .1. Kengb mill com. 
puny, and ihe kliuuli'mni'. 

< 1 1 

O«roiinlioru. — At tlio-Oi-iind (Pedlcy/A 
r.ui-ih, mmiiigersl linpoi'lnl. Stock Co., week 
of Jan. 20, exception til, had fnlr biislnosi., 
ItiiHclla Kiinli, In "Whim Kiilglithoud Wu» IU 
Flower," 111, kiivo a lino porfonuuiice, to it 
big house. "Tbo Isle uf Spire," Feb, ft. Jack; 
lloollli'i' i'o. A Hi. "Itiibi's In Tiiylund" 10, 
-Clio Laud of Nod" 17. • .... 

Stf/IIU — Manager F. A, Prdlcy bus rcluruiil 
from New l'ors, where he bonked several 
big nllriU'llnns. .. , 

— 1 » — : 

I'iiiIik'iiIi. — Al tho Kenlucky (T. W. Iteb" 
rets, nialingrr) Mnry Fjiieraiin, Jail. 01. Itodi 
good Imslness nt mndnee nnd ulebt. \'otsa 
nuil , Aduins, iVO, (I, "Tho Maid nnd the 
Miiuimy" .12. . 1 

Num— The f'nninn Sittniner Theatre.. ui~ 
been lensed to Win. Mnlnne, who managed It 
last season, nnd the senson will open May lf>. 
with stock companies as the attractions. 

«-M> , 


Scuttle, — At tbo Orand Opera How* 
(John Con. inr nncer 1 Louis Juiuos and 
coinpituy, In "The Merduint of Vonlco," "lh> 
gomiir" nnd "Vltglnlus," were eutbuslnstlc 
ally received Jan. 21-24. Itoscbtii's OpurA 
Co., iii reiinitury. 20-01 ; Pollard Juvenile 
Opera. Co. Fob. l-.'l. "The County Chairman" 
4-7. Savogo's English Orand Opera Co.. 8.14. 

Skvitlu TliiiAi'iiB I Jehu Cort, mniidkew;'- 
— I'or 21 ami week, Miner's Americans b(tf|' 
exeelleiit business. Week of 28, Miner's Bb., 
bemlana; I'c'.). 4 and week, Ytuikeo Doodle 
i-ln-lH ; Haitlmot'e Denulli.'s 11-1,7. 

Ooy" and "Horn." Feb A and week, vilooll-, 
gin In New York ;'' Tnylur Co;, In "Tlie 
l.lttlii (Tiurch Ariniiid the corner," 11-17. 

St.\ii tMclvlti 0. Wlnstoek, iimnngiir).— 
Work uf 20, new people were : Simmon, 
Adams and lloguis, Du Carlos and Stokes, 
..iiiiiiiiiiiIh, KmIiiii'I'sou nnd Fmm'rtnds, llroblo 
Sims. Adrlu i'lirvls Onrl, I'eiu DiinHwertli, 
and moving' picture*. 

ORi'iir.i.'M <K; J. Dnnellan, mnnitnj0r).r- 1 
Week of 20 now people Wore : Cleveland and" 
Allen, Dolllne Cole, the Wests, Ktully, Nice; 
Ho Yoe, Wiiireii Stelsun nnd moving plcturo* 

1'ANVAur.s' (Alex. I'niituguii, maimget) ,t- 
Week of 20 new people were : Ooldun wnt 
yiinrliille, liny linden and company, .fulfil' 
I'.ounell, Arlhnr Hlwcll, the JTve Ashtons, 
uRd "Brown nnd Vnrdell. 

Sfii.vsii (Mnso iloldHtnllli, mnnnger).— 
Weld: of 20 new neoplo were : rliifllii, Flor- 
i'Ul'0. Mnrsli.'ill, lirlii lloiiiild, mid lleiitrira 

(Jaibiv (Fred Illtchb', inonnger).— • Weet' 
of 20 new people wore': (,'riice Ureen, OeiiO- 
vlovo Aiidorsiui, Aildle Miller, nnd Josephine 

Xori:.— Mannger Cort went to Denver 10. 
be I present at the opening nrrtormuuci' of 
Florence llnhoils, In "Tho. strength of the 
Weak." Jan. 2S. ' 

Tiu'oiiiu. — At tka Tnciuiin Theatre ((k'lf; 

Hurnld. nuini'gnri Louis Jnuies, in /Vlt'«. 
gliilus," Jan. .'1,0. did 'well. "The Ouiiity.. 
f'hulriiinn" Fob .'I, Snvago's Chind/ Opera 
Co., for throe nlglilx, followH. 

OlANli III. II, Wmley, ulminger), — Weelt 
nf Jan. 20: Cllbnl'K one ring elrois, Lynn 
and Welclicr. Johnslnii nnd Cook, VnrdOti, 
I'lirry nnd Wllber, VeellPlle and Old, Will C. 

Co., In 

Week nf 

Hoyi, and million plrtureH.' 
OtiPiiKitM. — Thn Cnlnnhil Stock 

"Tbe Voting Mrs. Wlnlhrop." 

Mtmi 111. M. Dwells, manager).— 

Jnn. 20. "That drl from Texas." 
Uiil'in:iM ami Stau are pluvlng in big 



Tun WisNiirr Pnmilir.N.sivi; i:>ri;iifii.o^.T 
Iti.liinu hns mliloil hi'i'i'i-iil neve uirlmlrnillni 
nnd f.iirr. roiiieillrs In Its Hal uf plajv. 
(ienrge Wliinrll, Is iHsoclnird with hie 
blrtlher, T; IL, and every detail nnd hrniirlj 
nf ihe Ihenli-leril ext-bange busliiess 1* care, 
fully looked a tier. 



February 10. 


»tt Orlenim. — At the Tulane (W. II. 

Howies, manager) "Humpty Dnmpty," ns 
presented by the Klnw-Krlunger Co., enjoyed 
kit business last week, and pleased. Too 
hum" company will hold over week of Feb. 4, 
to In: followed by John Drew, 11-17. 
Crescent (Vv. II. Howie*, manager). — 
Checkers" last week did a land office bull' 


.Wheel In*. — At the Court Theatre (E. B. 
Franzhelm, manager) Hubert Downing, Feb. 
1. In "Hunk Monk, -had fair returns. ,"A 
Message from Mara," Si, had good business. 
Richard ManstMd, 3, In "Uoau Brunimel," 

ne»s, and the company worked overtime oa- 
ring recall*. r- The .. 
'Mrs. Wings of the Cabbage Patch" 11-17. 

swer'lng recall*. s The Isle of Spice" 4-10, 


Hiianti orciiA Hoijsh (II. C. Fourton, man 

ager).— "Sowing, the Wind" proved a big 
drawing card Inst week, and Manager Four- 
lon'a stork company filled all the rcqulro- 
ratnt". "Itomeo and Juliet" 4-10. 

Unr.RNWAi.n Theatre (Henry Greenwald. 
manager).— Al. Beeves' Beauty Show, last 
week, drew large audiences and pleased. 
Among the big hits were : Al. Reeves, the Nel- 
ftoti-Farnura Troupe, Destelll Sisters and Sa- 
voy Quartette. The World Beaters 4-10. 

Lyric (Henry Oreenwald, manager). — The 
Bnldwln-Molvlle Stock Co., presenting "Queen 
of tbe Highway," did' big buslnes last week, 
iind pleased. "No Wedding Bella for Her' 
week of 4. . _ 

Fiusnch OPEnx House. — Tbe French Opera 
Co.. In repertory, did big business last week. 
A change of bill la promised for week of 4. 

■Elysium (A. Miller, manager). — The 
stack companv, In repertory, did good busi- 
ness last week. "The Convict's Daughter" 

.Okpimdm (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— Local Manager Tom Winston reports a big 
business last week, and n fine bill scored 
heavily. Hill for week of 6: Mrs. Stunrt 
Hobson, the Three Seldens, O'Kabe Jap 
Troupe. Matthews nnd Manning, Al. Laur- 
ence, Lizzie N. NelsoD and tbe Acarls. 
ei t 



One of tbe first song successes by this popu- 
lar writer, whose recent death is mourned by 
his many friends, was "The Letter That 
Never Came," with music by Max Slurm. 
aem, a, .. i>«u ".uoiu,... written for end «w by May IJ»mrA"«l 
illd well. Wright Lorliner, in "Tho 8bcp- published by 1. B. rtarMj Co In! pm 
herd Klmr" r.-i3 The -song was heard in every home, aua us 

nSuSSrOnat House (Chas. A. Fclnler, pathos reached twty l ffi'%j£> Ww *' 1 
manager).— Clias. Grapewln, .In "It's Up to publish tho three verses and chorus . 
You, John Henry," Jau. 20-31, had capacity 

at every -performance, und turned people A letter here jo'nie? 
away, ''what Happened to Jones," Feb. 1-8, Was the, question that he asked 
S2 I Vod business. Coming : "The , Hoosler Of the mailman at the closing of tbe day. 
Girl" 0-7, "The Millionaire Detective" 8-10. He turned sadly, with a sign, 

Buon (H W. Hogers, manager).— Bus - And a tear stood In his eye. 
nefs for week of Jan. "d was life, and the Then be bowed his bead and slowly walked 
n)iow gave good satisfaction. BUI. for week _ away. , „„ tt _ 

of C Includes: Archie Royer, the Great 

Kenoz, Woodford ond Marlboro, Emma Con- 
nelly, and moving pictures. 

Note. — The Cincinnati Theatre Oesell- 
scbaft gave two delightful performances at 
the Court Theatre, Jan. 30, 31, producing two 
German plavs, "Die ScUoene Scbwaebln and 
"Der Herr Senotar," for the German-Ameri- 
can Central Bund, of this city, and had good 

4 i. 

'Portland — At the Morquam Grand (Cal- 
vin nelllg, manager) Mme, Calve and her 
concert company. wcro heard In concert Jan. 
22. by an audience which taxed the capacity. 
Savage's English Grand Opera Co., Fob. C-7, 
In '"fanuhnenser." "La Bobome," "Lohengrin 
«nd "Kunst." "The County Chairman" 8, 0, 
Nanco O'Neill 12-11, Charles B. Hanford 15- 

'Bmpiiib (Milton W. Seaman, manager).—- 
"Hooligan In New York" had two capacity 
houses Jan. 28. Tho Taylor Co. did big busi- 
ness week of 21, In "The Little Church 
Around the Corner." Pollard's Llllputlan 
Opera Co. begins Feb. 4 a two weeks' on- 
gngement, opening In "The 

Bakeh's (Geo. L. Baker, manager).— Mi- 
ner's Americans had two capacity houses 
Jan. 28. Watson's Orientals did big business 
week of 21. Jerome K. Jerome and Charles 
Battel! Loomls were greeted by a very large 
h6usc 20. Miner's Bohemians Tfeb. 4-10. 

'rANTAHKH' (John A. Johnson, manager). — 

Omaha.— At Boyd's Theatre,(W. J. Bur- 
gess, manager! Martin & Emery s production 
of "Parsifal" opened a three nights' engage- 
ment Feb. 1. Paul Ollmoro, in r 'Captaln De- 
Imnnnlre," d. 10 : "The Wizard of Oz 11-14. 
"The Land of Nod" did fair business Jan. 
211-31. "The Herlo-Comic Olrl" had fulr audi- 
ences Feb. 1*3. . __ 

Buitwoou (W. J. Burgess, manager).— Tho 
Woodward Stock Co. presented "Rosemary 
to crowded houses last week. "Charley s 
Aunt" 4-10, "Iroquois" 11-17. 

Kuco (C. S. Breed, manager). — "The Girl 
from Sweden" 4, 5, "The Lighthouse oy tbo 
Sea" e. 7. "Sherlock Holmes.'. 8-10. "Tracked 
Around the World" and "Fast Life la New 
York" drew good houses last week. 

Onr-ncri! (Martin Beck, general mnnnger). 

Week of Feb. B : Thorne und Carleton, 

Agnes Mahr, Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Keley. 
Harry L« Clair, Pearl Diamond, Flo Adler, 
Mills and Morris and klnodrome. Business 
has bcoa very good. 

♦ ■» 

Canton. — At tbe Grand Opera House (F. 
B. Powelaon, manager) Hickman & Beesoy 
Co., Jan.- 2il, hung out the S. K. 0. sign nnd 
Belle of New nluved tho rest of the week to good returns. 
•'Miss Boh White" Feb. 5, Cleveland's Ladfes 
Minstrels C. "Babes In Toylnnd" 13. 

jgttt II* Bill Posters 

Tub following Is the circus agreement 

Oapt. John noltum, Crawford and Duff, the adop tcd by the National Alliance Bill Posters Me.': and "On the 1 

- White and „„' lilllera of America, at tho couyentlou In with Its beautiful ch 

Nelmflclds, Jones and Barton, Leo 
the blogrnph. . - . 

' Lt«ic (Renting & Flood, managers) .—The 
Lyric Stock Co., week beginning Monday, 
Jan. 2», presents "Lost 1 A Baby?' 

Stab (Jntnes n. Errlcksqn, manager).-- 
Vontclla and Nlnn, Caprice, w. II. Hartford, 
the Mnrlnettl Trio, Slth and Ellis, Gibson 
nnd Olbson, and the Staroscope. 

OnAxo (James H. Krrlckson, manager).-- 
Tinkfaam nnd company, Geo. Delmns. Harold 
HofC, Itnlph Commlnga, Gavotte Bros., Cor- 
nell Sisters and the Grandlscope. 



New Hnven At the Hyperlou (Bhuhort 

Bros., onunni-i'iB) Sarah Bernhardt had a 
crowded House Feb. 2. "The Princess Beg- 
gar" 0, William tillletto B, "Mr. Hopklnsoa" 

Denver l< 

; fipoflon /. — The parties of tho first part 
agree to employ none hut members of the 
National Alliance of Bill Posters and Blllers 
of Ainerlea. but If others be employed, the 
said men *re to be untitled by ugents or man- 
agers -of tho undorslgned circuses that they 
muu become members of u local National Al- 
liance of Bill Posters and Blllers of America, 
after he bus beon employed by The show 
thirty days; bis application must be signed 
bv the boss bill poster and steward of cur or 
b'rlpado he Is employed with,- and that bo Is 
a. bill poster and blller before ho can become 
a member of u local National Alliance of Bill 
rosters and Blllers of America. 

Section //.—Parties of the llrstipart also 
agree to have all contracts with men signed 
lu triplicate, one copy to bo retained by the 
employer, ono copy to bo retained by the em- 

Then ho murmured, "Can it be; 

Will It never come to raeV" 
Had be waited all these many years In valnf 

Yet from early morning's light. 

He would watch 'till dark, ut night, 
For the letter, but, alas ! It never came. 


Was It from a gray haired mother, 

A sister or a brother — . 

Had he waited all these many years In vain? 
Yet from eatly morning light 
He would watch, with spirits light, 

But the letter that he longed for never came. 

He had waited many years ; 

Jov had mingled with his tears. 
When the old postmaster met him with a 
smile. , . 

How bis features they would brighten, 

And his sad heart seemed to lighten. 
But his vain hopes lasted only a little whlhs. 

When the postmaster would say, 

"There Is nothing here today," 
He'd uemonn his fate, yet no one would be 

Then he murmured. "Surely, she 

Must sometimes think of me," 
Still he wondered why that missive never 

So one dnv upon the shore 

112 was found, but life was o'er; 
His poor soul bad gone out with tbe tide. 

In his baud they found a note, 

With the last words that he wrote, 
"Should a letter come, please place It by my 

Sweet flowers twine around 

His tombstone o'er his mound. 
On which was scrawled his age, also his 

Many years have gone, they say, 

Since his spirit passed away, 
But the letter that he longed for, never came. 

Slnco then be wrote "Tbe Blue and the 
Grav." "She May Have Seen Better Days," 
'I Believe It. for My Mother Told Me So," 
"Here Lies An Actor." "The Pardon Came 
Too Late," "Since Nellie Went Away," "The 
Lone Grave," "Just Tell .Them That \ou Saw 

Bunks of the Wabash, 

orus : ■ 

Oh, the moonlight's fair to-ulght, along tho 
From the meadow comes the scent of new 
mown hay ; 
Through the sveamorc the. candle lights are 
On the banks of tbe Wabash, for away. 

Notice to Advertisers. 

All those having ordered space for the 
be issued Feb. 21, and others wishing to 
insert advertisements in that issue, will 
kindly have copy reach us as early as 
po ssible. Last form closes Monday. Feb. 19. 

~ morld of Piavm 


Paul Dresner. 
Pacl Dbesrbb, the song writer and music 

BuMlsher, died at his home, 203 West One 
tundred and Sixth Street, New York City, 
on Jan. 30. from heart failure, brought on by 
dropsy, lie had been ailing for some tiine, 
but was not conflaed to his borne, and at- 
tended to business up to within a day or so 
of his death. Mr. Dresser was born in Terre 
Haute, Ind., forty-seven years ago, and ran 
away from bond' to go with a theatrical com- 
pany, as an orgun player. He soon wrote 
some original songs for the cumpnnj-. 
which wan a medicine show advertising 
"Wizard. Oil." and his compositions made 
11 u Immediate hit, bis songs being pub- 
lished by the medicine firm in a songster. In 
ISSO he uroti! one of his greutest bits. "The 
Letter that Never Came." At about that 
time he was one of the end men with Hilly 
Rice's MlnstrelK. One of his greatest suc- 
cesses, "I Believe ll. for My Mother Told Mo 
So," was then written. Coming to New 
York Cltv, ho sometimes appeared on the 
<tage. anil continued t«> wrlle songs. ' The 
llrru of Uowley, lltivilnml & Dresser, which 
was one of the big music publishing concerns 
of its day, was then formed, and endured 
up to within a few years ago, when It was 

\ixw & Zimmeiiman, of Philadelphia, 
plan to erect u il'35,000 theatre In Newcastle, 
Pa. next Summer. 

Early in Ma* Milton ond Dollle Nobles 
will begin n fonr weeks' starring eog«?e- 
mont In Ht. Louis, supported by n perulaneuc 
stock company. They will play from twelvn 
to sixteen weeks of stock star engagement* 
before organizing a company to tour tbp 
principal cities. They will present seroral 
of Mr. Nobles' famous successes. Including . 
"Froai Sire to Son." "The Phn-nlx." "Love 
nnd Law." "For Revrune Only." nnd an en- 
tirely new drnnin, Juat completed, called 
"The Whirlwind's Harvest." "The Pltccnlr'' 
Is being entirely rewritten, modernized, and 
brought- up to date by Mr. Nobles. All of 
original sensations, however, will be retained 

John Patten, of the "Jerry From Kerry" 
Co. : Winonii Winter, Mr. aud Mrs. Bank* 
Winter, nnd Bnnks Winter Jr., ulso th«> 
brothers and Sisters Fenl. of the Orpbeum 
lioiid Show, enjoyed a most pleasant outing 
wln-u Imtb companies met at Fresno, t'»U 
last week. 

O'.vtiiai.ia, Mo.. Note. — Owing to I lie silo 
of the Opera House block, the theatre will 

cfianged to Howley & Dresser! arid inter to I* closed 'after the flrst day of March. 100C. 

the Paul Dresser Music Publishing Co. Plans are uow under way to build a modern 

Among Mr. Dresser's biggest hits In musical opera house, up-to-date lu every respect, and 


Among _ 

compositions were "Just Tell Them that You 
Saw Me," "Ou Oie Banks of the Wabash," 
"Tbe Blue and the Gray" and "My Gal, 
Sal." He was never married. Four brothers 
and four sisters survive him. one of his 
sisters being Louise Dresser, the well known 
singer. Funeral services were held at 10 
o'clock, ou tbe morning of Feb. 2, lu the 
f.'lmrch of St. Francis Xavit-r, .New York City. 
Many professionals uad members of music 
publishing llrnis were present. The pall liear- 
ers were Eddie Foy, Geo. Kelix, John I^in- 
caster, Joseph Bunnell, John Le Clair and 
Judsou U. Wells, attorney of the White Rats. 
The body was taken to Calvary Cemetery, 
Brooklyn, aud placed In a vault. 

8. Otis Skinner 11. 10. , ployo and one copy to bo sent to the secre- 

Nnw Haven (G. »■ Bunnell, manager).— } ar » ot the National Alliance of Bill Posters 

"Confessions of a Wife" drew good houses Rnt [ »ni cr8 C America, Win. J. Murruy, Box 

Jan. 20-31. "Hminlng for OQIco" had good ja Tnppau, N. Y. 

returns Feb. 1-3. "At Plney BldEO' 6-7, section ///.—The scale of salaries for men 

omployed to be thirty dollars per month, with 
ten dollars additional hold-back per month ; 
thlrty-flvo. dollars per month, with ten dol- 
lars per month additional hold-bach, and 
forty dollars per month, with ten dollars ad- 
ditional hold-buck, nlsu board und lodging: 
circus managers to use their owu Judgment 
In the application of tills sunlc, but In no 
i-nse Is the hold-buck to exceed tho total 
amount of ono month's salary. It Is hereby 

"Mnrtpv Hooligan" 8-10. 

l'oi.i'H (S. Z. Poll, proprietor).— Bill week 
of 0: The Four Sensons, tho Three Ken- 
t6ns Cnmlllo Comedy Trio. Howard Trucs- 
dnlo und compnny. Tnnsntlanllc Four, Larking 
and Patcrson, nnd Baker and Robinson. 

Bijou <S. Z. Poll, proprietor).— Poll 
Stock.- In "Woman Against Woman," 0-10. 
'. Notes. — The new club house and lodge 
room of I he local lodge of Elks Is neurly com- % 

nleted,. nnd It is expected that the first rlpros8 iy agreed that said hold-back Is n part 
formal occupancy of same will bo during the ('|],„ aa iary of the employe, and Is to be 
week commencing Feb. IS, when sulluhlo ex- -^j tn n | m Rl t | lp termination of the season. 

His latest song and composition, entitled 
"My Gal, Sal," far excels any similar stylo 
song for pathos and melody. Here are the 
two verses aud oborus : 

Everything Is over and I'm feeling bad ; 
1 lost tbe best pal that I ever had, 
Tls but a fortnight since she was here — 
Seoms like she's gone, though, for twenty 

yea r. 
Oh I how I miss her, my old pal : 
Oh ! how I'd- kiss her, my gal, Sal. 
Face not so handsome, but eyes, don t you 

That shone Just as bright as they did years 



They called her frivolous Sal, 
A peculiar sort of a gal. 

With a heart that was mellow, 
- An all 'round good fellow, 

. Was my old pal. 
Your troubles, sorrows and care 
She was always willing to share; 

A wild sort of devil, 

But dead on the level, 
Was my gal, Sal. 

Boss W. 1'cRCELL. a former actor, who 
years ago played in the same companies with 
such present day players as Cyril Scott, Mrs. 
Flskc, John D. Clifton, John Dillon, jennle 
Calif and others, died at his home In Bloom- 
lngton, ill., on Jan. 9, after eleven years of 
suffering from locomotor ataxia. He leaves 
a wife and one son, thirteen years of age. 

PLonENCfi Meius, seventeen years or age, 
n chorus girl In the Richard Carle Co., play- 
ing "The Mayor of Toklo," was found dead 
In Iter room at Zei^se's Hotel, Walnut Street, 
ltilladelphla, at nouu on Feb. 1. The gas jet 
was turned on full, and the windows closed. 
Miss Meigs' home was In Richmond JI 111. I.. 
I. Her friends say that she did not commit 
suicide, but that her death wa* due to acci- 
dent. Her body was sent home for burial. 
She went on the professional stage lirst us a 
member of "The Tenderfoot" Co. 

CiiAitL.ii; Doiijian, a comedian aud dancer, 
died at Grand ltaplds. Mich., Jan. 25. He 
was an old time performer, having been many 
years in the theatrical profession. He started 
his theatrical career with Lew Palmer, tbe 
mimic, the team being knowu as Palmer and 
Dorman. Their first vaudeville date was In 
1SS6, at Smith's Opera House, Grand ltap- 
lds. In 1887 the team joined Miles Orion's 
Circus. Mr. Dorman also worked later on 
with Knox Wilson and other well known per 
formers. Two brothers and two sisters sur- 
vive him. 

Carrie La Koi..\, of the team of Harry 

erc'ls'cs'win'beobserved.:.... Manager WII- ESUSJZ " w „'id 'employe"re"nTu'ins with said Bought her little dainties just before she and Carrie La Kolu, died at Davenport, la. 

. . ....fl. ' — .._j *.i.i,#..ii. ■iinit — Feb. 3. aged thirty-five years. She was 

formerly known as Carrie Fisher. The re- 
mulns were taken to Fernando, Cul., by her 

Ham II. Vnn Huren severed his connection crn ntoYcrs the entire season and faithfully 

with the New Hovcu Theatre Saturday noon. b s ' er v,.K the coveniints of this contract. 

Jnn. 27. He was the recipient of a fob section IV— The National Alliance of Bill 

rhaln und chnrm. He has been la the the- p 08 t er s and DIHers of America on Its part 

alrlcal business In this city for the past turt ] ier n » r eed that all circuses, wild Weats 

twenty years 8. Z. Poll makes an- um , othcr traveling shows In this class other 

nounrcracut that he has udded two cities to )hritl , llos0 rcpres0 |,tcd lu this contract, shall 

his circuit of theatres, having purchased , lbldo by UIul wor it , m dcr tho conditions 

land In Scrnnton, Pa., and Wllkes-Barrc, Fa., Iim ,| n B ' e t forth, nud falling to do so they 

for the erection of two now theatres, to be 
devoted to vaudeville. This is In addition to 
tba ono now in process of construction In Jer- 
sov'Clry, N. J. With the addition of these. 
Poll's vaudeville circuit will consist of ten 
cities— two In New Haven, one ench In 
Bridgeport, Wnterbnry, Hartford. Conn, ; 
Worcester, Springfield. Mass. ; Jersey City. 
N. .1. : Scrnnton and Wllkes-Barre, Pa. The 
hjeadipinrlers are In New Haven. 

« ■ » 

will be donled recognition by this organize- 

fiction V.— Undor tho certification of two 
responsible physicians, of the illness of a 
man. It Is agreed the employe does not forfeit 
Ms hold-bark, nor any money duu him up to 
the time of said illness. 

KcuftoM VI. — It Is ugreed that the owners, 
ngenls and managers represeptlng the under- 

Uot Siirlnits — At the Auditorium (Brig- 
ham & Head, managers) Kyrle Bcllew, ia 
"Raffles," gave a delightful performance, Jan. 
20, to a lni'go und appreciative audience. 
"When Wo Were Twenty-one" nunc to good 
ItURlnen 81. "Mrs. Wlggs. or the Cabbage 
Patch." Feb. 1, "Xum-.v Brown" ." "Haus 
and Nix" 0. . „ „ 

. Majestic. — Booked week or •>: t has. h ar- 
rester and June Court hope, Myers and Rosa, 
Dimini Bros., .lime Party, ihe Swor Bros., 
Lnmoiit'R cockatoos, Illustrated eongs and 
new moving pictures. 

: ' LHtle Rock.— At the Capital Theatre 
(Chas. T. Taylor, manager) Hrltt-Nclson 
tight pictures drew good sized audiences Jan. 
27. "Iter Only Sin" did well 2f». Kyrle 

signed circuses, have the right to dlschar;o 

men for violation of contract, disobedience, 

Incompetency, misrepresentation, gambling 

and Intoxication, or crooked work of any 

nnture. provldlug such couiptnlnt be signed His candle burued 

bv some member of tin; National Alliance, In Wbeu ho penned 

good standing, nnd la the employ of said Caino.' 

"i'was one of Paul 

Promised she would meet me on tbe other 

Told her how I loved her. She said, "I know, 

Jim i ' 
Just vou do your best, leave the rest to Him. 
Gently I pressed her to my breast, 
Soon she would take her last, long rest. 
She looked at me and murmured, "Pal," 
And softly I whispered, "Good bye, Sal." 




Amid tbe flow of song and rhyme. 
Midst verse and melody sublime, . 
Tbe hand of death hafb cast a pall 
Upon the father of theai all — 
For Dresser's songs were ot tbe kind 
That left sweet memories behind, 
a lucky dame 
The Loiter that Never 

husband, who survives her 

Lindsay Cooper, an aeronaut, of Clarlnda, 
Ohio, fell a distnnce of about 2,000 feet 
from his balloon at Wolfe City, Tex., on 
Jan, 20. and was Instantly killed. He was 
ascending when he lost his hold on the 

announcement will probably be made in April 
or May If the house Is to he erected. 

Walter M. Suebwin Is succeeding Clar- 
ence Bennett ns St. John, the Baptist, anil 
Judss, in Gordon I Bennett's Eastern "Holy 
Cltv" Co. Mr. Bennett retires from the ensr 
to innkc preparations for the firm's two new 
productions for next sensou. "Fader to* 
North Star," nnd "A Warning Bell." 

Notes from the Mason & In son Snow. 
— This company has been doing n fine busi- 
ness ail season. The roster : Burt Imso'i, 
manager: Mrs. Burt Imson, Mrs. Irene St. 
Clair, Harry St. Clnlr, Master Robert Si. 
Clair. Irene Imson. Mae V. Dudlye, leading 
woman; Sam Reed, Edgar Darrcil, Joy Ap- 
plegate. Will Myers, Sam T. Baker nnd Mrs. 
Jennie Barber. We get The Old BHUBlb 
each week. May Dudley celebrated her birth- 
dsv a few days ogo, and she gave the com- 
pany an elegant spread at the hotel after 
the show. The company all wish her many 
happy birthdays. 


inson. formerly of the "My Friend from Ar- 
kansaw" Co.. have joined F. A. Wade'a "Beg- 
gar Prince" Co., for the rest of this season 

Gi:ssie Nelson, who. for the past two se» 
sons plaved M.irv Kllen. In "-McFadden's 
Flnts." Is" now with "Hooligan's Trip Around 
the World." Mary Baker Is stage manager 
with "The Flats." "Happy Hooligans Trip 
Around the World." we are informed, broke 
all records at the Murray Hill Theatre, week 
of Jnn. 22-27. , . _ 

Cihelks FnoHMAS has arranged for the 
rights of producing "The Dictator." wltti 
Richard Harding Davis. In Australia. He 
has decided to have William Collier open in 
"Tbe Dictator" In that country, as It Is the 
play lu which Mr. Collier made his flrst suc- 
cess In London. 

The Jcwkll Kelley Stock Co: Notes.— 
We plaved a return engagement at thJ Ken • 
tuckv Theatre. Paducah. week Jan. 22. to 
capacity business. Two extra matinees were 
given during the week. . 

Debt Dasher, who bus been suffering for 
some time with paresis. Is said to be lying 
at the Fletcher Sanitarium, lu Indlnnapoli-. 
For three or four years Mr. Dasher has Men 
unuble to engage In business, and his aii'Jd 
lia* been seriously deranged. 

•The Stolen Story," by Jessie Lynch Mil- 
itants, the rights of which are controlled by 
Henry W. Savage, has been novelized MR 
tbe iltle of "The Day Dreamer." and will 1>» 
put on the market shortly by Scrlbner. 

Arnold Daly, who will star under the 
Shuberts management, will apiienr lu 
new plavs. One. a dramatization of Tie 
Monkev's Paw," by Louis N. Parkur: Th* 
bv Gladys Luger, 

Laura team, whose name In private lifa ? nn T"The System of ^d/' Turr?" ore all" Hi 
wus Laura Kraft, a member of'the Guy Morn- one art ' 

log Glories Co., died lit Dr. Coe's Sanitarium. „ ".'",„ T „,.«,„. ,.- - -- i«„.,i,t a nlot 
Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 29, from typhoid „, c "A n ^, s T L* '"J "'■*. "£ rU U c IsTsnd I* 
fever, avert twentv vanrs. "f h">d ^ on Borden Atemie, Long I in " •"•■ 

on which he will erect n building In wblcn 
9ll the costumes, scenery, properties au'i 

HcNew hud the S. R. O. sign out 30. at ad 
v'nriccd prices. "Mrs. Wlggs of the cab! 
81, "Wheu Wo 

v'npccd prices. 
patch 71 81, " 
Feb. 1. "Nancy Brown 

ggs or the Cabbage 
were Twenty-cr*" 

Yo>-kt" and Adams 
S. -'''Rip Vau 'Winkle" 5. Creston Clarke 0. 
"Hans and Nix" T, "Country Cross Roads" 


■ntfJH BcnooL Auditorium (Bees P. Hor- 

S'ekB, manager). — Jerome K. Jerome and 
las. Battello Loomls Feb. 12. 

■ ♦*-♦> *— 


' Atlanta.— At the Grand (II. L. A J. L. 
be Give, managers! "Th* Isle of Spice" wai 
iht bill Jan. 20. 30, lo big houses. Wllllsm 
J].' Cruuu enjoved splendid returns 31. Feb. 
t; Smisii and his Band S, "Sweet Clover" 
K v "The Little Duchess" B. 0, Clmuncry 01- 
POtl 7. Adelaide Thurston 8. l>. Johu Dr:w 10. 
■ BUnu l.luke Wells, malinger). — Hanlon 
Brothers' "Fatitusmil" played lo capuclty busi- 
ness last week. "1 lolly Tolty" fi-10. 

Star (J. B. Thompson, uumiigcr). — Box 
nlllre ri'luriiK were most satisfactory 21) and 
week. The bill Included-: Hilton and Burke, 
Mae Mlllinrn. Fsslc Itoolh, Jennie lVliunr, 
Lowinnn Sisters. Uogers und Lnvtnp. Harris 
und Nelson, Mile. Alnicc, 1.111 In n May, Bob 
nnd Mae Hewletle, Mae Keiinn, Minnie Du 
Pice, l'aiiiile Amos, Mabel Derringer. lClentmr 
Ilnrdell, Verm- Sawyer and moving picture*. 

shew, unci forwarded to (he unllontil sccrc- 

Sec/Ion VII.— It Is also agreed tbot no ad- 
vertising or unnecessary work shall be per- 
formed ou Sundays or Labor Day. 

SccHon 1777. — It Is also agreed than any 
nmi stRnlng more than ouu contract with 
one or wore circuses at the aamo time, upon 
proof of same, shall ho fined twenty-five 
dollars for Ihe Hrst offense, and tho under- 
signed agents, managers and owners ngree 
not to- give employment lo tho man until 
stich fine Is pnld. When such line Is paid, 
It must be forwnrden to the uatlnunl secre- 
Urv. For tho second offense he shall be ex- 
pelled from tlie National Alliance of Bill 
Posters and Blllers of America, and bis card 
bo taken from biro. 

Section fX. — SIcu shall be required to glva 
two weeks" notlco beforo leaving their cm- 

ScoHon. X. — All contracts made prior to 
this date lo be governed by this agreement 

Thlrtv days' notlco shall bo given by either 
partv beforo Ihe expiration of this ngreement 
should a renewal or any alteration be de- 

Lorn K Cook, for the Barnnm & Bailey, 
and Wni. H. Gardner, for the Hagenbeck 
Show, have signed tho circus agreement with 
tho N. A. B. P. nnd 11. of A. 

TriK circus committee of the N. A. B. P. 
and B of A, consists of: (illsey Abrams, 
ph.llrman. Cincinnati. O. : Edward Norrls, 
Elruno, Olclu. ; John W. Owen, Eaat St. Louis 
III. ; Geo. Abcruathv, Pittsburg, Pa. ; S. C. 
Mow, secretary, Philadelphia, Pa. 

' Local No. IS. Sprlnglleld. Mass.. gave 
Its secuiid aunual ball at Apollo Hull, that 
elty. night of .Inn. W. when n royal good 
time was enjoyed by all present. 

N. S. Wheeler, "The Clown Preacher," 
has written nnd published a book, giving 
niueli Interesting data of his life experiences. 

Theresa Rollins has lieeu engaged by 
Ben lvidin to play leads and heavi»>| with 
his repertory comiwny. 

right from the heart, 
Tho kind that placed him quite apart 
From those who wrote of love, sweet love, 
And stiirs thut twlukled from above. 
Most everv snug that Dresser wrote 
Some wonl of '•M'lther" he would o,uote 
lu verse so beautiful and brlof 
It must have been his true belief 
That the magic of her sacred uuuio 
In after years would bring blui fame, 
.lust like "My Mother Told Mo So" 
Was hummed and whistled years ago. 
Likewise "Tba Convict and tho Bird," 
None like It ever since was beard. 
"Here Lies nu Actor" brings to mind 
That Paul was faithful to mankind. 
A theme to which he oft was prone 
Wbeu musing by himself alone. 
And then "Trie Purdon Came Too Late." 
How cleverly ho would relate 
Those tales that made tbe tear drops start. 
That went straight into every heart. 
The song, "Since Nellie Went Away," 
"The I,oii* Grsve," verdnut lu Its day. 
I mention these umong the rest: 
They wore the oues that / loved best. 
"Just Tell Them That You Saw Me" — too 
But proved that Dressor's heart was true. 
"On the hanks of the Wnbush far Away" 
Wne followed by "The Blue aud Gray." 
And thus they came, hit after lilt, 
It seemed that lie was over lit 
To write the teuder songs of home. 
The songs Hint iniidc your inein'ry reoiu 
Back thro' the llelds of yellow corn. 
Back to the place where yon were boru : 
Perhaps to where n mother dear.. 
With many n sigh and falling tear 
Was waiting for her darling boy 
Who'd ne'er return to bring her Joy. 
To smooth those silver threads of gray hair 
And kiss that wrinkled brow of care. 
"Ms all these thoughts thut make me cling 
To Dresser, -who of snug was king. 
Wo bow to you, -departed Paul. 
You were the leader ot us nil. 

W:i.i,'.'.M Ootun will present "The Dic- 
tator" lu Australia iu April. 

fever, aged twenty years. 

Charles Phoite Pinai'D (born Charles 
B. Hunt) died Jan. 21, nt Blackpool. Lag. 
flic deceased wok a. native of Boston, and 
was about sixty years of ago. Ue organized 
'lie Three Pholtes, aud made Ills first proces- 
sional appearance at Woodwnrtl's Gardens, 
Kan Frauds™, lu August. 1S74. the other 
two members being Joseph O. Phoite und 
Robert D. Phulte., (lie luttir now known as 
Itoliert D. tilrard. They lmidu tuelr Hrst 
Eastern uppearaucc ut the Academy of Mu- 
sic, Chicago, lu November. 1S70, then uuder 
the management of Leonard lirorer Sr. The 
Pbolte* played Detroit. Cleveland. Buffalo. 
Philadelphia and all (ho Eastern varletv 
houses. Including the old Howard. Boston, 
then managed by John Slelsou. In April. 
I87U, Robert joined the lllrurds. bis place 
being taken by John Welch, a San Francisco 
boy. The I'bultes played with Touv Pus- 
tor lu one ot his road shows, and In' April. 
1877, sailed for Europe, where they met 

electric light effects will be constructed. A 
large stage will be constructed and ruib 
equipped, so that nil cuutrlvnnces way c« 
thoroughly tested before being taken oul 
The building will be known as tbe Charles 
Frnbmnn Thentrlcnl Storehouse, aud It is ex- 
pected Hint it will be In readiness by Oct. l 

ItEssir ArniOTT was unable to appear in 
concert In Providence. Jan. 30. owing to « 
severe cold. 

Di.-dinkkv Bros. Co. dosed Its setisou at 
Ft. Madison. Ia.. Saturday ulghf. Jan. -• 
Mr. Kendall and wife are stopping ut M 
Madison for n time. Miss Ihilumn Joined an 
other rompanv up In the Northern part yi 
Iown. Miss H'nv left for n visit In Illinois, 
and the other members went lo liiileanurg. 
HI., to reopen a repertory company. Buslnes 
In Iowa Is very had ibis season. Only J K» 
companies that ure well known through tb" 

and dance team. 

I Emmet Oouto.v, formerly manager ot 
"Mile. Awklns," ond at one time mauager 
of Burr J^o/a/osA's Mtfpirfnr. was killed 
on Feb. 5. oy a fall down uu elevator shaft .n 
an auto warehouse ut Broadway and Fifty- 
sixth Street, New. Vork City. lie was 
superllitcndent of the warehouse, and WW 
formerly with Smith & Mauley. 

Roster of the Henderson Stock Co.: W. 
.T. & R. It. Henderson, proprietors : Wade 
Heudersou. malinger: .1. N. \ odder, business 
manager; Elcnuor Hardy, leader und musical 
director: Clias. Olilmyer. properties und 
stage i-urpenter; rims. Phlpps. electrician : 
Eci.vth Prettyuiuii. Ida Courlue). Amber Mon- 
tague, linle Henderson. R. K. Henderson. 
At. LM'imiui. lillllurd Wright und wife. Buster 
Wright, and Museol Chum. W'c have been 
doing a record breaking business throughout 
one entire season. At Oskaloosa. Ia.. wc 
played to S. It. 0. six out of seveu nights. 
At Ottuiu wa wu played lo Hue business for two 
weeks stral^bl. At Ft. Madison they are sold 
out for the opening night three days ahead of 
the show. J. N. Veddcr. ahead, hus certalnlv 
given us the openers this season, ft* Is a 
linsilcr In every sense ot the word. We are 
carrying nearly n car lond nt special sccnerv. 
mnl are using (he electrical effects lu every 
piece tail av pnl on. 





12.". 1VF.M' IITMi ST.. \EW VOUh. 

February 10. 



A ancaj. Managers, Agents, Perform ers and thp T wo Phila. Pirates, 


6 « 

[At PAB TUR' g THKATHE 1 1,1. Week, on at 4.JM and V 30, Fronting Their Own Oiiglntl D.lrl. Comely ldo» In (»«, 


Written by PRANK KENNEDY. «>,,,.„ lnok u . OVt>r . VAI , PK y 1L , jK TmK 8 UMCrrBD , „ r wI1I „„,„ ,„. ,,,„, „,„,, „, „ 0(r , r ror r|||||| , ||| , (|(|n , ^^ -f .^.J 

Ii. W. JlAHics. manager of Murks Tiros.' 
Oo„ supporting May A. Belle Marks, writes: 

Address ikiiIiou. nr vcKNTts. 

•*JIy company baa been out since Aug 20. 
'Che first eight weeks we did phenomenal 
business, Rod since Christ mas Day we have 
been doing capacity business. 'l ! bc reason 
opened In Canada, and we have plnved Maine, 
Xew. Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Isl- 
and, New York aud Vermont, and tvo are 
tjooked up to middle of Miiy. May A. Belle 
."Marks, our alar, 1ms made many friends this 
season l>y her clever work. At Plattslnirg. 
X y., the S. It. Cl. was out every night, and 
all records were broken. Week of Jan. 29 
the Loitner Motor Club imitght the best seats 
fit tho orchestra, intended lu a body, and 
presented May A. Belle Maiks with a beau- 
tiful bouquet. The ro3ter of the company It 
as follows: R. W. Murks, proprietor and man- 
ager ; Oeorce Marks, treasurer: A. C. Bald- 
win. L. E. Appell, K. C. Hubbard. J. .1. 
Owens. E. Rowley. S. Archer, \V. J. Hill, 
W. Schrccber, C. W. Ot's. D. Gay. Mav A. 
Belle Marks Millie Belle Mlllord. Carrie Gor- 
inv, Nlnn <Iny, Mario Appell. Alice Hill, and 
the Gay Slaters, Louise Gay and the Van 
Camps. Marks Bros.' hare four compnnlea 
«n the road, all doing capacity businejg, and 
• xpect to bare five companies on the road 
next season." . 

Tom Waters, comedian pianist, who Is 
now starring successfully In the new musical 
mixture, "Neighborly Nclghlsirs." will colo- 
brale the two hundred and llftlcth perform- 
Alice of the comedy ut the mntluee. Wodnosj- 
day, Feb. 7, at tho Empire Theatre, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. Souvenir photos of Mr. Waters 
will lw distributed. The roster of the com- 
pany Is as follows: Tom Waters, Otto Koer- 
ner. Walter V. Milton. Irving Newhoff, Jackie 
McDonuld, May W. Waters, Minnie Connor, 
Ethel Nasou. Rose Parker. Lynch Sisters. Ha- 
zel Boy lie. Anna Finn, Maud De. Long, Dodo. 
Phelps, Ivn Pnrvima, Dot Bruce. Frank W. 
Nnson. mnuager : Bert Greene, musical direc- 
tor : W. P. Croilcher, advance. 

M. C. Haydex, "the man ahead." closed 
Jan. 24, as advance agent with "A Husband 
On Salary." at Colby. Kan., tiud Is taking l 
much needed two weeks' rest at Ueardstown, 
111. Mr. Hayden nud Geo. K. Dawson have 
been woklng bard on their new musical com- 
edy, "Tlie Sbeyli of Sen." which will have •! 
big pradurtlon next season. It Is In tw» 
nets, and will bavc eighteen original musical 
numbers. The big featuro number, Yama Lu. 
will be or'glnnl and entirely dlfferenl from 
anything that has been seen lu musical com- 

Kami, Smrsi.v 

Majii.0 a.m», under dale of Jan 14, 
write from Dusseldorf, Her. : "We opened 
our first continental engmtcnient here Jan. 
U». and certainly more than made good. We 
wore Immediately offered lime enough over 
here. Including the Wlntergarten. Berlin, to 
keep us busy for a long time to come, should 
we care to stay. The Germans seem to ho 
partial lo American acts-. Another act well 
known hi 'America on the bill with us here 

*U fllll *t"lil-..rt *' t. _ *.... . ... ..• 

-Votiis mm Beach h Howvks' Minstkki.s. I 
— Our company, numbers thirty-six people. | 
und band 01 twenty pieces, under the lender-, i 
ship of Prof. Ben Horner. And an orchestra I 
of twelve, with Prof. Nlles. leader. Juntos | 
H Stewart Is stsigu manager aud amusement j 
director, Wc nro giving our patrous nn up- I 
lo-date show, and making u hit ift every 
stand we play. All managers ask for return 
dales, which goes lo show that we arc put- 
tins up » strong nilusire) cutertniiiraeut. 

Tin: CYCMXi! Mii.i.abI) linos, are In their 
tw.iity-llfth week us a special feature with 
Mr. " 

COMEDIAN, With Specialty: 
Also PIANO PLAYER. With Specialty. 

MACKLKYS QtiAMKTTI STOCK Co.. Martin. Tonn . Keb. l\ lu; Nowbeni It U 

ai: run: mackley 

next season in America. 

Ma pr.oit Baiii.ow & WnjtoN'a Min- 
strels. — We arc now entering upon our 
twenty-sixth week of the season, nml business 
has lieen simply immense. Packed hualness 
bos wen the watchword from the atari. We 
are now In the Ccrollnus, meeting with no 
opposition, as there seems to be very few 
compxnlis down this way at present. We 
tOM tho greatest minstrel company we iuivo 
ever taken out, and we are hooked solid for 
the next two years. We don't clo*e, will 
run Indefinite. 

The Olifans use a large grotesque head 
and hat, and during a recent, engagement 
John Cally, a stage hand, while wnlklDg 
across the gridiron, thirty feet above the 
stage, slipped und fell, landing on the above 
mentioued "prop." which broke the force of 
his fall, and undoubtedly saved his life. 

Jack Bi'KKE and Stkvb Furs report that 
they are meeting with blir success with their 
new boxing and bag punching act. entitled 
'"Fun lu a Gymnasium." They also report 

having had some flattering offers front man- 
agers of burlesque shows, but will piny dales 
for the remainder of (he season, as they arc 

»N & Courts Noteh. — Busi- 
ness con Unties to lie surprisingly good for 
Miss Knolt's presentation of "When Knlght- 
liood Was In Flower." At Lincoln, Neb- 
Dec. 27. following the Christmas business, 
and sandwiched In between two musical com- 
edies, Mi-s Knott did a great business, and 
also at Molinc. HI. The members of tlio 
:lrm of Kane. Shipumn & Colvln. who are ad- 
vancing MIsh Knott, wear satisfied aiulles, 
aud say there is no possibility of business 
dropping off. A'lrginla Drew Trescott's Com- 
pany opened at Potiglikeepsle. N. Y\. Mon- 
day. Jan. 2!>. !n "When Knighthood Was in 
Flower." The tremendous success attained 
by Roselle Knott, in presenting this play, 
warranted the expenditure of a. second mas- 
sive production. 

The Fairs Sis-rnns are t« route with the 
Dcnew Burdette Stock Co. 

A0TE8 rnoM the C'has. K. Ciiamplix Co. — 
Hnrry E. McKee and Carl Stockdale have 
formed In this company an anti-swearing so- 
ciety. Each member Is lined five cents every 
time any word Is used that they would not 
say before a minister, nud Hie word, "gee," 
costs ten ceuts, the money to go to the 
Actors' Fund of America. Tho first week 
wo had ?2.S5 : the second week eighty cents. 
It Is a good cause, and we suggest, that Thh 
Curi'ER put it before the profession. Carl 
Stockdale is president, Harrv E. McKee. 
vice president: Hilly I'etcrs, treasurer; 
Clms. K. Champllu, Gus Tuple; and Geo. 
Stllwell. committee. 

Cmhexce Ai'skimis. advance agent for 
the McPhcc- Opera Co., had two ribs broken 
by .lumping through a window from Ihe 
second story of the Temperance Hotel at 
Trelierne, Man., during a Bre. night of Jan. 
SJ. Mr. Ausklngs relolns the Tom Marks 
Co. in March, unking Ills second season with 
Mr. Marks. 

Eddie Krafft, comedian, with Lincoln J. 
Carter's "Heart of Chicago" Co., reports 
meeting with great success In his singing 
and dauclng specialty, which he Introduces in 
the third act. He Is also doing the newsboy 
part of Swipes. 

Harrv R. Viokebs writes : "The business 
of the Fenberg Stock Co. (Eastern i continues 
to he good. Our business nt the Van Curler 
has not been excelled by any popular price 
3 'traction in recent years, and the business 
for the second week promises to equal that 
•>{ tlie first. Manager Fenbere has added 
several new bills to the repertory, as the 
■umpany plays o number of repeats this 

'Moths: vkom HritT Imson'.s Musou-tinson 
CO.— We have been playing to a good busi- 
ness since tlie hollchjM. :nid things look good 
fur the rtna Inder of the season. W. K. Arnold 
'oolc charge of our advance Jan. 14. lie 
<vHI have charge of the advance for the 
cuuvas show, which opens ulioul May "U. 
Roster: Burt Imsoii. proprietor and niimii- 
iMr; W. I". Arnold, advance: Sam T. Reed, 
singe manager: Mrs. B. Iiiisuii, InmM : 
IJdgar Darrcll. Harry St. Cliilre. Ruhert St. 
' lalre, Mat- Dudlev. Irene Inisoti and Mr*. 
Harry St. Claire. W.; all enjoyed the sup- 
per on Jan. J.1. given the coin puny bv Man 
l'ndlc.v. the occasion being her blrthdny. 
Miss Dudley received a nice lot of preseuli* 
from the member:! of Ihe couipauy. 





i2« wKsrr :i7ii« st.. w.w roMK. 

well hooked up 

Gban'T ami Orman, German comedians, 
have chanced their art to a double Jew 
sketch, sirring their own parodies and closing 
with their fiiverlte Hebrew cuke walk. They 
are working clubs around Philadelphia, to 
break In their act. 

Alice writes: "I returned to Jollet, 
HI.. Jan. 27. from my trip East, to fill con- 
tracts. I reached home too Into to see tnv 
fntlier. ns he was dead and burled before I 
reached there. In fact, before 1 was notified. 
There being considerable personal property 1n 
stocks and bonds, besides the old homestead 
and grounds, ana no will, with only myself 
and younger sister to Inherit. Owing to con- 
ditions, It Is hard to tell what my share will 
be. A well known lawyer Is looking after mv 
interests. I do not Intend to leave vaude- 
ville, and will fill all contracts." 

Tug Musicai, i;i:!j,i.hs have been re-eu- 

£ug«d an a special feature- with the Hageu- 
uck Show, tnaklug their isecoud season with 
the show. 

Jahkh A. Sir.vnr.ii.-K, fotuierly of the teutns 
uf Suiulrli'k and K'tta La Rose, and shnd- 
nck and Ed. Baxter, him Joined hands with 
Fred Wnlters, doing an up-to-dnte singing and 
talking act, and are lu tbelr seventh week ou 
Sullivan k Cousldlne circuit. 

Tm: 1'lk.miso Bros, write: "Wo ure en 
Joying good business with all three attrac- 
tions. Wo are also busy bulldiuj; our pro- 
perties fur our Summer season." 

Cabhoi. 11i;miy lUetUli Jn., uge three 
years, son of Henry ami Francis, whllo play- 
ing the Standard Theatre, HI. Louis. Mo., 
with the Thoroughbreds Co.. was made it 
member mascot of the I. A. T. S. E.,_Xo. 0. 
He Is the youngest member in the world. 

Lkwis ami Lessisgton, formerly Mr. and 
Mrs. J. Y. Lewis, are booked solid until July, 
when they will play the Southern circuit of 
parks, after which they will go East with 
Ibelr comedy novelty act. "Setu Spinner's 
Troubles." They say the act has been n big 
success everywhere, ns It is the only uel of 
its kind on tlie American stage. 

Millie De Luox, "The <iirl In Blue." inude 
her first appearance at the Loudou Theatre, 
New York, as ail extra feature with May 
Howard Kxtravaganzu Co., doing her wild 
eccentric dance. 

Si'MJiEits and Wintuiim Joined the Royal 
Comedy Co.. A. II. Hart, manager, playing 
oue night stands through Illinois and In- 
diana, to good houses. 

The Koub Sensational Boises are now 
playing the Custle, Anderson and Hopkins' 
circuits us one of the feature acts. 

.7. U. GuiEsitAUKit Informs us that he has 
joined hands with Mac Whitney, aud they 
will be known as the Whltncys. 

Mb. and .Mrs. Frank Caiibol recently pre- 
sented Maynie Scnnlon, of Stanley and Scan- 
Ion. w-Ith d handsome gold mounted comb. 

Harvey Moxpeugai* writes that hereafter 
he will be known as William T. Monteray. 

Hose Jea.vnuttk, who recently closed with 
the L'tophin Burlesque Co., is traveling with 
her liiis'inud, Sam Brooks. 

Tin; Two Cutvun write: "Wo tried our 
new net out at Gloversvllle. N. Y., with great 
success. Miss Cliiiidlue's Spitulsli dunce Is u 

Maiitha Waueskuhkkk, "The Maid of 
Kltgam Fulls Rapids," has returnnl from 
Europe, aud opens ut Walker's Nickelodeon, 
Boston, Feb. IP, for two weeks. 

vVai.i.y Jems, laic of the Roidnos. Is 
doing i novel posturing net, and Is bookM 
for some tlmn In advance. 

McVay AND Ri.sseli. will open a vnud?- 
vllle theatre ut Columbus. Intl., Feb. 12. It 
is- In the new K. of P. building, and will be 
called the Savor. Mr. McVi>v is au uxpvrl- 
cored man In the theatrical business. 

Tut Ei.iXTntc City Trio Is entering lu Its 
flxth week at the Central Hotel, Batuvln, 
N*. Y., nnd report success lu thwlr singing. 
'Hie trio Includes: J. S. Hon", J. IJ. Gray and 
J. E. Williams. 

t'Liffoitn \'.u Tuai.voii « riles: "Throigli 
Illness I wus obliged to cancel Des Moines 
mid Dubuiiiiv. Iowa. I thought I »»s going 
io '<*wsh In,' und was uud'T the doctor's care 
four weeks, but 1 nm In harness ugnln." 

St.-,vuK made bis llrst upneurance 
In Son l-'runclsco, night of Jim. SB, at n 
concert, when he uppeured In the mad sceno 
from "Lucia." 

Blasii'IHN am> Heiir are KUcressfully pro- 
ducing their musical skit, "Lodgers," In Cali- 

Wtii.lAM Hunt*, 'ieninui iiituedbiti. writer 
'lint hi- Is In lit- twelfth Wi-ek at Ihe llowurd 
1 kin I re. '"lilciign. mid mertltig ivlib wimw. 

Unwell llllti O'Neill ITO Ulso •■llgsgeil llwiM 
•lit'iullt-h as iirodii'-ers. Tho vuudevlllo hill 
last week consisted of: Fred Have*, tlie 
Mar'.nellaf. tlie GrldelbTS. mid au extru at- 
rr-i.-r luu. Joe Allmau. black face comedian. 

Tin: UCAICAL Apamh write from Guinhu : 
"We lire hcnii'ug the bill here, and the bouse 
this week has broken all records. We are 
getting some novelties built of our own In- 
vention. The act Is a very big success. Wc 
•ire carrying a line stage setting of novel- 
lloa Which oro different from others. The 
net will play the best parks In the country 
tlie ei.mlujr Snniinvr." 

WANTttD-ITrst I lass Violin. Piano, Coiiiel, 
Olkiionul aud Hum for permanent hmel envage- 
ninnts staie io« e-t -ulntv »mi full parllouiars. 
No telegrams. DBNRY '/. HKfia. 
- l tlruslimn St., A'lauis.Ca. 

Duylr AM) E.MEltsoN write: "We are In ! FOR SAI.K, Coin. proJcut<>scope, flcutrin and 
out thirty-second week with the Orphenm j vaicluin biiruers. rhcoslai. aildo currlu'. aurcfti, 
Slock Co.. nn the vaudeville feature, and i (food "hs now. N»j reel of Mb*, mm, perfect c Midi- 
inctlng Willi gtvtt success through the West. . Hon. .'itwrt., |J.'.;serpeuUiiodre9s, *s; black art out 

The present snason will close In May. nnd 
our Summer lonrnpRIIS Immediately wllh |ha 

same company. An cnllre new act will Is; 
tlir.ugnriiled for the coming season. The 
comedy JiiKglliur of Hobby fciuersou Is tho 
tnlk of every cltv we play." 

Tun iibmains of the late Robert Fullnn 
ivlii be trtiisferriil m the iiiuiisoUmui ul 
West Laurel llltl Cemetery. Philadelphia. 
Thursday. Feb. .8. 11KMJ. nl 11 o'clock. Alf 
frieuds are cordlnllv llivlted to utlend. 

Davh axd Psacil Mauti.x writ" (lint their 
new act. 'Harvest Time." has been booked 
bv the Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso- 
ciation, opening nt Grand RupiiR Mich., 
Feb. 4. with other lime to follow. 


gers of the Victoria Yaudcvlllo Co., write: 
"We are doing the business out In the middle 
Slates. The simll towns are the best for 
nw. Six people nmkc up our company, nnd 
ai! good workers. Wo expect lo make 
Omaha in abmit Bve weeks." 

Oshorne ami Wallack. travesty sketch 
team, were at Pastor's Tbentre last week 
They played the Bon Ton, Brooklyn, tho 
previous week, and Iuivo olhcr good work to 

,s:pi"le nutoi.allR aro«s, sltiles and velvet 
eioHk. ivi. Ship on half cvh. Enclose stsinplor 
nartlcnlars. Nr*. Win. Carl. 'i-M Oiurtm , Uucliof- 
lor. N. Y. win luiy model H oxjllth ouilll. Must 
bs ohMp. 

WANTKO. Fl ins. For Sale, SomersHiilt. and 
Boxing Dugii. Trained Doves. Lntu .loir, anil Cnr- 
iicn iirht mum. in rounds, i,;iufi. Prci. Harry 
■ ainl'li.urat/. Ph. , * 

WANTBD-Singiog and liaticlng Sonbretto 
that can change fsir one n eek. Minto age and >atary. 
»l«o man with lioupo nf TrAlued Dogs wlih nt' or 
specialties. Siulo »" In nnu. Nn tlckols unless I 
kuow you. F. 8. BTORY, St. JoliDnburr Oomre. vt 


EunEN'E Wi:iii:n will loin Irene Ackoruian. 
In her new sketch by Norlicrt Lusk, entitled 
"Parting Is Such Swecl Sorrow," al the close 
of his dramatic season Willi tho "King uf 
Ihe Opinio Ring" Co. 



Snow. — This Is our fifty-fourth week ou loo 
ruad. Wc do not. Intend to closu until JiltK 
1, making suventy-two weeks in all. Tl.on 
Itolllug Thunder will be found at his homa 
ou Chautauqua Lake, N. Y., for the Summer. 
Roster : Rolling Thunder, proprietor, lecturer 
und olllce worker ; Mrs. L. It, Newell, busi- 
ness manager ; Dick l'yno, Irish. Dutch and 
black face comedian ; Win. Ashtoii, special- 
ties : Fred Marllu, Jiiggllng, wire, contortion, 
etc. : the Andersons, Worth nnd Alice, sketch 
team. Everyone Is well Imd.liuppy, espe- 
cially when Tub New York Cliwkii comas. 

Tub New London,, ocera liofsn 
has been doing a good business with uiuvlng 
pictures, catering principally to ladles iwnl 
cblldreu. The muuugeiueut write: "We have 
let the burlesque shows go, und ure running 
roller skating and pictures, for the remnludcr 
of the seasou." ' ' 

Zulle.vo, the Mystic, Is making u's 
hendrtnarters at Kansas City.' lie has a iic>v 
line of work he is putting on for Elks' lodges. 

Notes i'rom Dr. U. Tanner's Bio. Snows, 
No. P. — Wo lire still in Wisconsin and doing 
a fine business. Dr. 11. Tanner, manager ; 
Dr. F. C. llolloway, deutist; Mrs. Rose liiu- 
ner, trained dogs : Rozlenn, contortionist ; 
(has. Bray, comedian, und Harry Urowu, 
comedlau. We curry a troupe of dogs and 

Doc Ray and wife, Adel- Itaj, Iuivo re- 
turned lo thou home In Kansas .C'lly from 
s, two months' visit to Moxlro anil Sao. An- 
tonio. Tex. Mr. Ray's health Is much Im- 
proved, and he will soon be back ou the 
rond nguln. • • ' ' 

Notes fimm Howard Bonbeur'H Oklahoma 
Indoor Show and C. W. Field's Trained 
Stock Show. — During tbo past six weeks 
these two newly crgnnb.ed enterprises, have 
been making an experimental tour, with un- 
bounded success. Tho financial success has, 
however, beeu accompuuled by several mis- 
fortunes that Iirvc no connection with th» 
steady growth of good business. During the 
first week Mr. Boiihcur bad tlie misfortune 
to lose ihe trained pony, Junebiig. who died 
of a peculiar heart and lung disease while 
uuder the medical cure of an export veter- 
inary. Thou Coxle. the champion high leap- 
ing hound, suddenly died from nn uukuown 
ctMiso, Fritz Junior got badly mixed up in 
n fight with the rest of thu troupe of trained 

W. F. Karl, of the "Fight lug the Flames" 
nttrai-Hon. writes: "1 nm once moro.ln ac- 
tion, after u long siege of IllnevS. caused by 
a severe aprnlu of tho left hand while at 
Portland. Ore. during Lewis ,t Clark Cen- 
tennial ICxposlllon. Our opening date was 
ill. the Acme Theatre, Sacramento, week, of 
Jan. lii." 

"Forty Yum an Ahvliitisimi AtMtnf 
hi Ihe l lllo of a now bonk by Geo. P. Rowvll, 
ulilcb has Just boon Issued. Mr. Howell Is 
the founder of lira Geo, I*. Rowoll i Co. 
Advertising Agency, tunl of Rowull's Amer- 
ican NewspapiT ItJreelory, wliloli Is. known 
all over the world. In I lie book lust Irtniod 
Mr. Itowell gives mi liUeroslliig uecoiuit of 
Ills experiences In the newspnisT udver'lslng 
Held rroiii IWii In IUM.".. The book Is Issued 
bv the Printer's Ink Publishing Co.. of New 

A ropy or Jonv Wisiikv's Cuiiki.teh's 
AutASAt'N villi I'.awi has Just reiiclied this It Is Ihe forty. i bird edlllou of tho 
work, nnd coatabhi tin.' full semes uud bowl- 
luu iimtl.vsls uf all i lie- lni|inriutil crlekel 
marches plnyeil In 1903, The lb-Id Is coin- 
pri-heie-lvely covered, and I lie iKwk Is a 
valuable oue to all Interested 111 that line of 

Ciias. Kettler Is now lu charge of the 
Chicago brunch of the Win. Ilepuer Wig Co. K, Scrrrr has returned to the 

Sillies llfb-r II Stleee«sflll tour tlirollgjl Cllll- 
.'ila. as niahiigi-r and firm* agent fur I'rln- 
•■<■<■-. Im-lie-de-iiiili. the Indian orctill. , They 
will Inur the Middle We-I. n|ieiilngal Oluuha. 
Feb. IS. 

llo.v.vvirA. "ihe man at lions." who was 
Frank linstock's feature wild iiulnuil trainer 
inn] handler, who put Hostook's group of 
twenty-seven lions through n renin rkoble per- 
formance at Dreamland and oilier purls nf 
the world. Is organising a new act. and will 
shortly go on the road with It. 

Nivrr.s from Titii American Pavilion, of 
Detroit, Mich — The above oiKUiiln'itbiii T« 
netting in readiness, nud will have na tout 
nn nn i (it ns will bo on the mad. It. i :> l 
wnn! Lindner Is the noting . inn linger „.-|iii 
>' I" l.fndner purdui^lni.' 

BARRY Oil AY, composer of Bongs. sketches, 

c. Original material. Prices inodoratv. :<A 

Vine St. I'lii.u., Pa. HENP loo. FOR MY IHJl, 

I, KITS No. I fjust. out i Ooiitidlis Now Jokes, 

S ongs, e tc. S ample s. 

AT LIBERTY— Fred Mat, Hot lllauk Face 
comedian; can put od Acts aud make i hem go i.ig 
DM clianne nightly; only rvllnlilc Med. C'o.'s or 
strslirbt Viiudevllie Co. ! s nuod apply. FRED 
IjAKbOW. No 4i Waln ulSt. Na ntleuke..l , n. 

SKKTCHKs, Travoslles, llurlosipios. He., 
written to order; only (he best original work fur- 
nished M pnircssmnnls. Jos. Korsbsw, HA> Hill- 
t unwoodS l., I'hllndolplila. 

»IDH IIIIUWMB»-J Ul'g, Mummlllod Two 
Head (Haul, Oft high, with sxi ti Painting. (Irani • 
car money go'ter ever known. iit>; bevll Olilld, 
with horns, hoofs nnd till, with painting, fit); 
Pig Child. Urn big's bend, and palming, *i '.; Alli- 
gator liny. Half abigatnr. and painting, $1A| two 
lUnd Organs, } r> and *!:• each. List Tree. WM. 
KELSON, s Van Nordotl St , No. Cambridge, Mass. 

nf crupest w¥oFBSfi 



FILMS and 



13S KAHT Mill 8T 
Tel.. .'ISI2 (iraiiiercy. 



K, N. V. 

Medicine Performers 



PIANO PLAYER that Can Work On Stage. 

Hlito salary uud nil you do. 

NATUAE'8 REMEDY CO.. Plilli.. Pa. 





i an yvunt ami <*r.. \i:w yoiik. 


The Mnilerii Motion Picture Mitoliln*. 

Our Klrnproot UngnKliuis and Take Dp bpjlon 
will Qt any Exhibition Mmlurii Mnihiu I'lcbfaMa- 
ohliiu. An ontlrcly now apparulus by which abso- 
lute safoty lo the lllm rroiii loss by Kill K is ah 
HUREO. Tlioonly dovlcu of Its kind whicll has m- 
colvoii uiiiciai undurscmciila from tho Local An- 
Uiorltlmas such. 

Write lor IWfALIMi 

WA.Pff'T 15 X>, 


Have a few vacancies lu our Vaiulcv lllo Ants. 




UEAh A. ARMSTROSO, (MO nth Avu., N. Y. 

■fla w tm tt MbMiaifii iuimnno. 

wan i «IW**performers for big show thai do 
two or more torus. Also want to licnr from good, 
steady auslclaus. Work fin; year around. Per- 
former*, address J. ST. ItEIAlO: musicians, ad- 
dress hTEWAUr W. UIK8H. Hiitfitla ( enter, la. 


A. KRKTBUAR. 4IK K. lath St., N. Y. 


For Musical Productions, Vaudeville. Oltlha, IJoh- 
cefts, elc. city aiiiicaraiici's arranged, I .ui IIIUIAOWAV, till II P. M. 

~v o ii i*~a" iTifl "t i ii~K a i»7 ~ 

Tweuiy-llve Oliliuo Bells: unroll v. with tri.nk. 
V. K. HltOfjKB, Family Thualru, ij»iie«sier, Pa, 

All uf our Apparatus In fully proleoMid bv b'nltoi 1 
States psteiiis tssiiod or pundlng, and lurrlnoc- 
moil's will bo vigorously pinseculed. N. POWER 
(Now York Pllinti*eliniivo>, I16-1J7 Nassau Ht-, N.Y. 


(WHY? vim; OUKBSIi 




Singing l.'oiiiedliiu. iiigciiiios. 

One ulgh! No, thank you. Just bail a few. tonal 
Block or Run. profurruil. t'.euanli in Irluuds. 
KDOiikun, wlial'H Oim user Addrosa 

_ No. is BCH'ioi. HI' . Warren, Ohio. 


( lader tbt Cents. 

Al .1 lll.l'K.W Mrtnvi, of Hie dlreeiors of 
the Ciiininliis Wild Host ('.tblbltioii «"«., «f 
Oeiievn. li., Waller I.. .Main \ui- ileoied |iin.|. 
dent: i'oi F. I. I'liiinulns, vbi- piwMiirni, 
uud IV. W. Power, sr-oreliirv und Ireusiircr. 

-Tin: liom.w j on m wo l-'ii'i: CuRPa. nf 
New Yolk, Filw. K. While, niiniiiger : John 
liievc. seeretiicy. has signed « lib I'liiiimllls' 
Wild West Exhibition Co., tor m-xt season. 

Till; Br. I.i:o\ Family u$ Aonnii.vrs avu 
KM KMiiilA.vs. who signed with I'ublllmies 
(.Mri-o, in llaeana. • '•tint, for l"i] weeks, bad 
their it/iilriioi exioirded for sU wee^s buicor. 
Iil|iklug ii NMHHi "f sixteen Hooks. Elsie 
St:. I. eon I- I he Ilrsi femnli- somen milt rider 
thill hie- visited I'ubii. Tin- sbmv Is d'dug 
big bilsllie>.. After eloslni; here «e g.) dlto-o 
to Ihe Winter (piarters of the liroiit Wallace 

•'Ui.i.vd Hii.i.y," once known na a clover 
rlbwn of lfiiruiiiii's (Trous. while bis slsler 
wus i he "fni iudy." weighing six hundred and 
• Ightr-sovi-ii pounds, was burned out Feb. 1, 
He kepi n news stiind at Mulberry, Elm and 
Hlvoker Streets, New York. The fire orlg 
luiHeil from ihe nil slove liolng iiclilentally 
krmokeb .,ver Tlie loss l« iibneil ut lUif, 
. > M. .1. !">v -.'»; I. spoiidlnv a few duve In 
N"« V..rk 

W1TU Ml'UONO HPKOIAbT'V; DtmraotWr. Kmo- 

flonol and Heavy Women, Htralgbl On) Man; 
nttior Useful Pooplo; olio nluoii, company no road. 
Also o'lTtOVil IUNII AMU OltoTIKHI'ltA. I' 
In K pieces. pnrliciilaiy. lowest ssuirf. 
K. V. W , (leuural Dull vert v. (>.. b'ulilutiiwn. 
Pu.. Mil Feb. Id. 




With Binding Bros'. World's Flnwr, 

Address KKfsMT AfuVO. 

SM East Krldire HI., i.i . Ruplds, Hlllli. 

A O "TV S 


IPjst Theatres, Kur|o and America; (.nibs, 

Bkiilliig Kinks, Klc 


, v.iuilovl.lo Pepl.) 




Tliiniigti ibis c-ubhsi ineni (* your-,. Ilullablo 
Rooking iiillco.lliiuo-t.ourufiil sorvlcogiiurautoecl. 

Is ihe Mine lo book liaxl season'" 
roiiic. Can Save ynu luuidrcds of 
dollars in rnlKvsv f«ie<. 
A. C, liORXK'l H'OIKIVO tiKITl'K, 
Ki|lol'urboc'<erT l 'i!alre llulhlliiu. Xew InrkOTIv. 

Partner Waned with S I , !00 n»r or mSk 

To act MTNMWMn .., ,: (full Imorcsi tuHinn 
iimraiuuseiiieni Park, which lu. he"; n Hiiocoaaf u 1 1 jf 
mo for Hie (la"" l""» ' '• ""• '' »eH" - |ni<n to rilti- 
Add-eo<_ I'ARK. P.O. Ilnx itt . ■Vca arl', N. ■'. 


For Miisienl Frnii"oin."s Ynuibviiie. Trial turns, 
I'alillo ap ie»r u cos arranged. 
yuMMW.M TW". 'V' 11 ^ ' (IIOAIIWSV.tlll v_p. M. 

Allracilons! Fii 1 9mmt Booking 1906-7. 

I. II F. AHAMH A CO.. VK W. I'Uli St., N. Y. 




February 10, 


Metropolitan Opera Home (llclnrlrh 
I'onrlnl. manager). The opera hill-, for t It>* 
rlnyrnm'HOfk'Of (ho »citw>ii, Is'gliiiiliig Moll- 
<iny 'rilglii, Jan. ai.- vtnt:,: Monday night, 
T'nukl," with .'•'rant Including Mtw*. Fames, 
.lacfioy niid:Iiailfnnel-.<lei'. null MrMK. Ca- 
ruso, rnnipanii»l : and • Plasma, Wednesday 
night, SI, "Iliierucl ami ureter and "1 Pag- 
lIn<'W," ihe former rmt as bafare. in tun 
l.-irtf-r Mr. Cnruso was ihe. Cnnlo: Mr. Cam- 
pnnnil, TonTo; Mr. Pnrvls, SllTlo; Mr. HelsK. 
i'eppl, and Bells Allen. Ncddn. Thursday 
night, Kcli. 1, "Rlgolctlo." wlih ihls cast : 
' Kraal* Abnu; Marinlcnii. Miss .la- 
coby; lilovnnnn. Mlsi Dniiermclster : Cou- 
tessa Ceprano, Miss Maplcson ; l.'n Pagglo, 
Uwa V:iu; JJ Duca, ill-. Caruso; itlgolcttu, 
Mr. Scottl; Spnrafuclle, Mr. Journet; Alon- 
icrou*-, Mb Munliunuii : Marullo. .Mr. liegue ; 
Hortt.Mr. I'arnll; Ccprnno, Mr. Dufrlcbe.; Us- 
cieri\ Mr. Foglln. Friday night. L'. "Die Mels- 
terslnger,'" with this cast : En, Bella Alten ; 
Mng'lnlene, Mine. Homer : Waller Von Htolz- 

l'roel«ir> I'"lflli A to one TlintOe t|.\ 
F. Proctor, malinger ). — ""rinr Bnnule Brier 
Until," the .remarkably human nud dainty 
play which J. II. Sloddfin Used hii long • i :- « I 
effectively during his slurring, in revived 
by 1 In; house stock (.'pmjmuy this week, wl'li 
popular .Oemld lUriilln in Hie IcnUlnir rata, 

Ml'. (ivJ/IIll IllrtdO OIH! Of til" IllggCSl Jills III' 

liU career recently, in a part which .Mr. S'.od- 
dnrl formerly. Jiliiy'l — tin- nld trainer— In 
"The Spnrl Ing DuehosS" — imd this t rt ho 
i< winning new laurels In Mr. Sloddar'.'s 
greatest creation, on I-'ob. ii lie wns warmly 
welcomed by hi-: admirers, nnd contributed 
work at mitli rare excellence ns to make 
even ills ino.-i ardent friends marvel. 
The Impersonation was delightful .In 
•■very 1 1 M i di , and wan keenly enjoyed. 
Amelia Bingham appeared as Flora Cnmp- 
lien, anil wns excellent in the role, Which 
will be played matinees of Tuesday, Thurs- 
ilny nnd Friday liy I3.1tM.lle Kvesson. "Posty," 
in the bands of Ceorge Howell, was a droll 
iltfirait'T. and there were any number of 
laughs won through Mr. Howell's praise- 
Ing. Mr. Knme ; liana Sachs, Mr. Van Booy ; wortny linndllnn or the role. Hubert Cum 
■. <Jorlt7. ; I'ogner. Mr. Hlnss : mines, James inline. A. II. Van Bu 

Rfi-fcrarswr, Mr. 

Knl liner, Mr. Mulilninnn : Knvld, Mr. ileitis: 
VojpelKesnnp. Mr. Hnyer : Zorn, Mr. Koeh ; 
Mozer, .Mr. Qiiennel: {{IssllnpT. Mr. I!. ..'Ian ; 
Naclitluali. Mr. i'tanke ; Oriel, Mr. Halliard; 
I'oltt, Mr. I'reltaj;; Sehwanr, Mr. Kehols; 
I'lifNaehtwaeohier, Air. iJnfrtrhe. Sniiudav 
iiiatliipo, .'I, "I.a liollume," with Mines. Sein- 
litlrli ani ni-l'n Allen, nnil Mears. i.'nruso, 
I'nnip.inurl and Jnurnet In rise rust. Satur- 
day itlcHI, • Aliia," with Meaars. Itlppi'l. I'lan- 
inii and Siottl, nnd i.Muie.s. ICninei and 
VValkrl- In l!ii. li':lilinu- mien. 

irviiiK' l'ln«t' Tln?n*r«\ — "IV-r Kllninn- 
lorfr»»ssen" i-onilnues liera, to tfuM Iumm 
The story of ihe jilnyi Hans Punter, an i-i- 
ilnisliiyTl.' aiiloiiinhillst. Is Induced hy his love 
uf toitrltiB I" ne?li:i.'t'hls Wife and h'ouie, am!, 
at times, J* amimpanied on his nips liy other 
fetnnle eoippanlons. Tbe couple are vlnliod 
hy Ml'jp. KoiMtpr'i'fiillior, Otto Knaelberu, and 
ibelr 'stfpmoilwr. ■ The hitler, luivltie been 
childless,- has Her lienrt n«t on. having ,1 
ijrandotlld. and l» l.ltt.ily di4nppolnted nt nut 
rinding any la the Porsrer nonselmld. Kriu 
l.'lborj;, a- young author, applies for tin 1 liiuid 
of Xrude, the younaar daughter. Altlioush 
there were no objections -to. him, the mother. 
Intent on having; a grnndehlld, defers hor 
consent to tlui- marriage, pending lavi'stlxn- 
tjon coneerning pro«]K?i:ts in surJi dlrerllon. 
'tin- fdther iinestlons tin- young mini. 11111I 
delliniHy conveys in him (lie condition. In 
despair, l-'rilst decide* in iiuiviiu-e the ninlh-i' 
as lo Ills nontiileiiiloiis. by proilui'lua-for h"r 
beneilt u Iftlle driima.. which he had wrllfu. 
A litn-r fruni u Mippnsed betrajmi ami ilc 
sei led vlcllln. implnring hlui to lake cure of 
IM nfsprlng. Is liri'iiulil In her nollie by 
IjiugelherK, in loniilvpni-e whit the youiig 
nmti. The hintlier bills in the trap. lmL <U- 
nini'ds Dial I lie young man miikr restluiiloii, 
and dcclili's to nc-.inipiiiiy aim to the liousi! 
.if tlie girl. To luove the dereptlou, Kritr. 
IniliKVis -aIomi, th.. wife of 11 tragedian mimed 
H-ef«1dt, it' nervous nnd Jealous